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Bitter chocolate - composition, calorie content, beneficial properties and harm for men, women and weight loss


For many, chocolate is a product that gives happiness. Perhaps this is so. After all, a slice of bitter, milk or white chocolate can improve the mood and make the world around us kinder and brighter. Many would agree that over a cup of hot drink any problems fade into the background and do not seem so global. The ancient Aztecs called chocolate the food of the gods. But this product stimulates the production of endorphins - the hormones of happiness. However, these qualities have only good chocolate, consisting of natural products. The range of this product is quite large, but it is not always possible to find high-quality delicacy. So, what kind of chocolate is better to buy and what to look for when choosing it?

The benefits of chocolate

According to scientists, the regular use of this product in small quantities allows you to avoid the occurrence of certain ailments. With chocolate you can prevent the development of dementia in old age. In addition, the delicacy can increase the production of blood cells.

Do not abuse chocolate. Studies show that to get the benefits, it is enough to consume only 25 grams of the product per day. For therapeutic purposes, it is worth using high quality dark chocolate.

According to cardiologists, chocolate can fully replace coffee. This product is much better for the heart. After all, cocoa beans contain polyphenols. These substances have a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, as well as promote blood flow. And this is very important. After all, a similar phenomenon can significantly reduce the basic loads on the heart.

What to look for

Today on the shelves of many stores there is chocolate from many manufacturers. However, not all consumers know the difference between a quality product. Some goodies can not even be called chocolate. The key to unraveling is packaging. To buy good chocolate, you must carefully examine the composition. Of course, many manufacturers print important information in small print. But it is the composition that will make the right choice. Therefore, it is worth spending the extra 15 minutes to buy real chocolate, and not a simple sweet candy bakery. So what should contain the product?

The composition of good chocolate includes cocoa butter. There should be no other confectionery fats in the product. If the chocolate contains cotton, sunflower, soybean or palm oil, then you should not buy such a delicacy. Many manufacturers seek to make a product that was more attractive in price to consumers. It is for this reason that cheap raw materials are added to the composition, which is a substitute or equivalent of cocoa butter.

Substitute and equivalent

Good chocolate contains cocoa butter. Other pastry fats are substitutes or equivalent. It is worth understanding these two concepts.

By chemical properties, the equivalent is very close to cocoa butter. However, the taste of the delicacy containing this component loses much to the natural product. Good quality chocolate melts quickly in the mouth, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. This is achieved through cocoa butter. The melting point of this product is 32 ° C.

Chocolate, which contains cocoa butter equivalent, also melts quickly in the mouth. However, the taste of delicacy will be less tart, not so pleasant and unsaturated. Despite this, a product with such a composition has the right to be called chocolate.

If cocoa butter is replaced by cotton, vegetable, palm, soybean oil or elexan fat in a delicacy, then there are doubts about its naturalness. Do not give in to the stories of manufacturers who call this product chocolate. This is a common pastry tile. Such a delicacy will not melt in your mouth. The taste of this product is far from real chocolate. The main advantage of pastry tiles - low cost.

Lecithin composed

Very often in the list of ingredients you can see lecithin. Many do not even know what it is. Good chocolate will contain this ingredient. After all, lecithin is very useful for the human body and even indispensable. This substance is contained in the protective membranes of the brain. It is worth noting that human muscle and nerve cells are 17% composed of lecithin. However, most of this substance is destroyed during emotional and physical stress. A lack of lecithin very often leads to constant irritability and fatigue. If you do not replenish his reserves, the memory may deteriorate.

What is the best chocolate: white, milk or bitter

Today you can buy almost any chocolate. It can be white, black, milk, with nuts, with dried fruits and with various sweets. To understand which chocolate is better, you need not only to understand its composition, but also to clearly understand what components this product consists of. The main ingredient is cocoa beans. They serve as the main raw material for the manufacture of cocoa butter, cocoa powder and so on. The first few products are used to make real chocolate.

Bitter differs from other varieties of delicacy with rich taste and unique aroma. It is worth noting that this particular chocolate is considered the most useful. The product contains a huge amount of tocopherols. These substances give a feeling of joy and lightness. Scientists have proven that it is bitter chocolate that relieves fatigue during mental and physical exertion, improves blood circulation. In addition, the product has a tonic effect. The basic rule of dark chocolate is a minimum of sugar and a maximum of cocoa. This is exactly what makes it possible to experience the delicate taste of a delicacy, which is not interrupted by milk and other impurities.

