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Training program at home


In 1989, fitness lover Joanna Rohrbak Rohrback ran jogging on Hollywood boulevards. However, she wore additional weights on her ankles. It became boring for Joanna to simply run and she decided to perform parallel rhythmic movements with her hands. She described her experiments on YouTube as "a rhythmic method of movement that resembles a horse’s gait."

In 1994, Rohrbach wrote the book Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Perfection, which was never published. In addition to the fact that Prancercise is a fairly good physical exercise, this workout also allows you to also give up the boredom and monotony of the gyms. Unusual training has another advantage - it will suit most people and is loyal to beginners.

2. High heel training

High heels are very uncomfortable. Often, doctors even prohibit their wearing because of the negative effects on the body. A study in 2011 showed that wearing high heels can lead to osteoarthritis, as well as deformities of the calf muscles, quadriceps muscles, and knee tendon stabilizing. Also, some scientists believe that walking in high heels burns fewer calories because such shoes slow down a person’s walking speed. The idea of ​​training in such shoes sounds pretty crazy, but such training actually exist. Moreover, they are even offered in some gyms.

3. Fifty shades of gray

Almost everyone knows about the sensational book of the writer A.L. James "Fifty shades of gray" and the same feature film. Recently, workouts have appeared that are based on intimate scenes from the novel. Fitness trainer Kristen James developed 13 exercises that can be performed easily with just a chair and a rug. The strawberry is, apparently, in the erotic names of exercises. As James explains, the Fifty Shades of Gray training session is designed to develop the flexibility and overall endurance needed to reproduce intimate scenes from a book in your bedroom.

4. training in jumping shoes

Unique looking shoes, known as Kangoo Jumps (presumably, the word "kangaroo" is played up), were developed in the 1990s for athletes to reduce the impact on the joints of intense exercise (during exercises using this technique, the joints are overloaded in 5G). Kangoo boots allow muscles to properly absorb impact energy. Studies have shown that they reduce the impact load by as much as 80 percent, while protecting the joints. In recent years, Kangoo Jumps began to be used not only in the preparation of athletes, but also in dance and fitness rooms.

5. Europlate - no movement

Few people know, but there are training sessions in which you practically don’t need to move. This was made possible thanks to a special simulator with a vibration plate Europlate, which the user becomes. The vibrations of the plate at a frequency of 30-50 Hz cause the muscles to contract and stretch, just as it happens during normal workouts, only more efficiently.

The simulator manufacturers claim that 10 minutes on Europlate is approximately equal to the one-hour workout. In addition to developing muscles, such workouts also improve bone density, blood circulation, metabolism, overall endurance and tone. A study in 2009 found that obese women who used vibrating plates lost more weight than those who used regular exercise.

6. Chair-A-Cise - training sitting

One of the most practical are workouts that can be done sitting, combining them with reading. Coach Daryl Madison developed the Chair-A-Cise program as a tool for those who need exercise, but have no time for it. Now, instead of spending a few hours visiting the gym, you can warm up while sitting at home in an armchair or even during a lunch break. Those interested can increase the load simply by taking dumbbells. There are currently four Chair-A-Cise programs that differ in time and intensity.

7. Zuu - high intensity workouts

In recent years, high intensity workouts have become popular. In 2010, Australian Nathan Helberg created a unique weight loss training system based on animal movements. Training is that the instructor says the name of the animal, and the participants imitate the movement of this animal for 30 seconds. Despite the fact that such exercises look rather silly, they are very effective. Fifteen minutes, Zuu can burn 500-1000 calories. The secret is that literally all the muscles are involved.

8. Riding equipment

Horse riding is actually a great workout. In terms of energy expenditure by the body, it is more effective than many exercises. It has been proven that regular horseback riding also improves muscle strength. Given these facts, the Koreans made the Ace Power simulator, which is designed to simulate the movement of riding a horse. Unfortunately, he does not imitate all the movements of a horse, but moves only in a certain way. Also, with such a training, hands are not involved.

9. Waterwalkerz - extreme warm-up

Such an attraction as zorb has long been popular. In Japan and in China in recent years, a version of Zorb has appeared, which is also an excellent substitute for training. In Waterwalkerz, which has enough air for 30 minutes, people move by water. A walk in such a ball is not as easy as it seems - extraordinary coordination will be needed. A lot of fun, and at the same time a great workout for the whole body is provided.

