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Panoramic windows: weigh all the pros and cons


It is worth noting that the panoramic windows are appropriate and not always acceptable. For example, if you have a typical apartment, then the expansion of the window opening may simply become an impossible task, as this will reduce the strength and stability of the wall. But in a cottage or house such an option would be quite appropriate, and sometimes this technique allows you to literally transform the home.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose panoramic windows? There are several important points that you definitely need to pay attention to:

  • Warm or cold glazing. The last option involves the use of only glass sheets without frames (there is only a metal profile used for installation), and it is suitable for loggias or balconies. Warm glazing involves the use of glass and frames.
  • The frame (profile) can be made of different materials. The most environmentally friendly and ergonomic is a tree, it significantly reduces heat loss. Aluminum is durable and relatively light, but a significant amount of heat is released through it. PVC (polyvinyl chloride, in other words, plastic) is the most inexpensive, easy and easy-to-care material. Heat losses are average, and durability is the lowest (compared to other options).
  • Opening method. The most common option is tilt and turn fittings, which plow the sash with hinges and move them to the ventilation position. Folding the accordion allows you to almost completely free the door by removing the flaps to the sides. The option is non-standard and not the most common, besides, the insulation will be low. Parallel-sliding design is quite practical, as it allows you to choose the position of ventilation, as well as provide a very high thermal insulation and tightness. But seals can wear out quickly. Another option - lifting-sliding fittings. This is probably one of the best options, as it guarantees noise insulation, tightness and minimal heat loss. But the only disadvantage is the high cost.
  • The glass used for the manufacture of panoramic windows, too, is different. For example, it can be tinted, that is, darkened and provides protection from the sun's rays. The shade may be bluish, gray, bronze or greenish. The degree of tinting is determined in percent: the higher it is, the darker the glass will be. Also, the canvas can be a reflex mirror. Special thinnest metal oxide coating reflects objects and light. If you want to ensure maximum security of the aperture, then choose durable armored glass, which is almost impossible to break.
  • The number of cameras. The chamber is an air space between glasses, providing decrease in heat loss. The single-chamber double-glazed window consists of two glass cloths. But it is better to choose a two-chamber window, suggesting the presence of three glasses and two spaces between them.

Advantages and disadvantages

For a start it is worth listing the advantages of panoramic windows:

  • Excellent view from the window. If in front of the house opens a gorgeous landscape, then you can definitely appreciate it.
  • It looks elegant and interesting, panoramic windows will help literally transform a home, make it luxurious and rich.
  • This option will provide maximum natural lighting in the daytime, and if the house is dark, then it will come in handy.
  • Panoramic windows will give you a feeling of complete unity with nature, which is especially important if the cottage is in the countryside and in a picturesque area.
  • If you choose durable double-glazed windows and install an alarm, you can ensure maximum safety and security of the home.

  • Through the panoramic window almost the entire inner part of the house will be visible, and this can be embarrassing, especially if the windows overlook a lively place, and not a quiet garden hidden from prying eyes.
  • This option may be associated with some threats. If the glass unit is not durable, it can be damaged, both from the inside (by the residents themselves) and from the outside (by attackers or by insuperable circumstances, for example, by natural forces).
  • Panoramic windows increase heat loss, which can make the room cold. But this can be avoided by providing heating (this will increase the cost of heating, which can also be considered a disadvantage).
  • Direct sunlight penetrating the opening may interfere or distract.
  • Sound insulation can significantly decrease, especially if the glass pack is of poor quality.
  • Complicated care. Glass so large area is much more difficult to wash or wipe.
  • Chance of condensation and icing glasses in the cold season.
  • If you decide to install such a window in the apartment, then you will have to agree on a plan in the appropriate authority.

