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Bullying at school: 10 films that everyone should watch


All of us were once children and teenagers, went to school and, probably, experienced certain difficulties. Far from all, childhood and school life were sweet, many of us experienced the “charms” of the transitional period and child cruelty, which, as we know, knows no boundaries.

Perhaps the issues of child psychology and relationships within the team interest you precisely because your children have similar problems and you just don’t know how to help them. In any case, films shot on a similar subject can be interesting and even useful at any age, who knows, maybe someone will find the answers to their questions.

Today we will present to your attention the top 10 best films about the cruelty of children at school, some of them have already become classics of this kind.

  1. "Class", 2007 The situation, at first glance, is banal: there is a leader in the class and the group supports it, and there is an outcast - a child who is being bullied and joked in every possible way in no good way. But here the usual course of events violates another person: another classmate who decided to defend the outcast. In the classroom begins to grow conflict, which leads to the inevitable finale. Honestly, you hardly want to revise this film, however, even once it will be enough to get into it to the fullest.
  2. "Effigy", 1983 Classic Russian cinema, telling about the difficulties of adaptation of the child in the new team. If you have ever moved to a new city or moved to a new school, then you probably know what it will be about. Little kind girl Lena moves to live with her grandfather, but the coordinated team refuses to accept her, inventing an offensive nickname for her - Effigy. And despite the fact that the film is over 30 years old, the problems among children and adolescents remain the same, no matter how regrettable it is.
  3. "Correction class", 2014 The next film on our list is about a special class where children “do not like everyone else”. And now, after many years of training at home, a girl, Lena, who moves in a wheelchair, is transferred to this class. It is here that she meets her first true love in the form of Anton, who suffers from attacks of epilepsy, and also meets with all the realities and cruelties of the teenage world.
  4. “Everyone will die, but I will stay”, 2008 The film reveals the story of three girlfriends, ninth-graders from a simple school and the most ordinary class. The girls on the eve of the first school disco, with which they associate a lot of hopes and dreams, and not the most "pink and fluffy." All week long girlfriends are carefully preparing and waiting for events, only the holiday suddenly turned into its darkest side: a real test of friendship and loyalty. Will they be able to pass it?
  5. The Dolly, 1988 The history of “Scarecrow” is exactly the opposite: the former clever girl and gymnastics champion, Tanya, because of the injury, is forced to leave the big sport and go to study at the most ordinary school. Due to the inner strength of the spirit, the girl quickly becomes a leader, although the desire to assert herself begins to cross the edges of the rational and the girl decides to do cruel things in order to achieve her goal.
  6. "Kids", 1995 The cinema of the “art-house” genre will reveal to the viewers the story from the life of adolescents who wander around not the most prosperous areas of Manhattan. The film clearly reflects all the complexes, fears, ambitions of young people of a certain age group, which can be combined under the concept of the tragedy of youth.
  7. "Boys", 1983 The story, devoid of ornaments, here you will not find the author's attempts to smooth out the "sharp corners" and take advantage of artistic fiction. The story of the complex guys who live for a long time on the beastly principle: survives the one who is stronger. But at one moment on their way there is a person who has managed to show them the world from another, good side. What will come of it?
  8. "Elephant", 2003 The film, in which everything ended not at its best, but in life - with the prestigious award “Golden Palm Branch”. It all starts with the usual school day, the usual dialogues and simple actions, which, as a result, develop into a bloody massacre for life and death.
  9. "Cruel stream", 2004 If your little brother will be offended by some badass from the class, what will you do? Of course, intercede for him, or try to get revenge. In any case, Rocky decided this way, and invited the offender to a fictional party to accomplish his plan. What at first glance seemed like a funny and instructive joke, as a result, results in a real tragedy.
  10. Speak, 2004 The girl Melinda by the name of “Sordino”, which means “mute”, became a real outcast in her own class. She is not trying to defend herself; Melinda just takes down all the mockery without tears and grumbling, trying to drown out her pain by drawing. And she hides the truth about which she does not want and cannot speak, but which can change her life for the better. Everyone asks her to speak, but does anyone try to hear?

Telekinesis (2013)

This is the third adaptation of the novel “Carrie” by Stephen King. The main character Carrie White (Chloe Moretz) attends high school graduation class. No one is friends with her, she is constantly teased and her main enemy is the bully and the bully Chris. One day after a gym class, Chris shoots an intimate video in the shower room with Carrie. The physical education teacher intervenes and punishes the girls, forcing them to stay after class. Chris comes up with a plan for revenge for Carrie. Meanwhile, Carrie discovers an unusual ability to move things with the power of thought — in other words, telekinesis. This helps her deal with her offenders.

