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Party in the style of the USSR - how to hold correctly


In the past, as usual, the grass was greener and the ice cream tasted better, and the country was united, great and powerful ... The past does not return, but you can briefly plunge into the special atmosphere of the past during a party organized in the style of the USSR.

The times of the Soviet Union are alive in the memory of not yet older people, and young people will be happy to plunge into the romance of the past decades.

Previous times, as a rule, are remembered only as good, and these memories should be revived. The attributes and the special spirit of the Soviet Union, recreated for the duration of the celebration, are not just a themed party, but, one can say, a kind of “reconstruction”. Let nostalgia for “good old times” flourish on it in a lush color, strengthen the bond between the generations and just have a good and bright mood!

What and where can be noted in the style of the USSR?

USSR-style will be appropriate for any celebration:

  • born in the Soviet Union,
  • corporate party on the occasion of February 23, May 1, March 8,
  • New Year's party
  • corporate celebration, for example, the anniversary of the company,
  • meeting graduates,
  • professional holiday (Day of the builder, metallurgist or accountant),
  • and, of course, on anniversaries, starting from the new five-year plan in family life and ending with memorable dates in the life of any person for whom the abbreviation "USSR" has a special meaning.

For the celebration, you can adapt almost any room. It is quite acceptable to organize a party in the apartment, it is not so difficult and does not require large expenses, we will show you how to do it as simply and efficiently as possible. Office space is also suitable for this.

If you plan a cafe or restaurant, you will find yourself closer to the revived epoch if you choose those located in the buildings of 70-80 years, but you will easily be able to give originality to any interior yourself. A great option is a summer playground or a celebration in the midst of nature: you can recreate the atmosphere of a summer camp or a clean-up day!

We invite guests

The very first thing that needs to be done in the preparation of any holiday is to make and present invitation cards. After all, at the theme party is required dress code, and to prepare a costume, guests will need time. Therefore, it is better if they are aware of the time, place and subject of the holiday for 1-2 weeks.

Of course, the style of the celebration should be reflected in the invitation. Let's show some interesting options for its design:

  1. Soviet postcard. Many houses still have elements of children's collections. Write the invitation text with an ink pen or imitate the typewriter font.
  2. Telegram blank. The sample can also be poked on the web. Another option is to print letters on yellowish paper as wrapping, cut them into ribbons and stick postcards inside (this is how greeting telegrams came to the USSR).
  3. Party card. One of the most respected documents of that era. Show such a document at the entrance - what could be more prestigious! Except that mandate of the deputy of the Supreme Council.
  4. Literacy. To hand in the "Guest of Honor" or "Awesome Party Fun" such an invitation will be fun and unusual.
  5. Poster. Soviet posters are a very recognizable attribute of the era, so it is worthwhile to find a suitable sample on the Internet and reduce the format of the postcard. And if you insert a photo of your guest into the place of the hero depicted on the poster in Photoshop, he will keep your invitation as a souvenir and proudly show it to his friends!
  6. Soviet invitation card. It was possible to get to the most interesting events in the USSR only by nominal invitations. So make such a ticket: use the red color, the coat of arms of the USSR, images in a recognizable style (samples will be all the same postcards), sweeping paintings and the official seal.

Formulating the text, remember the expression of the past era: “Dear comrade (name)! We invite you to take part in the solemn meeting on the occasion (specify the reason). Uniform - front. Please arrive without delay. Committee organizers of the solemn holiday.

70 years, so different ...

The USSR epoch lasted 70 years, which included several different times, distinguished by their originality: for example, NEP, the style of style, the post-war industrial boom, the 80s with their famous Olympiad, etc. Of course, you can choose to celebrate a particular era with all its features and subtleties. Especially it would be appropriate to celebrate the anniversary, to remind the birthday of the time of his youth or childhood.

And you can not go into the subtleties of historical reconstruction and create a fun festive "mix", which will be called simply "USSR style", in this case, the owner will be easier to pick up the attributes, and guests - suits.

What may be needed to organize such a holiday? Scrub the grandmother's attic, the mezzanine of the old wardrobe, visit the former school: what if the pioneer personal belongings and outdated maps of the country that changed the borders still lie somewhere in the storeroom.

You may need:

  • old soviet newspapers and magazines
  • toys of the time - dolls, cars, bears, bunnies,
  • glass bottles of kefir, Soviet champagne,
  • labels, wrappers, pictures, etc.
  • Soviet money or their imitation
  • any pioneer attributes - tie, bandage, horn, drum, pennant,
  • retro things: lamp with lampshade, decanter with faceted glasses, gramophone or receiver for records, cassette or reel tape recorder, scores.

Welcome! Wipe your feet

In order to transform the room and give it a resemblance to the chosen epoch, first decide what it will represent: the hall for party meetings, the Soviet apartment, and maybe the working dining room for Komsomol-developers of virgin lands? This is not mandatory, it is quite possible to simply adhere to the general directions of style and decorate the room in a festive, but in accordance with the theme.

At the entrance put a rug with a caring inscription “Wipe your feet”, and hang a “Wardrobe” sign on the hanger (and the numbers you give to guests can serve as a fan trick).

Table. The main color of the holiday will, of course, be red, but be careful, do not overdo it, because in large quantities this color is under pressure. A large tablecloth can be covered with a red tablecloth, and fringed tablecloths will do. Put a vase with wild flowers and a water carafe with glasses on each table.

Walls Must be decorated with posters: after all, at that time no room could do without them. Pick up bright, meaningful ones: for example, “Man is man-friend, comrade and brother”, “I have friends everywhere” and others.

You can play with Photoshop and transform them a bit. Also on the walls you can hang printed portraits of party members and government or famous singers and film actors. A red fabric banner with white letters with some slogan appropriate to the occasion will look beautiful, the World Peace will be universal. The map of the USSR with the coats of arms of all the Union republics will immediately add "ticking".

