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55 interesting gifts for a friend's birthday


Birthday dear girlfriend - a great reason to get together and have fun. But before you go to a party, you need to find a good gift. It may be something useful and useful or just beautiful. If you can’t decide what to present to a friend for a birthday, the list of ideas on our website will help to resolve this issue.

How to choose a good gift?

It is not easy to choose a gift that the recipient would have liked and surely came in handy. It is necessary to take into account various facts about a friend, and analyze its features:

  • Interests and hobbies,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Age,
  • Family status,
  • Character traits.

For example, not all girls will enjoy extreme adventure. It may also be physically too difficult. A girlfriend can love bright handmade jewelry or classic jewelry, traveling or training at the gym until exhaustion. Gifts to girls of different age categories will also be very different. This must be remembered and try to take into account all the nuances.

Best Friend Gift Ideas

The best friend is often the closest person, because she shares all the secrets with her. Therefore, it is not necessary to give something for memory, and you will not forget each other anyway. Try to create history and present not an object, but an event that will become one of the diamonds in the treasury of your memories, for example:

  • Arrange an unforgettable party in the original place,
  • Rent a limousine and ride around the city at night,
  • Go together to the rides,
  • Go on a trip
  • Ride or ride a quad bike.

But, before letting go of the fantasy and starting the organization of a stunning adventure, it is necessary to clarify what kind of gift a girlfriend expects. Among close friends, discussion of this topic is allowed and will even be very useful. By the way, the allowable options for gifts between the best girlfriends are much more than in other situations. This is due to the fact that there are practically no restrictions - you can even give cosmetics, clothes and underwear.

If you are friends for a long time and, as they say, there is something to remember, give your friend a photo album with the most fun shared photos, a great photo collage or a video about your life.

Top 10 gift ideas for a friend's birthday

  1. Engraved Decoration
  2. Party or adventure
  3. Visiting a SPA or beauty salon
  4. Personal care appliances
  5. Stylish accessories
  6. Hobby item
  7. Objects for interior decoration, such as panels or doll
  8. A subscription to the gym or sports equipment for the home
  9. Portrait by photo or photo collage
  10. Attend master class

What can you give your girlfriend for beauty - a list of ideas

Almost all girls want to look good and use a lot of tools for this. Usually women are not recommended to give cosmetics and some other gifts designed to improve appearance. But close friends can present anything, even cellulite cream, especially if you are aware of each other’s small problems and want to help with them. Best gift ideas for beauty:

  • SPA-set of home use for hair or body
  • Massage certificate,
  • Device for hardware manicure and pedicure,
  • Certificate of attendance at a SPA or beauty salon,
  • A good device for removing unwanted hair, for example, a modern photoepilator,
  • Subscription to attend a gym or fitness club,
  • Set for homemade aromatherapy.

Gift ideas creative girlfriend

If your girlfriend is a creative person, loves art, loves to try herself in different types of needlework or she just likes everything beautiful, choose a gift that will help you to join the beauty. List of relevant ideas:

  • Visiting a museum of art or an exhibition of a modern author,
  • Master class of clay or pottery
  • Chinese painting or batik lesson,
  • Henna tattoo or real, at the request of a friend,
  • A portrait written from a photo, as an option - a cartoon,
  • Set for soap making, making perfume or beadwork,
  • Ticket for a concert or theater premiere.

Bright creative personalities often love non-trivial things. The girlfriend will surely be delighted if she receives a handmade decoration for her birthday, a handkerchief painted in batik technique, an interior doll or a hand painted vase. Be sure to visit the shop hand-made, in reality or on the Internet. There you can often find true works of art at very affordable prices.

Beginners often sell their products only to return the cost of materials, so there is a chance to cheaply buy a great gift.

Ideas useful gifts to her friend's birthday

Very often, when you want to choose a useful gift, your imagination dries out, and only standard options such as towels and tacks creep into your head. But there are many ideas of useful and interesting gifts that will definitely please the girlfriend, for example:

  • An unusual umbrella, such as a neon color, in the shape of a heart or with ears,
  • Design panel for home decoration,
  • The book on Feng Shui will be liked by a girlfriend who likes to make arrangements for her house,
  • Stylish clutch, you can choose the original handmade product,
  • An old Turk would love a coffee machine,
  • Glasses of silver or nickel silver
  • Jewelry box or handicraft,
  • Double-sided mirror, decorated with rhinestones and / or engraved,
  • Money tree made of metal with coins or beads,
  • Beautiful and comfortable glasses case,
  • Purse.

