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Pedicure home with their own hands - step by step instructions


Some women do a pedicure only in the warm season, when you need to wear open shoes, and some completely neglect them. This can be understood, because in the salon such a procedure is quite expensive, and women do not have the time, skills, special tools to do pedicure at home with their own hands. The step-by-step instruction will tell about all the nuances of the procedure and its basic rules.

Basic tools and a few tips for choosing them.

The most necessary tools for a pedicure include:

  • nail clippers,
  • deburring nippers,
  • cuticle clippers,
  • scissors,
  • cuticle pusher
  • keratinous skin scraper,
  • nail file.

All tools should be small in size and comfortable to lie in your hand. They should also be well sharpened. The best material for manicure and pedicure tools is stainless steel.

In addition to these basic tools, there are also auxiliary ones. These include a bath, pumice stone for treating heels, cotton pads, napkins, moisturizing cream.

Pedicure variations

Many people do not know that there are several types of pedicure:

  1. Classic - the most popular procedure. It includes the treatment of nails, coating them with varnish, as well as massage and hydration of the feet.
  2. Apparatus pedicure is now becoming very popular in salons. It is used most often for problem skin of the feet.
  3. European. Many experts believe that this particular pedicure is suitable for beginners, because it is almost impossible to hurt yourself.
  4. Spa pedicure is called elite foot skin care, with which you can achieve a good result even with the most problematic feet.
  5. Combined pedicure combines classic and hardware.

All treatments include nail treatment, removal of horny skin and moisturizing feet. The main difference between the methods lies in the tools and cosmetics that are used. All these procedures can be done independently at home, with all the necessary tools, and in the cabin. To avoid unpleasant consequences, before starting work, you need to familiarize yourself with each type of procedure, its advantages and disadvantages.

Classic pedicure tools

Girls who prefer salon services should not bother about this topic. And if the procedure is done at home by yourself, then you first need to prepare tools for a pedicure. A description and purpose of each are given below. So, to make a beautiful pedicure yourself, you will need:

  • if there is a nail polish on the nails, then a nail polish remover,
  • warm water bath
  • pusher to push back the cuticle
  • cuticle clippers,
  • scissors and nail file to give them the desired shape.

If you need to cover the nails, you will still need to prepare a nail buff, colored varnishes and a degreaser (if not, then you can use alcohol).

Pedicure home with their own hands: step by step instructions

When all the necessary tools are prepared, you can get down to business. Classic pedicure step by step:

  1. First you need to remove the old varnish from the nails, if there is one. If not, then the legs should be lowered into the bath with water and wait a few minutes to skin on the feet softened.
  2. When the skin on the feet is soft, you need to move the cuticle from the nail plate. For this we need the side of the pusher in the form of a spatula. Pusher gently lifts the cuticle in the area of ​​the nail. After that, the cuticle should be cut with tweezers.
  3. Next you need a nail file to give the desired shape of the nails. If necessary, you can use scissors.
  4. After the cuticle has been removed and the nails are processed, you can proceed to the treatment of the feet. Horny areas need to be treated with pumice. Then, treat the treated feet with a moisturizer.
  5. Thus, a simple pedicure at home is ready, and you can begin to varnish.

For beginners, the process may seem rather complicated, but in reality there is nothing to worry about. On average, a classic pedicure takes about 40 minutes of time, and to maintain the result, this procedure should be done once a month.

Pros and cons of classic pedicure

The advantages of the trim pedicure include:

  • affordable cost
  • long effect
  • does not require any special fixtures
  • opportunity to do the procedure yourself.

Despite the positive side, edged pedicure has its disadvantages:

  • You can easily cut yourself
  • there is a high probability of infection through a cut,
  • to get a long effect and avoid negative consequences, you need a good specialist.

Perhaps the biggest drawback here is that not all the salons tools are sterilized according to all the rules, so you can easily infect the infection.

Appliance pedicure at home do it yourself: step by step instructions. Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Such a species appeared in Russia recently. For this procedure, you need a special machine for a hardware pedicure, which has grinding nozzles, a variety of cutters. The feet are softened with the help of a special preparation, and not soaked in a bath, as is done with a classic pedicure.

A few steps of hardware pedicure:

  1. The first step of the foot disinfected.
  2. Then a special preparation is applied to them for several minutes, softening the cornified skin.
  3. The next step is to proceed directly to the procedure. The device has various nozzles with the help of which they make a pedicure of any complexity: the device can remove calluses, warts, cracks in the legs, ingrown nails.
  4. After the procedure, a moisturizer or paraffin mask should be applied to the feet.

Usually, after such processing, the result is noticeable immediately, but in advanced cases it may take several sessions. The procedure takes about an hour.

The advantages of hardware pedicure include:

  • can handle hard to reach places
  • saving time by quickly cleaning the foot,
  • minimal risk of injury
  • painlessly.

The disadvantages include:

  • high cost of equipment
  • a small number of truly experienced and skilled craftsmen. For home use requires experience.

How to choose a machine for pedicure hardware

As already mentioned, the apparatus for pedicure is quite expensive. Now there are many models, different in price, configuration and quality. Beginners who want to purchase the device, experts advise to buy an inexpensive model first to try their hand. Before you do a pedicure, it is advisable for beginners to take a few lessons from specialists or at least familiarize themselves with the technique of performing the procedure on their own.

When choosing a device you need to pay attention to the material of the nozzles and the quality of the device itself. For professional pedicure, the best option is a vacuum cleaner. For home use, you can choose a simpler option. In a quality machine, there should be no vibration of the handle, it should be forced to cool and be durable as a whole.

European pedicure: the pros and cons

  • saves time compared to other procedures
  • there is no risk of injury and infection,
  • the end result is long.

The disadvantages of this procedure include:

  • the procedure is not suitable for unkempt legs,
  • to get a good result, you need a lot of sessions of the procedure.

European pedicure is performed without the use of tweezers or scissors. Cuticle removal occurs by applying a special cream that dissolves it. Then the peel is pushed aside with a special wooden stick. With each such procedure, the cuticle becomes thinner and thinner. The skin of the feet is ground by pumice. A noticeable result from such a procedure will appear after about seven procedures.

Combined and spa pedicure

Combined pedicure is a combination of hardware and classic. In this procedure, some zones are processed by the instrument, and some - by the apparatus. For a comfortable feeling of the foot, they first fall into the bath, and then wipe dry, and the next stage of the procedure is going on - hardware treatment of the feet and cuticle.

Experts believe that spa pedicure is the easiest method. At home, it can make every girl. Especially for spa pedicure created a lot of products containing natural ingredients to moisturize the skin of the feet. These tools allow you to remove dry skin without any unpleasant sensations. They usually contain essential oils and medicinal plants.

The main disadvantage of spa pedicure is its high cost. Also now there are very few salons and craftsmen involved in such a procedure.

In conclusion, I must say that not only women are interested in pedicure, men also need to monitor the skin of their feet. People who for some reason do not want to visit the salon, can do a pedicure at home with their own hands. The step-by-step instruction will be a great helper and will introduce all the nuances of the procedure.