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How to choose a compression garment


Compression tights are used in medicine for many years. Their indispensable therapeutic effect has been proven in practice. Tights are recommended for patients with varicose veins, weak blood vessels, as well as for pregnant women. Compression underwear is used during operations and childbirth, so that blood does not stagnate in the veins.

Features and benefits

Compression tights, despite the name, are suitable for both men and women. They are similar to ordinary tights, but have therapeutic properties. Compression underwear improves blood circulation, warms, maintains the tone of the lower extremities, facilitates movement, relieves pain, swelling and discomfort in the legs. Such tights create a special pressure on the skin, due to which the blood circulation rate in the veins increases.

The pressure of the tights is distributed evenly. It is stronger in the ankles and ankles, minimal in the hips, absent on the abdomen. If spider veins appear on your feet, get prophylactic compression tights. They will protect against more serious problems. It is necessary to choose linen taking into account the arisen problem and the size.

Compression classes

Compression underwear has its own classification. It depends on the characteristics of the application and the disease.

  • 1 class. Preventive pantyhose is prescribed if the saphenous veins increase in size, small vessels appear on the legs. Underwear first class creates minimal pressure, relieves fatigue, small swelling, maintains normal pressure in the veins.
  • 2 class. Therapeutic compression pantyhose is recommended if the vein disease worsens. The pressure is higher than the first class. Prescribed wearing with varicose veins at the initial stage.
  • 3 class. Hospital compression garments are used during / after operations, with moderately severe varicose veins, and to prevent the formation of blood clots in the veins. Produces the most uniform pressure on the surface of the veins.
  • 4th grade. Compression tights are prescribed for the severe stages of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, trophic ulcers and the consequences of thrombosis.

You can buy compression tights yourself only if you noticed the initial stages of varicose veins. Choose a degree of compression - from 8 to 15 mm. mercury column, it is indicated on the product packaging. Such compression underwear is used for prophylactic purposes.

Indications and Contraindications

Compression tights - a therapeutic agent that has contraindications. You cannot buy underwear yourself and wear it if the doctor has not recommended such treatment. It is forbidden to buy and wear tights for patients with diseases of the arteries, open wounds in the legs, skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema), high sensitivity of the skin and susceptibility to allergic reactions.

  • With varicose veins. Varicose veins, regardless of severity, is a direct indication for wearing compression underwear. The doctor selects the desired class, given the picture of the disease.

  • Preventive. Used if the patient is busy with heavy physical labor or he has to sit a lot during the day. Tights effectively relieve swelling, fatigue. Preventive compression is prescribed if there is a hereditary predisposition to varicose veins.

  • Therapeutic. Compression tights with therapeutic effect, prescribed to patients who have undergone surgery, patients with varicose veins, thrombosis and other diseases of the lower extremities. Basically, the indications for therapeutic compression - a violation of blood flow in the veins.

  • Pregnancy. In the second and third trimesters with accelerated growth of the fetus, the woman may experience fatigue in the legs and progression of varicose veins, even if the woman had no problems with the veins before. Movement during pregnancy is sometimes difficult, so the specialist recommends wearing compression tights for pregnant women to maintain healthy feet. They are anatomically comfortable, have a special pressure that does not allow the veins to swell. Tights do not constrain and facilitate movement, prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

How to choose

The choice of compression tights is huge. Models can differ from each other by the degree of compression, design and durability. The highest quality is considered to be medical products made in Germany. Remember that tights create pressure that causes discomfort in healthy people. Before you decide to spend money on compression underwear, consult with a specialist.

The choice of medical tights for women is much more. They produce products not only monophonic, but also with patterns, of various colors. For men, the compression knitwear standard strict shades. When buying tights, stop choosing those models that last longer and do not lose their therapeutic properties.

Before you buy, choose your size. Measure at home the girth of the hips, waist, top and bottom of the ankle, the length of the leg from the hip to the foot, and the length from the knee to the foot. Do not forget that the size of the grid varies from domestic manufacturers, so read the packaging carefully. Plus, compression models that produce tights and very large sizes.

