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How to teach a puppy and an adult dog to the tray?


How to teach your puppy to the toilet? This question asks many owners of dogs, especially dwarf and small breeds. It is necessary to begin with the fact that the tray can not completely replace a full walk on the street. Diapers, a tray, and all sorts of newspapers are great in cases where the dog for some reason is not possible to display on the street.

For example, the quarantine did not end after vaccination, or frost struck outside, and you took a smooth-haired dog. This, too, may be the reason for not going out. After training to the tray, the pet will not stop asking on the street, but it will not spoil where it is not necessary.

If you decide to take a puppy into the house and raise it, then over time you will see that it will not be difficult to teach your pet to a diaper or tray. Sometimes it happens that some puppies are difficult to train and are capricious. But even such stubbornness can pass by itself.

After birth, puppies will begin to crawl out of the box where they lived. Leaving your “home” begins the development of a new territory. In the early days, the pet comes across a diaper to which their mother went to the toilet. Having smelled the smell of the mother, they will also meet the needs for a soft and comfortable diaper. As you grow up, to teach your puppy to the tray, you just need to put this diaper in there. Hosts need to change it more often.

However, if a pet has a new family and it gets into a new room, then in order to accustom him to the diaper again, it is necessary to make a little effort too. Since he already knows the theory from childhood, then the owners just need to make it clear that in the new house you need to follow the same rules.

How to teach a pet to go to the toilet in the right place?

First of all, the new owner needs to choose a place in which the diaper will lie or stand a tray. It is recommended to choose a place so that it does not change, otherwise if you spread the diaper in different places, it will be confused.

By following these recommendations, you will help your dog to remember the place where you should always go to the toilet. Choose for yourself the best option for the size of the diaper, as they are different. You can buy a diaper in almost any pharmacy.

For the first time, remove all rags and carpets from the floor. A puppy should not be able to go to the toilet on the carpet. For several months, he doesn’t really care where to urinate - on the diaper or on the carpet, since moisture is gently and well absorbed everywhere. If your pet takes it as a habit, it will be very difficult to wean him. The kitchen and the corridor are perfect for the first time: on the linoleum all pools are clearly visible, and from soft surfaces there is only a diaper.

Based on these considerations, the dog itself will learn to urinate in the proper place. Start on the carpet only after the pet has done all its business, and only under supervision. The first days of the pet in the house should not provide him with options for where to go to the toilet. Choose a place for your puppy where he will live. Put a box there, or just lay him something in the corner.

Around this area, build a small fence. First, the territory for the dog should not be more than 2 square meters. meter The puppy awoke, he was impatient in the toilet, and on the territory only a diaper and a bare floor. Naturally, the pet will choose a diaper. The territory can be gradually expanded, but leave the diaper in the same place.

Actions that will help teach your puppy to the tray

  1. Usually puppies defecate after sleeping or feeding, so immediately after eating, put your pet in the fence. After he fulfills his needs in the diaper, you can safely release him from there. A pet should always have free access to it. If he went to the toilet on the floor, blot the puddle with this diaper, and then make the puppy smell it. The floor in this place must be well washed immediately.
  2. Try as often as possible to bring the dog to the tray. If you see that the animal has begun to fuss, sniffs out something and is spinning in one place, immediately remind it where you can do your business.
  3. If the animal still managed to go on the carpet, be sure to let him know that you can’t do this, yell at him and quickly take him to the tray. You can just poke his nose in the place of "crime". At a young age, slapping them in any case is impossible. Puppies are very sensitive, so the formidable intonation and raising of voice will be more than enough. When it is successful, stroke the pet and give him a treat. But if the dog is already an adult, then the process of training and education can be connected still not strong, but offensive slap.

To teach the toilet puppy York can be the same way. You can also moisten a piece of newspaper in the urine and put it on a swaddling cloth or in a tray, where you will have to meet york needs. Let the dog sniff this place.

Teaching your pet to the toilet, please be patient and remember your moms, who once taught you to pot themselves. Your pet is another child in the family who sooner or later will grow and become independent, so you should not get annoyed once again and spoil relations with the animal due to temporary difficulties.

By following these rules and truly encouraging your puppy, you can accustom your pet to the toilet quickly enough. Even so, you teach the dog to other educational moments.

Schooling puppies

The easiest way (relatively, of course) is to teach puppies to him, since they are not used to “doing things” while walking. Firstly, the best fight is the one that did not take place. Try to take puppies from those breeders who have already taught pot dummies. If you are new to this business, save yourself a lot of time and nerves.

Secondly, select the appropriate tray in advance. For puppies special models are available, characterized by very low bumpers and absorbent diapers. At the latter, it is better not to save, as they perfectly absorb the unpleasant smell and reduce the need for constant cleaning of the toilet. In addition, for long-haired shih-tzu, they are simply vital, because without a good absorbent material, their fur near the urinary organs often begins to look like dirty, smelly icicles.

Having washed a simple pallet for a week or two, after a herd of “pisuns” has been walking on it every hour, you will surely agree with this. With dressura surely there will be no problems if:

  • The puppy looked at the mom who used the tray.
  • You do not have a herd of cats and other "guests" who will embarrass the baby during such a responsible process.
  • If you took the "urban" puppy, who did not live on the street.

However, in other cases, the desired goal will be achieved provided that you have angelic patience and valuable skill in cleaning floors.

