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How to make a manicure with the effect of cat's eyes


Deep and mysterious, delicate and refined, fascinating with its radiance and overflow like a precious stone, “Cat's Eye” manicure has been in great demand for several seasons to a series. The secret of this popularity is simple - multifunctional. It will perfectly fit not only into your evening look, but also into everyday life.

Regardless of its brilliance and brightness, nail designers masterfully combine decorating elements with it.

"Cat's eye" manicure with gel polish

Gel polish with the effect of a cat's eye appeared on the market about 5-6 years ago. And immediately took a strong position from the consumer. Over time, the palette and the gamut of colors increased, variants of drawings created with the help of a magnet were added.

The composition of the gel is safe, as with any other gel, the only difference is the metal dust, which provides, when using a magnet, delicious highlights.

How to do a manicure with the effect of cat's eyes

It is not necessary to resort to visiting expensive salons. With all the necessary tools, the magnetic gel polish can be used at home, just like a regular varnish.

As in any manicure, you need to start with the preparation of the nail plate - file the degrease surface. Next, cover the nail base and produce drying in the UV lamp for a couple of seconds. After we apply gel lacquer and immediately bring a magnet to it. Here you need to be as careful as possible - do not accidentally lubricate the magnet coating. The optimal distance is 2-3 millimeters. After flare formation, we dry the layer in the UV lamp. At the expense of the final stage with the top opinion nail-masters divided. Some believe that it distorts the picture. At this stage, the choice is yours.

The work will be laborious, as it is better to work with each fingernail separately. But believe me - the result is worth it!

When manicure with the usual varnish you will not have any problems. Prepared nails - put a layer of varnish, brought a magnet. After the formation of the pattern, dried lacquer and opened with a fixer. Wonderful manicure is ready!

Ideas for manicure "Cat's eye"

Modern nail-masters have improved and expanded the possibilities of nail-design with magnetic gel. A popular manicure with a bottomless overflow has become a platform for subsequent decoration. Now it serves as a link between fashion trends. Below we show you the options of a cat's eye with drawings of animals, plants, with sparkles and stones. Elements with a 3D effect and glitter are also used. Matt and moon manicure with pearls and stones. Using elemental abstraction on several nails and gradient transitions.

Artistic fantasy allows you to create a wonderful and mysterious modulations with delightful splashes of decor on long nails while not having riddled with mystery and brightness short.

New manicure "Cat's eye"

Nothing stands still, and all the more in nail design. And although the classic "cat's eye" is in considerable demand, this does not prevent the introduction of innovations into it. A popular trend of this year has become a matte version of "cat's eye." His contrasting, subdued shine immediately found his fans. And a huge number of combinations with various design trends attracted increased attention from fashionistas.

What does a cat's eye look like?

Technique application manicure "cat's eye" is quite simple. His main secret lies in the use of special varnish and magnet to it. The peculiarity of such a coating is that the lacquer itself looks smooth and shimmering, with a rich dark color that has a silver tint. If you look at the photo or look at the cat's eye on the video, you will see this unusual flicker. In order to make such an effect, it is necessary when applying the lacquer to bring the magnet from the kit very close to the surface of the nail.

Where did this name of manicure come from? Everything is quite simple: after applying gel varnish, the coating on the nails produces an effect similar to the stone of the same name, i.e. the light is concentrated in a small strip, which makes it look like a cat's eyes with narrow pupils. If you gradually rotate the stone in relation to the light, you will see how the strip moves and changes its location. So it is with lacquer.

Features of the material used

The main features of the coating based on magnetic properties include:

  1. the presence in the composition of microscopic metal particles that are not visible to the human eye - they are responsible for the effect of flickering on the nails,
  2. A special magnet should be brought to the non-dried last layer - it is its effect that can make certain drawings and patterns,
  3. To distribute the metal component evenly, periodically shake the bottle,
  4. For a perfect manicure, use lacquers in bright, saturated, dark shades, since it is in combination with them that an incredible contrast is created to the silver particles.

