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Selkirk Rex


If you like curly cats, then you will love Selkirk-Rex with elegant wavy hair. Flowing curls gave these cats mother nature itself. Selkirk-rex are sometimes called cats in sheep's clothing. The breed is not only charming in appearance, but also wins hearts with its wonderful character.

Breed history

The breed of cats Selkirk Rex is quite young - they broke into the world of animal lovers only 14 years ago. Of course, representatives of this breed are still quite rare, but Selkirk Rex can already be found all over the world.

In July 1987, the most usual smooth-haired tricolor cat was born an amazing creature - curly white-cream-blue kitty named Miss dePesto. Her brothers and sisters were quite ordinary kittens. The owner of a rare specimen became the breeder of Persian cats Jerry Newman.

Newman realized that Miss dePesto's curly hair was unique, and decided to find out if it was inherited. For this, the owner crossed the cat with a black Persian cat champion of the breed. So in July 1988, six kittens were born, three of whom inherited maternal curly fur.

This distribution showed that the curly gene is dominant, which means that for the appearance of the original kittens enough for one of the parents to have them. It also meant that the usual smooth-haired kittens, born of this pair, the desired gene is missing and their offspring will never be curly. One of the curly kittens was long-haired, which means that Miss dePesto herself possessed a recessive long-haired gene.

One of the kittens born in this litter, Oscar Kowalski, is the second ancestor of the breed, his name is in many Selkirk pedigrees. The children of Miss dePesto and Oscar also had a color point, that is, the dePesto also had a gene responsible for this coloring. It is the genetic richness of Miss dePesto that causes such a variety of colors, textures and coat lengths of modern cats of the Selkirk Rex breed. Photos show that all cats have an interesting appearance.

The breed received its name "Selkirk" in honor of the mountains in the north of the US state of Montana. The word "Rex" shows that representatives of the breed have curly hair (by analogy with the Devon Rex, Cornish Rex breeds).

For the development of the breed line, the first representatives of the Selkirk-Rex were crossed with Persian cats, exotics, the British and American shorthair cats. Since the breed is still young, in order to improve it, interbreeding is still practiced. In 2000, the CFA recognized the Selkirk Rex breed.

Cats of this breed have a rounded skull, full cheeks and pads of vibrissae. Ears of conical shape, medium size, widely spaced and wide at the base. The eyes are large and round, that a surprised and curious expression will come to the cat's face.

The body size is large or medium, the back is straight, slightly elevated at the back, the torso is muscular. The tail is thick at the base, of medium length.

Of course, the main distinguishing feature of the Selkirk Rex breed is soft, curly wool. Curly all three types of wool - awn, undercoat and outer coat. Curls are most noticeable on the tail and neck. Even the vibrissae curl, which gives the muzzle a mischievous and dashing expression.

Selkirki can be both long-haired and short-haired. The difference between them is very distinct. Shorthair cats have medium length hair. It is soft, velvet, with waves throughout the body. Long-haired Selkirkas have long, hanging curly hair. In both types, it is very thick.

There are no restrictions on colors - selkirki can be of any color, including color-point. What does Selkirk Rex look like? Photos show that these are charming animals.

Of course, the first thing that attracts attention in Selkirk-Rex is the curly wool. But for the owners is of great importance and character of the animal. Selkirks are excellent companions, they are contact, they quickly become attached to people, are friendly, but at the same time unobtrusive.

Selkirki loyal to children and other animals. But because of the sociability of the cat hard to tolerate loneliness. Selkirki remain kittens for life and love to play. They will tirelessly chase candy candy or toy mouse. A favorite game will be the one in which the owner will take part.

Behind short-haired cats care is minimal - weekly combing and bathing as needed is sufficient. But long-haired representatives need to pay more attention - comb a good comb at least twice a week and bathe once a month. These measures are necessary to prevent the formation of mats.


