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Evening dresses for the New Year 2019


5 win-win images for the main night of the year

Choosing the perfect outfit for the New Year's party is a topic that is relevant up to the last days of December. What to wear - an evening dress in a floor or more suitable for mini dancing, a luxurious velvet costume or a “seventies” overalls? For those who are still in doubt, online shopping, which has long ceased to be associated with long weeks of waiting for an order, will be an ideal way out. For example, the online store rus.nextdirect.com delivers things the very next day after ordering, if you make your choice before 10 pm. So to pull with the final decision and to estimate different options it is possible to the last. In the review of ELLE - the top five inspirational kits, which will help not to be mistaken with the "same" way.

Top plus skirt

The fact that the outfit for the New Year's party should be an order of magnitude more luxurious than everyday is a textbook truth. So, choosing a classic set of a skirt and top, keeping the usual silhouette, in choosing materials it is better to give preference to traditionally evening velvet or silk and chiffon with large embroidery. In addition, velvet this year has earned the status of the most relevant fabric of the year, so that a thing made of heavy material shimmering in electric light will become one hundred percent hit in a trend.

Skirt, top, bag, shoes - all Next

Mini dress

Is there a better time for fashionable experiments than New Year's Eve? Fears off - the most suitable outfit for the dance floor, a landmark for the disco era, will be a mini dress with sequins. To shine so to shine - the muffled shimmer of a metallic clutch and the final accent in the form of uncompromisingly bright shoes will be the perfect accompaniment to the sheen of sequins.

Dress, ankle boots, clutch - all Next

Long dress

Classic evening wardrobe always looks advantageous. All the same accessories will cope with the task of turning the traditional image into a trendy one. For example, an evening clutch trimmed with luxurious marabou feathers or sandals made of metallized leather on a small heel that will not interfere with dancing.

Clutch, sandals, dress - all Next


The jumpsuit has long won one of the leading positions in the wardrobe, having pressed the usual dresses on the runways. Its evening versions of velvet or silk will provide an order of magnitude more enthusiastic views of those around you who recognized a convinced fashionista in the crowd.

Sandals, overalls, bag - all Next

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Select by shape

New Year's Eve for every woman is an opportunity to show off with her beauty and show off in the most wonderful dress from the entire wardrobe. It is clear that the dress should be perfect in all respects, especially with regard to the combination of the style and the figure of its owner.

So, choose an evening dress for a New Year's party on the type of figure.

For curvaceous figures can not choose a narrow dress that will fit tightly to the body. But the outfit too can not be too free - there is no need to hide chic uniforms behind the overalls.

Good examples are the dress with the smell and the case-dresses with semi-adjacent silhouette, which emphasizes everything that needs to be emphasized.

For a pear-shaped (triangular) figure, it is necessary to select such outfits, with the help of which volume would be added in the upper part of the body, and extra centimeters would be removed in the lower part of the body. Thin waist with underline.

Ideal for models with an American armhole or tailored for oblique, attracting attention to the shoulders or chest. Draperies, drawings, puffs, ruffles are important elements that create the necessary volume. A good addition would be a bolero or cape.

Inverted triangle

With wide shoulders and narrow hips, on the contrary, the volume should be done in the hips. Outfits of the A-silhouette and in the Empire style will come to your aid. Without shuttlecocks, draperies, peplums and a fluffy skirt, such as a balloon skirt, is indispensable.

Wide shoulders will visually reduce the V-neck. Square neckline and straps are not desirable.


When narrow shoulders and hips, first of all you need to highlight the waist. All decorative elements (beads, sequins, applications) are yours. Ideally, you need to create a volume at the top and at the bottom.

For low

For low girls, designers have created short models of evening dresses of various variations. One of these is the high waist and bright colors.

The skirt should be straight or slightly flared. From the large pattern and complex cut should be abandoned.

Dresses in the floor are also permissible if the skirt closes the heel, and the silhouette is fitting.

If you add high heels to the image, no one will notice your small stature, and you yourself will forget about this little feature of your body.

Selection rules

Not only the features of the figure should pay attention, choosing for themselves an evening outfit. There are a number of nuances that can help in finding the perfect dress.