A puppy - one piece, a tray ... but they did not guess it! Trays should be at least two, or even three. What are such difficulties for? The fact is that the dog is far from immediately able to determine the place where it will be most comfortable for him to write and not only. This is especially true if you teach a dachshund: these animals are “miners” for hunting purposes, and they themselves often love solitude. Because of this, they often arrange toilets in the most remote and uncomfortable places.

First you have to follow the petty restless: you need to seize the moment when he is clearly in the mood to make a puddle. At this moment, carefully, without making sharp movements and not making shrill sounds, you need to transfer it to the tray. Pet puppy, calm down. Make sure that he fulfilled his plans. Give your pet something especially tasty.

Do not be discouraged if before that the young one will have fun playing with you and the tray for half an hour. We warned that patience would be required in unbelievable quantities!

In general, it will be useful to trace the puppy for another purpose. Like humans, dogs, with a standard diet, have a quite predictable habit of going to the toilet some time after eating and drinking. Spot it. After a certain interval, just take the puppy in your arms and carry it to the tray. At the same time, it is not necessary to press it too much against your broad chest, as there is a possibility of a “colander effect”!

By the way, this often happens with pug owners. These dogs are extremely "aristocratic" and sometimes they do not tolerate the slightest violence on themselves. Simply put, they are able to describe you exclusively from petty revenge.

If you do everything correctly and on time, after a few days the animal will start running around the pot without your participation. Of course, there may be failures ... but then you also teach a small dog, and therefore you should not swear and scream. Just mess up the whole thing.

In no case do not try to hold the crumbs in the tray, as the puppy is terribly frightened. Of course, he probably will be able to pee, only it will not be a conscious “action”, but a simple attack of a bearish disease. The next time he will not come close to the tray, bearing in mind the terrible ordeals that you prepared for him there.

Approximate daily routine

Army discipline is not needed, but some rules are still worth introducing. Immediately upon waking your puppy, carry him to the tray. You should say: "Toilet!". You will have to talk a lot, since a restless pet will probably always jump out. With stone peace of mind, you need to return it to the place and repeat the mantra you have already learned. In short, to achieve a positive result. Trainers say that the French bulldog is especially difficult in this respect.

Important! Remember Pavlov's dogs: always give your puppy something tasty, even if you think he doesn’t deserve it. So you will create a positive "toilet" memories and the baby will not shy away from the pot.

Where to put the tray?

Believe that this is not at all an empty question, since the success of schooling depends on its solution in many cases. First, in no case do not install the tray in the "through" places like a hallway. A puppy will be distracting all the time, so it’s okay to concentrate on the process.

Secondly, you should not put it in the kitchen: proximity to food can cause the wrong associations, when an adult dog may accidentally confuse and make right in the place of eating. Not a very pleasant prospect, you will agree ... In addition, if you teach a Yorkshire terrier to a pot or another long-haired dog, then in the kitchen you are more likely to mess with her fur.

What you need to remember

Even if you took a puppy from a bona fide breeder who has already taught him to go to the tray, you should not expect that he will immediately use it in your home. The situation is different, mom is not, but instead of the usual owner - someone terrible and unfamiliar. As always, everything is decided by affection and patience.

In no case do not scold the pet, even if he did something wrong and not there. If you take the same Chinese crested breed, then these dogs, which are already impressionable, can generally start shitting from such treatment in any tucked place. So you should be more tactful in your own interests.

Do not be lazy: if possible, control the animal, even at night. If you at least a couple of days will show the puppy a pot around the clock, you will surely succeed as quickly as possible.

It is very, very desirable that the child be kept in a separate room until the “moment of truth”. So it will be much easier to control it, and even the sudden "surprises" are much better to scour at once, rather than looking for them in the coming months, looking for furniture and chairs. Of course, you should not leave your baby in a room with laminate or parquet, as the dog allocation is very aggressive towards them, and repair is not cheap.

Adult dog

Do you think that with an adult, even a trained dog, it will be easier? Of course, all pets are different, but the practice proves the opposite. As a rule, an adult dog “cannot learn a new trick”. Not everything is so scary, but store patience and detergents with interest.

First, be sure to get a fairly large tray, in which you can fill a lot of filler! If we are talking about a small dog (a Chihuahua, for example), a relatively small pot with high sides will suffice. When you need to teach an adult and a large dog, you cannot do without buying a urinal of the appropriate dimensions and volume. For males necessarily need a tray with a column!

Stock up on a decent amount of good filler, because without this your apartment will smell like a kennel. Choose only brands with maximum absorbency. And further. Make it a rule after two or three "refills" be sure to wash the tray with ordinary soap.

So, we proceed to the implementation of the responsible task! First, as in the case with a puppy, a large (that is, an adult) dog must be isolated in a separate room during the training. Then begin to observe your favorite: as soon as he begins to show signs of anxiety and in every possible way ask for “on the way out”, bring him to the tray.

Stroke the dog, talk to him affectionately. A great option would be if you wet the toilet paper in the urine in advance (canine, of course) and put it in the tray. So for sure the animal will reach much faster.

"Petty dirty tricks"

In general, the sad fact is known to many that small dogs are very harmful. If you take the same toy terrier, then many owners complain about the tendency of dogs to demonstrative "spring" on the floor. This happens in cases where pets openly sat on the neck of their owners. With the help of such a simple means, they simply show their dominant position in the family. If you do not want to say goodbye to nerves and floors, you will have to be stricter.

