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How to dress in the 90s? Description, fashionable examples of the 90s with photos


Each past epoch is remembered by something special, necessarily leaving memories and emotions in people's memories, which are then very interesting to discuss. The beginning of the 90s is a time of great change, not only in the fashionable Olympus, but also in the political spheres of many countries.

The Soviet Union ceased to exist, and fashion has changed beyond recognition, becoming a huge industry, it was this period of time associated with freedom and the "wind of change."

The fashion of the 90s in Russia is a truly unique phenomenon that has not yet come up with a name. What was it: the desire to be original to stand out from the bored gray mass, or the creation of a style without one in principle?

They rarely remember how they dressed in the 90s, which is not surprising, because it was at that time that the concepts of “beauty” and “style” were smeared beyond recognition, but still there were some pretty good innovations.

In the early 90s, the world's fashion houses launched an active advertising campaign, spreading the slogans of the series "Be Yourself" and "Find Your Own Style, which will become a reflection of your inner self."

Stylists and designers from the pages of glossy magazines began to give a lot of advice on how to create a unique image and skillfully emphasize individuality. What was popular in that difficult time?

As we have already mentioned, the last decade of the last century passed under the slogan of freedom and the absence of a generally accepted framework, in a fashion style “unisex”, “grunge” and very elegant “minimalism”, which, by the way, has left its mark in the business classic image forever.

At the peak of popularity of the collection of such fashion houses as Givenchy, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier and others. Designers actively use pressed skin in their creations, by means of which they created outfits almost completely repeating the contours of the human body.

Particularly popular was grunge fashion, the founder of which is considered to be the singer of the popular Nirvana group in the 90s, Kurt Cobain.

It is believed that he made a real revolution not only in the music world, but also in the fashion world: with his light hand, almost all the young people of that time donned bulk and even stretched sweaters and T-shirts, checkered shirts, ripped and baggy jeans, as well as jackets leather jackets and worn out sneakers.

The grunge fashion of the time strongly resembled elements of hippie culture, however, it was more rough and devoid of a certain romance.

In the same period, miniskirts, which Julia Roberts was actively demonstrating on her legs in the already legendary film “Pretty Woman”, heavy boots, high boots, boots and short tops, burst at the peak of popularity.

By the way, she also perfectly demonstrated the minimalism of the time when, at the end of the film, she changed into neat and extremely minimalist kits. "Street" designers began to work in the same direction, simple skinny jeans, white shirts or tops, as well as laconic jackets and the complete absence of any accessories that the heroes of the series "Friends" showed themselves well began to work.

90s in the post-Soviet space

Russia and the rest of the post-Soviet space developed their own fashionable views of the time, which was explained by the collapse of the USSR and the sharp increase in goods brought from abroad.

People who for a long time yearned for bright colors and unusual models, literally blew up all imaginable and inconceivable ideas about what is beautiful.

Despite the fact that the range has increased, it was still not easy to buy really fashionable things, as time remained difficult financially for the majority of the population.

For fashion in the style of the 90s, unisex clothing was typical, the differences between women's or men's attire was insignificant, although certainly not in everything. Among the girls, bright “acidic” leggings, which were worn by everyone, regardless of the size and beauty of the legs, were especially popular.

Pink, blue and bright yellow shades, in which many Russian pop stars shone, were considered a special “peep”. A bit later, “dolly” came into vogue - insulated colored tights, often decorated with a bright contrasting strip.

Also incredibly popular and nationwide love used denim, and any: jeans, jackets, overalls, shirts or skirts. At the beginning of the decade, they actively continued to “cook” in order to get the very “boiled” ones.

It was then that the Malvinki jeans, which were made entirely in the spirit of the time, entered into fashion: straight or narrow, but necessarily “boiled”. They were worn by both men and girls, “Mawin” jeans, from which, in fact, the name came, were significantly cheaper than other American brands, which is why they seized national love.

Another “trouble” of that time is sports suits, which, unfortunately, were rarely used for their intended purpose, they were worn not only in the gym, but also at a disco, a date and other important events, which added to the image of comic.

Not to mention leather jackets and skirts, especially kosukh with a lot of zippers, locks and rivets. Every day mini-skirts became shorter, they were often combined with the same acid leggings or “glowing” pantyhose, in a special trend were pleated models or skirt-elastic bands, which strove to turn into a belt.

