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What is burgundy color?


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The ancient wine-making region of the east of France, covering an area of ​​40,000 hectares, stretches nearly two hundred kilometers. No other region can boast such a number of appellations (about 100). The main grapes are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. For Beaujolais wines - Game Noir, and for Bourgogne Aligote - Aligote. Read more

Chardonnay gives a full-bodied and powerful wine. In his youth, it is not very fragrant, but, as it matures, it becomes more and more rich and rounded. In its bouquet and taste there are notes of oak and nutmeg. Its unique characteristics are manifested, for example, in Champagne Blanc de Blancs, in the mineral Chablis, in the nut hues of Meursault wines and in the mature fruit bouquet of wines from Sonoma Valley (California).

Pinot Noir - one of the most mysterious varieties. No one else in the vineyards outside France could reach the Burgundian quality of wines from this variety. It contains less tannins and has a richer texture than Cabernet, so the Pinot Noir wine is nice to drink even for young people. Burgundy Pinot Noir wines are characterized by shades of mushrooms, earth, leather, mint and violet on the background of aromas of the underbrush.

Classification of the best vineyards:

1. Grand Cru (Grand Cru)

2. Premier Cru (Premier Cru)

The main wine regions of Burgundy:

2) Côte d’Or (two subregions Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits)

7) Coto du Lyon

Chablis - the northernmost part of Burgundy. It produces dry light wines with a delicate bouquet and bright minerality. In Chablis (along with Côte d’Or, Sona and Loire) they also make the excellent sparkling wine Cremant de Bourgogne.

Wines of Chablis are divided into 4 groups:

1) Petit Chablis

Per year

Uncomplicated and drinkable wine with light minerality. At the first-class winemakers turns out gentle and juicy.

2) Chablis

Per year

Elegant wine with a taste of white fruit. Shows its best qualities within 2-3 years after harvest.

3) Chablis Premier Cru

Per year

14 main vineyards: Mont de Milieu, Montée de Tonnerre, Fourchaume, Vaillons, Montmains, Côte de Léchet, Beauroy, Vauligneau, Vaudevey, Vaucoupin, Vosgros, Les Fourneaux, Côte de Vaubarousse, Berdiot, Chaume de Talvt, citéra, citadel, Les Fourneaux; Beauregards.

Refined wines. Can be maintained for up to 10 years.

4) Chablis Grand Cru

Per year

7 AOC vineyards: Bougros, Les Preuses, Vaudésir, Grenouilles, Valmur, Les Clos and Blanchot.

This amazingly multifaceted dry wines of the highest level. Depending on the year can be maintained from 8 to 30 years.

This department includes Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune. Saturation and power are key words when describing the local wines, and these characteristics only increase with the northward advance.

The wines of the Cote de Nuits are the glories of Burgundy. Almost all red wines are remarkable for their astounding richness and depth, as well as aromas of violet and black berries. Among them, it is worth highlighting Chambertin, which was Napoleon's favorite wine, the velvety Musigny and Clos de Vougeot, where 70 winemakers share 50 hectares of land. Luxurious wines with violet shades and fragrance of black berries.

The Côtes de Beaune produces great red wines, Volnay, Pommard, Aloxe-Corton, and the best white wines of Burgundy, Montrachet, Mersault, and Corton-Charlemagne (these were the vineyards of Charlemagne). White wines are distinguished by grace and have excellent potential for aging. Reds are remarkably balanced and delicate. The red wines of the Côte de Beaune reach maturity earlier than the red wines of the Côte de Nuits.

Here they make red, white and rosé wines under AOC Bourgogne Hautes Cotes De Nuits and Bourgogne Hautes Cotes De Beaune. The quality of these wines is quite good, but not as high as in the Côte de Nuits and Côtes de Beaune. Grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Aligote and Gamay.

Red wines are made from Pinot Noir and Gama, and white wines are made from Chardonnay and Aligote. The best appellation in this region is Mercurey (Mercure), which mainly produces red wines. About 30 vineyards premier cru. Wines have a tart and savory taste and a very bright aroma.