There is no need to arrange “punishment with whips” at all. Simply at the slightest sign of disobedience, it is enough to lock the dog in that particular room with a pot. One. If he nevertheless deigns to go about his business on the tray, praise and give a treat. Otherwise, show him your displeasure and leave without tasty.

However, in some cases, the dog frankly does not like the urinal. As a rule, this happens if they try to force the small spitz to walk into a tray, through which it is simply not able to climb over the sides because of their great height! Of course, he obviously will not be delighted. In addition, animals are sometimes more cleanly their owners, and therefore not in a hurry to climb into the toilet, the filler is not changed from a couple of weeks. It not only smells bad, but can also cause chemical burns on the paws!

About filler

In general, even if we consider the indoor dog, it will still have a good sense of smell. And because the use of some kind of "muddy" fillers of dubious origin is not allowed. It is desirable that the granules you buy have a strictly natural origin. Dogs are very good with pressed fillers, as they have a pleasant smell.

Good luck to you in this endeavor, but in no case do not forget about the need for street walking!

How to arrange a toilet

There are three options for arranging a toilet for a dog:

  • use a newspaper
  • tray with special filler,
  • disposable diaper.

It is advisable to put a newspaper and diaper in a special tray. It is better to use an ordinary pallet without a grid. Then the excess will not leak to the floor or under the baseboard until the owner arrives.

If we talk about the tray with the filler, this is more of a feline option. Cats, by virtue of reflexes, want to bury waste. Dogs are not endowed with such an instinct; they prefer to do business with a newspaper.

When installing the dog tray, make sure that there are no high sides, a flat arrangement without reeling. Often it turns out that the sellers claim that the puppy is accustomed to the toilet. A considerable number of breeders teach puppies to the toilet on a newspaper or diaper. Be sure to ask what kind of toilet is accustomed to the dog.

Even a small dog chooses a place, focusing on natural instincts. Often, dogs prefer to go to the toilet near the doors, loggias, under the windows. It may be possible to initially choose the right place, the puppy will only go there.

It is advisable to temporarily remove carpets, carpets and paths from the rooms. If the pet once manages to pee on the mat, the dog will immediately feel pleasure when under the paws there is a soft and fluffy carpet that instantly absorbs the liquid. Cast off a pet from the carpet will be difficult. In addition, the smell in the soft coating lasts longer.

Try not to change the pallet, but keep it clean. It is not recommended to change the location of the tank.

When to teach to the toilet

To teach a puppy to the toilet immediately impossible. The process will require patience. Starting to teach the animal to go to the toilet at the appointed place relies from the moment the puppy enters the house. Clean the carpets, carpet - coatings attract kids and keep the smell.

Remember, the older the dog, the harder it is to accustom the animal to the toilet on the street or to a specific place at home.

Постарайтесь присмотреться к поведению малыша. Щенок выбирает место туалета, руководствуясь инстинктами, указывающими границы территории, которые полагается пометить. Излюбленными местами становятся места возле двери, балкона, под окном. Perhaps the dog constantly runs to the bathroom or prefers to write in a dark, closed from prying eyes, corner. Put there trays. If you are talking about a bathroom, try to give your pet unlimited access and remove pre-mats.

If you had to put several pallets in order to accustom the dog to the toilet, do not remove the container until the animal is older. Small individuals can simply not have time to run to the right place. When the pet becomes an adult, reduce the toilets to two. Sometimes a dog in the absence of the owner does not write in the designated place. A slip can be triggered by several factors.

  1. Take a closer look, perhaps for a mature animal the tray has become small and uncomfortable.
  2. Perhaps a person is too long absent. Dogs do not like to go to the soiled toilet, they have to relieve themselves of need in another place. In the mentioned case, put an additional pallet.

Useful tips

To make it easier for you to teach your dog to use the toilet, use the advice of experienced breeders. For example, if you do not want a dog to meet needs in a particular place, use the special tool "Antipis", sold in any veterinary pharmacy. Spray the place described with the preparation and periodically update the anti-odor.

To disaccustom a pet to write in a certain corner, put a bowl with food there. The animal will not tamp it where it eats.

If you are absent for a long time, limit the free area for puppy movement. Ask the breeder what kind of toilet mothers puppies and toddlers are accustomed to. At first, stick to the already familiar option for the baby.

How to teach a dog to ask on the street

The diaper option is a temporary option. If you think that the dog is obliged to meet the needs on the street and there is no talk about a home toilet, use the advice of dog breeders:

  • Bringing a puppy to the street is allowed only after the expiration of the quarantine time after being vaccinated. If you do not know the exact time, check with the breeder who gave the dog.
  • Depending on age, the frequency of walking varies. To teach an adult dog to the toilet outside the home is much more difficult than a young individual. Try to bring the puppy to the street five times a day, until it reaches 6 months of age. Then it is permissible to take for a walk three times a day.
  • The best time to walk is after eating, sleeping or playing. When the animal does things outside, praise the dog. Offer a treat. Starting games, training and entertainment relies after the dog needs natural needs.
  • When the pet is peeing on the street, repeat the same words that will later be developed by the animal in the reflex associated with the toilet on the street. Subsequently, the dog will write "on command" when pronouncing code words.
  • The stipulated actions make the animal to understand that the first thing it is necessary to do is “his own” affairs, so the walks are invented, and the rest things are encouraged.
  • It is advisable to go home only when the dog is peeing. Try not to leave the street without waiting for the animal to walk.
  • Do not immediately remove the diaper. Often dogs, coming from a street walk, always pee at home. Removed diaper will lead to the same result: the dog is peeing on the floor. And the efforts will be meaningless.

