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Which is better to choose tanning


Many girls who aspire to become owners of one-ton tan are often interested in what kind of self-tanning cream is the best for the body. Reviews of various products, as well as their detailed description is in the article. This information is sure to help you understand which means you should choose in order to surprise not only yourself, but also those around you.

Instant tanning is used to dye skin in a gorgeous chocolate color. The current fashion industry, as always, dictates its own rules. The ideal of beauty is considered to be a shade of golden or bronze color. People who do not want to achieve results with a tanning bed or a long stay in the sun, you always want to find the best body tanning cream. Photos and reviews of popular products are also present in the article.

Cosmetics for tanning

You can get the effect of instant tan, not only using the best tanning cream for the body, but also by other means. Among them:

  1. Bronzants. Get instant results with the help of a special paint, which is part of the funds. The texture is easily applied to the skin and quickly washed off if necessary.
  2. Auto bronzanty. Unlike the previous tool, the result of using auto bronzant will be noticeable only after 4 hours. The cream does not stain clothes and is considered safe for healthy skin.
  3. Milk. The tool, which acts like a cream, has a more liquid structure and almost instant absorption.
  4. Spray. This option is more suitable for those who save their time and do not pay special attention to the duration of action. Spray is always applied evenly and absorbed in just 5-10 minutes.
  5. Mousse. A tool that has similar features with cream and milk. Not only sets off the skin color, but also moisturizes it.
  6. Lotion. Convenient in application and fast-absorbing agent gives an excellent effect in a short period of time.

Despite the existence of many tools that give similar effects, the best tanning cream for the body (reviews of some products are below) can not be replaced by anything. Most people prefer creams, because they give a more lasting result.

Which cream to choose

The skin will look beautiful and well-groomed only if its color is beautiful. Most people believe that tanning creams are a real achievement in cosmetology. Given the fact that lately they are increasingly talking about the dangers of sunlight, not everyone wants to get a natural tan.

Understanding which is the best body tanning cream is quite difficult, because today there are quite a few products that fully meet the basic criteria. In fact, every woman should choose for herself a suitable remedy, based on her own preferences, the composition of the cream, as well as the duration of action.

Selection rules

Selecting the best tanning cream for the body, it is recommended to be guided not only by the appearance of the tool and its consistency. However, you should pay attention to other nuances:

  • white-skinned blondes best to take creams with a light. They will make the tan more natural and perfectly combined with blond hair.
  • brunettes are recommended creams with the designation dark, which actively act to even out skin tone, making it smooth and delicate.
  • brown-haired and fair-haired girls are allowed to choose absolutely any means, depending on the desired effect.

The best tanning cream for the body: how to use

In the process of using the cream there are no difficulties. But you should still know some subtleties in order to get not a spotted color, but a beautiful painted body. These include:

  • A new tool is required to test, causing a small amount on the forearm,
  • during the week before using the cream you need to moisturize the skin with special nutrients, and a couple of days before the main procedure you should do a full body peeling,
  • Apply the cream to the bottom up strictly, treating the décolleté and backs of the elbows, palms and knees last,
  • Immediately after performing the procedure, you must thoroughly wash your hands with soap and nails and rub them thoroughly with a brush.

Leading body tanners

Since every person selects the best tanning cream for the body individually, it is simply impossible to find the perfect product suitable for everyone. Therefore, cosmetologists make and regularly update the ratings of the best creams according to consumer reviews. Below are products that have earned the respect of many women around the world.

Bronze Self-Tanner Shimmering Glow by Dior

The first in the ranking is a cream from the famous manufacturer "Dior". According to many young girls and more experienced women, this particular tanning cream for the body is the best. Reviews of it can be viewed below, but first you should familiarize yourself with the features of the tool.

The cream contains a sufficiently large number of caring components, making it ideal for sensitive skin types. The main feature is gold powder, which is able to add a mysterious body and a little mystical glow. As a result, the skin looks quite beautiful, without stains and streaks.

The cost of funds, of course, may vary in different stores and cities. But at the same time its average price is 1500 rubles.

The best tanning cream for the body: reviews

Girls who regularly use this cream speak of it only positively. First of all, they point to an acceptable cost, because for such money it is rather difficult to acquire a really high-quality product in sufficient quantity. In addition, consumers are pleasantly surprised by the result. Many of them claim that after using their skin began to look the same as that of the models on the covers of glamor magazines.

Flash Bronzer by Lancome

The cream helps to achieve a natural tan pretty quickly. It is intended for emergency cases, if there is no time to wait for the result. Means differs in gentle and easy structure, and also ability to be absorbed quickly.

The first effect will be noticeable after the first use of the cream. At the same time, it is quite simply and quickly washed off. But at the same time it should be remembered that regular use within 7 days activates a certain mechanism in the skin cells. As a result, the effect lasts longer.

The cream can be purchased at specialty stores or ordered online. Its price ranges from 1200 to 1600 rubles.

Customer opinion

According to the customers themselves, the products from “Lankom” have always been distinguished by quality and great effect, so the exception is not this, in their opinion, the best self-tanning cream for the body. Reviews of it can not be negative, because this cream qualitatively fulfills all the promises of the manufacturer.

Buyers cream attracts not only low cost, but also an excellent price-quality ratio. Girls are pleased with the fact that the tool really gives an instant effect, thanks to which it is possible to get a chic tan, similar to natural, quite simply in just a few minutes.

