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What to wear a sweater in 2019?


Women's wardrobe should be not only elegant, stylish and elegant, but also relevant for the season.

In the autumn-winter season, women's sweaters will be simply indispensable for creating stylish and comfortable bows, distinguished by good warming properties, beautiful styles, stylish ideas, with what to wear a sweater.

You can wear the original women's sweaters in a cool spring evening and feel great in such a dress.

The most relevant will be fashionable sweaters 2018-2019, models of which were presented at fashion shows showing sports and youth styles of clothing.

Fashionable sweaters of the novelty offered brands such as Dries Van Noten, Tibi, Ryan Roche, Markus Lupfer and Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, etc. to the attention of fashion experts and ordinary women.

It is characteristic that women's sweaters 2018-2019 were shown in different styles, which will allow choosing this element of wardrobe for both young girls and chic ladies.

Today, when fashion surprises with contrasts and unusual combinations, fashionable women's sweaters 2018-2019 will harmoniously fit into the office or corporate style (in the absence of a strict dress code), the youth style of active students and schoolgirls will become an indispensable thing for walking and recreation.

Actual colors of the palette will allow you to choose fashionable sweaters 2018-2019, both for creating sets in the style of casual and casual smart, and for sports bows, or images in street style.

Fashionable women's sweaters 2018-2019: models and styles of sweaters for modern women

Today we will try to show you how fashionable sweaters 2018-2019, and beautiful women's sweaters that many women choose for simple, not very trendy, but at the same time warm and incredibly comfortable bows.

Women's sweaters of knitted models are very popular, because you can hardly find something warmer.

Also at the peak of popularity are warm pullovers, trendy sweaters, sweatshirts and jumpers, sweaters with a lock.

The favorites of the autumn-winter season are knitted sweaters. It is noteworthy that in the 2018-2019 seasons fashionable knitted sweaters will have a large knitting texture, be characterized by stylish decorative elements, delight with atypical patterns and patterns.

For fashionable models of sweaters are characterized by such features as a wide yoke or surround collar, asymmetry and layering. New women's sweaters 2018-2019 can be as short and long.

More on this in more detail ...

Fashionable knitted sweaters 2018-2019

Women's sweaters 2018-2019 large or traditional knit with patterns, braids, geometric shapes and stripes - a classic that from year to year submits women in the cold season.

Models of sweaters from melange, cashmere, and thread with lurex hold the first positions among beautiful and practical clothes for everyday wear.

Knitted sweaters, models of which sparkle with variety, will complement stylish jeans, straight pants, beautiful leather or fabric (preferably from warm and dense materials) skirt.

In our review of ideas with what to wear a sweater, you can see fashionable women's sweaters, knit and other knitting.

The typical shape of a knitted model can be transformed by a beautiful one, or the shape of the sleeve and the whole thing is unusual.

For example, fashionable sweaters of a shapeless cut, with a wide sleeve, a sleeve with a cuff, a bell, a quarter sleeve, are suitable for a practical look for every day, making its owner stylish and sometimes even unusual.

We should also mention knitted fashion sweaters 2018-2019 with stylish multi-colored stripes, as well as models of sweaters gentle and revealing knit, creating an imitation of transparency.

The so-called "torn" models of sweaters have gained immense popularity not only among young fashionistas, but also among feminine and graceful representatives of the weaker sex of the older age.

Fashionable women's sweaters 2018-2019 in the form of sweatshirts and jumpers

Fashionable sweaters 2018-2019 with the intricate name of sweatshirts and jumpers, which differ in the type of collar and the presence of zippers, are considered universal today.

Fashionable women's sweaters, sweatshirts and jumpers are made of thick fabric. Thanks to the simplicity of styles, all-season and versatility fashionable women's sweaters, sweatshirts and jumpers have become the favorite clothes for active and purposeful fashionistas looking for comfort in everything.

Both knitted sweaters, and sweatshirts and jumpers are permissible to combine with a large number of styles of the bottom, which allows you to look spectacular and feminine, even in such simple clothes.

I am glad that women's sweaters 2018-2019 have a wide range of patterns, prints and patterns, inviting women to choose models of sweaters with abstract and ethnic patterns, floral and animal motifs, inscriptions and fur inserts, decorative elements.

By the way, the decor on the sweaters' novelties will be the most diverse: from embroidery and appliqués, to sequins, sparkles, beads and rhinestones.