Pouilly-Fuisse is the most famous appellation in this area. The best Pouilly-Füssse belong to the elite of white dry wines. Lively and very fragrant, these wines, due to aging in oak, acquire shades of roasted almonds or hazelnut.

The southernmost and largest wine region of Burgundy. 99% of the vineyards are occupied by the Gamé variety, from which dense wines with a deep fruity taste are obtained. These wines ripen quickly and are drunk young. Wines AOC Beaujolais, Beaujolais Beaujolais Super, Beaujolais Village-Village can be put on sale on the third Thursday of November and be named Beaujolais Nouveau (new) or Primera (early). They are not intended for long-term storage, so it is advisable to drink them until March of the year following the harvest.

Surrounding the city of Lyon. It produces red wines from the Game variety and white wines from Chardonnay. Due to the similarity of the soil, climate and production technology, local wines are similar to Beaujolais wines.

Color "Burgundy" - what's this?

He belongs to the Red family. It is distinguished by royal chic and nobility. From it emanates expression and courage, refinement and depth. The so-called color “burgundy” is a dark and rich shade of ruby ​​red. People like him are also called the color of vintage wine.

The name is associated with the region in eastern France, which in the Middle Ages was a separate kingdom, then duchy. It is here in the VI century BC. er under the generous sun, grapes of beautiful ruby ​​and purple shades were grown, which then produced a wine with a mild and noble taste. From the name of the berry and drink comes the name of an interesting regal paint.

What is the symbolism of color?

In the language of flowers, the buds of roses, tulips, lilies or peonies of this rich hue symbolize admiring beauty.

In general, the color of Burgundy wine means prosperity, satisfaction, generosity, nobility. It may be symbolically associated with wisdom and experience, but also with youth and passion.

People who like this color are notable for their cheerfulness, striving for vivid impressions, unusual discoveries and thrills. They are self-confident and strive to live life to the fullest; perfectionism is no stranger to them.

In clothes: with what is combined?

This color is very good to wear a warm autumn, then your outfit will be in harmony with the bright colors of nature. It looks good in the winter, when everything is lifeless around, and outerwear is often boring and monotonous. An accessory of rich wine color will help revive it. It is remarkable that it is suitable for almost any type of appearance, especially for those who have golden, brown or dark hair, and the skin - pale or dark.

Color "Burgundy" most often decorates products made of leather, suede, fur, wool, silk and velvet. The outerwear, furs, evening dresses, classic-cut pants, skirts and jackets, blazers, peignoirs, underwear, as well as shoes, bags, scarves and much more, look great in such shades. There is even sportswear of this color, it is so popular. He was one of the actual shades of the fashionable season of autumn-winter 2013.

If you got a royal color thing, it's time to find out what clothes you can wear. Especially advantageous will look black, white, beige, brown, mustard, olive, gray. The dress will fit jewelry made of wood, bone, metal and red-pink stones.

But do not think that this color is used only in solemn and official dresses. Casual clothes can also be livened up with a bright detail of this ripe wine shade. A scarf, a handbag, a headdress, a belt, large earrings - all this is perfect for creating a stylish female image.

In the interior: how to use?

"Burgundy" - royal color. And to make it look advantageous, it should not be too much. Even if you really like it, do not get carried away with it excessively, but use it only to emphasize the detail of the interior.

If the interior of the room is oriental, vintage, art deco or bohemian, it will look very harmoniously with details painted in the color “burgundy”. The photo below clearly demonstrates this.

In general, to understand how much of this bright paint can be in a room, it is necessary to estimate its size. The smaller the room, the less the color we are considering should be present. It is also important that the rest of the shades in the room were less bright.

Where else can you meet?

“Burgundy” is a color that is found not only in clothing and interior, but also in many other areas of design. Here are some examples:

  • shades of lipstick, eye shadow, hair dye and other cosmetics,
  • home textiles,
  • dishes,
  • tiles and similar materials,
  • body color of mobile devices, laptops, home appliances, etc.,
  • color in car design.