Technique of creating a manicure gel varnish

Make a manicure with the effect of "cat's eye" can be at home, using a special gel polish. Before you start creating this interesting design, you can view several training videos, as well as decide on the photo what color of varnish you want to purchase and use.

  1. First of all, you should know the technology of creating a manicure using gel polish. If you are not familiar with it, then also watch several videos with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to work. Those who are familiar with such materials for the decoration of nails it's time to get down to business and, finally, to make an excellent manicure in the style of "cat's eye". Prepare your nails according to the rules of using gel polish: clean the surface of the nails, degrease the nail plate with a dehydrator, and then cover it with one layer of the base coat.
  2. Take the desired shade of lacquer with the effect of a cat's eye and paint over each nail. At the same time, try not to protrude beyond the surface of the nail, and if this happens, then thoroughly wipe off the periungual roller with a nail polish remover. If your gel has a liquid consistency or is poorly pigmented, you will need to make 2 to 3 layers (each layer should be thoroughly dried with a lamp), if it is thick and dark, a single coating will suffice.
  3. After applying the last layer, bring the magnet with the same name “cat's eye” as close as possible to the painted nail and hold it for about 10 seconds. When the magnetic effect manifests itself, you can start drying in an ultraviolet lamp.
  4. The last step is fixing the gel polish with a top coat, which prevents the manicure from quick damage and ensures its long-lasting wear.

By itself, the cat's-eye technique suggests a bright and eye-catching effect, but to add even more elegance, you can use rhinestones, nail stickers, stucco or other decorative elements.

With each subsequent application, you can conduct experiments. For example, you saw an interesting pattern on a photo or video from the Internet and you want to repeat it. The next time you create a manicure, twist or move the magnet to give your nails some interesting pattern.

Pay attention to how easily and quickly you can make such a manicure with the help of a special series from Bluesky Shellac:

How to achieve additional depth gradient

Despite the fact that the "cat's eye" is a bright and attractive version of manicure, you can follow these tips and recommendations to achieve even deeper depth and realistic fascinating nails:

  • Apply black gel polish to the base coat and dry thoroughly. Only after that apply a color coating with a flickering effect. This technique will enhance the 3D effect and the result will be even brighter. If you have made any minor flaws when creating a black substrate, do not worry, as in the final version they will not be visible. You can compare the "cat's eye" with the substrate and without it in numerous photos on the Internet,
  • use magnets with a strong attractive effect - this will allow you to quickly achieve the desired effect,
  • shake the bottle of varnish thoroughly before applying, and also heat it to room temperature,
  • The depth of color and clarity of the gradient lines will depend on the number of varnish layers. The best option is considered a two-layer application,
  • Some specialists on manicure before the final application of the fixer remove the adhesive layer, but this option does not work with all manufacturers. Check it on tips before you apply it on your nails.

If you want to learn more tricks of manicure, pay attention to the training videos and articles with photos on the Internet, as experienced masters often experiment and post the results to the network.

What magnet to use

Of course, the best and most appropriate option when creating a cat's eye will be to use a magnet from a kit with a varnish. But, if it is not at hand or the manufacturer does not declare a joint supply of “varnish + magnet”, you can take absolutely anyone, but the main thing is that its magnetic properties be very strong.

Also, keep an eye on the pattern that your magnet assumes from the kit. If desired, other patterns and gradients can be purchased separately, since such accessories for manicure are inexpensive. About what they are, you can also see the photo or in the video to create a manicure.

How to make a cat-eye manicure

To create a "cat" manicure you need a varnish containing small metal particles. You will also need a magnet, but not ordinary, but a special one, which is capable of creating a three-dimensional pattern on the surface of the nail plate.

The print of each magnet is individual, with the purchase you can choose the most suitable for you and make not only the usual horizontal stripes, but also create unique patterns with colors or abstractions.

To begin, apply varnish on the nail, after a few seconds, bring a magnet to it. Particles contained in a special coating will interact with the magnetic field, creating a pattern on the nails.

You can buy additional magnets and work on your nails with several at once, getting amazing nail art with diagonals, stars or waves at the same time.