10. Pao Facial Fitness

In Japan, developed, perhaps, the funniest simulator in the world. Fitness simulator for the face should remove all signs of aging skin, tighten the muscles of the lower face, as well as prevent the appearance of folds. The exercise is very simple - you need to insert a mouthpiece in the mouth and shake your head up and down to the music for 30-90 seconds.

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Become slimmer without a gym

Regular workouts, even if they are conducted at home, can make the body slimmer and skin more toned. They are useful for the body and the whole organism: the thyroid gland activates the production of thyroid hormones responsible for regulating metabolism. Those who can not attend the gym, should begin to engage in the home.

The training program for men and women is almost identical. The difference is the number of approaches and what the result should be achieved.

It includes:

  • cardio load: the first workouts look like a regular walking walk at a slow pace. For those who are not used to moving a lot, it’s enough 10-15 minutes to start with a gradual increase in the length of the walk to an hour or going to a run
  • power loads: training with power exercises accelerates and maintains metabolic processes at the proper level. Without them, the muscles will not become elastic, and the body's endurance will not increase. For classes at home choose exercises that do not require special equipment.

The program of training at home for beginners

Good warm-up for 10-15 minutes is needed before each session. During her muscles and ligaments are heated, prepared for work, which significantly reduces the risk of injury or sprains. After proceeding to perform the exercises.

An example program looks like this:

  1. Squats with the maximum number of repetitions. For beginners, three approaches are enough. The load goes to the gluteal and leg muscles.
  2. Classic push-ups, with knees or low support. It is necessary to make the maximum number of times in three approaches. Performing these exercises trains the entire shoulder girdle and part of the back.
  3. Weight lifting up standing / sitting. If there are dumbbells at home, then you need to use them. Runs from 8 to 15 repetitions, three sets. Exercise is necessary for a beautiful line of shoulders and the injection of the triceps.
  4. Twisting: load on upper body when lying down. Perform the maximum number of times in two approaches.
  5. Reverse twisting: lying on the floor, lift the buttocks up, trying to do the maximum number of repetitions in two sets.

During the first classes, a short rest is recommended after each exercise and longer after the approaches to restore breathing. Gradually, rest periods are reduced to 60 seconds. At the very beginning, it is enough to study only once a week and walk every day. A little later, the number of trainings increases to two, and then three times.

The program for inflating muscles at home

It is possible to build muscles without visiting the gym, if you know how to create a program and overcome laziness that prevents you from finding time for home workouts. There is a huge amount of exercise to build muscle at home. Each workout should be preceded by a warm-up, and after the passage of the entire complex - stretching, allowing you to relieve muscle tension.

The program looks like this:

  1. 10 pull-ups wide and narrow grip.
  2. 8 explosive push-ups: on the rise, when performing classical push-ups, push off the floor so that the palms no longer touch the surface.
  3. Squatting on one leg with an emphasis on a chair or other surface of similar height. Throw the right leg on the chair seat, move the left slightly forward, sit down gently, stand up. Repeat 8-10 times on each leg.
  4. 12 pull-ups reverse grip.
  5. 5 pushups on his hands and more, standing against the wall with his head down.
  6. 12 reverse push ups on the chairs. Resting against chairs, facing each other, legs and arms. Perform pushups, trying to go down as much as possible.
  7. 12 leg lifts hanging on the bar. Feet rise as high as possible, without swinging.

Relax after doing all the exercises, repeat from beginning to end in a circle, 3-4 times. For good results, practice every other day, on the days of lack of training, make an easy jog, do stretching exercises.

In the case when the horizontal bar in the apartment there, you can engage on the street. To increase endurance in the program include cardio. The number of repetitions and circles increases gradually, but weekly.

A set of muscle mass at home

To pump up at home, you need not sports equipment from the gym, and the desire to work out and an appropriate training program. If there are dumbbells, then some exercises can be performed with them. But the available tools, such as chairs, piles of books, a pair of plastic bottles of water can be enough for a full training.

