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How to choose thinning scissors


What kind of devices are not in hairdressing! For a haircut to succeed, a hairdresser will definitely use thinning shears - the thinning will complete the shape of the haircut and ensure ease of installation. After this treatment, daily hair styling of the proper shape will become much easier and faster, additional volume and smoothness of line transitions will appear.

What is thinning scissors?

These are special professional hairdresser's scissors, which as usual consist of two parts, at the same time one or both cloths are made in the form of teeth. Hair filing scissors are one-sided and double-sided - by the previously described criterion. The thinning side of one-sided scissors is on the top or bottom, it is necessary to pay attention to this, the location of the web affects the number of cut hairs.

Scissors vary in the number of teeth. The classical cloth can contain from 8 (flag scissors) to 30 teeth, the tool containing over 40 teeth meets. In accordance with the width of the intervals and will be made filirovka hair. The more teeth, the less "torn" will be the cut. For beginners, it is better to choose bilateral options with frequent teeth, then strands will be natural, plus the risk of simply cutting out some tips or overdoing decreases. Scissors differ in blade length, which is selected according to the size of the master's hand.

What are we for

Filirovka need for thinning hair. When using the tool, part of the hair strands is shortened, part remains of the original length, that is, the tip of the strand is thinned out, providing a smoother transition and softer lines in the hairstyle. So you can make a cascade haircut smooth, with completely invisible length transitions. Filirovka is needed in men's haircuts, it is indispensable for bringing the classic haircut to the ideal, especially with regard to the side and back of the head.

It is better to have in stock two types of tools - with teeth on the top and bottom. The first suitable for soft hair of the European type. It is better to expose hair of rigid Asian type to more aggressive thinning with teeth from below. With the arrangement of the teeth below, the number of cut (milled) hairs increases, if the hair is thicker, then the area of ​​the cut must be larger. The presence of bilateral thinning tools allows you to make a barely noticeable thinning.

How to use thinning scissors

Filirovka - the final stage of cutting. First you need to run the base with ordinary scissors, create a form. Nuances:

  1. Cutting thinning scissors better “dry” - after blow-dry. So clearly shows which areas require "relief", where the silhouette is weighted.
  2. Correctly milling hair with thinning scissors is easy - you need to lift a strand on your fingers or a comb and stitch the ends.
  3. Milling hair at the roots is undesirable. This is permissible in a creative haircut, with a certain idea of ​​the master.
  4. The tool is used at all technologies of a hairstyle.

Top thinning scissors

Offers on the professional market of hairdressing tools - do not count. There are expensive exclusive models, there are cheap analogues available. The sizes, material, design differ. How to navigate this stream of proposals and choose the best? Consider the most popular eminent brands and their proposals for the tools.

Jaguar was founded in Germany in 1932. Products of this brand is famous for impeccable quality. Here is one of the popular models:

  • Model Name: Jaguar Kamiyu T33 6.
  • Price: 28300 p.
  • Features: This is a joint Japanese-German development. Scissors contain 33 curved teeth. Material - cobalt alloy steel. Made in Japan. The length of the canvas - 15.5 cm.
  • Pluses: the highest quality, two removable clamps.
  • Cons: high price.

In addition to classic thinning, the company offers creative options:

  • Model Name: JAGUAR S & V4.
  • Price: 16732 p.
  • Characteristics: have an ergonomic shape and glossy polishing. The length of the canvas is 14 cm. The asymmetric position of the various shapes of the teeth gives an unusual effect when milling hair.
  • Pros: glossy polished steel, rubberized inserts, removable latches.
  • Cons: unpredictable effect on different hair types.

Simple and affordable, but of high quality - this is what Dewal hairdressing tools characterize. They are perfect for beginners or home use. Here is an example of a popular model:

  • Model Name: DEWAL 241 / 5.5.
  • Price: 2523 p.
  • Features: classic alloy steel scissors with a removable holder. 38 teeth, length - 5.5 inches.
  • Pros: robust design, quality material.
  • Cons: only for right-handers.