Lancome Flash Bronzer Oil-Free Tinted Self-Tanning Face

This tool is most often purchased in order to create a pleasant bronze tint on the skin of the face, although many customers use it for their entire body, while obtaining an incredible result. The composition of the cream-tanning includes the following components: a sufficient amount of vitamin E, pearl particles, natural caramel extract. Together, all these elements give the skin a healthy and natural glow.

Any light skin instantly acquires a bronze tint. To get a natural shade of sun tan, you have to wait about an hour. The cream exudes a pleasant aroma, if it is not interrupted by various perfumes, sprays, and so on. The consistency of the product resembles thick sour cream, making it convenient to evenly distribute it throughout the body. The result of the use you can see in the photo below.

The cost of the cream does not exceed 1500 rubles. This price suits all customers, because the tool is not required to be used every day, and therefore, it will be enough for a long time.

What people say

Now it's time to find out how the customers themselves describe their chosen best tanning cream for the body. Reviews about it are only positive. They indicate a pleasant value, and the qualitative impact on the skin. Especially good girls respond to the great smell, which can be enjoyed for quite some time.

What it is

Tanning is the result of a chemical reaction in the upper horny layer of the skin to produce brown pigment (melanoid) without sun.

Manifestation of tanning can be called a completely natural process, just the substances that are produced in the epidermis under the influence of sunlight, produced by artificial means, but the very darkening of the skin itself remains the same.

Three main substances that are able to trigger this reaction have been discovered and used today:

  • dihydroxyacetone (dihydroxyacetone),
  • acetyl tyrosine (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) and
  • erythrulose (erythrulose).

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a monosaccharide whose phosphate is a traditional participant in the body's metabolism.

Getting into the stratum corneum of the skin, reacts with proteins and amino acids, forming a brown pigment. Use both in autosungs, and as the amplifier in bronzant. It is considered the safest. Artificially produced from hypoallergenic sugar beets, sugar cane, palm oil or glycerin. The percentage indicates the intensity of the impact of funds. Darkening begins after 3-4 hours, is able to keep the color from 3 to 5 days.

DHA Disadvantages

  • When interacting with the skin, an unpleasant odor is released.. Many brands try to drown out his perfumes, sometimes quite successfully.
  • Dry skin. The higher the intensity indicator of tanning color, the more such a preparation dries the skin, therefore, in addition to the main substances, tanning products include moisturizing and nourishing natural ingredients: honey, ginger, decoctions of herbs and vitamins.
  • Instability when interacting with oxygen and high temperatures. In other words, it is impossible to keep tanning for a long time after opening the package, just as keeping bottles, jars and napkins in the summer in the sun, and in the winter at the heating devices. If the drug has changed color to use it is already contraindicated, dangerous free radicals begin to form in it.
  • Uneven flushing. The drier the skin, the faster the dead cells change. It is necessary to choose drugs with moisturizers and continue to feed the already bronzed body with moisture.
  • Uneven coating and an unpleasant carrot shade. The natural color of the tan of the upper horny layer, as it turned out, is just that - orange or reddish. It becomes brown under the influence of the sun during chemical reactions in the deeper layers of the skin, when tissue is “burned through”, which is dangerous for humans, and as a result there is an increased production of melanin.

Cosmetics should not be harmful to health, therefore, in modern preparations it was found two ways out of this situation.

First of all, natural coloring additives bronzanty - caramel, carmine, extracts of walnut peel or sugar cane, henna, carrot oil and the like. Under the influence of ultraviolet they darken on the skin and give a shade of bronze. These properties and provided them with a place in the main part of conventional bronzers.

Secondly, use auxiliary active ingredients. So, recently, dihydroxyacetone was learned to combine with Melanin - melanin (eumelanin or pheomelanin). Eumelanin is responsible for producing a dark shade of brown pigment, and pheomelanin is responsible for producing red. Red pigment is needed for a more natural tanning effect, for example, in the winter, when the vessels narrow and the skin becomes bluish. Sometimes auxiliary active components perform two tasks at once - they provide a beautiful tone and help to avoid streaks and spots that are not uncommon when using pure DHA. Most often, erythrulose is used for these purposes, a little less - acetyl tyrosine.

Eritruloza (raspberry sugar) - natural acid, participates in the process of formation of brown polymers - melanoids. It is extracted by processing ripe raspberry berries or, more often on an industrial scale, from polysaccharide molecules with additives of natural dyes. It can be used alone or as a supplement to DHA for deeper penetration into the skin to achieve a long and even tan. It manifests itself in two or three days, is retained - up to 7 days. Disadvantages: with more than 5% of its content in the product gives a yellow color.

N-acetyl-L-tyrosine - amino acid, natural accelerator of brown pigment production without sun. The effect is in 3 days, the reaction finally stops in a week. Retained on the skin such a tan to 14 days. However, experts are wary of this component: today there is no experimental scientific evidence confirming the safety of its long-term use.

Types of tanning and application methods

Funds for artificial tanning effect are of two types:

  1. Bronzaty containing dye. Available in the form of a cream, powder or gel pencil. Unstable, easily washed off with water, may stain clothes and bedding. The shimmering particles that make up the bronzat make the skin glow.
  2. Autobronzate with dihydroxyacetone, a substance that penetrates the surface layer of the skin, and, interacting with amino acids, gives it a golden color. The effect occurs after 1-5 hours and lasts from several days to two weeks. Gradually, along with the dead epidermis scales, tanning comes off.