The color of Burgundy wine will help to place accents both in the fashionable dress, and in the original interior. Skillfully using this shade in garments, you can create a unique romantic, austere or elegant style. Adding such color spots to the design of the room, you can emphasize the individual details and give the room a peculiar, unique features. Household textiles and materials for interior decoration, having a wine shade, give chic to any apartment or house. The main thing is to comply with the measure, because in large quantities such a shade "weights" the situation. Cars painted in this color look particularly elegant and personable. Cases of mobile electronics and home appliances, made in the color of Burgundy, look stylish and attract attention.

Thus, the "Burgundy" - for those who love originality, nobility, emotion and luxury.

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Burgundy Region - Franche-Comte

On January 1, 2016, the historical region of France from an independent territorial unit became part of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region. The administrative center of the region for centuries is the city of Dijon. The location in the valley of three rivers: Sona, Loire and Rhone allowed creating a system of canals and artificial reservoirs, which turned Burgundy into a “land of rivers and lakes”. The region has a peculiar climate: it is cold and dry here in winter and hot in summer. The most favorable time of the year is autumn - the time of grape harvest.

From time immemorial, Burgundy supplied Paris with wood, building stone, food and wine.

The history of Burgundy

The region got the name of Burgundy from the duchy, which was located on its territory until the 15th century, until it was swallowed up by the French kingdom. And before the duchy there existed a kingdom of the German people of the Burgundians, but in a completely different territory. The Duchy of Burgundy has always opposed itself to France and claimed its own statehood. Therefore, the dukes during the Hundred Years War were on the side of the English king. And it was the Burgundians who captured Joan of Arc. The Duchy reached its greatest power under the dukes Philip the Good and Karl Smela. It was Philip the Good who founded the Order of the Golden Fleece, which is today one of the highest orders of France. And the legend says that this order was founded in honor of the beloved woman of the duke, who possesses luxurious golden hair.

Architectural sights of Burgundy

The Palace of the Burgundian Dukes is located in the city of Dijon. The complex of medieval buildings is well preserved. The tomb of Philip the Bold and his son are also located here. And next to the station is Darcy Park, which is worth attention. Well preserved is the old part of John, the Monastery of Champole and the quarter of the luxurious noble mansions - Notre Dame.

The residence of the Counts of Burgundy, Bon, is known as the wine capital of the region. On its territory there is a Gothic hospice, the cathedral of Notre Dame, a hospital of the XV century. In Bon, you can visit the Museum of Burgundy wines and the Museum of Fine Arts.

In the city of Sens, you should definitely look at the Cathedral of St. Etienne, the residence of the bishop and the theater. In the town of Auxerre is interesting historical center, built in the Renaissance style. The town of Pierco is interesting medieval castle. In Chablis interesting church of St. Martin.

Several architectural monuments of Burgundy are protected by UNESCO - it is the Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene in the city of Vezlé, the abbey of the Cistercians of Fontenay, the castles of Bazoches and Tanle.

Vineyards of Burgundy

Wine making in Burgundy has a long tradition. It is known that in the vicinity of Bon Vineyards grew in 300 year. Since the 7th century, monasteries and abbeys, which have become monopolists, have been involved in winemaking. The most famous abbeys producing wine were Cluny and Sito. And Philip the Good even issued a decree that prescribed to grow in the vast territory one grape variety - pinot noah. This was done for the sole purpose of improving the quality of the wine. And only in the XIX century, after the French Revolution, vineyards pass into the hands of secular owners. Today, the vineyards occupy 30 thousand hectares, which employ more than four thousand wine producers.

Burgundy is divided into several wine-making regions: Chablis (the harvest year is very important for these wines), Côte de Nuits, Côte de Bon (the birthplace of Montrachet and Chardonnay), Macone, Beaujolais.

Gastronomic delights of Burgundy

In addition to unique wines, Burgundy is famous for its culinary masterpieces. Here it is customary to order snails in butter with garlic and parsley. The region is famous for goat milk-based cheeses - the most famous “Eloise” and “Beria Sawaiar”, Dijon mustard, macon sweets and gingerbread.
Burgundy is a world famous region of France, mainly due to its wine.

How to get to Burgundy?

One of the most beautiful cities in France is the capital of Burgundy - Dijon. This town is small, but very cozy. It fascinates with its architectural monuments. There is an airport in Dijon that accepts European charter flights, business jets, as well as private jets.