"Hall of Fame" gather guests around it for a long time, because there will be photos of them (preferably black and white) with flattering individualized signatures, for example, “Production Leader”, “Excellent worker-activist”, “Mentor and teacher”, “Pohenyi zvenovoy”, “Honorable grain grower ", "Hero of Labor".

Other accessories. All that you can find to give the room a color should take the appropriate place. Fold a pile of newspapers on the coffee table: surely one of the guests will want to take a break from the common fuss and look through the Literary Gazette or the Kolkhoznitsu. There you can also put a set for a lotto and a chessboard.

Put the lamp with lampshade on the bedside table or hang over the table. Seat on the back of the sofa Soviet dolls and bears. Hang on each chair a grocery bag with a can of sprat in a tomato, green peas and a bottle of lemonade or "Zhigulevsky" - you can give them to guests as souvenirs. Do not forget about the red banner - place it on a stand in the center of the room or in the "red corner".

Watch this video, where the hostess of the celebration shows how she designed the room for a party in the style of the USSR.

A festive set or why there was everything on the table that was not in stores

You can approach the issue from two sides: to serve popular dishes of the Soviet era on the table or to style and decorate any modern treats. Both ways are good in their own way, both will create the necessary atmosphere at the table.

If you choose the first path, then put on the table:

  • salad "Olivier"
  • herring under a fur coat
  • jellied fish
  • boiled potatoes with dill,
  • dishes with sausage cuts,
  • pickled cucumbers,
  • canned fish salad
  • sprats, sprat in tomato sauce,
  • processed cheese Druzhba,
  • sandwiches with zucchini caviar (if the table is “rich”, then it is possible with red and black, just do not spread it on a slice, but put it in a small slide),
  • the Kiev's cutlets.

For dessert, poultry “Bird's milk”, “Log”, “Fairy tale”, cakes “Tartlet”, “Eclairs” or “Tubules with protein cream”, chocolate “Alenka” will do.

The quality of drinks is lemonade in glass bottles (look for the “Buratino” or “Duchess” brands), homemade compote or juice in three-liter jars, from alcohol - “Soviet champagne”, Russian or Stolichnaya vodka, five-star cognac, you can put for lovers of a bottle of fruit wine If you do not find rarities, print and paste the labels.

Any familiar dishes will become consistent with the style, if they are originally designed to serve them, for example, cut out decorative red stars from tomatoes to decorate sandwiches or hoisting a scarlet bell pepper and a toothpick on a salad. Or you can download the flags, cut and fasten on toothpicks or skewers ..

If you prefer the format of the buffet, decorate it in the style of the Soviet buffet, it is desirable that behind the counter there was also a snack bar in white tattoo.

Who to be? Choose an image

Of course, for such a holiday you need to reincarnate yourself. We have already agreed that it is not necessary to strictly adhere to one exact time for choosing a suit. In the Soviet era, there were many recognizable images and colorful characters that can be embodied as a model.

Homeowner or Presenter. This role is the main one, so it would be appropriate to have the image of a party leader (you can choose a specific person!) Or the host of any responsible event (such as comrade Ogurtsov from Carnival Night). For a woman fit the image of a counselor, a teacher, female Komsomol girls.

Images of guests. Show your imagination or just ask older relatives and ask them to lend you things that are popular at the time.

Depending on the image you choose, you can become:

  • the dude: trousers-pipes or flares and bright blazers for men, fluffy polka-dot dresses for girls.
  • schoolboy or schoolgirl. The famous brown dress with an apron for girls (white bows and golfiki are obligatory!), A white shirt with blue or black trousers for boys.
  • pioneer (pioneer). The pioneer uniform, unlike the school uniform, provided for a blue bottom and a white top, and, of course, a pioneer tie, it is possible to supplement the suit with a cap and an armband,
  • worker and collective farmer. Proletarians came for holidays with smart dresses, in light shirts (you can roll up sleeves), sometimes in jackets with leather patches on the elbows. Trousers may well be short. Work overalls, of course, colorful, but you decide whether it is appropriate for the holiday. A girl needs a flowered blouse or polka dots, a monochromatic six-link skirt, and a bright kerchief tied under pigtails.
  • Komsomol / Komsomol. Leather jacket for both sexes, for women red skirt and scarf. Mandatory Komsomol icon.
  • fashion student / student of the late 80s - girls master colored leggings (“lobules”), and young men conjure in the kitchen, making self-made “boils”, because where do the poor students get the money for “brand jeans”?
  • an athlete. A suit for men: in those days, most people were fond of sports, so they could often be found in a tracksuit (on the way to training or back), many wore blue “workouts” from the Adidas company and at home.
  • soviet citizens. Here the scope for fantasy is simply immense. For inspiration, reconsider once again Soviet films where the characters are celebrating something: the same “Carnival Night”, “Magicians”, “Enjoy Your Bath”, “This Planet of the Earth” and others. And you will get pleasure, and you will get ideas!

For girls, except for a suit, hairstyle and makeup are of great importance.

For images of young pioneers and schoolgirls tails or pigtails with bows will do. The fashion was “palm” - a high tail, adorned with several bands at once. Matured Soviet girls did perm-perms, and they also had very popular bouffant. For the holiday is appropriate bright makeup with clear black arrows on the eyelids, well-blackened eyelashes and a blush on the cheekbones.

Three reasons why you should choose this particular subject:

  1. Building “bridges” between generations. Who else, if not the beloved grandmother, will get an Oktyabryatsky badge from the trunk and tell the story of how she first kissed?
  2. For modern youth, the times of the Union are unfamiliar, therefore such a party will be interesting and unusual.
  3. Where else can you try the delicacies of the Soviet era? 😉

To create entourage You will need a lot of effort, but the result is worth it. It is necessary to take into account the important features of the historical period, thanks to which the party in the style of the USSR will become bright, creative and unique!