"Class" (2007)

A film about an ordinary Estonian school, an ordinary senior class and an ordinary student of this class. Josep is constantly subjected to mockery of his classmates, beatings, reproaches and insults. He is publicly humiliated by Anders - the leader and the ringleader in the classroom - and then all the other guys. After some time, Yozep has a defender in the face of Caspar, but this only aggravates the situation and now both are being bullied. Once the situation goes too far and Jozep and Caspar decide on a desperate step - they come to school with weapons.

Scarecrow (1983)

Sixth grader Lena Bessoltseva comes a new school. The girl does her best to make her classmates like her, but she just can’t find a common language with the guys. They consider her strange, since she responds to all their smiles and mockeries with a smile and agrees in everything. Lena thinks that this will soften the anger of the guys, and they will make friends with her.

The only person with whom Lena makes friendship, Dima Somov - almost all girls of the class are in love with him. One day, the guys decide to skip a lesson, the teacher will learn about it from Dima Somov, and the trip to Moscow is canceled. The guys are very upset about this and decide to take revenge on the traitor. Dima does not admit, the brave Lena takes all the blame.

“Speak” (2004)

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Laurie Halls Anderson. This is the story of a schoolgirl Melinda Sordino (Kristen Stewart). She was once the most popular girl in school, suddenly becomes an outcast, locks herself in, silently demolishes all resentment and humiliation from classmates. One incident that happened to Melinda changed everything. And only the fascination with drawing helps to transfer all this. She can not tell the truth, and does not want. Surrounding people are trying to get her to speak, but they do not listen.

"Confessions" (2010)

Young teacher Yuko Moriguchi is heartbroken - her little daughter drowned in the school pool. Yuko is confident that this is not an accident, and the students of her class are involved in this. The girl decides to quit her job, but before that hold her last lesson, which will become a kind of revenge to cruel and unprincipled teenagers.

"Heart of America" ​​(2002)

The school year in high school is coming to an end, everyone has a great mood and plans for the summer, but, unfortunately, they are not destined to come true. The main characters - school outcasts Daniel and Barry for a very long time endured taunts and insults, the cup of hatred for classmates and teachers was filled to capacity, and the plan for revenge matured by itself. And so the day of "X" came - the last school day not only in the year, but in the lives of some students of the school.

School Shooter (2012)

The terrible story of a 16-year-old teenager Herman Howards, striking in its cruelty and appreciation. The inconspicuous and modest schoolboy Herman, as usual, comes to school, but this time not for knowledge, but with the firm intention to commit a massacre. He kills more than 30 people and shoots everything that happens on a video camera. Before the arrest the guy sends the video to his idol - the leading popular show on TV. As well as a message in which he says that he is ready to tell what all the same led him to commit this act.

“Everyone will die, but I will stay” (2008)

Kate, Zhanna and Vika, ninth-graders, are ordinary Moscow schoolgirls and best friends. They are 14 years old and study is not particularly interested in them. They are preparing for the Saturday disco at school. All week they only think about how to please the boys, where to get alcohol, and, of course, how to get to the school disco. One day it turns out that the disco can be canceled, and all because Katya was rude to the teacher.

This incident entails a quarrel of girlfriends and the anger of high school students.

The disco day is coming - Katya is under house arrest, Vika and Zhanna go to a disco without her - they cannot miss such an event even out of solidarity with a friend. But Katya still finds a way to escape from home and comes to school, which is a complete surprise for everyone. This long-awaited evening becomes a turning point in the life of each of the three friends.

"The drawing" (2008)

In the center of the plot graduation class of the Moscow school. Here, as in any class there is a leader - Oleg Komarov - everyone likes him, everyone laughs at his jokes. Once Oleg decides once again to joke, but already above the young teacher of English. The new student Igor Glushko comes to the class, he not only knows English well, but also writes songs himself and dreams of his own musical group. With the arrival of the newcomer, Komarov understands that he will soon cease to be a leader. The teacher guesses about the tricks of Oleg. He in retaliation arranges a second, more brutal joke.


"It". A group of teenagers mocks the poor clown.

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Went to see if he even used in the comments

I would still remember:

"Before the first blood"

year1989 country of the USSR director Vladimir Fokin script Grigori Oster

In the pioneer camp, children play the traditional military-sport game. Everyone has paper shoulder straps on their shoulders - the main character in this game. If the opponent breaks them - you are "killed." The cruelty of unreal war makes children embittered and obsessed ...