Women's sweaters 2018-2019: unusual and original models

In addition to the above-mentioned options, the designers gave women a reason to think, showing in the new collections fashionable oversized sweaters, for example, in the cocoon style, stylish cropped models of sweaters that are worn with jeans, pants or a skirt with a high waist.

Fashionable women's sweaters, completely sewn of fur, which will be an incredibly warm acquisition in the cold autumn-winter period, have become a novelty.

Beautiful women's sweaters 2018-2019 will also delight with neckline design ideas.

Recall that sweaters, pullovers, sweaters and jumpers are all warm clothes for the autumn-winter season, knitted or made of fabric.

In 2018-2019, the lines between the styles are erased, and the designers offer women fashionable sweaters with a boat neck, a round or asymmetrical neckline, stand, collar, as well as original models of sweaters with a deep neckline on the back.

As you can see, even such an item of clothing as women's sweaters 2018-2019, has the opportunity to show the most current fashion trends in an abundance of models.

And now our photo tips with what to wear a sweater, and what fashion models of sweaters will be most in demand.

Color spectrum

The most fashionable colors of sweaters are:

  • Red is able to refresh and brighten the most boring image, to bring into it a share of passion, which in the cold sometimes is not enough.
  • Brick - a rich and beautiful shade that does not look vulgar, but at the same time adds a certain zest.
  • Terracotta - a noble shade, relevant and in everyday, and in bright, and in business images.
  • Wine, burgundy - deep tones of warm, associated with luxury.
  • Mustard color is also relevant and remains in trend for several seasons in a row.
  • Olive color is far from being for everyone, so be careful with it. But if this is your color, feel free to experiment.
  • All shades of blue: from deep dark to rich and bright.
  • Khaki, a shade of withering grass. These tones are subtle but superfashionable.
  • Sky blue will add romance and reverie.
  • Sunny lemon will remind you of a past or coming summer.
  • Orange in muted tones - the color of autumn foliage.
  • Neutral gray is not at all dull if you complement it with bright accessories.
  • Bottle, emerald. These tones are also incredibly beautiful and interesting to look at knitted things.
  • Nude, powdery shades. They are reserved, but at the same time they are not banal, they are somewhat romantic and look very gentle. And beige is included in the category of basic colors, so it can be combined with different tones.

Solid sweater - a classic, appropriate in business and office bows. Such a thing can be worn to work and study. And if you are looking for a wardrobe item for special occasions or to dilute boring images, feel free to choose female models with prints.

In 2019, all sorts of large inscriptions (preferably no more than one), intricate abstraction, interesting geometry, inconspicuous neutral or interesting intertwining and intersecting stripes, large peas, and various cute images of plants, animals, characters (realistic or, on the contrary, cartoon characters) will be fashionable. ).

In the trend of natural materials: they are excellent warm in cold weather, they serve for a long time with proper care and breathable. And if the wool can prick and cause allergies, then cashmere is soft, pleasant to the touch and comfortable to wear. For elasticity, practicality and wear resistance, synthetic components are added to the materials, for example, lycra, elastane, acrylic.

The most current models

The fashion for sweaters in 2019 dictates its own rules, so in order to keep up with it, choose these styles:

  1. Overseas. The loosely somewhat baggy silhouette is equally suited to slender girls, and thin, and with appetizing forms. This sweater will hide everything that does not need to show.
  2. Extra long sweaters. If you wear such a thing with tight tights or leggings, it will replace a cozy winter dress, giving the image playfulness due to the small length.
  3. Crop sweaters. Shortened models are also in trend, but only happy owners of a slim figure can afford them.
  4. Asymmetrical cut. Asymmetry can manifest itself in a slanting neck with the exposure of one shoulder, sleeves of different lengths, in a different-sized hem.
  5. Models with interesting sleeves: “flashlights”, flared, complemented by cuffs, asymmetrical.
  6. Versions with a deep neckline, V-neck.

What is the combination of sweaters?

What can you wear a fashionable sweater in 2019? There are a lot of options:

  1. Jeans, with different styles: straight classic, skinny “skinny”, free “boyfriends”, flared models. Such a thing will create a casual outfit in the style of casual.
  2. Trousers. You can experiment with trousers too. For office work, it is better to choose strict straight trousers, for everyday wear - “bananas”, for meeting with friends or dating - narrowed.
  3. Skirts. For example, you can wear a sexy leather skirt, feminine “pencil”, youth jeans. The choice depends on the style of the image and the case.
  4. Shorts. Of course, in the winter, models from dense fabrics of medium length are chosen, and they are put on over the tights (preferably dense).
  5. Extra long sweaters can be worn with tight leggings.