They will contribute to the formation of an appropriate mood. You can use almighty Photoshop to create cool invitations.

for example, against the background of the poster “Man to Man, Friend, Comrade and Brother”, you can write the time, place and date of the party, and even paste in photos of smiling faces of friends (who saw the poster, he will understand what I'm talking about)!

Or just find old postcards, paste the text of the invitation on them and hand them to your friends. You can also use e-mail, ICQ, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. Mark friends in the picture with the invitation, write the original text and meet the guests!

Party in the spirit of the USSR - a start!


There are countless options here. Build the Soviet board of honor. You can make humorous collages from photos of your friends and sign what kind of such services they were honored to be “hung on the board of honor”. The color scheme is predominantly white and red. But remember that the abundance of red can be annoying.

You do not want the holiday a la party of the USSR era to end with a cold war or a break in diplomatic relations? 😀

For registration you can use flags, ribbons, bows, carnations, records, tape reel or reel tape recorders, a red “plush” tablecloth, postcards as glasses holders, banknotes, posters of the Soviet era.

Speaking of posters. Texts can be very, very suitable for a party, for example, “Workers have a healthy vacation”, “Know how to relax!”, “Life has become better, life has become more fun”, “Be vigilant” and so on.

Evening USSR style implies a certain style of clothing. What could it be? To be honest, the boundaries are very wide, because the era of the USSR is both the dresses of the 20s, and the dresses of the 80s. You can exaggerate the dress code and ask the guests to come in white shirts, shorts and caps, and have fun at the same time, looking at each other.

School uniforms, jeans, sweaters and polka-dot dresses are welcome.

Red armbands also have a place to be. But different hairstyles in retro style will complement the image and help you look stylish!

Do not forget to make and makeup in retro style.

It is not necessary to go on about the subject matter and arrange ration issuance on coupons зап Let the holiday be remembered by guests for some bright dishes in the spirit of the USSR as an addition to the main menu.

So write down: sprat in tomato sauce, sprats, processed cheese, salad “Olivier” (good, infection!), pickled cucumbers, green peas, chocolate “Alenka”, champagne “Soviet”, cake “Bird's milk”. Most products are on our table now. Add this list with “Buratino” lemonade, herring, sauerkraut or Kiev-style meatballs.


Party in the style of the USSR will give odds to many others in the number of entertainment. So what can you do?

  • - View old Soviet films and get untold pleasure.
  • - Recall the songs of past years and arrange a disco.
  • - You can please yourself and guests of karaoke. Songs from movies are known to almost everyone.
  • - To decipher the abbreviations NKVD, KGB, TRP, VLKSM, BAM, etc. You can come up with a new interpretation of abbreviations.
  • - Recall historical events in chronological order (task for intellectuals). Just do not get carried away with the debate, otherwise the evening will grow into the program "To the barrier" or worse, "PE" ("Emergencies")!
  • - Collect the Rubik's Cube. Это задание может стать одним из популярных.
  • — По очереди называть известные телепередачи, фильмы, книги и журналы советского времени. If preserved samples - great! You will be able to demonstrate the magazines "Murzilka" and "Krestyanka", as well as pick up counterparts in the Russian press.
  • - By the way, about analogues. Try to think wider and pick up a couple of records (CDs), the game "Electronic" (PlayStation prefix), a savings bank (ATM), Lev Leshchenko (Nikolai Baskov) and so on. A sea of ​​humor and pride in scientific and technical progress is guaranteed!

To organize a party in the style of the USSR means to give yourself and friends a charge of cheerfulness and good mood. It can only be done by Stylish Tricks!

Approaching reality: the USSR - what was it like?

So, the generation born in the 90s knows about the USSR only from textbooks, films and parents' stories. But the topic is interesting to many, and most would like to be at least for a moment in this amazing country with a deficit on the shelves of stores, ice cream for 3 kopecks and faith in a bright communist future.

In order for the celebration to take place not only fun, but also more reliably, even a superficial study of the Soviets would be useful. What is the USSR?

  • A huge territory, bringing together a considerable number of nationalities.
  • A closed state, severely restricting exit to the line, as well as suppressing the propaganda of all American and European.
  • Free medicine and education that were top notch.
  • Octobrists, pioneers and Komsomol members.
  • Automatic soda for 3 kopecks.
  • Lack of unemployment and contempt for parasitism.
  • Letters, telegrams and payphones instead of smartphones.
  • Long queues for scarce goods.
  • Olivier salad, "herring under a fur coat" and "Soviet" champagne for every New Year.
  • The same outfits in humans, and the desire to stand out was regarded as an attempt to introduce a foreign mentality.
  • Lack of mortgages, loans and borrowings.

And much, much more that you can list forever. But the Union, which was also called a scoop, was a good country without any consumer attitude.

What and where to celebrate?

Thematic party in the style of the USSR requires preparation. And no matter what celebration is planned. Whether:

  • birthday. Especially important for those who were "born in the Soviet Union, made in the USSR",
  • corporate evening in honor of February 23, March 8, May 1. The New Year's party in the style of the USSR, with a costume party, will be very memorable,
  • corporate evening in honor of the birthday of the company,
  • meeting graduates of school or university,
  • professional holiday in the organization: the day of the teacher, builder, lawyer, etc.,
  • family celebration and even wedding.

If there was a reason to get together, a style was chosen, then now you need to think about the place where the event will be held. Of course, you need to make a start not only from the conceived topic, but also from the number of invited guests.

For a small family celebration the apartment will fit. And if it is also furnished with Soviet furniture, which is still found in our time, it will be very cool. One problem (design) will be less. A small company can also meet in the following places:

  • in the dorm room (relevant for student get-togethers),
  • in the school’s gym (to meet graduates or for teachers on a professional holiday),
  • rent a room in the thematic cafe, decorated in the Soviet style,
  • rent a dining room, especially one that has been preserved since Soviet times,
  • rent a room in the House of Culture, of which there are many in the provinces,
  • order the hall of a modern restaurant or cafe and arrange accordingly
  • in the open air: a park, a courtyard of your own house or a trip to the countryside. An excellent option would be a summer playground, then you will be able to recreate a holiday in the style of Soviet summer dances.

