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Fashion Leggings 2018


The first leggings as a type of men's leather trousers appeared at the beginning of the XVIII century. Initially, they were made using elk leather (hence the name "leggings"), deer, and later suede. These pants were quite rough, uncomfortable and often caused irritation and abrasion on the skin. In the 90s of the 20th century, leather leggings became fashionable again, but only as an element of women's wardrobe.

Fashionable leather leggings

For the second season in a row, models in leather leggings have not left the fashion catwalks. Things from leather won such popularity that women of fashion are ready to wear them everywhere and at any time of the year. In winter and summer, to the office, to a party and for a walk - leather leggings always look stylish and elegant.

In the manufacture of tight pants along with natural leather are often used artificial materials that make clothing more affordable. Modern leggings are mostly sewn from stretch leather or eco-leather. These materials have a fabric base coated with PVC (in the first case) or polyurethane (in the second). Ecoskin is more preferable because this fabric is cotton-based, hypoallergenic and allows the skin to breathe. By adding to the composition of the material fibers of elastane, the products stretch well, providing support for the muscles and forming a silhouette.

Leather leggings have a wide range of models and textures. They are matte and glossy (shiny). The latter are bright in themselves, therefore they are suitable only for girls with an ideal figure. Matte pants look more modest, but no less impressive. Tights decorate with lace, rhinestones, metal zipper, embossing and drapery are used. Still, the success of the image does not depend on the style and color, but on how perfectly they fit the figure and how they are combined with other elements of the wardrobe.

Leather inserts on leggings

Leather leggings are perfect for young girls. Mature women will have to find less bright models of pants. In extreme cases, they can recommend matt pants or leggings with leather inserts on the sides.

Normal, nekokanye leggings, most of them sew from artificial material diving. He does not constrain the movement and emphasizes the figure, for which he received another name "second skin". It is in such sports jersey that leather inserts are most often added. The most harmonious look leggings with side leather inserts. This element of the decor visually lengthens the legs, and the figure as a whole looks slimmer.

Most often, inserts are made in the same color scheme as the main fabric. In bolder models of pants, inserts can be located both on the lap and across the entire surface of the pants. They can also be made in contrasting colors.

Lace decoration

Lace not less effectively emphasizes the beauty of women's legs than the skin. Many fashion designers often use this combination of materials to create feminine and romantic models. Leather leggings, decorated with lace, look gentle and elegant, provided they are properly combined with other elements of the wardrobe.

Lace tight pants look spectacular and elegant with short dresses and long cardigans. Thanks to them, you can easily add summer and spring wardrobe with bright colors.

Color palette

Traditionally, leather leggings are presented in black. But this does not mean that you can forget about bright and rich colors. Black is a classic that goes well with pastels and with other shades. Such strict leggings should be in the wardrobe of every girl who prefers skin.

Brave young ladies will like red, brown, beige leggings, which will look especially harmonious in summer and autumn.

How and what to wear tights: recommendations of professionals

General recommendations of professional designers and critics of the fashion world will help determine who and how to wear leggings made of genuine or artificial leather:

  1. Leggings are perfect for long-legged and slim girls. They can choose for themselves a variety of models and styles. They are suitable and glossy and matte pants, leggings with leather inserts, with lace and other elements of decoration.
  2. Owners of magnificent hips should choose only matte trousers and wear them with an elongated tunic.
  3. Blouses, T-shirts and T-shirts are not recommended to be tucked into leather pants.
  4. Do not wear leather leggings at the same time with other clothes made of leather.
  5. The shiny or glossy pants are bright enough in themselves, so they can only be worn with clothes of neutral and pastel colors.
  6. Almost any footwear is suitable for leather leggings except wedges or high soles. Tight-fitting pants look the same harmoniously with both sneakers and boat shoes. However, boots for leather leggings should still be chosen without a heel.
  7. Leather items should be bought strictly according to size. Too big pants tend to sag, and too narrow slam into the skin.

Tights from the skin can favorably emphasize the figure only if they fit the size and blend harmoniously with other elements of the image.