Important nuances

In order for the panoramic windows to transform the house, but without affecting the comfort of its tenants, you can follow some recommendations:

  1. Consider heating the window in advance. It can be equipped in several ways. The first - warm floor. The system is invisible, but the zone will be comfortable and warm. The second option - low tubular radiators placed near the aperture. The third option is convectors embedded in the flooring. And finally, you can order modern heated windows.
  2. Do not forget to ensure safety, especially if there are children in the house. Panoramic windows are always associated with the risk of damage and loss through them, and in order to prevent this, light fences can be installed nearby. Review, they almost do not spoil, but they will provide security.
  3. Be prepared for the fact that panoramic windows will have to be washed frequently, as the pollution will greatly spoil their appearance and visibility. And it is better to buy a special sponge, resembling a mop, it will greatly simplify the task. Also use quality detergents.
  4. Pay attention and design window. The main task is to make sure that the opening itself is not “lost” against the background of curtains. It is advisable to choose the most simple option, as complex elements will pay attention to themselves and distract it from the most important thing - the view from the window. It is better to choose concise roller blinds or simple and light curtains.

Let the panoramic windows transform your home and make it bright and cozy!


Panoramic windows are a modern hit of interior design. Indeed, windows from the ceiling to the floor make the room much wider, richer, smarter, lighter and more original. But besides all this, such glazing is capable of delivering a lot of trouble: one has only to recall that the origin of such windows is French. Their homeland is Provence, where the temperature does not fall below +7 degrees even in winter. It is in this particular already worth looking for a catch.

Immediately it should be noted that panoramic windows with a width of the entire wall or its part will be relevant only where they were previously designed: these are either modern new buildings or private houses. In this case, such windows are not knocked out of the overall architectural ensemble. Unfortunately, many apartment owners in ordinary high-rise buildings, wanting to make their apartment special, knock out the walls, thereby violating not only the strength of the house, but also its appearance. Although many of our houses are far from ideal, but panoramic windows can ruin their appearance even more.

What to consider before installing?

If you are not embarrassed by all the flaws, and you still want to install panoramic windows, because they also have a lot of advantages, then you need to be prepared for a lot of questions and problems that are caused by the installation of such windows.

note that glass is a cold material, and in winter, because of the difference in temperature inside and outside the room, a zone with cold air appears around the glass, which is especially unpleasant if you like to sit near the window. Therefore, it will be necessary to provide heating for this zone. There are mass options: a convector under the floor right in the area near the window or tubular radiators, or simply choose heated windows, which is effective, but rather costly.

If there is a child in the house, then security it can be provided simply by choosing a structure with an increased number of rods and partitions, so that he cannot stick his head in there, or crawl through a window.

It will also be necessary to decide and with construction and materials of use. The frame itself can be made of plastic, wood and aluminum. Naturally, it is believed that metal and wood are much stronger than PVC, but there are exceptions: in some cases, plastic even wins in strength, especially since it is not as cold as aluminum and not as influenced by precipitation as wood.

As for the design, the size of the window and its configuration, then it is worth making a start not only from the interior design, but from the facade of the house - it will tell you where and how logical it is to use this or that type of glazing.

Next, we determine with opening method. There are the most common ways:

  • tilt-and-turn - the most popular, allows both to plow up the structure, and open up for easy ventilation,
  • parallel-sliding - gives excellent tightness and thermal insulation, but the seals quickly fail, so you need to prepare for frequent repairs,
  • folding by an accordion is a rather rare way, which is suitable for warmer regions, as it cannot provide reliable thermal insulation. But in this way you can move the entire window completely, leaving a huge opening in the wall, which can be very useful in some cases,
  • lift-slide type - the most functional, sealed, silent, warm and reliable, but is quite expensive.

Do not forget about such an element of window design as curtains: they may be absent altogether according to your design idea. Otherwise, you need to immediately consider the possibility of mounting the eaves to the ceiling or wall, and in the case of Roman or roller blinds, be prepared that at the slightest turn of one casement, the whole structure will make a lot of noise, and whether you need it.

In general, panoramic windows are very beautiful, but such beauty in the house requires a serious approach both during design and in window care, so be prepared for this in advance.

What is a panoramic window?

Panoramic window is a large transparent constructionmanufactured, in our case, using plastic. It is the dimensions of the panoramic window that differs from the usual solution used in the glazing of the vast majority of buildings.

The phrase “large size” means not just increasing the area of ​​light-transmitting structures to non-standard values, but the maximum possible increase from floor to ceiling. Often, the panoramic windows in the house or apartment completely replace the outer wall. This method of glazing is designed to ensure the maximum level of light, to make the space of the adjacent room extremely lit.

