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What is the correct way to wear fur accessories?


So where to start? Of course, with shoes. Any knee-length fur coat will look great with ankle boots. Regarding the heel - it can be down-to-earth, steady and thick, or you can opt for a thin high stiletto. The material from which made shoes, does not matter. Leather and suede look equally decent. As for the color, do not forget about the classic black. He comes to the coat of any shade. Brown ankle boots will match beige fur, gray ones - smoky, white or pale blue. Well, if you are thinking about what to wear with a leopard-colored fur coat, pay attention to cherry or maroon shoes.

However, ankle boots are far from the only option. Heeled boots always look very advantageous with a fur coat of any length. The short boots are perfect. To long - boots, stockings.

Well, what to wear avtoledi fur coat? Everything is very simple here. These models look great with a variety of shoes. Both boots and uggs will do. At the same time you will be very comfortable and cozy. Short fur coat is also well combined with lace-up boots.

Well, the most courageous girls sometimes even sneakers. However, in this case, the image should be supplemented, for example, with leather leggings, ripped jeans, voluminous headgear, etc.

Next question. What kind of hat to wear with a fur coat? This is a very important element of a complete winter look. So, the most popular and absolutely win-win variant are voluminous knitted hats of different colors. They may hang slightly or, conversely, fit snugly to the head. Although you can always try to risk - for example, trying on a hat with narrow or wide brim. You can also choose a fur hat. In general, a lot depends on the style of the fur coat and even on the color of your hair and skin.

After you have decided what headwear to wear with a fur coat, choose the next accessory. This is a scarf. It is recommended to choose models more luxuriously so that they can be well wrapped up. They look with a mink coat very beautiful, especially if they are made of expensive materials. It must be wool, angora, cashmere or cotton. The main thing is to make the scarf look expensive and neat. There can be nothing worse than a combination of a cheap accessory in combination with a fur coat of elite mink. Stoles also look very good, but you have to be very careful with them. Such models are selected to a fur coat in fur and shade. Overly decorated scarves and arafatka are not recommended. It will be superfluous.

What other additional elements will require a fur coat? Whether you wear gloves at all or not is not important. In this case, for a full winter look, they will definitely be needed. Gloves adorn the general ensemble, set accents. In short, this accessory plays a significant role.

It is best to stay on a pair of leather gloves. They look especially good on young girls in combination with a fur coat and leather leggings. This beautiful addition is very decorated with the created image. The color is selected based on the shade of a fur coat or other leather accessories. That is, if you wear black shoes and a bag, gloves should also be black. The hue of the fur coat itself does not matter in this case.

The height of the gloves will depend on the length of the sleeve. If it is shortened in your fur coat, three-quarters or equipped with cuts, you should choose high models to the very elbow. Such images look very impressive, bright, stylish.

The next step - the choice of bags. What to wear a fur coat? Which bag to pick up? It is necessary to proceed immediately from several features. No need to take models that are worn on the shoulder. And it does not matter at all whether it will be a long belt or small handles. The fact is that this method of carrying is very harmful for fur. Over time, bald patches appear on the shoulders of the fur coat. In addition, these bags are not suitable for fur coats. The image looks a bit sloppy, loses its style.

Pay attention to the bags that are in their hands. That is, for volume clutches, handbags, classic models with short handles. Leather bags and other accessories need to be coordinated with each other. Otherwise, the image will not look. Suede bag, for example, in no case can not be combined with boots of patent leather or plain leather.

Belts and belts

But that's not all. Today, women are accustomed to browse a lot of modern magazines and catalogs, before deciding what to wear with a fur coat. Photos posted on their pages, can "throw" very original ideas. For example, if earlier fur coats with belts were often encountered, more recently, coarser rigid belts are increasingly being used. However, do not forget that the fur is harmful. He starts to dry himself. Therefore, if you don’t want to put up with it, often you don’t need to wear a belt. If you still use this accessory, choose wide leather or fur models (going, as a rule, complete with a fur coat), elastic bands. They look stylish, and carefully treat your stuff.

Long coat

Thus, it becomes clear that accessories play an important role in creating the image. They in combination with a fur coat allow a woman to look luxurious and spectacular. However, other items of clothing are also very important. It would seem, why? In winter, almost everything is hidden under the outerwear. And yet in the thoughtful way there are no trifles. However, it all depends on the length. What to wear a mink coat to toe? Never mind! In the finished ensemble of your clothes will not be visible. It is in these cases that particular attention should be paid to accessories.

