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How to make porcelain skin


In recent years, more and more talk about the dangers of sunburn, which causes early aging of the skin. And indeed it is. On the contrary, girls with porcelain skin look younger than their years. So you can say almost all Japanese women, because they carefully monitor their appearance. We learn from the beauties of the Land of the Rising Sun, how to make your little face perfect.

What is porcelain-like leather?

On the ideal face there are no pimples, reddenings, enlarged pores and other shortcomings. In a word, it is perfect. Matte skin, no tan. But this is not a painful pallor. On the contrary, porcelain leather is characterized by radiance and brilliance that make a woman a sophisticated beauty.

Many girls, in order to achieve a similar effect, resort to the use of decorative cosmetics, imposing on themselves several layers of masking agents. But because of this technique, the face will lose all its naturalness. There are some simple tips on how to get porcelain skin at home.

Less makeup

Japanese women often use decorative cosmetics only as a supplement. With its help, they emphasize the merits and hide the flaws. The less makeup will be applied, the greater the chance of preserving the natural beauty. Any cosmetics clogs the pores, so sooner or later it is necessary to eliminate the consequences. Most of this rule is observed by women of the older generation. Young Japanese women sometimes allow themselves to make a spectacular makeup, especially for the eyes. But in any case, they always carefully wash off all cosmetics before bedtime.

Phased cleansing

Japanese women never allow themselves to sleep with makeup on their face, even if it was quite a bit. This simple rule makes porcelain skin clean and fresh. If you ignore it, the epidermis will stop breathing and recover during the night's rest.

It is recommended to use a phased system of cleansing the face. First you need to wash off makeup and dust with oil. The next step will be washing with a soft cleansing foam. And in the end it will be just a little walk on the skin with a gentle scrub. It will remove dead cells, finally remove from the pores all that is superfluous, allowing the skin to actively regenerate. Such care may take about fifteen minutes, but this is completely normal.

Skin Oiling

Asians in the daily facial necessarily include a variety of cosmetic oils. They allow you to moisturize, nourish, smooth and make porcelain skin. Argan, coconut, watermelon, apricot, corn and other oils are used depending on skin type. They can be applied under the cream, mixed with it, added to masks and other cosmetics.

Camellia oil deserves special attention. It is ideal for the preservation of youth and beauty. This natural remedy perfectly fights dry skin and wrinkles on the face. In addition, Camellia oil can be used in parallel to care for hair and nails.

Changing care products

Korean brands compare favorably with European and American brands in that they have not been producing the same product for decades. In the market of the beauty industry something new appears every few seasons.

Do not become attached to one of your favorite jar. Otherwise, the skin will get used to the tool and become less susceptible to the ingredients. Therefore, on the way to achieving porcelain skin, you should periodically change your care products.

Proper nutrition

Only healthy food is guaranteed to give an improvement in the condition of the skin. And the Japanese know firsthand about proper nutrition.

Be sure to include rice rich in amino acids in your daily diet and reduce fat intake. Need to eat more seafood: fish, shellfish and algae. They are rich in substances that have a beneficial effect on skin health.

Also help make the face smooth and elastic right drinks. This is green and white tea. They are as good as possible to replace all other drinks. Also, green tea is successfully used to cleanse the skin externally.

Proper application of cosmetics

Many old-fashioned rubbing into the face of caring means in a circular motion. But this is fundamentally wrong. So the skin quickly stretches, becomes flabby, lethargic, and also wrinkles soon appear. Any makeup is better to put light slaps. Due to this, the inflow of capillary blood increases and the processes of rejuvenation and restoration are more intensive. Preliminary, it is recommended to first warm the caring agent in the hands and only then apply it on the face with patting movements.

Sun protection

Ultraviolet rays are the main enemies of porcelain color. Not only do they make the face dark, tanned, so also the sun contributes to the formation of wrinkles and rapid aging. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use creams only with a high SPF factor. Even better, in sunny weather, hide your face under a natural shadow, which can be created with an umbrella or a hat. It is not only useful, but also beautiful.

Facial massage

All Japanese women know how great the power of therapeutic massage. It activates energy, increases muscle elasticity and increases blood flow. It is not necessary to contact specialists to undergo a facial massage. It can be done at home by yourself. The point is that it is important to follow the direction of the massage lines. From cheeks to ears, from the corners of the lips up to the temples, from the middle of the forehead to the sides, from the bottom of the chin to the cheekbones.