How to wear and wear

In compression tights it is not recommended to sleep. Wear them should be after you wake up. Do it right: without getting out of bed, collect gently pantyhose in an accordion, as usual, pass the palm inside the product and stretch it on the foot. Wearing tights is recommended lying down. The accordion should be evenly distributed on the leg, pull up on the hips, then on the waist.

Wear compression tights with special gloves that you should buy in advance at the pharmacy. They will protect against tissue damage, stretch marks and scratches. In the evening, put in order the heels and skin of the feet: it should be smooth, without roughness. Put on tights or stockings on clean and dry feet.

Brands Overview

Quality and price largely depends on the country of origin and the technologies that are used to create medical knitwear.

  • Medi. German manufacturer, which produces medical knitwear. Copper products of excellent quality are fully consistent with the declared value. Copper compression knitwear is easy to care for and durable.
  • Relaxan. The products manufactured by this company have certificates and certificates: CEmark, IQNet, FDA. In case of compliance with the requirements for operation, the company provides a guarantee for the safety of compression properties up to 6 months for medical products and up to 3 months for prophylactic. The company also confirms the guaranteed number of washes in accordance with the instructions attached to the product.
  • Venoteks (Venoteks). Popular American compression knit, thanks to its wide range, models and sizes. Cost and shelf life - average.
  • Ortho. Spanish medical knitwear, which has an average cost and high quality. The therapeutic properties of compression panty hoses retain for up to four months of daily wear.
  • Ergoform (Ergoforma). Italian compression tights, made from natural fibers, which allow air. Usually they are recommended for sports and pregnant women. Panty hoses are comfortable, have high wear resistance.
  • Solidea. Italian pantyhose therapeutic destination outwardly no different from ordinary pantyhose. Available in various colors.
  • Sigvaris The Swiss manufacturing company is engaged in release of elite quality compression knitwear. Products have a beautiful design, the price is high.

How much are

Compression underwear is sold only in the pharmacy chain and is not cheap. Therefore, pantyhose with a therapeutic effect is recommended to buy only on doctor's prescription. It is possible to order compression garments, which will be made according to individual measurements. The cost of tights starts from five hundred rubles in the regions. In Moscow, the average cost of compression is from three thousand rubles. The price depends on the quality, class and size of the compression knitwear.

Judging by the user reviews, compression underwear really relieves tired legs, relieves from cramps, morning and evening swelling. They are comfortable, do not constrain movements, but they need to be chosen carefully. Most buyers rated their therapeutic effects. Tights reduce pain in the legs, create a corset effect that supports the tone of the blood vessels and veins.

They also evaluated compression tights and pregnant women who find it difficult to move in the last months of pregnancy. Many buyers like the preventive effect of compression tights and stockings. They improve well-being, struggle with heaviness in the legs. The disadvantages are the high cost of compression underwear. Over time, the price is compensated by the medicinal action.

Interesting models

Medical tights with medicinal action are designed for men and women. Therapeutic products are sold in the form of golf, leggings, stockings. Panty hoses are made from a special material that is able to imitate ordinary nylon. A woman can wear compression underwear without any embarrassment, because medical knitwear looks stylish and is suitable even for evening wear. The color of the tights is classic - flesh and black. At will, there is an opportunity to buy bright shades, models with drawings and patterns.

General information

Compression knitIt is widely used in order to maintain the correct, in terms of physiology, pressure in the lower limbs of a person. Such stockings are used in the scheme of complex treatment. varicose veins, as well as for the prevention of this disease. Special underwear for veins in medicine is called medical knitwear. It is also called compression or anti-varicose linen, medical knitwear.

Tights, socks, and compression socks for varicose veins are recommended to be worn by phlebologists. Such underwear must be worn and thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, lymphedemaand for other problems with the blood vessels of the limbs.

What is the compression underwear, which is better - compression tights or stockings, tell and recommend a doctor during the reception.

The therapeutic effect of using such underwear is due to the fact that stockings, leggings or pantyhose support vessels, squeeze the dilated vein. This, in turn, evenly redistributes blood flow from the dilated vessels to healthy ones.

Such underwear contributes to the activation of blood circulation and the improvement of tissue nutrition.