With regard to hairstyles and make-up, there also existed its own characteristics: the hair was turned into whole towers-haircuts, the girls politely decorated themselves with chemical curls, and the fringe had to "stand" firmly and indestructibly.

The make-up was quite catchy, not everyone has decided on such a “beauty” today: the emphasis was placed on the eyes and on the lips. Mostly blue and black shadows were used, which were shaded almost throughout the whole century up to the eyebrows, and the lips were necessarily decorated with bright red, burgundy or crimson lipstick.

Of course, not everyone walked this way, however, the fashion of that time really touched many. It was ridiculous, tasteless or with a special twist, it's up to you, in any case, the fashion of the 90s left an indelible mark on the long journey of the fashion industry.

Style or set of clothes?

It is difficult to say, years later, whether it was a style of clothing or just a set of it to create your own image. In the post-Soviet space, having escaped from the dullness of the deficit, the people who are starving for shopping literally pounced on everything bright with unfamiliar names and were glad to have outfits that were not for sale “from under the floor”. Appeared in the legal sale of denim clothing, which was not before. And if there was, then only jeans purchased from fartsovschiki, representatives of the shadow business (repurchasing things from foreigners), in the pre-perestroika period.

Denim boom

It was in the nineties that a wave of “denim” style swept the world. The mods wore named clothing from head to toe: jeans with denim shirts, jackets, bags and boots. Such things for everyone who wants to keep up with fashion, there were several pieces. Jeans became available, and only lazy people did not go there. At this time, denim pants appear on the market, which dandies call “Malvina”, in fact, this is the Mawin brand.

They were a budget copy of the coveted Levi's and Montana. But there were not so many of them on sale, so many people dressed in the 90s as they could. Our people are talented. Many made their own fashionable clothes with their own hands: they cooked jeans, giving them a "malvinisty" look, or sewed fashion labels that sailors brought from abroad for greater steepness.

High school students from mods wore boiled “Malvina”, local tailoring “Adidas”, leopard Turkish sneakers, “branded” sweater and USA California baseball cap. At school discos they won the hearts of no less fashionable with crazy bouffant in mini-skirts and bright leggings of girls. In the 90s they dressed, as it seemed to one and the other, very fashionable.

Grunge style

The fashion of that era was shaped by the influence of musical subcultures: punk, rock and grunge. The first prefers grunge were teenagers - fans of the popular group Nirvana. It was a style of clothing, implying a denial of generally accepted norms and propriety. Ripped jeans, stretched woolen sweaters, washed-out T-shirts and sneakers were a reflection of the rebellious image of Kurt Cobain, the founder of this musical group.

What else remember the street fashion of the 90s, except for the denim boom and grunge? Most likely, it was then that rocker jackets, rivets and leather vests and leather jackets appeared in combination with short T-shirts and T-shirts, as well as heavy boots.

Unisex fashion

“I carry what I want, if only it was convenient” - such a motto became relevant in the 90s. How did men and women dress, thanks to the unisex that has spread throughout the world of fashion? They wore things that did not have a vivid limitation in assigning a specific gender, thereby erasing gender stereotypes.

The unisex fashion allowed, first of all, to demonstrate the self-identity of a person, and not on how he positions himself.

"Fashion is one of the ways of self-expression. When there are two people of different sexes who feel the fashion world in the same way, they should be able to express it through their clothes. Of course, there are people who do not recognize unisex in fashion. They just have not tried it wear! "

Carlos Castro, founder of the Diem shoe brand

How to dress in the 90s (you can see the photo in the article), following this fashion? In principle, this asexual fashion allowed both women and men to wear jeans with T-shirts, pants with dimensionless sweaters, shirts of the same cut for release, long cardigans, comfortable shoes.

Tracksuits and crimson jackets

The sports style of the nineties is represented by suits that were popular among both women and men. For the latter, it was almost the output version of clothing, in which it was possible to go to work, disco and on dates. And if there was a foreign inscription on it, made somewhere in the sewing shop of local poshiba, there was no price for such a suit.

From the mid-nineties, tracksuits from the category of outdoor clothing moved into casual wear. Replaced came strict clothes in the form of a crimson jacket. Of course, not everyone began to go in jackets, and especially crimson. This “uniform” was worn by the so-called new Russians.