What to wear with leather leggings in the winter

Depending on which fabric base PVC is applied to or the polyurethane coating, artificial leather can be thick (for winter) and thin (for summer and off-season). Thick leggings, as a rule, have a fleece base. They are soft, warm and not cold in winter. Because of this, they can be worn directly on the naked body.

Leather leggings in winter are recommended to wear with a short knitted dress or a long sweater. Moreover, such an image is suitable even for girls with magnificent forms. In this case, knitwear will help to hide full hips, and tight leggings will emphasize the slimness of the legs.

In addition to the knitted dress, a turtleneck with a high neck is also suitable, and a warm double-breasted coat to it. It is better to choose footwear on a heel and low, for example, shoe boots. In addition to coats, leggings look good with a short fur coat or a fur sleeveless jacket. They can pick up high boots to the knee on a flat sole. A small black clutch bag will look perfect as an accessory.

What to wear with leather leggings in autumn and spring

Leggings made of leather, natural or artificial, can easily diversify the autumn and summer wardrobe.

What to wear with leather leggings in the offseason:

  • with a short dress made of fine knitwear,
  • with an extended sweater with 3/4 sleeves,
  • with black ankle boots
  • with a short leather jacket in a contrasting color (red, brown),
  • with a small bag that matches the color of the shoe.

A thin woolen knee-length wool coat and stiletto shoes or ankle boots go well with skin-tight pants.

Summer wardrobe option

Despite the fact that leather is considered a warm material, products made of it have long been used in the preparation of summer wardrobe. Thin leather leggings from eco-leather partially pass air to the body, so they are comfortable in any weather.

What to wear with leather leggings in the summer:

  • with silk or chiffon blouses,
  • with shirts in a cage
  • with free t-shirts and t-shirts,
  • with a tunic,
  • with open stiletto sandals,
  • with pumps,
  • with sneakers in a contrasting color.

Loose cardigans and stylish double-breasted jackets look advantageous with skin-tight leather pants.

Options for fashion leggings in 2018

In 2018, leggings of classic colors will be fashionable, thin or translucent, with a print and plain, with a mesh or an unusual pattern. Unlike pantyhose, they are made from a denser fabric, which is convenient for applying various patterns to them. Often, leggings sew from natural material so that girls feel comfortable, cozy in fitting clothes. Actual this season will be models in dark and soothing shades, with complex patterns, prints, textural effects.

Extravagant leggings fade into the background in 2018, and feminine, elegant models will be fashionable. They can be made from a material that imitates leather, suede, lace, metallic fabrics of golden, silver, bronze, black color. Especially fashionable to wear this year juggins - denim leggings. In winter and autumn, it is important to wear models of velvet, which have an embossed pattern of saturated colors.

Tight pants are made either short or long. The basic things for fashionistas are leggings of white and black shades. In the 2018 season, the models with ethno-drawings (national ornaments of Africa, Norway), leopard and abstract prints will be fashionable. New season - leggings with embroidery. White leggings and the same tone blouse in ethnic patterns are suitable for a gentle boho style. And if you wear light leggings with a lace top, you get a feminine, romantic look.

Leather leggings

Leather clothing is present in the fashion collections of famous brands. Many girls like to wear such things because they are universal. Especially popular among young people have won leather leggings. They successfully emphasize the slenderness of the legs and a beautiful physique. Leather leggings look stylish, fashionable. Tight pants made of coarse natural material are perfectly combined with soft, comfortable clothing. A trendy short top and a bright yellow jacket are perfect for getting into black leather leggings, and you can wear a white top and a jacket for red leggings.

With complex drawings or ornaments

Motley drawings on tights are especially fashionable this season. They are suitable for everyday wear, and for a party. To balance the bright elements, it is better to wear leggings with an ornament for plain clothes. But brave girls who have an ideal sense of taste can try to combine two things with a print at once. Trendy Scandinavian patterns with deer, Asian, African national patterns on leggings will help to create a unique image of a girl. Copper, wooden ornaments will approach them.