On top of the sweater you can wear any outerwear: fur vest, youth fur coat, cropped jacket or long down jacket, cape or classic coat, leather jacket (including leather jacket).

The choice of shoes is also wide and depends on the time of year and occasion. For dates or official events, choose ankle boots, shoes, shoes or boots with heels, for everyday walks and meetings with friends - shoes, loafers, moccasins, ballet flats, slip-ons, espadrilles. And you can add a sporty touch to the image and put on sneakers or sneakers.

Sweater can be complemented and interesting to beat with accessories. Try to emphasize the waist with a thin strap, put a volume bracelet on your arm, use a large pendant or a chain with large links. Experiment with hats, such as hats or caps.

If you still have not bought a sweater for autumn or winter, then take advantage of fashionable tips and go to the store for stylish new clothes to find your style and create interesting images.

Trendy Sweaters

One of the main trends of the autumn-winter season is the strip. The palm is held by bold and contrasting alternations of colors, which can be quite bright and extravagant.

Sweaters with fur trim can not be called a novelty. Designers have long seen the potential of this luxurious texture, so many things in the collections of recent years are decorated with a fur collar or soft cuffs. In this case, color solutions are distinguished by duality - on the one hand, furs do not require additional color accents, so the simplest option would be to buy a black fur sweater. On the other hand, the fur is so gentle that the soft powdery tones of pink or blue add to it the maximum degree of "vanilla", which emphasizes the touchingness of the girl.

Bulky and short sweaters resembling crop tops can hardly be called suitable for winter, but the designers have thought up how to wear them during the cold season. Bare navels and low-rise items remain among the fashionable outsiders and overt anti-trends, so such a sweater should be complemented with trousers and skirts with a maximally high waistline, or even worn over a formfitting sheath dress.

Lurex sweaters are another unexpected thing on fashion catwalks. Ideal - in shades of blue, gray-pearl and, of course, black. Glitter will be even more if they are combined with suitable accessories, such as - bags, jewelry, earrings, etc. But to create a more modest image - the sparkling sweater does not require any additional elements.

Another actual model of the new season is a high neck sweater, resembling a classic turtleneck. This trend will surely please fans of a more conservative style, since such models of sweaters are practical and versatile, easily fit into everyday wardrobe and are suitable for almost all types of figure. In addition, a high neck sweater goes well with almost any other items of female wardrobe.

Knitted volumetric sweaters and models made of mohair were presented in different styles - from traditional options to short or voluminous with lush collars. They were presented with actual fashionable colors - from black and white, pastel to saturated - blue, berry, emerald. It is worth noting that the mohair sweater is fashionable to wear with floral and abstract prints.

Slightly losing ground last year, the oversized sweater is again in trend. This year, designers recommend to give preference to models in rich juicy shades with deep cleavage and stylish patterns. Fluff knitwear from the so-called “weed”, as well as sweaters with three-dimensional ornament, promise to become top.

A sweater with a wide collar is comfortable, original and versatile: a wide collar can be lowered onto the shoulders to create a flirty and romantic look, and if you want to look strict, just lift it up and pull the front part down. Both options look stylish and fashionable, the only question is what image is needed at a particular moment. These women's sweaters in 2018-2019 are ideally combined with skin-tight or classic blue or blue jeans, office pants with arrows, and also actual leather leggings.

Stylish and warm jumpers

Do not lose their relevance in the upcoming autumn-winter season and beloved by many women sweaters. This detail of women's wardrobe was seen at almost every show, the designers offered a lot of original variations, both of the jumpers themselves, and their combination with other clothes. Thin monochromatic sweaters complete with light flying skirts, thin-knit models with the addition of Lurex and other equally interesting ideas were presented on the fashion podiums.

Each season, designers and fashion designers surprise their fans with new original and unique ideas for jackets, this time almost unanimously, they decided to focus on the sleeves. And I must say, this experiment was a success, many interesting models with an interesting shape of sleeves were noticed on fashion podiums.

As for the form, then in the new season free or fitted jumpers will be fashionable. Spacious models are shaped like a light coat. Such a product is made of dense material, has sleeves of medium or maximum length. Fitted jumper models look feminine and romantic. Thanks to such outfits, you can look elegant even in the cold season, but it is worthwhile to combine them with warmer things, so as not to freeze on especially unpleasant winter days.

Regarding the color palette, we can say that the pastel palette, burgundy, mauve, brown of all shades and other trend gamut or their combination is relevant.