We have selected for you a list of tips, following which, it is easy to become the queen of the New Year evening:

  1. In the choice of attire is to build on the format of the upcoming event. Evening dress is traditionally represented in the length of the maxi, but not for every girl she fits and is not appropriate for every occasion. The length of the dress should be in harmony with your body - this is the first. And the second - it depends on the venue of the celebration. For a club party, it would be nice to wear a cocktail dress instead of a long evening dress, which, although it looks gorgeous, still brings constraint in movement.
  2. You should not choose trouser suits, even if in everyday life you do not recognize other clothes. Surprise others with your new image, filled with completely new emotions for you. If you are not ready to wear a bold and even sexy dress, then there are many romantic, cute and feminine models.
  3. Do not chase fashion trends. First of all, you need to take into account the features characteristic of your type of figure.
  4. Playing on contrasts and choosing unusual colors often gives the most unpredictable and amazing results. Carefully examine your color type - it will help you choose the color of clothes relative to the shade of hair or eye color.
  5. Observe restraint in the formation of the overall image and remember the sense of the norm. A bold and eccentric outfit should soften a more modest hairstyle, a minimum of jewelry and soft makeup. For example, if your choice fell on a stunning and simply unrealistically beautiful dress the color of noble red wine, it will look good modestly styled hair and not causing makeup, created from the general tones of your image.

Features and benefits

On New Year's Eve, all girls and women want to look magical.

Choosing what to wear on this New Year's Eve, many people superstitiously rely on the opinion: “how to celebrate the New Year, so spend it.” That is why all the fair sex strive to be on this day the most beautiful and charming. And this can help them evening dress.

Of course, many may opt for an elegant suit, a well-chosen blouse with a skirt, or something else, but the dress’s feature is that it can indicate and emphasize the woman’s femininity and sexuality.

The assortment of evening dresses can be lost. By the New Year, stores update their shelves with new collections, and fashion designers who decorate their offspring with various New Year attributes are trying to create a festive mood. Therefore, the question arises: how to choose?

How to choose

Getting lost in a huge assortment of New Year's evening dresses, you should pay your attention to the dress that you not only like, but also fit perfectly into the upcoming celebration.

If you are going to corporate parties with your colleagues, you should opt for a more classic version of the dress. This, for example, may be a sheath dress of black, cold green or red color, decorated with a small number of sequins or sewn to the dress with a gold-plated decoration.

For a celebration with friends, in a restaurant, you can choose a more spectacular evening dress. For example, with a fluffy skirt or a pleated skirt. Plunging neckline and high heels are welcome. And for long walks in the bars you can prudently supplement the New Year's dress with a fur cape.

Holidays in the family does not require much effort. For a modest evening, you can pick up a midi-length evening dress that is free and not constraining movement, so that you can waltz around the New Year's table with a hot hand, but look good without extra effort.

Christmas dresses can be ultrashort and very tight.

Corsets, bodices, decorated with rhinestones, wide belts - may well complement and make the dress sexy. However, about popular styles in more detail.

"Baby dollars"

The main difference between such an evening dress and the rest - in ruffles and lace, in bows and ribbons, and with lush frill looks great. It is very feminine and is great for young fashionistas.

If you want to meet this New Year in the image of a cute "doll", then this model of dress is what you need.

Tight very seductive dress that will appeal to women with a perfect hourglass figure.

Often, open shoulders, a deep cleavage and a lush “mermaid tail” made of flying and lightweight fabrics are perfectly combined with high heels and visually stretch the silhouette, making its owner gorgeous!

Fluffy short skirt draws attention to the beautiful legs of its owner. Dress of this style often has a pronounced bodice, which is able to emphasize not only the chest, but also the waistline. Suits thin girls.

Colors and finishes

The current color of this year, which is able to draw the attention of others to its owner. This shade of red is very beautiful and noble, as well as sexy.

If you want to make an impression on someone, then you should choose a dress of this color with an open back or transparent inserts.

Popular use of this print in tight dresses. It is suitable for miniature girls with an elegant figure. Perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a restaurant or bar.