To facilitate the task itself, you can contact the professional organizers of the celebrations. They will pick up the place and make it from "a" to "z".

Theme of the evening: how to celebrate?

If you decide to organize a theme party in the style of the USSR, then you will need to more specifically imagine what you really want. You should not be limited to pioneer ties and doctoral sausage sandwiches. Not. It is necessary to approach the solution of an assigned task more widely, to invent and model some kind of Soviet situation.

Here are some examples:

  1. If this is a New Year's party in the style of the USSR with a script and competitions, then you can recreate the situation based on the Soviet film "Carnival Night". This is true for corporate organizations with a large staff. Everyone can determine the role in your "movie" and instruct to build a similar costume.
  2. Born in the 50-60s, we offer to remember youth and plunge into the merry time of the Komsomol. And younger people can temporarily return to pioneering and make a path, if not fires, then a festive meeting with a dedication to the pioneers and tying a legendary red tie.
  3. Celebration or party can be held on the grounds of collective farms, disguised as tractor drivers, workers, milkmaids and, of course, where without an agronomist and chairman? "Lift virgin soil" at your event.
  4. Similarly, you can spend the evening, recreating the atmosphere of working, factory life.
  5. The younger generation can recall the 80s, when youth discos were held with the music of Modern Talking, C. C. Catch, etc.
  6. The Soviet-style party itself is unusual, but you can make it even more creative. For example, in the spirit of the subcultures of that time (well-known forbidden dudes, or punks, hippies, and rockers who penetrate the ranks of Soviet youth).

To make it easier, you can turn to the Soviet cinema for an idea and simply repeat what was so much loved by many: “Irony of Fate” - an excellent scenario for a New Year party in the style of the USSR, “Office Romance”, “Ivan Brovkin”, “Love and Pigeons”. Not only the plot, but also the costumes can be taken from the films. It will be especially fun to bring to life some kind of children's film, for example, “Guest from the Future” or “Electronics”.

Particularly creative and courageous young couples can spend their wedding day not like everyone is used to, namely in the spirit of the Soviets. Brides can search for a wedding dress in the closet of their mother or grandmother or sew a custom-made style. Music, food, contests do not deviate from the subject. There is one but. Most weddings in the USSR were sober: no strong alcoholic drinks, and even champagne was sometimes forbidden at student weddings. And since it is now virtually impossible to imagine a wedding without alcohol, one can be resourceful: serve alcohol in kettles instead of bottles. And of course, the doll on the hood of the wedding "Volga".

"Alert to you": how to notify guests in an original way

The date of the party in the style of the USSR is appointed, it is time to engage in inviting guests. Even if a modest family celebration is planned, it is still worth showing your guests that the holiday atmosphere will be unusual.

No internet and correspondence through social networks! No invitations via SMS! It is impossible to deviate from the subject of the Soviet Union even in the question of invitation.

Whether a birthday is planned, a New Year's corporate party or a Soviet wedding, there should be an invitation. But in what form to issue and send it?

  1. The first thing that comes to mind is a letter. You need to write an invitation by hand, if you plan to have many guests, and you can print on a regular sheet in a cell and seal it in an envelope, indicating the address and index on it. Everything, as then, when there was no SMS, e-mail and social networks. For the speed of distribution, it is better not to rely on mail, but to decompose it yourself in the mailboxes of guests.
  2. Telegram is another Soviet way of communication and communication, which was very popular. Of course, now there is no such service in the mail, so you will have to look for samples of forms on the Internet and print. What to write, you decide, do not forget only about the "point" and "zpt".
  3. Soviet postcards. If you had blank postcards of that time lying around at home, then consider it their time to find your addressee.
  4. A diploma as a complimentary amuse every guest.
  5. A party ticket is a very important and respected USSR ticket. And to meet guests at a thematic party in the style of the USSR with the words: "Present your party ticket" is very funny.
  6. Posters and slogans - another symbol of the Union. Therefore, boldly adopt this idea as a complimentary one. Of course, you should not diligently draw or print the invitation on the paper. Enough a reduced copy the size of a postcard.

A lot of ideas, the main thing is to try not to resort to the help of modern gadgets.

Soviet treats

What does a party in the style of the USSR? Suits, place and, of course, food. A treat - this is what gives you little trouble, because in the Union there was a well-known deficit and either employees of the government or high-ranking employees could get good supplies, and then by coupons.

Where to look for product attributes party in the style of the USSR? In the store, and besides, this will not require special expenses, unless, of course, you are going to repeat the celebratory table of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

So what to serve as a treat? Of course, that was on the festive New Year's table of the Soviet man. It was on the New Year that people tried to set the most chic, as they say now, table. On other holidays, the menu looked a bit more modest.

  1. Olivier is a holiday without him. Moreover, this tradition - to prepare this salad for the New Year - is still common in many families. He was also called "Winter". And it should be prepared according to the classic recipe: with boiled sausage and peas.
  2. "Herring under a fur coat" is a favorite dish for Soviet, and now Russian people and utter incomprehension for a foreign people.
  3. "Mimosa" - the second most popular salad among the Soviet people. And its demand was not only in the taste of the dish, but also in the fact that all its ingredients were commercially available.
  4. Jelly. If you managed to get a pork knuckle, then this meant that on the festive table there would be jelly, which were forced to take shelves of the refrigerator or a balcony.
  5. Sandwiches with black bread and sprats - cheap and cheerful, and most importantly, delicious.
  6. Aspic fish, which is an analogue of meat aspic. Not to say that it was prepared in every family, but the popularity of this dish was high.
  7. Processed cheeses "Friendship".
  8. "Soviet" champagne is an obligatory alcoholic drink that should be at your party in the style of the USSR. Special costs will not be required, because champagne is inexpensive. From the "Soviet" alcohol can also be put on the table brandy, vodka or port.
  9. For non-drinkers, it would be appropriate to put soda "Duchess", "Baikal" or "Citro", as well as birch or apple juice.
  10. From a sweet treat, a cake with roses, chocolates "Bear in the North", "Bird's Milk", "Potato" and "Basket" cakes, cream rolls, and "nuts" are suitable.
  11. For the New Year's celebration, you can add fruits - tangerines - a real symbol of the USSR.