Do not lose the trust that a dog has. Do not tear malice on the animal. Try to analyze your own behavior if the process of training an animal to the toilet does not get off the ground. The behavior of the dog - only the consequences of your actions, and not the desire to be punished. Seek advice from the breeder, correct the errors, and the result will be obvious.

Diaper for dogs

In the modern world it is difficult to keep track of the proposed innovations, this also applies to the care of animals. Today, in veterinary pharmacies or pet stores, it is not difficult to do this — absorbent diapers for dogs. The purpose of the subject is to facilitate the process of toilet training. Recently, some breeders use a diaper as a toilet.

If the animal ignores the diaper in the tray, do not be in a hurry to get upset. A small dog, which turned out to be in a new house, is completely capable of being upset and confused by a stranger. Give time and watch, but do not forget to guide. This is important when the breeder assures customers that the puppy is already accustomed to the diaper!

Developed two types of diapers:

  1. Disposable, which are discarded after the done affairs.
  2. Reusable - items are washed in warm water, dried and reused. These diapers are not recommended for washing in an automatic washing machine.

Practical application

So, the place chosen, reusable diapers for dogs purchased. Consider, devices vary in size, choose the appropriate, based on the information on the package. Try to allocate for the dog a place where the pet is able to calmly handle its needs. Remove from there too much. Suitable option - a kitchen or a corridor.

Most babies would prefer to do natural things on a soft diaper than on a hard, smooth floor. Most under the proposed circumstances begin to write independently on the device.

It is permissible to implement an alternative. A small dog is allocated a place of sleep and rest. Place a box or litter near the intended toilet area. Around the selected place make a small fence. Initially enough 2 square. meters In the fenced area should be located only a bedding and a diaper to handle needs.

It turns out the situation: the dog wakes up and wants to write. This can be done either on a bare floor or on a soft diaper. Baby will certainly prefer a softer version. With the subsequent maturing of the puppy, the territory is shown to increase.

Method of carrot and stick

It is supposed to make remarks in a serious voice when the dog does business in an inappropriate place. You can not use the method when you find a puddle after a while. Pet will not be able to correctly understand the subsequent reprimand. Probably the wrong conclusion: the puppy peeed in the wrong place, the owner saw and scolded. Consequently, the traces of the “crime” are supposed to be hidden.

If the dog went to the diaper, praise the pet and offer a treat. Encouragement and praise bring only benefit. The main thing is not to overdo it, this applies to owners with an extremely soft character.

Possible troubles

Sometimes it turns out that when using the specified methods the dog does not go to the diaper, continuing to do nasty things on the floor. It is recommended to try changing the diaper for another material. Try to lay a newspaper, a rag. Place, chosen by the dog, diligently handle special means. Purchased either in pharmacies or in pet stores.

If you plan to teach the dog to the toilet on the street, try to walk with the animal for a long time, do it after sleeping or eating.

To teach a dog to the proper management of natural needs, a person will need:

  • have a positive motivation
  • be strong with nerves and patience
  • Do not lose trust with the dog.

If you are able to embody the listed conditions, you are waiting for a complete victory.

Schooling to the tray

Relatively recently, people on the street often met with big dogs. Due to the difficulty in grooming, large dogs gave way to the increased popularity of small “pocket” pets. Such breeds do not force the owner to get up early in the morning for a walk, trying to teach dogs to a special place.

What dogs are able to walk in the tray

Starting to learn a pet, find out which dogs go to the tray. Not every pet will agree with pleasure to relieve the need in the place indicated by a person; you will have to start training from an early age. Popular dog breeds that go to the tray are:

  • Terriers, most often Yorkshire,
  • Chihuahua
  • Chinese Crested,
  • Pekingese,
  • Pomeranian and dwarf spitz.

And a lot of other little dogs.

Learning elements

It is supposed to select and designate a place that implies a toilet. Teaching the dog to go to the tray, to learn how to understand when the pet wants to relieve themselves. Track the behavior. In most cases, animals start to get nervous, squat and look for a secluded place. It is important not to miss the right moment. If you noted similar changes in the behavior of the pet, urgently carry the dog to a place with a tray and wait for him to handle the need.

The puppy is ready to go to the toilet after sleeping, eating or active games.

When the process is completed, and the puppy is satisfied, the dog must be praised with a joyful voice, it is permissible to treat the child with delicious.

Corral on time

A simple and affordable way is to keep your puppy in sight. To pet did not shit anywhere, dog handlers recommend minimizing the number of suitable places in the apartment. The best solution to this difficulty will be to limit the animal in free space. Highlight a room in the house or make a specialized aviary, for example, from a chipboard, or purchase it in a store.

In the doorways enough to hang or install a special metal fence. To overcome an obstacle for a person is a trifling matter, but for a child there is an insurmountable obstacle. From the fences the owner can build a kind of pen - there it is possible to leave the puppy for the time of the absence of the owners. The area of ​​the pen (located inside the dog litter, toys and toilet) depends on the size of the dog, for small dogs enough one and a half to two square meters.