If you are thinking about how to achieve porcelain skin, then you should memorize these massage lines. According to them, and you need to apply decorative cosmetics, masks, remove makeup and do other procedures.

Snail mucus

Not so long ago the snail slime became the most popular component of the Korean creams. It sounds scary, but do not be afraid. This ingredient contains elastin, collagen and has excellent healing properties. This is what you need to get a porcelain face. Therefore, it is necessary without fear and without hesitation to buy funds that in the composition have snail mucus.

Cloth Masks

Japanese women constantly and with great love use fabric masks. They give the skin the necessary nutrition and compensate for the lack of moisture. If we consider Russian products, then before buying it is better to read reviews about them. Porcelain skin is not achieved with the help of fabric masks, if they are not of high quality. The material itself must be cotton, and the nutrient must contain natural ingredients (snail mucus, aloe, milk proteins, clay, etc.).

Girls who have experienced masks made in Japan, Korea and China speak positively about them. Products based on green and white tea, bamboo juice, sea minerals perfectly align the skin tone, make it smooth, give a porcelain glow.

Pearl White mask

Japanese women traditionally use a special mask to eliminate redness, inflammation, smoothing tone and matting the skin. It consists of pearl powder, egg yolk, acacia honey and water. All are mixed in equal proportions and applied to the face in an even thin layer. Twenty minutes later, the mask gently wash off with warm water. Already after the first use, the face becomes velvety, and its color is more gentle and uniform, like porcelain.

Home peeling

We can say that Asian girls are obsessed with renewing and cleansing the skin. Therefore, they do peels several times a week, regardless of skin type. At first glance it may seem that very often. But in the end, after such a number of procedures will be dense, porcelain skin, without any flaws. Preference is better to give natural recipes that are based on fruits or berries (strawberries, wild rose, pineapple, papaya, etc.). As the experience of many girls shows, oatmeal peeling also gives good results.

Emulsions and Serums

Today the market offers many products for facial rejuvenation. Definitely not worth giving up serums and emulsions. Especially since they can and should be used every night before bed. Japanese women first apply serum, then cosmetic oil and in the end - night cream. It is better to buy emulsions based on natural components: marine collagen, algae, goat milk or snail mucus.

Patches under the eyes

A porcelain face will not look perfect if there are bruises and bags under your eyes. Therefore, attention should also be paid to the skin around the eyes. But conventional creams are not as effective as gel patches. They contain collagen, which removes bags, dark circles and smoothes wrinkles. Some patches do not need to be washed off, so they can be applied right before the exit.

Now you know how to make skin porcelain and healthy without numerous layers of decorative cosmetics and expensive salon procedures, which often have a very dubious result. But do not forget that only a comprehensive care and the regularity of the procedures will make the face snow-white, clean and radiant. It is the power of every girl, if she is not lazy.

What is the effect of porcelain skin

The fashion for milky-white skin has been present for several centuries in a row. Porcelain skin was a sign of aristocracy, a high position in society. Only an aristocrat could afford to protect her face from the sun's rays, actively using hats, umbrellas. Healthy blush and tan were signs of representatives of the low class and evidence that their owners have a lot of time to work in the fresh air under the scorching sun.

The situation changed dramatically in the middle of the 20th century. The legendary Coco Chanel has become a trendsetter for tanning. Trend quickly entered the masses. Nowadays, tanning is available year-round, regardless of the breadth of living - just visit the solarium.

However, fashion has a feature to come back. And in recent years, porcelain skin tone has become increasingly popular.

This is partly due to the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle. And the chocolate color of the skin, “roasted” in a tanning salon, does not fit into this model. After all, the passion for ultraviolet (natural or artificial) can lead to various skin problems - from rapid aging to cancer.

Porcelain skin, perfectly smooth, delicate, milky color with a light blush, at the peak of fashion among the stars of show business, who set trends around the world.

Nowadays women of fashion around the world seek to whiten their skin with the help of cosmetics, decorative cosmetics and traditional medicine preparations. However, following the fashion, one should not forget about common sense and overly indulge in the whiteness of the face. Porcelain skin is, above all, a healthy and natural look of the face, and not a painful pallor in the form of a mask.