Manicure "cat's eye" gel varnish

Using this new technique of nail design, the masters prefer dark shades that favorably emphasize the depth of color. Great looking cat manicure in green with malachite effect, wine tones, dark blue, chestnut color, black and gold.

Particularly interesting manicure looks in cherry, plum and purple. These are the most popular shades of the current season.

Manicure "cat" eye gel has a special plastic and dense structure. The color palette of gel polishes is much wider than conventional decorative coatings, besides they are saturated with special pigments, which makes the manicure so unusual and attractive. The undoubted advantage of gel polishes in high resistance - up to 20 days.

The process of creating a manicure gel varnish practically does not differ from the usual coating, however, it will require an LED-lamp, necessary for the full drying of the gel.

Manicure "cat" eye with design 2018

Thanks to pigment particles, “cat” manicure looks great and without additional decor. However, the fantasy of the girls pushes them to constant experiments, the result of which are unique nail art with prints, rhinestones, paintings, etc.

Manicure gel varnish with painting

Now, not only experienced craftsmen, but also simple women of fashion can draw a real masterpiece on their nails. All you need is a regular thin brush. With the help of it, geometric patterns, thematic prints, monograms, lace, patterns in origami style are applied on the dried surface of the nail.

Most often, this uses a transparent thick top that looks impressive on the matte surface of the nail. It is important that the drawing does not stand out from the overall design, but be its harmonious part, which is achieved by using similar shades of lacquer.

Manicure with drops

This design is incredibly easy and looks just amazing. This is a great thematic option for spring and autumn manicure. To perform such nail art, it is necessary to cover the nails with a matte top and dry it with the help of an LED lamp. After that, chaotically apply large drops of a transparent top on the surface of the nails and immediately place your hands under the lamp so that the drawing does not spread.

"Feline" manicure with microbits and rhinestones

This charming and incredibly popular design will perfectly fit into a festive look. In addition to the iridescent varnish, the nails are decorated with patterns made of rhinestones, broths, microbeads. You can independently lay out the necessary pattern from rhinestones or use sets with ready-made patterns for inlay.

Manicure "cat's eye" with painting on wet gel polish

Pigment particles of magnetic gel varnish are quite malleable during the application process. This property of nail masters is used to create the most incredible drawings and patterns.

To create such a manicure, it is necessary to apply a special gel polish with magnetic particles on the nail and on the not dried surface depict the necessary pattern. This is done with the help of brushes of various thickness and other manicure tools. The choice depends on the pattern and the desired result.

A wet manicure looks fascinating and stylish, besides, every girl will be able to do it, in whose arsenal there is a UV manicure kit and several varnishes with magnetic pigment.

To begin with, black gel polish is applied in 2 layers on the nail, but the latter does not need to be dried. Drops of a magnetic varnish in the form of a pattern are dripping on it, with the help of a fine brush the pattern is corrected, glare is set, rhinestones or microbeads are applied. After that, the result is dried in the lamp and fixed top.

Manicure "cat's eye" with monograms

The combination of pigment varnish and monograms can be called a classic of modern nail design. Every season the masters invent new versions of this ornate pattern, making the manicure more and more beautiful.

Monograms are applied top on the dried surface of the magnetic varnish. Try to apply the decor elements alternately, otherwise the monograms can spread and spoil the entire design.

New Year's cat-eye manicure

Holiday manicure - it is always bright rich colors with the obligatory presence of sparkles, sequins and other sparkling elements. Magnetic varnishes are best suited for creating New Year's art, as they already contain the necessary pigments and glitters.

Manicure is performed in three basic shades: red, blue and green. These are traditional colors for special occasions that look attractive and festive even without additional decor.

Rhinestones, unusual patterned magnets, velvety coated elements are used as decoration for the New Year's cat's manicure.

The most popular girls use broken glass technique. To do this, the nails are covered with magnetic varnish, accenting the middle and ring fingers with pieces of foil. They are neatly laid out in a pattern resembling a “stained glass window” made of broken glass.

