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The best movies about firefighters


Firefighter is an important, very necessary and, of course, dangerous profession. And its representatives cause real admiration. They are proud of, they are protected, they are truly loved. And they make films about them, and some of them really deserve attention.

Top 10 best movies about firefighters:

  1. “Team 49: Fire Ladder.” Jack Morrison works in a team of Baltimore firefighters and leaves for another challenge. As always, he does everything to save people and stop the fire. But suddenly there was an explosion in the building. Jack falls from a great height, breaks his leg and finds himself in a dangerous trap. Flames are about to get to him, but he can not do anything. All that remains is to rely on our colleagues, who, of course, will show all their courage, gather their will into a fist and go to great lengths to get Jack out. The task is very difficult, but who said that being a fireman is easy? But will the heroes win the fire element this time? Will they save a friend?
  2. "Reverse thrust". Backward thrust is a term well known to all firefighters. And it is precisely because of her that Stephen and Bryan's father perish when they were very young. This event literally turned the lives of the brothers. Stephen realized that he wanted to be a fireman and save lives. Brian, too, followed in the footsteps of his dead father, but to a greater extent in order to prove that it was worth something, and not because he dreamed of this profession. By the will of fate, the brothers find themselves in the same brigade, and side by side they are fighting with the dangerous fire element. Relations between them remained strained and cold, until the arsonist maniac appeared in the city. The trouble rallied the brothers, but everyone decided to go their own way. Stephen continued to fight the fire, and Brian realized that he must by all means find a criminal, neutralize him and punish him.
  3. "Fire brigade". The film is quite old, but still dynamic. One is not very conscientious and even a tough person arranges a series of arson in the city. And around the same time, three attractive girls graduate from the Fire Academy. They are almost immediately arranged in a brigade to begin the fight against fire and to save lives, taking into account the current events, it is simply necessary. But before you start working normally, the heroines will have to prove to their more experienced and strong male colleagues that they are worth something. And it is not easy when male firefighters think not about real fire, but about fire of passion. But girls are not as timid and weak as it may seem at first glance.
  4. "Refractory" - This is a story about a fireman, but in the film he is considered not only as a representative of a dangerous profession, but also as a very ordinary person. The main character, Caleb Holt, has long been struggling with fire and knows perfectly well the rules for playing to conquer the elements. And therefore, the carcass of a burning house, he never leaves his comrades in distress. But in saving others, he cannot save his own marriage. Yes, his wife is waiting for him, but his feelings for her have long been extinguished. And at home there are completely different rules. Here, every man for himself, but there is no long-standing mutual assistance and mutual understanding. And each time, returning here from the next fire, Caleb thinks about how to rekindle the fire of passion and revive feelings for his wife. And it seems much more difficult than coping with the elements.
  5. "Fire storm". Rendel Shay is a criminal who is serving a sentence for a daring train robbery. Surprisingly, he manages to escape. And all because in the woods near the prison someone started a fire. And while the warders fought the elements, Randall and several other criminals were able to escape. But Jesse Graves, the commander of the professional firefighters squad, who are known as “smoke jumpers,” takes on the job. Why are they called that way? Because they are landed in hot zones, inaccessible to ground units, directly from the aircraft. But Jesse does not suspect that it is necessary to fight not only with fire, but also with other opponents - dangerous criminals.
  6. "When the lights go out". This film is also worth seeing, because it is dedicated to courage and the incredibly difficult work of the Hong Kong firefighters. Events unfold on the eve of Christmas. And it all starts with a minor fire in the warehouse of alcoholic beverages. The fire brigade expected to quickly cope with the task and calmly celebrate the holiday. But the situation suddenly gets out of control and is aggravated by the fact that there is a power station next to the building. And if the fire gets to it, then a powerful explosion will occur, and all Hong Kong residents will be left without light. Will the firefighters be able to avoid casualties, prevent the city from plunging into darkness and at the same time maintain confidence in each other?
  7. "Anxious Sunday". This is a Soviet film, but it is worthy of attention, so it is included in the list. A huge foreign tanker Gent arrives at the port of one of the cities on the Black Sea coast. On board send three repairmen and one trainee who must fix minor problems. But suddenly there is a fire in the tanker. And if the fire reaches oil, then not only the ship will suffer, but the whole port. The local fire brigade leaves for the alarm call, but there is not enough strength. And then firefighters from the neighboring town are in a hurry to help, but by the will of fate, the panel truck that blocks through no fault of their own way blocks them. Meanwhile, the tanker dangerously tilts, and the fire is about to move to the port. Then the rescuers decide to blow up the ship to avoid the spread of fire. This is a risky decision, but there is simply no other.
  8. "Fire Dog". The dog named Rex is a real star. He makes commercials and films, jumps well and wears a collar with diamonds. It would seem that he has everything a dog can dream of. But who would have thought that very soon a sweet and carefree life would be replaced by difficulties and hardships? The fault of the negligent employee Rex disappears from the cinema. He is no different from other dogs, so passersby do not recognize him as a TV star. And Rex would have wandered through the streets of the city if he hadn’t accidentally walked into the fire station one day and met the brave and brave Shane. This dog is 12 years old and it helps to fight with fire.
  9. "Fireman". This film is worthy of attention if only because Charlie Chaplin himself starred in it. And this promises a lot of interesting and sometimes touching scenes and the most pleasant emotions from viewing. The main character is not yet a fireman, but he helps the brigade. And he is not touched at all by constant insults and jokes from the head and colleagues, because his task is to help people. He also falls in love with a beautiful girl and notices that she, too, is sympathetic. But she also liked the fire brigade chief. Once the beauty gets into trouble, being in the house engulfed in fire. But who will save her? Timid, but brave assistant or more experienced boss?
  10. "Rising Hell" (another name - “Hell in the Sky”) is a rather interesting film. Talented architect Doug Roberts arrives at the opening of the gorgeous 138-storey skyscraper, which he designed himself. Many guests have been invited to the celebration, and they all enjoy the holiday almost under the roof of the house. The architect makes a detour and accidentally finds out that the building was commissioned with gross violations. Doug decides not to talk about this to the guests, but all the secret will someday become apparent, and sometimes too late. Due to overheating of wires on the 81st floor of a skyscraper a fire starts. The hall in which the opening is held is cut off from communications, so it’s impossible to get out of it. And then the fire department takes over. It is impossible to get to the fire by the stairs, and the helicopter crashes because of the wind. Firefighters decide on a desperate and dangerous step. They blow up a canister of water directly above the roof. Will they manage to cope with fire?