If you choose the right knitwear, it will help reduce the risk of blood clots.

Another important argument in favor of the use of such underwear is that there are almost no contraindications to the use of medical knitwear. It does not cause side effects, but it is a good method for preventing the progression of varicose veins and helps maintain veins in a physiological state.

How does the compression underwear for varicosity?

Previously, when medical knitwear was not produced, varicose vein was used for elastic bandages. However, their use has several significant drawbacks.

  • First of all, elastic bandages have to be imposed for a long time, and in order to get the desired effect, it must be done correctly.
  • An important disadvantage is the inability to wear an elastic bandage all the time. Not aesthetic appearance does not allow to wear it daily, whereas, for example, compression underwear Medi and knitwear from other modern manufacturers looks very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Despite the fact that bandages have a low price, it will not be possible to save money when wearing them. After all, such a bandage very quickly becomes unusable. Therefore, it is better to learn how to choose high-quality knitwear and buy compression underwear for varicose veins.

What is compression underwear for and what is its effect? Squeezing dilated veins, such knitwear provides acceleration blood flowdeep veins. As a result, eliminatedvenous congestionwhich is a prerequisite for the development of varicose veins. For those who are interested in what kind of compression underwear for varicose veins is better, you should consider that it is worth buying quality products. After all, branded high-quality knitwear provides a graduated, that is, a gradual decrease in pressure from hand to shoulder or from leg to hip.

For example, a good online store of compression underwear with varicose veins offers stockings that provide maximum (100%) pressure at the bottom of the tibia and partial (40%) in the thighs. This distribution is the most correct from a physiological point of view, therefore it provides the greatest therapeutic effect. With this pressure distribution mode, the outflow of blood is normalized due to the following effects:

  • Improves and returns to normal operation of the valve apparatus.
  • The enlarged lumen of the peripheral veins of the thighs and tibia, especially the subcutaneous, is reduced.
  • Increases the effect of muscle pump. When muscles contract during exercise, blood is pushed up.

Effectively compression underwear for pregnant women. But at of pregnancypick up a knitwear need, guided by individual recommendations of the doctor.

What you need to know when buying compression stockings?

Before you buy such underwear, you need to clearly know how to choose compression stockings correctly for varicose veins. Specific quality standards for compression underwear are defined. The most important and strict among them is the European RAL-GZ-387.

Any manufacturer seeking to produce knitwear that corresponds to him must initially undergo very strict certification in Switzerland or Germany. Therefore, if elastic orthopedic stockings for varicose veins have such a certificate, this indicates its high quality. Knitwear with such a certificate provides pressure, which is distributed among the limbs (40-70-100%), and is therapeutic. The standard is evidenced by the packaging of products, as well as the presence of a special label.

To find a good product, you need to focus not only on how much such knee socks or stockings cost, but, above all, on the manufacturer and the proven point of sale of goods. After all, in the domestic market it is very easy to make a mistake and buy fake medical stockings or tights. In addition, in specialized stores the buyer will be promptly told how to determine the size, for both men and women. In checked stores you need to buy compression hosiery for pregnant women.

Since medical underwear is worn daily, it is very important to choose a hypoallergenic model. Therefore, you need to focus not on user reviews, but, above all, on personal feelings. Underwear must be present sign of the European standard for environmental safety Oeko-Tex Standard 10- this ensures that the product is made of a material that does not cause allergies.

How to wear compression stockings correctly?

When buying treated knitwear, you need to know how to wear and how to wear such underwear properly.

Most often, people seeking to prevent the progression of varicose veins wear compression stockings of class 2 compression. After all, both efficiency and the price of compression stockings of class 2 compression are often the most appropriate for the patient. However, it is often the case that it is very inconvenient for a person to carry products of 2 degrees of compression. Moreover, most often the 2nd class of compression for men and women turns out to be inconvenient precisely because the person incorrectly puts on such a product. After all, it can not be worn as a child’s tights, gathered into an accordion and pulling the stocking up to the thigh. As tights, socks or stockings should be worn slowly, gradually straightening them on the leg.

