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What you need to do before going to the gynecologist?


To be honest, we don’t even always understand what is actually happening in the doctor’s office and why it is all necessary. That is why Cosmo decided to attract doctors to the ranks of its authors.


What to complain about if you are 100% sure in your only partner, are you using a condom, are you feeling well, or are you a virgin? And it is not necessary to complain, you, most importantly, come. And the doctor himself knows what to look for. Erosion of the cervix, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and many genital infections begin asymptomatically. Regular examination of the gynecologist allows them to be detected in time, and therefore, to avoid surgery or more serious consequences. The first visit is usually timed to the 15th anniversary or the beginning of sexual activity.


It only at first glance seems: take a shower, put on clean panties - and go. In fact, a lot of nuances. As practice shows, most often girls are worried about this.

Do I need to shave hair in the intimate area?
Intimate hairstyle model does not affect the quality of diagnosis. But short hair (or even smooth skin) longer remain fresh during the day.

Do I have to douche before a visit to the gynecologist?
Not! It is enough to take a shower. Too thorough hygienic procedures will not allow the doctor to get a true understanding of the state of your microflora. Creams and gels for intimate hygiene are best not to use: dyes and fragrances can affect the quality of analysis.

What if I go to the doctor in the evening after work?
Use wet wipes. Better for children: in special wipes for intimate hygiene may contain antiseptics that affect the vaginal flora and, consequently, the quality of laboratory tests.

Can I have sex on the eve of the visit?
It is impossible. It is advisable to abstain for 2−3 days. Not only seminal fluid that has entered the vagina, but even spermicides or lubricant from a condom can affect test results.

Do you need to enter the office with a full bladder or with an empty one?
The bladder is located in front of the uterus and in the filled state will interfere with palpation, so it is better to empty it. But for some tests it is recommended not to urinate for 2−3 hours - wash off the bacteria. This issue can be discussed already at the reception of a gynecologist.

About this most girls do not even know.
For a routine examination by a gynecologist, it is better to choose the first days after menstruation. At this time, the immunity is slightly reduced, and even latent chronic infections can be detected. In addition, the main studies of the cervix are the most reliable in the first phase of the cycle.

2-3 weeks before the visit to the doctor is better not to take medicine.
Even if you are sure that the cause of your worries is just a thrush, you should not immediately run to the pharmacy for the miraculous capsule. You can be mistaken, and antifungals, like antibiotics, change the vaginal microflora, and tests can give a false result. Acceptance of immunomodulators and hormones can also lead to a distortion of the picture - they should not be drunk for 2–3 weeks before the visit. But if you have chronic diseases and you take pills all the time, then, of course, you should not take a break.

Before visiting the gynecologist, it is advisable to do an enema.
Clogged intestines greatly complicates the examination of the uterus and appendages. This is especially important for virgins (they are examined through the rectum).

If you suspect a sexual infection, arrange food provocation.
A dinner with a light alcohol, salted and smoked products will help hidden infection swim out.

Take socks and a diaper with you.
Diaper bed on the chair. Socks should be put on, no matter how luxurious your pedicure is: these are the rules of etiquette that were established in the Soviet era. True, now many commercial clinics give out disposable shoe covers and diapers.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website b17.ru

- 2 June 2008, 14:33

Come in, say hello, give me a card. And there the doctor herself will say what to do. Take clean socks and a towel.

- June 2, 2008, 14:48

How many was not at the gynecologist, constantly afraid and shy. I try to overcome this every time, but it doesn’t work out very well. When you come in, you sit on the chair near the table where the doctor is sitting. And she asks you a question - what bothers you ... You start to tell. Be sure to take a calendar of critical days with you, the doctor will ask you about sex life, whether there have been pregnancies, abortions, etc. You usually undress near the chair, you stretch your towel, but I don’t think how to handle this “miracle” narrate. Good luck to you.

- June 2, 2008, 15:01

finger in tebezasunut ass if she lived without sekas

- June 2, 2008, 15:21

do not be afraid . all go through it! Just do not think about what you are ashamed and uncomfortable. Try to just say sei: you have to go through this procedure and that's it. There is such a practitioner doctor. a visit to him is really unpleasant, but if necessary, then it is necessary!

- June 2, 2008, 15:36

And how old are you the author?

