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Bouquet of toys


Soft toys like all the fair sex, regardless of their age. Teddy bears and hares confidently occupy a leading position in the list of the most popular gifts. But you are unlikely to surprise the hero of the occasion if you just hand the toy into her hands. To present a pleasantly surprised and pleased a person, you need to be able to arrange it in an original way.

Bouquets of toys - a new direction in the design of gifts

In this article we will talk about how to make a beautiful and exclusive composition in the form of a bouquet. Anyone can create it, as in the master classes presented here, the technology of the product is described in great detail and clearly. Making bouquets of toys is a fascinating and very interesting occupation. We invite you to plunge into the creative process with us.

Learning to make a soft composition. Preparatory stage

In order to make a bouquet of toys with your own hands, the master class of which will be presented below, you will need the materials listed in the following list:

  • floral wire,
  • cardboard or old magazine,
  • Styrofoam,
  • corrugated paper of different colors
  • soft toys of small size - 5 pieces,
  • satin or nylon ribbon - 3 meters,
  • decorative elements: beads, bows, flowers,
  • glue "Titan", "Dragon" or thermogun,
  • wrapping paper or floral net,
  • stapler with staples,
  • Scotch,
  • scissors.

Making a bouquet of soft toys: a master class for beginners. Stage implementation

A sheet of thick cardboard or a magazine is twisted into a roll and wrapped with tape. This will be a pen-holder. By the way, for these purposes you can also use the base (cardboard tube) from under the food film or foil. From the foam cut out the detail of a square shape with sides of 10 centimeters. The edges of the workpiece gently round the stationery knife. Adjust the handle to the center of the foam part and press down slightly. As a result of this action, a dent is formed. Fill it with hot glue and insert the handle. We hold the structure in our hands for several minutes until the parts are held together. Keep in mind that the glue "eats away" foam, so do not apply it a lot. The resulting blank is wrapped with corrugated paper. With the help of pins we fix it on the base. Instead of paper for these purposes, you can use fabric - tulle, chiffon or organza. Paper wrapped handle, fastened with a narrow tape.

The stage of decorating the basics

We continue to perform the song "A bouquet of toys." The master class further explains the technology of attaching soft figures. Unfold the top edge of the corrugated paper so that the foam base is visible. Plush elements will be attached to it.

They can just stick. But the disadvantage of this method is that in the place of attachment the toys will be stained with this material and later, after the analysis of the bouquet, they cannot be used in games with the kids. There is a more gentle method of combining soft heroes with the basis of the composition. They can be tied with a ribbon. Consider this option.

Attach the tape with pins attached to the foam. At this place we plant a toy. We wrap a ribbon around a soft figure and tie a bow. Thus we fasten all the plush elements.

The final stage

Now you know how to make a bouquet from toys (the master class for beginners explained everything in detail). We carry out the packaging of the composition. For this we wrap the product with a large piece of floral mesh. She should not fit tightly on toys. Try to place it so that the figures do not press down and do not move. The edges of the grid are fixed with a stapler. On the handle we tie a magnificent bow made of nylon or satin ribbon. Also here you can attach a card with congratulations, hanging it previously on a thin braid.

How to make such a soft composition for the bride?

Very original and interestingIt looks like a wedding bouquet of toys. Such an addition to the bride's side gives the whole image tenderness and romance. The principle of making such a composition is practically no different from the previous one. The only thing you should pay attention to is the fixing of the figures. The newlywed on the wedding day moves a lot, and the bouquet with her. Therefore, toys need to fix very securely. And if you still do not want to use glue for this purpose, then we recommend you to hook plush figurines onto the wire. How to perform such a mount in the composition "Bouquet of soft toys"? The instruction will tell about it.

Cut the floral wire into pieces of 10 centimeters. We wrap a soft toy under this foot with this material. Twist the ends of the wire in the backrest between a few. Now let them down. Next, we pierce the foam base in the right places and "drive" the ends of the wire into it as deep as possible. Everything, a plush element of a bouquet is reliably attached. Further, the stage of decorating the composition is performed in the manner described in the previous sections of the article.

As for the toys themselves, then in the bridal bouquet it would be logical to place two figures in the form of a bride and a groom. These can be bunnies, bears or little men in appropriate outfits.

