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What is useful jade mat?


Many people with the onset of the autumn period begin to worsen diseases of the musculoskeletal and muscular system. The aching pains and discomfort, stress and tension haunt people, and they immediately turn to drugs, ignoring other methods of treatment.

But one of the most effective methods for restoring the work of the musculoskeletal system and muscular system has long been recognized by specialists as a tourmaline mat. Let's take a closer look at the directions in which this method of treatment operates. We will understand the contraindications. See the reviews of doctors.

Magnetic tourmaline

Tourmaline is a mineral that is used in microelectronics and many medical devices. He has a whole range of healing properties. It is proved that the tourmaline rug can affect not only the state of human health, but also his mood. According to doctors, this method of treatment often caused an increase in vitality, an improvement in mood and an increase in creative potential in patients.


Of course, most often tourmaline rug with magnetic inserts is used to combat pain. It can be used perfectly for any injuries. This factor essentially distinguishes the magnetic method of treatment from drugs, which have a number of contraindications and do not always relieve pain.

Reviews of doctors confirm that with the help of such a rug you can achieve good results in the treatment of many diseases. Not only the pain goes away, but also the sleep improves, the general immunity improves, even the normal condition of the damaged skin is restored. And to relieve tension in the muscles after work, such a thing is simply an indispensable tool.

What is the mat

The tourmaline magnetic rug is a piece of dense fabric on which the inserts of tourmaline are located. The fabric is soft and pleasant to the body. It has a high elasticity, so it is very easy to choose the size of a rug or a tourmaline belt. Inside the inserts are magnets. They create the correct therapeutic magnetic field, which has a very positive effect on the state of the body.

Operating principle

When a person lies on a tourmaline mat, the heat that the body emits leads to the formation of a constant magnetic field. The work includes infrared radiation (longwave) and negatively charged ions. It is this "friendly company", penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin that affects harmful substances and active radicals, destroying them.

As a result, muscles relax, blood vessels dilate, oxygen content in cells and tissues increases, general blood circulation improves, cell energy normalizes, and the body’s immune system increases.

Reliable and long-term effect of such treatment is due to the fact that several active components are involved in the work at once.

Application procedure

Before using the tourmaline mat it is recommended to moisten slightly with a soft cloth. This is necessary to create a fast thermal effect and enhance the operation of the magnetic field and infrared radiation. Then the mat is fixed to the place requiring treatment.

After five to seven minutes, a slight burning sensation should appear. It does not harm the skin. After burning, a pleasant, relaxing warmth comes. The duration of the procedures may be different. Experts recommend starting the course with ten minutes of use. Then you can extend the time to fifteen or twenty minutes a day.

After the rug is removed from the diseased area, a feeling of pleasant warmth will accompany the person for another three to four hours. Course duration can be up to three months. Then, as a rule, a monthly break is made, and the use of the tourmaline rug continues again.


Like many drugs, has a tourmaline mat contraindications, but their list is much smaller. First, do not use the product if you have a fever. Secondly, it is not recommended to apply it to the place where there is an open skin lesion. If after a stretching or injury, not a day has passed, then it is better to refrain from use.

Hemorrhagic strokes, hypertrophy of the thyroid gland, pregnancy and lactation, the presence of a pacemaker or acute allergic conditions - all this is also a contraindication to the use.

Before buying any product that has a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to consult with experts. No exception and tourmaline mat. Reviews of doctors about the product help to make a general picture and to decide whether it can be used for treatment or if you have contraindications that prohibit it. The first thing that a doctor always advises before buying is consultation. This moment should not be neglected.

Three hours of recharging - ten days of work

The tourmaline mat is a product that can work without any additional power sources. It will be enough for him to recharge for three hours from sunlight or any other source of heat. After that, the product will work properly for the benefit of human health for eight to ten days.

How to care for the product

Rugs with tourmaline differ in small compact size, which allows them to take with you to work or to travel. They are easy to store and do not take up much space.