- 2 June 2008, 16:21

in general, in normal clinics, no socks and migrants are needed. All this is at the doctor (disposable). No one has ever asked me personally about abortions either, it was generally a bad medical tone, as in Soviet times, when abortions were almost done and it was considered the norm, they were asked if they were pregnant, if the answer is yes, how they ended. And then a damn girl like this comes the first time, and her immediately about abortions.

- June 2, 2008 at 6:32 pm

And I am 20 years old and I have never been to a gynecologist, it just was no need. And now, in principle, too .. With a young man we are protected by condoms, everyone is satisfied) There are no problems in the female part, thank God, no. Do you think it is worth going to the doctor, just to check? Or will it be superfluous?

- June 2, 2008, 19:29

nasty awful. so it's nothing if you get to a woman. But if the doctor is a man, then a kapets. One of my girlfriend red with shame flew out of the office. All in tears I then bellowed in the kitchen. The doctor called two colleagues (men) for a consultation. And here is an oil painting - a girlfriend on a chair in a crucified form, three people are standing, they are staring with a clever look and they are looking at something there with interest. madhouse. the girl was glass from the chair and she didn’t remember well what and how the doctor explained to her :-))

- June 2, 2008, 19:32

It was the case, I was worse. I was in this form lying in a gynecological chair in a swoon. and there were about five people standing around me. I came to myself for a long time. then she drank tea. then I realized that I was still in the chair. I finished my tea already on the couch.

- June 2, 2008, 19:33

Natalie, will not be superfluous. Profosmotry for this purpose also exist to make sure that everything is normal. There is nothing wrong with them.

- June 2, 2008, 19:45

I, too, was the first to be shy, I visited the gynecologist once in 5 years. Last year, she did 2 surgeries to remove fibroids, which she grew to herself - she was not sick, she grew up slowly. And before that she gave a bunch of not always pleasant gynecological tests. So now I'm not ashamed of anything, I go often, I'm afraid of surgery again. I don’t like these visits myself - but mainly because of the inspection by the mirror, I pinch and it hurts. The main thing - do not get sick!

- June 2, 2008, 21:29

Do not know what to be ashamed of? The doctor is a doctor! Thousands of patients pass in front of her! Although I myself would feel embarrassed with a male gynecologist, but they are rarely found, and by the way, male doctors are considered better than female doctors.
You just have to tell yourself that the inspection is needed for your own good! And on the armchair, on the contrary, try to relax - so there will be less discomfort. Good luck! ))

- June 2, 2008, 22:52

Yes, I also heard that male anesthetics are more anxious, perhaps, refer to patients. Well, it's probably because they pay less attention to them.

- June 2, 2008, 23:22

I had a male gynecologist. I did not feel the difference. however, he was only one, and a lot of aunts.

- June 3, 2008, 00:26

6, they actually ask about abortions, because they have a very negative impact on the female body. This is called "collecting history." Your moral character does not care.

- June 3, 2008, 00:45

Eh, the author, here I am 37, two children, a lot of visits and treatments behind my back, the gynecologist is a damn-dame is already 7 years old, and I am also nervous and shy every time. Though I scold myself for it, and I understand that this is “the same doctor”, etc. From tips: be sure to find "your" gynecologist - i.e. one with whom you are not ashamed to discuss your problems, and so that the specialist was good. These are not necessarily paid centers. I went to paid and free, in the end I opted for a doctor who works in a regular district clinic — a friend advised her to me, I came once, and so I still go to her. Just know - ridiculously. In this clinic, you can make an appointment with any doctor who accepts at the moment. Usually take 3-4 people at a time. At the same time, one - not a person at all, the second - 5 people, the third - men - an excellent specialist (he was leading my pregnancy), but men, which is embarrassing, so again - 5 people. And at the same time, “mine” it's time to sit over 20 people. And waiting to get to her. And at the reception (from my personal "shy" experience) it is better to walk in a long sweater, trousers and socks))) I quickly threw off my pants and didn’t shine your booty again))) And I don’t even know the socks))) ))) And yet: you will be given all sorts of advice-recommendations, do not leave anything without an entry - i.e. either write it down yourself, or make sure you write m / s, otherwise you will forget everything from excitement, and as a result - why go? And be sure to check it - you never know what.