A sample of porcelain leather are Japanese. In the Land of the Rising Sun, they never sought to look tanned and in all ages sought to whiten their skin. Local women tried to make the face white and clean, as this indicated tenderness, purity and innocence.

Until now, Japanese women spend a lot of time every day on skin care. To do this, they have special beauty rituals, which include cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. However, not only high-quality skin care is responsible for its whiteness and tenderness. The beauty of the face depends on the state of health, so Japanese women try to eat right, fully relax and exercise as much as physical exercises.

You can also partially give the skin a porcelain look with the help of a properly selected make-up.

How to achieve porcelain skin using cleaning methods

A thorough cleansing of the face is the first step towards achieving porcelain skin. This process should be regular and using suitable cosmetics.

There are several basic rules for cleaning skin:

    Choose cosmetics that help solve specifically your skin problems: oiliness, dryness, tendency to rashes, black spots and so on. You can also select a pair of effective products that will take care of your skin in a complex. Cleansing cosmetics include scrubs, tonics, astringents and wipes.

If you have sensitive skin, then you can not use scrubs. Irritated dermis will respond with even more negative reaction if it is acted upon mechanically.

If you suffer from regular acne, from which cosmetics do not save, then you may have some problems with internal organs and systems. In this case, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist, cosmetologist or therapist to determine the cause of such a reaction from the skin.

Face should be cleaned twice a day - in the mornings and evenings. If we neglect this rule, then the blockage of pores can occur and rashes and black dots are formed.

Cleaning the skin too often can dry out the epidermis. Therefore, it is extremely important to moisturize and nourish the face after each cleaning procedure.

Use one, maximum two cleansers. Frequent alternation of cosmetic products can provoke a negative skin reaction.

  • Try to clean the skin with a special electric brush for intense peeling. It can only be used by owners of "stable" dermis, which is not prone to irritation and rash. For sensitive epidermis, such a device can be used from time to time, but on gentle settings.

  • Instead of expensive cosmetic cleansers, you can use regular baking soda. For peeling, it should be wetted with warm water, not dissolving, and gently rubbed into the skin. After the whole face has been treated, wash the soda under running water. This budget tool helps to deeply and gently cleanse the skin, not worse than store cosmetics.

    In addition, do not forget about the simple rules of hygiene: as rarely as possible, touch the face with your hands and often change and wash the pillowcases on the pillows.

    Porcelain skin at home with face masks

    Simple whitening masks will also help give the skin a porcelain look. You can cook them easily at home:

      Parsley and cucumber mask. This tool helps to even out skin color, make freckles imperceptible, pigment spots and bring face tint to porcelain. To prepare the mask, mix the chopped parsley and cucumber in equal amounts and apply on clean skin for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

    Malolactic Mask. Perfectly cleanses the skin, tightens it and gives white. We take a half of a green sour apple, chop it into a mush, pour a glass of milk, add half of egg yolk and 3-4 drops of lemon juice. Apply the product on the skin for 20 minutes.

    Mask with boric acid and bodyagi. This tool is not for delicate and sensitive skin. The mask is more suitable for owners of oily, dense, hardy skin. Mix a tablespoon of bodyagi with a couple of drops of boric acid and the same amount of lemon juice. Apply to face, avoiding areas around eyes and lips. Wash off after 10-12 minutes of exposure.

    Rice mask. Take half a cup of rice, grind it in a coffee grinder, add a little warm yogurt, milk or mineral water to get the consistency of gruel. Apply on clean face for 15 minutes.

    Buckwheat mask. One tablespoon of grilled buckwheat grind in a coffee grinder and add one beaten egg white, a teaspoon of apple juice. Carefully mix the ingredients and apply on face for 15-20 minutes.

    Oatmeal mask. We take one tablespoon of oatmeal and brew a small amount of boiling water. After the mixture has cooled, add one tablespoon of parsley juice. Apply on the face in the form of heat for 20 minutes.

    Wheat Germ Mask. A couple of tablespoons of germinated wheat grains grind in a coffee grinder and add a teaspoon of honey. To achieve an optimal result, the mask should be applied every other day.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Mask. This is a universal whitening agent. Mix five grams of three percent hydrogen peroxide with one beaten egg white and five grams of shaving cream. Apply the mask on the face for 15 minutes. You can also periodically sprinkle your face with a 3% hydrogen peroxide spray from a spray bottle. Skin will be bleached and freshened up.