This was our list of movies. Have you seen at least one of them?

Movies about firefighters: top 5

Positive heroes who are ready to endanger their own lives in order to save other people are popular with many viewers. What films about firefighters and rescuers exist? The list of the best paintings dedicated to the representatives of the heroic professions is given below:

  • "Reverse thrust".
  • "Fire storm".
  • "Team-49: Fire stairs".
  • Chicago Firemen.
  • "Refractory".

Of course, there are other exciting tapes, the main characters of which are firefighters and rescuers. However, the paintings listed above managed to pass the test of time, it is interesting not only to watch them for the first time, but also to revise them. So, what are good movies about firefighters, the list of which is presented above, what is their plot?

"Reverse thrust" (1991)

Stephen and Brian were still children when their firefighter father died while on duty. The transferred stress had an impact on their entire future life. Stephen wants to follow in the footsteps of his father, to save lives. Brian also chooses the profession of a fireman, but only to ensure that others do not doubt his courage. Brothers who never got along, fall into the same team and are forced to work together. Their rapprochement is facilitated by the appearance in the city of a mad criminal who commits arson. Will Steven and Brian be able to forget the old feuds and join forces against a common enemy?

Viewers watch movies about firefighters not only for spectacular scenes. They are also attracted by interesting characters, their relationships. The film "Return traction" offers a look at the representatives of this heroic profession as ordinary people, introduces them to their inner world.

Firestorm (1998)

A dangerous criminal, who is serving a severe punishment for robbing a train, escapes from prison thanks to a fire that someone is doing nearby. Together with him, a few prisoners leave the prison building, who managed to take advantage of the fact that the guards were distracted by the struggle with the fire element. The rescued fire brigade, which is led by the courageous Jesse Graves, did not allow the fire to spread. The element is defeated, but the heroes are confronted with a much more serious danger and are forced to fight the fugitive criminals.