Washing is allowed only by hand. No pre-soaking, use of washing machines and push-ups. It is forbidden to use during washing water whose temperature exceeds forty degrees Celsius. The use of bleach, powders, soap and other blowing agents is also not recommended.

So, you decided to buy a tourmaline rug. Product reviews are diverse, but most of them are positive. Negative reviews, as a rule, for those people who are simply lazy and have not received the prescribed course of treatment.

Many say that to get rid of problems with back pain rug helped in five applications. Some took a little more time, but the effect still did not take long to wait.

A lot of positive feedback from young mothers who have successfully cured children such insidious diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia. After using the tourmaline rug, the general immunity increases, the symptoms of a cold go away quickly, the annoying cough and runny nose disappear.

Many say that the use of a rug with tourmaline inserts allowed them to avoid winter and autumn epidemics. The body coped with a cold faster than after using syrups, tablets and potions.

Healing properties of jade and contraindications

  1. Heated to a temperature of 55-65 degrees Celsius, a jade stone or plate (heat carrier) is applied to dry and cleansed skin. Water on stone or skin is not allowed, as this may cause a burn.
  2. The subsequent warming of the superimposed heat carrier and the presence of a person in warm rooms for the next 2-6 hours after the procedure are mandatory.
  3. The duration of skin contact with the heat source should be 15-20 minutes. If the procedure needs to be extended, take a break for 10-15 minutes. Before reapplying the heated jade stone, pay attention to your skin: its surface should not be bright red. Criteria for proper manipulation - slight redness on the skin.
  4. Repeat after 24-48 hours. Course duration 10-20 procedures.

It is important to note that the skin-vascular reaction (vasodilation and reddening of the skin) is observed not only at the procedure site, but also in remote areas of the body. The vascular reaction of the skin is projected on the mucous membranes of the underlying organs and is accompanied by redistribution of blood in the body, resulting in the following effects:

  • relaxing effect on skeletal muscles,
  • antispastic effect on the digestive tract,
  • positive effect on the activity of the urinary system by improving renal hemodynamics,
  • the excitability of the nerve, and with prolonged use of heat - reducing it,
  • enhancing the secretory activity of the stomach, pancreas and increasing bile secretion,
  • improvement of blood circulation in the renal arteries and increased urine excretion.

Indications for the use of heat treatment and the use of jade as a coolant:

Main healing effects Thermal therapy is considered to be: anti-inflammatory, trophic-regenerative, antispastic, vasodilator and metabolic. They determine the use of heat treatment in medical practice:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system in the stage of resorption (bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, dry pleurisy, adhesions)
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, myositis
  • Adhesions of the abdominal cavity
  • Enterralgia and spastic states of the abdominal organs
  • Peripheral nerve diseases (neuritis, neuralgia)
  • Chronic gynecological diseases
  • Dry eczema
  • Diseases of the liver of the gallbladder, diseases of the stomach and intestines

What is a jade mat, how can it be?

A jade mat is a device that is used to promote the health, treatment and prevention of various diseases. The principle of its operation is based on the unique properties of jade stone, which have been widely used since ancient times in Eastern alternative medicine. Today, its benefits are known not only to healers using ancient practices, but also to modern doctors, although some are skeptical about the effects.

Jade mats can have different designs:

  1. Cloth, consisting of intertwined threads and small stones strung on them. It resembles a roller massager and, accordingly, can be used for massage.
  2. A piece of fabric with jade plates sewn to it. Such a rug can have a soft layer and be used as a pillow.
  3. Woven base, complemented by jade plates sewn between its layers.
  4. There are even heated floor mats on the market, and the thermal effect is designed to enhance the properties of the stone and provide an additional beneficial effect on the human body. Such a device operates from the mains or battery.

How to act?

Jade is an amazing stone. There is a point of view according to which it is able to emit waves similar to those emanating from the human body: they have the same length, therefore they should easily penetrate into the body to have a positive effect on it.