Selkirk-reksy are still quite rare, and breeders are reluctant to part with carriers of rare genes, even pet-class. But gradually the breed becomes more common. If you want to buy a kitten Selkirk-Rex, then you have to get on the waiting list for six months or a year. If the sex and color of the animal are important, the waiting may be delayed. It is easier to get a kitten with normal straight hair, but Selkirk of excellent character.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that many mistakenly consider Selkirks to be hypoallergenic. The gene that usually causes allergies in humans is contained in the saliva of the animal and is transferred to the fur when licking. Therefore, if you are allergic to cats, then it will manifest itself in Selkirk-Rex.

History of origin

The birthplace of this breed is Montana, USA. In 1987, a strange kitten was born in a litter of a white cat and a cat in the color of blue tortie, the wool of which was curled randomly. Persian breeder Jeri Newman drew attention to him. He called the cat Miss Depesto. It turned out that the kitten's mother’s fur was not completely straight, but curled at the tips. And the kitten already had curled mustache and hair in its ears.

14-month-old Miss Depesto Newman brought together with her black Persian cat and as a result of 6 kittens three were born the same curly. So it turned out that this gene is dominant, in contrast to the curliness of other Rex rocks like Devon Rex. Therefore, in the early 1990s, Selkirk Rex was recognized as a separate breed that continues to develop.

Description breed Selkirk Rex

Cats of the Selkirk Rex breed are medium and large in size, and a heavy bone gives weight - 3-6 kg for cats, 5-8 kg for cats.

Breed standard and detailed description according to TICA organization:

  • Head - round, full cheeks, wide and round forehead, powerful chin, short, square face, protruding cheek in profile, curly mustache and eyebrows,
  • Ears - medium in size, rounded with pointed tips, set wide apart,
  • The eyes are large and round, set wide apart,
  • The body is semi-cobby type, muscular, rectangular with a slight rise in the side of the pelvis, full chest, short and thick neck,
  • Paws - medium length, powerful bone, large and round paw pads,
  • Tail - thick, tapering to the tip, of medium length,
  • Wool - may be short or long, randomly curly, most of all curls around the neck and tail, with a thick undercoat. Curliness on the back can vary depending on seasonal and hormonal changes, especially in cats. Wool continues to develop up to 2 years of age cat. In this case, kittens can be born curly, then usually lose curls and begin to curl again by 8-10 months.

These are loving and patient cats, who gathered in themselves the best traits of the breeds, with the help of which they were selected. Like the British Shorthair, these are very sedate and easy-going animals, like Persian ones - very cute and affectionate, like exotic Shorthair - naughty and playful even in adulthood. And emphasizes these traits of their toy-plush wool, which one wants to touch.

Selkirk Rex quickly becomes attached to the owner, easily gets used to children and other animals. He loves the company and talk, because it is better not to leave him for a long time alone. It is noticed that these cats feel well the mood and even pain of a person. They will always come to console you when you are in a bad mood, or they will lay you in a sore spot to help.

Care and health

Selkirk Rex is a fairly young breed, and so far no diseases characteristic of these cats have been noticed. Health problems may arise from the impurities of other breeds, which until 2015 were allowed for outbreeding (crossing). Most often it can be polycystic kidney disease from Persians and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from the British Shorthair. But experienced breeders try not to allow cats with such hereditary diseases to select Selkirk Rex.

The average lifespan of a breed is 17 years.

In general, the peculiarities of care for these cats are determined by their thick coat. Selkirk Rex requires more frequent bathing than other breeds. In addition, curly hair in the ears can cause irritation and excessive production of earwax.

In addition, Selkirk Rexes tend to moult because they cannot be turned on by people with allergies. It also means that cats need to be regularly and carefully combed out.

Feed the Selkirk Rex as well as other breeds. To choose from: either a balanced quality food, or natural nutrition with vitamins. This should be raw meat (it should be boiled over with boiling water), offal, cereal. Vitamin complexes are very necessary to maintain the health of long hair.

The following photo shows what Selkirk Rex looks like.