Is it possible to install similar widescreen windows in an apartment?

The organization of window glazing with a panoramic window of an ordinary city apartment cannot do without its redevelopment. After all, to install such widescreen, or as they are also called, French windows, you will need an extension of the aperture and, accordingly, the shaving, or even the demolition of a part of the wall belonging to the capital category.

In all cases, redevelopment should be made accordingly - you can not do without it. Even if you plan to glaze the window, stretching from the floor to the ceiling, only the balcony, without affecting the load-bearing walls, this action will also need to be decorated, because such, we can say a significant balcony alteration, directly affects the appearance of the building, which, after all , included in the overall architectural appearance of the city.

Consider the sequence of actions for legal permission to redevelop apartments, and therefore the installation of panoramic windows in it.

Where to begin. We obtain permission from the building owner. Most often, the architectural bureau under the city mayor’s office, or a special architectural organization authorized to deal with such issues related to the possibility of making minor changes in the appearance of urban buildings, plays its role. At the same time, it is necessary to be morally ready, that the process of processing all documents is very long and can take from several weeks to several months.

  1. We are requesting blueprints for an apartment in the city’s architectural bureau.
  2. With the received drawings, we go to a construction organization capable of developing a drawing of a future large-format window.
  3. With the originals of the drawing we go again to the architectural bureau and confirm the possibility of re-equipment of the apartment under the panoramic glazing.

That's all. In principle, nothing complicated in the procedure for obtaining permission to redevelop the apartment is not, however, before proceeding to paperwork, you need to have a large supply of time, a certificate of title to the apartment and a small amount of money equivalent (in the region of 10-15 thousand rubles ) to resolve all issues.

Of course, an absolute guarantee that the resolution from the architectural bureau of the city will be positive (see p.3) is not. An owner who wishes to install a panoramic window in an apartment may be denied for a number of reasons, the main ones being: the fragility of the building’s partitions or its belonging to historical and unique areas of the city (at the discretion of the chief architect of the city).

Types of panoramic windows

Currently, there are two types of panoramic glazing: with the use of frames that run along the contour of glass, and without their use. Let us consider the features of each.

Frameless glazing. Refers to the cold type. Frameless panoramic windows are not able to effectively cope with the preservation of heat - with their installation, the temperature in the adjacent room will not be much higher than the street. This feature greatly limits the scope of such structures. Large windows that do not have a frame (see photo) are mainly used for glazing balconies and loggias, verandas, and various extensions. They are well protected from the wind and visually expand the area of ​​the glazed space.

Depending on the thickness of the glass (0.6-1.0 cm), and, therefore, on the created weight load, the height of the transparent structure can reach 4 meters. The glass used in the glazing of a panoramic window is not standard, as a rule, used in conventional plastic systems, but special tempered glass.

Reasonable question: if the frame serving in a usual window is absent, then at the expense of what glass is held? The glass is fixed to the guide profiles located in the upper and lower part of the opening. If necessary, due to sliding along such profiles, the sash of such a window can work both on opening and closing.

Frame glazing. As a frame in this type of light-transmitting structures, a profile covered with a layer of polyvinyl chloride (commonly referred to as plastic) is used. Inside the profile is divided into chambers designed to reduce the conductivity of heat from the room to the street. Due to this function, and, more precisely, due to the number of cameras, the profile provides a different level of heat preservation. In addition to the profile in the design of the plastic window for the degree of heat conservation is responsible and the glass. It can be, depending on the number of cameras, of three types: one-, two- and three-chamber.

The maximum possible heat saving in the adjoining room can be achieved with windows, the design feature of which involves a combination of a 5-chamber profile and a three-chamber double-glazed window. When planning frame glazing, it is necessary to take into account the weight of the future system - with a glass unit with three cameras, the mass of such a window with dimensions “from floor to ceiling” should be no more than 80 kg. The maximum possible dimensions also differ from the frameless version and can be no more than 2.1 mx 0.9 m.