What to wear with leather leggings

Leather leggings are second jeans. They help us out in the cold season and allow us to create a lot of interesting bows. No less stylish look warm leggings under the skin in black, cherry and brown colors, as well as models with knitted inserts.

The perfect companion of leather leggings - sweater or sweatshirt. It should be voluminous, preferably elongated, in order to level the fitting lower part.

If it's spring outside, try on leggings with a shirt, blouse or tunic. Over it you can wear a sweatshirt, a leather jacket or a bomber jacket.

In the spring, boldly replace dark leggings with beige, gray or white, but on the condition that winter did not bring you a few extra pounds. Bold bright patterns “calm” monochrome tunic, shirt or elongated sweater.

Ripped leggings in the spring season will embellish a bright cape or cardigan, an elongated shirt or a trendy sweatshirt.

What shoes to wear leggings

The most stylish images are obtained with sneakers and sneakers, since these shoes lie in the same stylistic plane with leggings.

Knitted or denim leggings look good with slip-ons.

They also combine well with biker-style boots or coarse boots on a low speed or on a wide stable heel. With such shoes velvet and varnish models look stylish.

In the fall, you can combine boots and leggings, but on condition that the upper part of the image is voluminous, and the boots do not shorten the legs.

Ankle boots and shoes with a small heel look good with short leggings.

Now you know how to wear leggings to look stylish. We wish you more beautiful bows!

What to wear leather tights: important combination rules

As it used to be, in the 90s, heated debates flare up today as to whether leggings can be worn as casual clothes or are they purely sports and home clothes? Opponents of the use of these clothes in everyday life argue their objections by saying that this option unduly focuses on the anatomical details of the body and either emphasizes all its flaws, or on the contrary, unduly draws attention to the exciting curves of its owner, which looks pretty vulgar.

Defenders of leggings, and most of them, argue that leggings, along with leggings, make it possible to diversify fashion and somewhat ease the image, in those combinations where trousers are traditionally used - in combinations with sweaters, tunics, etc.

Photos from the site: fashionstylist.kupivip.ru

“FASHION IN SITY” fully supports the last point of view and recommends the “opponents” of elk to pay attention to their leather variation. Agree, leather tights can hardly be called sports or home wear. Well, so that these trousers do not look vulgar, it is necessary to strictly observe the main rule of all tight-fitting trousers - to cover the step line in order to disturb the proportion of the figure.

Consider the options of what you can wear leather leggings:

  • The best combination for leather leggings is a cozy baggy sweater dress or tunic. Elongated loose sweaters will play in contrast with a clear, concise cut of leather-fitting trousers, and emphasize the elegance and fragility of the figure.

Photos from the site: liveinternet.ru

  • Knitted and knitted dress, naturally insulated, a variant of what to wear leather leggings in the winter, even in the office, unless of course there is no strictly dress code. In this case, leggings will play the role of tight tights, which is extremely important this season. Stylists recommend wearing knitted dresses with dense opaque tights.

Photos from the site: zstm.com.ua

  • Hoodie, pigs, sweaters, in the spirit of oversight, and of course only elongated - a variant of what to wear leather leggings in the fall and in the cool spring. Such an ensemble will perfectly fit into the trendy direction of sport chic. If this is your option, we recommend that you also pay attention to the leggings with leather inserts. The question of what to wear them is solved simply - choose a combi-couple of sports style. Do not think that this is an option only for the young. Tights with stripes give the image dynamics and generally rejuvenate.

Photos from the site: modafemale.ru

  • In the hot season, leather leggings look out of place, and staying in them will not be very comfortable. We recommend to pay attention to leggings under the skin. What to wear? Combine them with extra long T-shirts and T-shirts. And leave in the past the boring "memories" of the 60s and 70s. In the fashion of the 90s and even the 2000s with their bright volume print and sparkles. T-shirts and T-shirts with catchy logos and portraits are as relevant as ever. With leather leggings, they will look very organic and even somewhat brutal, which again will create a winning contrast with women's fragility.