Such underwear will be difficult to wear to obese people. To facilitate this process, special accessories can be purchased at the store. How much such devices cost depends on the manufacturer. Compression knitwear must be worn with gloves so as not to damage the linen with nails. In addition, if a person is wearing medical or other gloves, then the laundry slips better.

If second-class underwear is uncomfortable to wear, in some cases it can be limited to first class. Moreover, the price of compression stockings of class 1 compression for women and men (the company "Orto", etc.) below. However, the price of stockings from varicose veins in the legs depends on other factors.

A person who wears medical knitwear should have smooth feet - without roughness, corns. It is necessary to trim your toenails shortly and cut them with a nail file to avoid the appearance of puffs on the linen.

Лучше надевать такое белье утром, на отдохнувшие и, соответственно, не отекшие конечности. При этом и ноги, и трикотажные изделия должны быть полностью сухими.

Those who are interested in whether it is possible to sleep in such stockings need to understand that there is no need for this, since during sleep the load on the limbs is minimal.

If the phlebologist prescribed the patient to wear items of class 3, it would be more difficult to put them on and, accordingly, more time would have to be spent on this. For this it is better to use special devices.

If the size chart provided on one site or another seems incomprehensible, how to choose the size of compression stockings for surgery or for everyday wear, it is better to ask a specialist. After all, if the size is chosen correctly, and wear, and wear such underwear would be extremely uncomfortable.

It is important to properly care for such products and to know how to wash and dry them.

Care for compression underwear

When buying orthopedic underwear for women and men, you need to consider that it is most convenient to have at least two pairs of such knitwear. After all, it is necessary to wash it daily in order to get rid of dust, specks and dead skin particles, which can damage fiber fibers very quickly.

Wash is done only by hand, using baby soap. In the machine such clothes can not be washed. Wash at a temperature of no more than 40 C. It is forbidden to iron and bleach. You can not also use air conditioners and rinses. After all, they also destroy the structure of the fabric.

Dried compression knit, straightening it on a horizontal surface. It is impossible to twist and squeeze it, you can easily get wet with a towel. It is not allowed to dry the knitwear in the sun, the battery in a vertical position.

It is very necessary to carefully treat strips of silicone, which are important for fastening linen. During washing, it is better not to wet them and wipe them with a disinfecting cloth.

What to wear such products depends on the taste of the woman. But, as a rule, knitwear from modern manufacturers is very beautiful and elegant.

Contraindications for wearing compression underwear

Before you choose compression socks for varicose veins, you need to clearly know whether the patient has contraindications to wear them. Medical knitwear has several such contraindications.

There are categorical contraindications, as well as relative, in which such knitwear is allowed to be carried out after consulting with doctors - a cardiologist, a dermatologist, and an endocrinologist.

Wearing medical knitwear is absolutely contraindicated for such diseases:

Under such conditions decreases lumen of vesselsand systolic arterial pressure reduced to 80 mm. Hg Art., therefore, it is strictly forbidden to reduce the pressure in the lower extremities.

Very carefully, you should wear compression underwear for those who have problems with the skin and high sensitivity of the skin.

Stockings or pantyhose should not be worn for allergic manifestations and inflammation of the skin, as well as dermatitis, bedsores, eczema, thrombophlebitis, open wounds.

If varicose veins manifest due to disease diabetes, such underwear is also not allowed. Compression knit is not used in the case of septic phlebitis, cardiopulmonary failurein severe form if circulatory problems manifest at rest.

You can also find the opinion that knitwear can provoke muscular layer atrophy of the vein walls. When a person stops wearing medical underwear, the opposite effect is likely, due to which the venous wall will stretch and varicose veins will progress even more.

Of course, it is not possible to check the condition of each vein in a person wearing such underwear. However, most phlebologists consider this theory erroneous, citing the following evidence in favor of this:

  • a person cannot wear medical knit around the clock,
  • if the veins are compressed, then the flow of blood in them decreases, but it does not stop,
  • as a rule, muscular wall atrophy develops, if a person has a genetic disposition, and also if a local specific inflammatory process develops during venous stasis, and when using knitwear these phenomena decrease,
  • sometimes after stopping the use of laundry, the person initially feels a little worse, since the venous wall tone is reduced for the time being, but atrophy is not considered.