You can complement the table with red caviar, cold cuts and other gastronomic delights. But if the party is in the style of a working Soviet man, then it is better to refrain from such treats.


How to dress for a party in the style of the USSR? There are no restrictions here, the main thing is not to deviate from that era. If the scenario of the party in the style "Back in the USSR" is focused on some Soviet film, then everything is simple: the owner of the holiday is the main character and should dress accordingly. And guests can pick up other roles.

If a particular decade of the Soviet Union is chosen, then the clothes for a party in the style of the USSR should be characteristic. For example:

  1. The 30s are hard times of repression and eternal suspicion. And the costumes should be appropriate: budenovki, caps, leather coats, red kerchiefs, high kersey boots.
  2. If you want to recreate the military theme of the 40s, then you can rent a military uniform, the uniform of a nurse.
  3. For a party in the style of "Back in the USSR" 50s. Suit two-piece suits for men of inconspicuous colors not fitting. And the main "trick" - pants tucked into boots. For girls fit dress simple cut with a collar, white socks. No makeup.
  4. The 60s can be carried out in the image of dandies. The film of the same name, perhaps, was watched by everyone. The idea with costumes can be adopted from there.

If a specific period is not set, then you can choose any suit that matches the time. Costumes for girls for a party in the style of the USSR should be modest, dull (if not dudes), and no defiant make-up. More relaxed appearance allows for the 80s.

What other options are there? You can dress as schoolchildren in the appropriate, truly legendary form: with pioneer ties or October badges. You can find the costumes of the pioneers. This is not only a red tie, this is a white top and a blue bottom, as well as a cap.

Make a party of Soviet dandies dressed in jeans. Or simply look for clothes bought in the Soviet Union in chests of parents and grandparents. Will be ordinary citizens.

Remember that the dress code (costumes) for a party in the style of the USSR - the main condition for the event. So the entry is allowed.

Good old vinyl: Soviet playlist

What kind of party without music? Therefore, for the appropriate celebration, you need to select the appropriate playlist. What was listened to in the Soviet Union? What are Soviet citizens fans of?

  • In the 30-40s: romances performed by Fyodor Shalyapin, orchestral music and songs by Dunaevsky.
  • In the late 60s - early 70s: early electronic music, songs of the Soviet pop-pop, songs of the band, author's work, rock music of the Soviet production.
  • In the 80s there was a total "flourishing" of the musical tastes of Soviet citizens: Russian rock gained tremendous momentum - "Kino", "Alisa", "DDT", "Bravo" and others, disco, electro-pop and others. Young people attracted foreign music. Such famous groups as “Electroclub”, “Mirage”, “Tender May” appeared.

Choose your favorite music and download playlist. But this training is not over yet. If you want to bring the atmosphere of the Union as close as possible, then take care of where the selected repertoire will sound from. USSR devices were as follows:

  • Gramophone - the earliest type of player. He reproduced vinyl records and worked from a mechanical factory. Later, electric gramophones appeared,
  • over time, began to appear other types of players - tape recorders. With their appearance, vinyl was replaced by reels with music. The devices were bulky and required space as much as the TV. The most popular were "Dnepr" and "Jupiter",
  • In the late 60s cassette tape recorders appeared, but at the same time, the reel versions and turntables did not lose their relevance.

Tape recorders of the 70s-80s are likely to be found among parents and grandmothers. And older devices should be searched in pawnshops and antiques stores. But the quality of the reproduced sound can be very limp. And if the party is going to be noisy, then it is better to resort to modern audio systems, and arrange rare ones as an entourage.

"Your pass, comrade", or How to meet guests

Guests are welcomed from the doorway, so this should also be done in the spirit of the Soviet era. The scenario of the party in the style of the USSR, or rather, the meeting of guests, can be like this:

  1. The hosts, dressed in costumes, let guests in according to the presence of invitations. If the guest forgot to take it with him, then he should be "fined": let him sing a song or tell some Soviet rhyme.
  2. If the guest came "out of shape", then he needs to be "reprimanded", but at the same time give out some attribute: an icon, a pioneer tie, a budenovka or something else.
  3. Visitors can be recorded in the notebook "Book of registrations" under the painting.
  4. As soon as the guests gather, they should be greeted with a solemn speech. Variants of welcome speeches will be made that sound at a party congress, at Komsomol or pioneer meetings, etc.

Invitation to the evening

In order to immerse yourself in the Soviet atmosphere from the very first moments, it is necessary to take care of the invitations, which must be fulfilled with some creativity.

Depending on the chosen style, they can be made in the form of a telegram from those years, a party card, old Soviet postcards will do, or, alternatively, print a miniature version of patriotic posters that were widely distributed during Soviet times.

To add color, it is useful to use the popular wording: "Dear Comrade!", "Turnout is obligatory!" And so on. When meeting guests, you can celebrate those present in the "Registration Book", in which, at the end of the holiday, you can leave your feedback about the holiday held.

We decorate the room

Of course, the Soviet atmosphere is very difficult to imagine without agitating posters and slogans, which at that time were hung literally everywhere where possible: on the streets, in parks, in cafes and shops, schools and universities.

These were political appeals, statements reminiscent of the culture of behavior, encouraging slogans - in general, all this can be found on the first request in an electronic search engine, printed and hung on the walls.

The decor of the festive room is well complemented by stretched red ribbons with inscriptions, balloons, wild flowers in vases, openwork napkins on the tables and so on.