The best films about firefighters are attractive to the audience due to the dynamic plot and spectacular special effects, is not an exception and "Fire Storm". The picture will appeal to every lover of action-movie.

“Team-49: Fire Ladder” (2004)

Jack Morrison is working in a detachment of Baltimore firefighters, to his credit many lives saved. The hero, together with his team, goes on another challenge, rescues the victims, fights against the fire element. Suddenly, an explosion occurs in a building in a fire. Jack is seriously injured and falls into a deadly trap. Morrison can only rely on the help of his colleagues, as he cannot get out on his own. Of course, other firefighters are ready for anything to save a team member.

Fascinating films about firefighters keep viewers in suspense throughout the entire viewing. Possesses this amazing ability and the picture "Team-49: Fiery Staircase", which is difficult to tear off from viewing.

Series about firefighters

Not only films about lifeguards and firefighters deserve the attention of viewers. Fascinating series, telling about the everyday life of representatives of this heroic profession, also exist. Chicago Firemen is probably the most famous TV project belonging to this category. The alternative name is "Chicago on Fire".

The series "Firefighters Chicago" - the story of the brave people who save lives every day. Heroes not only struggle with the fire element, but also live their lives. They do an excellent job with their favorite work, but they are far from always able to sort out personal problems.

“Save Me” is another great series about firefighters. The focus of the audience is the lifeguard Tommy, whom colleagues and superiors appreciate for their professionalism and dedication to their work. In the personal life of the hero, everything is not as smooth as at work. Tommy's wife was tired of his eternal lack of home, she left and took the children with her. Fireman wants to return his family, but does not know how to cope with this task.

“Fireproof” (2008)

Caleb Holt chose the fireman profession many years ago. He is well known for all the pitfalls of his work, no one can cope with the fire element faster than this hero. Members of his team have no doubt that he will always come to the rescue in a difficult situation. Caleb is able to save anyone, but he fails to help himself.

The marriage firefighter fails, the feelings that the couple once felt for each other, are in the past. The house is gradually turning into a battlefield, where everyone is for himself. However, Caleb sincerely believes that he will be able to revive his former love and save his family. The drama pays more attention to human relations than the fight against fire, but is not without spectacular scenes.

What else to see

What else can you remember movies about firefighters, worthy of viewing? The painting “When the lights go out” tells the story of the Hong Kong rescue team. It all starts with the fact that the fire covers the warehouse of alcoholic beverages. The incident seems ordinary, but the situation quickly gets out of control. Next to the warehouse building is a power plant that can explode if it gets to the flame.

"Fireman" - an old film, in which one of the main roles played a brilliant comedian Charlie Chaplin. This is a story about a savior-amateur who comes to the rescue of a professional brigade. Experienced colleagues make fun of the novice, but he does not pay attention to the jokes and insults. The main goal of the character - saving human lives.

List of films:

original name: Fire Twister

Actors: Casper Van Dien, Lisa Ciara, John Hawkes, Leah Bateman, John Mac, Jeff Clark, Jacob Chambers, Benjamin Ystadei

Description: After the constant forest fires in this area, a certain group of activists of the “Eco” movement decides that it is necessary to hang a banner that would warn the residents about possible fires in the forest. The movement was headed by a man named Scott.

Comments: 2

original name: Fire with Fire

Actors: Josh Duhamel, Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson, Vincent D'Onofrio, Fifty Saint, Vinnie Jones, Erie Vervin, Bonnie Sommerville

Description: Jeremy works as a fireman, but does not consider himself a hero, as he just does his job saving people. Once in a store where he usually makes purchases, a robbery occurs. A man is killed before his eyes. Jeremy immediately declares c.

original name: The Fireman

Actors: Charles Chaplin, Eric Campbell, Edna Perviens, Albert Austin, Lloyd Bacon, Frank J. Coleman, James T. Kelly, Charlotte Mino

Description: The little and funny Charlie constantly gets into funny situations. Now he became a firefighter. But he does not like to obey his boss and the woeful firefighter constantly beats him. He has a pathological tendency to fight. For each his own.