To get to Burgundy, it is best to first fly to Paris, and then transfer to the train. In the capital Dijon from the Lyon station (Paris) often go high-speed trains. The price of the ticket depends on the date of its purchase, and ranges from 40-60 €. Other cities in Burgundy (Nevers and Beaune) also have a direct train from Paris. In Dijon, you can still get from Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.


In Burgundy, you can see buildings twined with vine, many ancient castles with wine cellars, medieval abbeys, a lot of historical sites and old cities. Burgundy is also impressive for walks with a bike and hiking trails.

You have the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine and wines, picnics and overnight stays in nature or in castles and private hotels. In the morning, you can visit the cheese factory, where you will have the opportunity to buy delicious cheese at a local shop.

Traveling along the rivers of Burgundy in boats and ships will not leave you indifferent. Take a cruise on Seyet and Yonne or on the Central and Burgundy canals, and this trip will certainly leave a good mark on your memory.

If you are traveling by car from Paris, then start your guide around Burgundy from a city called San. This city is located two hours from the capital. Be sure to visit the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne, it is one of the great architectural works made in the Gothic style. Also to the famous building of the architecture of the Middle Ages is the abbey of Saint-Germain. It houses the fresco of the 11th century.

Fans of old-fashioned neighborhoods should definitely turn in the town of Auxerre. Further, in the town of Chablis, you can visit the chapel of John the Baptist of the XIV century. You can see the famous Basilica of St. Magdalena in the city of Wesel, there are always a lot of pilgrims in it. В городе Авалон, можно посмотреть на двойную арку, созданную в XV веке, церковь Сен-Лазар и древние стены крепостей.

В столице Бургундии, рекомендуется остановиться подольше. Центральная площадь Дижона — площадь Свободы. Размеры её небольшие, и внешне она похожа на свёрнутый пополам блин. Очень интересным сооружением является дворец герцогов.

В нём находятся готические надгробия герцогов Бургундских — Иоанна Бесстрашного и Филиппа Отважного. Прямо из плит, которыми выложена площадь, бьют фонтаны. Благодаря им туристы и горожане спасаются от летней жары. Недалеко от города Макона, расположено большое количество шикарных замков.

Купеческий дом Мильера, построенный в 1483 году, отлично сохранил свой первозданный вид. Он стал известным благодаря тому, что здесь снимались некоторые сцены фильма «Сирано де Бержерак», роль поэта в котором сыграл всем известный Жерар Депардье.

Дворец архиепископа, который находится на Площади Республики в городе Санс, на данный момент функционирует как музей, в котором выставлены произведения искусства и некоторые предметы, найденные при раскопках. А во время прогулки по террасе замка Брансион, вы можете посмотреть жильё первого владыки Брасиона, феодальный замок с его 23-метровой башней и замок герцогов Бургундии.

Множество людей задаются вопросом: когда же лучше ехать на отдых в Бургундию?

Так вот, наиболее удачным временем для отдыха считается конец ноября. If you get to Burgundy on the third Thursday of this month, then you will have the opportunity to have fun at the Beaujolais Nouveau festival.

Burgundy is known for its vineyards for the whole world. The main wine-growing region of Burgundy is the “Golden Slope”. This stretch stretched along the river. Here, mainly two grape varieties are grown: “Chardonnay” (white wine is made from it) and “Pinot Noir” (for red). Grapes here planted 22,000 hectares of land.

You will be jealous of everything, because visiting a wine tour of Burgundy you:

  • You will learn what the celebration of “Beaujolais Nouveau” is (and these are fireworks, mass dances, as well as rivers and wine parades.
  • Get to know the winemakers, who can truly impress and surprise you with their masterpieces.
  • Taste such fine wines of local production, which are simply unrealistic to find outside the region.
  • Visit the prestigious wine auction “Hospice in Bonn”.
  • You will visit the production of sparkling wines and burgundy cheeses.
  • Learn more about the details of organic winemaking.
  • Tastefully spend time in the region where all wine fans dream to visit.