The standard allows all kinds of colors and patterns. The preference is given to pure saturated color. Often there are spotted Selkirk Rexes, sepia and Mink as albino varieties, bicolors, silvery / smoky, chocolate and mauve.

The color of the eyes, nose and paw pads should be combined with the coat color.


How much is

The price for this breed starts from 12 thousand rubles (4.5 thousand UAH). As usual, the cost varies depending on the gender of the kitten, its external data, class, pedigree. It should be noted that since 2015 breeding of Selkirk Rex is prohibited by crossing with other breeds. From now on, the real Selkirk Rex both parents must be of the same breed.

Where to buy Selkirk Rex

Although the Selkirk Rex is considered to be a fairly young breed, nurseries for its breeding work in most of the CIS countries. In particular, many breeders in Russia. One of these nurseries is located in Moscow http://www.show-cats.ru/

In Ukraine, breeders of British cats are breeding this breed.

For example, in Kiev, a nursery "Joy my soul" http://joymysoul.com/

There is a Selkirk Rex nursery in Minsk http://www.glamorcat.ru/

If you decide to buy Selkirk Rex not in the official nursery, but from individuals, read the reviews about the seller. At least the kitten should be vaccinated.

How did the breed appear?

The Selkirk Rex breed is relatively young: the history of its development began in 1987, when an employee of a small kennel found a non-standard kitten in the litter of an ordinary domestic cat. He was different from everyone else and had an unusual coat that looked like a curly lamb. The woman decided to give the cat Jerry Newman - an experienced breeder.

She crossed the animal with a Persian cat, and in the litter of six kittens there were three having a wavy coat. This meant that such a sign is dominant and inherited, even if the second parent has a straight coat. But the cover was curled unevenly, which is a unique feature of the breed. The name she received in honor of the relative Newman.

The unique new breed received official recognition only at the beginning of the 90s, and it began to actively spread in European countries only towards the end of the last century. Today, Selkirk Rex are popular and valued by both professional breeders and cat lovers.

Character traits

The main features of the breed Selkirk Rex:

  • Pretty tight physique, well-developed muscles.
  • Medium or large size. The weight of males can reach 7-8 kilograms, and females slightly less - about 3-6 kg.
  • Proportional to the body and very powerful paws, culminating in wide rounded pads.
  • Round and broad head with a rather large forehead. The cheeks are large and full, which makes the muzzle even sweeter. Eyebrows with a mustache are usually curled, like wool.
  • Rounded, having pointed tips and widely spaced ears.
  • Large, round and wide-set eyes. Their shades can be varied.
  • The tail is of medium length, rather thick at the base and tapering towards the end.
  • A distinctive feature is wool: it is wavy, sometimes even curly, but it can have impregnations of almost straight hairs. The cover is loosely attached to the body of the cat and gives it a fluffiness and volume. The length can be different: from rather short or medium to long. Curls most on the stomach, tail and neck (in these places may be more significant and length). Colors are the most diverse, including light, dark and multicolored. Kittens are born curly, but then when changing hair curliness is lost and reappears around 9-10 months. But animals get their final appearance only by 1.5-2 years.

Interesting fact: although the color of the eyes, paws and nose, as well as coat color can be almost any and not standardized, they should be harmoniously combined.

How to care for such pets? The Selkirk Rex cat breed requires more complex care than some other breeds. He is in compliance with several rules:

  1. Since the coat is thick, regular swimming is required, otherwise skin problems may occur. Water procedures should be carried out every one and a half to two months, using specialized shampoos for animals.
  2. Selkirk-reks are prone to molting, so you need to regularly remove the falling hairs. But it is best to do it with a suede cloth, wiping the whole body with it, or with a soft brush.
  3. It is necessary to comb a pet regularly, as the wool can be very messy, especially long. But it is important to choose a brush with natural soft bristles and carry out movements in the direction of hair growth in order to preserve curls. You also do not need to perform combing more than once a week, otherwise the waviness will gradually disappear.
  4. Wool grows even in the ears, and in significant quantities, and this feature can cause sulfur accumulation and infection of tissues. To avoid such problems, you should regularly and carefully clean the ears, using cotton swabs or wide sticks with limiters, soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide.