Classic color that fits perfectly in any situation. For New Year's Eve, a dress of this color, decorated with glittering beads and gold embroidery, will suit.

With sequins

Usually used to decorate individual parts of the evening dress. It is these little things that can turn the most ordinary and ordinary dress into a festive one.

For young ladies, a dress fully sheathed with this print will be suitable for creating a bright image and spectacular pastime on the dance floor.

It is very seductive and sexy. This dress will suit young girls with a pretty figure.

This season, the favorite trick of fashion designers with evening dresses of such length is the trim of the hem with a light lace train.

Classic and versatile option. It is able, both to hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the female figure, and therefore is suitable for all types of figures. This length is very convenient and does not hamper movement.

Evening dresses, stitched in length to the floor, for visiting social and official parties and events are extremely popular.

What to wear

Tall girls should complement the evening dress with ballet shoes for hanging out in the room and half boots on a small heel - on the street. Miniature girls should pay attention to shoes with high heels. You should not combine a dress with too massive shoes, as it threatens to attract attention from a full-fledged image to itself.

In the winter, of course, you need to choose outerwear. You will need it for congratulations and visits to friends, as well as other active pastime on the street. It can be a muton fur coat or a long classic coat. It is very good if there is a hood available that can be thrown over the head without fear of spoiling the hairstyle.

Stylist tips

Fashionable gurus recommend this year to please the guests with golden and silver dresses. They can be decorated with tiny sequins or rhinestones and are easily complemented by plain warm capes. The length of this dress must be in the floor.

For lovers of long dances, stylists pay attention to dresses with a fluffy skirt and bodice, decorated with brilliant embroidery. Such a dress is not only seductive, but also charming, than it can attract admiring and envious glances.

For full girls it is recommended to choose dark dresses with translucent sleeves and without massive patterns. Deep cleavage will not be superfluous. The waistline of such an evening dress must be clearly expressed.

Stylish images

Not afraid of red? Then put on a dress with a tutu skirt. Bottom can be decorated with feathers, and the top - with red patterns printed on transparent nylon. We combine an outfit with a dark clutch or a miniature handbag on a long strap, as well as red shoes with heels.

A navy blue sheath dress can be complemented with a massive pearl necklace. From shoes, you can choose a rough boots with thick soles or long boots with a steady heel. Decorate the hostess with seductive makeup and large white earrings, successfully complementing the overall image.

Choosing your own from the variety of evening dresses, remember that you should not be afraid of experiments. After all, the only way to get a stunning and memorable image.

Chic evening dresses for the New Year 2019 - long and short models

On New Year's Eve, going to an official celebration, women can choose a beautiful evening dress. The length of the evening dress for the New Year 2019 can be maxi, fashionable now and New Year's dresses in midi length, as well as short cocktail New Year's dresses of the original cut.

Choosing a new year's dress to the floor, pay attention to the fish silhouette dresses with a small train. In a similar New Year's dress you will look like a real queen. Long-sleeved A-line New Year dresses will be very popular.

Elegant open back, bare shoulders, a high slit, iridescent flowing fabrics will emphasize femininity and elegance of the New Year's dress.

If you are going to have fun and dance all night, it is better to choose short styles of dresses for the New 2019 year, presented by interesting and elegant options.

Beautiful New Year dresses with a fluffy skirt look playful and romantic, and fitting short dresses for the New Year and case models, complemented by embroidery, lace, sequins, feathers will appeal to bold and extraordinary personalities.

Fashionable knitted New Year's dresses 2019 - actual trim styles

Among the large number of models and styles of dresses for the New Year 2019 there are very interesting and beautiful knitted dresses, suitable also for New Year's outfit.

Warm and cozy cashmere and knitted New Year's dresses are perfect for a family celebration of the New Year at home. Mostly it will be short knitted dresses for the new year, decorated with lace, frills, lace knitting.

The New Year's image in a beautiful knitted dress needs to be complemented with accessories, then the New Year's outfit will look more festive and elegant.

Royal Choice - Velvet Dresses for New Year 2019

New Year's trend in 2019 is rightly left velvet outfits. Beautiful velvet New Year's dresses are both evening long styles, and original short models.