    Whatever they say, it's still a pleasure to return from a trip with a full suitcase of bright emotions, impressions, as well as a large number of beautiful photos!

    Author Nina Akimkina

    Paris is multifaceted and grandiose. The rich history of the city is captured in the facades of the Conciergerie and the commemorative bas-reliefs of the Arc de Triomphe. Gourmet French cuisine awaits gourmets in Michelin-starred restaurants. Parisian museums and galleries are real treasuries where priceless works of art are kept.

    1. See the great heritage of the Louvre

    The basis of the museum collection of the Louvre are private collections of kings Francis I and Louis XIV, which became available for public inspection during the Great French Revolution. Here are kept Egyptian antiquities, ancient sculptures, masterpieces of Renaissance painting, medieval paintings and much more. The museum itself is located in a magnificent palace complex, which served for many years as a royal residence.

    2. Take a stroll through Montmartre

    Montmartre is considered one of the most picturesque areas of the French capital. In the 19th century, the glory of a bohemian place was firmly established behind it, since it was here that art workers began to settle: Van Gogh, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Modigliani. The architectural dominant of Montmartre is the picturesque Sacré Coeur Basilica, and the Place de Tetre, located just west of the temple, is the lively heart of the district, where you can still feel the spirit of old Paris.

    3. Pretend to be a student in the Latin Quarter

    Sometime in the vicinity of the famous Sorbonne, the Lyceum of Louis the Great and the College de France, students really settled. Today, however, housing fees have increased so much that only a few of them can afford to live in the Latin Quarter. Over time, the area has become a real attraction. Narrow streets, cozy cafes and bookstores are visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year.

    5. Go to the show at the Moulin Rouge cabaret

    What is a classic Parisian cabaret? This is the center of the nightlife of the city, its true spirit, in which an incredible expression is hidden. Moulin Rouge has existed since 1889, and since then this show has not lost its popularity in the least. Tickets are bought up in advance, and on the eve of the holidays they are not available at all. In the colorful performances of the cabaret you can see the real Paris - sensual, artistic, free and even a little depraved.

    6. To visit the city observation platforms

    You can get a complete picture of the architectural appearance of Paris, as well as make the best shots and enjoy the scenic views of city blocks at the observation platforms of the Eiffel Tower, Lafayette Gallery, Montparnasse Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Despite the fact that you have to stand in line (especially long at the Eiffel Tower), an unforgettable sight stretching at the feet of Paris is worth this wait.

    7. Enjoy the beauty of French landscape design.

    Many parks and squares around the world are created in imitation of the famous French gardens, where a riot of colors of nature is adjacent to the aristocratic elegance of form. The Tuileries Garden of Paris is a benchmark of a classic European park with flat lawns, hedges and wide alleys. Here you can relax from the city rush, have a cup of coffee on the terrace or hide from the midday sun under the canopy of trees.

    8. Make a wish at Pere Lachaise Cemetery

    The Necropolis of Pere Lachaise is shrouded in mystical stories and legends. There will always be some eyewitness who saw people in black robes performing mysterious rites among the graves, or wandering along the avenues of the spirits. Crypts, tombstones and monuments of Pere Lachaise are natural works of art worthy of the best museums. It is believed that the ghosts of the cemetery are able to fulfill any desires.

    9. Walk up the grand staircase of the Opera Garnier.

    Paris Opera was founded by the "Sun King" Louis XIV. The modern building, admiring the luxurious architecture, was built in the XIX century. Today, the Grand Opera is one of the best musical theaters in the world, where eminent performers perform and famous performances are staged. Getting to the performance to the opera is like finding yourself among the highest Parisian society of the brilliant epoch of French kings.

    10. Feel like a kid at Disneyland Paris

    Located 32 km from the French capital, the amusement park has long caught up in popularity with its older American counterpart. Amusement rides, colorful decorations, themed zones, as well as fairytale heroes walking among visitors create an atmosphere of magical reality from which you don’t want to return to everyday life. Memories of visiting this amazing place will long be remembered.