Nutrition is an important part of Selkirk Rex care. The main food can be used as a specialized and having a balanced composition of prepared food, and natural food. In the latter case, you can offer your pet boiled or boiled water fish and meat, offal. The diet may include vegetables (preferably boiled or stewed) and cereals in the form of porridge, you can also give low-fat dairy and dairy products. Semi-finished products, sweets, fat and flour are prohibited.

Tip: from early childhood, teach your cat to feed on a schedule twice a day. And control the volume of servings, as Selkirk Rex are prone to overeating.


Selkirk Rex have a rather docile and calm character, they are not inclined to aggression and revenge. Such cats are tender and gentle, very loyal to the owner, and they can fully trust and show their feelings to only one family member, although they will treat the rest quite friendly, like other pets, including dogs.

Animals of this breed are sociable and although they do not require constant attention, they love to receive it very much and respond with a satisfied rumbling. Selkirk Rex is a wonderful companion who will accompany you everywhere, happily walking on your hands and sitting on your knees or shoulders.

Cats of this breed are patient and able to adapt to almost any conditions, they accept life as it is, without showing discontent. At the same time, Selkirk-Reks are quite energetic and active, they like to arrange fun entertainment and play, and even before old years. Animals show genuine interest to strangers and are eyeing them, but if they do not see threats to them, they are happy to contact and give themselves to be stroked.

Possible diseases

Since the breed is young, genetic diseases that are inherited and characteristic of Selkirk-Rex diseases have not yet been identified. But they can inherit the diseases of their first ancestors, for example, Persian cats. Hip dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, thromboembolism are possible.

If you decide to start a Selkirk-Rex, then he will become the most loyal friend. Take care of him and care for your pet, so that it will respond to you with love and affection.

Description of Selkirk Rex

Главные отличительные характеристики породы селрирк-рекс — кудрявые завитушки на шерсти и закрученные усики. Структура шерсти должна быть мягкой, густой и волнистой. Длина может отличаться. Существуют длинношерстный и короткошерстный селкир-рекс.

The latter have the name Selkirk-Straight, they have the same beautiful fur, but it may be slightly less than that of long-haired cats. The appearance of curls is influenced not only by the length of the coat. Curly may also depend on the season and climate.

Description breed Selkirk Rex

Such cats as the exotic Shorthair, Persian, American Shorthair and British Shorthair participated in its creation.

Nowadays, cats are described as animals with strong bones from which physical strength emanates. Medium to large size. Cats (weighing 4–7 kg, sometimes more) are traditionally larger than cats. The latter weigh from 3 to 4 kg.

Breed standards

On a round head should not be flat areas, and the skull has distinct cheeks. The muzzle is round, of moderate width, with developed vibrissa pads. The length of the muzzle is equal to half its width. The profile shows a bend in the cheeks, and the tip of the nose, chin, and upper lip are aligned. The back of the nose is located below the eye line, the nose itself is slightly curved.

The chin is proportional and strong, the eyebrows and vibrissae scroll. Ears are medium, widely set, fit into round outlines of the head. Wool in auricles also winds. The eyes are round and large, in color in harmony with the color of the coat. Different color of the iris is found in white cats. Usually the eyes have the following shades:

The constitution is harmonious: the body is rectangular, but not long. Hips and shoulders about the same width. The limbs are strong, commensurate to the body, supported by powerful round legs. The tail is medium, proportional to the body, with a rounded tip and thick at the base.

Type of coat, color

While the breed was in its infancy, Selkirks were crossed with British Shorthair, Exotics and Persian cats. But since 2015, the requirements have tightened and now only animals of the same breed (Selkirk Rex) are attracted to mating.