На видном месте можно разместить «Доску почета» с фотографиями друзей и шуточными подписями: ее, кстати, можно заполнять прямо во время праздника, тем самым, поощряя самых активных участников вечеринки.

Фотографии лучше распечатать в виде сепии или черно-белом формате. Other elements of the past will contribute to creating the right atmosphere - an old bobbin tape recorder, a TV-set, busts of Lenin or other leaders, an old radio, a projector of filmstrips and so on.

Old Soviet films and cartoons, which are well known to everyone: “The Diamond Hand”, “Office Romance” and so on, can be launched on the screens.

We are creating an image

The next important question of any thematic party is what to wear to get into the right era? Again, given that the times of the USSR stretched out over a fairly wide timeframe, it will not be difficult to pick up an outfit, because the fashion has changed more than once during this time. The simplest and most common is the form of pioneers or Soviet schoolchildren, which had special characteristics.

Suits can be rented, some accessories ordered online, for example, red ties and caps, perfectly complement the atmosphere of red arm bands with inscriptions, for example, "Duty", "Leader", "Druzhinnik".

T-shirts with the inscription of the USSR or the image of a hammer-sickle, knee-high socks, shorts, panama ladies and so on will do. In addition, retro costumes can be easily recreated by flipping through Soviet fashion magazines: checkered dresses, flared trousers, cropped trousers, blouses with “hangers”, voluminous sweaters.

Ideal if the table setting, as well as the proposed treats will overlap with the selected era. Tables can be decorated with white tablecloths, faceted glasses or crystal glasses, porcelain plates and mugs, herring bowls and salad bowls, which, for certain, still remained in our sideboards, are suitable for dishes.

The treat will not surprise you in any way either: “Olivier” salad, herring slices, chicken Kiev, Moscow solyanka, squash caviar, doctor sausage, sprats in oil. From drinks - Duchess, Tarkhun, milkshake, from alcohol - “Soviet Champagne”, “Russian Vodka”, pepper vodka, cranberry liqueurs, wine “Cabernet”.

Competitions and entertainment

In order to have the evening in a relaxed holiday atmosphere, it is very important to think about entertainment: pick up the music of that time, choose what to watch, if your party involves watching the masterpieces of Soviet cinema.

Interesting contests for guessing movies (by frames or quotes) are always interesting, the same can be thought out with well-known slogans or songs. You can arrange karaoke and sing into the microphone the most famous hits of a bygone era, for active participation, be sure to prepare prizes.

Not bad win lotteries that were so popular, and sometimes had a forced nature. For lovers of a more relaxing holiday, you can provide a choice of board games: lotto, chess, checkers, Rubik's cube and so on.

If the party takes place somewhere outdoors, then you can plunge into the atmosphere of pioneer camps: kindling bonfires, singing songs with a guitar, playing bouncer, rezinochki or towns.

Meeting with guests

It is better that guests get into the festive atmosphere right from the door. Let the owner or mistress meet them already in the image. You can organize the "registration" of guests: the painting in a special "registration book", which by the end of the evening will turn into a "book of wishes".

If the guest did not manage to keep the dress code, the stern Komsomol member can make him a suggestion: “Comrade, you are out of shape!” And suggest choosing one of the previously prepared accessories for negligent guests (scarlet bandage on the sleeve with the words “Vruzhinnik” or “ The duty officer (pioneer tie, field cap, badge, etc.).

The holiday can begin with the solemn speech of the host. Make it on the model of the Soviet speeches, but just do not tighten. It is worth looking at the web for samples of speeches by state leaders and stock up with “tasty” quotes like “The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the Council of Ministers of the USSR notify the party and the entire Soviet people with a sense of deep joy ...” In general, comrades! "

Karaoke in Soviet style

Karaoke - a win-win entertainment option, which, as a rule, the taste of most guests. Choose a repertoire of your parents' favorite movies: “Adventures of Electronics”, “Merry guys”, “Office Romance”, etc. If you want to have some real fun, use the musical motifs of popular Soviet cartoons: “Bremen Town Musicians”, “On the Road with Clouds” , "The Adventures of the Cat Leopold." And you can pay tribute to the pioneer past and perform "Soar with bonfires, blue nights" or "Our locomotive, fly forward."

Riddles about various Soviet attributes

I am part of the banner
Scarlet three ends,
Once put on - wear me,
Do not lose face! (Pioneer tie).

Handbag in the hole,
In general, decent,
Very comfortable, eco-friendly! (String bag).

You will find this blue wardrobe everywhere.
If you need fresh water,
He threw a penny - and drink yourself water,
Well, for three he will pour cream soda! (Automatic soda water).

For an intellectual audience, you can ask interesting questions about the USSR:

  • How many republics were in the USSR? (15). And in 1924? (6)
  • Whose name was the pioneer organization before it became Lenin? (Spartacus).
  • What was the name of the Soviet Sunday morning program for children? ("Alarm clock").
  • And the daily radio program for schoolchildren? (Pioneer dawn ").
  • What could in the USSR buy for 1 penny? (Box of matches, a glass of soda, 2 envelopes without stamps, a simple pencil, a sheet of paper, a metal pen for writing, 1 cigarette, a sewing needle, a piece of chalk, the simplest notebook, a paper bookmark for books ...)

The quiz can be supplemented by a competition on the knowledge of Soviet advertising. Questions and answers can be found here.


“Competition is the creativity of the masses,” as the great leader said. Various competitions, especially socialist, were very popular among the Soviet people.

So arrange a contest on any topic you like:

  • who will more quickly tie a pioneer tie (you can afford it, or you can be a friend!),
  • who remembers more catch phrases from Soviet movies (I thought for a long time - you drop out, there is only one winner!),
  • who is more likely to add a Rubik's cube or “Snake” (if you find a sufficient amount of props),
  • who better make the cap for the construction team from the Pravda list,
  • relay race "collect a string bag" and others!