A gold chain was also attached to a crimson jacket, black trousers and sharp-nosed shoes. By this, the newly-born masters of life stood out from the gray mass, or, more simply, the gangsters, thereby satisfying their inferiority complex. It is now anecdotes about them tell, but then it was the reality of life.

And how did men dress in the 90s, if they did not belong to lovers of sports suits and crimson jackets? They enjoyed sweaters with ornaments and flared trousers. By the way, such sweaters were loved by girls, combining them with leggings or leggings.

Fashion of the end of the 90s and its trends now

By the end of the nineties, sportswear and flared pants give way to designer clothes. Italian couturier Nino Cerruti has become the author of the new trend called Casual Chic (casual elegance). The second designer who contributed to the casual style was Giorgio Armani. His clothes combined elegance and freedom, classics and everyday life. Armani was a fashion innovator.

He proposed a version of a business suit with elements of sportswear, as well as a combination of a jacket and jeans. And the man in such a dress looks emphatically elegant, which speaks of the simplicity and versatility of Armani’s clothing style. By the beginning of the XXI century, almost all leading fashion designers demonstrated free style in their collections.

Designers and fashion designers do not hide their enthusiasm when it comes to the fashion of the 90s. Cheeky courage and lack of fear of being ridiculous. Something this fashion attracts them now. There were still some zest, which look today the finds from the distant 90s of the last century.

The current generation enjoys wearing bandanas and backpacks. Yes, shirts, tied at the waist, as it turned out, came from the 90s. Cropped tops are back in fashion this summer season. A denim clothing never went out of fashion, only slightly changed its appearance. And now fashionable denim overalls, jackets and high waisted jeans are worn by girls.

Shoes also have certain elements from the 90s. So, you can see sandals with two shleyki on the rise and high shoes, which are also relevant after 30 years.

Return to the trends of the 90s

Returning 30 years ago, we can see that minimalism prevailed in the clothes of that period, which was manifested in laconic costumes and dresses, as well as the combination of the simplest jeans with a plain T-shirt. In those years, the world learned about unisex (unisex), military (military), sports (sport), casual (grunge) and grunge (grunge) styles, which were often combined into one image.

Thanks to the unisex, each girl was able to dress in things that previously could only be seen on men - wide jeans, the same T-shirts and shirts. Military showed in the costumes of the appropriate colors. Fans of sports style began to appear in short T-shirts, barely covering the belly and bright leggings. Denim jackets and flared trousers are a prime example of casual clothing. Inspired by the grunge wore torn stockings, rough shoes, jackets of different styles from artificial or natural leather.

The history of fashion 90

It was in the 90s that the slogan "to be yourself" emerged, which was proposed by Calvin Klein. Therefore, now everyone tried to demonstrate their own individuality, and the emphasis from clothes quickly shifted to appearance. One of the important elements of steel tanned skin and slim figure. And the line between art and the creation of clothing began to fade.

Style Icons

The ninetieth year brought to the world a style of clothing that fell in love with many of the world's celebrities who appeared on television screens and magazine covers in dresses typical of that time.

Clothes and accessories

Looking at what was considered a trend in the last decade of the last century, many are covered in light horror. Therefore, having received an invitation to a theme evening in the style of the 90s or a disco, they come to a dead end, not understanding how to dress, so that no one has any questions about your taste and at the same time stay in the subject.

What clothes preferred fashionistas of those years:

    Leather jackets-leather jackets. In combination with torn jeans you get the image of a hooligan, and putting it on over a long knitted dress, you will get a casual ensemble. In this case, the jacket can be not only boring colors (black or brown), but also bright shades (lemon, turquoise, etc.).


It becomes clear that the 90s were fashionable to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, not only clothes, but also accessories were made bright and catchy:

  1. Many women of those years wore clips or large earrings, necklaces, collars, jewelry woven from beads, large and numerous bracelets, mainly from metal or leather, a large number of chains.
  2. Hit of those years were backpacks and bags, bags on a long strap.
  3. Almost everyone had sunglasses. No summer was complete without new glasses. It was believed that the darker they are glass, the better. The rims were round, oval or rectangular.
  4. It was in the 90s that baseball caps appeared. In addition to them, they wore bandanas, snoods and angora hoods (detachable scarf hood).
  5. It was customary to decorate your clothes with various stripes or badges.