Also, after the end of the period of wearing such underwear for people with varicose veins, it may seem that it has become more difficult for them to walk. Therefore, many people prefer not to give up wearing it.

Thus, compression underwear, which has been used for many decades, is a convenient and effective method for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins. However, before you start using it, you need to consult with a phlebologist. The doctor will determine what the patient's condition is and help you choose the most suitable product.

Indications for wearing compression stockings

Compression stockings with varying degrees of pressure are subject to medical purposes. Among the indications for their regular use include:

  • Chronic lymphatic and venous insufficiency,
  • Swelling, pain and fatigue in the legs,
  • Cramps in the calf muscles,
  • Signs of varicose veins of different degrees of manifestation (spider veins, stretched areas),
  • Thrombosis,
  • Propensity to excess weight
  • Stretching muscles and joints, trauma and surgery,
  • Genetic predisposition to venous disorders,
  • Increased blood clotting.

Products with the effect of pressure have a beneficial effect on persons who need to be constantly in a sitting or standing position due to work, carrying weights, hiking, frequent flights.

Patients with vascular pathologies should take into account the existence of four classes of compression. Prophylactic tights and knee socks of class 1 can be purchased without prior consultation with a doctor. Before wearing products of 2-4 classes, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

Preventive anti-varicose knitwear can be used by people who do not have pronounced changes in the vessels of the lower limbs. It is often recommended for professional and novice athletes, travelers. The minimum pressure is practically not felt by the skin, so you can wear knitwear all day without discomfort.

Contraindications to the use of compression stockings

In most cases, properly selected quality products do not cause side effects, even with many years of use. Harm compression stockings can occur if:

  • They are made in violation of quality standards.
  • The knitted fabric contains components that cause allergic skin reactions.
  • The patient has contraindications for wearing therapeutic and prophylactic underwear.

Among the absolute contraindications in which the use of corrective stockings and tights is strictly prohibited:

  • Chronic disorders of the arteries of the lower limbs,
  • Aortoarteritis, atherosclerosis,
  • Thromboangiitis obliterans.

Among the relative contraindications in which the decision to wear knitwear is made by the attending physician:

  • Tissue necrosis
  • Inflammation of the veins,
  • Congestive dermatitis
  • Acute thrombophlebitis,
  • Open wound surfaces
  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases,
  • Increased sensitivity of the skin,
  • Septic processes in the zone of the lower extremities,
  • Diabetes with vascular complications in the legs,
  • Cardiopulmonary insufficiency, manifested in a state of rest,

If one of the described relative contraindications is present, a comprehensive examination of the patient is carried out. The possibility of using compression underwear is established by an endocrinologist, a cardiologist or a dermatologist.

Positive effect of compression stockings

Wearing high-quality products in the presence of evidence and the recommendation of a doctor provides a positive effect. The use of compression stockings is such actions as:

  • Support for weakened vascular walls and venous valves,
  • Prevention of vein stretching and the formation of pronounced signs of varicose veins,
  • Strengthening the outflow of blood and lymph, preventing stagnation,
  • Removal of lower limb swelling,
  • Reduction of post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation,
  • Reducing the risk of air embolism during surgery,
  • Prevention of blood stasis after surgery.

The advantages of high-quality compression knitwear include:

  • Production according to current technical standards and regulations,
  • No seams
  • Dense pleasant material that lets the air through,
  • Large selection of models and colors.

You can find and order suitable medical products in our online store.

The essence of therapeutic effects?

How can compression tights help with varicose veins? In fact, treatment with pressure bandages or bandages has existed since time immemorial, it was described in the works of the earliest researchers in medical science.

The main principle of impact is that such underwear creates pressure of varying degrees on different parts of the limbs. That is, in the area of ​​the ankle and the ankle - it is maximum, in the area of ​​the knee - decreases, and to the hip - the minimum, there is no pressure on the belly. Due to this principle, the compression knit helps to increase the rate of outflow of blood through the veins from the lowest points of our body.

If you have noticed that your spider veins appeared on your legs, then it is likely that it is time to get compression tights, which, due to their special structure, create an additional frame that prevents excessive vein stretching.