What to consider when choosing

When selecting the optimal variant of the panoramic window, the following factors should be taken into account:

  1. Dimensions of light transmitting construction. Due to weight restrictions (preferably no more than 80kg per sash), the maximum dimensions of a plastic panoramic window should not exceed 3m x 3.2m.
  2. Profile. When selecting a frame window, it is necessary to stop your choice on the model with the profile of the reinforced version. Reinforcement, in other words, reinforcement, is an integral part of any quality window. It is responsible for the ability of large-sized structures to resist the weight and inevitably arising wind loads. Additionally, you can read about the advantages of having reinforcement in a glass unit in the article: “Two-chamber plastic windows. Capabilities, design, benefits. ”
  3. The number of cameras in the glass. Сверхбольшие окна не способны нести большую нагрузку, создаваемую стеклопакетом с тремя камерами, а потому наиболее оптимальным вариантом с точки зрения соотношения цена/сохраняемое тепло будет установка двухкамерного варианта.
  4. Distance between glasses. If the distance between the glass sheets is large, then the window will not effectively cope with the retention of heat. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for products whose interglass space values ​​lie in the range of 1-1.5 cm. It is worth noting that double-glazed windows with an even smaller distance between the glasses are subject to a high risk of destruction, as due to sharp fluctuations in temperature and atmospheric pressure glass can "play", creating, thereby, the threat of contact with each other, and hence their damage.
  5. Glass type. The choice of one or another type of glass depends on the location of the windows. If they come out on the sunny side, then it is recommended to equip the panoramic structures with either mirrored or tinted glass. Cloths of the latter, depending on the properties, come in several colors. With the orientation of the windows of the dwelling towards the directions with a short solar activity for the owners, it will be sufficient to install a panoramic solution with ordinary glass.

The disadvantages of panoramic windows

The high cost of panoramic windows does not imply that such structures should be a priori without disadvantages. Certain cons exist. How important they are - each potential buyer decides for himself.

Significant heat loss through the glass. Widescreen glass is not the best way to cope with the retention of heat. Therefore, in order to reduce heat losses that inevitably occur with such a large glazing area, one should opt for structures that have either double-glazed windows with ordinary glass, or single, but equipped with special energy-saving glass. The second option is used, as a rule, in cases when it is necessary to reduce the load on the fitting mechanisms. To further reduce thermal conductivity, you can order the filling of the glass unit with an inert gas. At the same time, it is impossible to check whether gas is injected into the inter-chamber space of the product.

Low heat loss due to window profile. The three-chamber window profile makes sense to choose only if it is planned to install a panoramic plastic window with a large area of ​​glass. If the panoramic glazing is “recruited” from windows of small dimensions, then to efficiently preserve heat in the adjoining room, it is unambiguous to choose models of plastic windows in which the space in the profile is divided into 4 or 5 chambers.

Reduced sound insulation. The similar problem of a plastic window of a large size is in most cases relevant for homeowners located within the city limits. The noise of cars passing under the windows, dogs barking and loud speech are not the most desirable "guests" in a cozy house. In order to effectively resist the sounds coming from the street in some cases, a single-chamber double-glazed window is not enough - homeowners have to resort to installing additional protection in the form of two-chamber double-glazed windows. Such a move inevitably promises an increase in the mass of the whole structure.

The appearance of ice on the windows. A large area of ​​double-glazed windows can not always warm up evenly. In the winter season, this fact can bring certain problems to the homeowners of glazed windows with panoramic windows, the basis of which is plastic. Running trickles of water flowing due to the crying of windows, obstructed view from the window due to the icing of the glasses - these are just the main troubles associated with the uneven heating of the double-glazed window. In order to prevent the appearance of ice on the glasses in winter, in a glazed room, you should consider the possibility of installing a thermal curtain, which allows you to warm up the air more efficiently, working in parallel with heating radiators.

Difficulty of care. Washing of wide-format plastic windows is always associated with inconveniences, and in some cases, when a glazed room is located in the upper part of a multi-storey building, and with a risk to life due to possible falling out of the window. In any case, if there is no desire to independently clean the light-transmitting structures, it is necessary to provide the likelihood of spending money on the performance of such work by professionals of a cleaning company.