On sale are tanners with dihydroxyacetone in the form of cream, mousse, milk, spray and wipes. It should be remembered that the skin coated with atobronzatom is not protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, and can easily burn. For this reason, manufacturers often add SPF filters to the autobronzers.

Precautionary measures

  • Self-tanning can not be applied for any skin diseases, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Before the procedure, it is necessary to check the avtobronzat for portability. To this end, the inside of the elbow joint is smeared with a drop of the substance. Within an hour, no itching, redness or other signs of an allergic reaction should appear.
  • It is very important to carefully read the instructions and follow its instructions.

Color selection

  • To get a natural color tan, you should choose avobronzat only a few shades darker than the natural tone of the skin. For those who conduct the procedure for the first time, it is better to choose shades as close as possible to their own skin color.
  • To get a uniform color, the cream for tanning can be diluted with 50% of conventional cream, or use milk or spray, which lie evenly.


  • Before the procedure, it is necessary to make hair removal, remove dead skin scales with a scrub or peeling, and wash thoroughly. This will avoid uneven tones, spots and stripes.
  • Wear gloves to protect hands. Hair should be collected upward so that they do not touch the skin.

Application technique

  • Apply the product should be a little, with gentle massaging movements, treating in turn each part of the body, with the exception of the hands, elbows and knees. For these sites it is better to use a spray, it lies more evenly on complex surfaces.
  • For applying tanning on the back area may need someone else's help.
  • Hands are handled last.
  • On the face means should be applied very carefully. For the area of ​​the ears and neck, it is necessary to use a tone slightly lighter than the main one, since these areas are less prone to tan.
  • After 20 minutes. after applying the first layer of tanning can be applied again.

Saving result

  • At least half an hour after the procedure is completed, it is not advisable to sit or lie down. This can prevent the dihydroxyacetone from being evenly distributed over the entire surface of the skin, and it increases the chances of getting spotty patches.
  • In the future, it is not recommended to use a razor for depilation, as it scratches the skin and damages tanning.
  • To reduce peeling of the epidermis, you should use moisturizers.
  • You can wash no earlier than six hours after the end of the procedure.
  • Intensive washing with soap and washcloth, scrubbing, peeling, visiting the sauna, swimming pool, sea baths accelerate the process of returning the skin to its original color.
  • Несколько дней после нанесения автобронзата не желательно надевать светлую или дорогую одежду, так как краситель может перейти на ткань.
  • Для сохранения красивого и ровного цвета процедуру нанесения автозагара необходимо повторять каждые 3-7 дней. При этом можно использовать более темные тона.

Исправление недостатков

  • Темные пятна можно осветлить при помощи лимонного сока и перекиси водорода, разведенной водой.
  • Для коррекции чересчур светлых участков удобно использовать спрей или салфетки с автобронзатом.
  • Tanning can also be removed by washing with soap and a hard washcloth, scrub or peeling.

What kind of auto-tanning products can be recommended to use in the summer of 2017?


Self-tanning gel "Cool Freshness" for face and body

  • Uniform coating - with neat application
  • No peculiar smell - the odor manifests itself
  • Resistance - 3-5 days
  • Natural shade - a little yellowish
  • Tanning time - 4 hours
  • Spots on clothes are possible

Dove Body Lotion Summer Shine

with tanning effect for normal and dark skin

  • Uniform coating - with neat application
  • No peculiar smell - there is a smell
  • Resistance - 1-2 days in the initial application
  • The naturalness of the shade - medium
  • Tanning time - 2-4 hours
  • Spots on clothes - maybe

Clarins Crème Délicieuse Auto-Bronzante

Cream for artificial tanning of the face and body

  • Uniform coverage - yes
  • No peculiar smell - low odor short
  • Resistance - 4-6 days
  • Natural shade - yes
  • Tanning time - within 10-15 minutes
  • Spots on clothes - no

(The best effect will be when mixed with a moisturizer)

Clarins Eau Lactée Auto-Bronzante

Lotion for artificial tanning face

  • Uniform coverage - yes
  • No specific smell - yes
  • Resistance - 2-4 days
  • Natural shade - yes
  • Tanning time - within half an hour
  • Spots on clothes - no

Shiseido Brilliant Bronze Quick Self-Tanning Gel Face / Body

Instant gel tanning for face and body SHiseido

  • Uniform coverage - yes
  • No specific smell - yes
  • Resistance - 5-7 days
  • Natural shade - yes
  • Tanning time - instantly
  • Spots on clothes - no after full absorption

Dior bronze

Autobronzant-gel for face and body (separately)

  • Uniform coverage - yes, very
  • No peculiar smell - no odor
  • Resistance - 7 days
  • Natural shade - yes
  • Tanning time - within an hour
  • Spots on clothes - no

St.Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse Mousse

The number one tool in the line of tanning St.Tropez

  • Uniform coating - super smooth
  • No peculiar smell - pleasant smell
  • Resistance - 7 days
  • Natural shade - yes, very
  • Tanning time almost immediately
  • Spots on clothes - no, not at all

The best products for tanning, presented in the review, mainly belong to the “luxury” class, with the exception of the first two. Accordingly, in spite of a price that is not low, their quality and safety is at a height. Top compiled based on user feedback and personal experience. We wish you a beautiful tan and glowing skin!