And a more ergonomic option from the manufacturer:

  • Model Name: DEWAL S4055.
  • Price: 2243 p.
  • Characteristics: convection sharpening, black finish, without decorative elements, length - 5.5 inches, 40 teeth, removable stop.
  • Pros: high-quality stainless steel, high performance.
  • Cons: not suitable for left-handers.

This is a Japanese manufacturer of professional hairdressing tools. The products are of high quality material and reasonable price. Such a model is popular:

  • Model Name: KEDAKE 4955-0027.
  • Price: 5350 p.
  • Features: classic shape, removable holder and screw of yellow steel, size 5.5. The model is made of special heavy-duty steel with symmetric rings.
  • Pros: ergonomics and reliability.
  • Cons: the lack of decorative elements.

There is a brighter and more elegant counterpart from this manufacturer:

  • Model Name: KEDAKE 28455-10030-10.
  • Price: 7000 r.
  • Characteristics: U-shaped shape of working blades, rounded cutting edge, 30 teeth, 20-25% cut of dry hair, high smoothness of clamping.
  • Pros: screw group decorated with Swarovski crystals.
  • Cons: fixed emphasis.

Democratic brand of instruments whose products are affordable for many. Quality scissors can be bought very cheap:

  • Model Name: ZINGER EV-606-TH / 6.5.
  • Price: 370 p.
  • Characteristics: classic scissors shape, plastic handle, fixed cast stop, size 6.5, second blade with microfacer.
  • Pros: affordable price.
  • Disadvantages: plastic is a short-lived material.

See another available copy from the ruler:

  • Model Name: ZINGER EV-606 / 6.5.
  • Price: 320 p.
  • Characteristics: classic model with cast support, straight teeth and screw fastening. Size 6.5.
  • Pros: light weight, easy to hold.
  • Cons: fixed emphasis.

Kapous Professional

The optimal ratio of price-quality demonstrates this manufacturer. One of the most popular samples was the following model:

  • Model Name: 5.5, SK76 KAPOUS PROFESSIONAL.
  • Price: 1650 p.
  • Characteristics: classical thinning one-sided model of scissors, fixed support, size 5.5.
  • Pros: the anatomical shape of the handle contributes to long work.
  • Cons: not suitable for left-handers.

The manufacturer does not differ in creativity, because the models differ only in part:

  • Model Name: 6.0, SK10T KAPOUS PROFESSIONAL.
  • Price: 1650 p.
  • Characteristics: one-sided model, a cloth with teeth on the bottom, an emphasis is not removable, handle rings with rubberized inserts, size 6.0.
  • Pros: convenient handle shape.
  • Cons: the lack of decorative elements.

How to choose thinning scissors

The choice of filirovok is an individual matter. You can buy thinning scissors in the online store, delivery by mail is possible, which is convenient for remote regions. In this case, a working copy can be purchased cheap if there is a promotion, sale or discount. You can go to a specialized salon, purchase an exclusive expensive copy of the tool. This is an excellent option for residents of megacities, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg - there are many retail stores, the cost in such outlets is lower - the purchase will be profitable.

Each choice has its own criteria. It is necessary to take into account the general points:

  • Size of thinning shears. The larger the arm, the longer the blades should be.
  • The material from which the tool is made. It may be specialized steel. Better to avoid plastic.
  • The number of blades with teeth. Two serrated webs cut off less hair when milling than one-sided filming.
  • On which side is the blade with teeth. Cloth bottom - for Asian hair type, canvas top - for European.
  • The anatomical shape of the handle ensures long-term work without discomfort.
  • Be sure to check the sharpness of the tool - cut off a strand of hair.
  • It is better to opt for German or Japanese scissors - these countries are considered the best manufacturers of hairdressing equipment.

Purpose scissors

  1. Milling hair comes in the case when you need to smooth transitions when performing cascading haircuts or thin out the strands. Properly executed haircut is not capable of harming hair, and the opinion that the thinning spoils the hair is wrong. The condition of the hair is adversely affected by improper care. Sometimes cascading haircuts and thinning are really undesirable. In this case, the hair is more electrified and pushed, which leads to a cross section.
  2. Professional scissors will suit the beginner and the skilled hairdresser. With the help of partial thinning it is possible to give the hair volume or visually balance the growth of hair. If on one side the hair grows thicker, then proper thinning will improve the appearance.