- June 3, 2008, 01:02

To me, male gynecologists seem more humane. they try not to bring discomfort during the inspection. but women-gynecological under 50 - it's just some kind of monsters, flayers (we could come across such). in general, there is no need for complexes - a man or a woman, one doctor or several - it does not matter. for them you are one of hundreds of patients, all of that. You don’t need to bring anything with you to a normal clinic - bed sheets, shoe covers, mirrors, etc. are disposable. I did not go to the Soviet health center at the place of residence for a long time; I don’t know what to carry there. By the way, if the doctor's manipulations give you discomfort - feel free to say so. clearly and distinctly. in the end you came to the doctor, and not to the torture chamber

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- June 3, 2008, 01:02

It's funny how, after pregnancy and childbirth, after all the tests, you begin to communicate with the telegraph style with a gynecologist in order to get more information from the doctor and not to delay all. “There were no miscarriages, abortions”, “cryodestruction was done in 2000”, etc.

- June 3, 2008, 02:26

I'm too shy for me to go to the gynecologist torment. and I need to walk often, there are problems with gynecol. each time sent for ultrasound. I am very sensitive to any contact, well, I can not stand when they touch me. but the doctors need to examine it, when I know that there will be an inspection (at any doctor) already in advance is very tense, chills, the nerves are at the limit, the doctor begins to examine and my spasms go, they begin to say, relax, you don’t give to feel what you need. but I can not relax, it is beyond my strength, the voltage is uncontrollable. the first time when the assistant came to the gynecologist, I was summoned, led into the office, measured the pressure, weighed, asked when was the last menstruation, whether there were abortions and whether there are children. noted in the card, and led to another office, there threw a dressing gown, said to change clothes, the doctor will soon call you. changed her clothes and waited for the doctor for 40 minutes. was already so frozen there. then the doctor came in, asked for what reason I came. I wrote it down, said lie down, examined it, took a smear, sent it to an ultrasound, and said go to the next room to get a blood test. results will be in 2 weeks, call to find out if the results will be recorded at the reception. I did it when 2 times came, only pressure was measured, no more questions were asked, they were brought into the office, the doctor said they would go in and talk. how much I always go, no one asks any questions about my personal life, or any other questions. the doctor asks the reason for the visit, examines everything as usual.

- June 3, 2008, 02:40

Yes, here they write that women ginekol. worse than men. in general, I am abroad, I go to Russian-speaking gynecologists, but these doctors abroad have grown here, of course they studied here. A good doctor went to a man, but it was more convenient for me to have a doctor, a woman began to go to a woman, a young, very pleasant doctor. sociable, I saw her with many patients was friendly. In general, it turned out that she moved to another city, and another woman doctor took her place. it was a horror. An aunt over 50 years old, as angry as a beast, looks at everyone with hatred, I have never been to a ginekol in Russia, and here I am faced with all the “charms”. she was wearing a bathrobe, a dress and stockings of the Soviet times were sticking out under the bathrobe. Sneakers on the feet. I have never seen doctors in such clothes here. I looked around rudely and not as it is here, when I said that they don’t do it here she answered her old method. then, with her evil appearance, she showed me to leave the office, did not even let me ask for something. those doctors that were before it were examined carefully, they saw that it was unpleasant for me, they said they had to bear it for a couple of minutes, I’ll say that I’ll try to do it more than once. If it hurts, say it. and this one is like a beast. Are these evil aunts and taking with you?

- June 3, 2008 09:32

And I was pinned by one of the doctors of the Mouikov, during a checkup, he started to smile like that and it’s obvious that he is trying to control himself, that he is a fool or something? Or remembered a joke? Or maybe I have there oranges with bananas grow? I myself lie, and also laugh, that it was not clear ..

- June 3, 2008 10:05

15, I say - shovel approach and inattention to the patient

- June 3, 2008 10:17

Desert hedgehog, I actually know about the harm of abortion, I myself have never done. And it's not a moral aspect, but the tact of a doctor. Is it a pleasure if the doctor states on the threshold: "Scalol abortions?" It is much more tactful to ask about pregnancy, if the answer is yes, how they ended. If you only came across doctors, you are genuinely sorry.

- 3 June 2008, 10:22

7, yes darkness. Are you from the village or what? even virgins go for a visit. This makes no sense. Then there will be a mob on doctors, she is shy, you see.

- June 3, 2008 10:40

I'm terribly shy too. I still can not overcome myself and go. Never been. Already worried about this. It is necessary, it is necessary to go. Uff.