If you decide to use the specified method of teaching the dog to the tray, in the aviary necessarily install two bowls, with food and water, and directly the toilet. Prepare a place to sleep, it is permissible to spread a pad or mat. Put a piece of newspaper or paper that smells pet's urine into the toilet. With the help of an odorous pointer pet will be much easier to navigate.

Patience and expectation

There is a waiting process, but the work is not completed. To achieve quick results, try to follow the dog, after waking up immediately carry your dog to the toilet.

Teaching a puppy to the tray, it is permissible to mark the territory. Put a rag in the tray, which was removed "incidents" that happened not in the appointed place. The puppy does not immediately understand why, when he sits down, he is picked up and carried to another place. Regular repetition of the procedure and stormy joy about the attempts that have been crowned with success will prompt the puppy the correct tactics of behavior. The main thing is to be patient, to avoid manifestations of aggression or anger directed at a puppy.

Sometimes the dog stubbornly refuses to recognize the tray, but walks on the bathroom floor. It is worth laying the floor with newspapers - let the puppy get used to going to the toilet on the newspapers. Then the owner gradually reduces the area covered with newspapers until the only newspaper remains, in the place where the tray is put. Forcing events is not worth it - the puppy needs time to adapt.

Tray selection

Going to the pet store, take a pet with you, so that when choosing, do not make a mistake in the size and material of the device. Tray for dogs is of two types:

Both outwardly resemble a pallet, a specialized mat is located inside, or a grill is installed. According to the size of the capacity they differ, it is necessary to choose, based on the dimensions of the pet. Large trays for dogs are considered the best option, pets do not like cramped conditions. On large trays high sides, thanks to which the device is difficult to turn, which is important if the dog is medium in size. The tray for dogs of small breeds is better to choose with low sides or without sides, tight fixing of the grid.

Attention! Consult with the seller and ask to show trays designed for dogs, toilets for cats are not always suitable for a pet, having different parameters.

Depending on the gender of the pet, it is allowed to purchase a tray with a column for dogs of the masculine gender; When purchasing such a toilet, a person is sure that the walls in the house will remain clean.

In the markets there is a large range of products designed for the above-mentioned purposes. A tray for dogs with grass that imitates the street has recently become popular. Pet instinctively easier to get used to such a toilet. This type of home toilet for a dog is used constantly or seasonally, which is convenient in the winter season, when it is cold outside, and a pet from frequent walks can catch a cold.

If there are allergy sufferers in the house, give preference to a toilet with a fixer fixing the diaper. Such a toilet-tray for dogs perfectly absorbs liquids, does not allow the spread of unpleasant odor in the living room.

Such a tray is an excellent solution for people who are absent for a long time and who are forced to leave their pet alone. The only disadvantage of this type of toilet will be frequent change of diapers, which entails additional costs.

Making a tray with his own hands

If you want to make a toilet for your dog with your own hands, consider the right size. The correct tray is made large and convenient. What is important is the material of the product, strength and stability. Moisture can not be absorbed, the tree will not work.

Reasons for failure

It often happens: a pet, who had previously actively visited an existing toilet, begins to spoil everywhere and categorically refuses to go to the tray. If a similar situation has affected you, probably the reasons are in error:

  1. Inconvenience. It is possible that you purchased a toilet for your pet during puppyhood. Now the dog has grown, it has become simply uncomfortable to visit the existing tray. The tray may have shifted, losing stability. When the dog tries to get into the toilet, it is inadvertently frightened.
  2. Poor quality filler. If you buy dry fillers, try changing the usual manufacturer or replace it with weed. It is permissible to spread an ordinary newspaper.
  3. Sometimes the tray for small dogs detects too high bumpers, it is inconvenient for a pet to climb. It is worth thinking about buying a more comfortable toilet.
  4. If the house kobelek, perhaps he grew up and trying to show their own leading qualities. If you previously used a standard tray, you should consider purchasing a toilet with a pre-installed specialized column.
  5. A common cause of this behavior is lack of attention, the animal tries to return it. Try to devote more time to your pet, showing love and care.

Having decided to teach your pet to the tray, get ready. The process is complicated, takes a lot of free time. Get plenty of patience and try not to scold the animal for not understanding the requirements. When raising the voice of a dog, the animal is easy to scare. Pet as a result will not do what is required, feeling the danger.

If you have been trying to teach a dog to handle a toilet for a long time, but nothing happens, contact a professional. It is possible that the dog in the presence of health problems, the animal simply does not have time to get to the right place.

No time and no place for swearing

The important rule is no swearing. Puppies, like children, tend to get carried away, it does not always turn out to be in time in the tray. For puddles in the wrong places should not be scolded. This happens even after the daily exits to the street.

Swearing and inadequate reaction to incidents will lead to the formation of unwanted behavioral reactions in the dog. Then it will be necessary to deal with puddles more often and longer. A gross intervention in the process that has already begun has a negative effect on the dog psyche. In extreme cases, such host behavior leads to coprophagy - eating one's own excrement - it is extremely difficult to wean the dog away from the action.

To teach a dog to go to the toilet, the owner will need strong nerves and patience. Remember, an animal is not a programmed mechanism. The dog is physically unable to do business the first time. Be patient and persevere. Perseverance, along with patience will gradually achieve an excellent result.

