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25 years of wedding: what a wedding and what to give to her


In modern life, you don’t often see a couple who have reached a silver wedding.

And the more valuable this holiday, the higher its solemnity. After all, if the couple went through life together, hand in hand, a whole quarter of a century - it is admirable!

The twenty-five year anniversary, a silver wedding, is the most significant day in all married life, a milestone in the life of spouses. Husband and wife together 25 years is serious! And how much has been accomplished together, how many events, changes and adventures have occurred, how many have been understood and discovered in this long time.

What great wisdom has come over the years, how many mistakes have been made and corrected, now the family is really strong and strong. Prior to this anniversary, there were other “metal” ones: cast iron, tin, and so on, but these metals symbolized only strength, and only silver - a symbol of nobility, purity and sublimity.

This suggests that the family is now like silver, not only durable, but the spouses are aware of its great value, learned to behave nobly towards each other, respect and understand, forgive and love, give care and disinterested respect.

There is no place for empty insults and claims, unfounded jealousy and anger. But there is a reliable fortress - a family hearth, grown-up loving children and many bright plans for the future life together.

How to spend this momentous day? What are the requirements for a silver wedding and what should it be?

Great Anniversary Traditions

Of course, the silver wedding anniversary is not just a weighty reason to gather guests and arrange a feast. This is an important milestone in the life of spouses, which will not happen again - and on this day there is a lot to be done, to understand, to think about a lot.

In addition, the silver wedding has its ancient traditions and rituals that must be strictly observed - they will help strengthen the family and bring happiness to the house for many years.

Rituals for two

A very beautiful tradition of silver wedding is the so-called first kiss of the spouses. He is really the first - in the new life stage, and such a ritual allows you to start a new life filled with love and tenderness.

The spouse should in the morning, immediately after waking up, gently kiss her beloved husband. And the longer and sweeter this first kiss is, the more harmonious, longer and happier the future family life will be.

There is still a beautiful scenario for spouses - this is the morning "silver washing." In the early morning, preferably with the dawn, the couple go to the river. Well, if this is a problem, then at least to the bathroom.

They should wash from a silver jug ​​or bowl - with ice water, washing each other three times. For the first time, the old life is washed away with its problems, the second time - illness and resentment disappear, and the third washing gives a new life and hope for happiness.

Wet silverware to be put in the house. The sooner it dries, the more harmonious and happier the family will be.

Celebration traditions

As for the holiday itself, the script can be anything. Of course, the celebration should be lush - it is believed that the silver wedding should certainly pass with no less scope than the first, real wedding.

There should be an interesting and original script, a lot of beloved and dear people, to sound the best congratulations, songs and poems, toasts and wishes. It is important that at least 25 guests are present at the celebration - and better more! You can invite anyone who is dear and loved.

The table should be served in silver - as much as possible silver appliances, beautiful silver utensils and decor. The festive hall should also be decorated with silver balls, ribbons and other decorations. The dress code also includes silver outfits and accessories.

A very beautiful scenario of a silver wedding ceremony is the exchange of rings. This is an important ritual that has serious meaning for the couple. The couple, once again becoming newlyweds, solemnly exchange silver rings, and again swear to each other.

Gold rings are removed in a safe place - until the golden wedding! This beautiful ritual is important to perform, because it will strengthen the relationship and live in harmony for another 25 years, or even longer.

As with the first wedding, the couple again cut together a luxurious cake or loaf. Well, if the knife is silver, but it can be a simple knife.

In general, the whole celebration should be like the first time! You can celebrate at home, in the banquet room, cafe or on the nature, but the place should be very beautiful and luxuriously decorated.

Husband and wife dress up like a wedding, only a little more modest - because they have matured. A woman puts on a white dress with silver accessories (bag, shoes, etc.) and be sure to have silver jewelry. A man can wear a light suit, and a silver tie.

Mandatory attribute of this celebration - white flowers. Roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, lilies - any beautiful bouquets should be everywhere, in luxurious abundance.

Regarding dishes there are no rules, the table should be rich and abundant, but from the drinks must be present white champagne - the first toast is raised with champagne.

At the table, songs, poems, toasts, congratulations and wishes to the "newlyweds" should be heard. Everything, like the first time!

It will be good if someone comes up with unusual and interesting games, contests and entertainment. You can even invite a good presenter to a silver wedding - he will prepare not only poems and songs, but also original contests and entertainment.

Traditional gifts that bring happiness to the family

What is customary to give on this momentous holiday, and what greetings will be happy for the spouses and bring well-being to their home? Of course, the silver wedding itself involves gifts from silver.

They should be worthwhile, valuable and worthy, but if it is not possible to give the spouses something valuable, then it is not a bad thing. The main thing is that the congratulation be sincere - and even if you come empty-handed, the spouses will be pleased with pleasant words, memorable cards or souvenirs, and even poems or songs that were invented specially for them.

  • Congratulations from her husband should be special. For this celebration, the wife needs to give silver jewelry.
  • Necklace, bracelet, earrings, and better - a beautiful and elegant set of jewelry. This will be not just an addition to her collection of knick-knacks, but a valuable talisman endowed with special power - this decoration will be a charm for the family, and will bring happiness.