Photos from the site: dresspics.ru

  • Elongated jackets and jackets - this is what you can wear with leather leggings and at the same time open up the step line. Long semi-adjacent floors of outer clothing will distract attention from the groin area and cover the overly frank relief of the gluteal zone.

Photos from the site: gedonistka.com

Do not wear leather leggings with a depraved Crop Top, if the image of porn-chic is not the limit of your dreams. Leather leggings are combined exclusively with things in the spirit of the classic casual style.

But what is worth forgetting forever:

In no case do not combine leather leggings with skirts. Let layering and in fashion, but not with the option of leather leggings. Choosing a similar combination, you risk to look like a person who has decided to flaunt her entire wardrobe at once. Remember - leather leggings in the case of a skirt will not be able to assume the function of tight tights. Tights, especially in leather variations, are completely independent clothes that need only a certain amount from above. Dress-sweaters will still be the most complement, but the skirt along with the leggings will compete for the right leadership.

Leather leggings are not friendly either with tight tunics and sweaters. Remember - there should be only one underline in the image, either skin-tight top or skin-tight bottom. In the case of leggings, the emphasis is initially set on the legs, respectively, the top should always be free. The maximum allowed is a belt or belt tied over a tunic or sweater.

Current models of leather leggings and the rules of choice

It would seem that the leggings can differ from each other except in the color gamut and the texture of the material. But even such non-variation trousers have their own styles and models. We already talked about some of them at the beginning of the review - these are imitations of leather and leggings with inlays.

Photos from the site: sportnews94.ru

Leggings are also different in length. There are the usual options, reaching to the bone, and there are variations in the size of 7/8, which is popular today. Do not be afraid of such a length. It is suitable for girls with any type of figure, but it is worth remembering that such a size “eats up” a little. Therefore, if you can not boast of model growth, use heels. Not afraid of losing precious centimeters? Feel free to wear them with shoes on a flat course.

Фото с сайта: sanshkola.ru

Лосины могут иметь и разную посадку талии – завышенную, низкую и среднюю. В варианте, где паховая зона скрыта полностью это не актуально. Но если вы их собираетесь комбинировать с открытыми пиджаками, то обратите внимание на ультрамодную нынче высокую посадку. Так вы создадите иллюзию бесконечно длинных ног и полностью избежите риска показаться вульгарной.

Фото с сайта: overgraph.ru

Choose leggings only in size. Know that, contrary to the general delusion, leggings do not at all slacken the figure, “hiding” annoying extra centimeters of volumes, but rather, on the contrary, demonstrate all its flaws. Especially leather leggings. They have a dense texture, as a rule, they are made in dark colors and at the same time have a light glossy shine. Accordingly, leather leggings carefully trace the outline of the legs, i.e. show all without embellishment. So if you have a few plump legs, then leggings are not your option. Pay attention to leggings. They, like leggings, resemble thick pantyhose without socks, but do not taper at the ankle area, thereby helping to hide some full legs. But if the legs are frankly full, then you should generally abandon the tight-fitting models of pants, especially those made in the skin, because the skin will visually add you extra pounds.

Photos from the site: felomen.ru

Tights and leggings are almost related types of pants because of what they are sometimes confused. All their difference lies in their original purpose. Tights were originally considered to be men's clothing, leggings (as well as the now popular variation of jeggings) was originally a female model. This is a tight fitting pants, always with the presence of elastane in the fabric. Mounted on the body due to its elastic properties and tight elastic in the belt. They do not have a castle as such. There is no fundamental difference in them, and both can be analogous to each other.

But the owners of very thin legs leather leggings even recommended, because they will help to add the missing amount. You can experiment with color and having tried glossy black variants and rich bright colors - thin legs will benefit from such experiments.

Photos from the site: felomen.ru

Just slim young ladies better to focus on classic colors - brown, gray, black. In addition, options for what to wear black leather leggings set, but more on that in more detail below.

What leather leggings are in fashion?