Pleasant to the touch, lightweight and comfortable velvet dresses are perfect for creating a chic New Year's look. Classic black, noble blue, passionate burgundy and even bright yellow velvet are used in the tailoring of Christmas dresses 2019.

Fashionable New Year velvet dresses do not need additional decoration, the maximum that a velvet dress for New Year can be decorated with is lace trim and embroidery.

A worthy alternative to dresses for the New Year 2019 - beautiful costumes with a skirt

The number of fashionable Christmas outfits in 2019 includes not only dresses for the New Year. The original option that you can wear for the New Year will be an alternative holiday outfit with a skirt.

We are talking about fashionable dresses in this season in the style of a top crop, consisting of a skirt and a cropped top. A suit of this type with a skirt in the evening version will easily replace the classic New Year's dress. The skirt itself can be of different lengths and cut: short, fluffy, to the floor, mermaid, pencil.

If you are looking for an original and stylish version of the dress for the New Year, New Year dresses in the cropping top style is the most suitable choice.

Satin and lace

Satin or lace skirts and tops are also great for an evening out, but you can also wear them in your daily life.

For example, a satin skirt and a lace top are a wonderful pair that can create a magnificent evening set! Do not overdo it with accessories, as the top and skirt are already very elegant by themselves. You can pick up a pair of handbags with metallic luster, but without ornaments and minimalist form.

В повседневной жизни такую атласную юбку можно носить с очень актуальной сейчас водолазкой (все о том, с чем носить водолазки, можно прочитать здесь) и бомбером в стиле милитари, дополнив все это спортивной обувью и минималистской сумкой.

Одна из самых актуальных комплектаций сегодня — это такая легкая юбка в паре со свитером оверсайз грубой вязки. О том, что еще в моде в этом сезоне, можно прочитать здесь.
В этом случае вы не только соберете модный и стильный комплект, но еще и сыграете на разнице текстур (нежный атлас с шелковистым блеском и грубая вязка свитера).
The set can be supplemented with a scarf, tied with a choker, a neutral suede bag and ankle boots on a stable heel.

Lace top can be worn with anything at all.
For example, complete it with jacquard prints with a print and a monochromatic jacket, as well as neutral accessories. It will turn out to be a wonderful office suite, not banal, but at the same time, quite acceptable.

A lace top in winter will feel good not only with a jacket and trousers, but also with a cardigan and a skirt, for example.

Note: Tibi satin skirt, Miu Miu lace top, clutch bag and lacquered Jimmy Choo shoes, Erickson Beamon long earrings, Michael Kors turtleneck, Ganni bomber jacket, Loewe black bag, Neutral bag and Chloé sweater, Dannijo shawl, black Alexander Wang ankle boots, pants with Giambattista Valli print, APC jacket, gray skirt Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania cardigan, gray Isabel Marant suede booties, blue Clare V. bag

Such current embroidery can not be ignored, especially when it comes to holiday clothes. But the things decorated with embroidery, you can wear in everyday life and even to work.

For example, a jacket with embroidery can be worn on a New Year's party with a dress or skirt (or trousers) and a top of a simple cut and neutral color. Embroidery in itself very much attracts attention, so try to choose the most minimalistic accessories so as not to overload the set. A shoe (or sandals) of deep wine color (even from velvet), a strict clutch, large earrings of purist form and a bracelet will be enough.

In everyday life, such a jacket will decorate simple jeans and a T-shirt.
And in the office you can wear it with a dress case and a handbag on a long chain.

Note: Alice + Olivia embroidered jacket, Commando top, Georgia Alice year skirt, Jimmy Choo sandals and clutch, Katerina Makriyianni bracelet, Saint Laurent white T-shirt, Jennifer Fisher earrings, APC chain bag, Victoria Beckham dress, Gianvito Rossi suede ankle boots .

Skirts, tops, jackets and pants with sequins, it would seem, just created for the holiday. Especially for the New Year! But they can be worn in everyday life, although for the office they are unlikely to fit.