Simple tips on working with magnetic varnish:

  • Before you start working with varnish, you must first shake the bottle so that the metal particles are evenly distributed over the liquid
  • apply magnetic varnish and apply a magnet on each nail alternately
  • the use of a magnet is mandatory, without it you can not achieve the effect of "cat's eyes"

Ordinary decorative varnishes "live" their last days. They are replaced by more resistant, saturated, easy-to-use and universal gel polishes and magnetic coatings. They allow girls to show maximum imagination and their own individuality in creating unique and unique nail art.

What it is?

Manicure "Cat's eye" is an effect that looks like a stone with a corresponding name. That is, in the center of the plate, an area is created in which the light is reflected. It flickers and resembles a cat's eye with a vertical light stripe.

But how is the flickering area created? The fact is that a special tool is used for the coating. In addition to pigment and other components, it contains small metal particles, similar to glitter or sparkling dust. But it also uses a magnet to which these particles attract, accumulating and forming a vertical line. Everything ingenious is simple, but amazing.

What is required?

Before embarking on a manicure, you should prepare all the necessary tools or fixtures. Here is what you need:

  • Special gel polish with a cat's eye effect. As already noted above, it contains tiny metal particles interacting with a magnet. Особого внимания заслуживают такие марки как «Lianail», «TNL Magnet», «Bluesky CAT EYE».
  • Баф.
  • Жидкость, которую вы обычно используете для обезжиривания ногтей.
  • Маникюрный набор.
  • Базовое средство и финишное.
  • Магнит (конечно, специализированный).
  • Ультрафиолетовая лампа.
  • Салфетки для маникюра без ворса.


Итак, как сделать маникюр «Кошачий глаз»?

  1. First you need to prepare your nails: completely remove the old coating from them, give shape and make a regular manicure. Next, degrease the plates to increase grip.
  2. To the coating was the most resistant, you should use the basic tool. Cover them with nail plates and dry the layer using an ultraviolet lamp (turn it on for about two or three minutes).
  3. Next, use the main gel polish with a cat's eye effect. How to apply it? Usually, like any other varnish. If it is liquid, then you will need two layers (the second is applied after the first is dried).
  4. Immediately after applying the product, bring the magnet as close as possible to the nails and hold it for about 10 or 15 seconds so that all the metal particles will be attracted and form a flickering line.
  5. Apply a topcoat.
  6. Next, dry the nails in the UV lamp for about 3-4 minutes.
  7. Scrub the surface of the nails with lint-free wipes.


A few helpful tips that will make the coating perfect and resistant.

  • To enhance the effect, you can apply a black lacquer under a specialized tool with the effect of a cat's eye.
  • Do not make the layer too thick, in which case the effect will be less pronounced.
  • You can use not the usual thin vertical magnet, but the figured one. Then instead of the usual stripes on the nails will remain interesting flickering patterns. And it looks very original!
  • Add a manicure "Cat's eye" design, but do not overdo it, because the emphasis should be exactly the effect. For example, you can stick the rhinestones on the nail plates of the ring fingers or add them with patterns: prints of cat paws, corresponding animalistic prints (leopard spots, tiger stripes) or images of cats.
  • Before using a cat's-eye lacquer, actively shake the bottle so that the metal particles are mixed with the other components and distributed in composition. In addition, you can slightly warm the contents by compressing the packaging in your palms (this will make the product less thick and provide a more comfortable application).
  • The closer you bring the magnet to the plate, the more pronounced the effect will be. But do not touch the nail, otherwise you just smear varnish.
  • Even if you understand how to do a manicure, do not get to work. First, practice on an artificial nail or on any flat surface to understand how the tool works, how to handle it correctly.
  • If the varnish is light, then it is better to apply in two layers. Or put a dark background under it, then the flickering pattern will be more pronounced.
  • It is important to use a high-quality magnet with a powerful pulling effect, otherwise the strip will be almost imperceptible, since the particles will move to the center defectively.
  • If you want to make the strip wider and barely noticeable, then do not hold the magnet to the nails too close, but move it away a little. The distance may be about 5-7 millimeters. But if the fixture is held too far, it will not affect the metal particles at all.
  • It is not necessary to position the magnet strictly vertically. You can hold it horizontally or even diagonally, it all depends on your imagination.
  • To prolong the service life of the coating, avoid negative or aggressive effects on it, such as temperature drops, detergents, acids, solvents, and so on. All homework is best done in thick rubber gloves.