  • How to achieve porcelain skin using vegetable oils

    Another recipe for porcelain skin came from Japan and belongs to geishas, ​​who were famous for their perfectly smooth and well-groomed skin. They regularly used vegetable oils to give a porcelain tone to their face.

    До наших дней дошли такие рецепты:

      Пару стаканов свежих лепестков камелии белой или полстакана сухого сырья заливаем половиной стакана миндального масла и ставим смесь на пару часов на паровую баню. Полученное масло процеживаем и ставим храниться в темное место. Lubricate the face and neck with an oily mixture in the evenings before going to bed instead of night cream.

  • Chinese camellia oil can be found on sale in finished form. It is used to clean skin whitening. Apply the oil on a cotton pad and wipe your face in the evening. If the skin is oily, then remove the remnants of the remedy with a tonic or lotion. With dry and normal skin, leave the oil to absorb. You can only slightly wet the face with a paper napkin.

  • These vegetable oils help not only to whiten the skin, but also to level its surface, to make a more uniform structure.

    Makeup for porcelain skin

    Japanese-style makeup, which ideally emphasizes the whiteness of the skin and its porcelain look, is suitable only for fair-skinned women. Dark-skinned will not be able to achieve the desired effect.

    Porcelain skin is primarily the epidermis without any flaws. Therefore, the focus when applying makeup should be given to the tone.

    Consider makeup rules for porcelain skin:

      Primers with matting properties will help to achieve perfect skin. The base must be applied to the nose, forehead, cheeks, chin.

    We stretch the matting base in the direction from the center of the face to the side.

    To hide minor flaws, you can additionally use concealer.

    The texture of the tonal tool should be chosen according to your skin type. To achieve the “porcelain effect”, it is recommended to take a shade a semitone brighter than your natural one.

    To obtain the most natural tone, you should use a special brush for foundation or pear-shaped foam sponge.

    At the end we apply light powder on the skin. Her tone should be combined with a hint of tonal means or be half lighter.

    Pinkish light blush will add freshness to the look. They must be a cold shade without red.

    Eye makeup should be light and subdued, as well as in harmony with the overall tone of the face. Beige, pinkish shades, nude colors are best suited.

  • Lips can be underlined by translucent gloss or dense lipstick of a pastel shade.

  • Basic rules for maintaining healthy porcelain skin

    To keep your skin healthy and fresh for as long as possible and to keep its whiteness, you should follow simple guidelines for caring for it:

      Protect your face from the sun. Even if the weather is overcast, ultraviolet penetrates through the veil of clouds. Solar radiation has a detrimental effect on porcelain skin and can provoke the appearance of dark spots, freckles and the first signs of aging. In addition, those who like to bask in direct sunlight, increases the risk of skin cancer. Use sunscreen even on cloudy days. Pick one that says that it has a “wide spectrum of action." This means that the drug will protect against UVA and UVB rays. Its protection factor should be at least 30 points.

    In any places on the street, look for the shadow. To hide from the direct rays of the sun, you can use a canopy, an umbrella, a tree, a hat. Remember that the most aggressive effect on the skin of the sun has in the period from 10 to 14 hours.

    Drink plenty of water. Our body needs constant circulation of fluid. Water helps cleanse the skin of decay products, toxins. It prevents dry skin. The recommended dose of fluid per day is 2 liters.

    Drink white and green tea. These varieties contain antioxidants in large quantities, which prevent aging of the skin. Try to consume these drinks daily.

    Watch for food. Analyze your daily diet for the presence of a balanced food, rich in proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. Avoid eating too fatty foods, especially if your skin has a high fat content.

    Sleep at least 7 hours a day. Healthy sleep is the key to fresh and rested skin. During the night rest in the epidermis, the processes of renewal and recovery take place.

  • Do not squeeze acne and do not peel. Otherwise, there may be dark spots on the face of small scars left over from a traumatic effect on the skin.