Additional pressure and compression protects soft tissues from swelling, reduces the feeling of fatigue in the muscles. Due to the special mechanism of pressure, the blood does not stagnate in one place, which is the prevention of the occurrence of thrombosis.

What are the?

They are the most popular type of therapeutic underwear, by the way, there are special models for pregnant women. In general, it is recommended to wear it to all ladies in the early stages of pregnancy, even if there are no visible signs of varicose veins. At a later date should consult with a specialist.

For all the others, there are preventive and therapeutic tights, they will differ, both in price and degree of compression, which must necessarily be indicated on the package.

Prophylactic tights include class 1 models (not more than 23 mm. Hg. Art.), Then there are three more classes that differ in the degree of pressure and must be assigned directly by a specialist, depending on the course of the disease.

Preventive underwear can be purchased in stores with regular underwear, without a doctor's prescription, all other compression classes necessarily require consultation with a phlebologist, otherwise their legs can be badly hurt.

How to pick up?

In specialized centers and pharmacies you can find a fairly wide range of compression garments from various manufacturers, for example, Relaxcan, Intex, ORTO, Medi and others. Basically, they differ in design and degree of wear resistance.

For example, the highest quality German manufacturers are considered, however, and the price of their products speaks for itself. It is worth noting that not everyone is able to wear such tights, some complain of strong pressure and, as a result, wearing tights a couple of times, refuse medical underwear.

In order not to waste money, initially find out if you have any contraindications, and then get a simpler and cheaper version of tights. If you feel that you are coping with the socks of such underwear, then the following set can be purchased already from a better manufacturer.

It is very important to guess with the size, since the compression underwear practically does not stretch. To do this, at home, you should carefully measure the lower leg straps in the upper and lower parts, the size of the linen circumference, the waist and hips circumference, and then the length of the foot from the foot to the groin level, you can measure the length from foot to knee.

Remember that different manufacturers may have different size tables, so the data you receive must be compared with tabular ones.

What is compression knitwear

To maintain the correct pressure in the lower extremities, compression knitwear is often used. This special type of linen is used in medicine for the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with the expansion of blood vessels, thrombosis (the disease is accompanied by the formation of dense blood clots that interfere with the free circulation of blood), varicose veins. Socks, stockings, bandages, tights with the effect of compression prevent blood stagnation, blood clots, edema due to the harmonious pressure on different parts of the legs. Compression underwear is divided into:

  • Anti-varicose. Medical knitwear, which is used to treat varicose veins. It helps to get rid of the signs of the disease even in the later stages, eliminates such an unpleasant manifestation of the disease, as the varicose grid. It is necessary to use anti-varicose knitwear only on the recommendation of a phlebologist.
  • Preventive (consumer). To prevent the first signs of illness, such underwear is often used. It can be worn without consulting a doctor, with heavy loads on the legs or a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Antiembolic (or hospital). Appointed by a doctor when the patient is in intensive care, during labor and during surgery. To prevent air embolism (overlap of the lumen of a blood vessel), the products are worn by patients during a period of prolonged immobility (with a stroke, a severe fracture, a heart attack). Knitwear must be worn for several days after surgery to avoid blood clots, blood stagnation, hypotension (lower blood pressure).
  • Antiedematous. This knitwear, as well as medical, is appointed by a specialist, but only for patients with impaired lymphatic drainage.

Today there is a huge range of medical compression stockings. To make the right choice, you need to contact a phlebologist, who will be able to assess the condition of the veins and will give recommendations on the prevention and treatment of diseases using compression hosiery. Such underwear is also shown to people who have one or more risk factors:

  • hormonal medication,
  • genetic predisposition to varicose veins,
  • standing or sitting work (hairdressers, vendors, surgeons, cooks, etc.),
  • high blood clotting or viscosity
  • evening fatigue, leg swelling,
  • chronic constipation
  • long journeys
  • multiple pregnancies
  • walking in high heels
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • overweight,
  • smoking,
  • alcohol consumption.

What are anti-embolic stockings for?