- June 3, 2008 10:42

25, I beg you! If nothing disturbs her, there to do nefig! By the way, gynecologists are killing me, I was - the doctor put her finger in the vagina, then with all the dope on her stomach, she pressed so that the spine could be pierced and asked the original question - "So painful?". Not damn, caught an orgasm. By the way, before that there were no problems like a woman, but after a trip to the doctor they appeared. I had to go back to it, but now I wandered into paid. There is another thing. And then I learned that I was not the first to whom *** brought the infection!

- June 3, 2008 10:44

Girls, go to the toll!

- 3 June 2008, 10:51

Similarly, the village. I never was in free, only in paid. You do not know, shy Mademoiselle, that every woman should pass a smear, cytology and colposcopy once a year, as well as STD screening, if smear is bad. if all tests are good, then nothing really bothers you. And this is not a medical layout. Then just do not cry, as pripret, you will be ready for anything.

- June 3, 2008, 14:30

Well, not all women gynecologists for 50 are so bad. I have - lovely. She is local, American. But the best and can not be desired. Golden hands, never hurt, very attentive and the expert is just a higher category. But my mother and the employee got to the male doctors, so they were not so careful, to say the least. Mom said that the gynecologist examined roughly and hurt her, already taking out the instrument. So that she screamed, and he grinned. Hate, honestly. Yes, and in my hospital in Moscow with from male gynecologists were not the most favorable impressions. I will never agree to go to a male gynecologist, and unfortunately there are a majority of them here (in the States).

- June 3, 2008 16:46

I'm in shock! What kind of people do we have for spitting on our health? Women must go to the gynecologist! And there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. For her, your organs are like teeth for a dentist or is there a throat for lora. Then, from where are you sure that there are no problems for the female part? If nothing hurts. This does not mean that they do not exist. By the way, thrush, for example. or there papillomavirus can be when using condoms. By the way, this virus can only be detected at early stages through analysis and inspection. And if you do not live sexually, it would still be nice to be checked, at the same time show your chest.

- June 4, 2008, 15:34

24, *** the habit of drawing conclusions about others, relying solely on their own stupidity.
27, my friend - a 15-year-old virgin - urgently removed an ovary, or a cyst was there, or something else. Until the very last day, nothing bothered me; I did not go to the inspections either.

- June 4, 2008, 17:04

32, *** the habit of being rude with or without reason.

- June 4, 2008, 17:25

Пустынный еж, если вы сделили кучу абортов и радостно сообщаете всем вокруг, то этов ваше право.

– 15 июня 2008 г., 01:09

Непонятно и возмутительно, что женщины терпят и соглашаются на такое скотское обращение с ними. If everyone abandoned these abominable manual-bimanual-trimanual, etc. examinations, these idiots - the doctors would invent other methods, not so bestial and abusive.
I believe that men-ginel-gi generally desecrate women. I would leave my wife, who wanders over the peasants and gives them in the most shameless positions, ostensibly caring about their health.
Do not be fools! Male gynecologists go to this profession to quench their unbridled lust. It’s good if they can hide it.
In some countries it is forbidden - and rightly so! and in Iraq these *** are simply being killed, and also correct.
If women were not such fools and had more shame, this would be over long ago. We must defend their honor and dignity.

- 23 June 2008, 19:14

And one mummy gynecologist once said to my mother - “you can forget about the children”. And here we are three turned out.
I see people often trust doctors (he also studied, so to speak), trust their health, life and the mental state of "someone" in a white robe. And he doesn't care about you, that's why he says what he wants, and he treats like a thing. So if you really need to go to the doctor, you definitely need to know more about who you are going to.

- June 24, 2008, 13:55

35, you say such nonsense, in my opinion !!

- July 24, 2008, 10:11

And it hurts me all the time on osmotre, and precisely when the mirror is opened. And it hurts not so little, but really. I had the same doctor 2 times in a paid clinic. She appointed me to the colposco, but I think that maybe it’s worth going to another doctor. After all, colposcopy is longer than the usual inspection, which means that it will hurt me longer. Advise something. And if someone did, tell me if it is unpleasant when they pour liquid into you. and how does this even go through, can you tell me in detail? Thank you very much!