Two wavy species are known - short-haired and long-haired. But sometimes kittens with straight hair are born: such babies are called Selkirk Straights. Curly kittens curl after a while straighten to re-spin at 8-10 months of age. Fur acquires its completed look to years to two.

It is interesting! Selkirks, unlike other curly rocks, have 3 types of hair (straight, slightly wavy and distinctly curly). In addition, not only the outer coat curls, but also the undercoat and awn, and the curls themselves are scattered very chaotically.

As a rule, increased curliness is noted on the neck, abdomen and "pants" of Selkirk-Rex. In short-haired copies, the fur is wavy-plush, for long-haired ones it is decorated in flowing curls. For cats of this breed, any color is acceptable, both mono and polychrome, including white, silver, black and white, white and red, blue and cream.

The nature of Selkirk Rex

Breeders claim that the selkirki (thanks to the successful connection of the original breeds) are almost the most flexible of all domestic cats. From the British Shorthair, they took the calmness and nobility, from the exotic ones - the vitality and playfulness, from the Persian cats - loving and devotion.

It is interesting! Selkirk Rex is friendly to strangers, is lenient and not jealous of any domestic animals, tender and patient with young children, but, of course, especially attached to the owner.

Selkirk Rex almost more than other breeds, including all Rex, tends to close contact with a person, which makes it difficult to part with him for a long time and even falls into depression.

By the way, Selkirks are distinguished by another amazing feature - they are wonderfully trained and can be trained, just because they are trying to please their master and want to be with him. No matter what your joint leisure time will be (games, combing, stroking or walking) - Selkirk-Rex will be glad to any kind of communication.

Care and hygiene

Every Selkirk Rex is unique: this refers primarily to the curl ornament. They are very different (with more or less pronounced curliness) and whimsically scattered throughout the body. During life, curls change their structure due to the weather, age, ailments, carrying kittens and lactation, as well as the psychological state of the Selkirk. Long-haired pets require more attention, especially when moulting. They are combed 1-2 times a day so that the mats do not appear.

Tools to be purchased:

  • comb with long teeth
  • undercoat brush,
  • furminator to remove old wool,
  • blunt scissors to get rid of mats
  • suede cloth to wipe wool,
  • spray for spraying hair after combing.

Important! All Rex washing is not particularly recommended and is allowed only with noticeable contamination of wool.

Water temperature should not be higher than body temperature (38.3 ° C). They take the cat by the scruff of the neck and carefully roll it over with a shower, trying not to fall on the head (they put cotton in the ears of the pet beforehand). Wash with a sponge with a pre-diluted shampoo, then rinsed with a shower hose. A clean cat is wrapped in a towel and wiped with a wet sponge.

Ears are cleaned once a week (with a cotton pad with petroleum jelly, oil or liquid paraffin). Claws trimmed as necessary, teeth cleaned every 7 days. Selkirks can leak eyes. Discharges are cleaned with a tampon with a neutral antiseptic, excluding tea brewing and chamomile infusion with a light coat color.

How to feed Selkirk Rex

In food, the breed is unpretentious: baleen fed with natural products (+ mineral supplements) or factory food of the super premium class and holistic. Scald raw meat with boiling water before serving. Include in the diet offal, vegetables, cereals, valuable fish (occasionally), dairy products (without fillers).

Taking the kitten from the breeder, feed the baby with the usual products for the first week. If it is so small that it needs breast milk, try giving it goat or special milk for kittens produced by several companies.

Important! Selkirk Rex prone to gluttony. So that the cat does not gain excess weight, try to control its approaches to the bowl and not indulge in food from the table.

"Adult" products are introduced gradually, so that the transition is the most natural, not forgetting about vitamins (especially group B) and trace elements.

Diseases and breed defects

Selkirks have high immunity and almost no genetic ailments. True, there are two vulnerable organs in which activities failures are sometimes noted: this is the heart (the weak point of the British Shorthair who participated in the selection) and the kidney (due to the fault of the Persian cats).