The main objective of the anti-embolic jersey is to protect the vessels and veins from the formation of blood clots in them. Compression products are used to optimally distribute the pressure on the vessels. In addition, this laundry speeds up the outflow of blood, reduces venous pressure, so fatigue in the legs quickly disappears, and the risk of thrombosis is reduced.

Anti-embolic (antithrombotic) elastic stockings are necessarily used for surgery associated with interference with the internal organs, musculoskeletal system, during caesarean section and childbirth. The pressure distribution when wearing compression underwear is as follows: 100% falls on the ankles, 50% on the knee, 70% on the mid-calf, 40% on the mid-thigh.

How to choose

A phlebologist can assist the patient in choosing operating tights. There are certain rules, following which you can choose the right medical compression underwear for the operation:

  • the pressure in the compression knit should be distributed incrementally - from the maximum at the ankles to the minimum at the hips,
  • You need to pay attention to the color of the linen - white shades help the doctor to monitor the condition of the veins during surgery
  • Before buying a product, individual measurements should be taken (measure calves, ankles, knees, leg length from heel to inguinal area),
  • attention must be paid to hypoallergenic materials
  • compression underwear can not be cheap, it is due to the characteristics of production,
  • for safety, the selected tights must comply with the environmental, medical quality standard RAL-GZ 387,
  • compression class should be determined by a specialist,
  • You should pay attention to the presence of additional parts (zippers, belts, rubber bands), since they affect the usability of the product.


Country-manufacturer of medical compression products says a lot. High-quality knitwear, proven from the positive side, is products from Switzerland and Germany. Покупать медицинские эластичные колготки необходимо в специализированных магазинах или в торговых точках, которые являются официальными дилерами признанных производителей.

Любая фирма, которая стремится производить хороший компрессионный трикотаж, изначально должна пройти строгую сертификацию в Германии, Швейцарии. Поэтому, если эластичные компрессионные чулки имеют такой сертификат, это свидетельствует о высоком качестве изделия. Russian doctors often recommend Sigvaris and Medi products for purchase. In addition, well-known manufacturers are:

  • Venosan
  • Venoteks,
  • Ergoforma,
  • Ekoten,
  • BSN-Jobst,
  • Relaxsan
  • OFA Bamberg,
  • Ekoten,
  • Thuasne
  • Intertextile
  • Bauerfeind
  • Intex
  • LuommaIdealista,
  • Ortho,
  • Scudotex.

Compression class

Medical knitwear has its own classification, which depends on the disease, usage patterns, compression class, i.e. the degree of pressure (in mm of mercury) that elastic stockings have on the legs. On this basis, all knitted compression products have their own properties and are divided into three types:

  • Preventive (0 compression class). The pressure is 15-18 mm Hg. Art. It is used without the appointment of a specialist to prevent the development of venous insufficiency. If spider veins and veins are pronounced, knitwear of zero compression class will not solve the problem.
  • Therapeutic, which is divided into:
    1. The first class (18-21 mm Hg. Art.). Knitwear must be worn at the initial stage of varicose dilatation - to prevent its further development and improve blood circulation. Indications for use are: leg cramps, a clear pattern of the saphenous veins, spider veins, hormonal changes, edema.
    2. The second class (23–32 mm Hg. Art.). Tights and stockings of this type are used for the prevention and treatment of chronic moderate venous insufficiency. They are indicated for use after surgery, at stages 2 and 3 of varicose veins, with persistent swelling of the legs, acute thrombophlebitis (thrombosis with inflammation of the vein wall and the formation of a thrombus).
    3. The third class (34–46 mm Hg). Used in the treatment of severe venous disease. Indications for the use of such knitwear - strong persistent edema, lympho-venous and vascular congenital failure, thrombosis, varicose veins, recovery after surgery.
    4. Fourth grade (more than 49 mm. Hg. Art.). It is used very rarely, it is indicated for the most severe forms of varicose veins, when the valves and the walls of blood vessels do not cope with the task of transferring blood from the legs to the heart.
  • Hospital anti-embolism jersey (15-18 mmHg) helps to increase blood circulation in the legs, increasing blood flow in the deep veins, reduces the risk of thrombosis. It can only be used as prescribed by a doctor. Indications for use: surgery, childbirth, cesarean section, epidural anesthesia, long bed rest.