On the first day, perform exercises for the arms and back:

  • 8 push ups
  • hands upside down on the wall up to 6 times,
  • pushups between two supports 8-12 times,
  • pulling up on the horizontal bar with a wide grip up to 10 times, trying to touch the crossbar with your chest,
  • pull-up reverse grip up to 8 times.
  • It is necessary to make 2-3 approaches of each exercise and up to 4 circles.

On the second day, a foot complex is performed:

  • sprint,
  • squats 12 times. Keep your hands behind your head, try to sit as deep as possible, smoother. If there are dumbbells at home, you can use them as a weighting agent,
  • attacks on 10 on each leg. 5 deep squats are performed in succession for each broad step,
  • lifting socks in a standing position on a support up to 20 times. The heel does not touch the floor,
  • make three or four sets of each exercise and 3-4 laps with a short break.

When the body gets used to the minimum load, the home program for work on the mass include:

  • push-ups on one arm off the floor,
  • pull-ups on the horizontal bar wide grip behind the head,
  • vertical push ups
  • rear push ups
  • pull-ups reverse grip
  • push-ups on the bars,
  • push-ups with a narrow set of brushes,
  • rises to the toe of one leg.

To avoid overtraining, sprains and injuries, it is necessary to monitor how the body perceives the load. If it is difficult to endure, the number of repetitions is reduced, home workouts are made less intense. To increase the number of approaches start a little later.

Strength training at home

Strength training is desirable to carry out in the gym, because there is everything you need for them.

If you have to do at home, then:

  • beginners need to do a couple of times a week
  • conduct a circular training,
  • rest between sets for about 1 minute,
  • repeat each exercise up to 12 times
  • alternate load: more on the first day, less on the second, on the third again,
  • increase the load in each set until there is tension in the muscles in order to choose the most comfortable option. Continue home workouts at a comfortable pace, without overloading the body.

It is necessary to start classes with a 5-minute cardio: jogging, walking, climbing stairs, jumping with a skipping rope. At the end of the workout, stretch the core muscles.

The home exercise program with dumbbells:

  • squats with press up,
  • dumbbell chest
  • lunges back
  • spreading arms to the side with the forward bend,
  • thrust hull
  • classic or knee pushups,
  • deadlift,
  • lowering the legs: lift the legs up, at an angle of 45-90 degrees, in the prone position. Raise and lower them in turn, without touching the floor with the heel, without tearing the lower back from it,
  • twisting the torso in the prone position,
  • "scissors",
  • lifting the upper body, lying on the floor with straight legs.

The load at home workout can be from 2.5 to 7 kg per arm, depending on the level of fitness.

A simple complex can be supplemented with pull-ups and push-ups on the horizontal bar, parallel bars, and support. Barbell exercises are effective in gaining muscle mass, so you can include exercises with its use in home workouts. At first, to prevent injuries, it is advisable to start exercising in the gym.

Follow the drinking regime and drink up to 1.5 liters of pure water without gas daily: the fluid leaves the body with sweat, because its amount should be replenished. This, like a balanced diet, is necessary for proper metabolism, harmonious work of the body and to achieve the effect of home workout.


Doing at home is an option for those who have no time to go to the gym or who have difficulty. On these sites you can choose the best program for free.

Many people choose a home workout format for several reasons: there is no suitable gym nearby, you can’t find time to train with a coach, you want to throw off those extra pounds away from prying eyes.

Anyway, it is best to choose a program that is suitable in terms of intensity and time in order to know exactly what to do and to control the results. To do this, you can choose one of the free sites with training programs from our list - and the result will surely please you very soon, especially considering that some of them offer a detailed bonus healthy nutrition program for athletes and amateurs as well.

Free trainers

On this site - eight programs for people with completely different levels of training and goals. It’s pretty easy to decide what suits you best: cardio training for quick weight loss and increasing endurance and overall tone, building muscle and strength, training with auxiliary elements like an expander or fitness ball, circuit training. All you need is to register to see all possible programs in your personal account.

Before the immediate start of training, it is proposed to create a personal schedule and select an individual load. First you mark your level of physical fitness and the planned mode of training - then the finished plan is loaded into your personal calendar.