Actors: Dmitry Dyuzhev, Elena Panova, Vladimir Sychev, Ekaterina Vulichenko, Ivan Grishanov, Yuri Nazarov, Anna Khristich, Galina Stakhanova

Description: The long relationship between Matvey, a Moscow fireman, and Olga, his girls, seem flawless. Soon the wedding and the young will be happy. But everything changed in an instant. Matvey's squad put out a fire in one of the houses and managed to save him.

Actors: Maxim Averin, Dmitry Kharatyan, Lev Durov, Anatoly Pashinin, Elena Drobysheva, Alexey Kravchenko, Olga Pogodina, Dmitry Brusnikin

Description: A fire brigade under the direction of Kuznetsov leaves for the next call. He risks his life to save a man from a burning building. As a result, the fireman manages to pull out a young man, but he dies himself. Saved is the guy by.

Actors: Emmanuil Vitorgan, Klara Luchko, Alexander Belyavsky, Sergey Martynov, Sergey Balabanov, Victor Zozulin, Tatiana Bozhok, Victor Kosykh

Description: From the embankment of the beautiful seaside city you can clearly see the ships standing on the roadstead. Therefore, the fire that broke out on one foreign tanker that entered the port was clearly visible with the naked eye. In the hold of a burning vessel blocked.

original name: Only the Brave

Release date in the Russian Federation: 09.11.2017

Actors: Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, James Badge Dale, Taylor Kitsch, Jennifer Connelly, Scott Hayes, Alex Russell

Description: News of a terrible forest fire in Arizona has brought hundreds of people to their feet. Residents of a nearby town fear for their lives and property, while rescuers are looking for the best ways to combat the elements. The local fire station does not have either.

Release date in the Russian Federation: 23.03.2015

Actors: Alexander Nikitin, Ivan Shmakov, Maria Ilyina, Elena Velikanova, Yulia Zimina, Olga Volkova, Alexander Pashkov, Pavel Filippov

Description: Alexey is the commander of the fire brigade squad that saves people's lives from insidious fire. Regularly they challenge the fire element and selflessly rush to extinguish fires. Their work is filled with incredible risks, difficult choices, physical.

original name: Te Zhong Jiu Yuan Ying Xiong

Actors: Nicholas Tse, Shaun Yue, Simon Yam, Hu Jun, Andy He, Lew Kai Chi, Deep Ng, Bin Bai

Description: Незначительный, на первый взгляд, пожар на одном из ликерных складов Гонконга внезапно выходит из-под контроля и грозит обернуться настоящей катастрофой для мегаполиса накануне Рождества. Судьба города оказывается в руках пожарных одного из.

Комментариев: 2

Оригинальное название: Out of Inferno

Actors: Ching Van Lau, Louis Koo, Angelica Lee, Chen Si Cheng, Natalie Tong, Siu-Fai Chung

Description: In the center of events - firefighters. One has moved away from this dangerous job, and the other is still in management, but he is going to deserve a pension. Summer is issued so hot that disrupts the normal operation of electrical systems. This leads to.

Watch free of charge the best films about firefighters in the list of fire movies

The audience loves film projects about heroes - fearless and strong-spirited people, who are not ashamed to walk around and equal. Whatever trouble may threaten the characters of the tapes, they will come to the aid of a courageous, brave and agile person. He can be an ordinary guy, living next door and at a crucial moment who despised any difficulties. Or the rescuer will be a “professional” hero, those who are obliged to help out citizens - a doctor, a policeman, a ranger or a fireman. Exactly movies about firefighters are very popular with the audience. On our site you can watch free online the best cinematographic works dedicated to the representatives of this worthy profession.

On the staff of fire brigades, their difficult, dangerous, very necessary and important occupation shot many pictures. Many brilliant directors, both American and European, turned to the stories of experts involved in firefighting. Some of these creations are based on real facts. The rest are completely fictional, although the tragic and heroic events taking place in them could well have taken place in reality.

The plots of films about firefighters are diverse - even though the story is about people in the same business. Starting to watch these films for free online, it is impossible not to notice that they belong to very different genres. Here there are fighters in which the fighters with fire appear as real supermen, ready with equal diligence to rescue the inhabitants of the blazing city or one single doggie who has fallen into a fire trap. A lot of compilation and famously twisted thrillers, in which experts calculate the most dangerous arsonists. In addition, the site presents dramas and melodramas that tell how firefighters come into the profession, get close to their colleagues, pull their partners out of the clutches of death, and also about how their relatives perceive their everyday risk. Viewers of such films should stock up with handkerchiefs, because without tears, viewing sentimental and touching stories is hardly worth it. Sincere, inspiring projects are combined with funny comedies that speak with humor about the firefighters, their duties and concerns. But all the films about firefighters are distinguished by sympathy for these brave and valiant people who, both day and night, risking themselves, save lives to others.

