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Milk tea oolong tea (oolong): beneficial and harmful properties


Asia is the birthplace of the tea ceremony, where tea is used with seriousness and mystery. To do this, choose only the best varieties of the drink. The process of making tea and the selection of related tools is also very important. Milk Oolong green tea is very popular both in Europe and in Russia. Its unique taste has generated many stories about its origin. Particular attention should be paid to the beneficial properties of this drink.

Legends of origin

There are many stories dedicated to the origin of this tea. One of the beautiful legends says that the amazing drink was the result of the unrequited love of the Heavenly Comet and the Moon. The comet chose the sun and flew away, and the moon indulged in sadness. At this moment on the Earth it became very cold, a strong wind rose. After that, an amazing harvest of delicious and unusual tea was gathered.

According to another version, more modern, the growing plants are watered with milk, and the roots are covered with rice husks. From this tea acquires unusual caramel flavors. Whatever the history of the origin of the drink, its aroma and taste remain unique and beloved around the world. Translated from the Chinese name of the drink sounds like "Golden Flower", and in Europe it is called "oolong" or "Oolong".

Where does the milky taste

In fact, green tea "Milk Oolong" gets its taste in the process of growing and production. This is a time consuming and costly method of pollination of a bush with a solution made from sugar cane. The roots of the plant is watered with milk, which dissolves well. After that, they are covered with husks of rice grains. Another method for the production of tea involves the processing of the collected raw materials with a special solution of whey. The combination of oolong and extract gives these unusual flavoring notes.

Beneficial features

“Milk Oolong” is valued not only for its pleasant taste and aroma. It is also a very healthy drink. Many people know about its properties, so they gladly use green tea (Oolong) to satisfy the body and soul. First, it is a relaxing drink that allows you to get rid of earthly thoughts and enjoy the peace. Tea ceremony should be held in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Milk Oolong green tea, the beneficial properties of which are very important, contains two times more antioxidants than its black tea. Its use increases the performance, overall body tone, warms and tones. After ingestion of fatty foods, it is advisable to drink a mug of green (milk) tea in order to relieve the heaviness in the stomach. The drink perfectly refreshes breath, rejuvenates the skin and improves the complexion.

“Milk Oolong” replaces ice cream and some sweets, which means its use is useful for the figure. After drinking this drink, you can get rid of headaches, improve the functioning of the circulatory system and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Despite the fact that tea increases appetite, its use contributes to weight loss. This healing drink contains about 400 useful elements.


Despite the usefulness of this product, there are some minor contraindications. Caution should be used to drink people suffering from gastritis, peptic ulcer and other gastric disorders. Do not drink tea before bedtime, because it has a stimulating effect. It is also necessary to limit the intake of oolung to hypertensive patients (no more than 1-2 cups a day). Also, do not recommend excessive consumption of this drink for people with kidney disease. Pregnant and lactating women should abstain and not drink tea during this crucial period. Tea "Milk Oolong" (green), the properties of which are described in the article, has no more contraindications.

How to choose high quality oolong green tea? Useful properties and contraindications, which, by the way, are very few, must be known. But the most important thing is to buy a real product. It is no secret that on the shelves of a lot of fake tea, which unscrupulous sellers give out for the original. To begin, we study the packaging. Much will tell the composition of tea. It should not have any additives. Under the packaging should not be viewed small debris. This indicates a poor-quality product, in which there is tea dust.

Further determination of authenticity can be carried out only at home, having tasted the drink. In order not to be mistaken with the purchase, it is necessary to purchase the product only in specialized stores. And remember: high-quality green tea "Milk Oolong" can not be cheap.


The collection of raw materials is carried out in the autumn or spring. The collected leaves are processed, but the fermentation is not completed. She is subjected to only the edges of the sheet and part of the surface. Thus, a large part of the plant retains its natural structure. For all the time of production, green tea "Milk Oolong" acquires its unique properties. Brewed drink has a delicate light lemon shade. Its taste becomes sweetish, with milky notes. A very important role in the uniqueness of tea is played by the technology of production and the place of growth.

Anti-aging effect

One of the beneficial properties of tea, which women appreciate very much, is its rejuvenating effect. That is why the use of this drink has a beneficial effect on the skin. Tea prevents aging and contributes to enhanced collagen production. In addition to ingestion, it is recommended to use ice cubes made from tea. Rubbing their skin, you can smooth out fine wrinkles and open pores. In this case, the effect of rejuvenation affects the entire body. A large number of useful elements improve metabolic processes in cells. Reception of tea promotes fast recovery after an illness and improves vitality. That is why it is recommended to use the elderly. This improves brain activity and memory. There is a general rejuvenation of the body and skin. Especially tea is useful for those who are engaged in mental work and whose work requires a high concentration of attention.

Water selection

Having examined all the properties of tea and its origin, it is necessary to study the order of its use. In order to fully enjoy the taste of the drink and its aroma, it is necessary to brew it properly. The main role is assigned to the water. This is the basis of the whole process. Immediately it should be noted that simple water from the water supply is not suitable. It is tough and has a certain taste. To fully feel the taste of green tea, it is better to use water from a clean source or buy bottled in a store. By the "behavior" of the brewed drink, you can immediately determine the quality of the water. If a film appeared on top, the tea was prepared incorrectly. This is a raid of essential oils and vitamins that came into contact with bad water and did not dissolve.