Who said that?

We need to remember the author of the phrase from the movie.

  • “You can, of course, teach the hare to smoke! But, in principle, nothing is impossible. For a man. With Intellect! ”- secretary Verochka from“ Office Romance ”.
  • “In 40 years, life is just beginning. I know for sure now! ”- the main character of the film“ Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears ”.
  • “I demand the continuation of the banquet! - Ivan Bunsha (“Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession”).
  • “How disgusting - this is your fish in jeopardy!” - Hippolytus (“With light steam”).
  • “Sorry for the bird!” - Shurik, “The Caucasian Captive.”
  • You can continue for a long time ...

Nostalgia for prices or who remembers how much a sausage cost at 2.20?

The presenter shows the goods, and the participants try to guess how much it cost in Soviet times. Whose option was closer to the truth, and that product gets!

  • Patty with cabbage, potatoes, onion, egg - 4 kopecks.
  • Cake "Potato" - 22 kopecks.
  • Baby soap - 14 kopecks
  • Balloon - 3 cop.
  • Cologne "Russian Forest" - 1 p. 20 kopecks

If you find other items, Soviet prices can always be found on the Internet.

New life of old abbreviations

Give participants cards with Soviet abbreviations written on them. Suggest to come up with their new transcript associated with the hero of the occasion, for example, the CPSU - Handsome Guy Seryoga Super, VDNH - Met Friends We Are Good.

Ready set of abbreviations: KPSS, VLKSM, VDNH, TASS, DOSAAF, TRP, CMEA, VChK, RSDLP, All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions, MTS, Red Army.

Outdoor games

It is better to hold them for a younger audience, especially if the format of the meeting is “open air”. So, the Soviet girls adored the skipping ropes and “rezinochki”: it is worth remembering and trying “both with a run, and on the spot, and with two legs together!”

Moving relay will add fun, for example, “collecting waste paper” - while the music is playing, you need to pick up as many newspapers as possible (previously scattered), the music has subsided - tie them up in a pack and run to the “receiving point”! Whose pack is heavier? Who is first?

Disco or "dance"?

In the USSR, he used, and another option, and this, of course, an integral part of the party. Let the guests dance to the tunes of the “Earthlings”, “Verasy”, “Pesnyary”, to the early songs of Pugacheva and Rotaru. The compositions “Tender May”, “Combinations”, “Secret”, “Bravo” and another disco will add to the evening a sweet retro nostalgia.

If the holiday is arranged on the occasion of a round date, then ideas of comic gifts for a woman for the anniversary will probably be useful to you.

A worthy end to the party

To make the finale worthy of the whole holiday, think it over in advance. After the dance, when the guests are tired enough of all the entertainment, you need something calm, peaceful, summing up the evening. Maybe each guest will make an entry in the book “Complaints and Suggestions” (remember, at the beginning of the evening it was the Registration Book?) The final solemn speech of the host or party owner will be appropriate. It will be interesting to present gifts at the end of the evening, for example, prepared pennants with comic inscriptions "Drummer of dance labor", "Excellent contests", "For the most original hairstyle - forward to new achievements!", Etc.

If the celebration takes place in nature, the pioneer bonfire will be a great ending.

Parties in the style of the USSR are gaining popularity, because any past is fraught with inexplicable attraction and romance. Give pleasure to yourself and guests, because to prepare for such a party, thanks to our detailed recommendations, it will be completely easy!

If you have not yet decided what idea you should stop at, the video below will convince you that a party in the style of the USSR is a great idea!

Entertainment time

In the scenario of a party in the style of the USSR must be contests. Here, combining is not forbidden: Soviet entertainment can be combined with modern. They can be hired by the host or the host of the celebration. And besides contests, you need to hold any entertainment games and events.

Here are the entertainments of Soviet citizens:

  • guitar songs,
  • lotto, chess, charades,
  • dancing,
  • active outdoor games, such as Zarnitsa.

So how can you entertain guests? What contests for a party in the style of the USSR fit?

  1. Hold a quiz on the Soviet Union. After all, Soviet citizens were the most reading nation.
  2. Arrange competitive contests: who will bind a pioneer tie faster and more correctly, who will name more aphorisms from Soviet films, who will quickly make a hat from a newspaper, who will quickly find objects of the Soviet era among a pile of different things.
  3. The contest of improvisation will be interesting: give the guests cards with Soviet abbreviations (CPSU, CEC, VLKSM, etc.) and invite them to decipher them, but not in the right way, but with fun, let them come up with something fun. For example: the Communist Party of the Soviet Union - when we sit down to drink today, etc.
  4. Of mobile entertainment should not be just dancing. Contests may be like this: "Waste collection" - while the music is playing, you need to collect as much paper as possible. Or invite guests to recall the famous "rezinochki" or "classics."

As prizes and promotional gifts, you can use the attributes of the era of the Soviet Union: badges, flags, cassettes, magnets with the image of the country, portraits and busts of the heads of state, "Soviet" champagne and much more.

At the end of the party, you can give out certificates to especially distinguished guests, for example, “For activity”, “For original costume”, “Excellent student of competitions” and so on. Scenario contests parties in the style of the USSR can be supplemented. Go outside and release red balls into the sky, or a ball in the form of an Olympic bear.


Remember that the USSR is a whole epoch of 69 great years long. What will be your party in the style of the Soviets: the troubled 30s, military 40s, agricultural 50s or youth 80s? Whatever you choose, you will not escape stormy emotions and pleasure.

The history of the country remained only in the photo. Parties in the style of the USSR, which we talk about in the article, will remind you of the past and deliver a lot of pleasure.

Choose a historical period

If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of pioneer childhood, remember the first Soviet beatniks or the era of stagnation, you will have to take into account the important features of the chosen time period. Only then the party in the style of the USSR will be not only unique, but also informative.