Fire movies: top 5

So where to start? What are some exciting films about fire? A list of the best paintings that can make an indelible impression on the audience is given below.

  • "Rising Hell."
  • "Anxious Sunday."
  • "When the lights go out."
  • "Fire storm".
  • "Refractory".

The tapes listed above are devoted to the fire element and the fight against it.

"Rising Hell"

The painting "Heaving Hell" can not be ignored, remembering the fascinating films about the fire. The action takes place on the territory of a luxurious 138-storey skyscraper. Architect Doug Roberts, who designed the building, is one of hundreds of guests invited to the opening ceremony. At the height of the celebration, Dag, tired of communication, decides to make a detour, during which he discovers gross violations of fire safety rules.

Soon it turns out that the architect makes this discovery too late. One of the floors of the skyscraper is under the rule of the fire element, and the guests turn into captives. The lives of hundreds of people depend on whether firemen can cope with fire. The alternative name of the painting - “Hell in the sky”.

Soviet cinema

Soviet films about the fire also deserve the attention of viewers, for example, “Anxious Sunday”. The story begins with the fact that the foreign tanker "Gent" moors in the port city of the Black Sea coast. Specialists who are entrusted with the task of eliminating minor faults are brought on board. An unpleasant surprise for repairmen is a fire that suddenly starts in a tanker. The flames can reach the oil, causing the entire port to be at risk.

Viewers who like Soviet disaster films can also pay attention to the 34th Ambulance. With a fire, the source of which was an outstanding cigarette, passengers of a fast train are forced to fight. Among these people there are no professional fighters with the fire element, ordinary people are forced to extinguish the flames.

"When the lights go out"

What other exciting fire films are there? “When the lights go out” is a tape that takes viewers to Hong Kong. The catastrophe happens on the night before Christmas, the warehouse of alcoholic beverages lights up. The brigade, going to the call, is going to quickly put out the fire, but the situation soon gets out of control.

The main problem of Hong Kong firefighters - the building, which is located next to the fire department where the power plant is located. If the flame reaches it, without light all the inhabitants of Hong Kong will become. Will the brave members of the brigade be able to save Christmas and not allow the metropolis to plunge into darkness?

451 degrees Fahrenheit

"451 degrees Fahrenheit" - fantastic drama Francois Truffautbased on the writer's dystopia novel of the same name Ray Bradbury. "451 degrees" - the first color film.

Bonfire in the white night

Soviet disaster film about fighting the fire in the Siberian taiga, based on Y. Sbitnev's story “Fire”, describing real events that took place in 1971. "Bonfire in the White Night" was filmed by director Boris Buneev in 1984. The film took off.

Fire worshipers

American drama thriller "Fire worshipers" (Blue Smoke) from the director David Carson.

The main character of the film will have to defend itself against an aggressive arsonist who constantly interferes in her life.

Team 49: Fire Ladder

Heroic drama “Team 49: Fire Ladder” (Ladder 49) director Jay russell. The main characters of the film are a team of firefighters who need to save one of their colleagues. Events of the picture unfold in two time streams - in n.

Chuck and Larry: Fire Wedding

«Chuck and Larry: Fire Wedding"- film shot Dennis Dugan by script Barry fanaroin which the main roles performed Adam Sandler and Kevin james.

Movie action

Flash point

American dramatic crime thriller "Point of Origin" from the director Newton Thomas Siegel. The film is based on real events that took place in the United States. Starring removed.

American thriller disaster "On Fire" (Ablaze) director Jim Wynorsky. Starring in the drama took off John Bradley, Ice-T, Tom Arnold other. The film takes place in.

Fire dog

American family comedy "Fire Dog" (Firehouse Dog) with Josh hatcherson starring. The film director worked Todd Holland. In the center of the plot - the adventures of a boy and a dog, to.