Basics of cooking and choosing dishes

Chinese green tea - "Royal Ginseng Oolong" or any other - is brewed depending on the degree of fermentation. For less fermented varieties suitable not too hot water, not more than 80 degrees. To insist such a drink should be within 3 minutes. For more fermented species, the water temperature can reach 90 degrees. Brewing time is long. To prepare, they take a small teapot, better from Yixing clay, with thick walls. Such dishes perfectly keeps the temperature and allows the tea to reveal all its properties. A third of the kettle will be occupied by tea leaves, and the rest is water. Green milk tea can be brewed several times depending on the variety. On average, it is 10 times, but some species use twice as much.

This is a special way of brewing, which is considered the highest skill of serving tea. First, the selected kettle should be rinsed with boiling water. Then tea is poured into it (about a third of the dishes). After that, hot water is poured into the container (at least 90 degrees) and immediately it is drained. This fluid is not used for drinking. Then again pour hot water and keep it in the kettle for about a minute. Then the liquid is drained and served to the table. This drink is considered the best. The brewing procedure can be repeated several times. Each next drink will have its own unique taste. Only after a few brews can you fully discover all the beauty and uniqueness of this product. Each time it will delight with new shades.

How to drink tea

To feel the full taste of green milk tea, you must follow certain rules of drinking it. You can exactly and not repeat the entire Chinese ceremony. It is important to choose the right dishes. It should not be metallic. Water quality and brewing technology also plays a big role. Drink green milk tea is better after meals. It promotes digestion and improves overall tone. The tradition of drinking tea with milk, honey, jam or sweets is not entirely appropriate here. These products will prevent to feel the unique taste, which has green tea Oolong (Vietnam). The properties of the drink are such that it is better to use it without interrupting the taste with other ingredients. The main thing that tea was real. The original product is not cheap, but if you manage to buy it, then you will get a chance to enjoy its unique aroma and milky, slightly sweet taste.

What kind of tea is it and how is it produced

This variety is an unfermented tea leaf, which is an intermediate link between green and black teas. It is believed that oolong combines all the best properties of green tea and the useful qualities of black.

The technology of fermentation of raw materials for tea has its own value and features. Fermentation is the process of processing enzymes contained in raw materials. Under their influence, and also under the influence of microorganisms produced during fermentation, the fermentation reaction begins. This way they get such popular drinks as willow-tea, puer, cocoa.

Homeland varieties - the southern and part of the northern provinces of China. Chinese tea culture began using this drink about 300 - 400 years ago. The best varieties are harvested in the Chinese highlands, and they are especially useful because they have valuable properties due to the mountain clean air.

Varieties in their natural form are the ancestors of the dairy variety. The first description of oolong dairy tea dates back to 1980. The type of fermentation determined the continued existence that brought popularity.

Connoisseurs claim that the taste of tea resembles milk, it gives it a special aroma. In European countries, the name of milk tea sounds like “oolong”: nutritionists and specialists all over the world speak about the benefits of this variety.

The production of oolong has its own characteristics, manufacturing technology gives it valuable properties that benefit from the use of:

  1. The collection is made from adult bushes: full-grown mature leaves, young shoots or buds are removed.
  2. Drying leaves in the sun takes about an hour.
  3. Dried raw materials are placed in baskets, laid in a thick layer and put in the shade - this is the beginning of the fermentation process.
  4. Every hour the leaves are gently stirred, trying to preserve the structure.
  5. The degree of readiness is determined by specially trained people who interrupt the process and dry the leaves at a temperature of - 250 - 300 ° C.

The peculiarity of the technology is that the natural fermentation is interrupted by artificial means. Drying at high temperature completely stops it. The degree of fermentation can vary between 20 and 60%. Usually, dairy oolongs, according to the result, have a degree of fermentation of about 40–50% at the output.

Milky flavor give oolong one of the ways:

  1. Processing bushes with cane sugar solution with a milky flavor.
  2. Add to the finished raw whey before packaging and storage.

The latter method is traditional.

Vitamin and mineral composition of oolong tea

The mechanism of preparation according to the type of incomplete fermentation gives this sort of milk tea useful properties, which are completely dependent on what substances are preserved in the composition.

Experts say that the number of useful chemical compounds in oolongs reaches 400. The most important ones are recognized:

  • essential oils,
  • polyphenols,
  • caffeine,
  • B vitamins,
  • Vitamins C,
  • tocopherols,
  • calciferols,
  • trace elements and macronutrients.

What is useful oolong milk tea

The benefits and harms of white or oolong milk tea depend on the properties of its components.

Essential oils due to the properties of the chemical structure are able to supply oxygen at the cell level, they have the useful property to reduce blood viscosity, to increase the speed of blood flow in the human body

Polyphenols are compounds that have the useful property of protecting cells from free radicals, and this is a sign of the antioxidant effects of milk tea.

The benefits of caffeine intake are in enhancing cardiac activity, stimulation of the nervous system, but these same properties can cause possible harm if taken excessively.

Vitamins of group B are necessary for the body, because they affect the metabolic processes, they are responsible for the condition of hair, nails and skin. The lack of these elements leads to the development of various types of anemia.