Remembering the shoes of the 90s, it is necessary to say about the platform on shoes, boots, boots and boots on a rough tractor sole (Dr. Martens), gym shoes with a print, shoes, boats with a sharp nose and a high heel-hairpin. At the same time, loafers, bright sneakers and half boots with flat sole became popular.

Hair and makeup

No less provocative than the clothes themselves, were the hairstyles of the 90s. The rebels chose curls raised from the very roots, combed bangs and horse tails. Those who preferred the classics, chose straight bangs, squares and a tail assembled in a tight knot.

What to add to the wardrobe

As you know, fashion has a certain cyclical nature. And then came the turn of the last decade of the XX century. Of course, not all have returned, but some modern fashionable women will be able to add to their wardrobe.

  • short tops, opening a flat stomach,
  • Jeans with a high waist
  • sausages (specially colored denim),
  • denim overalls,
  • bombers
  • shirts in a cage (mostly large),
  • platform or tractor footwear,
  • massive boots
  • chokers.

Stylish accents of the 90s can be found in the new collections of Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY and Maison Bohemique.

90s look

Plunge into the era, today you can organize a thematic photo shoot, a party in the style of the 90s, bringing together different fashion trends: punk, rock, disco.

But, here only dressing in the style of the 90s will not be enough. Important sign accents of the time: tape recorder, Tetris, bright soluble drinks, such as Zuko and Yuppi, chewing gum with inserts. Создавая свой образ, выбирайте джинсовые или клечатые рубашки, яркие лосины и кроссовки, массивные серьги и браслеты, но не переусердствуйте.

Что повлияло на моду 90-х?

С крахом Советского Союза гардероб женщины стал разнообразнее. По сравнению с 80-ми следующее десятилетие ознаменовалось менее броскими вещами и с большей утонченностью. Повлияли на стиль в одежде новые увлечения молодежи того периода – музыка в стиле техно и гранж. Первое направление – это:

  • дискотеки,
  • яркая удобная одежда,
  • легкомысленность в образах.

  • тяжелая музыка,
  • антипод гламуру,
  • denial of everything feminine,
  • combination of incompatible.

Sport and comfort in the clothes of the 90s were all over. This led to the style trend of sport chic, which captured street fashion thanks largely to the example of foreign stars.

In the 90s, youth TV shows were released on TV screens, where the characters loved sports and dressed in a similar style. These are the series Manta-Barbara, Beverly Hills 90210, Friends, Melrose Place, Helen and the Boys. Musical idols of the time also promoted a sports style in clothing. Dynamically behaved on the stage and the girls from the group “Spice Girls”, singer Gwen Stefani, Madonna and other famous personalities were conveniently dressed.

The direction of unisex largely determined the feminist moods of women. They began to wear clothes several sizes larger with coarse tailoring. Everything was wide and shapeless. In the military style appeared rough shoes and colors in clothes. Practicality and convenience - this was the style of the 90s in the clothes of a woman. Photo examples from that time:

Some preferred minimalism and dressed in laconic dresses and costumes. It was in such clothes that they sported super models on the catwalks in the early 90s.


Popular were shapeless jackets and fur coats made of faux fur. They also had no hint of waist, and most often were either short, or reached to the heels.

With broad shoulders, sports bolonevye jackets, raincoats, and coats were chosen by the post-Soviet people. These were voluminous things. We went to the elongated zhatyh jackets of the free-form rain cover.

Young people preferred leather jackets from plain or patent leather with metal rivets, sports windbreakers with bright stripes. Older people wore drape coats, sheepskin coats.

A wealthy part of the population sported in fur coats from natural fur: rabbit, fox, wolf, mink. Some preferred warm natural sheepskin coats.

Caps at that time the most fashionable were fur. The greatest value in the dress wore a big fluffy hat made of natural fur. It was she who could "tell" about how wealthy its owner (or owner) is.

Business image

Elegance is still present in some things, although combinations of them were sometimes unthinkable. In the 1990s, almost every business lady had a trouser suit in her wardrobe. Then the shoulders of the jackets were somewhat more stressed than they are now. Already appeared slim models with turn-down collars. They were with large buttons and sometimes decorated with Basque.

All women in the 90s wore iridescent, dimensionless tights that glittered in the sun. They were still constantly crawling and frowning. Some brave ladies chose fishnet or patterned beaters.

Women wore a pencil skirt or mini skirt depending on age. From the shoes of a business woman were shoes.