Another disease that Selkirk-Rex owners may face is conjunctivitis. This is the trouble of many cats with big eyes. Depending on the nature of the inflammation, it is treated with folk remedies or referred to the clinic.

And such a disease as an allergy threatens the feline owners themselves with their increased susceptibility to allergens. And in this regard, the long-haired Selkirk-Rex are more dangerous.

What to look for

By the time of purchase, the kitten is dewormed and vaccinated, and the future owner is issued a veterinary passport of the Selkirk and a pedigree / metric.

Inspect the baby:

  • well, if he is well-fed (not puzat and not exhausted),
  • the body should not be cones and tumors,
  • the coat will be slightly wavy, clean, soft and without parasites,
  • skin - without ulcers, bald areas and damage,
  • no discharge from the eyes, nose and ears,
  • the teeth should be white and even, the gums should be pale pink,
  • around the anus should be clean (without a trace of diarrhea).

Observe how the kitten walks and runs: notice gait disturbances - refuse to buy. Little Selkirk is always active and curious, and lethargy is a very frightening symptom.

Price Selkirk Rex

The price of a kitten starts from 5 thousand rubles and comes to 25 thousand. By the way, in Russia there are not so many nurseries engaged in breeding with Selkirk Rex. They are in Yekaterinburg, Orel, Bryansk, Samara, Kazan and Moscow.

It is interesting! The cost of a cat is influenced by the kennel's prestige, the presence of a pedigree, the purity of the breed lines, the class of the animal, its gender and color, and the type of coat.

Owner reviews

Almost all owners of these lively plush toys tell about love at first sight, telling about indescribable sensations.. It is impossible to part with the cozy and affectionate Selkirk, especially since the cats themselves are great lovers of purring and basking on the master's hands.

The breed is absolutely adapted for children, as it does not know fatigue in games, and also endures the most unceremonious manipulations: jumping on the stomach, pulling the tail, pinching the face and trying to climb on the back.

According to the owners, Selkirk-Rex, the latter are able to get along in any community, no matter who it is: cats, dogs, children or strangers. The only thing that should be taken care of if the Selkirk settled in the house is about the lack of food in the public domain. Cat eats all that is not nailed, because of what the portions are strictly metered.

Caring for Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex, of course, has an amazing appearance, but the owner of this cat should be prepared for the fact that for this charm will have to pay a lot of effort in caring for a pet. In order for the representatives of this breed to maintain a decent appearance, they will have to provide thorough and constant care. Basically, this refers to the care of their wool, since otherwise they are no more burdensome than other breeds.

For grooming, the owner should brush his pet at least once a day, and preferably twice.

For combing, you will need a steel comb with wide rounded teeth and a brush. You should not use a frequent comb, as it is quite dangerous for long-haired cats, which can get stuck in its fur, and even more so for such kucheryashek as Selkirk Rex. For this reason, preference should be given to the rare scallop.

Selkirk Rex are not similar to other Rex rocks.

In the process of combing, you should not "drive horses" trying to finish the procedure as quickly as possible. Haste will not lead to anything good. Moreover, it will surely end with torn hair and a pet's panicked hate for combing. Instead, the cat should be placed on his lap, calm down, and then start combing it with a rubber brush-mitten. This will remove the top layer of dead hair, at the same time giving the cat pleasure.

After that, you can take up the comb, combing first only the tips, and only then coming closer to the roots of the hair. If you start right away from the roots, the comb will almost certainly get stuck in the animal's curls, and if you restrict yourself to the top layer, the cat will soon become covered with mats, which can only be removed with scissors or a special machine for grooming cats.

The last option for Selkirk Rex is simply terrible, because, as it is cut, it will lose its business card.

Combing should be very careful, otherwise curls will not be so tightly curled.

In order to properly perform this procedure, it is advisable to ask the breeder, from whom the kitten will be bought, to show how to comb the animal. Therefore, you should not be lazy, refusing to your pet in the careful care. For the same reason, before you buy a cat of this breed, you should think about whether you have enough time and energy to give the cat everything that it needs because of its breed characteristics. As for washing, bathing for a long-haired Selkirk Rex is required approximately once a month. No need to worry that this will “flatten” their curls, as some overly emotional owners think. When the cat dries, its usual look will return to it.

