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Winter Wedding: the secrets of successful preparation


The perfect wedding day consists of many little things that are so easy to forget about in the pre-wedding rush! Therefore, we have compiled a cheat sheet with quick tips that will be relevant to any bride.

  1. • When choosing contractors do not try to save money by asking friends to take pictures and shoot a celebration, because the professionalism of the team is the key to a beautiful wedding.
  2. • And if one of your friends is really a professional from the world of weddings, remember that he is first and foremost a guest at your wedding.
  3. • Photographer and videographer - these are two different professionals. If the photographer says that he can also “shoot a wedding at half price,” it is better to refuse his services.
  4. • If you do not want photos from your wedding to be posted on social networks and on the contractor's website, discuss this question in advance and write it in the contract.

  • • All organizational issues on the wedding day should be dealt with either by a professional wedding manager, or responsible people (bridesmaids, parents), but by no means a bride!
  • • Do not work with contractors without signing a contract!
  • • Make the seating of guests so that people of about the same age and with similar interests are sitting at the same table.
  • • Take care of the elderly guests: do not put them near the speakers or at the exit (so that they do not have to get up each time, passing other guests).
  • • If there are children at the wedding, prepare for them a separate area where they can relax from the festive noise and watch cartoons.
  • • The menu for the children's table is better to agree with the parents in advance.

  • • When dealing with drinks at a wedding, do not forget about plain water. There is never a lot of it.
  • • Ask guests about possible allergies and individual intolerance to products, and with this in mind, make a menu.
  • • Do not leave things on the last day before the wedding. It is better to finish the preparation early in order to sleep and relax on the eve of the holiday.
  • • Before you sign a contract with the site, find out all the additional expenses - additional rental hours, cork fee, equipment, etc.
  • • Guests should not be crowded on site. If the restaurant is designed for 100 people, do not try to place more people in it.
  • • Arrange a trial tasting of dishes before booking a restaurant or ordering catering services. Make sure that the dishes that are on the tables of the guests on the wedding day are really tasty!

  • • Refusing travels to different locations on your wedding day is a great way to reduce the cost of transport for guests.
  • • Warn guests in advance if it is raining or cooling in their wedding day. Guests can simply forget to see the weather forecast, going to a holiday!
  • • If the wedding takes place outside the city, warn the girls to put on shoes without heels.
  • • And do not forget to take a replacement pair of shoes on a flat course yourself.
  • • And the shoes in which you will be at the ceremony, be sure to carry home before the wedding.
  • • Choose an image for a boudoir photo shoot in advance (buy beautiful lingerie or a boudoir dress, choose a light makeup) and discuss its script with a photographer.

  • • Make a wish list in advance with a list of gifts you want to receive at the wedding. So you save guests from long searches and experiences, and themselves from unnecessary things.
  • • And from lush bouquets of flowers as gifts, you can completely refuse: they are inconvenient to store on the day of the holiday and they quickly fade.
  • • If you forget something other than rings, you do not need to go back home! Do not postpone the banquet because of a forgotten cosmetic bag.
  • • Think in advance where you will keep gifts at the wedding venue. Especially if it is money or very valuable things.
  • • Do not forget to have a good breakfast on your wedding day and prepare a small snack during the photo shoot.
  • • Is it likely to rain? Buy identical umbrellas for all guests in a wedding color palette.

  • • Ask guests to turn off their phones during the ceremony.
  • • And try to use the smartphone as little as possible. All social networks can wait.
  • • Refuse from new perfumes at the wedding - the fragrance may not open in the best way.
  • • Speaking of smells. Make sure that there are no flowers in the bridal bouquet whose smell seems too heavy or intrusive to you. After all, you have to feel this scent all day.
  • • Do not use scented candles in the decoration of tables (exception - if dinner is held in the open air).
  • • Prepare cheat sheets with wedding vows with the bridegroom.
  • • A beautiful cake requires a beautiful flow - take care of a stylish stand and set for cutting.