Jumpers, sweatshirts, sweaters with overhead images that can be made of a variety of materials: fabrics, leather, wool, fur, coarse threads look unique and original. There are also no limitations in the color palette - the main thing is that everything should be built on a harmonious combination (either in one scale or in contrast). In terms of topics, the application will cover any direction - from abstraction to the animal world. In any case, these jackets will help to stand out and attract the attention of others.

Fashionable Geometric Print Sweaters

Since there is a cage in the trend of this season, it is quite clear that geometric patterns are relevant for sweaters. In addition to cubes, diamonds and stripes, stylish sweaters in large peas will also be relevant.

You can wear a similar sweater 2018-2019 with a shirt or a simple blouse. This tandem is ideal for office bows or for study.

Fashionable knitted sweaters with pom-poms

Поклонницы вязаных свитеров по достоинству оценят оригинальный джемпер с помпонами. Подобный свитер с объемной вязкой выглядит очень мило и необычно. Мелкие помпончики могут покрывать как весь свитер, так и отдельные части или же быть частью узора.

Интересно, что для таких модных свитеров 2018-2019 выбирают нейтральные и спокойные оттенки. Серый и кремовый цвет наиболее выигрышно подчеркивают подобную вязку.

Модные свитера красных оттенков

In the autumn-winter season 2018-2019, stylists propose to make the most of red in clothes, calling it the most fashionable during the cold season. Therefore, you can safely choose sweaters of all shades of red.

Knitted sweaters, jumpers, high neck styles, trendy sweaters with open back and original sleeves - if you choose these stylish sweaters 2018-2019, and even in red, you will get clothes twice as fashionable.

Trendy Sweater Sweater

Very beautiful and feminine sweaters with a deep V-neck will be a must-have of the autumn-winter season 2018-2019. This applies not only to the front cutout. No less elegant and sexy looks like a neckline on the back of a sweater.

For a romantic look, a trendy cutout sweater fits perfectly. In addition, the cutout can be complemented by lacing or strings, which gives the sweater elegance and originality.

Trendy Lace Sweaters

Sweaters and sweaters with lacing will be super-stylish sweaters of the new season. Lacing in the neckline, lacing on the sleeves, lacing in the hem, lacing on the back - in any form, this method of decoration is appropriate.

Fashionable sweaters 2018-2019 with lacing ribbon in a contrasting color look very nice. Very often it is a black satin ribbon that can be tied into a bow.

Sweaters with open shoulders

Fashion trend with bare shoulders in clothes, which season in a row pleases women with beautiful and original solutions. This trend has not bypassed and fashionable sweaters 2018-2019.

Beautiful knitted and knitted sweaters with open shoulders of different styles and colors are presented in the new autumn-winter season. Only one shoulder can be open, thanks to the original neckline.

Trendy sweaters with sleeves flashlights

Not only fashionable blouses, but also sweaters with sleeves flashlights become trendy in 2018-2019. Volumetric and wide sleeves flashlights look great with sweaters with a high neck, emphasizing the fragility of women.

Flared sleeves and decorated with lace do not yield to popularity either. In a similar style, sweaters look very gentle and elegant.

Trendy Sweaters With Powder Shades

Very gentle and restrained nude shades make fashionable sweaters 2018-2019 more attractive and stylish.

Even large knitting and rough overseas models look much more spectacular and more feminine in pale pink, peach or cream colors.

These colors make the sweater more versatile, it is easier to choose clothes for it, as it is one of the basic shades.

Trendy sweaters with original knitting

Incredibly beautiful fashionable knitted sweaters. In the trend of mating a variety of species. Whether it is machine-made or hand-knitted, textured and even combined, in any case you will get a stylish version of a super fashionable sweater.

A few words need to be said about the styles. In 2018-2019, free styles such as a sweater or pullover, resembling oversized models, will become more relevant. There are also asymmetrical models, slightly cropped at the front and sweater tops.

Trendy sweaters with inscriptions

As it was possible to notice, in a trend mainly monophonic sweaters 2018-2019 both reserved, and bright shades. Therefore, clothing designers have decided to supplement the seemingly boring monophonic sweaters with simple inscriptions.

Simple names or short expressions on a sweater make it youth and very stylish. An alternative to inscriptions on sweaters can be appliques and stripes.