As an alternative to the constant cleaning of glass packs, you can take advantage of technological advances - install glass packs with glass covered with a special composition that promotes self-cleaning. The principle of operation of self-cleaning plastic windows is as follows: under the heating of the sun, the backy dirt softens, and the raindrops wash it off. In this way, the glasses themselves, without human intervention, are completely cleaned.

Difficulties with the arrangement of furniture. Glazing a large area significantly reduces the possibilities in terms of creating comfortable living conditions. One of the elements of the interior, which partly have to donate, is the furniture. To prevent any piece of furniture blocking the opening view, the owner of the dwelling will have to think over the location of each component of the situation, taking into account the location of the panoramic window.

Insufficient secrecy of the situation and what is happening in the room. When planning the installation of panoramic windows, it should be borne in mind that floor-to-ceiling windows do not fully ensure the required level of privacy. Certainly, curtains or blinds will help to hide the dwelling environment from prying eyes for a while, but at the same time the whole point is lost due to the presence of wide-format windows - they do not allow the owner to enjoy the view from them. In part, the existing problem can be corrected by applying a tint film on the surface of the glass - a regular or a mirror one. During the daylight hours such a film will perfectly cope with its purpose - ensuring the secrecy of the glazed room. However, in the evening, with the lights on, the interior and everything that happens in the interior become visible from the street.

Vandalism problem. It is no secret, a large window acts like a magnet on intruders. The logic by which they are guided is quite simple: if the owners could afford to install a panoramic glazing, then inside the house there is certainly something to profit from. Therefore, in order not to become victims of the actions of criminals, it is necessary to seriously attend to solving problems related to security. It is necessary to resolve the issue related to the most vulnerable part of the window - with glass.

In this case, instead of the usual, the installation of a different, more durable type of glass will be most welcome. Currently, the following types of glass are used as safety glass: tempered, triplex, armored. If the panoramic plastic window is already mounted, then the best solution in terms of ensuring the safety of the adjacent room will be to cover the outer glass with a reservation film. It is also possible to protect the glass unit from possible breakage by installing roller shutters with a casing located in the upper part of the outer side of the window.


The presence of a number of shortcomings in the glazing of the house with panoramic windows is more than compensated for by many positive moments. The main ones are:

  • beautiful appearance of the window
  • creation of full natural lighting glazed premises.

When installing panoramic windows in a dwelling, it is safe to expect that these structures will be key elements when creating any type of interior.

When is it recommended to install panoramic windows?

Panoramic glazing is best used in Khrushchev. But it is also appropriate for the elongated narrow loggias of any other apartments. Windows to the floor make the interior more spacious and become a source of natural light, without making heavier the exterior. Panoramic windows on large and large loggias are appropriate if they overlook the northeast or north, that is, they are in insufficiently lit rooms. French glazing on the balcony requires the installation of a double PVC-profile, because double insulated double-glazed windows retain heat more efficiently than their aluminum counterparts.

When panoramic windows are a bad idea

Should abandon the idea to install a panoramic window adjacent to the bedroom. If the window faces south or southwest, it is contraindicated to make it panoramic, because it will warm up very much in summer and less efficiently store heat indoors in winter. It is risky to perform panoramic glazing on a loggia or balcony, in any room, if there are frequent and strong winds in the area. In any case, it is necessary to accurately calculate all the installation parameters and carry out thorough preparation for the installation work. Panoramic glazing is not done in apartments, where the ceilings are below 2.8 m.

Design features

To prevent condensation in the room with panoramic windows and, as a result, dampness, mold spread, a panoramic balcony or loggia should be equipped with a floor convector.

If the French balcony or loggia is located on the lower floors or in a private house, the issue of security of the room is particularly relevant. To prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises through a window, it is recommended to use reinforced glass, covered with a special metallized film, or laminated. The lower windows should be covered with tinting or light reflecting film. Energy-saving glass retains heat indoors in the winter, and tinted will save your eyes from dazzling bright sunlight.

Since the window structures weigh a lot, before installing the windows you need to strengthen the balcony slab, especially if the work is being done in a Khrushchev or a stalk. In order to make the panoramic glazing look particularly impressive and easy, the double-glazed windows can be connected with a silicone layer, having previously considered the possibility of airing.