  • How to make porcelain skin - see the video:

    Rule 1: the right diet

    It is no secret that the food we eat affects the condition of the skin. And so that the face was perfect and looked like porcelain, the power should be built according to the following principles:

    1. Refuse any coloring products, such as carrots, pumpkin, apricots, persimmon. They give the dermis a yellowish tint.
    2. Drink more water. Dehydrated skin will not be smooth and elastic, so stick to the norm - not less than 2 liters per day (about 40 milliliters of fluid per kilogram of body weight). And preferred filtered pure water, herbal teas. Juices and carbonated drinks - not the best option.
    3. Refuse flour, sweet, fat, overly spicy, pickled, salted, convenience foods and fast food. Banned carbonated sugary drinks.
    4. Enter into the diet low-fat fish and meat, fiber-rich vegetables and fruits (with the exception of orange), sweet and sour berries, cereals, dairy products.

    Rule 2: care features

    The skin in any case requires constant care, and if you want it to become porcelain, you will have to try. The rules are as follows:

    • Protect from UV light. Direct sunlight is tanning and pigmentation, dehydration and increased dryness. Cover your face with hats and be sure to apply sunscreen before visiting the beach.
    • Choose the right care products, taking into account your type and features of the skin, existing problems, age, season and lifestyle.
    • Regularly cleanse the skin to remove dead skin, stimulate the formation of new cells and eliminate hyperpigmentation. Once a week, do home peels, and once every 2.5-3 months professional cleaning is recommended. And do not forget to use cleansing tonics or lotions daily.

    Rule 3: Special Tools

    What to do if your dream is porcelain skin of the face, but pigmentation, inflammation and irritation interfere with its implementation? Use specialized problem-solving tools for you.

    For problematic dermis, creams and gels with anti-inflammatory, soothing, regenerating effects are recommended. When dry type should not forget about moisture. With lifeless and damaged skin tonic, nourishing, regenerating agents are helpful.

    There are effective home remedies. For example, masks with sour berries and fruits, dairy products, parsley, and cosmetic clay are well bleached. In small quantities, salicylic acid, borax, and hydrogen peroxide can be added to remedy hyperpigmentation (if there are no contraindications). Herbal decoctions cope with inflammation and redness, improve complexion, and proteins and honey perfectly nourish.

    Rule 4: Healthy Living

    The skin will definitely not be attractive and porcelain, if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, which immediately affects the face. To get closer to the desired result:

    1. Stop smoking, because cigarettes spoil the skin and its color.
    2. Limit the use of alcohol, which disrupts the blood supply and nutrition of the skin, causing redness, widening of the pores.
    3. Do not overdo it, avoid intense physical and emotional stress and get enough sleep, paying sleep at least seven to nine hours a day.
    4. Maintain an active lifestyle for normal blood circulation.
    5. Walk more in the fresh, clean air.

    Rule 5: the right make-up

    Make-up will help to eliminate minor defects and achieve porcelain-colored face. Follow a few tips:

    • Before make-up, be sure to clean your face, for example, with tonic or micellar water.
    • Choose tonal means for half a tone or a tone lighter than your skin’s natural shade to make your makeup look natural without creating a mask effect. Cold pastel gamma is preferred.
    • A primer is applied to the T-zone (chin, nose and forehead), as well as the upper parts of the cheeks, providing a matting effect.
    • Concealer is suitable for masking defects.
    • Apply the medium-base from the center to the periphery of the face, blend tone.
    • When choosing a tonal tool, be sure to consider the type of skin.
    • Apply makeup with a high-quality special brush or soft sponge for even distribution, even tone and perfect smoothness.
    • Apply light mineral powder on top of the tonal foundation, giving the face a natural freshness and velvety. Instead of this means you can use a weightless couchon.
    • Do not select any parts of the face: the make-up of the eyes should be natural and muted in nude tones, and the lips can be slightly emphasized with a gloss or lipstick of a natural pastel shade.
    • To make the face not look pale, mark the cheekbones a bit with pinkish blush of a cold color without yellowness.

    If you want to be in trend and do not know how to make your face porcelain and aristocratic, follow the tips given in the article!

    What does porcelain skin look like?

    Porcelain complexion is characterized by dullness, complete lack of tanning. Speech is not about unhealthy pallor. On the contrary, the main indicator of this type of skin is considered to be radiance, shine, and subtle beauty. For many women, the only way to achieve the effect of porcelain skin is the use of decorative cosmetics. But for the acquisition of a natural shade of whiteness, it is sufficient to regularly conduct a series of simple procedures at home.