At the New Year's party, you can wear a top, embroidered with sequins, with actual flared trousers of deep wine color. You can add peppercorn with the help of shoes with a leopard print on a steady heel.

Well, in everyday life a little to muffle the bright "festivity" of such things will help clothes in a sports style or a very minimalist, simple cut.

For example, a similar top can be worn with the same pants, but add a jacket (so most of the top will be covered). Also, minimalistic accessories will help bring a little rigor and everyday life to this kit.

Note: Ganni sequined top, Chloé flared pants, Nicholas Kirkwood leopard shoes, Edie Parker clutch, red Vanessa Seward bag.

We bet on the cut
At the New Year's party you can wear something very bold that you would not dare to wear in everyday life. For example, a blouse with a huge neckline or a skirt with a slit to the thigh. Having completed them with more modest objects, you prolong their life by transferring them from elegant wardrobe to casual wardrobe.
Also, you can choose any object with a very unusual cut, complementing it with elegant accessories. In everyday life, try to wear such clothes with something more relaxed.

For example, a top with sleeves of an unusual cut draws attention due to its lines. Complement it with 7/8 cherry-colored trousers and metallic high-heeled pumps. And large long earrings and an embroidered handbag or clutch complete the outfit.

With the same trousers, but with accessories in a masculine style, a similar top would be appropriate to look during the day.

It can also be worn with jeans and sports shoes, complemented by a playful clutch and pendant.

Note: Roksanda black top, Jimmy Choo silver shoes, Isabel Marrant earrings and pendant, Loeffler Randall clutch with embroidery, Tomasini black clutch.

We bet on accessories
Accessories have super power. Indeed, they are able to transform even the most ordinary outfit into an incredibly stylish and bright set. Adding interesting accessories to a simple dress of minimalist style or to jumpsuit, you can create a real work of art!

Overalls are still relevant. Perhaps this is not the most practical object of the wardrobe, but what a beautiful one! Properly chosen overalls will be beneficial to emphasize any figure. In addition, it is very easy to complete, as all you need is to pick up accessories.

The most practical overalls minimalist cut. You can wear them even during the day, as a set with such a jumpsuit depends entirely on accessories.

For a New Year's party, complement such a jumpsuit with “golden” shoes and earrings in the Art Deco style, and you can choose a handbag with embroidery (very important!).

In the afternoon, the jumpsuit can be completed with an oversized sweater, a silver bag and long earrings.

Another option: put on a jacket with a print on top, add a leopard bag of atypical color (how to combine different prints in one image, you can read here) and a narrow chiffon scarf.

Note: Stella McCartney jumpsuit, Erickson Beamon art deco earrings, SJP gold shoes by Sarah Jessica Parker, Edie Parker embroidery clutch, Sea by Chloé sweater, Lanvin bag-bag, Chan Luu pink scarf.

What do you wear on the New Year? Dear readers, share your experience, leave feedback and your wishes, write what else you would like to read, ask questions and subscribe to the news.

How to celebrate the New Year 2019: new year dresses for elegant women

Designers offered women some elegant solutions, in what to celebrate New Year 2019, noting evening and cocktail styles, as the most acceptable among analogues.

New Year's dresses 2019-2020 will conquer with the beauty of velvet, tenderness of knitwear, elegance of lace, lightness of satin and silk.

Celebrating New Year at home does not always oblige a woman to dress up in an evening dress, but despite this, we advise women to pamper themselves with a chic outfit, wearing New Year's dresses with lace on the main night of the year, dress in a satin or silk New Year dress or choose velvet models .

For those who wear Christmas dresses 2019-2020 of a cocktail or evening type - too, we offer excellent knitted and knitted Christmas dresses midi and maxi length, decorated with applications from rhinestones, fringe, lace.

In them, you will feel comfortable, protected, and look very stylish, demonstrating to friends and family an excellent sense of taste.

Novelties and styles of New Year's dresses 2019-2020 will allow every fashionista to find her perfect New Year's dress, in which she will celebrate the New Year together with dear people, spending old memories, sad moments and all the problems and failures that worried her with the past year.