    Escargot de Bourgogne

    Snails in Burgundy

    Winery snails in Burgundy are traditionally prepared with creamy butter, fleece and garlic. They are given, as it is right, in their collected garments. Interestingly, when making a snail, these snails are pulled out and prepared separately (during this time, the slides are also prepared by a designated culinary cooker wedge. Already, almost ready-made snails turn back into shelves, pompously smeared with oil, and bring to the end in the oven.

    A snail with some kind of strong specialty chemicals and odor doesn’t care, their meat is not good and it is almost as good as it is when it is processed.

    If the snails are given in patches, they are brought to them by special equipment (they are often called forks for snails, if they are not on the line, they are marked differently). It is impossible to use them and always always ask for help from an official.

    There is also a match for this dish, when the cochlea is given without a shell, as a rule, in a special form. In this case, the process of decontamination is simplified, but is deprived of some exo- ticism.

    Bœuf bourguignon

    Beef in Burgundy

    This new dish is made up of two products, which are the pride of the region: the guinea and red wine.
    In our pastry, the Olive Haudinas were prepared in Burgundy for a long time, and they are a traditional holiday dish in Burgundy, and each host has their own perks. In the text with various recipes that constitute this dish can be onions, salo, cartoons, martins, flour, and juice. Unspecified only meat and wine - two main ingredients.
    The meat for a long time, several hours, is extinguished in red wine, gaining softness, softness and unrepeatable aroma. EXCELLENT PRODUCT QUALITY DETERMINES the taste of the dish.

    Coq au vin

    Rooster in wine

    Rooster stewed in red wine, a dish popular in many regions of France. However, due to the excellent quality of local wine, in Burgundy, this dish is tastefully flavored. In addition to that, it is believed that Burgundy is the home of Coq au vin.
    Local cookery cook stewed meat in the wine Chambertin (Chambertin), which gives the dish with nothing more than comparable taste. Notwithstanding this statement, it is worth noting that in our time the use of this exquisite wine looks like a scoreboard, which is too much for its fault.


    This dish can be given as a "soup", "stew" or braised fish. The quality of liquids in different recipes is different, as well as in the delivery method. Consumer delinquencies are being prepared (traditionally used pike, perch, bite and tench, while many recipes make it possible to increase this reference number significantly). Pyba tushitcya c izpyadnym kolichectvom belogo vina (otlichitelnoy ocobennoctyu Burgundckoy kitchen yavlyaetcya icpolzovanie imenno belogo vina) lukom, checnokom and mnozhectvom d.pugoy ingpedientov. At the same time, the bushes of the rest are condemned: a part of the fish is drained and served like the second dish, and the fish that has remained with the “wine” broth is the first.

    Fondue bourguignonne

    Burgundy fondue or meat fondue

    This dish, obviously having the Swedish tradition, in Burgundy has been significantly changed in the region with local culinary traditions. A standard capacity with a constant displacement (as is the case, a gas stalk), which is on the top of a spherical speed, is installed. Every member of the church (the ordinary servants of the people) will receive a raw kingdom (of course, scarlet), pronounced by small pieces, little by little, scarlet), apprehended by small pieces, little by little, scarlet), apprehended by small pieces, little by little, for youth Each bag of tea extends a long plug and is prepared in a heated oil. At desire it is possible to adjust the prepared meat by one of the congresses.

    Anis de flavigny

    Anis from Flavigny

    A small white ice cream is one of the most popular crawlers in France. Ee, like many others in the Burgundian kitchen, made the monks out of Abbey of Flavinianear the town Family.

    TRADITIONALLY FOR THE PROPOSAL OF EACH SIZE, AN ANIMAL SOIL HAS BEEN DROUGHT INTO SIPROP, EXTRACTED, DRIED, AND HAPPENED TO THE UNIT. To receive the gear with the size of the wind, the requirements of 6 months are required! Therefore, these konfety were very friendly and served as a place for the king. Today, of course, technology has been upgraded. Instead of people of grain, machines are weighed in by the machine, they are harvested by centrifugals for drying, but all of them have a business card.

    Packing the keypad is too tangible to change. Already, a few decades old de Fluvini's victories will be sold in small metal boxes. Depending on the condition of the dispenser, different flavors (exactly 14 of them) are given to cakes: vanilla, mint, roza, coffee and even maline.