  • • If your bridal bouquet is too heavy or of irregular shape (or you just do not want to part with it after the wedding), prepare a mini-doubler for throwing to unmarried girlfriends.
  • • During the photo shoot, try to correct your hair less and not block the face with a bouquet.
  • • Do not squeeze the bouquet too much, try to relax - your tension will be very noticeable in the photos.
  • • Feel free to show emotions - they are the ones who make your photos unforgettable!
  • • If you want to finish the wedding with fireworks or a fire show, check with the site manager in advance if this is possible.
  • Top 8 general tips

    In order for the wedding to take place at the highest level in the winter, it is worth considering its organization to the smallest detail. Not sure what you should pay attention to? Here are a couple of important recommendations:

    1. When choosing a date, give preference to those months when there is a real snowy winter outside, and not cold and rainy weather (at the beginning and end of winter).
    2. When booking a restaurant, keep in mind that on New Year's Eve and after it, many places can be occupied by corporate parties and festive events, because you should take care of choosing a restaurant in advance (unless, of course, you decide to have a wedding from December 15 to January 15).
    3. Ask a wedding specialist discount, because many of them at this time of year are out of work.
    4. Arrange a photo session in nature by staging a tea party or playing snowballs. Do not take guests for a walk with them so that they do not freeze during the photo shoot.
    5. Prepare for guests in the welcome-zone a table with hot drinks: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine, grog, etc. Frozen guests will appreciate this idea!
    6. Offer your guests winter entertainment during the breaks of the wedding show program: make a snowman, play snowballs, ride a sled, etc.
    7. Instead of banal cars, you can arrive at the wedding on a colorful sleigh, surprising guests with this unusual type of wedding procession.
    8. Consider that your wedding dresses should be not only beautiful, but also warm. But at the same time, do not forget that it will be warm enough in the banquet hall - it means that your images should quickly “transform” from warm to light.

    Winter wedding style

    Winter wedding can be organized in completely different styles, taking as a basis both the love story of the newlyweds or their hobbies, and the features of this season, fairy tales, holidays, etc. Here are a couple of examples:

    • Christmas wedding
    • Valentine's Day Wedding
    • wedding in the style of "Snow Queen"
    • Wedding in the style of the fairy tale "12 months"
    • tangerine wedding, etc.

    Each of these stylistics has its advantages, providing just for imagination, both in the choice of wedding dresses, and in the festive decor.


    In order to fully enjoy the beauty of the winter season, the wedding should be held next to nature. For example, it can be a restaurant in the country, a cottage or a recreation center. There, you and your guests will be able not only to have a wedding indoors, but also to go out and enjoy the beauty of winter nature, make a couple of romantic photos or even play snowballs.

    Wedding outfits

    There are no special restrictions in the choice of wedding dresses for the bride and groom, the main thing is that they not only sit perfectly on the newlyweds and be chosen with taste, but also do not let them freeze on a cold winter day. We present to your attention a couple of tips that will be useful for creating a stylish and warm image of the newlyweds:

    • Image of the bride: a dress made of warm fabrics with long sleeves, all sorts of boleros and capes, warm openwork tights, two types of shoes - banquet shoes and boots for the street (something average - ankle boots), gloves, shawls and scarves, fur coat, etc. P. It is better to make a bride's bouquet from frost-resistant plants and materials: roses, chrysanthemums, anemones, succulents, brooches, spruce twigs, cotton, etc.
    • Image of the groom: a suit of dense materials, a scarf, gloves, knitted cardigan or vest, etc.

    Having thought over wedding images to the smallest detail, the bride and groom can be sure that they will look stylish and luxurious even in the most severe frost!

    Winter Wedding Decor

    For the winter celebration, you can choose a classic white color that perfectly emphasizes the beauty of this season. The only thing that is white is otten silver color, adding to the holiday shine and showiness. In addition, the winter wedding is quite possible to organize in a bright range: red and white, blue, blue, silver, etc. You will have a colorful and stylish celebration, I'm sure the portal www.svadebka.ws!

    In the decoration of the winter wedding, use thematic elements: cones, rowan berries, fir branches, Christmas balls, textiles with winter patterns, cinnamon sticks, etc. Give the holiday extra shine with sparkles, sequins and rhinestones, which can be both on tablecloths and in the decoration of chairs, on candles, seating elements, etc. Knitted capes and pads, fur, velvet textiles, etc. will add comfort and warmth to the holiday.

    Winter is a great time of year for an unforgettable wedding celebration! Taking into account all the nuances of organizing this unique winter holiday, you can be sure that you can create a truly amazing celebration and fully enjoy all the delights and beauty of the winter season with its snow-white purity and romance, perfectly conveying all the sincerity and genuineness of the feelings of lovers!