The process of toilet training at the age of 4-5 months runs smoothly and gives results. If time passes to no avail, analyze the actions performed. If you learn the wrong results do not wait.

Do not write your own mistakes on the dog. Puppy you teach. Try to find and identify errors.

Do not forget about the constant training. Do not think that an adult individual is not able to present such unpleasant surprises. Sometimes in the process of training, the wrong attitude towards the pet (physical punishment, too aggressive behavior of the owner) provokes undesirable actions: the dog begins to write at home.

Sometimes this happens when, having started a breed that requires extremely strict upbringing, a person is not able to or is afraid of correctly acting on a dog. The dog instantly feels weakness, starting to shift the owner from the occupied position of leader.

Неопытные владельцы, посчитав, что собака достигла зрелой стадии, возможно расслабиться, совершают очередную ошибку. Питомцу следует уделять время постоянно, независимо от возраста. Собака порой страдает от недостатка внимания — характерная причина, если взрослая собака начинает гадить дома.

Заводя любую собаку, четко понимайте, что теперь жизнь изменится. Придется ухаживать за новым живым существом. Заниматься воспитанием, кормить и постоянно уделять время. Тогда питомец станет исключительно радовать.

Наталия Андрушко

Психолог, Экофасилитатор Супервизор Медиатор. Specialist from the website b17.ru

whatever the dog, small, medium, large, any dog ​​must walk! Then get a cat and let him sikaet at home. and the dog is a social animal, it needs to communicate. even if you don’t allow her to go to other dogs, she needs to “examine” other people's tags. on kraynyak, take on summer services for walking dogs. I do not see another solution to the problem.

whatever the dog, small, medium, large, any dog ​​must walk! Then get a cat and let him sikaet at home. and the dog is a social animal, it needs to communicate. even if you don’t allow her to go to other dogs, she needs to “examine” other people's tags. on kraynyak, take on summer services for walking dogs. I do not see another solution to the problem.

Take wolfhund. You let him go alone, pee and come back.

Take wolfhund. You let him go alone, pee and come back.

I would like to know if there is a chance to take a puppy once, if all summer I cannot go out during the day? In the past there were no problems, and I walked with my dog ​​in those years at any time. Now, over the years, the reaction to the heat has changed, you cannot go out for the heart. I do not know if it is possible to walk only in the morning and in the evening, and if the dog urgently needs to go to the toilet during the day, then teach her to go to the tray? I live in a hot country, so this problem arose. Thank you very much in advance, who had the same experience!

Thank you all for your feedback! North we have nowhere - everywhere in the oven during the day. Choking cough and tachycardia was strong, almost 200 had a pulse. So I had to stop going out in the middle of the day. I am in Israel.

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Our scotch pots with pleasure ran on the absorbing diaper. And at the neighbors' reptiles, a dog in an apartment building has learned to lift its paw on a water pipe that runs along a standpipe in a toilet. He is on the 9th floor, we are on the 6th. I had to very seriously waterproof my apartment. Then someone poisoned him. Although, unlike his masters, he is least to blame.

Scotty, thanks for the response! Girls are always more clean. Yes, it is a pity very much and that dog. I once asked my friends how they came out with a French bulldog in the heat. It turned out that he was bad in the heat, so they do not walk in the afternoon, but he does everything on the floor, they could not teach him.

Stock up on diapers. The puppy makes the first puddle, you absorb the corner of the diaper and put it where it will be more convenient for him and you. It is easier for girls, although I saw corners with a stick for dogs.

I have a Jack Russell Terrier girl 5 months, when we are not there, she goes to the diaper, her aunt is also an adult dog, also DRT, when she is very cold she goes to the balcony also to the diaper, if you can train, but only small breeds it seems, maybe I am not right). But in general, adult dogs (by the year usually) are trained to endure 8-12 hours and I think you will have no problems with waiting for the heat in the future, and puppies will in any case make puddles, they cannot stand.

Thank you very much for the advice! We'll see. I always walked with my airedale 3 times a day, as she needed, and walked so much.

Scotty, thanks for the response! Girls are always more clean. Yes, it is a pity very much and that dog. I once asked my friends how they came out with a French bulldog in the heat. It turned out that he was bad in the heat, so they do not walk in the afternoon, but he does everything on the floor, they could not teach him.

I read what people write on the Internet. I came to the conclusion that it is quite realistic to teach, if not large breeds. I am not morally ready to love someone again, I need more time. For me, my dog ​​was so bright person and so loyal that it is very difficult, even after years, to decide again. But judging by what they write - if the dog walks for at least two hours in the morning - it’s okay if in the very heat it sits at home. True, the summer we have about six months. But better than a heat stroke in a dog or in a host.

We go out with a dog at 7 am and 5 pm and she suffers. In addition, you can simply withdraw pee at home for 2 minutes and not go out until the evening. Adult dogs are practically not accustomed to the tray. If you take a puppy, then buy a chihuash is not expensive and go to the tray. We have taught her to the tray since childhood. Writing paper was put in the tray. He was accustomed, but began to go outside himself from the tray unlearned and now sometimes sleeps in it.

Well, if in cezar millan, then with any dog, regardless of breed and size, it is NECESSARY to walk for at least 2 hours a day. In the morning hour, in the evening hour. And do not let one run or walk in the backyard, namely, walk with the owner. And it is desirable all the time for a new route. Read his book Cezar's way. A lot of useful, doable tips.