Manufacturers Overview

Traditionally produce single-sided and double-sided scissors. The first cut off more hair at a time, so beginners are afraid to work with them. But they are softer in action and not so ruthlessly “shred” hair. Doubles have jagged edges on both blades. When closing, they are much tougher, so experienced craftsmen rarely work with them.

When choosing scissors should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • alloy composition
  • arrangement of cloths (for right-handed and left-handed),
  • width and number of teeth
  • size and shape.

It now remains to find comfortable scissors, focusing on value for money. Let's name the best manufacturers of hairdresser's scissors.

The instrument, originally from Germany, has earned trust. It is used by hairdressers all over the world. Jaguar scissors are made of stainless steel and do not require sharpening. Do not leave split ends, thin out quickly and without damage to the hair, easy to use and suitable for beginners. Despite the high price, non-professional hairdressers buy them for home use. The premium tool has a long service life. Store scissors in a protective case in a dry place. Despite the unique performance characteristics of scissors, their misuse can lead to damage to the tool.

Attitudes to the Fix Price tool at buyers are twofold. Experienced hairdressers do not consider scissors of this kind to be worth mentioning, but they help to quickly put bangs in order or thin out the strands at home. For those who use thinning scissors rarely, and for a slight treatment of hair, this option is acceptable. First, the tool attracts the price. Secondly - ease of use. But the blades quickly become dull, and then the scissors will begin to “chew” the hair, and not thin out them. Fans of scissors Fix Price does not become less. Therefore, the tool was listed.

Scissors of the Japanese brand are pleased with an affordable price and excellent quality. For those who can not afford the elite tool "Katana" (aka Katana Cobalt), these scissors will be the best solution. Bad tool from the brand Dewal does not happen. Hairdressers usually purchase several scissors of this brand for various purposes. The tool differs in ease, cloths have the course terminator, it is convenient to hold scissors in hand. Plastic inserts in the rings prevent slipping during shearing. The presence of the holder for the little finger facilitates the work. The scissors of the Japanese brand have managed to evaluate left-handed scissors - the hairdresser's tool does not cause any strain on the brush and is offered with a different arrangement of webs.

Scissors of this brand differ in the democratic price, convenience of operation and lack of frills. Suitable for haircuts at home or correction of bangs without a hairdresser. In many ways resemble Zinger hairdressing scissors. Made of stainless steel, supplemented with plastic handles. Have a fixed holder for the little finger. Do not dull, effectively thin out thick strands and smooth transitions, do not slip during operation. With careful care will serve more than one year. Newbies consider Mertz scissors to be one of the best.

Scissors from Japan are popular with experienced hairdressers. Such a tool is created for frequent use, it lasts a long time and works without complaints. Mizuka is cheaper than the Jaguar and Katana, but this does not affect the quality of the tool. According to experienced hairdressers, there is no inconvenience in the work. If scissors suddenly began to cut worse, then it is not necessary to resort to sharpening. You need to adjust the screw so that the blades move better and shear the required volume once. If we talk about sharpening, then it will take no earlier than 5 years after purchase.

Video instruction on the use of scissors

Quality of a hairstyle depends not only on scissors. If the master is not experienced, then the first time haircut may not work. But it is easier to work with thinning scissors than with straight lines. How to perform filing for a newbie will be prompted by a video instruction. The master advises to work with scissors with frequent teeth. And most importantly - you can not cut the strand twice in a row in the same place. 2-3 strands of scissors are performed on one strand, and with each closing the tool shifts towards the tips.

What it is?