Ascorbic acid is useful in the construction of connective and bone tissue in the human body.

Tocopherols and calciferols are participants of the hydrocarbon chain, without them the exchange process at the cellular level is impossible.

Microelement compounds also endow the oolong milk tea with beneficial properties. It contains elements of calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, magnesium.

The benefits of oolong milk green tea for the body are characterized by several properties:

  • fortifying (tea increases the body's resistance, increases the immune defense),
  • regenerating (promotes cell renewal),
  • normalizing digestion (good for the intestines, cleans it of toxins),
  • reduces the risk of cancer (due to the ability to activate cell regeneration helps eliminate the beginnings of harmful cell division).

Is it possible to drink oolong tea for pregnant and lactating women

Pregnant women and newly-made mothers often worry about whether the product or drink is not able to harm the baby. In the case of oolong milk tea, this concern is justified because it contains some caffeine, which means it has a tonic effect. Weakly fermented oolongs contain less caffeine than varieties of strong fermentation.

Doctors recommend pregnant and lactating women to be careful about everything they eat. The daily dose of milk tea for them is determined by 1 - 2 cups. If tea does not have a stimulating effect on the body, then you can slightly increase the amount of the drink.

Is oolong tea useful for children?

An introduction to the children's diet of adult beverages should be agreed with the pediatrician: they can be harmful to children's health.

If there are no special contraindications, then milk tea is offered to children starting at the age of 2 in a lightly welded form. It will not harm the body, but it can affect the quality of sleep, so children should drink oolong in the morning.

Milk tea oolong for weight loss

This variety is in demand among those who strive for harmony. According to reviews, the use of 4 cups a day helps to get rid of a few extra pounds. The reason for this beneficial effect is hidden in milk tea stimulation of metabolic processes in the body.

How to brew milk oolong

The drink has a specific brewing, which is different from the usual European. Boiled water should be cooled to 90 ° C. Tea is washed, filled with hot water, tightly closed with a lid in a suitable container.

Connoisseurs of traditions recommend brewing oolongs in glass teapots to observe the process of leaf opening. This is a fascinating sight.

How to drink milk oolong

Oolong prefer to drink after a meal, in any case, not drinking them sweets or desserts. This method is more beneficial to the reception. This tea can be a separate element of any meal, its useful conclusion. By launching metabolic processes, oolong bears the benefit of the body by helping to digest food.

Oolong is not recommended to drink before bedtime, as it has tonic properties, it can cause harm to those who suffer from nervous disorders.

To improve lactation

Nursing mothers are recommended to use oolong-based drinks to improve lactation. In this tea add more water, thereby minimizing the harm from ingestion of caffeine. Warm delicious drink with the addition of cinnamon promotes the flow of milk.

The benefits to breast milk from drinking oolong are in additional nutrient saturation.

When gastritis

Diseases that are associated with digestion, bring a lot of inconvenience. Food and drinks that are included in the diet should be guaranteed to bear the benefit and not cause harm. Улуны пьют при расстройствах желудка, они показаны и при гастритах.

Чаи пьют на голодный желудок, можно употреблять их до 4 раз в день, не причиняя себе вреда.

При холецистите

Cholecystitis is characterized by the fact that in the body there is a violation of the outflow of bile. This is due to inflammatory processes in the gallbladder, which significantly affect the health, are harmful to all body systems.

Oolong tea is recommended to drink 1 - 2 times a day, before eating, which leads to the revitalization of the stomach and liver.


Pancreatitis is a form of pancreatic inflammation. In the acute course of the disease, oolong tea varieties of milk may become a pain provocateur, therefore, it is better to refuse use.

In the chronic course of the disease, it is recommended to drink 1 cup per day, and the tea should be fifth or sixth. This method will not harm.

The use of oolong tea in home cosmetology

The beneficial properties of milk oolong are actively exploited in the preparation of care products in home cosmetology.

For the face make masks based on brewed leaves and honey.

Hair rinsed with a decoction of tea: it gives them shine. With regular use, you can stop the process of hair loss.

With daily rubbing of the face with ice cubes made from tea, you can get rid of acne. The properties of tea prevent the spread of inflammation and remove the main focal formation.

Tea lotions eliminate eye redness. The benefit lies in preventing the formation of dryness and burning around the eyes, this is due to the content of antioxidants in the tea leaves.

The harm of milk oolong and contraindications

Moderate drink intake is not harmful.

Cautious reception is indicated for gallstone disease.

Tonic property of the drink can cause a sleepless night, so the last reception should be a few hours before bedtime.

How to choose oolong tea

The choice of tea depends on individual preferences: the preference for poorly fermented tea is for lovers of the less pronounced color of the drink. Strongly fermented varieties have a dark green tint. The smell of tea depends on whether it is flavored or not.

The main difference between a drink and a fake, which is available during an external examination is its weight. This oolong milk tea must be heavy. This results from the fact that its leaves are twisted and have more weight, than usual grades.


The benefits and harms of oolong milk tea depend on the method of collection, on the conditions of its storage, the amount of consumption. With proper brewing, the drink will give pleasure and benefit the body systems. This is one of the elite varieties of tea, which has become popular due to its taste and beneficial properties.