You can also find a useful gift, if you consider the interests of the girlfriend. For example, a needlewoman would be happy to receive any supplies for her work. If a girlfriend is keen on cooking, she will need various convenient appliances for the kitchen. Many girls love home plants. If your girlfriend is one of them, give her a new pet or a beautiful flower pot.

Avoid gifts that can bring trouble to the recipient. For example, she dreams of a kitten and sometimes even plans to start it. Having presented a cat, you, of course, will please your girlfriend, but suddenly she is not ready for this. In addition, the maintenance of the animal requires material costs.

Gift ideas for girlfriend by age

When choosing a gift it is necessary to take into account the age of the birthday girl. The specifics of the presentation largely depends on it. At different periods, girls are interesting and tastes change over the years. A sample list of gift ideas by age:

  • Up to 18 years old. If a girlfriend is very young, she can give cute stuffed toys, cosmetics, gadget accessories, photo frames and decorative candles. At this age, the girl will probably be glad to receive a beautiful hairpin or photo album with several common photos with her friends. And on the 18th anniversary, it is desirable to pick up something memorable, for example, a pendant or a bracelet with engraving. Also a good gift will be a visit to a party or SPA-salon.
  • 18-25 years. At this age, girls are already beginning to care for their skin, so a certificate in a beauty salon will be relevant. You can also donate an extreme adventure or an invitation to a stunning party. A good gift will be a fashion accessory or photo session. If you are afraid of miscalculation, present a certificate from a perfume or cosmetic shop.
  • 25-30 years. The girlfriend probably already earns herself and can buy the most necessary things for herself. At this age, she will be glad to get something stylish for her image or to decorate the house. You can also present a hair care device, such as a styler or yoga mat. Many girls at that age have small children and are on maternity leave. If your girlfriend is one of them, give her a gym membership or a pool. This will help her to improve her health and periodically run away from home under the specious excuse. And also invite a friend for dinner in an interesting institution, she probably lacks communication.
  • 30-40 years. Your girlfriend is already a well-established woman, she will be happy with beautiful interior items and accessories. You can donate beautiful lingerie or visit a beauty salon. Adventures are still relevant, as well as master classes - it’s never too late to learn. You can also pick up something from business gifts, for example, a beautiful notebook or a way to handle. And if a girlfriend loves to cook, then various cool kitchen appliances will be the best surprise for her.
  • 40-55 years. Surely, a friend has already managed to do a lot, and now she has a little more time for herself. Great idea - gifts for relaxation, such as a rock garden, a home fountain or a table pendulum. You can buy something useful, for example, a jewelry box or a set of stylish modern dishes, a beautiful tippet or a scarf.

Try to please your girlfriend and please her with a present. But do not be afraid to make a mistake, the main thing is to present something from the heart, with the best wishes.

55 interesting gifts for a friend's birthday

In this article, we will tell you that it is better to give a friend a birthday present. You will find both universal options for not very close friends, and ideas of valuable things for the closest person. We tried to take into account different tastes, types of character and popular women's hobbies. For the most creative, interesting variants of hand-made things were prepared. Lovers of surprises and adventures can pick up a surprise impression. Practical things will do for calm and conservative girls. Much attention was paid to the original gifts that will surely like the birthday girl and will be remembered for a long time.