Modern leggings "under the skin" thing beautiful and comfortable, tight jersey improves the shape due to the effect of "slimming". Leather leggings can be matte, shiny or with an embossed pattern (for example, a snake pattern or lace). The most popular color is black; they can also be red (muted) and all shades of brown. Very relevant models under the skin color "metallic", especially the "old silver" and "old bronze."

Today, this thing is fashionable to wear with clothes covering the hips. It is not advisable to wear them with a tight-fitting top, it is better to apply the rule of contrast. Leather leggings go well with knit sweaters up to hips and below, loose or moderately tight, with long, voluminous, knitted jackets, cardigans, jackets and a short coat.

They are perfectly combined with fur coats of medium length. In the summer, long loose T-shirts, chiffon tunics and romantic blouses for release will suit them. Fashionable multi-layer combination, leggings - long tunic - short jacket or jacket.

How to combine leggings under the skin with other textures of fabric?

Leather leggings are fashionable to combine with leopard print. Another fashionable combination, black leggings with a white top. For the evening will suit super trendy gothic styling, leather and dark blouse with lace and ruffles.

Another long (almost to the knees) jacket with lapels or an elegant jacket - uniform (remember the hussars with their leggings). From the shoes fit boots with heels (especially high boots and boots), elegant boots, sandals and sandals.

It is important to combine the textures, to the shiny "skin" - velvet and matte cotton, to the matte - shiny silk ... It is not advisable to combine such leggings and leather things in one suit. But if you decide to create an ensemble in the style of rock and, all the same, put on a leather jacket, keep in mind that matte or embossed leggings for shiny skin - and vice versa.

Only young, slim girls with a figure of a teenager can wear this thing with short tops and jackets (like pop stars wear them), only they can wear leggings of patent leather.

Low should not overload the top volume and wear too long things. But full of fashionable women, on the contrary, it is better to choose a longer top for leather leggings. For example, dress shirt or tunic.

Colored leggings

Trendy bright leggings - the perfect option for summer clothes and spring. They will make the girl spectacular, attractive. Color leggings are well suited for a long, voluminous top. It is better to select its color in calm base tones: beige, black, gray, brown. Or wear all the clothes in one color. For example, sandy shorts are best worn with brick leggings.

Denim leggings look great on young girls and women. They can be of different shades, styles, a number of models of such trousers has pockets and prints. You are lucky if the type of your figure is “hourglass”. Jeggings with a long top and a belt at the waist perfectly emphasize the dignity of your physique, while hiding the figure flaws.

For everyday wear, denim leggings can be perfectly combined with a plaid shirt, blouse, long sweater, sneakers, moccasins, high boots, shoes with heels. But the short top is in bad harmony with juggins. To avoid a vulgar look, it is better not to put these items of clothing together. Top dark tones will be in harmony with any color of the pants. Lush “lady” denim leggings are best to wear under a long tunic or a spacious sweater to the knees.

Printed space

An extraordinary sensation in the fashion world produced a display of clothing with pictures of the cosmos. Designers for prints used photographs obtained through the Hubble telescope. In 2018, leggings, which depict photos of galaxies, constellations, nebulae - this is relevant, fashionable. Fitted pants with a space theme can be glossy or matte. In fashionable leggings with a galactic print there are blue, violet, black, pink, lilac, blue shades.

Color options can seamlessly blend into each other, creating a fantastic background against which planets and stars are drawn. A bright print will emphasize the beauty of the legs and the originality of the girl. Fashionable space print on leggings looks romantic, extravagant. It is best to wear them under the same color top and shoes. Trendy leggings with pictures of galaxies, nebulae will make you bright and spectacular.

Leopard print

Animal themes on tights are represented by drawings of spots of various sizes on a contrasting or one-colored background. The matte or glossy structure of these pants looks romantic. Leopard models can be decorated with golden zippers, rivets, rhinestones. It is better to wear such leggings under monophonic things, so as not to overload your image and not make it tasteless.

Fashionable predatory print on leggings looks sensual, so you need to follow some rules when creating an image in this element of clothing. Predatory leggings do not harmonize well with short blouses. Good leopard leggings look like in an ensemble with high heels, mint, orange, black, white, brown clothes, khaki shade, large and bright bijouterie, tunics, cardigans, long shirts, short dresses.