  1. This is the fastest way to get an amazing skin tone without harm to health.
  2. Thanks to him, you can change the tone of the face, and hide the circles under the eyes. It is also used instead of foundation. In order to hide unwanted circles under the eyes, you need to apply the tool to the entire face, except for the areas around the eyes.
  3. The darker the shade, the slimmer you look. With the help of tanning for a couple of hours, you somehow lose weight by a few pounds. Plus, these tools help to hide cellulite.

Council number 1. Carefully read the composition

Today, among the tinting components, dihydroxyacetone is in the lead; therefore, it must first be sought on the packaging. And before applying tanning on the body, it is necessary to test it on a small area of ​​skin. If after 2 days the reaction is not noticeable, then you can safely use it.

Council number 2. Choose the right formula for you.

Nowadays, there is a fairly large selection of products for tanning: gels, napkins, lotions, creams, sprays, etc. It is better to start with lotion or milk, they guarantee an even tan and moisturize the skin well.

Gels are suitable for all skin types, though they dry out quickly. Creams have a slightly fatter consistency, which is recommended for people who have dry skin. For people with oily skin suitable tanning in the form of mousses. It is most difficult to apply tanning in the form of sprays and wipes.

Council number 4. Prepare the skin

A day before applying tanning necessarily make hair removal, stop using cosmetics and deodorants.

Before applying, you need to get rid of dead cells, that is, to do the pilling or just apply a scrub on the body. After that, take a shower and spread the body with a moisturizer. Now you can apply tanning.

Council number 5. Apply the agent

Before using tanning, wear latex gloves on your hands. Apply a greasy cream on lips, roots of hair and eyebrows, it will help to avoid a yellowish shade. Then, evenly, in a circular motion to apply tanning on the body, starting from the feet, from top to bottom. In the area of ​​the knees and elbows, it is better not to accumulate excess funds, because a bluish tint may appear.

After this procedure it is necessary to wash your hands with soap and moreover, special attention should be paid to the nails.

10 popular tools for tanning

1. Sublimonronze Airbrush (L’Oreal) - this is tanning, dry consistency, which gives the body a natural shade. Does not leave streaks, streaks and greasy. Appears on the body an hour after use, has a pleasant aroma and dries quickly. Approximate cost: 9.66 USD.

2. Gelee Auto-Bronzante Express - will give the skin a smooth, light tan, golden hue, the effect appears within two days. The texture resembles jelly, has a low-fat texture and a pleasant aroma. Thanks to moisturizing ingredients that are included in this jelly and aloe juice, tan lasts much longer. Approximate cost: 19.32 USD.

3. Cream-gel Bronze Self-Tanner Shimmering Glow (Dior) - perfect for face. The composition contains gold shimmering particles. It is absorbed very quickly and does not leave stains on the skin. Approximate cost: 22.83 USD.

4. Aerosol-tanning Nivea Sun (Nivea)- this inexpensive antibronzant in a matter of hours will allow you to get a beautiful, platinum skin tone. To make the product smoother, it is advisable to make a peeling before use It is not recommended to use the aerosol in the area of ​​the elbows, shins, hands and knees. Approximate cost: 5.27 USD.

5. Bronze Nature (Yves Rocher) lift tanning - it is a double action cream: tanning and protection against aging at the same time. The lifting effect is noticeable after just one hour. You can use it to maintain an even skin tone throughout the year. Recommended for women from 25 years. Approximate cost: 9.66 USD.

6. Body Lotion “Gentle Shimmer” (Dove) - Carefully cares for the skin and intensely moisturizes it. Gives the effect of a flicker of glitter. For a golden tanning effect, it is recommended to apply for 5 days. Apply at least once a week. Lotion is suitable for oily as well as for dry and combination skin. Approximate cost: 3.51 USD.

7. The Haze for No Streaks Bronzer (Garnier) - This dry spray spray with an almond aroma is great for a light and dark skin tone. After a couple of hours appears golden and natural tan. Approximate cost: 6.15 USD.

8. Flash Bronzer Self-tanner-Bronzer (Lancome) - instantly gives the skin a stunning golden hue, self-tanning appears gradually, besides it has a delicate mousse texture. Approximate cost: 20.19 USD.

9. Complete Care (Olay) Daily Body Lotion - gives a healthy skin color and a slight shade of tan. Approximate cost: 4.39 USD.

10. Spray-tanning water-based Fast Dry Bronze (Lancaster) - this spray smoothes and peels the skin, gives a natural tan color. It perfectly moisturizes and prevents skin aging. Approximate cost: 19.32 USD.

Types of cosmetics for tanning

The most safe is reed tanning. The active component dihydroxyacetone is extracted from sugar cane. Darkening of the skin is superficial, affects only the upper layer of the endometrium. The substance is part of many preparations for tanning. Home-made products based on coffee, chamomile, nut leaves, black tea, rhubarb root have a similar effect. Thus, tanning with a cream does not have a negative effect on the skin. An allergic reaction to a component of a cosmetic product can be a negative consequence. In order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to conduct a sensitivity test. The procedure does not take much time, but it will relieve from unwanted effects.