  • Congratulations wife is equally important. Husband can give silver cufflinks and a hairpin for a tie, cigarette case, or also jewelry - a chain, pendant, bracelet.
  • It is worth giving each other memorable and pleasant souvenirs in addition to gifts - postcards, photo albums, film-memories. It is also useful to be congratulated in the form of a romantic breakfast in bed, walking around memorable places, or going to the movies. When did you go somewhere together for the last time?

  • Children can give parents a family tree in the form of a figurine with photos, and it may not be silver, but simply silver, inexpensive metal. Such gifts as a family album, a portrait or even a comic cartoon, postcards and memorable souvenirs are good.
  • Friends and relatives can give spouses silverware and dishes, and women can give modest silver jewelry. Any silverware will be a valuable gift.
  • You can give and not silver, but just silver figurines, candlesticks, beautiful decor items for the house.
  • Also, do not forget about souvenirs - postcards, symbolic greetings, original souvenirs.

The silver wedding anniversary is an important milestone in family life, when it is necessary to realize your mistakes and correct them, change your behavior and become better, start a new life. And of course, to spend this day unforgettably - in a noisy circle of the most beloved people! Author: Vasilina Serova

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Silver wedding - a sign of family stability

So, 25 years of wedding. What a wedding, what to give, basically, decide guests. But tradition has long dictated its own rules. Silver is believed to be a fairly hard and durable metal. Year after year, marital relationships become stronger and more proven.

Husband and wife learned to understand each other at a glance, sometimes - and from a half-look. For a long time, the family experienced many anxieties and joys. Had time to appear, and grow up children. And the celebration of a silver wedding becomes a well-deserved gift to spouses for everything they experienced together.

How to celebrate 25 years of wedding

Silver is not only precious, but also a very noble metal. Silver Planet - The Moon, which symbolizes wisdom and intuition. The relations between the spouses become the same wise and intuitive. After so many years, it is necessary to celebrate well 25 years of wedding. What a wedding, what to give, what to prepare treats and whom to invite - the hostess is full of pre-holiday troubles, which so much resemble the very first family holiday! You can celebrate at home, doing it yourself. And you can roll a feast and invite guests to a fashionable restaurant. After all, a silver wedding happens once in a lifetime, and the memory of it should remain until the last days.

Traditions and customs

Celebrating a silver wedding, we should not forget about some traditions.

25 years of wedding! What a wedding, what to give and how to organize a celebration in such a way that everyone, both the hero of the day and the guests, will be satisfied, depends largely on the owners of the house.

  • According to custom, guests for an anniversary should be invited 25 days before the celebration.
  • There should be a lot of guests, at least 25 people.
  • On the day of the celebration, the couple must exchange silver rings, which they will wear on their right hand. From now on, gold handcuffs are kept in a casket.

  • Great importance is attached to the weather on the day of the 25th anniversary of the wedding. It is believed that the sun and clear sky promises a bright and happy family future. Cloudiness foreshadows some difficulties in the life of the spouses.
  • A festive table can be rich and varied. But an integral dish is the loaf, which the spouses should cut together, holding on to one knife. Well, of course, champagne on this day should flow like water.

Joint gift to spouses

Without generous gifts - what kind of wedding? What to give to spouses who have lived together for 25 years? Of course, silver, as well as all sorts of interior elements, trimmed with silver.

  • A luxurious gift can be a beautiful floor clock or a picture in a silver frame.
  • Not be superfluous and silver service or a set of silverware.
  • The symbol of family happiness will be a silver horseshoe, subsequently attached above the entrance door. The product will be a kind of amulet, giving welfare and escaping from negative phenomena.

25 years of a wedding ... What kind of wedding that they give in this case depends on the imagination and possibilities of the guest. The main thing is that the gift came from the heart and was presented with generosity and good thoughts.

Mutual gifts of wife and husband

Of course, a quarter of a century lived together, is not without joint surprises of the spouses to each other. Often the husband asks the question: what to give his wife for 25 years? What kind of wedding will get a lot of mystery - with an early romantic surprise or a traditional gift? Of course, surprises are loved by almost all people. But zealous housewives who become brides after 25 years of marriage, also prefer practical gifts.

Therefore, the best gift from a husband to his wife can be bedding, household appliances, and even furniture. Of course, do not forget about gifts for the soul. A pleasant surprise will be a romantic trip or a subscription to the spa. Even the most captious lady will not be able to resist a delighted exclamation when her beloved husband will present a gift she did not expect.

And what should my wife give to her husband? What is a wedding - 25 years? This is an unforgettable celebration, and the gift should also be a memorable one. For a man who is fond of ennobling his own house, a great gift can be a set of tools. Pleasant will be the gifts needed for your favorite activity - a hobby. For example, fishing rods, spinning, a set of original hooks will be a pleasant surprise for the avid angler.

Gifts for parents from children

And what can children give to parents? Surprise also depends on the fantasy and the desire to please loved people.