Practical and comfortable turtlenecks

Neat and modest turtlenecks, fitting the figure, in 2018-2019, will become the most fashionable basic clothing. Turtleneck combines all kinds of trendy jackets, jackets and fashionable skirts. You can wear a trendy dress with thin straps on a turtleneck. It looks good turtleneck with fur vests, over the turtleneck fashionable to wear a voluminous sweater with short sleeves. In short, it is worth buying a few basic turtlenecks this year. It is necessary to stop the choice on products of neutral colors which approach under any shades: black, graphite gray color, white and beige.

In addition to tight-fitting base, in the fashion of 2018 will be more loose turtleneck, voluminous at the waist. This jacket looks good as a separate thing, so you can choose it in brighter colors: lilac, mustard, burgundy and red.

Stylish images

The real trend of the autumn-winter season 2018-2019 was a harmonious combination of a wide variety of sweaters with blouses. Such a stylish tandem is able to become part of a wide variety of images, giving them a special charm, originality and uniqueness. How to wear a blouse with a blouse in their collections have demonstrated many famous couturiers.

Composing your fashionable image for the coming autumn and winter, you should pay attention to the models of various sweaters with bulk viscous. Such models look especially cozy and warm, they are well combined with a wide variety of clothing items and are able to complement a wide variety of bows, both for evening events and for weekdays. This fact is confirmed by interesting works in the ensemble of fashionable bows, seen on fashion podiums of shows from famous fashion designers.

Fashion trends evening dresses to celebrate the New Year

First of all, you need to decide in what color to meet the 2019 year. The key words in the name of the symbol of the new year are “yellow” and “earthy”. Consequently, it is precisely these shades that should be preferred. In the trend - natural colors, which include:

Fashion stylists recommend a trendy shade of yellow "spiced mustard." This is a gorgeous, rich and exotic color that adds chic and charisma to the bright New Year's look. Also an excellent alternative to yellow will be gold, which will make a woman a star of the New Year's party. You can opt for red, blue, purple or orange. Always in trend nude shades, as well as classic achromatics: white, gray and black.

However, choosing a dress in such a color scheme, remember that natural shades should be used in the ensemble at least in the form of accents.

New Year's outfit should be chic, and it is not only about the dress. You can choose a stylish jumpsuit, trend trousers and even fashionable shorts, as long as every detail of the New Year's set is thought out.

How to celebrate the New Year?

An evening dress with a fluffy skirt, the length of which may vary depending on the situation, will be a great choice for a meeting of the New Year. So, at a celebration in a restaurant, you can safely wear a maxi dress with a long train, in which you will resemble a princess from a fairy tale. Remember that the priority is yellow, but other shades mentioned above can be used.

For a home party more appropriate would be a charming baby dress, A-line, with multi-layered skirts.

A little black dress in Coco Chanel style is better to be put off for other occasions, but if you are madly in love with both color and style, then try to choose a model from black velvet or guipure, embroidered with golden threads on the shoulders, hem, at the neckline. Gold jewelry will make the image harmonious and complete.

What else can be met in 2019 Pigs? Women who aspire to always be in trend, but at the same time appreciate comfort above all, can buy a jumpsuit especially for this reason. Naturally, not denim. The thing should look expensive, so the preferred textures should be:

The bright yellow chiffon model with wide transparent trouser legs and romantic embroidery will look great. Creative girls who love to be in the spotlight, fit tight leather jumpsuit. Bright, shiny accessories complete the look.

An alternative to overalls can be pants. For the solemn event, the palazzo will be the best option. It should be borne in mind that this thing is self-sufficient and should be the main part of the image, so the top can be selected more calm. It will be good to look with wide trousers, for example, a crop-top of a contrasting shade. High heel is required.

For an informal event, you can use shorter, tight, light-colored or red pants. You can mix them with printed tunics, bright tops with sparkling décor, romantic blouses with frills and ruffles, or even a regular T-shirt.

The hot trend of 2019 - curvy items in clothing. This is not only a skirt, but also a sleeve. Lush lanterns or sleeves with voluminous volume look festive and elegant. Asymmetrical models of dresses and blouses are relevant, in which lush decor adorns only one shoulder, while the other remains open. At the same time, it must be remembered that the thicker the sleeve, the calmer and easier the bottom of the product should be. Otherwise, the outfit will look lurid and heavy.

A win-win for New Year's Eve is a white blouse. In order not to cause an association with a teacher or secretary, look for an unban model of complex cut, decorated with expensive decor - lace or transparent chiffon inserts, with an original bold neckline. You can wear this spectacular thing with black leather shorts or pants, a red pencil skirt, a long skirt with a high slit, seductively opening the leg.

Now you need to think about the other elements of a stylish image - hairstyle, make-up, neil-art.