- January 1, 2009, 15:21

What is happening in gin. cabinets - one of the most disgusting
and the shameful phenomena of modern barbarism (does not turn
language say modern civilization).
Look at the carnivorous and lustful faces of these p-decialists,
starting with the main thing.
Think about where they come from.
Any pimply youngster, in rare breaks between
practicing masturbation, thinks: and not if I go to
gynecologists to delve into the thickets with gusto
strawberries, and even get money for it.
And how many lesbians among women-nasilits-gynecologin,
who ever thought ?? Everything is simple and unambiguous. Who steals is a thief
who kills is the killer, and who rapes, even manually,
that rapist, even if he is wearing a white coat. Otherwise he will not
to do this.
On all of their sites paid institutions are calling more often.
go to their clinics. Pediatric urologists invite us, men,
become cancer almost every 3 months - for probing
prostate through, sorry, anus. What, they care
about our health? Do not be naive idiots - we are for them
only a flock of sheep, which can be cut. Money money and
once again MONEY, that's what they need from us, and on the moral -
ethical standards they do not care. Unfortunately, many thick-skinned
fools don't understand that.
After all, for the prevention of, say, a headache, nobody puts
fingers in nose or ears. Why is this accepted in the case of the female
or male health ??
Yes, just because it is physically possible and very CHEAP
for the "doctor's".
We all have to put in place arrogant geeks and perverts,
abandoning such "methods". And they should be judged by the appropriate
Articles of the Criminal Code, from the section "Crimes against the person", in particular,
crimes against the "sexual integrity" of citizens.

The first trip to the gynecologist

A visit to a gynecologist is a difficult task for some, but you need to cope with it, because sooner or later you will have to make this important visit to a specialist.

Today, together with the magazine colady.ru, we will try to understand the intricacies of this process.

The content of the article:

When is it necessary to plan the first visit to the gynecologist?

Adolescent girls and young women are most afraid of the first examinations of a gynecologist, considering this procedure quite intimate, experiencing shame and fear. But believe me, you should not be afraid of these techniques - it’s better to check everything in time todon't miss a moment to treatif necessary.

The fear of a visit to a gynecologist is often associated with the incompetence of many specialists, with a careless attitude towards the patient, and with a lack of interpretation of medical terms. All this may frighten patients, who next time will try to delay the moment of visiting a gynecologist.

The problem of shame and fear can be solved by passing the first survey. in a specialized medical centerwhere the percentage of qualifications of specialists and the care of the staff is still higher than in conventional medical clinics.

When it is necessary to go to the gynecologist for the first time?

The first visit to the gynecologist should be done after the onset of the first menstruation - at about 15-17 years old, or after the onset of sexual activity. Doctors recommend screening. twice a year, regularly passing tests to prevent the development of various diseases. A health check is also considered mandatory. when changing your sexual partner.

Often doctors may look or speak judgmentally. But always remember that You should not make excuses for those or other actions in front of a doctor - this is your life. Doctors are only required to warn you or give a recommendation. Therefore, at the doctor's office always tell the truth, keep confident when communicating.

How to prepare for the first reception at the gynecologist - important rules

  • For a more neat appearance you can shave off hairs in the genital area - but, again, it remains at your discretion. It is better to shave in advance - 1-2 days before admission, so that irritation does not appear if this procedure is irregular for you.
  • Reception in the morning, of course, suggests that in the morning you go to the shower, and you will look decent. With the reception in the evening, of course, more difficult, but still find an opportunity to wash under the warm clean water without any means.
  • Strongly do not douche or wipe with napkins for intimate hygiene, as it may show a false picture during the examination, and the doctor will not notice the real problem in your health, if it exists.
  • If you have recently been treated with antibiotics - postpone a visit to the gynecologist for 1-1.5 weeks. Such drugs affect the vaginal microflora, and when taken, they will show a false picture of health.
  • Infections should be tested before or immediately after menstruation., doctor visits are best done 5-6 day cycle. During menstruation, visits to the doctor without the necessary reasons are not recommended.
  • Take a diaper with you to lay on the gynecological chair and socksto dress them during reception. In paid medical centers, this is usually not required, as disposable diapers and shoe covers are used.
  • Also prepare list of questions to the doctorif you have them.

The first examination of the gynecologist - how is the examination of the gynecologist for the first time?