Tights trousers

Treggings (trousers leggings) are suitable for slim women and magnificent girls. They are made of dense material with the addition of elastane. Quite often leggings trousers have inserts from an imitation or genuine leather. Some of their details are similar to the design of regular trousers. On tight leggings can be pockets, buckles, rivets, stitches or arrows.

Treggins have different colors. They emphasize the dignity of your physique. Such leggings look good in blowing with contrasting sweaters, bright-colored jumpers, short tops, shirts, bikes. Shoes under these pants fit a different plan from ballet shoes to high heels. With the help of treggins, a powerful slimming effect is created, which makes the figure of a girl slim and graceful. Designers predict that leggings trousers will not be out of fashion soon.

Fashionable colors of elk 2018

Dark calm shades of leggings are relevant in the current season. In 2018, Marsala will be the trendy shade of color, so fitting pants in such a palette is appropriate to have every fashionable woman in her wardrobe. Black leggings are a classic option that will always be relevant. Gray shades of tight pants will help girls create an elegant, stylish look.

Fashionable gray tights can be dark and light shades. They favorably emphasize the slenderness of the legs. Girls with the perfect figure fit light gray leggings, and dark versions of tight trousers will help to hide the flaws in the physique. Asphalt tint leggings well combined with long tunics and sweaters. With the steel color of tight trousers, the top in pastel, dark or light colors will harmonize perfectly.

Under the thin gray leggings fit perfectly: a short dress, blouse, jacket. Use with them as boots boots-boots from black or violet suede, gray ankle boots, shoes with a wide or high heel. A bright accessory in the form of a scarf or a headdress, combined with asphalt-colored leggings, will give the girl a unique, stylish look.

Fashionable burgundy leggings will look great. What clothes will fit them? Maroon tights - this is a bright accent, they must be combined with a neutral top. But instead of a black shade it is better to use dark blue, burgundy, brown. An interesting variant of a harmonious image is the combination of bright leggings with clothes of contrasting colors. Burgundy leather leggings are perfectly combined with a mint cardigan, and accessories for creating an image in this case it is better to pick up calm tones. Learn how to knit a Lalo cardigan yourself.

The popular color of tight trousers among girls has always been and remains black. Leggings of such a tone perfectly adjust the figure, making it significantly slimmer, more beautiful. Fashionable black leggings are ideal for tunics, long shirts, shirts, sweaters. Brilliant variants of such leggings in an ensemble with a short skirt, lace top, and stilettos will be appropriate at a party. Going to a restaurant, a cinema, they put on leather black tight trousers in sequins, rhinestones.

What is the right way to combine and wear leggings?

A universal type of clothing are leggings. With proper selection, they are suitable for sports jogging, romantic date. Leggings are well combined with a short silk, knitted dress, mini skirt, shorts. Tight pants fit perfectly with a long, covering the buttocks, shirt. Denim clothing and leggings are a great option for creating a bright female image. Elegantly look at the girls in the tights half-and long sweaters.

In cool weather, leggings will be well combined with knitted dresses or tunics. Warm sometimes under tight trousers shoe ballet flats, sandals, shoes, sandals with high heels or on a flat sole. But open models of shoes will be out of place in combination with leggings. In cold weather, leggings look good with moccasins, boots, ankle boots, loafers, sneakers, uggs, boots. But sneakers combined with leggings is appropriate only for sports training. To complete the image select fashionable accessories: scarves, bracelets, hats.

Photos of fashionable women's leggings in 2018

A wide variety of colors and prints in fashionable models of leggings will satisfy the tastes and preferences of any girl. Space, leopard patterns, African, Scandinavian patterns on leggings will help to transform the fashionable woman, giving her appearance originality, style. Monochrome models in bright or soothing colors will make a woman look mischievous and fashionable.