The most beautiful New Year's dresses 2019-2020: ideas on how to celebrate the New Year

And so, let's consider what kind of New Year dresses 2019-2020 styles were present in the new collections.

Christmas dresses made of satin, silk, lace and lace elements, whether models in the floor or midi, will make the image of any girl and woman more tender, giving a highlight to her appearance, and emphasizing femininity and elegance.

New year dresses from velvet, knitwear - trend of 2019. They emphasize the curves of the silhouette, add to the image of comfort, but in any case, not boring.

Such New Year's dresses are able to create a simple, but at the same time luxurious bow in which a woman will feel just fine.

New Year's Crop Top 2019-2020 is a new evening dress that has been confidently holding its position for years.

A beautiful New Year's outfit, made up of a skirt and a top with a long or quarter sleeve, often lace or transparent fabric, will look fabulous, slightly demonstrating feminine charms without lightness and vulgarity and fashionable designs of designers.

New Year's dresses 2019-2020 with spectacular top - styles with a bodice of a bustier, dresses with an open back and bare shoulders, a strict V-neck, a large neckline of different shapes, dresses on the straps and with sleeves and cuffs, lace, chiffon, etc. P. - make a woman a queen at the ball and an elegant lady in the business New Year celebration.

New Year's dresses 2019-2020 - in the floor, short fitted, trapezoidal models, impressive with spectacular neckline to the thigh, beautiful styles with a fluffy skirt - such options will make a woman especially elegant and colorful.

And if the dress is also decorated with sparkles or stones - there is no price for such a party for the New Year's Eve.

New Year's dresses 2019-2020 with additional details in the form of a train, a cape, beautiful shuttlecocks or ruff on the sleeves, and along the entire length of the dress.

Exquisite New Year's dresses with embroidery, drapery, layering, application elements, feathers and fur, openwork inserts and other details - all this beauty will transform a woman, what style she would not have preferred.

Finally, we say that New Year's dresses can be the simplest, but if you create an individual image with a unique make-up, hairdo, add accessories - your appearance will speak for itself - you are QUEEN!

Each event has its own outfit

Do not be alarmed, dear ladies, we do not urge you to buy, and then open a boutique of fashionable clothes. Just decide what event you will have the main and what is secondary (if several are planned) and use the tips that will help you choose the outfit that is relevant in each of the situations. But first, about color and shape.

New Year Dresses 2019 are the natural and earthy colors of the Yellow Earth Pig, which will soon come into its own. Grieve this or rejoice, but will have to choose from the mass of options. At your service all shades of meadows blooming on the land, woodlands and water surface. Like that:

  • the whole range of brownish shades (from yellow to grayish brown and chocolate),
  • blue,
  • green,
  • Orange,
  • pink,
  • cream and beige
  • Gray.

The only exception this year is red.

If you do not believe in horoscopes and red to your face - feel free to choose it!

Black, white and their combinations are always relevant. Vivid prints and combinations of several colors are welcome. As for the length - the Pig is more like the floor, but she will not refuse to admire the female legs. And now, directly on the clothes.


Choose a decent New Year's dress for a corporate party, perhaps - the most difficult task. Firstly, it depends on the venue, secondly, I want to amaze my colleagues, but at the same time I don’t look vulgar, thirdly, there is a danger of meeting my “twin” in exactly the same outfit.

If the last moment depresses you, proceed as follows. Watch carefully your colleagues, think for yourself what they can wear and go their own way. We noticed our rivals in style - carefully probe the soil for their New Year's toilets. For the rest, proceed as follows:

  • restaurant - evening dress,
  • cafe, bar, bowling - cocktail,
  • quest - according to the topic
  • country house - simple, comfortable, non-inflexible.

Meeting the New Year in nature may require, as in the famous cartoon, concert boots and padded jackets. Bring warm clothes with you, but such that blend harmoniously with the image as a whole.

Variants of the festive corporate party can be mass. When choosing an outfit, be guided by the main idea - to match the place. It is ridiculous to have fun with snow fun in a country cottage in an evening dress or to appear in a chic restaurant with live music in a comfortable oversize.