  • Bronzants. The instant effect is achieved thanks to a special paint in its composition. The cream is easy to apply, and if necessary, quickly washed off with soap and water. Such a way, a knight's move, before a significant date!
  • Avtobronzanty. The active component of such funds is dihydroxyacetone. In contact with skin, reacts with proteins, causes darkening. The result is noticeable 4 hours after applying the cream. The effect lasts somewhat longer than that of the bronzants. Does not stain clothes. Considered absolutely safe.
  • Cream. The tool gives lasting results. Hold on for a long time. Evenly paints the skin. It can be applied to all parts of the body. It is absorbed for a long time. After treatment of the skin for 30 minutes you can not wear.
  • Milk. The principle of operation is similar. Only has a more liquid structure, absorbs faster.
  • Spray. Designed for those who save time, not particularly picky about the duration of action. Spray evenly applied to the skin, absorbed in 10 minutes.
  • Mousse. Something in between cream, milk. It has a moisturizing effect. Slightly emphasizes skin color. Suitable for maintaining the effect after applying the cream.
  • Lotion. Convenient to apply. Quickly absorbed. The effect is no worse than after tanning cream.
  • Sea-buckthorn gel. The active ingredients of the cosmetic cause the skin to actively produce melanin. The result of darkening of the skin is noticeable after 6 hours after application.
  • Napkins. Corrective tool that allows you to quickly fix the flaws of an unsuccessful tan. Use on various parts of the body.

Which is better to use the cream for tanning

The skin looks healthy and well-groomed, if its color is beautiful. Many women consider self-tanning cream a real achievement in cosmetology. Due to the fact that lately they have increasingly begun to talk about the dangers of the sun’s rays on the human body, a natural tan becomes undesirable. However, tanning cream does not deprive women of the opportunity to get a bronze, golden skin tone. Which is better to use, a woman should determine individually. Each tool has its active components, the duration of action. Moreover, instead of professional cosmetics, you can use the popular recipes.

How to choose

In choosing one should be guided not only by the type of cosmetic, texture, take into account the type of skin, its natural color.

Blondes with fair skin, you need to choose a tanning cream marked “light”. The skin will darken slightly, which will look natural with blond hair, eyes. It is better to choose drugs with a lighter structure - gel, mousse, spray, lotion.

Brunettes should choose cosmetics with the designation "dark". The skin of dark women in itself is a few tones darker than blondes. You can allow a more active impact. Cream with a dense structure will be able to give the desired effect, even out the unevenness of the skin, make it smooth, delicate, and retain its naturalness.

Brown and Brown can choose a cream for tanning from a series of blondes, brunettes, depending on the desired result. But ideal for them would be cosmetics with the designation "medium".

How much is the result

The duration of the effect depends on the individual characteristics of the skin, the frequency of water treatments, the quality of the selected product. On average, lasting effect lasts 4 days. After which tanning with the help of the cream begins to fade. This happens because the remedy affects only the upper layer of the endometrium, the skin cells die and are renewed every day. That is, it is impossible to avoid the disappearance of a pleasant shade. But, on the basis of reviews, self-tanning with high-quality expensive cosmetics can hold for about 2 weeks.

How to apply the cream on the body

There is nothing difficult in the application procedure. But if you do not know all the subtleties, instead of a beautiful painted body, you can get a spotty color.

  • A new tool must first be tested. A small amount is applied to the forearm. At the same time, the reaction to sensitivity will be checked.
  • Initially, the skin must be prepared. Within a week, it should be moistened with nourishing, moisturizing creams. If this is not done, when applying the tanning cream, it will accumulate in problem areas. Instead of hiding them, will focus on them. For 1-2 days, peeling the whole body. Especially you need to pay attention to the elbows, knees. If dry areas remain there, dark spots will appear on them after tanning cream.
  • On the eve of the procedure should take a shower, bath. Good wipe the body. If a drop of water remains, there will be stains.
  • Apply the product to the bottom up. On such areas of the body as the neckline, the back of the elbows, knees, palms, the cream will act faster. They are treated last.
  • Immediately after the procedure, the hands should be well drunk with soap and rub the nails with a brush. If this is not done, their color will change beyond recognition, and the nails will become just black.
  • 30 minutes is enough for absorption. But finally the drug will be distributed and will begin to act after 2 hours. Clothing can be worn at least an hour after applying the tanning cream. Taking a shower is allowed after 6 hours.

The first result will be noticeable after 4 hours.

How to apply on face

Use body cream on the face area is impossible. For this there is a special cosmetics, which acts more gently. Before the procedure it is necessary to clean the face from dirt, cosmetics, rub with lotion. Apply the cream evenly, leaving the area around the eyes untreated. Leave for impact. At the end of the time specified in the instructions, apply a moisturizer. Especially intense should be moistened for hair growth. Then the transition will smooth out, the tan will not look like a mask.

3. Ronze Self-Tanner Shimmering Glow, Dior

Means with a large number of caring components, suitable for sensitive skin. The highlight of the tanning cream is gold powder. He adds to the body of mystical, mysterious radiance. The skin looks like the girls from the cover of a glamorous magazine. Instantly absorbed, does not leave stains, stains. The price for tanning cream is 1500 rubles.

5. Bronze Nature by Yves Rocher

With the help of a cream for tanning, the imperfections of mature skin are smoothed out, the young processes are activated. The drug is intended for use after 25 years. Suitable for daily use. Especially good for the skin of the feet. Active substances cause the cells of the epidermis to actively produce melanin. This is what caused lasting results. The cost of a cream for tanning about 600 rubles.