    Whitening facial skin folk remedies at home

    Many women began to prefer freshly prepared masks, creams based on folk recipes to expensive cosmetics. This is correct, since no one can guarantee the presence of components safe for the skin in the composition of the finished creams. But, nevertheless, using popular methods, one should carefully approach the choice of ingredients, taking into account possible allergic reactions.

    For the purpose of leveling the epidermis, bleaching an effective rice-based mask. It is easy to cook. Rice grains need to be crushed in a coffee grinder. It is enough to take about 100 grams of raw materials. In the resulting rice mixture, add two tablespoons. spoons of preheated milk, some vegetable oil. For maximum effect, it is recommended to make a rice mask every other day. Compress incubated for about 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Gently soaking the face with a towel, after the procedure it is important to moisturize the skin. For this purpose, the usual children's or your usual cream will do.

    Another recipe based on one of the most affordable products, which almost always has every hostess in the fridge - whitening with kefir with lemon juice. In 250 ml of kefir add fresh surviving lemon juice and a pinch of soda. Mixture to brew for about two to three minutes.

    Take a gauze or thin cloth, moisten it in consistency, put on face for 10 minutes. For convenience, you can make holes for the eyes and nose in advance on a special “mask”. Instead of lemon juice, it is effective to periodically add fresh parsley juice. The frequency of procedures is twice a week.
    We suggest trying face whitening with a mixture of vegetables. The presented recipe will help not only to achieve the effect of porcelain skin, but also improve the shade of the skin, eliminate freckles, age spots.

    Preparation of the mask: squeeze the juice from the parsley root, add carrot and cucumber juice to it. All mix thoroughly, lightly whisk. Just as in the previous recipe, soak in the composition of pre-prepared gauze and gently apply a compress. Rinse with warm water after 10-15 minutes.
    It is known that the guarantee of a beautiful, well-groomed appearance is regular care of yourself, systematic beauty procedures, nutrition care and a healthy lifestyle.

    Extra care measures to achieve porcelain skin

    In order for the skin of the face to have a natural and healthy whiteness, exposure to masks is not enough. We must not forget to regularly clean the skin of the face and neck by means of scrubs of different composition. Scrubs are also available to buy ready-made at any cosmetic store, but you can cook it yourself at home. We offer two effective recipes.

    • Prepare a mixture of crushed apricot kernels, kefir, sea buckthorn oil. Massage your face and neck with light circular motions. Rinse with warm water, apply your usual moisturizer.
    • Mix an equal amount of table salt (preferably coarse) and soda, a few drops of lemon, tomato juice. Massage previously cleansed skin, rinse with cool water.

    Preparation of antiseptic and disinfectants at home

    In the arsenal of each woman should be disinfecting tinctures, which are useful for fighting or preventing inflammation. During skin cleansing, the pores are open and often infection occurs. We offer several simple recipes for antiseptic lotions.

    1. Herbal lotion: for the preparation of tincture need to collect dried herbs chamomile, sage, mint, calendula. Mix raw materials and pour vodka (you will need at least 100 g). After four to five days, the tincture will be ready. Strain before use. Lotion is important to keep in a dark place. Ready means to be stored in the refrigerator no more than two weeks.
    2. Cucumber lotion - the most common and very effective. Take a cucumber of medium size, wash it, do not remove the peel. Cut into circles and pour 100 g of vodka. After 7-10 days, the infusion will be ready.
    3. Lotion for sensitive skin. It is prepared without vodka. Take 50 grams of fresh lemon juice, pour in slightly warmed honey and a decoction of mint. Shake the mixture thoroughly, leave for two hours. After this time, the lotion is ready for use.

    Regular use of our proposed recipes will make your face healthy, smooth and porcelain. For the beauty of the face, it is important to take vitamins twice a year. For the skin, the essential elements are C, D, E and A. The listed vitamins are also found in products. Proper, balanced nutrition, rich in essential trace elements will make you younger and more beautiful.

    In order to become beautiful it takes a minimum of time, but a maximum of desire. Difficulties in achieving the effect of porcelain leather, as we see, no. Take care of yourself and achieve your goals!

    What is porcelain skin

    A few years ago, bronze coating was the benchmark of beauty. Today, the favorite of all beauty trends is the face of natural, light shades. And what is the porcelain color? It is a snow-white, perfectly smooth dermis, without spots, pigmentation, and rosacea. Even in the XIX century, it was the pride of aristocrats, carefully protecting the face from the touch of the sun's rays. Depending on the color type - winter, spring, summer, autumn, maybe with a warm peach shade, or contrasting blue.