Elastic medical underwear is always selected individually after consultation with a specialist. The correct choice of the degree of compression, the size of the product will ensure high efficiency from its use and comfortable wearing. To choose the right pantyhose or stockings you need to make a number of measurements with a tape. Four main parameters should be defined:

  1. Calf circumference (volume of the leg below the knee joint).
  2. The length of the legs. Determined from the foot to the circumference of the thigh, not reaching 5 centimeters to the gluteus muscle.
  3. Circumference of the ankles. What is important is the exact volume of the tibia over the ankle, i.e. the narrowest part of the leg.
  4. Thigh circumference. It is necessary to determine the circumference of the thigh at a distance of 25 cm above the knee joint or 5 cm below the gluteus muscle.

You can determine the size of the tights yourself, or by seeking help from a doctor or consultant in an orthopedic salon. Next, you need to fix all the measurements, and using a special table to select a suitable product:

Types of compression tights

There are the following types of compression tights:

Prophylactic models they are distinguished by a low level of compression and are used exclusively for the prevention of vascular diseases.

Medical Compression Products used in complex treatment of venous and lymphatic insufficiency, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and other vascular diseases of the legs. Depending on the level of compression, they are divided into different classes.

Hospital compression tights used in medical institutions as a preoperative preparation and after operations on the legs. They have a high level of compression, so they must be worn strictly according to the testimony of a doctor.

There are men's and women's medical hosiery. They are identical in terms of therapeutic effect, the only difference is in the style and type of models.

There are special models for pregnant women with a wide belt for the abdomen. They have a low level of compression and are aimed at reducing edema and maintaining vascular health during pregnancy. Compression tights for pregnant women have almost no pressure in the abdomen. Look at the composition, it is important for expectant mothers to choose underwear from natural non-allergenic materials.

With varicose veins Practically all patients, doctors recommend wearing compression tights. The principle of their therapeutic action is that a pressure of different strength is created on certain parts of the leg. Due to a stronger compression in the region of the calf, the blood rises higher, the load on the veins decreases and the patient becomes much lighter.

Rules for selecting compression tights

To determine your size of compression tights, you need to make a number of measurements. It is better to make measurements in the morning when the swelling is not so pronounced. Required data: girth of the leg over the ankle, girth of the leg in the widest place, the girth of the thigh at a height of about 30 cm above the knee, hip and waist circumference.

After removing all the readings, you need to ask the store for a special table and accurately determine your size of compression underwear. This table can also be easily found on the Internet and printed for personal use.

There is another method for determining the size of compression tights. It is based on the ratio of weight and height of a person, tables for this method are also available on the Internet and specialized stores. But this method is less accurate.

When choosing medical tights, pay attention to the composition of the product. It is better to give preference to models of microfiber, cotton, nylon and lycra. The density of compression tights is indicated in millimeters of mercury.

Now on sale you can find compression garments from different manufacturers. According to customer reviews, the models from Relaxsan, Medi, Bauerfeind, ORTO, Intex are of the highest quality and demand.

High-quality compression tights can not be cheap. Among the more budget and acceptable options are the products of the companies Inteks, ORTO and Relaxsan.

The average price category - tights from the company Vetoteks, Medi, Bauerfeind.

Compression products from the company Sigvaris (Switzerland) are of excellent quality and high wear resistance, but the price is much higher.

How to wear and properly care for compression tights?

It is recommended to wear medical tights in the morning when lying down on dry feet. For convenience, it is better to do it in latex gloves. They are put on, as well as usual tights: at first the bottom gathers in "accordion", then is put on, beginning with a toe and a heel, and further is accurately distributed on all leg.

It is better to have several pairs of compression garments in your wardrobe, as you need to wash them every day. For such things, hand washing with soft products is necessary. They should be dried in a straightened form in a horizontal position away from heating devices. It is forbidden to bleach, twist and iron medical linen.

Compression tights - a good means of prevention and treatment of vascular diseases of the legs. The main thing is to choose the right product and take care of it, and the result will surely please you.