Fashionable leather leggings

When creating such a stylish piece of clothing, like leggings under the skin, designers use a variety of solutions, which are as follows:

  • Popular models that contain separate inserts of leather, which can be located in different places and using different designs,
  • for winter, the products on fleece are ideal, which gives extra warmth and comfort,
  • spring options can be made of thin leather,
  • glossy material is considered a classic, but the real trend of the season will be matte products that, in this performance, acquire a certain sophistication and elegance,
  • leather gray leggings that can be combined with numerous items of clothing will be an excellent acquisition,
  • in the case when you want to make a bright accent, you can choose a pink or red version.

What shoes to wear leather leggings

Despite all the difficulties and conventions of combining leggings with clothes, they will “thank” you with a unique compatibility with any shoes.

Photos from the site: cherdveri.ru

We analyze the options for what to wear leather leggings:

  • For warm weather, sandals, sandals, ballet flats, shoes will do.

Photos from the site: akcent-str.ru

  • Off-season looks great any sports shoes - sneakers, sneakers, sneakers.

Photos from the site: marinkabag.ru

  • Boots, ankle boots, boots, uggs - this is what you can wear under leather leggings in the autumn-winter season.

Photos from the site: fashionstylist.kupivip.ru

In no case do not combine leather leggings with jackboots. Perhaps, not long ago, it was very cool, but now it is a sign of bad taste and a model of vulgarity. Leave the boots for midi skirts and nothing else!

What to wear with leather leggings: create stylish images

Consider on photo examples with what to wear leather leggings, as always «FASHION IN SITY» made only the most interesting selection of fashionable combinations.

To begin with the most current options for the photo - with what to wear leather leggings in the winter.

Photos from the site: akcent-str.ru

Voluminous fur coats and sleeveless jackets made of natural or artificial fur will effectively contrast with the fitting leggings, emphasizing the slimness and fragility of women's legs. Depending on the choice of shoes, you can create a different look from military, with coarse army boots, to a deliberately glamorous, choosing coquettish boots with a high stiletto as a company for tights and coats.

Photos from the site: kablu4ok.com

Pay attention to the photo with what to wear leather leggings in the fall. Let it be now and not true, but spring is still ahead, and it is necessary to prepare for it ahead of time. A classic coat in pastel colors favorably emphasizes the figure, and a voluminous scarf in a large cage makes the image more interesting. But the leggings themselves are more interesting: black leather in the front and textiles in the back are a rather interesting play of textures.

Photos from the site: 101oblik.ru

Sheepskin coats, polta and jackets are all options for winter. In the shortened version, they look the best with leather leggings, the main thing is to choose the right length. Remember to cover the step line. Ultra-short outerwear in tandem with leather leggings will look vulgar, and just impractical. Want to focus on a slim figure? Your allowable maximum - carelessly open floors of outerwear.

Photos from the site: wlooks.ru

But a photo of what to wear leggings under the skin. An elongated white sweater dress and overcoat overlays in ankle boots are an option for autumn and warm winters. The whole ensemble is made in the spirit of minimalism, but not bored with all its emphasized simplicity, but rather in its new version - post-minimalism, where the seeming simplicity is complemented by an interesting weaving of threads on a sweater, and the texture of the outerwear fabric.

Here they are capricious leggings. They demand from their owner a beautiful figure and slender legs, but at the same time they “forbid” to emphasize the figure, because it is the legs that should be “soloed”.

Tights with leather inserts

The most common model is black leather leggings. They can be presented not only in the traditional version, completely made of leather, but also in such an interesting variation as a product containing inserts of this material. They can be located using the following design techniques:

  • only at the top of the product,
  • leather leggings with inserts made in the form of strips on the entire surface, or elements that have any other shape,
  • inserts can be placed horizontally, diagonally or laid out in the form of certain patterns.

Matte tights under the skin

One of the most stylish decisions will be women's leather leggings, made of matte material. They will give the image a certain sophistication and elegance, their advantage is the ability to more express their imagination when combined with other wardrobe items and shoes. These items will look good decorative elements, made in the form of snakes, located on the sides.