    Winter is the best time for a wedding ceremony

    First of all, in the winter time there are huge discounts on various wedding services. In December, January or February, it is much easier to rent a suitable restaurant, order a luxury car, sign up for a hairstyle and make-up for a popular stylist, choose the desired date for the marriage ceremony and buy a designer wedding dress for the promotion.

    It is worth more details on the last paragraph. Many girls wedding in the winter scares because of the erroneous opinion: to find a beautiful and at the same time a warm dress is almost impossible.

    But in reality, many designers present in their annual collections magnificent winter wedding dresses made of thick fabrics - organza, brocade, velvet, crepe. Such models can be decorated with thinner fabrics (silk, guipure), as well as a variety of decor - embroidery, rhinestones, beads.

    Of course, in one dress the bride can feel discomfort during a hard frost, and therefore it is recommended to add an image with a fur coat, bolero or shawl. For example, in combination with a white wedding dress, a bright cape will look great - it will not only warm the bride, but will also add a special accent to the image, not allowing the girls to “merge” along the photos with a snowy background.

    As for the headdress, it is better to give up the veil, or replace it with a hat or cap on a winter walk. Shoes are also better to choose warm - for example, elegant boots with heels.

    Today you can buy a beautiful winter wedding dress in the respective salons, for more details about the recommendations for choosing a dress for the bride can be found in the article on the website of the selected salon.

    How to organize a winter wedding

    In the process of organizing the celebration is recommended to pay attention to the following nuances.

    First of all, it is important to competently approach the choice of the banquet menu. Taking into account the cold season, it is better to give preference to hearty hot dishes - broths, beef and pork chops, kulebyak, pies and so on. From alcohol guests can offer spirits (brandy, whiskey, gin) and mulled wine.

    When decorating the banquet hall, you can use the original winter attributes: spruce branches, Christmas toys, tinsel. The color palette can be very different - from pastel to bright colors, with silver or gold decor elements. Perfect for decorating burning candles in original candlesticks.

    As entertainment guests can offer a lot of interesting activities. For example, you can ride on a troika with bells or recall childhood: ride from a hill, play snowballs, make a snowman, “besiege” the snow fortress, where the bride is held captive, and so on. You can also visit the rink by organizing ice dancing. If you want to organize a more themed Christmas, then the choice of styles is also huge: rustic, “Winter's Tale”, Russian style, and so on. The final chord of the celebration can be fireworks.

    Tips and secrets

    There are certain recommendations that allow you to make the wedding celebration as ideal and memorable as possible:

    • When choosing a date, it is better to choose a time when there is already a real snowy winter outside the window, and not the rainy cold weather typical of the beginning of December and the end of February.
    • Consider that on the eve of New Year and Christmas, many restaurants can be booked for corporate parties, and therefore when planning a wedding from mid-December to mid-January, it is worth taking care of choosing an institution in advance.
    • Winter weather often allows you to get great shots during a photo shoot, since the sparkling snow serves as an excellent background. But since winter days are very short, it is better to order the services of a photographer for the first half of the day.
    • During the photo shoot, prepare a table for guests with hot drinks: grog, mulled wine, hot chocolate, tea, coffee.
    • Remember that the wedding dresses of the bride and groom should be universal: since the banquet room will be warm, the dress and suit of the warmed ones should be easily “transformed” into more comfortable ones.

    Guided by all the recommendations and competently approaching the planning of the marriage ceremony in the cold season, you will certainly not regret choosing a date.

    Venue for

    When choosing a venue for a wedding, pay attention to the banquet hall. It should be spacious and well lit, because in the winter season, night comes much earlier.

    Also, pay attention to the heating system. The room should be equipped with special equipment, and even better - a functioning fireplace. If there is none, check with the administrator if there are enough sockets if you start and connect heaters yourself.

    Another important point - the presence of a wardrobe. If there is no separate room in the institution, then pay attention to the size of the banquet hall itself and whether it is possible to bring rented structures to it.

    Color spectrum

    Winter weddings are a specific color scheme. All “cool” shades will look especially advantageous: blue, gray, silver, white. They are favorably complemented by the colors associated with winter and the celebration of the New Year: red, green, gold, and brown.

    In the winter, white snow weddings are also popular. This can be achieved with the help of images of the bride and groom, the decor of a winter wedding, as well as the introduction of a dress code for guests.

    Images of the bride and groom

    What to wear for a wedding in the winter? The image of the groom ideally complements a warm tweed jacket or an elongated classic coat. Another stylish alternative would be a wool sweater, from which a butterfly or tie is visible. Boutonniere, of course, has not been canceled. A warm scarf can also be added as an accessory.