Milk "Oolong": features

The externally prepared leaves of the milk "Uluna" and "Tiguanin" are similar, but the taste and aroma of the products are different. An important factor is that tea must be able to brew properly. Due to the unique milk taste and aroma, the Ouluna variety got its name.

If you make the right tea, you will feel the aftertaste of caramel and milk in it. The main feature of tea is that its composition does not include any such ingredients. In combination with a unique aroma, the product has healing properties.

Milk Oolong: production methods

  1. The method refers to the most difficult process of making tea. Milk "Oolong" is an elite and expensive variety. As soon as the tea begins to germinate, it is sprayed with a sweet cane sugar mixture. Next, the soil around the shrubs soaked with milk. In the final stage, the plant is sprinkled with rice husks.
  2. This method refers to the simple. As a result, tea is obtained low grade. Also, the price for a similar product is significantly less. Raw materials are grown according to classical technology, then tea leaves are collected and soaked in a milky solution. Further, the product is dried and as a result acquires a delicate flavor.

The benefits and value of tea depends on how the leaves were processed. The latter are dried from the roots, then the product is curled into small spheres. Only after that the tea leaves are brought to the required drying. Due to incomplete fermentation, the product retains in its favor, which is then transmitted to the person when using the milk "Uluna".

What are the types of tea

The plant is of two types - it is Chinese Oolong tea and Taiwan Oolong tea. Drinking from the first has a more subtle taste and aroma, the second and the one and the other much more pronounced. Thais say that this is due to sharp fluctuations in day and night temperatures in high-altitude tea plantations. Just from Taiwanese and produce elite tea varieties.

There are highly fermented, almost black, teas. As, for example, very expensive and beloved by true connoisseurs of So Hong Pao. There are varieties with weaker fermentation. As well as artificially flavored - with the addition of ginseng, rose petals, cinnamon flowers and other.

To buy a really high-quality product, you need to remember several characteristic qualities for it.

  1. Good tea has a strong enough pleasant smell.
  2. Its dry leaves are twisted and resemble compressed bags.
  3. "Sachets" should not differ in their size.
  4. The color of all elements should be the same - green.
  5. In the expensive varieties of the highest quality, the color of the dried leaves is different: in the center they are green, as if they had not been subjected to fermentation. And at the edges they resemble the brewing of large-leaved black tea.
  6. If any additional additives are visible in the package, any, it means only one thing: such tea is no different in high quality.

The composition of the milk "Ulun"

Due to the unique composition of the milk "Uluna", it retains all the valuable qualities. As a result of the gentle treatment of tea leaves, a rather tasty product is obtained. Milk "Oolong" includes:

  • polyphenols,
  • ethers,
  • tanning compounds
  • antioxidants
  • theine
  • compounds of vitamins and minerals.

If you learn the correct technology of brewing, you will recharge your batteries with positive and cheerfulness. Also in the body enters a large number of beneficial compounds, minerals and vitamins.

  • E (tocopherol),
  • H (biotin),
  • P (rutin),
  • D (calciferol),
  • C (ascorbic acid),
  • A (retinol),
  • PP (nicotinic acid),
  • vitamins of groups B, K.

Milk "Oolong" refers to green teas, it is widely used for weight loss. People leading a healthy lifestyle, often use "Oolong" with all sorts of diets. Tea is low in calories.

Milk Oolong Slimming

The ability to help with weight loss is also one of the very good characteristics that many admirers of this tea use.

The culture of the correct use of the drink is as follows.

  1. Only two cups a day - and the body's metabolism will take place 10 percent more active, burning excess fat.
  2. Milk oolong tea will “urge on” the pancreas, will force it to more actively produce insulin, lowering the amount of sugar in the blood. So, he will not linger, turning into body fat. And to maintain energy in the body with the food will enter new carbohydrates.
  3. A positive effect on fat metabolism and tanning components in the composition of tea.

In general, three cups of milk oolong per day - minus 5 percent of the mass in three months. Interestingly, women lose weight faster than men.

How to brew and drink black tea

To feel and appreciate the taste and aroma of any tea, you need to know how to properly brew a drink. In general, the basis of any tea ceremony is the main classical requirement: the water temperature and the time of brewing depend on the degree of fermentation of the leaves. So, for black oolong they must be longer than for green.

At what temperature to brew black tea?

It is better to take porcelain, ceramic or clay dishes for brewing. Such vessels will allow to provide the desired temperature, do not allow foreign smells to intervene, do not spoil the tea with someone else's taste.

Water should be heated to 75-850С. Or cooled to this level, if she managed to boil. But all the same, it is not worth bringing the water to a boil. This will prevent a perfectly balanced taste and smell.

Of course, it is unlikely to get water from a crystal mountain spring. However, from the tap is not good. The best option is a non-carbonated bottled dining room.

How long does it take to brew tea

Cooked teapot should be rinsed with hot water. What is it done for? Heated walls of the dishes will help the brew to fully open. It is filled with water of the desired temperature literally for five seconds.

Water is immediately drained, steamed tea leaves remain inside. As tea connoisseurs say, such a procedure “wakes up” tea, relieves it of possible dust and other smells.

Making sure that there is no water left in the teapot, it is refilled so that the cooked portion is immediately drunk. After a minute, you can pour into cups or pialam.