6. Flash Bronzer Oil-Free Tinted Self-Tanning Face, Lancome

It is used to create a pleasant bronze shade on the skin of the face. As part of the means a large amount of vitamin E, natural caramel extract, pearl particles to add shine.

Light skin becomes bronze instantly. The natural shade of tan appears within an hour. It smells good honey, jasmine. The consistency is like thick cream. To maintain a constant effect, the skin is treated 3 times a week. The cost of the cream for tanning 1300 rubles.

7. Jurlique Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner

Australian natural organic cosmetics. The active ingredient is the oil of wild saffron, orange extract. Leaves a nice golden color. The uniform creamy structure makes it easy to apply the drug on the skin. Does not create stains, stains. No kind of mask, smooth transitions. For a lasting effect, apply twice a week. The cost of sunblock from 3000 rubles.

8. Sol Self Tan, Oriflame

With the help of sunblock get a matte shade of the body at any time of the year. Active bronzing component allows you to enjoy the result in an hour. Does not leave greasy, evenly distributed. There is no koala bear effect.

Distribute massage movements. For a lasting effect, repeat the procedure several times a week. The cost of the cream for tanning only 390 rubles.

10. BELKOSMEX Sunvita

Belarusian cosmetics with excellent persistent results up to 7 days. Lightweight structure. The color is initially white. It smells good, but during exposure there is a completely different fragrance, which indicates the transformations on the skin. After 2 hours you can see the result.

Apply evenly and carefully. As there can be strips, spots. Rinse evenly. Price resistant cream for tanning about 450 rubles.

Cream tanning at home

You can prepare an effective tool yourself. Sometimes the effect of folk cream for tanning lasts much longer. However, this is not really a cream, but simply a means that allows you to get a similar result.


Fresh carrot juice intensively changes the complexion. Suitable for brunettes, brown-haired with a dark face. Thanks to carrots such skin gets an enviable bronze shade. Rub a vegetable on a fine grater. Apply on the face in the form of a mask. Для сухой кожи смешивают со сметаной, сливками. Получится вдобавок питательная маска. Удерживают 30 минут. Смывают. Эффект налицо!

Грецкий орех

Используют скорлупу, зеленую кожуру. Скорлупу заваривают кипятком, кипятят на маленьком огне несколько минут. Настаивают сутки. Интенсивно протирают кожу. Чем больше скорлупы, тем темнее получается цвет. Кожуру измельчают в блендере, наносят, как маску на 20 минут.

Шелуха лука

Universal remedy for face, body. Husk brewed with water. The larger it is, the richer the decoction. To obtain a golden body color, fill the bath with broth. It is necessary to lie in it not less than 20 minutes. Face stained with washing.

What is tanning

Tanning - this effect on the top layer of the skin of a special cosmetic, as a result of which, the effect of a tanned body is obtained. In short, it is an artificial tan. What are its advantages, and what are its disadvantages?

Positive points in the use of tanning:

  • convenient to use at home
  • ideal for those with fair skin,
  • compared to tanning - saves time and money
  • possibility of use at any time of the year,
  • in comparison with ultra-violet sunshine - safe and harmless,
  • the result after application is not only a uniform tan, but also additional care for the whole body,
  • the ability to apply to exposed skin.

But in such a number of advantages, the tanning has its drawbacks:

  • correct and uniform application is necessary, otherwise white spots and stains may remain,
  • the result manifests itself after a while
  • in some cases, additional peeling procedures are required,
  • quickly washed off.

But despite this, avtozagara already had enough fans. After all, its application does not require much time and special efforts, and the result can be seen after a while. In most products for artificial tanning, they add moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, oils, which not only form a bronze tone, but also take care of the body.

Top 10 best avtozagar

Almost every cosmetic company has a range of tanning. They are more than a hundred different species. In order not to get lost in this choice, hereinafter list of the most popular means for artificial tanning for every taste and financial possibilities:

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush - fits perfectly on the skin, completely absorbed without leaving a greasy luster. With the help of a dry spray, it is applied to the most hard-to-reach places, leaving no streaks.

Price - about 580 rubles.

Gelee Auto-Bronzante Express from Clarins - thanks to its jelly-like texture, it is perfectly absorbed, evenly applied, and the moisturizing ingredients that make up the composition, retain the tanning effect longer. Great for sensitive skin.

Price - about 1200 rubles.

Bronze Self-Tanner Shimmering Glow by Dior - Suitable for all skin types. A great option for sunburn of the face, because not all means are suitable for him - he not only gives tone, but also cares carefully. Thanks to the flickering particles, as part of, it turns out a beautiful bronze sheen on the body.

Price - about 1,400 rubles.

Nivea Sun by Nivea - allow for a few hours to see the desired result. With the help of a spray, it is applied even in hard to reach places. Excellent moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Does not leave stains and is well absorbed. Before use, it is best to peel the whole body.

Price - about 350 rubles.

Bronze Nature by Yves Rocher - A great tool for those who want to look tanned and young. This tool has a lifting effect and can be used instead of day cream to maintain the tone of the face.

Price - about 600 rubles.

Flash Bronzer by Lancome - The best tool for instant tanning. It combines tanning and bronzant, where both components support each other and appear gradually.