If you are interested in the “Cat's Eye” manicure, then get everything you need, study the instructions and start creating such an amazing effect on your nails!

Manicure cat eye gel polish: fashion trends 2018

This season, nail service masters are inclined to dark colors. They assure that by choosing a green tone with a malachite effect, wine (red) shades or dark blue, black, gold, brown, hot pink, chestnut color, you will be in trend. The effect of the cat's eye looks especially interesting in cherry, plum, violet variations.

Blue, purple, gray, malachite, green, olive, gold - these are just a few of the currently popular shades that are used to create a fashionable manicure.

Beautiful gel varnish cat eye on the nails, photo

Blue gel varnish cat eye on the nails, photo

To complement such a fashionable manicure, you can cast, sequins, acrylic powder, pattern and rhinestones.

Now experienced nail art masters can draw any masterpiece on their nails with the help of an ordinary thin brush. Monograms, geometry, thematic drawings, pictures in origami style, etc. remain popular. Often, drawings are applied to a matte surface with a transparent thick top. In this case, the picture is not very striking, but beautifully shimmers in the rays of light.

Painting on a matte gel polish Cat's eye transparent top

Beautiful spring and autumn design, which is very easy to do yourself. A matte top is applied to the finished coating, dried, after which large drops of the top are randomly affixed and immediately sent to the lamp to prevent spreading.

Beautiful stone on the nails can be depicted in several ways, one of them involves the use of magnetic varnish. The sequence is as follows:

  • a large drop of gel polish cat's eye, setting glare, drying,
  • on top is another large drop of top for fastening and volume,
  • to elevate the stone can be brooches, casting, rhinestones or otherwise.

Charming and incredibly popular design now. You can lay out the pattern yourself, using sets of rhinestones with different diameters and bouillas, or you can buy ready-made shaped decorations for inlay.

Another kind of fairly simple nail design. Mosaic can be bought ready, and can be cut from foil by the type of broken glass.

This is a new trend in the design of nails with magnetic gel polish. Running is also not very difficult. During the application of the last layer of gel polish, a highlight is set, then a brush is taken and a pattern is drawn. The result is fixed in the lamp and overlapped with a finish varnish. You can draw artistic lines, flowers or an abstract pattern.

Today, this design is often used for decorating a festive manicure. The texture of the reptile is applied with gel paint (if you wish, you can make a brilliant impression with foil). Then drop large drops of top consistency of the consistency, fixing them periodically in the lamp.

Another new nail art. Wet manicure is usually made a classic gel polish, but in the version with a cat's eye, it looks fascinating. Every girl who has the necessary set of UV manicure and a couple of magnetic gel polishes in the arsenal can make such a masterpiece with her own hands. Two layers of black gel polish are applied, only the latter is not dried. A cat's eye drops a lacquer drop gently on it in the form of a pattern, a highlight is set and dried in a lamp. The result is fixed top.

Monogram and cat's eye - this is a classic, which does not go out of fashion, but only with each season it becomes more and more beautiful. But among the new products can be identified geometric mosaic magnetic gel varnish. A dark, ordinary gel polish is applied, it is dried, then it is painted on it with markings and alternately fill it with a cat's eye cover, at the same time exhibiting glares at different angles. Each element of the mosaic is applied and dried separately, so that the ornament does not spread.

Patterns and monograms

Manicure gel varnish Cat's eye with geometric pattern

The overall trend is characteristic not only for magnetic coatings. Mixing in one design different manicure techniques, different décor and some design novelties is now in fashion.

Magnetic gel polish Cat's eye: a review of brands

In this section, we took the most popular brands of gel polishes with the effect of a cat's eye and, based on the feedback from the nail masters, we made a brief summary of each of them.