You can brew tea from the same portion up to eight times. But each time the brewing time is extended by half a minute. And each time there is another, different in taste and aroma of drinking.

Drinking tea is advised in the morning. Ideally, in the morning, before you go to study or work.

Harm of milk "Ulun"

Despite all the valuable properties of the milk "Uluna", it still has some contraindications. You should not have individual intolerance or an allergic reaction.

The normal daily dose should not exceed 3 standard mugs (about 600 ml.). If you use tea more than the prescribed norm, you will encounter side effects.

Recommendations for drinking tea:

  1. You should not drink milk "Oolong" before bedtime. Otherwise, you will experience insomnia and great agitation.
  2. It is forbidden to use green tea to people who suffer from an ulcer, gastritis in the acute stage, as well as other serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. It is not recommended to drink more than 2 cups a day for pregnant and lactating girls (tea contains a large amount of theine, which affects the development of the fetus).
  4. Individuals who suffer from urolithiasis are also not recommended to abuse the drink. Milk "Oolong" has laxative and diuretic properties.

If you are going to treat any ailment with the help of the milk “Uluna”, it is strongly recommended to receive the recommendations of a specialist. To maintain body tone and strengthen the immune system, it is enough to drink 2-3 standard mugs per day. Before you first meet with the Chinese drug make sure there are no contraindications.

The use of Ooluna in cosmetology

One of the most popular drinks in all countries of the world is Oolong. It has unique properties that make it possible to apply it not entirely in its original purpose, but in some other cases.

Here it is necessary to note the role played by tea in general and the variety of Oolong tea, in particular, in cosmetology. This is a very useful drink: contains in its composition nutrients that have a positive effect on the skin of a person.

It contains vitamins B, K, C, provitamin A and many others, the content of which it competes with green tea, puerh and other kinds of Chinese tea. The concentration, as well as the ratio of these substances will depend on the place where tea is grown, for example, Chinese Ouluns have a high content of essential oils, amino acids, alkaloids and tannins.

In cosmetology, Oolong and substances that are part of it have found their place in the production of products for the care of the skin of the hands and face, hair, cosmetic preparations for the eyes.

Compresses of Oulun with mint, parsley, chamomile, which have a good anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the skin of the face, are widespread: the use of these compresses makes the skin velvety smooth and delicate.

Various cosmetic masks are very popular, which include Oolong in their compositions and effectively moisturize and nourish the skin of the face.

Any representative of the beautiful half of humanity wants to have silky and shiny hair. This can help cosmetic product, which includes Oolong, combined with extracts of medicinal herbs.

Many people know that Oolong is not only very tasty, but also a healthy drink. This sort of tea has an invigorating effect, helps to conquer stress, relieve fatigue and has other very versatile healing properties.

But, Oolong tea can be beneficial not only if consumed inside, but also if applied externally, as one of the components of various cosmetic preparations.

The compositions of cosmetic masks for hair

Mask strengthens hair

It is necessary to take 2 tbsp. l firmly brewed Ulun, add to it 1 tbsp. l mustard powder and 1 egg yolk. All components are well mixed, apply the mixture to the hair, cover the hair with a plastic cap and stand for 15 minutes. Then rinse with shampoo.

Dandruff mask

Take 1 tbsp. l Castor oil, mix it with 1 tbsp. l decoction of Ooluna (1 tsp. Ouluna per 50 g of water, cook for 3 minutes) and 1 tbsp. l vodka. Soak the head with this mixture and keep it for 2-3 hours, then rinse with warm water. The procedure must be carried out 3 p. in a week until dandruff completely disappears.

Hair growth stimulating mask

After that we add castor oil, sour cream and Oolong to carrot gruel. All ingredients are well mixed. Before you wash your hair, we divide the hair into several partings and apply the mass on the skin of the head. The remains are distributed evenly throughout the hair.

We put a polyethylene bag on our head, warm it with a woolen scarf (if not, then with a towel). After 50 minutes wash hair with shampoo and rinse them with water, which is acidified with lemon juice (can be vinegar).

What is this tea?

Milk oolong or oolong is a special sort of half-fermented large-leaf tea, which according to the classification is intermediate between green and red and combines their best qualities. Not all of the leaf is fermented, but only a part of the surface and edge. The collected leaves further fall into the sun for half an hour or an hour. Then they are removed in baskets and sent to the shade, stirring occasionally.

The most popular type of oolong is milk, which belongs to the category of flavored and is made from the bush leaves of the Jin Xuan variety, which means “Golden Flower”. It is believed that he is soaked in milk, but in fact it is not. There are two processing options: using milk extracts or watering the roots with soluble milk and spraying the bushes with a solution of Cuban cane. Oolongs are produced in China: mainly in Taiwan, but also in Guangdong Province and in the north of Fujian.

The composition of milk oolong includes many useful substances and compounds. Among them are essential oils, manganese, magnesium, selenium, zinc, iodine, iron, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins E, C, D, B3, B1, B12, B6, K, tannins, amino acids, polyphenolic compounds.

The caloric value of tea is only 140 calories per 100 grams, that is, in one cup of the finished drink will be about 0.1-0.5 calories, that is, very little.