Milk chocolate is an ideal product for sweet teeth, but not for connoisseurs of unique taste. Of course, this product also has its advantages. Milk chocolate has a delicate and mild flavor. These qualities are given to the product by milk and cream. But a large amount of sugar makes the product very sweet.

Many people are surprised by white chocolate. According to some, this product is simply painted. But it is not. In fact, the best white chocolate consists of white components: cream, milk, cocoa butter, sugar, and so on. This delicacy is fatty, sweet and high in calories. However, white chocolate also found its fans.

Belgian chocolate

The best bitter chocolate produced in Belgium. According to the traditions, there are no various artificial flavors, additives and preservatives in the composition of the delicacy. Belgian chocolate contains only natural ingredients, among which are grated cocoa, cocoa butter, and so on. All ingredients are of high quality. It is worth noting that the bitter Belgian chocolate is 72% composed of grated cocoa.

Almost in every city of this country there is a factory engaged in the production of this delicacy. In addition, you can visit the small shops where the sale of handmade dark chocolate. Among the most famous brands of Belgian chocolate are the following:

In regular stores, Belgian chocolate is not for sale, since it contains no preservatives or other impurities. To store such a product requires certain conditions.

Swiss Chocolate

In the ranking of global chocolate producers Switzerland ranks second. Statistics show that each resident eats about 12 kilograms of this delicacy a year. Among the popular Swiss brands worth highlighting:

Swiss good chocolate is made from the most expensive raw materials. There are no chemical additives and preservatives in the composition of the delicacy. That is why chocolate is not stored for very long. The range of delicacies is regularly updated in boutiques around the world.

Luxury chocolate from France

In France, delicious and high-quality chocolate is also produced. Gradually, the country's chocolate producers are squeezing out producers from Belgium and Switzerland. It should be noted that the French delicacy surprises not only with its unique taste, but also with the combination of products. Some manufacturers equip packaging with sweets and chocolate bars with special sensors that maintain the optimum temperature, as well as humidity. This allows you to save a treat. Among the popular French brands should be highlighted:

Best Russian Chocolate

The best Russian chocolate is made by companies such as:

  1. "Victory of taste."
  2. "Russia".
  3. "Commitment to quality".
  4. "Russian Chocolate".
  5. "Hero".
  6. Odintsovskaya confectionery factory.

The assortment of the Loyalty to Quality company is large enough. This manufacturer makes a premium product. The composition of this delicacy contains 99%, 85%, 75% and 65% grated cocoa.

Russian chocolate factories

The best Russian chocolate is made at several factories of the United Confectioner holding:

  1. "Red October".
  2. "Mouth Front".
  3. Concern "Babaevsky".

The products of the last concern impresses with its variety of taste solutions. It produces chocolate with various additives: ginger, candied fruits, nuts, sesame, vitamins. In the manufacture of some varieties of delicacies sugar substitutes are used. Bitter chocolate, which does not contain impurities and additives, contains 75-87% cocoa liquor.

Concern "Red October" produces delicacies of the famous brand "Glory". The product is produced in the usual and porous form. This chocolate contains about 80% grated cocoa.

The Rot Front factory produces three varieties of delicacy called Autumn Waltz, which contains 56% cocoa mass, as well as:

  1. Alcohol.
  2. Slices of orange.
  3. Slices of orange and alcohol.


The best milk chocolate, bitter or white, does not matter, it contains cocoa butter. When choosing a treat, special attention should be paid to the composition. In natural chocolate there is no vegetable fat, as well as cocoa butter replacers. The product may contain only its equivalent. If there is a substitute in it, then this cannot be called chocolate. Such product is called a confectionery tile.

It is also worth remembering that the price of the delicacy is the main indicator of its quality. Cocoa butter substitutes can reduce the cost of the final product. Naturally, the price of such chocolate is much lower.

A natural product may eventually turn gray. To taste this chocolate is no different from the usual. If the delicacy is covered with "sugar frost", then it will taste bitter. If the product contains lecithin, then there is no doubt about its usefulness. This component is very important for the normal functioning of the human body. The most useful chocolate is bitter.

The benefits of dark chocolate

Natural product without additives in the composition can be used as a medicine, if not to abuse the dosage. The benefits of dark chocolate are based on the positive properties of cocoa beans. If a person consumes 20 grams of treats daily, these are:

  • stimulates cerebral circulation,
  • activates the production of the hormone of joy,
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels
  • reduces the risk of stroke
  • lowers cholesterol
  • serves as prevention of atherosclerosis,
  • normalizes pressure
  • soothes coughing (thanks to the theobromine component),
  • strengthens bones due to the presence of calcium.