The program involves two types of exercises - you can choose one of them, perform both in turn, or change them depending on your mood. Any of the exercises is accompanied by a sign indicating the muscles involved, the rules of execution and a photograph or gif file. If this is not enough to understand, you can copy the title and find a bunch of videos on YouTube. There is also an opportunity to create your own group, having formed it according to any desired attribute, invite friends there and practice together online.

The site for those who want to deal with weights and a horizontal bar, a lot of tips from professionals and experts will help to master a variety of exercises. In addition to a detailed description of a variety of techniques, they include useful information that is useful to any novice bodybuilder, such as nutrition and proper breathing. Very useful for those who intend to continue to engage in serious workouts.

Muscle & Strength

Программы на сайте делятся на группы в зависимости от исходных целей и уровня подготовки посетителей: для похудения, наращивания мышечной массы, увеличения силы. В описании каждой программы детально указаны цель, необходимое оборудование, регулярность тренировок и исходный уровень. Если вам подходит по всем пунктам конкретный вариант, вы просто скачиваете PDF-файл и занимаетесь по предложенному графику.

Each program contains links to a page with a description and video of the correct execution of the exercise, so that you can do without knowledge of the English language. Bonus - healthy diet plans that are very useful on the way to the perfect body.

Of the nearly seven hundred workout plans on the site, 26 are free, among them you can choose the right one for both beginners and more advanced ones. It is enough to set the filters by gender, physical condition and goals. Each of the programs includes a description of the target muscles and qualities that are trained by a specific exercise, the number of approaches and repetitions is indicated, and the rest time between them is regulated.

A nice bonus is a ready meal plan, compiled into one file with various options for healthy meals and snacks. Indicates the number of calories and several options for specific dishes, adapted to specific requests.

Site for lovers of crossfit: a generator of workouts of the day will help you create a suitable program for each day, taking into account the changes in the load on different muscle groups.

In existing filters, you can immediately specify the desired category of desired load, the level of physical training, the type of exercise - from gymnastics to weightlifting - and the level of complexity. All descriptions of finished programs are provided in Russian and are accompanied by a video with the technique of execution. For variety, you can generate a random workout with one click, so as not to be limited to a single program. Attention: especially difficult exercises, such as a jerk or exits on a horizontal bar, are recommended for reference only - it is better to master the technique under the supervision of an experienced trainer, they are not very suitable for self-learning.


The whole portal dedicated to home fitness: with a variety of programs, the filling of which depends on the initial state and goals, fitness recipes for healthy nutrition - you can choose, depending on the level of physical activity, different caloric daily content of the diet. In addition - interesting and useful articles on the topic of sports and a healthy lifestyle in general, video blogs and much more.


On the website, you can choose an individual training plan in the desired form of fitness, including such types as yoga or shaping. The initial filter allows you to take into account all the necessary parameters for the schedule: take into account gender, age, weight and the desired goals of training.

A separate section is devoted to a detailed description of the physiology of all the processes that are launched along with the start of specific workouts, the motivational moments are listed, there are online calculators of water consumption and calories. There is an extensive section with video tutorials, and in the intervals between workouts, you should read articles in which it is easy and accessible to talk about sports and healthy eating.

Your coach

A great option to choose the necessary program: the site provides a variety of exercises selected from the complexity of the stars of the domestic fitness, from the most simple to fairly complex and intense.

In addition to the actual exercises and filters on the initial state, there is the possibility of choosing the optimal diet, online calculators, the possibility of feedback from the author of a particular program, keeping an online diary that records current tasks and results, articles and much more.

Training for beginners

The site is made specifically for those who are just starting their journey in the world of fitness. A training program was selected with basic exercises and clear explanations of why it is necessary to perform this way and which muscle groups are involved. For an advanced level, it can be boring, but for beginners it is a great option to work out the muscles of the entire body during each workout, and even in such a mode that it simply cannot bother the selection.


A selection consisting of many programs for every taste and initial level. You need to initially log in to the site - including strip-plastic, fitness for pregnant women, Arabic dance or stretching, but there are more traditional types - for the fitness room, or home strength exercises, or cardiovascular exercise. Exercise programs are designed for a specific period of time with setting real goals and the possibility of intermediate fixation of results.


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