If the coat is short

It is quite another thing if your mink ends above the knees. What can I wear with a short fur coat to give an image of integrity? First of all, everything depends, of course, on your style. Casual and short models - a great combination. Young girls can easily combine skinny jeans, models for boots or regular straight styles with mink coats. Tight-fitting silhouettes look just perfect. Another good option is leather pants or leggings. Shoes to this ensemble also need to pick up leather.

Short fur coats look very good with maxi and midi skirts. It is better not to combine them with shorts or miniskirts. The combination of a sweater dress or a knitted dress with a short fur coat also looks very nice.

Women who prefer elegant looks are recommended to wear pencil skirts (including leather), pants with arrows, straight dresses. Only fur coat models should also be classic, simple. In general, all in the same style.

Fur coats with hood

Today, one more style has gained more popularity. This is a fur coat with a hood. What to wear with such a model? To begin with, the volume hood is very beautiful. However, the more it is, the more difficult it is to correctly consider the balance of the figure. That is, the top should not look too overloaded. Therefore, it is necessary to refuse from volumetric scarves (especially fur ones). You can wear them only under a fur coat, and that, only if they are not too tight. This is especially true when the hood is framed by a chinchilla, fox fur edge, etc.

So, the mink coat is a wonderful luxury item. Every woman dreams of elegant soft furs. And if this thing in your closet is already hanging, it remains only to decide what to wear it with so as to look gorgeous. A fur coat, like diamonds, must be placed in an appropriate frame. In this case, your image will be able to play with new colors, and admiring glances will be directed only at you.

Do not forget, by the way, about jewelry. Silver and gold are perfect for a luxurious mink coat. Jewelry should look expensive and stylish. Of course, a huge role is also played by make-up, beautifully laid hair, and well-groomed nails. In short, your appearance should not go against the chic fur. You should look decent! Do not doubt that the correctly created image will make an indelible impression on the people around you. And this is so important for every woman - to feel beautiful, desirable, gorgeous - the real Snow Queen! Exactly this will allow to achieve exquisite mink with well-chosen accessories.

What is the combination of fur accessories?

What can you wear with beautiful, luxurious and fashionable accessories from fur?

  • Fur cape or chic scarf made of such material can be supplemented with a winter coat or a discreet sheepskin coat without an edge. This accessory will make initially simple outerwear more interesting and expensive. And he can complement the evening dress, if you wear it over an elegant dress.
  • Bags made of fur, which become especially relevant in winter, can be worn with a simple coat, a warm leather jacket and other very concise outerwear. But the bag may not be the only fur product in the kit, it can be supplemented with one more, for example, a scarf or a hat.
  • Fashionable fur gloves are best worn with outerwear with sleeves of length, so that their entire chic is fully appreciated.
  • Fur headphones are considered a youth attribute and look fervent, so they are best worn with stylish clothes in a free style. For example, in winter, you can wear a down jacket, and in the spring and autumn, a voluminous warm jumper or a tight turtleneck, over which you can wear a vest (both quilted and fur), is appropriate.
  • Fur cap can be combined with a restrained or youth coat, and with a sheepskin coat or even a stylish jacket, but preferably a fitted one.


Finally, some tips for fashionistas:

  1. Fluffy and voluminous fur products look luxurious on the photo, but they are not for everyone. So before you buy such an accessory, try it on and evaluate yourself from the outside or ask a close friend to express your opinion.
  2. It is best to choose products from natural fur, they look especially expensive and rich. The artificial one, especially used for the manufacture of accessories, can spoil both the thing itself and the whole image. And low-quality materials quickly lose their attractiveness.
  3. It is not necessary to combine fur accessories with outerwear completely made of fur, it will overload the image. But on the coat, sheepskin coat or jacket, there may well be fur inserts.
  4. It is not recommended to use more than two fur accessories, remember the rule of moderation, which must be observed when creating stylish images.
  5. Choose the right shoes. The ideal option would be feminine leather or suede boots: on the heel of any height, and on a flat sole.
  6. Fur is combined with stones that can decorate outerwear or the accessory itself. But it is better to dwell on one or several small decorative elements in order not to look pretentious or vulgar.
  7. Accessories must be combined with outerwear in color.

Experiment with stylish accessories to create vivid images.

Short coat

This style remains fashionable every season. To look stylish, a woman must know what to wear with a short fur coat. This style will fit slender girls with long legs.