What is useful for dark chocolate? The use of its small amount, as opposed to milk, improves efficiency, health, and counteracts diseases. Using:

  • protection against oncology occurs due to antioxidant properties
  • produced a stimulating effect due to the presence of caffeine,
  • aging slows down
  • decreases hunger,
  • depression is treated,
  • weight is reduced,
  • brain function improves,
  • the body is saturated with vitamins,
  • bleeding of gums decreases,
  • deficiency of zinc, magnesium, chromium is replenished.

How does bitter chocolate for women

Chocolate has a special effect on the female body. The ingredients of the delicacy stimulate blood circulation, fat metabolism, so recently the use of the product in cosmetology has been so popular. The use of bitter chocolate for women is noted, if you regularly do wraps, masks, massages with it:

  • Cellulite symptoms are eliminated
  • skin aging slows down
  • beauty is preserved
  • improves the structure, hair growth,
  • fine wrinkles are removed.

This product is included in the composition of diets, contributing to weight loss, and also has the property to treat skin diseases, reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Eating a small amount of sweetness is a positive remedy for:

  • failure of the menstrual cycle
  • the need to restore ovarian function after childbirth,
  • disorders of the thyroid gland,
  • the appearance of unpleasant symptoms during menstruation and menopause.

Examine the composition

The most valuable ingredients in chocolate are cocoa butter and cocoa liquor. If the packaging says that they are part, then this is not a confectionery tile, but real chocolate.

Some manufacturers cunning and replace cocoa butter with other vegetable fats (palm or coconut oil) or use the equivalent of cocoa butter. This word hides many substances, for example, saloil oil, shea butter. The product with their content can not be considered chocolate.

Instead of cocoa ground cocoa powder can be added. This reduces the cost of the product, but degrades the taste, the usefulness of chocolate is reduced.

Also soy lecithin is usually included in chocolate. It is considered a natural ingredient, not harmful and in reasonable doses does not affect the quality of the product. Lecithin acts as a thickener and is used to make it easier to work with chocolate during the manufacturing process.

Flavors, dyes, flavor enhancers and taste in a quality product should not be.

As for additives, there are some rules that combine with chocolate better and worse, not.

We use lyophilized (cold-dried) or sublimated berries, which preserve all the trace elements, add zest, salt, nuts, raisins, and spices - pepper, cinnamon. Some manufacturers have mastered very bold combinations, such as chocolate with cheese or bacon, which are popular with gourmets.

Consider the look

The main features of high-quality chocolate are a smooth, glossy surface. If the tile is matte, it is possible that poor quality raw materials were used in the production. Either the product has undergone some external influences: melted or, on the contrary, froze.

On the break, the tile structure should be uniform, if it is not porous chocolate.

Sometimes it happens that there are small streaks on the back of the chocolate bar. This is a good sign. He says that the product was prepared according to the correct technology; there is little or no soya lecithin in it.

Gray scurf, stratified structure, unevenness of the forms indicate that chocolate was most likely incorrectly stored.

Pick up

Real chocolate is melting very quickly. But if it softens immediately, as soon as you take it in hand, this is not a very good sign. Most likely, the product was incorrectly tempered during production. Temperature is the process of crystallization of cocoa butter in chocolate that occurs according to a certain pattern.

Chocolate should melt in the hands, but not instantly, but after some time.

If the chocolate does not melt at all, leaves no trace, this is also a bad sign. In its composition, most likely, contains a lot of lecithin, which changes the structure of the product.

Good chocolate breaks with a characteristic crunch. This suggests that it contains cocoa butter and cocoa liquor.

Chocolate with milk - loss of antioxidant properties

Anyone who wants to clean the body of accumulated slags with chocolate, it is worth remembering that only good dark chocolate is an antioxidant. Even the smallest amount of milk in the composition of this product will make it completely useless in this regard.

Also, do not drink tea or coffee with milk, when you eat dark chocolate. Milk can be drunk only after a couple of hours to avoid mixing it with antioxidants.

Soy lecithin

If you really care about which chocolate is the best, then you need to know about soy lecithin. This ingredient is not dangerous, but does not bring any benefit. Some manufacturers add it only in order to reduce the cost of chocolate produced, partially or completely replacing them with cocoa butter.

If soy lecithin is in the list of the product after cocoa butter, its content is minimal. If this cheap substitute is in the front row with cocoa powder, then you can safely leave it on the store shelf (if you choose high-quality elite chocolate).