  • A full-length window provides excellent natural light even in cloudy weather. As you know, sunlight is the least tiring for the eyes, which is not surprising: our vision has evolved, adapting specifically to its spectrum,
  • It visually increases the size of the room - and due to light, and due to the fact that part of the border delineating the visible space disappears. The interiors of the apartments are completely transformed,
  • The window allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surroundings - the view of the sea, the mountains or the night city.

Projects of wooden houses with panoramic windows are deservedly popular among residents of country villages.

Frame material

  1. Which frame of panoramic windows is better - aluminum, plastic or wooden??

With a limited project budget - unconditionally plastic. Arguments? You are welcome.

Inexpensive aluminum frame due to the high thermal conductivity of the metal is a solid cold bridge. It will not only contribute to the outflow of heat from the room, but will also become covered with frost in cold weather.

Sliding panoramic warm aluminum windows exist in nature, but they stand approximately like a small private plane due to the complex profile structure: thermal insulation is provided by several polyamide inserts.

On the heat-insulating qualities they all the same lose hinged PVC windows.

The profile structure of a sliding window system developed by the Italian company Giesse Accessories.

Wood is not inferior in thermal insulation qualities, and sometimes even surpasses PVC profiles. Moreover, modern glued frames are pressed and preserved, making their geometry and dimensions absolutely stable with any fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

In the price. Even an inexpensive frame of soft pine or fir will cost the buyer at least one and a half times more expensive than plastic. Replacing cheap conifers with noble wood (ash or oak) will increase costs by 2 to 3 times.

Wooden frames: beautiful, spectacular, expensive.

What about plastic? How good is he?

  • The service life of PVC frames is estimated at least 50 years,
  • The material tolerates any fluctuations in humidity, is resistant to fungus and can be washed with any cleaning agent.
  • If necessary, PVC is painted in any color (including the entire volume of plastic) or pasted over with a decorative film, quite reliably imitating the texture of wood.

Plastic profile is pasted over with a film that imitates wood.

  1. Whose profile systems to choose when choosing windows?

If the difference in price of 15 - 20% is not critical for you, it is better to choose profile systems of famous German manufacturers - KBE or Rehau. From my own experience: they differ from low-cost profiles of domestic and Chinese production of greater rigidity. This quality is very useful with a large window area and, accordingly, significant wind loads.

Rehau profiles have high rigidity due to the considerable thickness of the steel liner.

Cheaper profiles usually have a smaller metal liner thickness. I once chose the most inexpensive Chinese profile Hautec, in windy weather there is a slight frame vibration, which is not surprising when the size of each window is 5x2.6 meters.

  1. Is it possible to save on fittings?

No, no and NO. Worn or ill-conceived mechanics of poor-quality fittings will mean a loose closing of the valves or constant jamming of the handles in intermediate positions.

Here, without options, preference should be given to quality products of well-known manufacturers. I chose the accessories of Siegenia - Aubi, besides her, the good reviews on the Russian market were deserved by the brands Winkhaus, Maco and Roto.

Fittings Siegenia-Aibi. Highly recommend.

  1. What to look for when selecting a particular hardware?

Here is a guide based on my own experience of using plastic windows:

  • Swing doors should have a transom mode (when the door folds back towards itself). It is desirable that there is a microventilation mode (fixing the sash when tilting in the intermediate position by turning the handle). Transom mode allows you to ventilate a room in the rain without fear of puddles on the floor, and microventilation will provide a limited flow of fresh air into the cold,
  • The flap should be locked in the closed position not only by the central lock, but also by the pressure rollers up and down. It is the clamp when turning the knob will ensure tightness. If the door is fixed only by the tongue of the lock, the inevitable deformation of the profile with time will begin to leave slots above and below the opening.

Pinch rollers provide hermetic closure of the leaf.

Double glazing

  1. How to reduce heat loss through windows of a large area?

Losses are determined by two factors:

  • Convection of the air gap between the panes. Heat transfer due to convection decreases with an increase in the number of double-glazed windows; in this case, the temperature drop on neighboring glasses decreases, which, in fact, drives convection currents,

The reduction of convection losses contributes to the replacement of air in the glass for argon. It is more viscous, which contributes to slowing the movement of convection currents, and has a lower thermal conductivity compared to air.