Offers gel polishes with a dense texture. The color palette consists of more than 50 shades. The company was founded in 2005. The brand is distinguished by the fact that it offers quality materials for nail design at very attractive prices.

Have a thick texture, therefore, have a good density. The color is saturated and deep, even if applied in a single gel polish. Especially this effect is seen in varnishes with a golden hue.

They contain a small amount of metal particles, so the result is blurry, the overflow effect is not sufficiently pronounced, only a barely perceptible glow is created.

Offers gel varnishes in a set with a black base, allowing to apply the coating only once. It is very convenient. The high content of metal particles provides a clear picture. The disadvantages are the fact that you need to work with such varnishes quickly, because if you do not have time to dry in time, the strip turns out to be blurred.

They have a dense texture, give a deep and rich color. Due to the presence of a large number of metal particles, the strip is assembled very quickly. It is a pleasure to work with such varnishes.

Gel varnishes are brands that have a rather dense consistency, they are easy to wear and do not give smudges. In the collection of 12 deep shades. The “cat's-eye” strip is going pretty fast, but under the matte top the effect is barely noticeable.

How to make a cat's eye design?

Today, many people want a manicure with the “Cat's Eye” design. Moreover, with all the necessary tools and materials, you can even perform it at home. This design is universal, and even suitable as a manicure for short nails. For work, you need a base, top coating and of course the main varnish creating the desired effect.

Any design begins with the preparation of the nail plate. Only after the nails are processed and prepared, you can proceed to the main stage of work.

  • The first step is to apply the base, which must be dried in a UV lamp for a few seconds.
  • Gel lacquer "Cat's eye" is applied, right there you need to bring a special magnet to the floor (it is always included), after a couple of seconds a pattern forms on the nails (it can be a diagonal, oblique or straight line). The coating is dried in the UV lamp. In order for the result to be perfect, you need to work with each finger separately. Of course, such a process will take a lot of time, but the end result is worth it.

Manicure Cats eye: step by step photos of applying gel polish

Apply base and thick black gel polish.

We apply gel varnish with the effect of a cat's eye and a magnet to create a glare on the dried coating.

Dry in the lamp. Then you can fix the result with a top or apply a transparent colored gel polish and only then top.

Another fashion trend is a matte manicure with the “Cat's Eye” design. To obtain a matte effect, a special matte top is used, which is applied at the final stage of work.

Matte Top on Gel Polish Cat's Eye

It should be noted that the matte and glossy effect is perfectly combined with each other, so do not be afraid to experiment.

Photo manicure Feline eye with design

Manicure "Cat's eye" - a bright solution for everyday life. Are you dreaming to make a beautiful cat-eye manicure? Then go ahead! We are ready to share with you with fresh ideas, thanks to which you will be able to create incredible beauty on your hands!

Manicure video lessons using gel polish Cat's eye

Manicure ideas with the use of magnetic gel polish

Manicure with the design "Reptile"

Fashionable design with gel polish cat eye wet

Fashionable colors manicure with photo

The effect of "cat's eye" can be obtained from the use of gel varnishes of the appropriate type, this coating is completely ready for use. Beautiful modulations are obtained after the first layer, and special magnetic gel polishes can create amazing effects on the nails.

Color manicure also matters. Light shades provide an unobtrusive impression, dark saturated colors look rich and stylish. Color manicure is better to choose considering fashion trends. It is possible to choose in most glossy coatings, to make a matte effect is also possible using a special top.

Looks great on long, short nails. Green color manicure self-sufficient, does not require additional decorations. But if the chosen design implies it, then it is better to use decoration with rhinestones or stones. Such decor elements will fall under the green cat-eye manicure. Glitters, bouillons, etc., will only cheapen the appearance of green marigolds. A true stylish touch in the image will be a deep emerald shade of manicure.

Swamp, brown shades of green go well with golden elements of decor. The light tone of the marsh is compared to chrysoberyl stone, in its external similarity with it. This shade is most reminiscent of a cat's eye. The reflections of turquoise or emerald in the coating can be conveniently framed with silver and gold jewelry.