What are thinning scissors, what are they for? The accessory has one serrated web or two. Thinning shears are used for thinning hair, creating smoother transitions, soft edges and lines in hairstyles, for bangs. Applying such an accessory, the master cuts off part of the hairs, the rest remain intact. Reception is simply necessary when creating male model haircuts, as well as female cascading haircuts, in which the cut should not be overly explicit, coarse and pronounced.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose a good thinning shears for cutting, which will help to create real masterpieces of hairdressing? When buying an accessory, pay attention to several important parameters:

  1. Bilateral or one-sided scissors? In the latter, only one blade has teeth, and in the former, two jagged blades. Bilateral thinning scissors are ideal for beginners, as they cut less hair, that is, the thinning effect is less pronounced. With such an accessory, the risk of making mistakes and spoiling the hairstyle is reduced, but the length of the haircut increases. Experienced craftsmen will be able to work with one-sided scissors: they accelerate the process, but thin out the strands more strongly. A beginner hairdresser can cut too many hairs by making a mistake.
  2. The number of teeth on the canvas varies from 8-10 to 30-40. The more frequent and numerous they will be, the softer and less pronounced the cut will be. Novice master should choose scissors with a large or at least average number of teeth.
  3. The location of the teeth also plays an important role. Thinning scissors with teeth on top will be suitable for thick and tough Asian-type hair, if you need a fairly aggressive or “torn” thinning (more hairs are cut off). An accessory with a lower arrangement of teeth is usually used for a haircut, if the hair is of European type, that is, soft and not very thick. Thinning will not be strong and pronounced, the hairstyle will find soft transitions.
  4. The size is selected taking into account the peculiarities of the barber's hand: the larger the palm, the longer the blade should be.
  5. Material. The blades are made of metal, the quality and characteristics of which depend on the quality of the haircuts and the durability of the accessory. The best option is stainless steel: it is durable, does not corrode (and the effect of moisture on haircuts on wet hair is inevitable), is not deformed, and is durable. Handles can also be metal or made of plastic. The latter material reduces the weight of the accessory, but is rather fragile and can break when used carelessly. Metal handles are strong and durable, but they increase the weight of the scissors and are not always pleasant to the touch (they are cold, but rather quickly reach the temperature of the human body while being held in hand).
  6. Form pens. Proper and truly comfortable thinning shears should have an anatomical shape that follows the contours of the fingers and palm. This accessory makes the process of cutting as comfortable as possible for the master. Before buying it is worth holding the scissors in your hands, and even better to test them in action to appreciate the convenience, to adapt and choose the best option.

Overview of popular manufacturers

Consider some popular brands of thinning scissors and their main characteristics:

  • «Dewal» – заслуживший доверие покупателей бренд, который предлагает удобные и очень качественные аксессуары по вполне демократичным ценам. The thinning shears of this manufacturer are convenient and suitable not only for experienced craftsmen, but also for beginners, you can also use them at home. The model range is wide, so you can choose the appropriate option or several accessories for different hairstyles.
  • Jaguar. The company has been operating for several decades and has firmly occupied its niche in the market of accessories for hairdressing. The product range is wide, which allows you to choose any model for all cases and create complex hairstyles. The brand is popular among beginner craftsmen and amateurs, as well as among these highly skilled professionals. Particularly noteworthy are sharp blades, sharpened at different angles and provide a comfortable work and perfect hair cutting. The disadvantage of many consider the high cost of scissors.
  • Kedake is a Japanese company known worldwide and very popular among experienced and professional hairdressers, as well as among beginners and amateurs. Masters in this brand appreciate high quality, impressive durability and comfort in use. Blades are made of good stainless steel with the addition of components that increase the strength and make the fabric more sharp and dull more slowly. There are many models in the line, so you can choose an option for any haircut or purchase several accessories for experiments.
  • "Kapous Professional". The manufacturer offers customers the best combination of quality and price. Scissors are made of high-quality metal, have convenient to use anatomical handles, serve for a long time. Among the models there are both classic and elegant, which girls-stylists like.
  • “Zinger” is the best scissors of the budget category. Everyone will be able to afford almost any model, because the cost is acceptable. The size and shape of the handles are classic and standard, but quite comfortable, so there is usually no discomfort. The main disadvantage is the use of plastic, which can be damaged or cause breakage of scissors.

How to use thinning shears, how to care for them?

To allow scissors to create stylish hairstyles and serve for a long time, you need to use them correctly. To cut their better dried and laid hair, to see at a glance which areas need thinning, and how the strands will lie in the end. Most often, the ends of hair are processed with thinning scissors, which makes it possible to smooth and soften the cut.