    The image of the winter bride (as well as the summer one) requires longer preparation. The first thing you should pay attention to is a wedding dress. In the cold season, more relevant are the floor-length outfits with long sleeves. If you want to add a “zest” to your image, choose dresses with a cutout on the back or fur trim. To the bride was warm and comfortable, your outfit can be supplemented with a fur coat, bolero, cardigan or clutch. They can be white to match the dress or become a bright accent: red, emerald, etc.

    Another nuance, which is worth paying attention to the winter bride - makeup. Makeup artists recommend preferring the most natural: light translucent tone, rejection of bright shadows in favor of shimmering powder, white eyeliner and lush eyelashes. Many professionals advise to complement the image of the bride with bright lipstick. And the main taboo - bust with rouge. When the temperature is frosty, your cheeks will already have a bright shade.

    Floristics and decor

    As a decoration at the winter wedding venue for the ceremony and banquet hall, you can use Christmas tree branches, cones, rowan berries, snow-white cotton, Christmas decorations, candles and even whole ice sculptures. Оригинальными идеями для зимней свадьбы станут изделия из хрусталя — по своей прозрачности они напоминают настоящий лед, но гораздо более практичны в использовании.

    Особое внимание следует уделить букету невесты, так как композиция должна отличаться стойкостью к суровым погодным условиям. Флористы рекомендуют использовать анемоны, пионовидные ранункулюсы и розы. The bouquet can be supplemented with berries, pine cones or even balls of yarn.

    Holding ceremony

    In preparation for the winter wedding, you need to make a decision - to conduct an on-site ceremony on the street or indoors. Each of the options has its pros and cons. For example, the ceremony in the indoor hall will be more comfortable, since it will be possible to take off outerwear and stay warm. But the entourage of snow drifts and spruce branches will be simply unforgettable for the groom, the bride and all the guests!

    If you choose the second option - to hold a ceremony in the open air - then take care of the comfort of your guests. On each of the chairs is best put on a warm blanket. Near the place of the ceremony - to equip a table with warming drinks. Time to conduct the ceremony and congratulations - to minimize. All these points are taken care of by the wedding coordinators.

    Banquet menu

    Banquet menu for a winter wedding is significantly different from the summer. First, it is dominated by more filling dishes. Add more meat and fish to the menu, don't be scared of fried and more fatty dishes. You can even add first courses - hot soups or broth, which will perfectly warm the guests after the ceremony.

    Desserts can also be more satisfying: butter cakes, gingerbread and other pastries, jam.

    Among the drinks also castling takes place. If in the summer the guests prefer lighter ones (champagne, wine), then in the winter one can safely put more strong ones on the table: brandy, brandy, tequila, rum, vodka. Please note that guests drink less water and juices. But tea, coffee and cocoa - more.

    “Warming” food bar

    What is a winter wedding without warming drinks? Arrange for guests a small bar, where, along with traditional tea / coffee, guests will be served cocoa and mulled wine. Especially for invited people, you can install a small table on which the machine for the preparation of a drink (or thermoses), as well as various additives can stand. For example, for cocoa it is marshmallow, cinnamon and chocolate.

    Wedding photo session

    Winter wedding photo session - a lot of ideas for the original pictures. Firstly, traditional snow-covered snowdrifts and colorful Christmas tinsel as a decor. Secondly, you can use themed props - wear skates, take a sled or even rent a horse-drawn carriage. Ideas for a wedding photo shoot in the winter mass!

    Thus, you get two series of shots. The first - against the backdrop of snowy nature. The second is in the glow of lights in the banquet hall.

    Rest zone

    This is not about the banquet hall, where the celebration will take place, but about a separate area where guests can go out to the fresh air, smoke and rest from noisy music. It can be an open terrace, a balcony or a specially designed room with a good ventilation system.

    The recreation area should also be sufficiently bright and warm. If necessary, install additional heaters.

    Gifts to guests

    What gifts to give to guests at the winter wedding? Themed! It can be any things related to the frosty season: blankets, gloves, cocoa making kits, scented candles, foam, or bath oil.

    If your celebration is scheduled for December, the presents related to the upcoming celebration of the new year will be relevant. For example, you can give guests a beautiful Christmas-tree toy in a box, on which your names and wedding date are written.

    Wedding in the winter can be a real come true fairy tale! The main thing is to find good helpers in this matter.