    Blackcurrant liqueur and Cyrus

    Black liqueur from liqueur (crème de cassis) appeared in Dijon in 1841. Two local tradesmen underwent this watering during their travels and decided to manufacture it at home. For the liqueur of the liqueur, the yagodas were soothed in the mouthwheel three times a month, then they put it under the peppermint, prepared it and the spirit.

    On the 19th and 20th centuries, the liqueur was very popular and was provided in many cups as the best alternative. However, the Second World War changed the French textbooks, which began to turn away from the attacks. Producers of liqueurs closes the product. It seems that the scoop of this watering will simply eliminate it.

    Mayor of Dijon on this time was Felikc Cyrus. His success by the liking of the liqueur and he decided to give each bottle of the liqueur and white wine to each city. In order not to drink clean liquor, the two contented feed drinks were mixed by the guests (which the mayor invited him to), in return, he received a nice coctail.

    Continued love for ferocious liquor turned back, but they drink it in Dijon, as a rule, with white wine. This Cocktail in Burgundy, and then and all over the world received the name of the incumbent mayor and is calledCyrus» (kir). With time, another manifestation of this Cocktail is revealed, when white wine is replaced champagne. This Cocktail was called the “royal kyr” or Kir royal. It is now possible to make a case of a little bit of coke with liquor from black smothers, most of which, in the same name, have the same key, I have to go to the same key, I will have to go to a word, I will have to go to a word, I will have to go to a word, I will have to go to a word, I will have to go to a word, I will have to go to a word, I will have to go to a word, I will have to go to a word, I will have to go to a word, I will have to go to a word, I will have a word, I will have a word, I will have a word, I will have a word, I,

    Eau de vie de marc de bourgogne

    Grape vodka

    When the winding of the grapes for the production of wine is pressed with the wine, the cake (mainly, the skin and the shafts) is used to produce the wine of the grapes, and it is used for the production of wine of the grapes. mapa (marc). The process of manufacturing a tradi- tional and nothing differs from the production of our product in our country. The taste of the winery is similar to that of the Italian group or the bulk of the chakra.

    Junior Suite Junior Suite

    Classique numbers

    Double bed (180cm x 200cm)
    Bath or shower with hydromassage

    Room in detail

    Ideal for business trips, the room has a double bed, a spacious work area, a flat-screen TV, on-demand movies, a tablet, free internet, a safe, adapters, and a baby cot on request. The room accommodates a maximum of 2 people.

    Supérieure rooms

    Double bed (180cm x 200cm)

    Room in detail

    Ideal for business trips, the room has a double bed, a spacious work area, a flat-screen TV, on-demand movies, a tablet, free internet, a safe, adapters, and a baby cot on request. The room accommodates a maximum of 2 people.

    Deluxe Room

    Double bed (200cm x 200cm), or 2 beds on request
    Bath and shower

    Room in detail

    Spacious and bright, the room overlooks the courtyard or the street. The room has a double bed, a spacious work area, a flat-screen TV, on-demand movies, a tablet, free internet, a safe, adapters, and a baby cot on request. The room accommodates a maximum of 2 people.

    The ability to combine a deluxe room with a standard room or a suite

    Junior Suite Junior Suite

    Double bed (200cm x 200cm), or 2 beds on request
    Separate living room and room
    Bath and shower

    Room in detail

    Spacious, with a sophisticated design, Junior Suite has a separate comfortable living room, a double bed, a spacious work area, a flat-screen TV, on-demand movies, a tablet, free internet, a safe, adapters, a nursery and an extra bed upon request. The room accommodates a maximum of 3 people.

    The ability to combine a Junior Suite with a two-story suite

    Valuable fabrics, rare colors and unique style

    The spacious rooms of Le Burgundy Paris, combining elegance and luxury, are presented in three versions - Classique (about 24m²), Supérieure (29m²) and Deluxe (31m²), to which is added a high-class junior suite (37m²).

    For the decoration of the rooms, thick carpets and silk fabrics created by the best craftsmen, custom-made furniture and glass, and designer lamps are used. Every decorative detail is a great lesson in style ...


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