Price - about 1200 rubles.

Complete Care by Olay - its daily use will give the skin a natural tanned shade, gently caring for it and moisturizing. No stains or yellow spots.

Price - about 280 rubles.

Magic Tan by Avon - well absorbed and washed off evenly. Bronze shimmering shade can be enjoyed about two weeks.

Price - about 200 rubles.

Sun Zone Self-Tanning Mist Body by Oriflame - the result is visible in a couple of hours. Evenly falls and moisturizes. The effect lasts for about 8-9 days.

Price - about 200 rubles.

Summer Glow from Dove - the best available tool for experimenters - after the first application, only a semitone from the bronze shade appears. For more saturated, you need to use it several times.

Price - about 150 rubles.


Back in our early years, with the arrival of summer, my friends and I went to the river to bathe - to sunbathe. Only I suffered the most, because I have fair skin that instantly burned. The emergence of tools for artificial tanning for me was a real find. For a couple of days, my skin acquired the desired golden hue, without burns and redness. Now I can be dark when I want it. In particular, tanning can be used for a special occasion - a bronze tint on the body looks very elegant.


I have an active lifestyle and I travel often. True, in countries where summer all year round is not often. But if suddenly I get there, I always try to use the moment to sunbathe. I really like the amber color of the body. In other cases, saves tanning. Only here the important point is to choose an individually suitable one. I tried many - from expensive and not very, but I chose for myself the average price category, but excellent quality. After all, each component reacts differently to the epidermis and gives a different result.


I like to try something new. This time I got my hands on tanning. Only here the effect was not quite expected. Once again I remind myself that before using, and especially new products, it is necessary to study all the recommendations, pros and cons of this product. But my experiment began only with reading a couple of phrases about what needs to be applied to the body. But the fact that the skin must be prepared - I guessed later, when I saw a bronze sheen with white glimpses.

The result of this story is that the body needs to be prepared for self-tanning:

  • skin cleaning - we wash off all cosmetics,
  • pilling - body scrubs remove the horny cells of the epidermis, thereby helping to get a uniform tan using tanning,
  • Cosmetic means for a bronze body color must be applied evenly and moderately - a ball superimposed in two or three layers will not enhance the color depth at a time.

They learn from their mistakes. Now I'm almost a pro.


Tanning products - a great alternative for those who want to have a uniform tan, but not enough time for a tanning bed. With its proper use, the effect is the same as after the beauty salon. I use self tanner and am very pleased - it takes a little time and patience - and you are a tanned beauty.

Krasnodar city

Since the tanning products I have tried, the best is milk. Gels, sprays, etc. - very quickly absorbed and leave stains, and the stripes, like a zebra, we do not need. Therefore, the milk must be carefully rubbed and evenly applied. If someone has scaly or dry skin, then it is better to prepare it using scrubs and be sure to moisturize it, as self-tanning dries the epidermis. Although personally I always get pleasure from such procedures - this is an extra care, satin skin plus a beautiful even tan.


I wanted it in the middle of the winter of summer. I decided to pamper myself with a beautiful tan, on the advice of girlfriends, chose tanning. The result, however, was a little surprised - instead of a chocolate-golden hue, I got Asian-Korean, and with my blond hair, it looked a little strange at all. Most likely, it depends on the remedy and skin type. In this case, there are two options - either experiment further and look for a suitable one for yourself, or go to the solarium. Most likely I will try the second. Although, the only thing that did not suit me was a shade, after use. The procedure itself is quite pleasant, without consequences (some girlfriends had allergies), and the tone was even.

Floresan spray bronzer "Bronze"

The desire of girls to get a beautiful tan can not always come true due to the high cost of bronzers. This tool belongs to the budget category; therefore, tanning in terms of price and quality has an optimal combination and is quite effective.
Using excellent bronze spray-tanning, every lady, regardless of the season, can get a beautiful and even tan. Means with apricot oil and vitamin E in the composition is manifested within a few hours after application and will persist for 5 days. In addition to giving the skin a beautiful shade, the best inexpensive tanning spray restores the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, tones and moisturizes it.


  • Affordable price
  • Evenly applied, without creating stains on the skin
  • Can be used for sensitive skin.
  • Perfectly moisturizes and tones the skin.
  • Keeps long


BelKosmex "Musthave" tanning cream for face and body

Seductive bronze skin tone - the dream of every girl. The special composition of the means-tanning will achieve the desired shade is not a few days. The cream contains Shea butter, which provides effective moisturizing, softening and elasticity of the skin.

After applying the cream hue to appear within 2-3 hours. Daily applying the tool, you can adjust the intensity of the shade. Tan will gradually disappear by itself if you stop using the cream.


  • Uniform distribution, without divorces
  • Convenient packaging
  • Affordable cost
  • Excellent moisturizing and softening


  • The hue is not bronze, but golden

Belita Solaris gel tanning

A budget tanning gel from a reliable Belarusian manufacturer will allow you to get a spectacular natural tan without a stay on the beach or in a solarium. The use of funds contributes to the production of melanin. Hue begins to appear within 4-6 hours after using the gel.

The tool is easily applied to the skin, does not tighten it, effectively moisturizes and nourishes. It belongs to the category of budget funds for a beautiful skin tone. Can be used for all skin types.