But filing from the middle of the curls is possible, giving texture and originality to the haircut. Haircut of the root zone is relevant if you need to select some areas or reduce the volume of hair, when the hair is very heavy or thick. It is quite simple to use thinning shears: separate the strand, lift it onto your fingers or a comb and cut it in the right place.

Equally important is proper care of the accessory. First, it should be kept in a case to protect it from the effects of negative factors that can damage the blades and change the material properties of the blades. Secondly, after cutting, it is worth wiping thinning scissors with a soft, well-absorbing fabric that will remove small remaining hairs and moisture, providing protection against corrosion, and at the same time gently polish the blades. Thirdly, immediately remove the accessory after the haircut, so that it does not fall or break.

Tip: use thinning shears for different haircuts and experiment, but follow general rules and avoid blunders and thoughtless movements.

If you want to create bright and stylish hairstyles, purchase suitable and high-quality thinning shears and use them.

Cutting techniques

The choice of method, which will be cut hair, very individual. Not only the texture is important, but also the density and silhouette of the hairstyle. The most popular way is when, at the end of the haircut, the master selects the same partings, on which he created the form, and processes the ends of the hair with scissors. But more often than not, different types of tools are needed to create a good hair style. For example, the entire hairstyle is performed with a toothed cut with straight scissors, then they also create a volume of the “tweeze” at the top of the head, and thinning scissors are used to create a ragged effect on the bangs.

Thinning hair is best done on dry curls, because in this case it is easier to control the process, so as not to cut off the excess. Many masters perform filing around the crown not only at the ends, but also along the length, making several vertical cuts at the roots and in the middle of the strand.

Shearing thinning shears

Such hairstyles belong to the category of creative. You can cut it on dry or wet hair. The main advantage of this form is that it turns out to be very plastic and easily fit, transforming into any idea. But not all curls can perform such haircuts. For example, very tough hair can become completely unmanageable and start to stick in different directions. The same applies to curls and naturally thin hair.

As for men's hairstyles, these scissors are actively used not only to create creative, but also classic hairstyles. Such a method as “shading” is necessary in order to create a smooth transition between short and long haircuts. He performs thinning, and with high skill - straight scissors.

How to cut thinning scissors

Performing a haircut at home, many do not know how to properly use this tool. First of all, you need to pay attention to the frequency of teeth on the scissors. If they are small and frequent, thinning will be minimal, if wide, large areas of hair will be clipped, so care should be taken. The main areas that need to be milled in the female form are the crown, whiskey and bangs. In the male haircut - parietal zone, bangs and the transition between short and long hair.

With the help of properly done filing, the hairstyle lies gently, takes the desired shape well and has volume where necessary.

What scissors are necessary for the hairdresser

In the arsenal of a modern barber there are three types of tools:

  • straight,
  • thinning,
  • hot.

The first item is each master. It is with the help of such scissors hair cut. They come with direct or convex sharpening. The direct option is sharpened at an angle of 45-50 degrees and is great for novice hairdressers.

The convection type of sharpening suggests a variable degree of sharpening of about 38 degrees, which allows you to make the most thin cuts.

Thinning scissors are necessary for hair filing and shading. Such tools have teeth on one or two canvases. Many beginners choose bilateral thinning shears, as during the haircut there is less risk of cutting off more hair than expected. However, one-sided scissors have a lightweight stroke that allows you to cut with the least stress to the hair.

Hot scissors imply the presence of a heating element in the tool. The temperature of 90 ° C avoids damage to the hair structure and prevents its curvature.

Top Scissors for Hairdressers

Today, manufacturers of tools for hairdressers quite a lot. The best, according to experts, are tools manufactured by German, Italian and Japanese brands.. Each manufacturer has a fairly wide range of scissors, which are optimally suitable for both beginners and professional craftsmen.

Top 5 best scissors for hairdressing

Among the German brands, Jaguar stands out in particular. Professional hairdresser scissors of this manufacturer are of high quality material, sharpening and reliability.

The manufacturer offers a long warranty on their products.