This is the film where children with toy weapons shoot "one, that, that" and breaks them into bits and pieces?

No, there is not a single death in the film. The film is about that when there is a goal, then some of them break the tower and they begin to act by any means.

Something is definitely wrong with Kevin.

This is the case when the localized name of the film was as good as the original (We Need to Talk About Kevin - We need to talk about Kevin). Some time after watching the movie it dawned on me - damn it, but this is not something wrong with Kevin, but with us, with adults!

And what is wrong with us?

The film is chic. But in the end - the fact that it is possible to stumble on such a prozac - is nonsense.

Now we know that with Kevin. Thank you, you ruined everything)

No problem) If anything - ask for spoilers, always ready to help)

"Arsonists", 1989, USSR. Rezh.A.Surin.

After the arson of the ITU penal isolator, Sasha escapes and ends up in Turkmenistan, where her grandmother works as a geologist at one of the stations, the only and last hope for understanding and sympathy. But the grandmother, fearing serious consequences, intends to return her granddaughter to justice.

Alexander Surin, director:

"- I traveled dozens of special vocational schools, the situation in them made a shock impression on me. Children in these institutions for one year go through such a school of knowledge of evil, experience such abominations that their fate is often predetermined. There are no real teachers in these institutions , and caregivers are selected for certain qualities. It seems that the main one of them is mental hardening.

Out of habit, we look for good features in the fifteen-year-old heroine of the film, because she is, in fact, still a child. We are looking for and not finding. This is unusual and scary, but we must tell the truth, without embellishing life. Only then does hope appear. "

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This film is impossible to find, I tried.

The author, thank you so much!

Once upon a time I watched the movie Lord of the Flies. Only fragments remained in memory, even without a plot, so there was practically no chance of searching! But you found it for me !! :)

I would add Neds (Thugs) to the list

“The Dolly” is a shocking Soviet feature film by Isaac Friedberg, a restructuring based on the scenario of Igor Ageyev “Unsportsworthy History” (published only in the Kinoscriptarii magazine, 1987, No. 1). The film premiered in September 1989.

The film was filmed on Kodak film, which was allocated for shooting in very limited quantities - only 10,000 meters. As a result of this, all the actors carefully rehearsed all the scenes so that each frame could be taken from one take.

In 2012, the writer Mikhail Androsov released a book - a sequel to the film entitled “Floor Exercises”.

Tanya Serebryakova in her 16 years already has time to become a professional athlete and world champion in gymnastics, to travel around the world. But at the warm-up before the next competition, she gets a serious spinal injury. The coach forces Tanya to perform, despite the pain in her back, as this brings the state currency. Later it turns out that the injury is serious, and Tanya will have to leave big sport forever. The champion returns home to her mother (who never had a private life) and becomes a regular ninth grader in a provincial school.

Tanya quickly assessed the situation and is trying to implement the program laid out by the coach since childhood - to win. The main prize should be her, whatever the cost.

She tries to apply the skills acquired in the sports school. But an ordinary school is not an arena, the heroine is not familiar with life. On the way Tanya get up feelings of people with whom the athlete was not taught to reckon.

Attempts by the classroom hooligans to put in place a new pupil for her do not pose a problem, as she is good at fighting. Because of this, the school “authority” of Shura “Five-storey” loses its status as a class leader and becomes its “six”. Some begin to respect Tanya - both because of physical strength, a brilliant sports career and medals, and because of the things that were rare and scarce in the Soviet era (player, video recorder) brought from abroad. Others simply do not come into contact with her. She considers herself unique, because she has “achieved her own 16, something that the others will never see,” which means that she emphasizes her superiority over her peers in the school, does not obey many school rules and regulations, finds a weak spot in every classmate and eventually becomes informal class leader.

Attention! The article contains spoilers!

One of the most vivid pictures of teenage cruelty that you hardly want to reconsider. But one time will be enough. It all starts with a classic conflict: there is a group, there is a leader, there is an outcast. Naturally, the leader dominates, the victim dutifully suffers mockery, wishing only to finish school and move away from this place. But the third one, the defender, interferes with the usual course of events, which violates the logic of the relationship of the offender and the victim, turning routine into a potential tragedy. A triangle is too complex a figure for a primitive group, and the nobility of the intercessor, his consciousness, cause only a rejection. The real persecution begins.