The Selkirk Rex breed appeared in 1987 in America.

True, all of the above does not apply to short-haired Selkirk Rex, which, like all short-haired cats, do not need such careful care and can do with one combing a week and a rare dip.

As for the care of ears, claws, teeth and eyes, then everything is pretty familiar. At least once a week should inspect and clean the ears.

Claws as they grow should be clipped with a nail clipper, and teeth should be brushed weekly.

As for eye care, then the situation is somewhat more complicated, although not too difficult. They need to inspect every day for secretions. This is especially important for cats, whose muzzle is painted in a light color, on which the tear paths are clearly visible, which remain from the discharge that is not cleaned in time. Therefore, if the owner is reinsured and checks the eyes of his pet twice a day, there will be nothing but benefit from this. Also, cleaning your eyes with a moistened tampon, do not use tea brewing or chamomile decoction, as they can dye the light wool yellowish.

Breed description Selkirk Rex with photo

The cat breed Selkirk Rex is characterized by a unique gene of curly hair, consisting of three types of hair. It can be long or short, of different color, priority clear colors.

Kittens will inherit curly hair only if both parents have the same type. Since the breed is still in its infancy, modern breeders continued to cross representatives of the Selkirk Rex with other pedigree individuals. But, since 2015, these experiments have been suspended.

Today, there are such standards for Selkirk Rex cats defined by the TICA organization:

  • the weight of an adult cat varies within 5-8 kg, cats are inferior in the weight category by 2-3 kg,
  • large body size and harmonious physique,
  • rectangular body with proportionally arranged shoulders and hips
  • the neck is thick and short
  • the limbs are large, of medium length with rounded pads,
  • a small tail with a narrowed tip,
  • large head with protruding cheeks and a powerful chin
  • small, wide-set ears with pointed tips,
  • big round eyes, different shades are allowed, priority is green, amber, copper and blue,
  • short or long hair with thick undercoat.

Different colors of wool are allowed. The most popular shades are blue, white and red, cream, white, black and white and silver.

Lifespan 15-17 years.

Character and education

Thanks to the successful crossbreeding of elite breeds, the Selkirk Rex cats have acquired just perfect character! These docile animals with a noble character, zest for life and an unlimited sense of devotion become real vents for their owners.

Small kittens quickly get used to the usual way of life in the family. They are intelligent and intuitive, well aware of the requirements of the owner and try to please in everything. There are no problems with raising such a cute cat!

The breed of cats Selkirk Rex is characterized by friendliness to all family members, other pets and even strangers. They quickly make contact, presenting their personality in the best possible light.

A kitten of this breed will be the best friend for the child! A mobile and active pet, never showing aggression, will gladly spend time in the game process, give the child its tenderness and affection. Selkirk Rex - a plush live toy with good looks and the kindest temper!

Representatives of this breed quickly become attached to a person and feel very lonely during periods of parting. So that the curly friend with a cute face doesn't get bored during your absence, get another pet, always with a good-natured character, so that they quickly find friendly contact without jealous manifestations.

A cat of the Selkirk Rex breed loves to “talk” with its beloved owner. Such animals have an incredible sensitivity, well understand the mood of the household and will never be imposed at the wrong time.

Raising a Selkirk Rex is a pleasure! Representatives of this breed are famous for good intellectual abilities and worthy manners of behavior. They are suitable for dressing and quickly learn the correct manners of behavior in a new family.

With such an intelligent and charming cat, lonely people will acquire a new meaning, married couples - a little happiness, and children - the best living toy with which you will never be bored!

Health and proper nutrition for Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex breed is quite young and so far experts have not identified the genetic predisposition of the animal to a particular disease. But, due to impurities of other known breeds, the likelihood of the development of certain diseases characteristic of cats participating in crossing is allowed.