Dark shades - black and brown

If we take into account the frequency of using dark shades on the nails of domestic and foreign celebrities, then their presence in the trend becomes obvious. A presence in the manicure "cat" overflow only emphasizes the intentions of women of fashion to look at all the requirements of the trend.

Dark colors, namely black, brown colors, are relevant for everyday life, evening out or celebrations. A spectacular manicure will turn out, if you add it to the decoration of rhinestones, interesting pattern.

Black shades are universal in use, they are relevant for various events of any subject. The palette of shades of brown can easily be used in a manicure of military style, but also for a classic manicure is perfect. It is possible to refine a dark shade, using pastes or liquid stones that imitate precious, golden lacquer.

Blue and purple colors

Excellent manicure in blue color suitable for any season and event. Overflows will add a noble blue look and special charm. This is especially true of dark shades. Blue manicure of any shade, but with the effect of "cat's eye", will perfectly harmonize with any outfit and beautify even short marigolds. Matte monochromatic coating without design also looks impressive.

Violet rich color of pinkish or bluish tone will make the manicure ideal and almost universal:

  • Looks beautiful on nails of any length
  • can be used for any life situations
  • effectively decorated with any elements: rhinestones, rubbing, casting, etc.

Violet light colors will ennoble the nail plate of women of different ages, while they will look unobtrusive and elegant. Especially they will suit young beauties.

Shades of red, pink and burgundy

Bold, but at the same time trendy colors for nail design, will appeal to every woman. Just select your optimal shade:

  1. Red tones are good for different ages, especially if you pick a lipstick of a similar shade. The shape and length of the nails can be different, so that the red color looks harmonious. To this color manicure you can pick up a variety of jewelry. Particularly impressive are liquid stones, mica or foil.
  2. Pink color manicure will not stand out much, this is perfect for everyday wear. He will also become a lifesaver if plans change quickly and you need to suddenly attend some kind of official event. Among the suitable jewelry can be distinguished rhinestones, liquid stones, semi-beads.
  3. Elegant and fashionable burgundy "cat" cover for nails looks luxurious and stylish. A good choice - matte monophonic manicure. Perhaps the embodiment of different design ideas burgundy nails: from painting to complex applications.

If you selectively use haze and gloss, you can get an interesting manicure for a lady of any age.

Drip design

A very unusual, but rather simple option to draw your marigolds in the form of wet droplets - this is the drip design. Volumetric hemispheres on the nails are made simple: at the stage of the final coating, apply the top with “dots” with the dots and dry them in the lamp. After that, the application of an additional top coat of gel polish or is not required. By making droplets of different sizes at close range, and even with the coloring of the grooves between them, you can create different effects.

Such a design can decorate every nail, but it is better to make droplets on selective nails (traditionally - medium and nameless). You shouldn’t add a drop design with anything, because you don’t have to forget that the base already has a decoration - overflow. A tandem of droplets with elements of nail decor can lead to a total a la "bad taste".

To spoil their design is not easy, but still many people manage. Especially, it turns out at "cat's" manicure. Rhinestones better to have a type of moon manicure - at the nail bed. And then, this should be done carefully, so as not to overdo it with the quantity. Alternatively, rhinestones can be placed along the nail in the middle, in the form of a geometric figure, singly in different parts of the nail plate, in addition to liquid stone, etc.

Стразы прикрепляют на последнем этапе, после того, как просохнет гель-лак и уже будет получен эффект кошачьего глаза. После нанесения топового слоя, стразы располагают по ногтю, следуя задуманному дизайну, и просушивают.

Мозаичные переливы

Очень модное направление в дизайне – мозаика на ноготках. Особенно красиво это получается, если использовать «кошачий» гель-лак. To create a stunning design in such a technique is not difficult if you have a cat-eye gel polish on hand.