And such infrared radiation is comparable with physiotherapeutic procedures. Nephrite also produces negatively charged ions that are able to penetrate tissues. And in the composition of the stone, magnesium, calcium and other useful and necessary for the smooth operation of all systems elements are found.

Consider the useful properties possessed by a jade rug:

  • Negatively charged ions contribute to the improvement of intracellular metabolism and restore the tissues of the human body.
  • Infrared radiation that penetrates the human body can eliminate headaches, joint, dental and other pain.
  • Nephrite gives energy, helps to strengthen the immune system, increase endurance of the body and strengthen its natural protective barrier, reflecting attacks of bacteria, fungi and viruses. In addition, the rug of this stone is able to accelerate recovery and rehabilitation after suffering serious diseases. It can also be used for fatigue and heavy physical or mental stress.
  • Nephritis got this name for a reason, and its second name is a kidney stone. This mineral really improves the functioning of the urinary system and eliminates inflammation in nephritis and pyelonephritis.
  • Jade mats have a positive effect on the nervous system: eliminate neuroses, eliminate the effects of stress, increase stress resistance and improve sleep.
  • Infrared waves accelerate blood circulation and normalize the blood supply to all organs and tissues. In addition, this effect helps to improve the flow of lymph and eliminates its stagnation.
  • Jade mats are also good for health because they help to normalize blood pressure and stabilize the cardiovascular system.
  • It is believed that jade has a strong positive energy, which is transmitted to a person, giving him good luck, lightness, rush of energy, positive thoughts and pleasant emotions.
  • It is believed that the radiation of jade is able to remove sand and small stones from the bile ducts and kidneys.
  • Stone and products from it improve brain function, mental abilities and memory, increase concentration.
  • The rug has a rejuvenating effect and improves the condition of the skin, stimulating their renewal.
  • If the product is regularly used as a pillow, it will promote hair growth and nutrition of the hair follicles.
  • Stone helps cleanse the body of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances.
  • When exposed to the lower torso, nephritis can improve women's health: eliminate inflammation of the ovaries, restore the menstrual cycle, stabilize the contractile activity of the uterus and make menstruation less painful.
  • Men can achieve increased potency and improved functioning of the reproductive system.

How to use?

The use of jade mats is extremely simple. Such a product can be put under any part of the body, and it is desirable to pay attention to areas in which there are pathologies and disorders. So, you can arrange it under your head and, thus, turn into a massage pillow. Placement under the back, chest, legs and arms is allowed.

If you wish, you can use the mat during sleep and leave it overnight. In the daytime, you can sit or lie on the product two or three times for 30-40 minutes, depending on the area of ​​exposure. Daily use is allowed and encouraged, and if it is regular, the effect will be more pronounced and will manifest itself soon.

Nephritis has no contraindications and side effects, as it is not able to adversely affect the body. Yet, in rare cases, individual hypersensitivity to the stone or even its intolerance is likely. Therefore, if you feel unwell during the session, the procedure should be interrupted.

If you decide to experience the amazing properties of jade, purchase a rug made from this stone and use it regularly.

What diseases are recommended to use jade mat

When heated, nephrite contributes to the occurrence of lymphatic drainage effect, which means removal of unnecessary water from organs and tissues. As a result, the condition of the hair and skin improves, the edemas disappear and we look younger.

Stress, fast food, sedentary lifestyle - the calling card of the XXI century - were the levers that set in motion the development of atherosclerosis. If in a healthy organism the vascular walls are smooth, clean and elastic, then in case of damage to the walls of the vessels, cholesterol will “cling” to them. It is in this way that atherosclerotic plaques appear in the body. On the narrowed vessel it is necessary to “push through” the same amount of blood as on the level. This leads to an increase in pressure.

With the help of bioresonant heat of the jade mat, microcirculation is restored in the walls of blood vessels. The inner walls become elastic and smooth. And such a type of white blood cells as fibroclasts "eat" atherosclerotic plaques.