In case you do not want to puzzle over historical details, you can go through all the important events of the past of our country at once. This approach will create many spicy moments and provoke extremely interesting situations and moments.

Styling room

Start with an indispensable wardrobe at the entrance, allowing you to immediately immerse guests in the atmosphere of the past: a sign that says "Wardrobe", a hanger with numbers. Pad "Wipe your feet", posters:

Posters and slogans can be used to decorate walls, furniture, napkins, tablecloths and other paraphernalia. Without posters and Soviet advertising, a thematic party in the style of the USSR is unthinkable, because at that time posters were literally everywhere - on the streets, in public catering establishments, in shops, schools, clubs. There are many directions: general slogans about labor, political appeals, reminders about the culture of behavior, patriotic statements. If there is a person in the company who can work in Photoshop, replace well-known faces with faces of friends - it will turn out unexpectedly and funny.

Before you begin to decorate the room, think about what it will be - grandmother's apartment, cafe, children's matinee, meeting room or pioneer room.

In addition to posters, flags and banners with slogans, use ribbons, balloons, carnations, lilacs or wildflowers, openwork napkins, old newspapers and magazine clippings, candy wrappers. Pioneer attributes - horn, drum, ties. Garlands, paper flowers and whole compositions can be made from wrappers, vintage banknotes and labels, which will become an ornament or part of the scenario in the USSR style party. You do not even need to buy all this “tinsel” - find the appropriate images on the network and print them.

In the most prominent place is the comic board of honor: photos of friends (sepia or black and white) and signatures at the bottom: “For contribution to the general fun”, “For the shown ingenuity”, “For knowledge of the history of the USSR”, etc. Photos can be placed on the board immediately or filled gradually, rewarding in this way the most active participants - winners of competitions, entertainers, the best dancers.

To create an atmosphere of the past, decorate the room with old interior items - a reel tape recorder, a carpet with deer (one of the most famous symbols of wealth in the USSR), a lamp-type TV, a radio, a samovar, a wall barometer, busts of chiefs. Organize a mini-exhibition of old badges, stamps, cards, Soviet toys, etc. Put mannequins around the walls in clothes of those times. Aerobatics - rent a sparkling water dispenser or projector of filmstrips.

In order for the theme party to remain in the memory of the guests, do not forget to mark the dress code in the invitation cards. Since we are talking about several decades, the choice of clothes is quite wide. The easiest and most popular option is school, pioneer or Komsomol uniform.

For a pioneer party in the style of the USSR, costumes can be hired, something found at home or to distribute accessories to guests directly at the entrance: caps, ties, badges, aprons for girls, red arm bands, Leader, Bearer, Druzhinnik, Be ready".

Sportswear will also complement the atmosphere of the past. Socks, shorts and skirts are quite inexpensive, and it is not difficult to buy a T-shirt with the USSR inscription, a traditional hammer sickle, a red star or a coat of arms in the gift shop or ordered through the network.

Depending on the chosen direction of the party in the style of the USSR, invitations can be issued in the form of a telegram, deputy mandate, party card, postcard or a miniature poster with a suitable slogan. To add entourage, use the old fonts and the wording “Dear Comrade”, “The meeting will be held at the club at”, “We ask you to come without delay”, etc.

Retro party costumes can be easily recreated by flipping through Soviet fashion magazines or watching a couple of Soviet films. It is enough to choose a decade or a direction, and catch the main idea. For example, dresses in peas or blouses with wide “shoulders”, shirts and ties in “cucumber” patterns and funny in our opinion dimensionless sweaters. Flared pants, jeans, trousers, plaid shirts, jackets in patches on sleeves, cropped trousers.

Army style - single-breasted coat, budenovki, military uniform, vests. Worker and peasant woman - T-shirts and shirts, overalls or vests, sundresses with wide straps and buttons in the front, kerchiefs tied under the pigtails behind. Friendship of Peoples - national costumes of the countries that were part of the USSR.

It is great if the table setting and dishes offered to the guests at least partly overlap with the era chosen for the party. Фарфоровые кружки и тарелочки, граненые стаканы, винтажные хрустальные бокалы, салатницы и селедочницы наверняка есть почти у каждого, в бабушкином серванте или в углу антресоли. Накройте стол красной бархатной или белоснежной ажурной скатертью, в качестве подставок под стаканы подойдут картонки с изображениями гербов всех ССР, банкнот тех времен и т.п.One of the competitions in a party in the style of the USSR can be an exam on the knowledge of the names of dishes that adorn the common table or an improvised buffet near the wall:

  • the Kiev's cutlets,
  • dumplings "Siberian"
  • Russian salad,
  • Moscow solyanka,
  • holodnik in Belarusian,
  • zeppelins,
  • eggnog,
  • tobacco chickens.

Recipes of all the listed and other dishes of a bygone era can be found on any culinary site.

Other “theme” treats include ivasi herring, processed cheese, squash, red and black game, aspic from pike or sturgeon. Doctor sausage and sausage "Soviet", sprats and sprat in tomato, aspic.

For dessert - protein baskets, eclairs, verbs, potato cake, ice cream in balls. Candy Little Red Riding Hood, Bear in the North, Golden Key, Cow, School. Cakes "Log", "Napoleon", "Fairy Tale", "Bird's Milk", "Prague". If this is a birthday celebration in the style of the USSR, the cake can be ordered:

From soft drinks - lemonade Estragon and Duchess, Citro and Baikal, Borjomi, the same tea from the pack with elephant, Golden Label cocoa. The real squeak for a party in the style of the USSR is “Kombucha” or “sea rice” in three-liter jars. These useful refreshments used to be in almost every home, but today it’s not so easy to get such a miracle.

Alcohol - Zhiguli beer and Russian vodka, rowan and cranberry liqueurs and liqueurs, pepper vodka, 5 star cognac, Soviet champagne, port wine and cabernet. You can cheat by pouring high-quality alcohol into retro bottles or simply by pasting labels (any label can be printed from the network).