Gray leather leggings

The perfect solution to diversify the image will be gray leather leggings in the winter or in the autumn-spring period. They have such distinctive characteristics:

  • versatility - they can be successfully combined with a dark one and with a light top, and bright color options are allowed,
  • аналогично можно подбирать и обувь, она может быть классического черного цвета, хорошо смотрятся и пастельные варианты или яркие насыщенные тона. Единственно, чего следует избегать, это серые угги, сапоги или ботинки такого же оттенка, поскольку они будут сливаться с вещью в одно целое,
  • изделия для холодного времени года могут дополняться флисом, придающим дополнительное тепло и комфорт.

Розовые кожаные лосины

The fair sex, who prefer bright catchy bows, will be able to choose pink stylish leather leggings. There are such variations of models:

  • shades can range from delicate light pink to bright and saturated, close to the crimson,
  • with such a bottom it looks perfect black, burgundy top or similar pink or pastel shades,
  • In the same way, shoes are selected, and it will be very effective if it matches the color with the top.

Red leather leggings

Leather leggings of red color will help to make an image truly unforgettable. They are characterized by such characteristics:

  1. The thing acts as a highlight and the main focus of the image, so all attention is focused on it. Therefore, when choosing a top and shoes, preference should be given to simplicity and brevity, these items of clothing should be monophonic. Preference is given to black or white, pastel shades are allowed.
  2. The product looks great with elegant pumps, classic boots or heeled shoes, but there are also options on a flat sole, platform or wedge.

What can I wear with leather leggings?

Women of fashion, who decided to buy a stylish new clothes, wonder: what to wear leggings under the skin? Things for such a wardrobe item are recommended to be selected very carefully, so that the image does not turn out to be overloaded. When combining you should take into account such moments:

  1. For a product of glossy leather, which is catchy and eye-catching in itself, it is best to choose a monochromatic, laconic top, it can be a sweater or a cardigan with a simple cut. In combination with such a thing as matte leather leggings, you can afford a top adorned with shiny threads or rhinestones.
  2. A shortened top will look good on girls with a slender taut figure, owners of more curvaceous forms are better to choose an elongated jacket or tunic.
  3. Transparent blouses or blouses, blouses or jackets, complemented by such decorative detail as Basque, also look great as a top.
  4. As for shoes, it can be short shoes, sneakers, sneakers, and high boots or jack boots. At the same time to glossy things, it is preferable to choose not patent leather shoes, from matte leather or suede.

Stylish leather leggings

Tunic with leather leggings

Extremely organic will get an image with leather leggings and a tunic. Its advantage is that it can be used even by girls who do not have an ideal figure, the elongated top will help to hide flaws. Tunics are presented in such variations:

  • with uniform uniform hem length,
  • with a shorter front end and an elongated back.

How to wear leather leggings

Correct leggings sit like a second skin, without sagging around the groin and buttocks. At the same time, they should not hit the waist and give the impression that you were stretching them with great difficulty. If you have problem legs, full hips or flat buttocks - change leggings to trendy jeans or leather oversize pants.

Do not combine leggings with vulgar shoes with high heels and platform, with short tops and slinky blouses. Formula beautiful onions - tight bottom + free top.

What to combine leather leggings

With a shirt. Leggings and shirts belong to the everyday style, so they are very good friends. The shirt can be worn with a hat, tucking the front edge in leggings, like a jacket and even tied around the waist.

In the fall wear a jumper with an active print over a plain shirt.

With a jumper. Bulky jumpers and socks get along well with leggings. For example, black leggings and a gray jumper are the perfect combination for winter.

With a t-shirt or t-shirt. In the spring wear leggings with wide T-shirts. Complete your look with a denim jacket.

In the summer, wear silk or chiffon tops for leggings. Wear heels with sandals, and use glasses and a small handbag as accessories.

Where to buy leather leggings

For 3000 rub. you can buy leggings under the skin in Zara. Have LOST INK. leggings from eco-leather start from 1500 rubles, Top secret - from 2500 rubles, Mango - from 2700 rub. Price of leggings Pinko with leather inserts - 13,000 rubles. Below is a selection of leather leggings from the Wildberries online store.