    To achieve this result, facial care must be very thorough. It affects the whole way of life in general, applying mask or cream is not enough. A huge plus of white skin is its natural, natural look. And limiting exposure to ultraviolet rays allows you to solve another problem - age-related changes. The face will look younger, fresher, so this is the only way to avoid beauty injections, while maintaining the smoothness and elasticity of the epidermis.

    How to make porcelain skin

    Japanese women made china leather a real trend. Not surprisingly, thanks to the whole system of care, they stop the aging process. To preserve the freshness and youth, you can without resorting to miraculous expensive creams and operations, it is enough to follow the basic recommendations.

    Important editorial advice

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    1. Существует специальная диета для фарфоровой кожи, противопоказаны тыква, морковь, шпинат, в небольших количествах разрешаются морепродукты, а также красная рыба, орехи и сухофрукты, растительные масла, основа рациона состоит из злаковых и нежирных сортов мяса, свежей зелени, овощей, кисло-сладких фруктов, ягод,
    2. Proper nutrition eliminates the intake of carbonated drinks, alcohol, canned food, convenience foods, coffee and derma are allowed in small quantities, like litmus paper, will tell all about its owner,
    3. Water - the main element of the detox program, quickly remove all toxins and oxidants, retains its elasticity and elasticity,
    4. In case of any rash that is of a regular nature, it is necessary to undergo a full medical examination, and the state of the epidermis is often affected by malfunctions of the digestive, endocrine, reproductive system,
    5. A porcelain-white shade can only be obtained by carefully protecting the covers from the sun all year round, even in summer it is recommended to stay on the beach until ten in the afternoon and after five in the evening, while selecting a protective cream with a suitable SPF-factor for the season.

    With the help of cosmetics you can achieve an instant effect:

    • first you need to work with defects, concealer to remove the dark circles, inflammation, show through venous asterisks,
    • then, using a sponge, a base is applied under the makeup, it smooths the structure, hides wide pores, wrinkles,
    • the foundation is selected on a half tone lighter, it will allow to achieve the desired freshness, duplicates its color with light matte powder, anchoring coating,
    • on the cheekbones volume brush to distribute the rouge, peach or pink tint - depends on the color type of the exterior,
    • when applying make-up it is convenient to use sponge or brush, the main rule is the minimum amount of each product, it will allow to achieve a more natural result.


    • Art. a spoon of white clay,
    • Art. spoon of sour cream,
    • teaspoon aloe vera.

    Kaolin thoroughly mixed with sour cream, squeeze the plants juice through a press. Before applying the epidermis to steam with a compress, only after to distribute the composition. Enjoy the action twenty minutes, then complete the usual way. It is enough to repeat the whitening mask twice a week to maintain the perfect skin condition.

    Cleansing mask

    To lighten, rejuvenate, it is useful to use natural cosmetics. The recipe will provide cleansing of the skin, give elasticity, helps reduce wrinkles. With regular use, it is not difficult to quickly achieve the desired effect, the rash, dull color is easy to forget forever.

    Perfect Skin Care Rules

    The well-groomed snow-white skin looks amazing. But to obtain a stable result, you must adhere to basic tips.

    Care instructions:

    1. Depending on the type of epidermis, it is necessary to provide daily cleansing, toning, moisturizing, it is desirable that cosmetic products be from the same series
    2. Peels and scrubs should be used no more than twice a month, for a sensitive dermis it is worth choosing sparing gommazh,
    3. It is important not to forget about nutrition, otherwise fascination with cleansing and bleaching procedures will lead to the appearance of premature wrinkles, dryness and sensitivity of the skin,
    4. Expensive sorbents are replaced with clay, soda, aspirin, and lotions with decoction of plantain, chamomile, sage,
    5. Camellia oil is an excellent alternative to night cream, it has a pronounced whitening and nourishing effect, with a fat type, the remnants need to be wetted with a paper towel five minutes after application, for a dry one - to wait until completely absorbed.


    To get the perfect white tone you need to carefully monitor your diet, to devote time to cosmetic procedures. The only contraindications for whitening masks are thin capillaries, with manifestations of rosacea. In this case, flawless even color can be achieved thanks to skillfully applied makeup.