Author! we have a medium sized dog accustomed to the tray! girl. it so happened that she was sick, walking was problematic, we decided to teach. There were of course the first time difficulties, maybe you can not blame the dog for what she did 2 hours ago, you can only after the fact! The advantages are that in difficult days (when she is ill, she does not walk) she should not tolerate, many dogs develop oncology and other ailments due to patience. But like all living things, she needs the sun and the movement. Due to lack of sun bones and nails problems may occur.
So it is not a problem to accustom to the tray, and the dog's illness is a big problem. it's like a baby.
And for the house is better a cat / rabbit / guinea pig / parrot)

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Can you teach an adult dog: the chances of success

If you have become the owner of an adult dog that does not have the habit of going to the toilet on the tray, you need to be patient and start training. Remember that to achieve instant success is unlikely to succeed, as the dog is not a programmed mechanism, ready at the touch of a button to fulfill your every desire.

Dog - This is a smart animal, prone to learning, but it can last weeks or even months.

In this case, the chances of success are quite large, you only need to properly approach the learning process. Remember that if a long study did not produce any results, then only you are to blame. Think about everything in a relaxed atmosphere and do not throw out a lot of unpleasant emotions on your mustache comrade, since excessive stress of the animal can play a cruel joke with you.

Make a complete analysis of all the efforts that you spend on training - perhaps somewhere there are minor mistakes that in the end do not allow to achieve the desired result. The main thing is to remember that correct and patient training with a 98% chance will cause your dog to start walking on the tray.

Where it is better to place a toilet

Immediately it should be noted that you should not place the tray in the room where the dog sleeps, and then gradually move it to a permanent place. Such manipulations are carried out in the process of training the cat to the toilet, but not the dog. Select for the toilet the most secluded corner, which will be located away from heating appliances. On the way to the tray should be expanded diaper, such a "visible track" for the dog. Too many diapers do not need to be laid out, it will be enough for a few pieces in each room. Of course, there is a more economical option - a newspaper, but dogs can nibble and swallow it, and the printing ink is very toxic.

Near each diaper, you need to place the plates with sweets that will not quickly deteriorate. Place the plate in an inaccessible place and, preferably, closer to the diaper. Soon the dog will learn to walk to the place where you have localized the toilet.

How to choose a suitable tray

Buying a container for the toilet, you must accurately match its size with the size of the dog. It is important to understand that a too large container for small breeds of dogs will be uncomfortable. and uncomfortable, so that the animal simply refuses to visit such a toilet. On the shelves of pet stores, you can choose two types of containers for the toilet: galvanized and plastic. Inside the container there can be a rug or a tightly fixed grill. Experts say that the grille is a little more practical and convenient.

I would also like to note that when buying a tray should be repelled from the floor of your pet. If you have a dog, it is best to purchase a container with a column, as dogs like to leave tags. Acquisition of a toilet without a column may threaten you with marked walls.

To date, the market for pet supplies are trays with imitation grass. It is much easier to get used to such a toilet for a pet, as it feels more free. There are also trays with a tight diaper, which absorbs all the liquid. From these trays will not come unpleasant smell, which is very effective if the house is allergic.

We select the filler

Experts believe that the best fillers will be sand, artificial grass or a regular newspaper. The fact is that pets at the subconscious level are best adapted to going to the toilet just for such materials. You can also use diapers as a filler, which should be changed regularly. If you decide to fill the tray with sand, then you should not overwhelm it too much. Dogs, unlike cats, do not have the habit of burying their waste products.

How to teach a dog to the tray: the method of teaching an adult pet

In the process of learning, the correct approach, patience and a strong nervous system remain important. Remember that shouting and punishment should not be, as this can turn into heaps past the target. Keep your emotions with you and encourage your pet with snacks. Below we have a list of recommendations for training the adult dog to the tray:

  • The pet should always be in sight, so that you can determine the first signs that the animal wants to go to the toilet. Such signs can serve: intense wheezing, mournful whining, walking from place to place. In such cases, you must take the dog to the container, or take to the street.
  • Make sure your dog ate at the same time. In addition, immediately after a meal, you need to remove the bowl so that your pet does not eat too often.
  • Be sure to purchase a convenient toilet tray that will fit the size of the breed and the floor of the animal.
  • For the first time, leave the dog in the room where the container for feces is installed.
  • When your pet starts to ask for the toilet, bring it to the tray. At first, the animal may not understand what exactly you want from it. Talk to your dog, give him clear commands: “do business here!”, Etc.
  • Effective trick when learning: Dampen toilet paper or newspaper in dog urine and place it in the tray. So the dog will quickly understand where to run for stool.
  • As soon as your pet makes it into the tray, treat it to tasty and praise. In this case, he will understand that he is doing everything correctly and will continue in the same vein.

  • If you notice that the dog has defecated past the tray, then you should not beat it or strongly scold. Take the animal to the crime scene and say “bad!” Several times, then take it to the diaper and say “good!”. Thus, your pet will feel the emotional component of the change of mood and will understand everything. Maybe not right away, but with time, he will definitely understand!
  • Gradually remove the diaper from all rooms. But this should be done only in cases where some success in learning has already been achieved.
  • Make sure the toilet tray is always clean and smells good. Unpleasant odors can scare the dog, and he defecates past the target.
It is important to understand that learning does not always lead to 100% success. Sometimes the dog begins to walk on the tray, but regular bowel movements continue in other places. This may indicate that your pet is sick. Frequent urination in the wrong places can indicate problems with the genitourinary or nervous systems. In such cases, you should contact your veterinarian.