Scissors differ in strict ergonomic design, do not demand special leaving and differ in durability. The minimum cost of such scissors starts from 5 thousand rubles. These scissors do not need frequent sharpening, since cold hardening and convection sharpening keep the tool sharp and hard for a long time.

Japanese haircut tools are especially loved. The long tradition of working with metal and, predominantly, manual labor allows you to create the perfect scissors for true art. The Tayo brand has been known in Russia for only ten years, but its instruments abroad have long been recognized as the best.

Tayo scissors models are characterized by high ergonomics and wear resistance.

Despite the popularity of the brand, the prices for scissors are quite democratic - from 3 thousand rubles. Joewell professional scissors are among the most expensive and at the same time purchased. The hundred-year history of the brand and the highest quality make them necessary in the arsenal of the most premium stylists. Blades scissors sharpened entirely by hand.

The price of scissors is from 10 thousand rubles. Another German brand has a considerable number of fans. Mertz differs in a hypoallergenic dusting and decorative elements on tools. In the manufacture of high-carbon alloys are used. Sharpening is done manually. The manufacturer offers any type of scissors for different skill levels.

Especially marked the convenience of tools. For classic scissors have to pay 3.5 thousand rubles. Kiepe is a little-known Italian brand that successfully conquers the Russian market. Professional scissors manufacturer suitable for a hairdresser of any level and orientation.

Kiepe products have excellent quality metal, often in the manufacture of using the Japanese method of grinding steel.

With high quality scissors have a fairly low cost - The classic model can be purchased for only 2 thousand rubles.

Japanese professional scissors

According to experts, Japanese scissors are the best for hairdressing. In their production they use both traditional methods of processing, hardening and sharpening of the material, as well as modern technologies. This approach allows you to achieve the perfect balance of convenience, beauty and durability of the tool.

A feature of Japanese professional scissors is the smooth roundness of the tips.

The narrow and sharp ends of the scissors are found either in the most cost-effective models, or in those made by special order. Japanese scissors are distinguished by an ideal sharpness, which does not require unnecessarily frequent sharpening.. They include the term "sharp as a diamond." Thanks to manual assembly, such tools are particularly reliable, which is not available when using automation.

Hot hair scissors

Hot scissors - one of the innovative tools for the hairdresser. Due to the warming up of the scissors blades, the use of such a tool makes it possible to get rid of the problem of split ends in a few procedures and to improve the curls. In this case, the length most often remains the same.

The main advantage of using hot scissors is “zapayka” hair and smooth cutthat even with a dry hair type helps get rid of the split ends. It is worth remembering that only dry hair can be cut with these scissors. The service of "hot" haircut is very popular, so this tool must be included in the arsenal.

Hair Cutting Scissors

For an ideal cut in the “slicing” technique, it is necessary to choose scissors with a sharp edge. The best scissors for such a haircut will be tools with convex sharpening. The blades of such tools are convex, the thickness of the cutting edge corresponds to the thickness of the hair. As a rule, scissors with such sharpening possess canvases of a straight, curved or saber-shaped form.

Scissors for the sliding cut of hair

Sliding shears are usually made by Japanese craftsmen. A special type of sharpening allows you to actually shave hair along the blade. For this type of haircut, the blades are polished and the inside is ground using a special technology. At the same time, the cutting blade is wide enough, the blades are arched.

When using scissors for a sliding cut, the hairdresser should have no difficulty.

Hair scissors for lefties

Left-handed wizards often suffer when using tools designed for right-handers. Non-standard position of the hand causes muscular fatigue and, accordingly, reduced performance. In some cases, beginners do not succeed in certain elements of a haircut with right-hand scissors. In this case, all well-known manufacturers have taken care of tools specifically for left-handers.

The main difference of professional scissors for the left-handed hairdresser is the location of the blades. The left blade of the scissors is above the right, and the hole for the thumb below.

Where to buy hairdresser's scissors

Acquire scissors should be only in professional stores. It is advisable to read the documents on the goods and permits for sale. Often under the guise of a German or Japanese brand, an inexpensive Asian replica is found, which will be of lower quality and will serve much less.

It is worth paying attention to the price - if it is significantly lower than that of a verified seller, this guarantees the purchase of a fake.