First of all, what wedding is without flowers? 25 years! What to give parents, in addition to beautiful flower arrangements and lush bouquets? Of course, you can get by with just such a gift. But the spouses will be doubly pleasant if the flowers are complemented, for example, an invitation to a romantic dinner for two in a cozy restaurant. Naturally, a couple should go to such an event only together.

Also, visiting an interesting performance or going to the cinema can also significantly raise your spirits. A more practical gift will be beautiful bedding, and even an orthopedic mattress, which will be comfortable to rest on. However, even helping children in organizing the celebration will be a pleasant surprise for parents. The main thing is to think over everything in advance and surrender to the cause with all the zeal.

Traditions, customs

It is not known who invented the silver wedding scenario, but the whole day must pass according to him. Following the tradition, the couple, waking up early in the morning should kiss each other without getting out of bed. It is believed that the longer the kiss lasts, the longer the family union will be. Next, the path of the spouses lies to a living source, where they have to draw water in their silver jug ​​in order to perform the ritual of washing. First, the wife helps her husband three times to wash. Then he pours water on the palm of his wife, helping her to wash. Why exactly three times? The first time a husband and wife wash away the years, they become younger. For the second time, problems and sorrows that have accumulated over 25 years of married life are washed away. Washing for the third time, sad thoughts about the future are washed away. "Newlyweds" gently wipe each other's face with a snow-white towel, personifying the purity of their relationship.

Remaining in a jug a few drops of water should be dry in the sun. To do this, put the vessel in the yard or on the balcony. Sorrows and hardships leave this close-knit family with evaporating drops of water in the vessel. As soon as it becomes dry, you can proceed to the exchange of silver rings. The custom, during which the "newlyweds" exchange rings, held in a solemn atmosphere will remind the spouses of the wedding day and will remain in memory for a long time. The golden rings for the year neatly fit into the box. On the "bride" during the exchange of rings should be a white dress, prepared for a silver wedding, on the groom - a festive wedding suit. If desired, a wedding ceremony is held, guests are invited (if their financial capacity allows, they should be at least 25). Congratulations with a silver wedding, sincere wishes of happiness and well-being, shouts of "Bitter." Guests are presented with "young" gifts.

What to give for a silver wedding

If the spouses are faced with the question of how to celebrate a silver wedding: in a restaurant, in nature or at home, then the guests think about what to give to a silver wedding for the “young”.

What to give to relatives and friends:

  • Following the name of the anniversary, gifts of silver are presented on this day. It can be cutlery or jewelry.
  • A set of quality bed linen with a silver pattern.
  • Decorative pillows with wedding symbols.
  • Exquisite tablecloth.
  • Household appliances in silver case.
  • A gift for a silver wedding may not correspond to the theme of the celebration. Then it is simply wrapped in silver-colored wrapping paper.

What to give to parents:

The Silver Wedding is an equally important event for the “young” children. The choice of a gift to parents for a silver wedding is huge. It all depends on the financial capabilities of the children, as well as the preferences of the parents. These can be gifts made for the wedding with their own hands or goods purchased in the store. You can give a silver medal with a memorable engraving or a portrait of parents, made by a skilled craftsman. The main thing - that it was an original gift, complemented by sincere congratulations.

What to give her husband a silver wedding:

  • Beautiful silver watch.
  • A silver chain, a bracelet will appeal to someone who is not indifferent to such things.
  • A pen made of this noble material and decorated with the initials of the gift.
  • Gift certificate in the gym.
  • Skydiving.

What to give your wife a silver wedding:

  • Romantic delicious dinner (it can be held both in the restaurant and at home).
  • Wedding anniversary cake.
  • Silver jewelry.
  • Стихотворение, написанное специально для того, чтобы сердечно поздравить свою любимую жену
  • Комплект красивого нижнего белья.

Серебряная свадьба − отличный повод сказать своей второй половинке о любви и уважении. Как известно, доброе слово ценится дороже всего. Поэтому независимо от того, каким будет подаренный сюрприз, поздравление должно быть искренним и душевным.

How to celebrate a silver wedding

The question of how to hold a silver wedding, spouses must decide in advance. Where will the "newlyweds" celebrate - their personal choice. The presenter should attend the festive event or celebrate the celebration without a toastmaster; the friends will help the young decide. Sometimes among the invited guests there is a “mass-entertainer”. He also comes up with fun contests for the silver wedding in advance.
It is advisable to send a beautiful invitation card to friends, children, parents on the eve of the celebration. Due to the fact that a silver wedding is an extraordinary event, the invitation must also be original.

The scenario of the silver wedding can be prepared both by the heroes of the occasion and their families. Invariably, the celebration of the anniversary of the wedding of 25 years begins with the dance of the "young", after which all the guests gather at the table and celebrate the "newlyweds". Of course, on this day, all attention is directed to the heroes of the occasion, toasts for a silver wedding are heard in their honor, beautiful congratulations are pronounced. Traditionally, the cake for a silver wedding or a regular loaf of the couple cut together, hold the handle of the knife. It speaks of their solidarity and readiness to go through the path of family life together until the end.