Also, some manufacturers add soy lecithin to hide the presence of a large amount of powder added in place of grated cocoa. Порошок какао - это отход производства, который не имеет никаких полезных свойств, как и лецитин.

Для бюджетной линейки высокое содержание какао-порошка и соевого лецитина считается нормой, а вот для элитных сортов совершенно недопустимо.

Русский шоколад: хорошее качество

Выбирая из нескольких продуктов, сложно остановить взгляд на каком-то конкретном. Many, in order not to waste time and not wrestle, remove from the shelf the most expensive imported product, which is not worth doing. The fact is that foreign goods, which are more expensive than Russian, may be worse in quality. We reviewed the chocolate compositions of famous Russian manufacturers, read a lot of reviews about their products. Focusing on the information received, compiled a list of reliable manufacturers of beloved by many delicacies. So, the best Russian chocolate are:

  • "Commitment to quality."
  • "Russia".
  • "Victory of taste."
  • "Babaevsky".
  • "Hero".
  • "Odintsovo confectionery factory".
  • "Russian Chocolate".
  • "Red October".

All of these manufacturers make truly high-quality chocolate products.

When buying chocolate, do not look at the bright packaging, it is created only to attract the eye. When choosing, use the tips written in this article, and get a quality product that will bring a lot of pleasure and benefit!

Taste it

Often the presence of vegetable fat can be felt on the tongue. If chocolate has a taste of engine oil or technical oil, this is a sign of the content of palm oil.

Once I bought all-natural chocolate, which used Bourbon vanilla. But either because of a violation of technology, or because of improper storage, vanilla exfoliated. Chocolate has a heterogeneous structure. Cacao grated on my teeth creaked, and it was very tasteless, despite all the "naturalness" of the product.

There should always be a balance between tasty and healthy. If you feel an imbalance, something unusual, discomfort in the process of using super-expensive products, then something is wrong.

What kind of chocolate is more useful - bitter, dark or milk?

These types of chocolate vary in their cocoa content. In bitter there are at least 55%, in the classic - from 35 to 55–60%, in dairy - less than 35%. In the latter there is more sugar and milk (it can be whey powder or milk powder). That is why bitter chocolate is considered more dietary, in which there is no milk at all.

How to store chocolate?

The most comfortable temperature for him is from 5 to 18 degrees. So storing chocolate in the freezer is undesirable.

If you still prefer cold dessert, store it in the most secluded corner of the refrigerator: where there is no condensate, sheltering from the light. Otherwise, the appearance of chocolate will quickly change. He will not lose his qualities, but will be covered with a gray bloom.

Quality vs fake

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, as a result of which its known types appear:

  • The black. It contains the maximum amount of cocoa powder, and a minimum of sugar. Due to this delicacy has a very rich aroma and taste, and is considered the most useful of all. It is a dark variety contains a large number of tocopherons, which help relieve tension, fatigue and improve mood.
  • Lactic. In addition to the fruits of the cocoa tree, milk, cream and a sufficiently large amount of sugar are added to it.
  • White. Contrary to popular belief, for it does not use dyes for the sake of giving color. Just instead of cocoa beans, they put only the butter of these fruits, sugar, milk and cream. This chocolate has a special taste, but at the same time it is very high in calories.

Now that the tastes are defined, you can proceed to the selection. But it is sometimes difficult, because the assortment of sweets in the store is so great, and I really want to get on the quality product, and not a fake, hiding under a beautiful wrapper.

So, to help you, we have prepared some important and useful tips on how to do this:

Studying the composition. He is the key to understanding what is inside. Be sure to read it, even if it is written in small print. It is in your best interest. So, in a natural tile of sweet delicacy there can be only a few ingredients: cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar (in the case of dairy - milk and cream). And the more there will be more, the better the product is in your hands.

Often, manufacturers, in order to reduce the cost of the product, partially replace cocoa butter with other types of - palm, soybean, sunflower. In this case, the package is written "equivalent" or "substitute."

The equivalent takes place in cheaper tiles, but, in fact, it is not at all terrible. The only thing that the taste of the product will be less saturated. But if there is a substitute in the composition, then the natural product can no longer be called.

Also sometimes among the ingredients you can notice lecithin. It does not spoil the taste, and even bring additional benefits, because it is a substance that produces our body. But his reserves quickly dry up during emotional and physical exertion, and you can replenish them by using peanuts, eggs, cheese or chocolate.