What to give to a friend: 55 ideas of interesting gifts to a friend for her birthday

  1. Golden earrings - A great gift to your best friend. He is sure to please every girl who has pierced ears. An alternative could be silver jewelry. Nowadays, it is easy to choose a stylish and unusual accessory for every taste. These can be earrings in the form of her favorite animal or other unusual form.
  2. Named Vase - a beautiful and useful gift. Surely your girlfriend give a lot of flowers for every holiday. So this original souvenir with its initials and congratulatory words will always be by the way.
  3. Leather belt - Another practical thing that always comes in handy. Depending on the tastes and clothes of your friend, choose an accessory from exotic leathers, with rhinestones or a classic model from a famous designer.
  4. Flash drive pendant - a nice souvenir that will be useful to a student or an office worker.
  5. Antistress toy - A cute birthday gift for a friend. You can choose her favorite emoji emoticon or funny cat (hare / dog, etc.) with a funny inscription.
  6. Paper book - historically "the best gift." You can buy a popular novelty, gift edition of your girlfriend's favorite work or a book useful for her work / hobby.
  7. Compact manicure set - A good gift, which is useful to have on hand. Choose among the sets of well-known companies that can fit even in a small handbag.
  8. Video Greeting - A good option that can be presented to a friend, if there is no money. You can ask your mutual friends to say a couple of good words about the birthday woman or to collect wishes from all over the world (participants of such a video are easy to find in social networks).
  9. Bright umbrella - an unusual accessory for lifting the mood in bad weather. This may be a banana umbrella, a tulip umbrella, or a heart-shaped umbrella. The original decision will be a unique thing with your photos on the dome.
  10. A set of chocolate with her photos from Instagram - An unexpected gift that will pleasantly surprise a lover of social networks.
  11. Jewelry box in the form of an old cabinet - a cool souvenir that allows you to conveniently place all the jewelry and looks very interesting on the shelf.
  12. Nominal chocolate - An inexpensive gift to a friend. Delicious milk or black chocolate with the name and photo of the birthday girl can be an interesting sign of attention.
  13. Statuette of photography - an original surprise for your beloved girlfriend. You can order a figure that will "engage" in her favorite hobby: holding a tennis racket, standing in a ballet pas, and so on. A doctor can give a doll in a white coat with a syringe. Fashionista can be portrayed with purchases in hand.
  14. Hairbrush rectifier - an indispensable tool for the owner of thick unruly hair. It is convenient to carry such a hairbrush in your purse or take it on a trip.
  15. Pillow with your shared photos - an original birthday gift for a friend. This accessory will be a great decoration of the living room or the car interior.
  16. Wow boxing - an ideal gift for a lover of surprises. What is inside will not even know you. A beautiful box with a satin ribbon hides 4 mysterious souvenirs. One of which is delicious and rare sweetness. The rest of the surprises: an unusual postcard and a couple of useful trifles, which are selected based on the character and hobbies of the birthday girl.
  17. Projector starry sky" - stylish interior decoration, creative surroundings for selfies and just a nice thing to relax before bedtime. With this accessory you can watch the stars on the wall and ceiling of your own room.
  18. Portrait of the words - an unusual souvenir that can be presented for a friend's birthday. Soul wishes will prove your friendship and will surely touch the birthday girl.
  19. Hollywood star - a nice present for a movie lover and a star of your company.
  20. Glowing alarm clock with blackboard - a stylish accessory that will help you get up in the morning on time. It is convenient to leave notes on a transparent board for households or to make lists of cases.
  21. Flying Bonsai Tree Pot - an unexpected gift to the gardener. Such a pot will decorate any collection of home plants.
  22. Blanket with sleeves - soft and cozy accessory. You can give such a useful blanket to a friend, a homebody who loves to watch TV shows or read books.
  23. EBook - A useful gadget that will delight a student or a lover of literature. Reading books from an e-book is much more convenient than from a smartphone. It is advisable to immediately upload there more interesting works.
  24. Makeup kit - universal option for every girl. All sorts of hand creams and shower gels tend to end very quickly. If you know the preferences of a friend, replenish her stocks of these funds. You can even order a bouquet of cosmetics or pack your gift in a basket.
  25. Lunch box - A practical birthday present for a friend. You can give a car owner an accessory with the possibility of heating from the cigarette lighter, and the athlete will appreciate a special box for salads.