Jade mat is well established in the treatment and prevention of such diseases:

  • osteochondrosis
  • scoliosis
  • intervertebral hernia
  • other diseases of the spine

It has long been no secret that intervertebral discs are restored precisely at night. Positive feedback can be heard from those who often sleep on a jade rug.

Nephritis as a healing stone has long been used in stone therapy. In various rugs can be up to 500 jade stones. Round-shaped stones imitate pressing of fingers as in a point massage. Fresh blood rushes to the place of pressure, and, accordingly, oxygen and nutrients. This means that the state of the cells is improving.

Jade mat is very easy to use. Works from the network. Its weight in different versions is not more than 5 kg. It is compact, you can take it with you on the road. The price of a jade mat is about 5000 - 5500 UAH. It depends on the size of the rug, the quality of the jade and the brand of the manufacturer.

Regularly using a jade mat, you will gradually achieve harmony of body and soul.

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Нефритовый коврик
Описание: Изделие можно использовать как коврик и как подушку под голову.
As a doctor, jade cures toothache, kidneys, urinary system, ducts, destroys the stones of organs and ducts from them, removes renal colic, normalizes cardiovascular activity, removes gases and relieves bloating. Nephritis copes with nervous diseases, calms violent, removes from depression. It also treats the circulatory system and bone marrow, actively resolves problems with the spleen. Chinese doctors explain the healing properties of jade with the content of microelements in its composition, as well as the low-temperature physical characteristics of the mineral, which have an extremely beneficial effect on the human body. When jade comes into contact with the hair on the head, a static electromagnetic field arises, which has a positive effect on the central nervous system, cleanses and normalizes the nerve flow, acts through many nerve points on the head. There is a kind of massage that stimulates blood circulation, relieves tension and fatigue.

Natural stone: Nephrite.
Like a jade mat, the product is placed on a chair, on a car seat. Blood circulation in the back muscles after treatment is improved. The jade mat relaxes and makes the vertebral ridge stronger, stimulates organs throughout the body and keeps them in good condition.
Like a jade pillow, the product is placed on a regular pillow and acts directly through direct contact. Procedures with a jade pillow will not take you much time, as you will receive a therapeutic effect during sleep. You can use the pillow daily. The duration of the course depends on your well-being. When you feel better, you can take a break. But before the exam, another important event, sleep on the jade pillow will help you feel rested and full of energy again. Possessing Yin energy, white jade removes all negative irritation, removes negative emotions - sadness, anger, nervousness, uplifting. If you feel tired and decide to lie down during the day, sleeping on such a pillow will relieve fatigue more efficiently and add new strength. When using a jade pillow, it is recommended to periodically (2-3 times per month) carry out its energy cleaning. Hold the pillow for 20 minutes in lightly salted water, then rinse it in running water and dry it, and it is ready to give you a charge of sedative power again.

In China, the jade mat is called the elixir of youth. When using a jade mat, the nervous system is strengthened, pressure and blood circulation are normalized. The composition of the blood improves, headaches disappear, negative emotions disappear - anger, sadness, resentment and irritation, the mood rises. When contacting human skin, metabolic processes improve, the levels of kidney, liver, blood vessels normalize, pyelonephritis disappears, and when nephritis comes into contact with hair, static electricity, which has a positive effect on the central nervous system, clears and normalizes the blood flow, acts through a set biologically active points (BAT) on the head.

Jade is highly valued for its ability to hold and transmit heat. In the East, jade has been used for centuries for its healing ability and has been associated with "longevity."
In the east, jade is a mysterious symbol of longevity and health. Nephrite radiates waves similar to those emitted by the human body. In various medical books published in the East, jade is considered a stone, curing the affected organs and promoting the removal of toxins from the body, beneficially affecting the tissues.
Massage using jade leads to an increase in outdoor body temperature, improve blood circulation. Nephritis prevents aging, relaxes muscles, preventing muscle cramps.
With the help of jade produces long-wave infrared radiation is beneficial