How is this tea useful?

The benefits of tea are invaluable, here are some of its properties:

  • Milk oolong tea strengthens the walls of blood vessels and thereby protects them from stretching and damage, preventing the development of diseases such as varicose veins, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis.
  • Drink helps to reduce and normalize the amount of harmful cholesterol.
  • Oolong tea helps speed up metabolic processes and reduce weight (there are enzymes in the composition that accelerate the breakdown of fats), so it is worth drinking for those who watch their figure.
  • Since caffeine is contained in milk ulun, one cup will allow you to receive a charge of vivacity and feel a surge of energy. But the amount of caffeine is low, so there will be no problems with heart rhythm.
  • There is a pronounced antioxidant effect, which neutralizes the negative and destructive effects of free radicals, slows down the processes of tissue destruction and premature aging, and also prevents the development of cancer.
  • Oolong helps to normalize the nervous system: increases stress resistance, eliminates the negative effects of stress, normalizes sleep, improves mood and eliminates the symptoms of depression.
  • Since there is vitamin C in the composition, tea can be called an excellent tonic. It increases the body's resistance to various diseases and improves the immune system.
  • It is worth noting the rejuvenating effect, both when drinking tea and when it is used externally for cosmetic purposes.
  • The drink has a positive effect on digestion: it speeds up the processing of food when overeating, stimulates the production of gastric juice and improves the functioning of the stomach, pancreas and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • A positive effect is on the heart: its muscle (myocardium) is strengthened, and the heart rhythm is normalized. It turns out that milk oolong is an effective means of preventing heart attack, tachycardia and other diseases.
  • Улун помогает очищать организм, так как мягко, эффективно и быстро выводит из него продукты распада, тяжёлые металлы, шлаки и токсины.

Может ли навредить?

Вред улуна возможен только при злоупотреблении таким напитком. Так, в сутки рекомендуется выпивать не более трёх чашек. Во-первых, он может навредить при заболеваниях органов пищеварения, особенно при их обострениях. Secondly, if you drink a strong drink before bedtime, it can provoke insomnia.

According to some information, the drink should not be consumed by pregnant women and lactating, but there are no weighty reasons for such prohibitions, especially if you observe the permissible doses.

How to choose?

How to choose milk oolong? Pay attention to such criteria:

  1. Place of purchase. Rare varietal teas, which can be attributed, and oolong, it is desirable to purchase in specialized stores, tea shops or departments.
  2. If you buy tea by weight, then pay attention to its appearance. The leaves should be twisted and compressed into lumps, and about the same size. If the tea is fresh, a subtle shine may be present.
  3. The color of the tea should be light green.
  4. If possible, appreciate the smell. It should be sufficiently saturated, saturated with light and subtle milky notes.
  5. Milk oolong tea tastes like high-quality green tea, but has a pleasant milky taste.

How to store?

Oolong should be stored in an airtight container to protect it from moisture, as well as from foreign odors. You can put it in a tin, ceramic or darkened glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Such dishes should be removed in a place protected from direct sunlight and a cool place.

How to make a drink?

How to brew milk oolong? This can be done in different ways, but since this tea belongs to the category of poorly fermented, the thermal effect should be gentle, this will allow you to discover and fully taste. To do this, take a clay or porcelain teapot and pour boiling water over it to eliminate all odors.

Pour one or two teaspoons of oolong leaf and pour a glass of hot water. Its optimum temperature is 60-80 degrees. Further, some recommend water to drain and pour a new one to remove dust and other impurities. Then re-pour water and brew the oolong for one or two minutes. Some increase this time to 10 minutes, it all depends on taste preferences.

One portion of tea can be brewed several times, and this not only does not spoil the taste, but also opens up its different shades: from delicate and barely perceptible to more saturated. And the best taste is revealed after the third and fourth brewing.

Milk oolong tea can be drunk at almost any time, but preferably not at night. Optionally, you can add to it a bit of honey. The most pleasant and mild taste will be if you drink a warm drink, not hot.

What is milk oolong

Milk oolong is a large-leaf elite medium-fermented high-grade tea, the raw materials for the production of which are grown in the high-mountainous regions of Fujian, Anxi, Guangdong, on the island of Taiwan. In Chinese, the name of the tea means “Dark Dragon”. In the process of processing the leaves acquire a turquoise hue, so oolong tea is known as turquoise tea.

There are classic and flavored varieties and types of oolong. For flavoring used ginseng, extracts of rose, brown wood, jasmine petals.

In the Chinese tea hierarchy, milk oolong occupies a transitional position between green, red and black teas, combining the best properties of these varieties. Milk oolong tastes like green tea, and its aroma is red. Ready, properly brewed infusion acquires a light lemon color, exquisite caramel and creamy taste with light milky notes.

Quality Oolong has a delicate unobtrusive aroma, bright rich taste. The quality of oolong can be determined by the degree of twisting of tea leaves. Properly dried leaves are twisted into tight "lumps", which are completely exposed under the influence of hot water, giving their flavor, beneficial properties of the finished drink. In oolong should not be dust, twigs, third-party additives. If the tea has a pronounced milky aroma, the raw materials are subjected to industrial flavoring.