The screen version of the story by Vladimir Zheleznikov is remarkable for Kristina Orbakaite as the Scarecrow. At the beginning of the shooting, the actress broke her arm and continued to work, despite the pain and inconvenience, creating one of the most memorable children's film images. Sweet, kind, bright girl Lena comes to live with her grandfather. If you moved in adolescence or at least changed school, then you know how painful these attempts to adapt, to fit into the formed team. Lena adaptation fails. Classmates do not accept her, the faddish granddaughter of the Patron, but she believes in the best and sincerely tries to make friends with them. And she seems to have a friend and a protector, only he turns out to be a coward and a scoundrel. Маленькая хорошая девочка и жесткий мир — такая печальная история.

«Что такое честь? Думаю, в нашем языке нет такого слова. Мы обычно говорим „дерьмо“ или „отстой“. Мы не употребляем слово „честь“ (фильм «Класс»)»

Советский фильм о гимнастке, которой из-за травмы не удается продолжить карьеру. Девочке приходится отказаться от спорта и пойти в обычную школу, где она благодаря силе — как характера, так и физической — быстро становится лидером. The “doll” is the “Effigy”, on the contrary, and Tanya is the complete opposite of Lena. She managed to avoid the fate of an outcast in a new team, but the trouble is: you can't win love by force. And the classmate to whom Tanya will feel sympathy is in love with the teacher.

The free adaptation of the epistolary novel of Chauderlot de Laclos “Dangerous Liaisons” takes action nowadays, and turns heroes into ordinary schoolchildren. The version of Miloš Forman undoubtedly has a greater artistic value, but due to the respectful attitude to the original source, it doesn’t fall into the category of films about teenagers. But this free interpretation does exactly that. In the film, Viscount de Valmont and the Marquis de Mertei turn into New York teenagers, stepbrother and sister. She is still the same manipulator and intriguer, and he is a bored (already!) Womanizer. In order not to let her brother get bored completely, a caring little sister finds for him an interesting goal in the face of a girl Annette, who is going to preserve her virginity until the wedding. Of course, Annette did not work, but Sebastian (Valmont) did not manage to turn her into another trophy. However, he was generally less fortunate.

This film adaptation of the famous novel by William Golding treats the original much more carefully, allowing himself only minor digressions. For example, in the film there is no lord of the flies — a pig's head impaled on a stake. The rest is pretty accurate. A group of English schoolchildren after the crash turns out to be on a desert island. Children are trying to play civilization, to establish rules and regulations, but all of this is rather quickly slipping into anarchy. Severe conditions do not contribute to the development of consciousness, but exacerbate hunting instincts. And now the boys are already preying on the former leader, as a wild pig was recently hunted.

The director’s original intention to make a documentary about the tragedy that occurred in “Columbine” turned into an “Elephant”. The shooting took place in the director’s hometown, and the main roles were played by pupils from local schools. Gus Van Sent said that he did not have ready-made dialogues, he simply asked the guys to talk about something. Therefore, everything that happens on the screen looks so natural, therefore, apparently, it is so difficult to retell the plot. An ordinary day in a normal school ends in a carnage - that's all, no reasons, prerequisites and analysis. This, by the way, was the main claim of critics. In the film, everything ended badly, and in life - the “Golden Palm”. That also happens.

What if your younger brother is offended by a school bully? Of course, stand up for him. The usual care for a loved one. Rocky decides to punish the abuser of his brother and invites you to a party on a fictitious occasion. The guys are going to ride a boat, deciding to leave the bad guy naked behind. What seemed like a funny joke turns into tragedy. But you already understood that there are no happy-end films in this collection.

Of course, the master of Russian school chernukha Valeriy Gai Germanika should have been included in this list. “Everyone will die, but I will stay” is wonderful because it tells about the native Russian realities, clashes with which can be avoided only by a miracle. For example, through home schooling or a private school. Although there everything is about the same, except that whiskey instead of a cocktail from a can. Boys, discos, acquaintance with alcohol - the interests of the usual ninth grader. Well, cruelty, where do without it.

At the beginning of the film, one of the characters commits suicide. Although there is no corpus delicti, the viewer is still asked to calculate the killer. Among the suspects are six adolescents, each with his own sad story, quite worthy of suicide. Who decided to take this step? Maybe a girl who got pregnant from her brother? Or gay, who becomes an outcast? Or a boy whose physical disabilities will never allow him to fulfill his dream and become a great football player?

“What is wrong with Kevin?” - this question is asked by his mother (Tilda Swinton), turning over the memories of the boy’s life, starting at birth and ending with the day when the tragedy occurred. What is wrong? Why did he do that? Is this my fault? Could this have been prevented? Kevin killed several classmates, a father and a little sister. But the question of why he did it, there is no answer even from the hero himself.