The first examination by a gynecologist consists of several steps:

  • Interview
    A conversation with a doctor begins with filling in your personalized medical record - in the gynecologist's office, this is always a separate medical record. The doctor will ask you standard questions regarding the onset of menstruation, the onset of sexual activity and methods of protection, clarify the regularity of the monthly and ask questions regarding your complaints.
  • External examination of the genitals
    This examination is carried out on a special gynecological chair in which you need to sit reclining, with your legs thrown back on special supports. Having taken the desired position, try to relax, so as not to cause additional discomfort. The doctor will examine the outer labia for pathologies.
  • Intravaginal examination
    The walls of the vagina and the cervix provide an opportunity to consider special gynecological devices - mirrors. The specialist inserts a sterile mirror into the vagina. In virgins, this procedure is not carried out. During this study, tests are also performed; the doctor uses special tools to take smears. Test results usually become known after 5-7 days.
  • Vaginal examination
    This is a two-handed examination of the vagina. The doctor uses a finger probe to determine the condition of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Feeling done in special latex gloves.
  • Rectal examination
    This research is carried out to virgins, while probing with fingers is not done in the vagina, but in the anus.
  • Ultrasound
    Additionally, for a more detailed examination, a specialist may appoint an ultrasound scan.

The entire reception of a gynecologist takes approximately 10-15 minutes, during this time you will have time to "talk", to be examined on the chair, to undress and get dressed.

We hope our story will help you no longer be afraid of going to this specialist and your very first visit to the gynecologist will take placewithout fear and doubt.

What is needed for gynecological examination

Many women are interested in how often you need to go to the gynecologist. Today it is believed that a woman should visit a gynecologist. every six months with a preventive purpose, as well as in the event of complaints. Before visiting a specialist, remember what you need to do before going to the gynecologist:

  1. It is believed that the period when it is better to go to the gynecologist is the first days after the cessation of menstruation. But if something is bothering you, you can do the inspection at any time,
  2. Take care of the availability of everything you need to go to the gynecologist. It is best to have a disposable gynecological examination kit and a disposable diaper or towel. Also remember the exact date and features of the last menstruation,
  3. Women often wonder if they should shave before going to the gynecologist. There is no strict requirement for girls and women about this. Shaving hair in the groin is mandatory only in cases of certain operations, after which they will stitch. Shaving or not shaving the intimate zone before the visit to the specialist is a personal choice of each. But many women feel more confident with a smooth, well-groomed pubic hair,
  4. Before visiting a gynecologist, take care of personal hygiene. No need to use special antiseptic agents and do douching. It will be enough if you take a shower in the morning before going to the hospital

By the way, we wrote a detailed material on the rules of intimate hygiene, be sure to take a look!

  • If a woman is afraid to go to the gynecologist, then she must find a way to cope with their experiences. Consider going to the doctor as a manifestation of concern for your female health and beauty, think about how much trouble can be missed due to your cowardice illness,
  • First visit to the gynecologist during pregnancy

    A special place in the life of a girl takes the first visit to the gynecologist during pregnancy. This event is often associated with many experiences and causes the future mother a large number of questions. Now a woman worries not only about her state of health, but also about the proper development and health of her baby. So, what you need to know and when to go to the gynecologist, if the test is positive:

    • If you are interested in what day of the delay you need to go to the gynecologist, then experts advise not to postpone this event for more than 6 weeks since the last menstruation. This is explained by the fact that the period between 6 and 12 weeks It is very important for fetal development and is also associated with an increased risk of miscarriage. So up to this point you need to register with the antenatal clinic and be examined,
    • On the first visit of the gynecologist during pregnancy, take the data and the results of previous examinations, discharge from hospitals. You can get this information at the reception desk, you will need it to issue an exchange card,
    • Examination of the internal and external genital organs will not differ from those that you had before. Having examined with gynecological mirrors and two-handed vaginal examination, the doctor will refer you to an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy,
    • Also at the first examination by a gynecologist during pregnancy, you will be measured in the pelvis and waist with a special device, the tazomer,
    • The doctor will carefully ask you about your previous and chronic diseases, surgeries, injuries, allergies to medications or products, and bad habits. Try to answer the questions in great detail, because we are talking about the successful course of pregnancy and childbirth,
    • After the survey, the doctor will write you directions for testing and additional research. A urinalysis, a blood test from a vein per group and Rh factor, a blood test for hemoglobin and TORCH infections are mandatory,

    You will also need to be examined by a therapist, a neurologist, an ophthalmologist, and Laura. They should not be perceived as a simple formality; at the reception of these specialists it is possible to detect concomitant diseases that must be treated.

    Why is this so important?

    A gynecologist is an ordinary doctor who is responsible for the health of one of the parts of your body; therefore, they are afraid and cannot be refused.

    When your tooth aches, you will run to the dentist, but, unfortunately, most of the "female" diseases go without any symptoms, you can even not notice them, and when everything is found out, it may be very late, it will be difficult to treat or even is impossible.