Artificial Grass Trays

This option is great for training adult dogs to the tray. Unlike puppies, adults already clearly understand that grass is the place that is intended for natural needs.

If a pet does not perceive artificial grass, then for a start, you can purchase a meter of natural rolled lawn grass in a garden store. Natural fragrance will attract the animal.

Also in the veterinary store you can buy a special spray with a special smell, which marks the artificial grass as a toilet.

Pallet with a column

For males it is worth buying a flat platform with a column in the middle. In order for the dog to understand that, unlike other vertical elements of furniture and decor in an apartment, only one column can be “marked”, it is necessary to take a toilet for a street walk. After the pet has written on the “special” column, it should be returned to the apartment. In the next few days it is better not to wash the column. Own smell will be the best signal for the dog.

Flat toilet with grill.

This option is suitable for bitches of small breeds. At the beginning of the training process, you can put a piece of natural rolled lawn, but gradually the animal will learn to go to the toilet directly on the grate.

It is also worth paying attention to the optimal location of the tray. Dogs are not as clean as cats, but at the same time they are unlikely to want to celebrate the need of nature right near the bedding or a bowl of food. You should not close the tray in the bathroom either, because the animal should have access to the toilet at any time (and it is unlikely to keep the doors in such an intimate area constantly open). The best option would be a corridor or loggia.

Tip! If the area of ​​the apartment does not allow spreading the litter and toilet in different rooms, you can equip the booth. The animal will calmly relieve the need for a nearby pallet.

Basic rules for teaching a dog to the toilet

Since to accustom the dog to the tray at home in one day does not work, then for the first time you need to stock up on special veterinary diapers. Do not worry about the fact that the animal splits and does not want to relearn later - puppies do not like to be emptied "for themselves." It is also worth daily to follow certain rules.

  • To teach a puppy to a specific schedule.

If you arrange feeding at certain intervals, you can roughly understand when the animal wants to go to the toilet. Small puppies are best placed on the tray 15-20 minutes after eating, and adults - “on demand”.

  • Do not forget the praise.

As soon as the animal comes to the tray (even with the help of the owner), it is necessary to give a treat, a toy or to express approval with its behavior. Pet must understand what is expected of him.

  • Follow the pet's behavior.

At the beginning of the training process, you will most likely have to independently carry the animal to the tray. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the behavior of the pet. The time to go to the toilet comes as soon as the dog starts sniffing the corners and legs of the furniture, circling restlessly around the room.

How to behave if the dog does not walk on the tray?

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the process of schooling will be delayed for several weeks. Naturally for such a long time can happen confusion. It is strictly forbidden to beat the animal or "poke its nose" for a bowel movement outside the tray. The pet will develop a fear of the process itself, and instead of going to a special place, the next time the dog will look for a closed corner. All that is required of the owner: carefully remove traces of urine and feces using a special enzymatic cleaner.

Tip! Due to the fact that dogs love to go to the toilet where they already smell of urine (especially dogs), you can wipe a puddle made in the wrong place with a special diaper and put the cloth in the tray. It is likely that the next time the scent of the dog "will lead" to the right place for stool.

To teach the dog to the tray, you must be patient, detergents and diapers. Последовательность и похвалы помогут научить животное испражняться в правильном месте.

Отдельно о туалетах-пеленках

На сегодняшний день на прилавках зоомагазинов и ветеринарных аптек можно увидеть специальные пеленки для домашних питомцев. Они бывают одноразовыми и многоразовыми, но функции выполняют одни и те же. Многоразовые пеленки можно использовать более 20 раз, только после каждого испражнения собаки требуется стирка. It is important to understand that in automatic washing machines such diapers should not be washed.

Often diapers are used as a filler for the tray, but many dogs are afraid to go to such a toilet. It is possible to accustom a dog to diapers, but it should be done gradually, so as not to cause stress in the animal. In addition, some dog breeders use diapers without a tray at all, spreading them around the house. No one will argue here, everyone is the master of his own business.

As well as training, you can start with the selection of toys or puller simulator

Walk on a tray or on the street

Of course, it will be good if the dog gets used to going to the toilet outside. But the outdoor toilet will be appropriate only if you live in a private house. Keeping a pet in an apartment pulls up some difficulties, because constantly taking the dog outside can be a problem for many, especially if the house has a non-working lift.

But if you are a pensioner, and you can spend a lot of time with your comforte, then why not walk him 3-4 times a day. Daily walks of 15-20 minutes will work out an animal's reflex to defecate directly outside the apartment.

In order to achieve this success, the dog must be walked in the early morning, 2 times in the daytime, and late in the evening. But it is absolutely impossible to stop walking abruptly and simultaneously, as the dog will begin to mark the territory in your house. That is why the choice is yours, and before you make it, think carefully about everything.

Finally, I would like to note that a pet should be given a lot of time to cope with the problem of feces in the wrong place. If you have very little time, then think carefully about whether you should start a dog for yourself. Perhaps you are more suitable for another pet.