Office New Year

Sometimes a corporate party takes place within the walls of the home office. What to wear in this case depends on the circumstances. If you have time to go home and make yourself look, you can dress in a dress. What - you choose, but not too extravagant and defiant.

Often, employees are left to celebrate immediately after work, and sometimes they start this pleasant thing during the day. In this case, you will have to dress in accordance with the dress code, but in a more elegant version. This may be a bright blouse under a suit, spectacular accessories or a classic sheath dress, but with a hint of coquetry.

Friendly party

Here you can let go of your freedom and choose any outfit. But sometimes there is a difficulty - it is supposed to appear in fancy dress. If the party is themed, in a certain style or color, you have to adjust.

Want to shine - do not give up, look for exits. For example, wear the image of the Snow Queen, Queen of Spades, Snow White, Cinderella at the ball.

In the family circle

If you are going to celebrate New Year at home - this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of being beautiful. Undoubtedly, clothes should be comfortable, but forget about bathrobes, pajamas and other cozy amenities. In 2019, the yellow earth Pig will rule. He will not forgive such negligence and leave you without protection.

Even to celebrate the New Year alone you need to choose a beautiful outfit. What if the prince knocks on the door with a chiming door and takes you for the servant girl whom you have been searching for all your life. Miracles happen, and you need to wait for them in full parade. Moreover, at home you can afford any option, from modest to absolutely frank (if the household does not mind).

Choosing a New Year's Dress by Type

You have to perform the most important female task - to emphasize the dignity and to disguise some features. Almost everything depends on the choice of style on a figure - mood, personal comfort and collection of compliments. If you do not know what type your appearance belongs to, stand in front of the mirror and determine.

There are five types of shapes:

The names quite aptly reflect the essence of female forms. You can not determine visually, take a centimeter tape and measure the volume - chest, waist and hips. The widest part of the body will show which type you are closer to.


The same chest volume, hips, narrow waist - this is the ideal type of figure. Its owners are lucky. Even gaining weight, they keep proportions. If your figure is an hourglass, you can choose absolutely any model of New Year's dress 2019.

Avoid baggy styles and layering. For the rest - choose what you prefer:

  • adjoining and tight models
  • mermaid silhouette
  • sheath dress
  • oblique cut and flowing fabrics
  • narrow belts, belts, chains.

There are no drawbacks, you need to be afraid of another - by mistake or unknowingly, choose what will hide the virtues.

A small neat top, narrow waist, wide hips - such is a pear. Your task is to make the shape more harmonious. Ruffles, frills, flounces will help in this. It is easy to guess that all this will be in the upper part of the figure. In no case it is impossible to hide the waist, as well as covering the hips with a narrow skirt. Your styles:

  • with an oversized corset type belt,
  • semiadherent
  • dressing gown
  • in Empire style,
  • neckline is not V-shaped, but completely open shoulders.

Pears tend to have a beautiful neck, arms, bust. Emphasize their spectacular accessories.

Christmas dress and color type of appearance

With the fit of the dress and the style, we figured out, the last step on the way to complete harmony - color. The criterion "like-dislike" is not quite suitable. There are a lot of New Year's colors, and each one perfectly complements a certain color type. There are only four of them:

To choose an outfit according to the color type, the mirror is again useful. Only now the object of study is a face without makeup and jewelery. Winter and summer are cold color types, autumn and spring are warm. It remains to determine their characteristics, favorite shades and texture of materials.

Bright appearance will not allow to be mistaken in belonging to this color type. Autumn is red, rich brown, brown hair, peach or golden-beige skin with light freckles, light blue, green, amber, dark cognac eyes.

Suitable warm, natural colors - brown, green, red, purple, gray-beige. It is not necessary to use tone in pure form. Experiment with shades by choosing warm ones:

  • brick,
  • emerald,
  • aquamarine,
  • saturated turquoise,
  • terracotta,
  • lingonberry,
  • apricot,
  • vanilla,
  • Orange.

Black and white are undesirable. It is better to replace them with the color of ayvor and cognac. Of the fabrics preferred soft, fleecy - velvet, velor, suede, angora, as well as delicate cambric and lace.