Pay attention also to the amount of cocoa specified in percentage. Bitter chocolate can be called such, if its cocoa content is at least 55%. If the amount of cocoa powder is more than 4% or among the components there is a little bit of vegetable fat, then this product is considered to be confectionery tile.

Inspect the tiles. Appearance can also tell a lot about quality. Delicious food with a perfect taste should have a firm, smooth and shiny surface. If you came across a tile with a “gray” - white bloom, it means that the product is of high quality (it does not have cocoa butter substitutes), but there were definitely problems with the storage conditions. It is not recommended to consume such sweetness.

You can check the naturalness in another way. If you hold the tile that has lain in the refrigerator for several hours over a fire, then after a few minutes, the same white bloom will appear on its surface. You can try to test it by melting. Put a few pieces of delicacy in a saucepan, and put on a small fire, after 1-2 minutes you will get a smooth, homogeneous mass. A product in which there is a hydro-fat will melt longer, and often delaminate.

If you do not have time for such experiments, then you can get by with the simplest option. If there are no substitutes in the sweets tile, then a piece of it will quickly drown in a glass of milk. Otherwise, it will remain floating on the surface. The exception is porous chocolate, which also does not sink. But the reason is not at all in a poor composition, but in a special structure and excessive lightness.

Sampling. And finally, the main stage of the test - tasting. Good chocolate never sticks to your teeth and is quite fragile. Breaking the tile, you will hear a distinctive clear sound, but the product, which added soy, will have a softer consistency, and break almost silently.

Shelf life. It does not matter if you buy a packaged product or by weight, always pay attention to its shelf life. Natural chocolate without additives can be stored for 6-10 months, for sweets with additives and filling this period is reduced to 4 months. Treats in bulk and short-lived at all - they can be used in just 2 months.

Well, remember that high-quality chocolate can not be cheap. Therefore, this factor should be taken into account in the selection process.

When you really want and ... you can

It is especially difficult for sweet teeth to get rid of extra pounds, because every now and then it pulls to eat something forbidden, including chocolate. But, fortunately, you can indulge yourself when losing weight. Ideal if it is a bitter chocolate with no sugar or with a minimum content.

But there is a need for sweetness in reasonable quantities. 10-20 grams per day (1-2 squares) will help make the process of losing weight more enjoyable.

Now you know what is important to consider when choosing a sweet tile, and we hope you will begin to doubt less about whether a product of high quality is in your hands. Enjoy your meal!

Is it possible to eat dark chocolate on a diet

It is believed that the high caloric content of the product contributes to weight gain. This is true if you abuse the amount of food eaten. A few pieces a day will only help to reduce weight, because the composition includes substances that stimulate fat burning. Bitter chocolate for weight loss is used for diets, because:

  • level of cholesterol, sugar in blood decreases.
  • metabolism accelerates
  • improves the work of the digestive tract,
  • toxin elimination is activated,
  • hunger is prevented.

How many calories in bitter chocolate

The product is high in calories and, if consumed excessively, may cause fat deposition. One tile contains a fifth of the daily requirement. The calorie content of dark chocolate depends on the percentage of cocoa beans, which is indicated on the package. The smaller the value, the more sugar is included. This indicates that the calorie content of the product is higher (within 400–610 kcal per 100 grams). For example, Elite, 75%, from the confectionary concern Babayevsky, has a nutritional value of 540 kcal.

The composition of dark chocolate

Domestic manufacturers make a treat, observing GOST, where all the components are painted, their ratio in the composition. The label shows the numbers - percentages, meaning the content of grated cocoa - it should be more than 55%. The higher the index, the better the quality, aroma and taste. The composition contains:

  • cocoa beans, preferably raw. But more often in the production of grain undergo fermentation, drying, roasting, thorough mixing at high temperatures,
  • sugar –20–40%.

The composition of dark chocolate includes vitamins, calcium and iron, magnesium and phosphorus, potassium. It contains carbohydrates, organic acids, monosaccharides, dietary fiber. Undesirable components are ethyl alcohol, vegetable fats, flavors. Mandatory ingredients of the product are:

  • cocoa butter, the amount of which must be at least half the weight of the tile, the main component is saturated fat,
  • lecithin - helps to create a homogeneous mass, is indicated on the package as "E322 emulsifier" (vegetable or soybean) or animal "E476 emulsifier".

How to choose dark chocolate

To avoid fakes, when buying you need to pay attention to a number of parameters. How to choose the dark chocolate? If the dainty is sold by weight, the tile should crack, crumble when broken. Pay attention to the appearance:

  • the color of the product should be dark brown - light says about the addition of soy,
  • the surface is smooth, glossy,
  • no white bloom - a sign of improper storage.