How to brew milk oolong

Enjoy the exquisite taste, to benefit from the use of oolong can only brew tea properly. The process of brewing oolong is very delicate and has its own characteristics. You can brew oolong in ceramic, earthenware, glassware. But the drink reveals its own aroma and taste properties if it is brewed in a clay teapot. Clay well passes air, keeps in full curative properties, refined taste, delicate aroma of tea drink.

It is possible to brew an ulun up to ten times. The infusion time of each subsequent brewing is increased by three minutes. At the same time, the third-fourth brewing is considered the most “correct”.

Before you put the tea leaves in the container for brewing, it is recommended to rinse it with boiling water several times. Such a simple procedure will help to fully reveal the taste and beneficial properties of tea leaves.

If you brew oolong according to the classic recipe, the water temperature should not exceed 80-90 degrees. Infusion time - 1-2 minutes.

Weakly fermented oolongs (40-45% fermentation) brew with water 60-75 degrees. The water temperature for the preparation of highly fermented oolongs is 90 degrees. If you exceed the temperature of the water for brewing, you can "kill" not only the taste, but also the healing properties of the drink.

Having previously boiled water over the kettle, pour tea (one third of the volume of the container). The first water that is poured into the teapot is drained after a few seconds. Pour water to the desired temperature, cover the vessel with a lid, insist two to three minutes. Poured into cups. To taste you can add honey, sugar, pieces of fruit.

How do oolong tea

Two methods of flavoring are practiced: the leaves are sprayed with a solution of Cuban cane in the process of growth, sprinkled with rice husk, sprinkled with soluble milk, the budget version of production is the impregnation of the collected leaves with milk extract. Collect leaves twice a year: in the autumn, in the spring. Environmental friendliness of the drink is beyond doubt, tea is growing in the mountains, at an altitude of 700-1000 meters.
It is possible to preserve the beneficial properties of tea due to the peculiarities of leaf processing. Before tea goes on sale goes through several stages:

  • only the edges of the leaves are dried,
  • form balls
  • dried

Due to the unique production technology, it is possible to preserve the natural properties and aroma. Tea is recommended for recovery after illness, to strengthen the immune system. Normalizes metabolism, the violation of which is the main cause of overweight problems. Like any green tea helps to eliminate toxins from the body, is part of the diet.
100 g of the product is only 140 calories, you can enjoy a drink with the aroma of caramel without restrictions, to compensate for the lack of sweets in the diet. Enough 1 gram of product for the preparation of flavored drink (1.4 calories).

Milk Oolong Tea - the benefits and harm

The benefits and harms of any drink depend on compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the preparation, dosage. Oolong tea is rich in antioxidants, the use of which is necessary at any age, for a gentle cleansing of the body, prevention of diseases. The composition includes polyphenol, caffeine, essential oils, vitamins, minerals.

The drink is an effective remedy for strengthening vessels, it is recommended as a prophylaxis of oncological diseases. The anti-aging properties of the drink are confirmed by laboratory tests, regular consumption slows down the aging process, stimulates skin regeneration, and the breakdown of fats.

Rescue in the period of heat - Chinese tea, quenches thirst, a pleasant aroma and taste have a positive effect on the emotional state.

Source of vitality for men

Nerve strain is a common cause of problems in personal and business life. Men, regardless of workload and age, need periods for recovery. Interested in what is useful drink? As an experiment, it is enough to drink 1 cup, a feeling of calmness will relieve from doubts about the effectiveness of the product. It relaxes, does not cause drowsiness, stimulates mental activity, reduces aggression. The drink will help out of the creative crisis, caffeine - a source of energy.

Affordable price will not be an obstacle to the "experimental" acquisition, reviews indicate that 90% of customers regularly use Oolong.

Youth elixir for women

A common question is, what is useful Oolong for women. Tea has earned the status of the elixir of youth, helps to restore the emotional and physical strength of the fair sex. Proven effectiveness as a prevention of heart attack, drinking tea will help withstand the rapid pace of life, reduce the negative impact of stressful situations on the body. In the spring, in the period of avitaminosis, Oolong - "ambulance", nourishes the body with energy, contains a minimum of calories.

Slimming and slim figure

It is recommended for weight loss, stimulates metabolic processes, promotes rejuvenation, eliminates the need for exhausting diets. Helps withstand intense workouts. During the period of exacerbation of seasonal allergy, tea is recommended for daily use, it protects the body from negative effects.

If you drink 4 cups a day for a month - two (of course, without abuse of sweet and flour), you will notice that you have managed to lose up to 5 kg of excess weight.

Green tea milk Oolong

Green tea Milk Oolong tea - the leader, ideal for family meals, there are no contraindications. A powerful antioxidant acts instantly, is assigned to restore and cleanse after poisoning, viral diseases. Red tea will help with hypertension, normalizes blood pressure. The safe diuretic provides painless cleansing from slags.

Red tea milk Oolong

How to choose tea from the abundance of proposals. Connoisseurs recommend to determine the goal, do not leave without attention to health problems. Oolong red is characterized by a high degree of fermentation, a sufficient content of potassium, iodine, pectin, like black, tones up. There are no contraindications, it does not irritate the mucous membrane. Fragrant tea can safely enjoy people who are faced with stomach problems.