Trend of the decade - angora sweaters that everyone wore. They were bright colors with guipure inserts, embroidered with beads.

In the fashion were colored turtlenecks from warm fabric and not very much. Practiced and completely transparent. Velor products had no equal. For example, a long fitting dress made from cheap velvet with a slit on the side of the thigh is a rather popular model at the time.

Blouses were worn with broad shoulders: loose and fitted. In fabrics there was a variety: chiffon, silk, synthetic satin. Solid color shirts for men, batch file with a different print were considered the height of fashion in the style of the 90s in the clothes of a woman. A photo:

Relevant denim skirts were considered. They were straight, flared, with flounces, with wedges and metal buttons in front, frayed at the bottom, long in the form of a trapezoid with a clasp. Different colors were used: from blue to dark blue. There was a color jeans, from which very fashionable skirts were sewn.

The colorful skirts-pawnshops, tight warm skirts-gum mini style, pleated and just straight pencil skirts were worn in the 90s. Products were made of spandex, wool, suede, leather, denim, drape, velor, corduroy.

Pants and shorts

Jeans are widely popular. In color, they were different shades. Fitted with a high waist and tight fitting. Combined them with denim jackets, leather jackets, plaid shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts. From shoes "in the subject" were bright sneakers.

Jeans and trousers worn flared. Expansion could come from the knee or from the hip. The length of the pant leg was super maxi, covering the shoes. Tight stretch pants with all sorts of prints loved to wear youth.

It is impossible not to talk about denim shorts just above the knees with cuffs and straps. They were combined with a denim jacket with rolled up sleeves or a white chiffon blouse.

Elongated knit T-shirts with the image of the stars of that time and Mickey Mouse were called dresses. The priority was bright styles.

Evening-fitting dresses and fishnet combinations have become popular. They beautifully emphasized all the curves of the figure. Elegant dress barrels with a belt were bought by women of fashion. Many-tier products with flares of flared type from brilliant Lurex were practiced.

Denim sundresses came into vogue. They could be combined with body shirts and turtlenecks.

Chiffon summer dresses were worn by women in the heat. They were decorated with a floral print. The market was full of sundresses for every taste.

Dresses met with prints. In addition to strips and cages, an animal drawing of a zebra, a leopard, a tiger in the style of the 90s in the clothes of a woman was relevant. A photo:

And one more "representative" of that time: Romanian sweater!

In the 90s, platform shoes were popular. The tractor sole was present on boots, shoes and sandals.

Summer sandals were wedge or wide heels, and on top was a bright wide elastic band. They were worn under leggings. It should be noted:

  • Cossacks shoes and boots,
  • colored soap dishes in the hole,
  • white sneakers with black stripes for famous brands Reebok, Adidas, Nike,
  • sneakers

Manicure, makeup, hair

In the 90s, girls applied their nails by themselves, buying at the store. Lucky were metallic, pearly colors, became popular transparent, bright red and black lacquer.

In those days, women brightly painted their eyes with shades of blue, green, blue, They made a black eyeliner.

Lips isolated pencil, often in color different from lipstick. The mod was bright red, pearly, brown (and all shades) and dark colors lipstick.

Big bouffant on the head did women of the time. Highly raised bangs on one side of the fixed hairspray - a fashionable trend of the early 90s. The tail on the top, side or attached chignon - this also distinguished the 90s.

The Beverly Hills 90210 series, for example, became one of the iconic, most fashionistas wanted to wear the same haircut as Idan Capwell, Valerie Malone, Brenda Walsh, or Kelly Taylor.

Men's fashion

The strong floor in the post-Soviet time massively began to dress in tracksuits Adidas. They were for all occasions. The image included baseball caps with the words "USA", "Adidas".

In the wardrobe of representative men appeared wide-shouldered jackets of not the size of various shades. The most significant was the crimson jacket, which gave the status of "new Russian" in the style of the 90s in clothes.

Men walked in T-shirts, sleeveless T-shirts and plain mesh, checked shirts and with other patterns, in sweaters with patterns, denim jackets, voluminous down jackets, leather jackets with a fur collar. From the trousers there were wide jeans with patch pockets, trousers of red, sandy marsh colors, black trousers with arrows. Sneakers, varnished leather shoes, massive shoes with a round toe were full of shoes. The attribute of the appearance of a man in the 90s was a leather purse.