But in addition you will need a coating of a different color (preferably a contrasting one, the best option is black). Next is to follow the steps:

  1. apply a base coat on the nail,
  2. make up the second color (for example, black), dry, do not remove stickiness,
  3. draw varnishes with sharp angles (triangles, quadrangles) with a “cat” overflow, positioning them close to each other,
  4. dry, remove stickiness, secure top.

Effectively, the mosaic looks on nails from medium length and more. It is not recommended to decorate each nail with this design. If you brush geometry with a brush, using the technique of applying "in a different direction", then the overflow will be more voluminous.

Elegant curls on the nails can be created in different ways. The most popular is painting with acrylics, gel polish. With the “cat” design, another technology of application of curls is popular: on a dry coating of gel varnish with a top, with the same top draw a monogram (it is better to take a thin brush) and dry it in a lamp. If you add foil to the process (pressing it to the resulting monograms after drying), then the result will be casting.

You can also draw monograms, the main thing is to choose a good color for them. If you do it with acrylic paints, then curls paint on dried gel polish without stickiness, and at the end cover with a finish.

Art painting on wet gel polish

Thanks to this painting, you can get a unique and spectacular design. The technique may eventually differ slightly if there is a small amount of pigment in the gel polish.

Manicure usually starts: preparation of the nail plate, primer (base), the first layer of varnish. If it lays down evenly and does not leave gaps, then the repeated layer can not be applied. If it turned out slightly transparent or a layer with stains, then it is worth drying and applying varnish once more.

The painting is done on the undiluted gel polish on the first (and last) or second layer. The necessary shade of the second lacquer is chosen and the decor is painted. It is better to choose a monochromatic drawing at first, so as not to get lost in the variety of colored lines. After completion, all the "art" is dried and covered with top.

The thicker the undried layer of varnish, the harder it will be to paint it. The second color will fade or completely disappear under the main layer.

How to make a cat manicure magnetic varnish

Unexplained magic occurs when marigolds are painted in a cat's eye magnetic varnish. But this magic is impossible without two things: artificial turf with magnetic particles and a special plate template.

Necessary tools and tools for "cat" magnetic manicure

But there is no magic here. Metallic particles that are in the varnish, do not show any action, until you bring a magnetic strip (plate) above the surface of the nail. They are with different patterns on the surface, and they affect the result.

To take advantage of this miracle of physics and cosmetology in one bottle is very simple. After performing the basic actions with the nail plate (stripping, primer), you can apply a magnetic gel polish "cat's eye". Without drying the layer, bring the magnetic plate parallel to the surface of the nail.

The process of obtaining a picture, using magnetic varnish "cat's eye"

Magnetic particles will repeat the pattern of this template, and on the nail will remain a special overflow in its shape. After that, you can dry the layer and cover the top.

Brands gel polishes with overflows

Banal glossy pretty fed up. They cover them for quite a long time, maximum - apply a special tool that will make the gloss matte. But you still need to keep up with the times. But this truth is not shared by all brands that develop gel varnishes. Popular manufacturers, who follow fashionable novelties, have developed their own color palettes, which are pleased to offer a female consumer audience.

Popular brands of magnetic varnishes

The whole motley assortment of coatings is represented by this manufacturer. In addition to a simple "cat" radiance, there is a special palette designed for magnetic manicure. Combining these possibilities of varnishes, you can create original effects without much effort.

The budget version of the "cat" gel polishes has a rich palette of colors and shades. Soft spills of color look luxurious. Dries very quickly, mixes well with other colors.

The brand adored by many masters of nail art did not lag behind, but immediately released two palettes of cat-eye gel polishes with a classic overflow and a magnetic effect. Magnetic plates with various patterns are also available to create manicure magic on the nails.

Feline effects in dimension 5D offers brand Naomi. A palette of promising: enough shades for the most demanding lovers of manicure. In addition to gel polish 5D there is a classic range of colors with the effect of "cat's eye". Overflows are diverse, from different angles of view, color reveals its new facets.

A progressive brand that develops in tandem with fashion and offers its latest art developments to nail art fans. It inspires a color palette: here you can find original shades that combine the saturation of color and the softness of the overflow.