For young women of fashion, the best set will be skinny jeans, the shade of which can be absolutely any. Ankle boots are put on the legs to make the image more glamorous.

If you are going to a party, combine a short fur coat with a silk dress, sewn on the figure, and high boots with heels. Complement it with a small clutch, silver accessories.

What can you wear with a short fur coat if it is sewn of bright fur? The best choice would be clothes of dark colors and black shoes made of genuine leather. If the girl is brave and is not afraid of experiments, she can pick up a handbag to match the outerwear.

A short black mink fur coat looks great in combination with a contrasting dress. The narrow skirt is ideal for a business style. This set will give femininity and elegance, suitable for a dress code in the office.

Long coat

The product of this style will warm in cold winter. Long fur coats emphasize the silhouette and show the status of its owner. Most often they are women held, leaving short models for young girls.

For such a thing you need to choose the right basic wardrobe. What to wear a fur coat to look perfect? Things should be first and foremost quality, sewn from natural materials.

Shoes are best chosen to match the coat. For example, black suede boots with heels will look good with a mink article. Brown shoes suitable for Mouton products.

A scarf should not stick out from under a fur coat, as it is ugly and spoils the whole image. Gloves pick up leather or suede. Handbag should be in tone to the coat or a couple of shades lighter.

Most women love to wear brooches. The main rule when choosing it is that it should not be too massive. A small flower on the collar is a great decoration in cold winter.

Mink coat

Almost every woman wants to put on her shoulders these soft and luxurious furs. How to wear a mink coat to look elegant?

The short cut fits perfectly with classic trousers and a pencil skirt. From shoes choose boots without a heel. For a mink coat they must be not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Genuine leather is the best choice. Boots, boots - well combined with short models. To the long coat fit shoes with heels, made of leather or suede.

Headdress is also important. What to wear a mink coat? Of course, with a hat or a neat beret. Treat the choice you need carefully. Headgear should be monotonous, without unnecessary details. Knitted hat in this case will not work.

When choosing accessories pay attention to small bags and clutches. If the gloves - it is better leather, scarves - light and not long, since they are not made to release on a fur coat. On a sunny day, you can wear glasses, the rim of which is made in the same shades as the outerwear.


What to wear a fur coat? Fashionist women ask this question annually. Hats that fit the fur coats:

  • Fur cap. It will warm in cold weather and will be well combined with a fur coat. The main thing is that the hat was chosen the right style and shade. The material should also pay attention. For example, a hat and fur coat made of fox, made in a single scale, will create an excellent set.
  • Scarves are very popular now. They give an image of femininity. choose in this case, products made of cotton or knitwear.
  • A hat under a fur coat will decorate such a set. Brave girls can play with contrasts of shades. Optimally choose the same hat to match the coat.
  • Scarf-LIC is also great for fur coats without a hood.
  • Knitted hats are combined only with simple styles of outerwear. There is no question: "What to wear with an artificial fur coat?". The answer is obvious, with a knitted hat.

The choice of headgear completely depends on the preference of the girl. Wear it should be comfortable and comfortable.

To choose the right boots is a whole science. Shoes should be made of natural materials - leather, suede. For short fur coats platform boots are well suited. For long models it is better to buy boots with heels.

The color of the shoes depends entirely on the shade of the fur coat. Do not wear bright boots, if the outerwear is a light shade, it will look ridiculous. Try to keep all the wardrobe elements together.

In winter, it is better to abandon the heels, as it will be uncomfortable to walk. Pay attention to the boots on the wedges, wide heels or flat shoes.

Pants and skirt

What should I wear a fur coat to make the kit look laconic? Pants are comfortable and practical, and the skirt is stylish and feminine.

Short fur coats allow you to wear any style of clothing. The model "avtoledi" is so versatile that you can pick up to it both pants and skirt, knee-length. With such products you can also safely wear jeans, narrowed to the bottom.

Coats of medium length require more careful selection. If the pants - then only narrow models. Skirts and dresses are better to choose short or slightly above the knee. Complement these sets of shoes with heels.

Long fur coats allow you to wear any pants tucked into boots. Skirts and dresses can be worn both short and long to the floor. The main condition is that the whole image should look harmonious.


Fur coat - a stylish and self-sufficient product in the wardrobe of a woman. It is necessary to choose the right accessories:

  • Gold jewelry will highlight the beauty and elegance of natural furs. Bracelet and ring - the best choice.
  • The handbag is matched to the shoes so that the image is concise. Well, if it is without a long strap.
  • What to wear a fur coat with a collar? Of course, with a neck scarf. The main thing that the fabric was monophonic, not too bright.