Any cat can live a long and happy life completely healthy if the owner creates the right conditions for its maintenance and develops a healthy diet for feeding a furry pet.

How to feed Selkirk Rex? As well as cats of other known breeds. Хозяину следует определиться с типом питания: натуральными продуктами, готовыми промышленными кормами или смешанный вариант.

Несколько полезных рекомендаций:

  1. Блюда для кормления кошки породы селкирк рекс приготавливаются индивидуально, без специй и соли. Products must be exclusively fresh, do not contain harmful ingredients and dyes.
  2. Do not overfeed. Dose each serving at the age norm. After feeding, clean the bowl of leftovers and never give the cat yesterday's food!
  3. Most of the daily diet is low-fat meat. Do not feed your pet bones, especially chicken and fish! Serve the meat in boiled form or after a freeze in the refrigerator. Before serving, pour boiling water and be sure to cut into small pieces.
  4. Dairy products can be given only to kittens. The body of adult representatives does not assimilate this product. But you can pamper a curly cat with tasty and healthy dairy products, without dyes and flavorings. Be sure to check the shelf life of the finished product!
  5. Clean drinking water should be freely available for the kitten.
  6. If you chose ready-made industrial pet food ration, do not save money and buy only quality compounds from the Premium and Super Premium categories. Budget food contains a large number of harmful components that adversely affect the condition and health of the cat. Moreover, in such compositions there are no useful trace elements necessary for healthy growth and proper development.
  7. Mixed diet is allowed, provided that the feeding of completely different foods will occur at a certain interval. You can not serve both natural food with ready-made feed.

More detailed recommendations on feeding purebred cats can be found in the thematic article on our website!

How to care for Selkirk's curly hair

The Selkirk Rex breed has many advantages, but there is one drawback - problematic wool that requires special care. Owners of such a wonderful pet will need to be patient in order to properly keep the curly hair clean and tidy.

Beautiful curls get a kitten from birth, but throughout his life can change the structure of the fur. Particular difficulties arise during the care of Selkirk Rex long-haired cats, which abundantly molt and leave their curls in all corners of the house.

And besides, the wool of cats with an unusual structure is prone to the formation of mats. To exclude their appearance, it is necessary to regularly comb the cat and it is recommended to do it at least once a day.

So, how to care for Selkirk Rex cats:

  1. You will need a high-quality comb with long teeth for combing, a special brush for the care of the undercoat, scissors for trimming tangles with blunt tips, a furminator for removing old wool, as well as a suede cloth to wipe wool. After combing the fur is sprayed with clean water from a spray bottle, it should also be purchased in advance.
  2. Scratching cats should be strictly on wool, in the right direction. You need to perform this procedure every day!
  3. Kitten can bathe in warm water, not more than 38 degrees. For washing wool, you can use a special shampoo for long-haired or short-haired cats, depending on the type of cover of your representative. It is often not necessary to perform a bathing procedure, it can be done only when the wool is contaminated.
  4. After the bath, the face of the cat is washed with a wet sponge. The body is wiped with a towel.
  5. You should also brush your teeth and ears 1 time per week with the use of special accessories for animals.
  6. As they grow, claws are neatly trimmed.
  7. Pet eyes should be periodically cleaned with an antiseptic solution.

Proper care of Selkirk Rex will provide a beautiful look to your home favorite!

Shorthair and Longhair Rex

As we have said, cats of the Selkirk Rex breed can have short or long hair. The difference between these representatives is clearly visible on the tail and neck.

For short-haired Rex is characterized by a loose fit of hair, and its length on the tail is identical to the size of the hairs on the body, and is approximately 3-5 cm.

The representatives of the long-haired category have a thicker and thicker coat with a noticeable elongation of hairs on the tail and collar area. Thick and plush coat has a soft texture.

The length of the coat depends on the complexity of care. More difficulties arise with long-haired Selkirk owners, which is quite logical.