  26. Healthy diet for a month - A great gift for a friend who is seriously involved in sports or losing weight hard. With him, the girl will forget about cooking and counting calories for a whole month.
  27. Certificate for a studio photo session - A great opportunity to update your photos on social networks, to love yourself even more and just try new original images.
  28. Sand animation master class - A new experience for a creative friend. If the birthday girl loves to draw or is engaged in a hand-made, she will surely enjoy such a soothing and relaxing activity. Other ideas of unusual gifts: swimming with dolphins, riding horses, creating your own perfume.
  29. Molecular Cuisine Lesson - The best gift for the chef. Not many people today are familiar with such an unusual cooking technique.
  30. Body ballet class - a set of exercises with elements of ballet, Pilates and yoga. It will be interesting to the sports girl to get new skills and, perhaps, to develop further in this interesting form of dance.
  31. Her favorite singer concert tickets - A welcome gift for every fan of a particular musician or group. However, you must be sure that she herself has not had time to get a ticket to this event.
  32. Certificate for makeup and evening hair - A great presentation option, especially if a celebration is planned in a restaurant. In this case, you can give your gift a little earlier.
  33. Thai foot massage - A pleasant procedure that will especially please a friend who spends a lot of time wearing high-heeled shoes. This type of massage will help relieve fatigue and improve circulation.
  34. Embroidery kit - A useful thing for a creative girl as a gift.
  35. T-shirt with the words “This is the best girlfriend in the world” - emotional and touching souvenir for the best girlfriend.
  36. Word from photos - A good option that you can give a friend so she was glad. It could be the word "friendship", her name or your common favorite word.
  37. Nominal shopping bag - a beautiful and useful thing. This lady should not go to the store with plastic bags. But with a bag of her own monogram the birthday girl will always look spectacular.
  38. External battery with initials - A handy device for fast recharging of all the necessary gadgets.
  39. Excursion in the dark - unexpected surprise. Подруга сможет по-новому изучить мир и получить захватывающие впечатления.
  40. Натуральное мыло ручной работы – приятный сувенир, сделанный с душой. You can order a soap with a photo of a friend. Or independently make a fragrant surprise with her favorite smell. To do this, you will need molds, soap base or baby soap, natural aroma oils and dyes.
  41. Reticule - a fashionable thing that only your girlfriend will have. If you know how to crochet or knit, it is better not to find a gift. You can decorate the accessory with beads, sequins, rhinestones or applique.
  42. Sweets Poster - A delicious gift that can be made for a girlfriend with your own hands. On the Internet you will find interesting examples of such posters.
  43. Chocolate gift set - an unusual surprise for a sweet tooth. It is always nice to make delicious natural chocolate by yourself.
  44. SPA day - Perhaps the best birthday present for a girl. The ability to recharge with beauty and health will delight any birthday girl.
  45. Florarium - A stylish composition of living plants that does not require special care. Such a bouquet behind the glass will delight her friend for many years.
  46. Hoody with a year of birth - a fashionable and convenient accessory for a girl who is not shy about her age.
  47. Fitness bracelet - A useful gift for a girlfriend from a boyfriend. Usually, girls do not just choose high-quality equipment, but such a device will be useful to everyone who leads an active lifestyle and monitors their health.
  48. Pizza Beach Towel - cool gift for a friend with a good appetite and sense of humor.
  49. Silk shawl with a print in the style of a famous painting - a subject capable of becoming the highlight of the whole style.
  50. Washing world map - An interesting gift for a traveling friend. It is even more interesting to discover new countries.
  51. Mirror with LEDs - A useful thing for applying the perfect makeup.
  52. A set of nominal glasses for wine - the dream of gourmet and esthete.
  53. 3D case for suitcase - A great gift for those who often travel for business or pleasure. A bright case will not only highlight the baggage on the tape, but also protect its contents.
  54. Smartphone screen magnifier - A cool accessory for those who like to watch movies and videos from their phones.
  55. Water Drawing Set - A great opportunity to take a break from work by taking up a meditative drawing technique. Other interesting gifts to a friend: heated paw slippers or an inflatable sofa-lamzack.

In our article, we gave an approximate idea of ​​what can be given to a friend's birthday. Perhaps, in the process of reading, you will have your own options, more suitable to the person you know. In any case, a beautiful card from a best friend and a bouquet from a male friend will never be superfluous. It is advisable to wrap a practical gift in an unusual bright package, a creative gift, on the contrary, does not require any special decorations.