Accessories are able to diversify and complement everyday clothes.

This thing is irreplaceable for a woman. Bags sew various sizes and forms. Not every girl will be able to choose this wonderful accessory to the fur coat correctly.

Советы стилиста говорят о том, что не стоит носить сумку на ремне, она оставит след на меху. Для повседневной носки выбирают модели среднего размера. Выход в свет подразумевает покупку небольшого клатча.

Хорошим сочетанием с шубой будет сумочка, сшитая из меха.

Если у шубки нет капюшона, в зимнее время можно замерзнуть. Шарф - отличное решение этой проблемы. The first step is to choose the right color scheme.

The scarf should match the shade of a fur coat. You can wear it on top or tuck the ends inward. Recently, the most fashionable print for scarves - Russian folk patterns. They will emphasize the beauty of the woman and bring in the image of elegance.

Gloves or mittens?

Hands in the winter, too, must be protected. For fur coats fit gloves made of genuine leather. They are cold-resistant, do not crack. The lining of them should be soft, comfortable for hands and be sure to pass the air.

You can buy mittens made of leather. They are comfortable and practical. Fur mittens are not suitable for all models of fur coats, but are considered warmer.

Gloves are more convenient, but fingers can freeze in them. In this case, choose a model-transformer, which turns into mittens.

Hands should be not only warm, but also comfortable. The choice is left for the girl and depends on the model, color and style of the fur coat.

What is not wearing a fur coat?

In winter, girls want to look stylish and feminine in warm outerwear. But it is necessary to remember, with what is better not to combine a fur coat:

  • Sportswear is not recommended.
  • Too bright and catchy accessories.
  • Boots, shoes made of non-natural materials.
  • In some cases - jeans.

Stylist tips can help women look elegant even in the cold season.

Five stylish images

The fur coat gives the chance to create the magnificent set attracting views of people around. So, a black mink coat goes well with a dark dress in a cage. From shoes to this set fit leather boots with heels. A hat, sewn from fur to the tone of a fur coat, will complement the image and give it a finished look.

In winter, you want to look especially luxurious. A light-colored fox fur coat goes well with white straight trousers. Gloves pick up black. A thin gold bracelet can be worn on the arm. Shoes must be heeled.

Bold girls can create an incredibly brash kit, wearing ripped jeans, green sneakers and a short chocolate-colored fur coat. A large-knit, milky-colored hat will help to complement the image. Especially stylish such a set will look if you fasten a fur coat on one top button, and wear a bright T-shirt under it.

Long models of outerwear require special selection of clothing and accessories. To the coat of a dark brown shade fit black boots with a wide heel. A wide belt will make the image more feminine and emphasize the waist. Handbag should be medium in size, without a strap, coffee shade. This set is suitable for a date, and for everyday wear.

On the streets you can meet girls in unusual fur coats. For example, blue tint. In this case, you need to choose the right wardrobe items. The ideal choice would be a yellow short dress. Boots choose a bright shade, for example, red. We complement the image with sunglasses and a multi-colored small handbag on a thin strap.

Any coat requires careful treatment and proper selection of wardrobe. Fur differs from other materials in its grace, beauty and femininity. A fur coat allows you to create such images from which passersby will not be able to look away.

Fur scarf - trends 2018-2019.

Fur scarves have one irreplaceable quality: they can change your image beyond recognition. If you choose the right material for an accessory, it can be worn both in winter and in summer, and if in summer it plays mainly a decorative function, then in winter, abandoning a scarf can bring many problems.

Winter is already knocking on our windows, so the conversation about fur scarves will be just right. Fur scarves occupy extremely high places in the ratings of accessories. They will help to update your image and impress others.

What to wear with a natural fur scarf?

In the past, mods wore scarves from a single piece of fur, but now such models are no longer popular. But such a fur scarf will definitely help to create a unique image for the owner, especially in the bohemian style. Creating it is easy: first you need to find a blouse or a T-shirt with an ethnic print, put on a multi-layered skirt. Elegant low-heeled boots and many ornaments can help to complement the look.

Nowadays, you can find not only classic fur scarves, but also whole stoles made of fur or an unusual noodle scarf. Original shapes and styles will be useful for creating a youth image. The most popular are scarves, consisting not only of fur, but also of yarn. They are particularly well fit into everyday outfit.