For factory chocolate characteristics are written on the package. Must be mentioned GOST R 52821-2007 - compliance with state regulations. A quality product contains at least extra components. Must be listed on the wrapper of a chocolate bar:

  • high amount of cocoa in a grated form - more than 70%,
  • soy lecithin - “E322 emulsifier”,
  • cocoa butter - not less than 33%.

Main selection criteria

There are several types of this popular delicacy:

  1. Bitter chocolate is the most beneficial. Its characteristic feature is a rich taste and aroma. Contains substances that give joy. Helps relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation.
  2. Milky - an excellent gift for sweet teeth, but not gourmet. Powdered milk gives it a delicate flavor.
  3. White - consists of powdered milk, sugar and cocoa butter. Enough fat and high-calorie.
  4. Chocolate for diabetics - different in sugar content, and its substitutes. It can be xylitol or similar substitutes: lures, sorbitol. It will be beneficial for the body only if there is a large percentage of natural cocoa and a small amount of fats and carbohydrates.

We study the label when buying

Natural chocolate should contain cocoa butter, in its composition should not be the slightest hint of other fats. Such as soybean oil, cottonseed, soybean or sunflower oil. Otherwise, such a product has no right to be called chocolate, but only confectionery tiles.

But the word "lecithin" should not be scared. This substance is beneficial to our body. The human brain, or rather its protective membranes, as well as muscle cells and nerve cells necessarily contain it. But a large proportion of lecithin burns in our body during exercise, and the lack of this beneficial substance can cause chronic fatigue and memory impairment.

In general, according to the existing requirements, the chocolate in the tiles must be wrapped in artistically designed packaging and foil. Tiles weighing less than 50 grams can only be wrapped in a brand-name belt. Chocolate bars containing the filling can be packaged in a waxed wrap.

Inscriptions of the type: “Excellent quality” or “Special purpose”, “From natural products”, “According to a special recipe” should not be on the chocolate packaging. GOST 3924-2000 defines the shelf life of this product. So dark chocolate without additives can be stored for six months, dark with additives and filling, milk, white should be stored for four months, dark and milk without large additives - 12 months. How this tasty delicacy is produced you can learn from this video.

We distinguish a fake

Manufacturers often add the following ingredients to low-quality chocolate:

  • cheap gidrozhiry. They give the product a mellow taste, while the chocolate crumbles or gets stuck on the teeth. When heated, fats form trans fatty acid isomers. They increase the load on the pancreas and subsequently threaten with diabetes.
  • cocoa cake (it is also called cocoa powder or cocoa vella). This is a waste from the extraction of oil from the beans.
  • various soy components. Their presence can be installed very simply on the matte surface of the chocolate bar (in the present it is polished) and a deaf sound that can be heard when breaking.

And you should not be afraid of the presence of these additives:

  • Curcumin - harmless component, produced from turmeric root, gives color.
  • Emulsifier soy lecithin - needed for a uniform distribution of ingredients.
  • Sorbitol contributes to the long preservation of the freshness of the product. It is used in diabetic candies as a sweetener, but you should not abuse it either.
  • Baking powder sodium bicarbonate - gives porosity, harmless.

Try on tooth

  1. If you feel the taste of burnt coffee, it will mean that the cocoa beans are burned. The least that can threaten you in this case is persistent heartburn.
  2. If chocolate is poorly absorbed, its production technology has been violated and too small particles of the cocoa product are used.
  3. The feeling of small grains suggests that too large particles were used for manufacturing, which also does not distinguish high-quality products.
  4. Chocolate, which literally sticks to the teeth and spreads around the mouth, was made using a large amount of soy products.

Eat and treat

Cocoa and chocolate itself include substances that do not allow plaque to form. If you eat 25 grams of chocolate only 3 times a month, it prolongs life by almost a year. But busting is not good either! It can result in heart diseases that develop due to the relatively high content of fat in this product.

30 g of chocolate contains 10% of the daily iron requirement we need. This sweet product contains vitamins (A, B, C, D, and E), and also calcium. Sodium, potassium.

In the Renaissance, this sweetness was used to treat gout, colds and fevers.

Dark chocolate is able to relieve blood pressure. For this, two candies per day will suffice. Ah, bitter chocolate is called sweet aspirin. It does not allow the gluing of platelets, in many respects contributes to the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

White chocolate will help you with a sore throat.

And finally, for you also a video tip on the topic - how to choose chocolate. We look.