For the manufacture of a wedding bouquet most often used materials are white. To make the product look more interesting, you can enter into it elements of silver or golden color: beads, ribbons, flowers. Keep in mind that all the same in the image of the bride plays a major role in her outfit, so the bouquet should not be large. The composition of small toys, complemented by small flowers, in this case - the perfect option.

And beautiful, and fun, and delicious!

That is how you can characterize bouquets of sweets and toys. Such a composition is a 3-in-1 gift: sweets, flowers, and soft souvenirs. Make it not be easy. With all the necessary materials and tools, the manufacturing process itself takes no more than an hour. So, we learn to make an exclusive gift with our own hands.

For the work we need:

  • beautiful plastic flower pot without a hole in the bottom,
  • Foam rubber sheet thickness of 1-3 centimeters,
  • crepe paper of different colors or any beautiful fabric
  • bamboo skewers,
  • Scotch,
  • small soft toys
  • wrapped sweets (pyramid-shaped),
  • any croup,
  • heat gun,
  • awl,
  • scissors,
  • satin ribbon (wide),
  • wrapping paper or floral ribbon.

How are made bouquets of sweets and toys: a description of the process

Pour the cereal into a flower pot. She will play the role of weighting. Next, we cut a circle from foam rubber, the diameter of which coincides with the diameter of the opening of the container. We cover this billet grits. From above we apply corrugated paper or fabric, tucking its edges under foam rubber. The edges to the walls of the pot are glued with a hot gun. Next, proceed to the mounting figures. We pierce each toy with an awl. Apply glue to the skewer (not a lot) and insert it into the toy at the puncture site. Thus we fasten all the plush elements on the skewers.

After proceeding to the design of sweets. Each candy is fastened with a narrow tape on skewers. We wind the wrapper in the place of its twisting. It turns out the design on which the flat side of the sweet pyramid "looks" up. From corrugated paper of different colors we cut out strips 4-5 centimeters wide. Picking up fingers from one edge, we wrap these blanks around candy on a stick. Frill formed around the sweetness. Fix it with glue or tape. As a result, we get an element in the form of a flower. Now we decorate a bouquet with toys and sweets. We put in the foam base all these parts in the desired order. We try to insert the skewers as deep as possible. When all elements are attached, we wrap the composition with wrapping paper or a floral net. The edges of its fasten tape. Here is a sweet bouquet of toys. The master class is over.

Wishes to future masters

One of the main advantages of such compositions is that they will never fade and will for a long time please with their beauty the one to whom they were presented. Learn to make with their own hands the original bouquets of toys. Step-by-step photos of your work store as an example or to create a portfolio. And, maybe, this passion will soon grow into a job that will bring not only joy, but also income. We sincerely wish you this. Inspiration you and easy creativity!

1. A bunch of stuffed toys will never wither

Toys, unlike flowers, will never wilt, will not deteriorate and will not look worse. Such a bouquet will not go to the trash, it will remind your girlfriend, wife, mother or friend about you for a long time and will make you smile more than once at the next glance at it. And the good mood from such a gift is guaranteed.

In autumn and winter, it is especially important that the bouquet should go to its new owner as luxurious as it was in the store. Living flowers, unfortunately, can freeze in the cold, but such a danger does not threaten a bouquet of toys - just put it in a beautiful box, and you can bring it to the right place, unharmed, regardless of rain or cold.

2. Plush bouquet made from environmentally friendly materials

It is no secret that sometimes people are allergic to flowers: you can bring lilies and be surprised to see that the hero of the day was sick of your gift. Agree, not the most pleasant situation.

In the case of a plush bouquet, you should not worry about it: bouquets of soft toys are made from natural environmentally friendly materials, and, therefore, hypoallergenic. In addition, all the bouquets are made by hand, so a person will surely feel the warmth of the master’s hands and appreciate all the work he has done, on the merits - just like your originality.

3. A bouquet of bears can smell too

Those who choose a bouquet of toys as an original birthday gift may complain: it is a pity that the bouquet does not smell. However, this is not at all the case; a plush bouquet can smell exactly as you like or a birthday girl - you can sprinkle it with any perfume to your taste, or you can order a bouquet with a scent.

4. A bouquet of toys will be an excellent interior detail

Another undoubted advantage of this gift is that it will fit almost any interior. Like a normal bouquet, you can put it in a vase, attach it to a wall or put it on a table - a bouquet of soft toys will look appropriate everywhere.

Due to the huge choice of various colors, you can specially choose a bouquet so that it fits perfectly into the interior of the house and serves as a great addition to it, filling the room in which it will be, with warmth and coziness.

5. Bouquets of soft toys, like flowers, have their own symbolism

Choose a bouquet of toys is depending on what kind of emotions you want to express your gift.

For example, a bouquet of teddy bears means that the one to whom you give it is a charming, affectionate and kind person, sincere and direct. And if you present a bouquet of hares as a gift, then the hero of the occasion will surely understand that this is how you express your tender and warm feelings and, perhaps, want to take care of her. Kittens are a symbol of tenderness, childhood and good character, and bouquets of elephants, frogs or giraffes will show how an original person you think of who you are giving a bouquet to.

Bouquets of plush toys

A bouquet of plush toys - a universal gift. Due to its shape, it harmoniously combines the effect of composition and fluffy charm in the form of different little animals. Usually it consists of several figures of shaggy animals and has an openwork design of paper and textiles. A touching bouquet of soft toys can be presented to almost anyone and any event. It is often bought for adults and children (both for girls and boys). Such a gift would be appropriate at a children's party, at the birthday party or at the wedding.

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Bouquets of soft toys: advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of plush bouquets include their originality, durability and a variety of forms. In addition, such a gift does not require special storage conditions and can be an excellent addition

And the main plus is that the prices of such bouquets do not exceed the prices of ordinary flower arrangements.

There are few cons, the only one is the non-universality of the bouquet. About this below.

Who can give a plush bouquet?

One of the few drawbacks of giving plushness is its versatility. Think yourself - do not give the same thing to, say, the boss for his birthday? If only as a joke.

So who can definitely, and maybe even need to hand a toy bouquet:

  1. Little girl. This is especially true if there are no gift ideas. Up to 12 years, absolutely anyone can give this.
  2. Girl on informal occasions. For example, as a romantic gift. Although in some situations it will probably be appropriate even at an official event - for example, when awarding a diploma for the first place in the competition of soft toys.
  3. Mom. Such a gift made by hand will be especially valuable.

What does a toy bouquet consist of?

You can take absolutely any toys to create a bouquet - from classic bears to extravagant sticks, hearts, pigs, etc. I found a cool set of toys based on Minecraft - a gamer will appreciate

Usually a bunch of such make up of the following elements:

  • one or more toys
  • base sticks (or thick wire for stalks)
  • foam sponge
  • organza
  • additional decor of paper and fabrics, as well as all sorts of ribbons
  • corrugated paper.

In general, such beauty can be done by yourself, which I will show you today

A bouquet of toys with their own hands: a step by step master class

I must say that a bunch of flowers can be made very well. I will try to describe the general principle, which can already be used in the future for specific projects.

  • all that was described in the previous section
  • stick tube so that you can hold
  • adhesive tape
  • glue gun (optional)
  • wire cutters
  • stapler
  • scissors

The general course of creating the product is as follows:

  1. Take a foam base and give it a cone shape, but with a sharp tip cut off. In size, it should roughly correspond to the further size of the bouquet.
  2. All the toys (by the way, it can be one copy) are pierced through and through, hooked inside the packing and brought back. The wire should be long enough so that later it was easy to stick into the base and leave the ends pulled out - this is the base of the handle.
  3. Twist the remaining ends of the wire, stick the workpiece in the foam (again, through). You can, however, not twist the details, but simply glue them to the base of the glue-gun. But in this case, the composition can no longer be disassembled, so consider the age of the donee - for older people, you can glue it firmly.
  4. Now the most important task is to hide all the foam and wire elements. Use all your fantasy and available decorative elements - corrugated paper, organza, satin ribbons. Для этого можно просто красиво обернуть основу, развернув края гофрированной бумаги, а игрушки облепить листочками из неё же или из органзы, чтобы не просвечивали проволочные детали и пенопласт.
  5. Не забудьте замаскировать ручку красивой упаковочной бумагой.

Кстати, для подбора и создания декоративных элементов вам пригодятся следующие статьи:

You can somewhat simplify the process of creation: for this you can simply take beautiful sticks, which can be immediately glued to toys. Then the need for masking foam will disappear, you just need to hide the junction of the stems and toys in the above way.

Video to create plush bouquets

I think you have already seen that making a handmade gift with your hands is a snap. But now I want to show you the specific master classes so that you can see for yourself that even beginners have no problem making a cool bunch

The following tutorial video is much more detailed, I also highly recommend watching:

This article comes to an end. Share your impressions, and maybe even made bouquets. See you soon!

P.S. Subscribe and share your impressions! And do not forget to tell your friends about interesting material using repost

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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Very nice and romantic to get such a bunch for a change!)))

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Interesting idea. For a child to get such a bouquet would be very nice.

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Bouquets of nuts
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The benefits of cashews for women
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the benefits and harm of sunflower seeds

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Marshmallow gift

We need to prepare:

  • soft toys, in our case these are bears - 3 pieces,
  • list paper
  • crepe paper - 2-3 shades,
  • organza,
  • satin ribbons
  • hot melt glue
  • foam or ready-made basis for the bouquet,
  • artificial peonies.

Cut out a drawing paper circle, the diameter of which is slightly larger than the base for the bouquet. As a template, you can use the plate.

Cut a small triangle from the circle and glue its edges. Get the funnel.

From a cutout of paperman the size of A4 sheet we twist the tube, it will serve us as the handle of the bouquet. At one end we make notches. With the help of them, we attach the handle to the base made earlier on the glue.

From the crepe paper cut a strip 12-14 cm wide, and a length equal to the circumference of the funnel. Fold it in half and slightly stretch the edge of the fold with your fingers.

Now we impose on the edges of the funnel in such a way that the edge of the base is buried on both the inside and the outside. Again we use glue. From the outside, with another cut of crepe of the same color, close the funnel and the handle.

Paste the finished foam or ready-made base with white crepe and put it in the funnel. For better mounting use hot melt glue.

Pasting over the free edge of the inner side with a strip of crepe paper with stretched edges.

Attach bears to the base.

You can pass a piece of wire through the base of the toy and stick it into the foam, but if you do not intend to use the toy for its intended purpose, you can put it on glue.

Fill the space between cubs with flowers.

Organza cut into squares with sides of 7 cm. We fold the bags, as shown in the photo below.

And fill with such blanks the edge of the bouquet for toys and flowers.

The same bags can be made of white organza and decorated with beads. And decorate the central part of the bouquet with both organza varieties, and another flower will serve as a center.

Cut out of crepe paper two cuts of different shades, stretch the lower and upper edges. We wrap stripes at the base of the bouquet. Fasten all the ribbons.

A hand-made marshmallow bouquet is ready.

For boy

This bouquet will use shades of blue and yellow, which is undoubtedly suitable for a gift to a boy. However, you can change the color scheme and make a bouquet for the girl.

We will need all the same materials as for the previous master class, the only thing that will require 6 toys and some decor.

How to make a base for a bouquet of drawing paper step by step, see above. We cover the base with a piece of blue crepe paper, slightly stretching the edges.

We decorate the inner edge of the warp with a stripe mesh, lace or guipure.

We will fill the central part with decorative feathers of yellow shades.

Attach with the help of wire toys to a row of mesh. Here it is better not to use glue, as it is assumed that the child can play with dogs.

Two central dogs fasten wire back to back.

Take a small piece of foam, wrap a piece of drawing paper and fasten on it twin toys. Fill the gaps with mesh.

We place the central blank in the middle of the bouquet and cover it with feathers, attaching them with the help of hot melt glue.

We decorate the outer part of the bouquet with crape paper, netting and additional décor as desired.

Sweet bouquet

This option is suitable even for newlyweds for a wedding or anniversary. Prepare the following materials and tools:

  • three soft toys
  • a box of chocolates, in our version it is “Raffaello”,
  • crepe paper
  • organza,
  • a basket, preferably in the shape of a heart, but it doesn’t matter
  • hot melt glue
  • wire,
  • packing net,
  • satin ribbon and braid.

To begin with, we wrap the basket outside with golden crepe paper, we can cover the lower edge with a braid to match the tone and decorate with half beads, and fold the top edge inside the basket. We use hot melt glue.

Cut out squares from the grid and paste over the inner surface with them.

Place the segments, as shown in the photo below.

One more row is made of grid bags.

Pasting the handle of the basket with a 2.5 cm wide satin ribbon. Let us put gold on top - 0.5-1 cm.

Now let's fill the basket. If it is deep, then in order for the box of chocolates not to sink, you can glue a piece of foam plastic wrapped in paper to its bottom.

In this embodiment, the toys will join the box. To do this, glue on the lower legs the strips of double-sided tape and attach to the package of candies.

As a decor, we use artificial roses, place them with glue on the free edge of the grid.

As you can see, the production of such compositions does not take much time, does not require special skills and prohibitively expensive materials. For ideas and inspiration, check out the video compilation below.

Video on the topic of the article

Gift Benefits

First, his durability. Fresh flowers wither and crumble over time, and such a surprise will remind the birthday girl of your love and care for a long time.

Secondly, a bouquet can unleash and play with toysof which it is composed. This idea is especially relevant if the gift is intended for a small child.

Thirdly, availability. The purchase of all necessary materials does not require large financial costs.

A bouquet of soft toys: master class

Before proceeding to the detailed step by step description of actions to create a gift, we give a list of all the necessary materials. Immediately, we note that most of them can be purchased in the shop for needlework or in the department with stationery. So cook the following materials and tools:

  • Toys Desirable the same size. In our case, we will tell you how to make a bouquet of teddy bears.
  • Candies.
  • Floristic sponge.
  • Corrugated paper.
  • A small stick.
  • Ribbon, beads, floristic wire.
  • Scissors, hot glue.

How to make a bouquet: a walkthrough for beginners

Prepare all necessary materials in advance so that during the process you will not be disturbed by anything. Note that there are several important nuances. Ensure that all parts are securely attached and do not form voids. Toys should not contrast with each other. Старайтесь, чтобы цвета органично сочетались друг с другом.

Как сделать букет из мишек, мастер-класс по изготовлению подарка:

  1. Начинаем рукоделие с основы букета. Для этого вырежьте круг, сделайте в нём небольшую выемку для ручки букета. Ручку прикрепите клеем.It should rest comfortably in the palm of your hand, so decorate it with a beautiful ribbon.
  2. Take pieces of thirty centimeter wire by the number of toys. It folds in half and is wrapped around the toy. You should have something like a flower, a toy replaces its cup. Alternatively, you can use glue, but this method is less reliable.
  3. You can diversify the composition with flowers from candies. Adhesive tape attach candy to the wire. Pre-cut the petals of corrugated paper. They are gradually strung around candy. The edges of the paper can be pulled out, so the petals will look more natural. Choose your favorite birthday candy, in this case it will be pleasantly doubly pleasant: he will receive beautiful soft toys and tasty sweets.
  4. When you complete the creation of individual elements of the gift, they must be collected and form a bouquet. Start with large parts. On the basis of foam fasten toys. Then we close the formed gaps with candy flowers. Make sure the wire is hidden under the decorative tape. Even the details are important, be careful.
  5. Decorate polystyrene frame with colored paper, which is fixed with hot glue. Ready to tie a bouquet of ribbon and wrap paper.

If desired, the bouquet can be made without a frame. In this case, it is enough to wrap the finished parts with corrugated paper and fasten them with decorative tape.

Gallery: a bouquet of toys (25 photos)

A bouquet of toys with their own hands: a master class on creating a bouquet in a wicker basket

You will need:

  • wicker basket
  • Styrofoam,
  • skewers for kebabs or Japanese chopsticks,
  • glue, scissors, decorative tape, colored paper.
  1. Cut out the base of the foam. Pre-measure the bottom of the basket, as the base will overlap it. The basis is wrapped with corrugated paper. To hold the composition firmly, glue the base to the basket. You can use glue or double-sided tape.
  2. Pierce the toy with a skewer in the place where the seam is located. Do this carefully so as not to damage the toy.
  3. Wrap toys with colored paper and fasten with a ribbon.
  4. Gradually form a bouquet. Skewers are inserted into the foam. Gaps can be filled with felt or mesh, which are sold in stores for florists.
  5. Let's start to decorate the basket. Wrap the handle with a bright satin ribbon. If desired, you can glue the bow.

We looked at how to make a bouquet of toys with your own hands, step by step guide will help you cope with this work. The process of creating a bouquet is very entertaining, it will please not only adults, but also children. If you have a child, ask him to help you. Our master class does not require additional skills, everyone can perform it. A handmade gift can be added with a paper craft. In our case, you can make a postcard. On it write your wishes to the birthday man, you can write a poem. Crafts well complement the main gift. Agree, this is a great idea to create a unique presentation.