How much are scissors for a hairdresser

The cost of professional scissors can not be too low. This applies to both Japanese and German brands. Depending on the manufacturer, you will have to pay 1,300 rubles for straight scissors for the cheapest brand product up to 33 thousand rubles from a renowned brand. Thinners stand already from two to 35 thousand rubles per unit.

Hot scissors brand Jaguar can be purchased for 63 thousand rubles. When buying professional tools, a beginner does not have to purchase expensive products. It will be enough to get a good working pair of “straight-thinning” within 8 thousand rubles. And with the growth of skill and customer base to acquire premium scissors.

What to consider when buying a professional scissors

First of all, convenience is important. Therefore, it is undesirable for a beginner to purchase scissors from online stores. It is important to feel how the tool “falls” in the hand, the comfort of work. For example, the asymmetric (ergonomic) shape of the handles allows you to work longer without fatigue.

There are various options for tips on the handles that enhance the comfort and safety of skin contact with metal. An important aspect of the choice of scissors is the material of manufacture. High carbon steel should be used in tool manufacturing., which is amenable to maximum hardening, and, accordingly, is more solid and durable.

Also, the composition may include elements that enhance the physico-technical data of steel, for example, vanadium, molybdenum. Scissors are covered with titanium or chrome plating, which not only increases the service life, but also prevents the occurrence of an allergy to the metal.

It is equally important to choose a properly sharpened tool. Standard sharpening has an angle of 40 to 50 degrees and is optimal for a blunt cut. A very smooth edge, made with the help of a special technology, Convex allows you to make an ideal cut, including a sliding one and has a smaller angle - 38 degrees.

Choosing professional hairdresser scissors, you should focus on the convenience of their work.

Scissors should smoothly close and open.

It depends on the particular screw. Some models have the ability to independently adjust the screw tension, which will help in cutting hair of a certain type of stiffness and structure. The cost of premium tools is never too low. Most of even the simplest-looking, however, professional scissors for a hairdresser, cost from 20 thousand rubles.

Video about professional scissors for a hairdresser

How to choose the scissors:

Video review of professional hairdresser's scissors Mizutani ACRO Z and Schorem Master:

Single-sided or double-sided thinning scissors - how to choose the right one?

The most important question that you need to answer before choosing thinning scissors. The fundamental difference between single-sided and double-sided scissors for thinning is in the number of milling canvases.

One-sided scissors one of the canvases - thinning, and the second - the usual, direct. At bilateral - thinning both. What is the difference between them for your work?

Both there and there the hair is evenly cut from the strand - however, in double-sided scissors between the cutting edges for one cut it turns out to be significantly less hair, more falls into the "gaps" between the teeth.

From this work is slower. In this - and minus, and plus double-sided scissors.

Plus for beginners who are afraid to break the wood and remove from the strand more than necessary. Every single movement removes less hair - so, most likely, you will have time to stop.

A minus for everyone else - because you have to do twice as many movements. And my hands get tired, and time goes.

В принципе, многие преподаватели рекомендуют даже не приучать себя к щадящему режиму двухсторонних ножниц, если мастер хочет быстрого профессионального роста и не хочет переучиваться потом заново.

Именно поэтому в линейке Base разработчики ножниц Mustang Professional выбрали именно односторонний вариант филировочных ножниц:

Качество стали

Без этого никак. Дотачивать филировочные полотна - сложно. This is not possible in any service center, you need special equipment and master-sharpeners of a special class. Therefore, it is very important that the filing scissors do not lose their cutting qualities as long as possible.

And for this they, of course, must be made of high-quality and hard steel.

Convenience handles

Many teachers recommend taking straight and thinning shears, not separately, but as part of a kit. To handle and ring were the same. So that when you work with one client and have the need to change the direct model to the thinning one, you don’t have to “rebuild” your hands under another ring shape.

Therefore, in Mustang Professional, most of the scissors are made by sets of "straight + thinning". With the exception of a few special models that are used as auxiliary tools to complement the main working pair.

Please note - in our catalog you can choose for yourself one hundred percent correct pair of scissors.