Inert gases reduce heat loss due to convection.

  • Infrared radiation. The size of this part of the heat loss is determined by the delta of temperatures between the street and the room, as well as the permeability of glass in the infrared part of the spectrum. Energy-saving glasses with limited transparency in the infrared spectrum have been developed to reduce losses due to radiant heat.

The principle of operation of energy-saving glass.

As I already wrote above, the greatest degree of thermal protection is provided by a two-chamber double-glazed window with two energy-saving glasses and filling with argon.

Two-chamber double-glazed window with two energy-saving glasses.

Here is the approximate dependence of the thermal efficiency of the glass on the configuration change:

More about the disadvantages

It is good if the introduction of such a construction is envisaged by the architecture of the house initially, for example, when building a new high-rise building, and you don’t have to redo anything.

If you decide to install panoramic windows, it should be noted that this will be a redevelopment and, before taking up work, you will need to coordinate it in the necessary instances. In many cases, such a permit will not succeed, since a wall with windows, as a rule, is a carrier.

Similar difficulties may arise when glazing a loggia, as well as if the building is an architectural monument. In short, these nuances should be considered in advance, as they are crucial.

If the issue of installing a panoramic window is resolved in the affirmative, then it is necessary to envisage the creation of a near-floor heating zone or other convection heating, as well as the installation of an air conditioner. The latter will solve the problem with the heat in the summer, and the first is necessary, because there will always be a cold space around the glass, and condensation may occur due to the temperature difference.

Поскольку в большинстве случаев панорамные окна устанавливаются в многоэтажных высотках, мытье окон потребует привлечения профессионалов. Дело в том, что несмотря на то, что окно может состоять из частей или секций, добраться туда всякого рода приспособлениями все равно нельзя.

Почему потеют пластиковые окна, Вы можете узнать здесь.

Dust - the scourge of any city, as well as precipitation, leaving traces - to avoid their appearance on the glass, unfortunately, is impossible. We'll have to take care of the cleanliness of the windows, which is also associated with additional costs, the dirt on them will spoil the whole impression.

In addition, the subtle point associated with the transition of the positive properties of the panoramic window in the minus and vice versa, is the openness of your home. Indeed, in an apartment with such windows, even on a high floor, part of the interior is inevitably visible, which may attract unwanted attention of outsiders (for example, thieves), which means that it is necessary to consider additional security measures and housing protection.

About the design

Panoramic windows can be made with or without frames (frameless).

Of course, with the frames - a more reliable and durable option. As a rule, frames are made of aluminum, metal-reinforced plastic, or glass composite. The last option is the most expensive, but also the most reliable.

This is a high-strength material whose properties are similar to steel, does not undergo combustion, rotting, destruction, is not afraid of ultraviolet and does not fade.

And what plastic windows are better, you can read here.

Open windows and doors (in the case of a balcony) can be done in various ways, depending on the fittings:

  1. The most popular one is tilt-and-tilt (it is also used on ordinary plastic windows) - when the sash can be flung open completely or simply tilted slightly, for example, for ventilation.
  2. Parallel-sliding (sliding) - the sash as it drives on rails. However, in this case there is a rapid wear of the seals, it is necessary to constantly keep this moment under control.
  3. Folding folds accordion - not the most common and successful option. Despite the fact that it is possible to completely displace the glass to the side, freeing the opening, the heat insulating and noise shielding capabilities are significantly reduced.
  4. Lifting-sliding - such accessories are ideal. Despite the high cost, it creates excellent tightness and noise insulation.


And yet, apartments with panoramic windows are very attractive and will never compare with their usual counterparts - the usual windows.

Giving weightlessness to a room, its area visually increases, designers willingly take on the design of such interiors. As a rule, in apartments with such a window one room is formed (living room) or a kitchen.

Placing it in the bedroom is inappropriate. Well, this window also looks in the studio apartment, where there are no partition walls, and the space is zoned. A huge selection of curtains will emphasize the unsurpassed beauty of the view from the window without disturbing the harmony.

Watch an interesting video about panoramic windows and their features: