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What to give your best friend for the New 2019?


New Year is a special holiday for each of us. On this day, unity with dear people — relatives and friends — is especially strongly felt. And in order to cheer everyone up, it is imperative to choose good New Year presents. And we will try to help with this and offer suggestions that you can give to a friend for the New Year - a list of ideas and recommendations. With them, the search for a present will be easier and more pleasant.

What should be considered when choosing a gift, a list of ideas for bad gifts

At first glance, choosing a gift for a good friend is not difficult - after all, his interests and preferences are known. But you shouldn’t relax, it’s better not so much to remember about the hobbies of a friend, but to think about other moments such as:

  • The permissible cost of a present. Too expensive gifts, even between close friends - not the best idea. Even if you can afford a lot, you should not put your friend in an uncomfortable position, especially if he cannot respond with the same luxurious gift. It is better to give something inexpensive, but pleasant and sincere.
  • The scope of a friend. Gifts that are useful in the work - also a very good idea.
  • Marital status of a friend. If a friend has a family, you can make souvenirs for them. And if this is a gift to a married male friend from a girl, consider the possible reaction of his second half.

Going in search of a presentation, exclude in advance the options that do not suit you in any way:

  • Money. This is not a gift - it is financial assistance that can simply offend a person if they did not ask for it.
  • Useless trinkets and souvenirs from travel. Think about where your friend will put all this “wealth”? Throwing ugly, and usually they have nowhere to store, so do not create a friend problem.
  • Gift sets that are sold in stores. Such a gift directly tells the person that you did not bother to look for yourself, and this is insulting. If even time is sorely lacking, it is better to bring just champagne or collect a set on your own.

Try to make your gift as individual as possible, chosen taking into account all the wishes and preferences of a friend. Do not forget about the card. You can write on it comic greetings and wishes, or just something good.

Top 10 gift ideas for a friend for the New Year

  1. Snezkol or snow blaster
  2. The visit of a stripper dressed as a Snow Maiden
  3. Multifunction knife
  4. A set of screwdrivers or keys
  5. Thermal picnic backpack
  6. Organizer for a car trunk
  7. Set for a bath
  8. Multifunction knife
  9. Virtual reality glasses
  10. New Year's mouse pad

A list of ideas for men's gifts for a friend for the New Year

Only a good friend will be able to choose a truly necessary and interesting gift, a gift with a male character. It can be various tools for repair, useful devices for home and PC, items for hobbies and entertainment. The best useful "male" gifts from a friend:

  • A set of screwdrivers or keys,
  • A set of tools for car repairs in a compact case,
  • Drill or screwdriver, if your friend still does not have such a device,
  • The organizer for the trunk of the car, so that there always reigned order.

It is possible to choose something from accessories. A good gift will be a quality leather belt, wallet or purse. If a friend lives alone, you can take care of him and donate a slow cooker. This will greatly facilitate the preparation of food, for which comrade will certainly be grateful.

A great idea is to choose something related to a friend’s hobby. If you have a similar hobby, then it will not be difficult. The best gifts depending on the friend's hobby:

  • Thermal picnic backpack or thermos,
  • Mini vacuum cleaner for car or computer
  • Set for a bath with a cool inscription on the cap,
  • Fishing box for storing baits and tackles,
  • Computer or driving glasses,
  • New edition of the favorite author,
  • Folding BBQ,
  • Multifunctional knife.

If your hobbies do not match, and you are afraid to make a mistake when choosing a hobby item, give preference to a gift certificate from the appropriate store.

You can also give a good friend something just for a good mood, for example:

  • Magnetic darts for training accuracy and friendly battles,
  • A cool toilet roll holder, for example, with a built-in clock or even a radio,
  • A drunken game, like a tape measure or checkers,
  • Poker set,
  • Twister
  • Snezkol or snow blaster.

The dream of all men is a radio-controlled helicopter. He will please both the little boy and the respectable husband. You can choose something simple or fairly solid quadcopter with a camera, if the value of the gift is not too high. Handing such a gift, remember, you can easily break the party, because everyone will immediately run to launch a new toy.

You can also give a good friend a real man's adventure and fresh emotions. Best ideas:

  • The visit of a stripper dressed as a Snow Maiden,
  • Snowmobile rides
  • Tasting a whiskey or other alcoholic beverage,
  • Cocktail master class
  • Riding a fighter simulator,
  • Driving lesson tank.

Such gifts will surely be remembered by a comrade for a long time and will make this New Year's holiday special. And they will definitely strengthen your friendship.

A list of gift ideas for a friend from a female friend

Friendship between a man and a woman is not at all uncommon, but gifts in this case must be chosen carefully, especially if the recipient has the second half. It is better to give preference to something neutral and not too expensive. Good gift options:

  • Beautiful speakers for the computer,
  • Good alcohol in gift packaging,
  • New Year's mouse pad,
  • Funny mug with a funny, but not too personal inscription,
  • Ionizer air home or in the car,
  • Solar battery charger,
  • Thermo-mug interesting shape
  • Mini fridge for beverage can, working from a USB port.

It is quite possible to give a friend from a friend something tasty, for example, a Christmas tree made of sweets or a small basket with his favorite delicacies. If a friend is alone, you can make a treat with your own hands. Also a bachelor can be ordered to clean the apartment before or after the New Year. A married friend can be presented with two tickets to an interesting event, so that he can go with his beloved.

If you want friendships to flow into closer ones, you can choose a more romantic gift. New Year's holidays - a great time for the birth of true love.

List of ideas of original gifts to a friend for the New Year

If your friend is a true original and loves unusual things, it is advisable to find something appropriate as a gift. Good examples of such gifts:

  • Unusual T-shirt. Good comrades are usually aware of the interests and tastes of each other, and also know many secrets. Choose a print that accurately reflects the mood of the recipient or his character. For one hundred percent hit, you can order a T-shirt with the author's picture.
  • Site with your shared photos collected over the past year. It can be photos from parties, walks, general adventures. It will be nice to review them, and remember the interesting moments.
  • Table fountain or waterfall. If a friend works hard and gets tired physically and mentally, then a relaxing murmur will help him to relax and put his nerves in order.
  • Piggy bankwhich "swallows" or in another way takes the coins, making funny or scary sounds.
  • Box in the form of booksin which you can hide a nest egg or bottle of alcohol.
  • Cool alarm clock. He can run away, fly away, require some kind of active action to turn off, or simply be of enormous size and make terrible sounds. Such a gift is useful to a son who is often late for work or study, and for meetings with his comrades.
  • Beer mug, allowing you to raise an appetizing crema, if it fell. This is a great gift for lovers of fresh and fragrant drink.
  • Funny covers for documents. Included can also give a case for the gadget.
  • Points of virtual reality. This is a great gift for a lover of modern technology.
  • Drunk or dancing piles. If a friend sometimes drinks alcohol and treats his comrades, then such a gift will definitely come in handy.

Choosing a cool gift, remember the peculiarities of a friend's sense of humor. In no case can not joke on topics that can cause painful reactions.

The list of ideas of interesting and useful gifts to a friend for the New Year

As you know, most men prefer useful gifts, so a good idea is to combine value and originality. Good ideas such gifts:

  • A table for a laptop in the bathroom. He will help a friend at the same time take a bath and watch your favorite movie.
  • Coughing ashtray or smart lighter with engraving like a smoking friend.
  • Massager for the back or head. It will help to relax, relieve tension and even get rid of a headache.
  • Cool car stand for your smartphone. She will free her hands and decorate the car interior.
  • Massage cape for the driver's seat. It is useful to a man who spends a lot of time behind the wheel.
  • Inflatable cushion for the head and neck - Another device for the motorist. Also, the driver can give a useful device - an antison.
  • Gaming headphones. This is a good gift for a lover of computer toys.
  • Unusual flash drive. Choose a flash card of interesting shape, for example, in the form of a bottle or a weapon. You can also choose a metal stick with an engraving.

Choose what to please your dear friend this New Year. Do not forget also about presenting a present. It should definitely be beautifully packaged and signed. The gift can be hidden under the Christmas tree or handed from hand to hand. But it will be much more interesting to arrange a contest for friends or to change into new-year characters and demand poems from all of them. Joke, have fun and please each other, have fun, celebrate the holiday, and the whole next year will also be easy.

Purely male practical, cool and original gifts

A gift to a good friend is clearly not a symbol of the year 2019 and not a super useful, but a banal thing. Leave sweaters, rugs, knitted socks and other rubbish for relatives. But if you still prefer practical things, take a closer look at these options:

  • instruments,
  • accessories for image
  • multifunctional appliances for the kitchen,
  • subject, reflecting the essence of hobbies and hobbies.

And now everything in more detail.

Probably, not once heard that a friend complains about the lack of a tool. So give him a drill, a set of screwdrivers or keys, a screwdriver, and so on. For the car useful set of tools in the case with a lantern. And if a friend has all the accessories for a car, but an eternal mess reigns in the car, donate an organizer in the trunk or on the back of the chair.

A friend is not very concerned about their appearance and does not like to go shopping. Perhaps he will be pushed to this New Year's gift in the form of an elegant scarf, worthy of a leather belt, gloves or wallet. For lovers of delicious food, especially bachelors, the slow cooker will be the solution to many problems. Juicer - adherents of a healthy diet, stand for a heated cup - for workaholics.

It is very easy to link a New Year's gift with a friend's hobbies. A traveler, a fisherman, a bath lover, an avid motorist, a computer genius - you can choose a suitable gift for everyone:

  • creative suitcase scooter,
  • picnic backpack with thermal insulation,
  • electronic bait for fish,
  • computer or car glasses,
  • car vacuum cleaner
  • bath set.

If your hobbies do not match, and are afraid of your own incompetence, choose a New Year's gift certificate to the right store.

You can give a friend just a good mood. Relatively inexpensive options:

  • magnetic darts,
  • shorts in the form of the flag of Russia,
  • a hammer with which you can beat off the meat and open the bottle,
  • key holder in the form of a grenade,
  • toilet roll holder with radio and clock,
  • poker set,
  • some kind of "drunken game" (checkers, roulette),
  • radio-controlled helicopter.

Positive and emotions in an adult way:

  • striptease,
  • extreme quad bike
  • sniper class
  • test drive excavator
  • Buggy Racing
  • fighter simulator,
  • whiskey tasting
  • master class of alcoholic cocktails,
  • cigar tasting
  • jazz lesson
  • vocal master class,
  • master class in billiards.

Gift certificates are a way out when a person has everything and it is difficult to surprise a friend.

Friendly New Year's gifts in female execution

Friendship between a man and a woman is not such a rarity. In addition, a boyfriend with whom the girl recently met and is awaiting further development of relations falls under the category of friend. In both cases, the New Year's gift should be neutral, not quite cheap, but not very expensive.

For the best "girlfriend" in the male form:

  • indoor mini fountain,
  • hookah,
  • quality alcohol in a beautiful package
  • popcorn maker,
  • home or car ionizer.

Perhaps your friend himself casually mentioned something that he would like to have, but all hands do not reach? A lonely guy can order a New Year's general cleaning of the apartment, a visit to a men's beauty salon or a bath, send a “tasty” New Year's basket. A married friend is better to give two tickets for an event or a pair certificate.

Do you want the relationship in 2019 to flow smoothly from the friendly to the romantic phase? You can unobtrusively hint about this New Year's gift, in which there is an implication of care and your business. For example, you can donate:

  • solar battery - to be always in touch,
  • backlit speakers - listen to music and remember you,
  • mini fridge with usb port,
  • device "Antison" for motorists,
  • tickets for a joint trip to the cinema, to the rink, to the circus or to the zoo.

The gift should be light, pleasant and non-binding.

What is undesirable to give a friend for the New Year?

The best friend, in principle, will endure everything, and it is not your problem that I did not like the gift. But if you think so, you can quickly lose all your friends. Therefore, it is better not to give:

  • small trinkets and useless figurines,
  • souvenirs brought from travels (donate as soon as you arrived),
  • gifts are too expensive for him (will feel obligated),
  • in-store gift sets
  • any item from the famous trio - shower gel, shaving foam, socks,
  • money.

If funds or time are sorely lacking and nothing comes to mind except the last two options, it is better to leave a friend with no gift at all. You can just say how you love him and wish fulfillment of all the most ambitious desires in the New Year.

Choose gifts as yourself and enjoy with a friend!

Dear gift to the man for the New Year

Usually, expensive gifts are given to a boss or a wealthy person who is not surprised by anything special. Good collective a present for the head Alcohol can be in an engraved box, painting, antiques, original office decor: an expensive figurine, a wall clock, a bar-globe, a home planetarium. When choosing a gift should be aware that it must be of high quality.

An important aspect is how the donor is in relationship with the recipient of the gift, because some gifts make only very close people.

Of expensive knick-knacks a rich man will be pleased with: a retro player for iPhone or iPad, natural stones and illuminated glasses for whiskey, objects for relaxation (home fountain, night sky projector, still life or landscape made by a professional artist, bonsai tree), a coffee maker on the sand , world map of semi-precious stones, biofireplace, cigar box.

Lighted glasses for whiskey as a gift

As an expensive personalized gift to a wealthy man you can present: a leather-covered book with his biography and photographs, a bust made from a photo to decorate a private office, a business card holder or a transforming laptop.

If a man is distinguished by a sense of humor and is not afraid to stand out, you can give him cufflinks from an unusual stone valued among collectors - varistsita.

Silver cufflinks with varisto, SL (price by reference)

Inexpensive New Year's gift to a man

Present does not have to be expensive, its main task is to be useful, necessary, and not gathering dust on the shelf next to other trinkets. You can purchase a thing that a person will never buy for himself., and received as a gift, will be pleasantly surprised.

Ideas of the original New Year's gifts for men:

  • device for the simultaneous preparation of toast, coffee and scrambled eggs - for those who like to sleep a little longer,
  • combined with a sofa cushion TV remote,
  • nominal robe, purse, glass,
  • shower radio
  • running alarm clock
  • original umbrella cane.

Bullet cushion as a gift for the New Year

Many men like to decorate themselves, like women, only, of course, special, men's jewelry. And they do not have to be expensive. Можно подарить стильный кожаный браслет с элементами стали.

Кожаный браслет , стальной браслет , всё SL (цены по ссылкам)

Полезные подарки к Новому году для мужчин

В перечень подобных подарков входят предметы интерьера, бытовой техники, одежда, книги, аксессуары, посуда и другие необходимые вещи. However, it should be borne in mind that it is inappropriate to give a tea set to a person whose cabinets are filled with cups and glasses. And when choosing a literary novelty, you should ask whether a man loves works of this genre.

Hobby gifts

The easiest way to pick up a gift, given the person's hobbies. If a man spends a lot of time at the computer, he will be happy with the original keyboard, USB flash drive, wireless computer mouse or a rug for it, virtual reality glasses.

As an original presentation you can present a mini-vacuum cleaner for cleaning work surfaces, a stand or a table under a laptop from dust

Motorist useful gift in the car: compact kettle or coffee maker, working from the cigarette lighter, organizer for trifles, non-spun thermocup, massage cape on the car seat, car table, holder for mobile phone or sunglasses, braid on the steering wheel, adapter for charging equipment, ash tray on magnet .

Travel lover You can present, for example: New Year's tour, digital photo frame, phrase book, guide, diary, travel bag. Creative will present him a suitcase-scooter with a special footboard.

If a person prefers outdoor activities: fishing, hiking, hunting, then he should donate a portable battery that allows you to simultaneously charge several devices and weighing only about 200 g, a functional flashlight charging from the electrical network and a car cigarette lighter, a navigator, a heat bag that does not let water through.

Cyclist He will be delighted with Led-nozzles for wheels, creating more than a dozen images, having a built-in speedometer and allowing you to drive along a dark highway with safety.

New Year's gift to a man according to his hobby

Universal New Year's gifts

Gifts that will always be relevant include things that are irreplaceable in work and life. These include gourmet gift baskets, good chocolates, basic necessities, care products, stationery and more.

A beautifully decorated bottle of good champagne, cognac or wine in combination with fruit or chocolate will have to be by the way, if the gift is prepared for a man-boss or a colleague

You can also give him a sweet gift: a chocolate set of a businessman, chocolate chess or a computer keyboard with a mouse. You can also donate a Parker pen or stationery holder with an electronic clock.

Among universal and original gifts: warm blanket with sleeves, heated slippers, salt lamp, E-Tip gloves for using gadgets in cold weather, board games (checkers, chess, backgammon and others).

Chocolate Chess as a gift

New Year's gift for a man who has everything

It would seem that you can give a man who has everything? Here you will have to show the wonders of ingenuity, however, with an impressive amount, you can automatically increase the chance to give something original and unforgettable.

  • If the representative of the stronger sex "stayed late" in the office, a good idea would be to surprise him in the form of a certificate for flight in a wind tunnel or paragliding, parachuting or skiing.
  • Those who do not like extreme gifts can be presented with a real star - that is, a certificate for assigning the name of a particular man to a celestial body. Looking into the night sky, he will look for his nominal star and remember who gave it.
  • You can also attend a master-sommelier's workshop with a man: immerse yourself in the world of creating strong drinks and wines, take part in tastings and become a true connoisseur of winemaking.

A gift for the New Year can be a master class sommelier

The list of creative gifts that will not leave indifferent the representative of the stronger sex:

  • New Year's photo session for two
  • tango or Broadway jazz lesson
  • range of services in the spa,
  • pottery lessons,
  • participation in the quest
  • recording a single in a professional studio,
  • riding lesson,
  • dog show,
  • Knight Tournament.

Do-it-yourself gift

Showing creativity and fantasy, you can create a surprise with your own hands. Such a symbolic gift is usually given to a loved one: a self-bound scarf or a sweater with a touching inscription, a massage mat for the feet or a napkin for cutlery made of sea pebbles pasted on a solid base, a collage of joint photographs, a hand-made toy, cake ”- a composition of alcohol (vodka, wine or beer cans) surrounded by snacks (good chocolate, chips, nuts or fish), a comfortable personalized pillow. It is inexpensive, but very valuable for someone who accepts a gift.

Self-made toys as a gift to a man for the New Year

A gift for the New Year to a young man

A useful gift for a young man will be: an unusual stand for a smartphone, an original piggy bank in the form of a safe or a beast devouring bills, portable speakers that can be connected to a phone, tablet, laptop, 3D lamp with an imitation of “imprinting” into the wall.

Cool gift for a kid - a fashionable ant farm nowadays that easily fits on the table, decorates the house and becomes an interesting object for observation.

A young man can also be presented with an e-book, a radio-controlled helicopter or a plane, a hike to a paintball club, a walk on a segway or an i-glider, a quest game, and a quad bike ride.

Unusual gifts will be: a parking place signed by his name, a starry sky map, a perpetual calendar of unusual design, a laser pistol with a target.

What to give for the New Year to an adult man

To pick up an interesting gift for an adult man for the New Year is not easy, because it is difficult to surprise him with anything. but taking into account age and social status, you can still find a suitable gift. No one, for example, will remain indifferent to a subscription to a good gym or swimming pool, a certificate for a sauna or a spa, a weekend trip.

New Year's gift to an adult man

Middle age is a peculiar milestone when it is customary to sum up certain vital results, to try what was previously unknown. Therefore, the best gift a man of 40 years will be a certificate associated with the achievement of another peak (snowboarding, diving, water skiing, jumping, extreme driving).

What gifts are better not to give men

Some New Year's gifts for men are inappropriate.They cause a feeling of embarrassment and annoyance. These are symbols of the year, vases, souvenirs from warm edges, hygiene items, pointing out the shortcomings of things, medicines. Give a married man a tie, cufflinks, hand-made gizmos, homemade cakes can only be a spouse. Under the ban are any piercing and cutting objects: knives, forks, scissors, as well as mirrors, empty wallet. Socks and underwear will be out of place. And, of course, for the New Year it is better not to give money, it shows the indifference of the gift giver.

Inappropriate for men New Year's gift

Creative and original presented gift can be due to an unusual, original packaging. Having thought over everything to the smallest detail, having beautifully designed his present, a person puts into it a part of his soul, which he passes along with a gift box.

Original, creative gifts will help to create a festive atmosphere, to be a great surprise for the New Year's Eve. This is 50 percent of the successful meeting of the New Year, which we are all looking forward to.

You can find out some more original ideas of presents for men if you watch this video:

How to find out what a guy would like to get for the New Year

Most likely, each of us has encountered the problem “What to donate?” At least once. And many have come across this problem more than once, not twice, and not three ... And the closer a person is, the harder it is to make a choice! It is very difficult to decide, because everyone wants him to like, be necessary, useful.

And today it will be just about the choice of things, objects and ideas for your loved one on the New Year's holiday. For the guy with whom you meet, who is dear to you! Agree, a very important choice!

First, by doing so, you show your attitude towards him. Secondly, show how much you know and understand his interests, desires, dreams. Thirdly, by this you give it a sign of attention, and how you chose depends on how attentive you are to its desires.

That is, all this must be considered when choosing. And therefore, it is not necessary to postpone the case indefinitely. While there is still time before the New Year, you need to find time and think - “What a surprise for the New Year will be the best for my boyfriend !?”

Any gift is primarily a sign of attention. And these words must be understood quite literally.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to be attentive and sensitive to the desires and words of your young man during your communication with him. You should certainly know that your boyfriend loves, and what he doesn’t love, what he does, enjoys - that is, what his hobby is, what he dreams about, what he wants.

Long before the holiday, go shopping with him, pay attention, at the counters and windows with which goods he stops. Talk to him at this time, ask what interested him! Show active interest. If you do not understand some of the purpose of things, ask him to tell you more about them. Find out what they are for, and if he has such, and also would like to have it.

Since the New Year is still far enough, he will not connect it with the holiday. And your curiosity in this matter will show that you are interested in his hobbies.

And if you were really attentive, then choose a gift for it will have no difficulty. And your sign of attention will certainly be appreciated. A surprise will be appropriate, necessary, useful, and most importantly, desired.

Cheap and original gifts guy for the New Year

During the week, and even more, I talked with friends, young people and men about what they dream. She said that I was preparing a large article on this topic, and asked me to suggest what they would like to receive as a New Year's presentation.

Men were happy to share their dreams, and I was surprised at how many interests and desires they had. Usually they are rather stingy in expressing their preferences, but in our conversation neither me nor them obliged it to anything. And so they gladly told me about what they would like to have, or about what they already have, but when they did not have it - how they wanted to have it!

I was surprised that these items were not some very expensive, I was also interested in price. That is, the thing will not have to spend the entire salary. All of them were approximately at a price of 500 to 2000 rubles. Quite normal, by the way! True, for some of them it turned out to be a low and medium price. That is, if it is, for example, a clock, then everyone understands that their value can be - from, and to plus infinity.

So, I offer you only ideas for the presentation, as well as their approximate average cost, but if you want to buy something more expensive from the same category, then know that this possibility exists.

For convenience, let's consider them by category or by preference. And the first point, I propose to consider a sports set. After all, now young people are actively involved in sports - someone is keen on tourism, someone is riding a bicycle or on roller skates, someone is engaged in jogging, playing sports or strength exercises.

Gifts related to sports

  • watches with the function of measuring the pulse are needed by all who are involved in running or playing sports. Sold in the box, and that's great. The cheapest watches from this category can be found at a cost of 800 rubles and above.
  • Sports glasses with interchangeable lenses are needed for cyclists. Sold in a beautiful case, have 5 interchangeable lenses, a wipe for wiping them, and also have a rag pouch for glasses. Beautiful and desirable gift for many, especially if they do not have it. The cost of 600 rubles and above.
  • Bicycle computer - an electronic device for measuring the speed and mileage of the bike, as well as additional parameters such as average speed, travel time, maximum speed, pulse, transmission. Agree, a necessary and useful thing, and the minimum cost of 400 rubles and above.
  • sports helmet - definitely needed for climbers, climbers, cyclists, roller skaters. The minimum price of 800 rubles
  • socks. If you buy socks for the New Year for a guy, then it is sports. There are roller socks - for safe driving on rollers, the cost of 300 rubles per pair. There are special socks for running, for tourism, for cycling, the average price is from 300 rubles. Good in winter and heated socks - the price is from 1500 rubles and above.
  • Gloves, sports cap or fleece sweatshirt are warm, comfortable and inexpensive things for sports. Even if your boyfriend already has them, they will never be superfluous. The price for gloves and a hat is from 400 rubles, for a sweatshirt from 600 rubles. In the sports shop "Decatlon" they are sold in a large assortment and at an inexpensive price.
  • T-shirt - always needed and all. If you take care in advance, you can order it with any inscription or pattern.
  • bandana, balaclava - including winter models (from 250 rubles)
  • for cyclists they will not be superfluous either - a headlight (from 600 rubles), a rear light (from 200 rubles), a hoot (from 600 rubles), a bag (from 400 rubles).
  • various sports equipment by sport

These are just some ideas for purchasing a sports range. Choose the right, you can always, if you communicate with the seller-consultant in the departments of sporting goods. Tell him what kind of sport your young man enjoys, and tell him how much you expect to buy the product. You will be happy to tell and show everything!

Do not purchase items at the lowest price, find out about the characteristics and properties. And only after that make the right choice!

While there is time, many of these things can be searched and purchased online at a much cheaper price than in a store. All you need is time, first to find the right thing, and then to wait for it to arrive by mail.

You can consider another, non-material sphere, for example:

  • tickets to various sporting events, of course, if he is passionate about this, will delight the guy so much that you cannot even imagine.
  • A course of training videos in your favorite sport is not everyone will acquire for themselves, but from such a sign of attention, everyone jumps from joy to the ceiling.
  • A gym membership is a wonderful gift to dream of.

Presents for guys who are fond of hunting and fishing

I didn’t even guess about many of these subjects until I talked to men. And now I consider myself quite savvy, and now I advise you to purchase it for your men.

  • The digital compass is a versatile electronic assistant for the tourist or traveler. The price is not cheap, from 2800, but the thing is chic. AND if you donate it to your boyfriend, he cannot even imagine how his girlfriend thought of such a thing.

  • GPS navigator is a device that receives signals from the global positioning system in order to determine the current location of the device on Earth. With such a device, no one will be lost, wherever he is. The thing is also not cheap, from 3,600 rubles, but I had to write about it. There are many hunters and fishermen among my friends, and all of them would not have refused such a necessary object!
  • lantern "Led Lenser". There are a lot of lanterns, but several people called the lantern of this particular brand. Average cost from 600 to 1500 rubles.
  • signal of the hunter, rocket launcher (200-300 rubles) and a set of rockets (400 rubles)
  • radio station - an indispensable thing in joint campaigns. We use it even in the campaign for mushrooms. It is advised to buy the famous Okie Toki (Walkie Talkie), price from 1500 rubles
  • a thermos is a necessary thing for everyone, the price is from 600 rubles
  • gas spray for self-defense - from 600 rubles
  • necessary for the angler - spinning, a set of woods, hooks, wobblers, etc., etc.
  • or a box for fishing gear, the price is quite unpretentious from 400 rubles, or more serious from 1000 rubles

  • socks and mittens with heating (from 1500 rubles) and thermal underwear (from 1500 rubles) for winter hunting and fishing

And this of course, not all that can be offered in this category. In fact, they are much more. You can find out about their assortment by talking with the seller consultant of the desired department in the store.

For gadget lovers

Of course, all of the above items themselves can be a chic and desirable gift for the New Year. But they are all expensive, and we now talk about relatively inexpensive things.

  • Wireless bluetooth "bluetooth" headphones. If your boyfriend does not have such yet, then he will be very happy to receive them, the average price is from 1500 rubles. In my opinion a great idea.
  • LED flash - used to illuminate when shooting video, or as a flashlight (from 700 rubles)
  • bluetooth selfie button - can control the camera of a smartphone or tablet from a distance. С ней больше не нужно мучатся включать таймер для съемки, или пытаться нажать спуск той же рукой, которой держим телефон. Нужно только нажать самую большую кнопку на пульте селфи кнопки и готово, снимок сделан. Цена от 400 рублей
  • селфи-палка может быть также для кого-то интересной, стоит от 400 рублей
  • новый чехол для телефона, тем более в Новый Год. Его цена от 600 рублей.
  • внешний аккумулятор для телефона с литий-ионным аккумулятором — тип электрического аккумулятора, используемый в качестве источника энергии. Незаменим в путешествиях для зарядки телефона. Price from 400 rubles and above.
  • flash card or memory card for the computer is never superfluous. And this year, you can search for it with the image of the symbol of the Year of the Pig, price from 400 rubles
  • headphones with microphone, price from 600 rubles
  • wireless mouse, price from 400 rubles
  • new keyboard (from 400 rubles), gaming keyboard (price from 1000 rubles)

  • if your friend is engaged in photography, and if he does not have a reflector, then by all means please him with this subject. Price from 1500 rubles
  • tripod is also a necessary thing for a person engaged in photography, the price of 2500 thousand and above
  • memory card - from 500 rubles and above
  • flash is a smart, but not cheap, necessary item. The price will be from 6000 rubles.

And you can also search the Internet for fashionable and interesting gadgets, which are now in large quantities for sale. If your guy is interested in this, then he will be pleased with the novelty.

For motorists

If your friend has a car, there are also some good ideas for him.

  • road kit auto tools, indispensable when traveling long distances, price from 2000 rubles
  • a set of car care products is sprays, napkins, and various cleaning cloths and brushes. Flavors can also be included here. You can collect different tools, and independently arrange a selection. The price is different, depending on the set of funds. But for 1000-1500 rubles a decent set can be made.
  • brush to clean the car from the snow, the price of 250 rubles
  • car radio - with music is always more fun, price from 850 rubles
  • A video recorder is a necessary thing, and if your friend does not have it, he will be very happy to receive it. Price from 1200 rubles
  • New car covers - always needed. In the New Year with new covers. The price is from 1500 rubles.
  • seat heating is a necessary thing in the winter, the price is from 1000 rubles
  • auto-massager pad, from 850 rubles
  • car headrest cushions, price from 700 rubles
  • Thermocup for a motorist, price from 500 rubles.

This is only an indicative list. There are lots of other equally interesting and useful items and things.

For creative guys

Every creative person is always an individuality. It is on this principle and try to pick up for them gifts.

  • it can be various objects and things relating to the subject of creativity, or profession - an artist, a writer, actor, musician. Pick them according to the type of creativity.
  • It can also be original items, also related to the creativity of your boyfriend. So, if he is an artist - hand him an Oscar statuette, and say you hope to be with him at the present Oscar awards ceremony in a few years!
  • if your dancer is a kid, then find an original figurine or doll of a dancer like him for him!
  • if he is a musician, give him an original ethnic instrument.
  • if he is painting, order a friendly themed cartoon for him. It is now easy to order via the Internet, the price of 1500 thousand.

The same friendly cartoon will please everyone, without exception, if it is performed masterfully and with humor!

  • concert tickets, cinema, theater
  • subscription for a master class of some creative person
  • tickets for closed screenings in the cinema

So there are lots of ideas, just have to sit down and think a little. And then you will surely have a great idea.

For the jack of all trades

Guys who love to make something with their own hands, and know how to cut, plan, build, you can present a lot of necessary and useful things.

  • a set of tools - absolutely necessary for all men. Never superfluous, and everyone is happy with such a set, price from 2000 rubles

  • and if the tools are already there, but are in disarray, then he will certainly need a box for them, the price is from 600 rubles
  • also a master person will be happy with any necessary tools, but if you decide to buy them as a present, then do not buy a cheap tool. Consult with the sales assistant in the department and listen to his advice.
  • a good roulette is a necessary thing, the price is from 100 rubles
  • electronic roulette is a thing that any master will be happy with, especially if he doesn’t have one, the price is from 1200 rubles
  • ultrasonic range finder - to measure the distance, volume and area, the price in the region of 1000 rubles
  • laser range finder - for the same functions, from 3000 rubles
  • electric screwdriver - always useful in the economy, the price is up to 1000 rubles.

And much more. You just need to communicate with your boyfriend and find out what the need is. After all, a true master happens all his life to collect the necessary tool for himself. Therefore, get such a gift, so that it was certainly needed. And so that each time, taking him in hand, your friend felt the best of feelings and pride that he received it from you for the New Year!

What can you give from clothes and accessories

Clothes and accessories will never be superfluous in the wardrobe of any young person. Especially if they are selected with taste, love and knowledge of what he prefers to wear. It is necessary to know the size, preferences in color, style of products.

  • men's shirt - a very popular gift. My friend works in the store, in the men's department, and says that before the holiday they always have a queue of people willing to buy a shirt as a present. Those who do not know the size, bring from the house the shirt, which is already a man. Or just the dimensions are measured using a centimeter. In an extreme case, the size can be viewed at the collar, the product height is also indicated there. The approximate price of a decent shirt from 1000 rubles and above.

What color of a shirt to choose interests everyone! And here is chosen using the following criteria:

- most likes to wear this color

- all colors are already there, but he doesn’t have that color

- this one will suit him in color to suit

- at work he has a dress code, and therefore only a certain color is needed

And recently, very often they began to choose a shirt according to the color of the Zodiac Sign of that animal, the year of which we will meet. And these are all shades of pink, red, burgundy and purple. Yellow colors, all pure shades of green, champagne and naturally white are also welcome.

  • T-shirt, always and everywhere. T-shirt can be purchased in advance and put on it any memorable inscription, or drawing. T-shirt price from 500 rubles
  • tie, tie - butterfly. Ties are now sold just a huge amount, among them there are very original ones. A bow tie every year becomes an increasingly fashionable accessory, and young people are happy to wear it. The price is from 400 rubles to 1000. And notice that there are not too many ties and butterflies in the wardrobe of any man.
  • cufflinks or a clip for a tie, the price of course varies, but you can meet the 500 rubles
  • Belt - another necessary thing in the wardrobe. If you get a good quality leather belt for your boyfriend, he will wear it for a long time with gratitude. Note that belts are denim and trouser. Pay attention to this when buying. Price from 400 rubles.
  • umbrella - automatic or semi-automatic, always needed and everything. Price from 800 rubles
  • scarf or muffler. Now you can find very interesting ones that your boyfriend will certainly like. Price from 400 rubles
  • gloves are definitely the right accessory, especially if you take into account the fact that gloves tend to get lost all the time! Price for leather gloves from 700 rubles
  • a cap or baseball cap in winter performance will not leave indifferent any guy, even if he already has something similar. Price from 400 rubles.
  • watches - a chic sign of attention that you can buy from 500 rubles to plus infinity
  • Sunglasses - although it is winter now, but with good and proper wishes, it will be well received! Price less decent points in a case of 1000 rubles
  • A small backpack, briefcase or shoulder bag - anyone will be happy with such a necessary thing. Especially now such a variety of models, well, just for every taste! Approximate price from 1500 rubles.
  • a purse, purse or housekeeper is another necessary thing for everyone, the average price is from 500 rubles

Interesting and original gifts for a guy

Typically, these gifts are found quite by accident. Imagine that you are shopping and suddenly your gaze is on something. And you understand that this is exactly what you need for someone of your close people! Original things are almost always or quite often spontaneous.

I will give an approximate list of them:

  • slingshot - well, who does not want to get into childhood for a short time. Such steep adult slingshots are being sold now that it is not a shame to present them! Their price is from 600 rubles. But in order to have something to shoot, then buy also iron balls, their price is from 200 rubles
  • folding knife with a stopper «Ganza» - no one will refuse such a thing. Price from 1000 rubles. Only when you give a knife, take a coin from a guy in return. By tradition, if you give away cutting and piercing objects, then you must take a coin!
  • original set of multifunctional tools multitool. Can you imagine what will happen to your boyfriend if you make him such a gift? Yes, he will go mad with happiness, firstly, that he will become the owner of a beautiful and necessary thing, and secondly, that you even know such a name! Price from 600 rubles and above.
  • Home weather station is a necessary and original thing that not everyone will buy. But to have such a thing in the house - very few people will refuse! Price from 600 rubles
  • monocular - otherwise a telescope, price from 600 rubles
  • Wristwatch or wall clock is original, now it is easy to find such ones, and their price is only from 500 rubles

  • table punching bag - will help to let off steam and stretch your legs on occasion. Price from 1500 rubles

Intangible gifts take place again:

  • skydiving
  • balloon flight
  • horse ride
  • paintball pass

These impressions will long be remembered by your boyfriend. And spending a whole day with him at such an exciting event you will become much closer.

Original gifts are related to the Symbol of the Year. Therefore, it will be appropriate to souvenirs with his image - this is mugs, and souvenirs, and numerous New Year's themes.

Romantic gift for a loved one

Everyone is waiting for incredible miracles from the New Year and something beautiful. Therefore, the New Year, just such a holiday, when you can feel free to open your true feelings to the guy. And you can please him:

  • Romantic New Year with candles and a wonderful dinner.

How to make a New Year's menu is a whole article, and it will not be difficult to choose from it the right one and cook it. And the focus should be on the evening program. After all, if you conceived such a surprise, then the initiative should come entirely from you.

- think over the program so that your boyfriend would be comfortable, and so that he would not want to run away from you in the very first 30 minutes of a joint celebration to celebrate the New Year with friends.

- The program may include the skills you possess. This can be an oriental or any other dance, a song performed, playing a musical instrument, a poem written by you, an interesting game, communication, a joint walk. Be sure to dream about something together.

- Prepare in advance the musical accompaniment of your New Year's romantic evening. After all, you know what kind of music your loved one loves.

  • pre-record on the CD the music that sounded in your holiday evening. Decorate the disc with a colorful picture in any photo salon, as fantasy tells you. Give this disc to your boyfriend. This music will later make him think of you and charge him with positive emotions. Moreover, such a self-recorded disc will be a very original and unusual surprise!
  • order from the artist your joint portrait in the form of a cheerful cartoon, I am sure that the guy will appreciate such a sign of attention.
  • Prioritize the certificate for a joint stay in an oriental bath with massage.
  • or a joint certificate for several ballroom dancing classes.
  • if your boyfriend loves sweets, then give him a big chocolate heart!
  • and you can make such a heart from notes with the kindest wishes.

Generally, if your heart is open, then it will easily tell you what you can do to please your boyfriend on New Year's Eve.

Handmade gifts

Such crafts have always been valued, valued and will be appreciated! If you know how to do something with your own hands, then do not hesitate and think of something that could please him.

  • knitted mittens, hat and scarf
  • knitted warm and cozy sweater
  • acrylic printed t-shirt
  • do-it-yourself photo album with photo sharing

  • hand-made photo frame
  • original painted, embroidered, hand-made picture
  • Original Christmas sock with a gift inside

And you know that not everything can be presented to a guy or a man!

What should not give your boyfriend on the New Year

  • Of course, you should not buy your boyfriend ordinary socks, pants and hygiene products. First, all this is not New Year's things, and indeed not gifts. This means for everyday use. Your boyfriend himself will buy from all this what he needs. Secondly, and in the last, it is very banal. It shows me personally - "just to give something, just leave me alone."
  • Do not stop your eyes on soft toys and candy. No matter how much you yourself would be interested in getting such cute things, in no case do not give them to your boyfriend. Otherwise, he will be able to correctly assess your mental abilities.
  • Do not put money in the envelope. Although sometimes it is considered that this is the best, but not in this case! A boring envelope shows that you are completely devoid of imagination. And that even quite a bit did not try to think that it would be interesting to get your friend on the New Year!
  • Do not buy your boyfriend what may harm his health - it is alcohol, cigarettes and related products such as lighters, ashtrays, etc. Even if he drinks and smokes.
  • Do not buy too expensive gift! This will cause the guy to be confused. And if he bought you in turn a thing lower in value, it will make him feel rather awkward. It is necessary to present something that does not oblige a man to anything!

Well, here, what a great article turned out! I hope that it will certainly help you find the right thing or idea. And besides all this, find also good kind words, sincere wishes. Create a feeling of comfort and joy of your joint stay with your boyfriend. Because, often - this may be the best sign of attention!

And who knows, maybe this is the most important gift, will help you turn your life so that next year you will buy it for the New Year to the same person, but he will not already be your boyfriend. And he will become your beloved husband! And this will help your winter sign of attention, your attitude towards him, and the New Year, which can fulfill any desired wishes!

Good luck with your choice. And happy New Year!