  • Affordable cost
  • Easy to find on country counters
  • High-quality and smooth application
  • Lasting effect
  • Qualitative composition


Garnier Ambre Solaire Milk-Tanner

Get a beautiful and even tan on the face and body will help milk-tanning popular brand Garnier. As part of the product there is apricot seed oil that will make the tan lasting and natural.
Milk smoothly lay on the skin, thereby achieving a natural tan, without streaks and stains.
When applying means you need to pay attention to hard-to-reach places. To achieve an intense effect, you need to use the tool several times a week.
It has a fresh and pleasant aroma.


  • Lays flat on the skin
  • Do not form stains
  • Dries quickly
  • Well moisturizes the skin


L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze facial and body lotion

Cosmetics from the famous brand L’Oreal Paris are loved by girls all over the world because of their effectiveness and high quality.
Milk-tanning Sublime Bronze is intended for those ladies who are trying to use tanning for the first time. Milk makes the skin beautiful bronze color. Tan will look natural and as natural as possible.

Tanning stains the skin evenly in places where it is difficult to do. Apply the milk on the body should be lightly stroking movements, preferably with the help of a special mitten. Within a few hours after application, the tool will appear.

Milk has a pleasant aroma of freshness, dries quickly and does not give oily shine. Therefore, after its application, you can safely wear even light-colored clothing, without fear that it will get dirty.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Evenly distributed on the skin
  • Tan turns natural
  • It is quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy stains on clothes
  • Effectively moisturizes the skin.


Mouss-tanner St.Moriz

The most delicate foam means for getting a perfectly beautiful, tanned body and face, evenly and easily applied to the skin surface, does not create stains and lumps. User reviews have made him one of the leaders of our rating.
Mousse tanning has several advantages over other brands of tanning. It has a pleasant smell, it is easy to apply and wash off without streaks, and tanning lasts a long time. The manufacturer also offers its customers several tones of intensity, so that each customer has the desired effect.


  • Uniform and easy application
  • It is washed off without divorces
  • Perfect for face
  • Has a neutral smell
  • Keeps long
  • Ability to choose color intensity


Yves Rocher Solaire Peau Parfaite

The company Yves Rocher offers an effective tool for tanning, which also provides high-quality even application without a streak. Elevator tanning is intended for use by women over 25 years of age. When applied, the product provides an instant lifting effect, giving the skin a beautiful shade within an hour after application. To maintain a beautiful skin tone throughout the year, lift cream can be used instead of the usual day cream.


  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Does not leave greasy stains
  • Go to bed exactly
  • Protects skin from aging.


Clarins Gelee Auto-Bronzante Express

Just a few days to get a beautiful tan, which will be no worse than in the Mediterranean resort, will help effective means Gelee Auto-Bronzante Express. The peculiarity of the product is that it contains jelly with moisturizing ingredients and aloe juice, due to which it is easy to lie on the skin and the effect is preserved longer.

The unique formula for the best tanning reviews includes erythrulose and a special complex derived from the bark of chestnuts. Thanks to this combination of components, jelly provides a beautiful natural tan.
The texture means suitable for all skin types, even with increased sensitivity.


  • Delicate texture
  • Easy application
  • Uniform distribution
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Lasting effect
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


Loving Tan Deluxe bronzing mousse

A unique mousse formula with a bronzing effect from the popular Loving Tan brand will help you create a natural tan without the need to visit a tanning salon or expensive resorts. The tan shade is deep and saturated, no stains are formed.

This tool is ideal for those girls who are just starting to use tanning.
Hue begins to appear on the skin instantly, so that no area, even difficult to reach, will not be overlooked.
Mousse has a non-viscous texture, dries quickly. The desired effect is achieved within 8 hours after application and persists for several days.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Lays down exactly, does not form stains
  • Perfect for face
  • Nice smell
  • Dries quickly
  • Tanning without leaving marks on clothes


Self tanning benefit or harm - what you need to know

  • The undoubted advantages include the opportunity to purchase a beautiful tanned color without affecting the skin of any ultraviolet effects, as well as the fact that thanks to the tanning you can look tanned and well-groomed at any time of the year.
  • The only disadvantage of bronzators is that they slightly dry the skin, but popular and proven manufacturers, trying to make their product more qualitative, add moisturizing ingredients, oils and useful natural extracts.
  • Also, depending on the characteristics of your body, bronzing agents can cause allergic reactions, so before applying to the entire skin, always perform a sensitivity test. To do this, apply the tool to fold the elbow and wait 24 hours.

Tanning without stains and stains - application tips

Even the best tool for tanning will bring disappointment, despite the high ratings and many positive reviews, if it is incorrectly used. To cream or milk lay on the skin evenly, it is recommended:

  1. Apply the product only on clean and dry skin. To do this, before using tanning need to take a shower to wash off the dust and sebum, use a scrub to remove dead skin cells. Dry your face and body with a soft towel and allow to dry.
  2. Before applying the product on the face and body, use a moisturizer. Wait until well absorbed.
  3. Apply tanning need circular motions, rubbing it into the skin. You can use a special mitten that will avoid divorce and protect your hands from getting dirty. Take 100 rubles and order such a mitten on any Chinese website and the use of tanning will bring you only comfort and joy.
  4. In no case can tanning be applied to the skin if it is damaged. The reaction of the skin, on which there are abrasions, acne, dermatitis, may be different.