    And, by the way, it doesn’t matter at all if the doctor is a man or a woman, you need to overcome fear and shame, because you are an ordinary patient for him. And, by the way, it is believed that men are more gentle and attentive in this matter, therefore, consider yourself lucky.

    In general, the comfort of going to the gynecologist, in many respects, depends on the doctor himself, if the specialist suits you, then most likely you will soon forget about your fears. However, there is no “recipe” for choosing a qualified specialist, only by searching you will find “your” doctor.

    You can consult with your mother, friend or sister on this subject, for sure, they have already had to deal with this more than once, so they can recommend a good doctor.

    It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question, each girl has an individual organism, the processes proceed in their own way. Most often, for the first time, girls go to a gynecologist for an examination at a school, usually in 14-16 years.

    It is believed that this is the age when it is necessary to first visit the gynecologist. It is worth noting that the gynecologist should be visited in the event that you plan to begin sex life, but if this did not happen - not scary, just visit immediately after the start.

    Do not delay with the first visit, because of your own fears and complexes, many girls constantly endure this event, which, in the end, can lead to neglected forms of many female diseases.

    In general, if you are already having a sex life, then the examination at the gynecologist should be carried out regularly:

    • Once a year, if there are no complaints and with a regular sexual partner,
    • with each change of sexual partner,
    • if complaints began to appear, for example, if there is a burning sensation during urination, a lack of stable menstruation, with very painful menstruation or, if the menstruation lasts more than 10 days, then you should immediately contact a specialist.

    The examination itself includes not only checking for infections, the gynecologist must evaluate the process of puberty in order to prevent the development of any abnormalities.

    By the way, if the girl is still a virgin, then you don’t have to worry, the doctor will not insert special tools into the vagina, in this case, the gynecologist takes a smear, and the examination of the pelvic organs is done with an ultrasound.

    How is the procedure for admission?

    For some reason, many girls are afraid of this terrible chair, which is located in the middle of the doctor's office. Do not be afraid, it is necessary to ensure that the examination was thorough and comfortable for the doctor. You should have a sheet and a towel with you, which you put on the gynecological chair.

    At the reception can not be shy, just tell the doctor that you are here for the first time, and the doctor himself will figure out how to behave. If there are any complaints, they need to be described in detail.

    For those who do not know how to properly sit on the gynecological chair, the following lines may be helpful. It is necessary to sit on it the same way as on a usual chair, legs are divorced to the side, placed on special supports on the sides. Knee bend should be exactly on the supports, after which you need to sit back and relax.

    With excessive tension, the inspection can bring painful sensations, which is why it is so important not to strain.

    What questions can a gynecologist ask?

    It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that in addition to the main examination, the doctor will ask a few questions that need to be given clear answers. Before the campaign, try to remember when your first periods began, as well as their average duration.

    In addition, the doctor may ask about the general state of health, about the presence of a sexual partner, as well as about past diseases. Будет очень хорошо, если ты сможешь предоставить врачу менструальный календарик.

    Кстати, очень важно знать и такие мелочи:

    • Нельзя планировать поход к врачу, который выпадает на время менструаций, выделения помешают нормальному осмотру, а также могут повлиять на результаты анализов.
    • Do not forget that before visiting a doctor it is necessary to carry out a full range of hygienic procedures, put on clean underwear. If this is not possible, then you can use sanitary napkins.
    • It is not recommended to visit the gynecologist the next day after intercourse, you should refrain for 2-3 days before receiving a doctor.

    How to behave correctly?

    The most important and basic rule is that you need to stop worrying and worrying, you should not be shy, and you should not be embarrassed by any questions from the doctor, he asks them not for curiosity, but for purely professional purposes.

    During the examination itself, it is necessary to obey the doctor, if you are having sex, then it will be carried out through the introduction of a gynecological mirror.

    It is not painful, but it is important to know that the mirrors also have different sizes, the doctor must choose the right one for you. Usually after this, the gynecologist takes a smear with a special stick.

    How to stop worrying?

    Everyone advises - relax, do not be nervous, but how to do it, if scary? Fears appear from the unknown, but now you know all the details of the reception, it is grounded in all questions.

    And the main thing to know, everything will pass quickly and painlessly only if you can relax, it really should encourage complacency.

    In the first and subsequent receptions there is nothing terrible, as you see. Modern clinics are equipped with everything necessary to ensure that the reception is high quality and comfortable.