In summary, the useful and healing properties are as follows:

  • It has an excellent tonic effect.
  • It is a powerful antioxidant, it has a beneficial effect on cleansing the body from various slags, toxins, salts of heavy metals, which as a result protects the body from various oncological diseases,
  • Strengthens the immune system, increases the body's resistance to various infections,
  • Provides regenerating properties on damaged cells,
  • Beneficially responds to the Oolong tea gastrointestinal tract:
  • Strengthens the heart muscle and blood vessels, helps clean the blood vessels of cholesterol, thereby preventing the development of such terrible complications of atherosclerosis, like heart attack and stroke,
  • Contributes to the normalization of metabolism
  • Reduces appetite, helps break down fats, and it helps a lot with losing weight, just enough before the main meal to drink a cup of Milk Oolong tea,
  • But also those who wish to gain a little weight, he will increase the appetite.

And most importantly, a cup of freshly flavored Oolong tea will charge you with energy for a long time, increase efficiency and give you a good mood.

Who should refuse Milk Oolong?

There are no special contraindications for drinking tea, but the following points should be taken into account:

  • Persons with kidney problems or urolithiasis should not get carried away with this tea, as it has a strong diuretic effect,
  • Pregnant and lactating women should not drink this tea before the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • Patients with gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage,
  • Allergy to Oolong tea is extremely rare, but people who are prone to allergic reactions should be wary.

Since tea has an excellent tonic effect, tea should be consumed in the first half of the day. Otherwise, you are assured a sleepless night!

How to brew tea?

Like Greenfield tea, Oolong tea is prepared in a special dish, using exclusively purified water. Traditionally, for the preparation of fragrant tea, a compact kettle made of baked clay is used, the price of special dishes will not be an obstacle to the ritual of tea drinking with observance of centuries-old traditions. It is pleasant to brew Oolong tea, an unusual aroma distracts from the gray days.

To make a delicious and aromatic tea, you need to brew it correctly, although the process of welding is not so complicated. Follow these tips:

  1. Warming up the dishes is an obligatory stage, there are 2 ways to practice: pour boiling water, wipe dry with a towel, put the kettle in the oven for a few minutes.
  2. Pour the tea into the kettle, leave for a minute without water, then pour hot water at 80 ° C, leave for 3 minutes.
    Pour water, the temperature of which is less than 80, meaningless.

When brewing, twisted lumps of tea leaves open. Properly brewed tea acquires a light yellow color and has a pleasant koremelno-creamy taste.

How to choose Oolong tea

Acquire the elixir of health should be sellers, whose reputation is confirmed by positive reviews. It is important to decide: the priority is taste or unique properties. Milk tea Oolong tea is recognized as the favorite of gourmets, it is impossible to resist the seductive aroma of caramel. Given the opportunity to enjoy the taste and charge of vitality.

Working people prefer tea bags, enjoy the ritual at home.

It is important to organize a place for storage of welding, exclude exposure to high humidity, high temperature.

It is fashionable and useful to drink healthy tea, Oolong tea is purchased as a gift, to take care of your own health. A cup of aromatic drink harmoniously complements the image of a person for whom image is important, colleagues will draw conclusions about impeccable taste.

Already many people admire the taste and aroma of Milk Ulon. Especially now you can buy it without any problems in the shops of elite tea or in the online store. I found reviews about the taste of this tea.

For some time I have become a big fan of green tea. Once I tried Milk Oolong tea. This is Chinese tea and in Chinese its name sounds like this: Nai Xiang Jin Xuan. First of all, struck a divine fragrance, nothing like I had never met before. For a while I just sat and inhaled this smell, reminiscent of milk with caramel.

Since I became interested in Chinese teas and singled out for myself this “Milk Oolong” and just dreamed of trying it. I read a lot of information about Chinese tea and in particular about milk tea. And she came to the conclusion that the main thing is to buy a real, milk oolong.

The first time I tried this tea about two years ago, just out of curiosity, I went to an elite store - tea, coffee, picked up my favorite green tea with jasmine and - let me, I think I will buy something sort, new, unusual, try something earlier did not try. I studied the assortment and chose Milk Oolong - I liked the color of the package and the price - 150 rubles per 100 grams, for elite teas it is relatively inexpensive. I tried it at home and admired the unusual aroma, with the taste of milk, whole leaf tea, which, when brewed, unfolds in a mug - very beautiful. In a word - festive tea. The family was delighted. Now the children all the time ask for “tea with milk”.

I drink only green tea. And I am very glad that Milky Oolong appeared. Cool. Delicious! I recommend to try everything! I also drink it with milk. m. delicious.

Quality Milk Oolong tea can be bought in the Tea Valley online store "tea-dolina.ru" (follow the link, it is active). Here you can find real delicious tea from different countries, as well as brewing utensils and other accessories for tea meal.

The valley of tea is an author's project and the union of two hearts who adore good tea. We are convinced that good tea is not just tasty, healthy and beautiful. The creators of the project have repeatedly convinced that the correct use of real tea is the path to longevity, beauty and personal charm, which everyone wants to achieve.

Fragrant tea is the best way to relax during working hours, a few minutes is enough for recovery. It relieves nervous tension, without reducing activity and performance. Enjoy the taste of fragrant Milk Oolong tea and be healthy!

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