How to choose a scarf or stole of fur

The choice of a fur scarf should be given no less attention than the choice of a fur coat.

  • First you need to visually assess the quality of sewing, the quality of sewing and the state of the skin itself. To do this, pinch the fur. If it is of high quality, then nothing will come off of it. If you notice fallen fur, it is better not to buy such a scarf, as it will not last long in its original state, it will soon begin to crumble before your eyes.
  • To check the fur for elasticity, and this is a very important quality for a scarf, it should be much dented. Good fur should be elastic. You should also pay attention to the color of the fur itself, it should sparkle in the light, as if it moves by itself.
  • You should not pay much attention to the color of fur, as modern technology allows to paint the fur in any shade without a threat to its structure and condition.

How to wear a fur scarf this winter?

Let's say right away: There are many ways to use this accessory.. People both wrap their necks, and it is easy to throw them on their shoulders, and even use them instead of a hat, wrapping their heads around them.

There is a misconception that you should only wear fur scarves with fur coats, however, an error: the scarf will go well with a coat, and with a jacket, and with a sheepskin coat. In some cases, a fur scarf will be appropriate for evening dress, especially if this event occurs in winter. Do not forget that different colors and shades of scarves allow you to wear scarves with fur in combination with different outfits.

  • If you choose a scarf to wear it every day, then take a narrow scarf from a fox or short fox. They can be used in any ensemble, even with the simplest jeans. Fur scarf will find a place on a business suit. A scarf made of inexpensive fur will look extremely provocatively and in the style of casual.
  • A fur scarf will also look elegant on knitted clothes, but you should not wear a scarf with clothes that have elements of fur decor. Fur scarf should focus on attention, it should be the only fur element. However, a small fur bag can complement the image, provided that it is the same color as the fur scarf.
  • One of the most successful combinations will be a fur scarf and a leather jacket. In this case, it should be worn over the collar, so it will be warmer.
  • Another successful set will be a coat and a fur scarf, it will make your look exciting. For reliability, the scarf should be attached to the coat.
  • If you want to look luxurious, the best idea would be to wear a scarf with an evening dress, especially with a leather one. If you by your convictions do not wear natural fur, you will wear good ideas artificial, so apparently it does not differ from natural fur.

So, here are a few rules for wearing socks:

1) Do not overload the ensemble with fur items, in such combinations even the most magnificent fur scarf will be lost. However, fur bags in the same style with a scarf - a good idea for a duet.

2) If you choose a scarf to wear every day, then take a narrow scarf, this would be the best option.

Now you know from what furs the fur scarves are sewn, how to choose them and with what clothes to combine. Successful to you acquisitions!

Fashion winter

Continuing the theme of hats, we bring to your attention fur hats Marc jacobs. The designer told reporters about their enormous size: “I wanted to create a fur coat to be worn on my head”.

Another colorful event of the fashion world - the show Viktor & Rolf Autumn-Winter 2012. Fur accessories deserve special attention in the collection of the Dutch duet: belted belts and bags trimmed with fur. In general, a bracelet made of fur this winter is almost a must have for every woman of fashion, because this is one of the fashionable winter accessories.

Fur "boom" did not go around and shoes. Most of the leading designers, including the following, made a bet on the boots decorated with arctic fox, fox and silver fox fur this season. Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Michael Kors. And if, while creating their main line of accessories, the designers of these fashion houses adhered to the classics, here there is an extravagant chic, which was the result of a bold flight of design ideas.

Bags made of fur or decorated with them are also relevant this season. Astrakhan fur is especially popular.
Also this season are relevant wide, voluminous boas made of soft and fluffy fur: they almost completely replace the standard collars on the coat, and are also ideal for any outerwear. This winter they can be found in collections. Ralph lauren and Rag & bone. The most popular boas are made of fur of arctic fox, mink, fox, sable, and also of rabbit, chinchilla and marten. Boas can be a variety of, sometimes even unexpected shades.

Not paid attention to fur fever and democratic brands. Zara, Mango, Paul & Shark, Patrizia Pepe, Diesel and others, have received close attention, including fur scarves, hats, bags.

Heat, finally, came into vogue! This season it is absolutely not important which particular wardrobe detail is fur or decorated with fur, and also whether it is natural fur or artificial. The main thing is that winter should be met in warmth and comfort, and what, if not fur, will help give an ordinary winter day a festive atmosphere and magic, and make a cold evening warm and romantic?