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6 new ways to wear a cardigan


Fashionable cardigans will help you to diversify your style of clothing and bring some “zest” to your everyday wardrobe. Stylish and practical cardigan looks beautiful and relaxed.

A lot of styles and styles of the cardigan 2018-2019 will please many girls, allowing you to harmoniously choose a fashionable cardigan for any clothes.

Beautiful cardigans can be of different types: with zippers, buttons, tied with a belt or a cardigan without fasteners, which falls down freely, as well as fashionable grunge cardigans, asymmetrical cardigans and sleeveless cardigans.

Classic cardigans are presented by designers in blue, gray and black colors. To diversify your wardrobe, stylists offer us cardigan options of bright color shades, as well as interesting cardigans with a color gradient.

In the fashion of 2018-2019, cardigans of delicate and bright shades, such as red, purple, lemon, turquoise, shades of beige, and also cardigans of pastel shades.

In the 2018-2019 season, trendy long-cut fashion cardigans, straight and loose silhouettes, as well as large-knit cardigans are in trend. Fashion houses present us interesting fashion models of cardigans with various patterns, which can significantly transform the entire appearance.

What is the combination of fashionable cardigans in the 2018-2019 season? In this issue, cardigans are quite versatile and perfectly combined with dresses, trousers, shirts, blouses, jeans, classic accessories and accessories in a casual style.

Therefore, it is surprisingly easy to choose an outfit that will perfectly match with a cardigan. We offer you interesting options and fashion models of cardigans for 2018-2019, stylish images with cardigans, photos of which are presented in our selection below.

Fashionable cardigans 2018-2019: beautiful short cardigans

Trendy short cardigans are a great choice when combined with a beautiful dress and dress pants. A trendy short cardigan from 2018-2019 will suit almost any outfit you choose, beautifully complementing it.

Due to this, short cardigans in this trendy season are popular and relevant as never before among many girls.

At the fashion shows this season, very bold cardigan variants of shortened models that open the navel are shown. Choosing a fashionable cardigan shortened model, you will certainly be in the trend, attracting special attention and interest.

Fashionable women's cardigans: elongated cardigans

In the season of 2018-2019 in a trend, the cardigans of elongated styles, perfectly combined with short pants, short dresses and skirts. Elongated fashion models of cardigans often do not fasten, which looks especially beautiful and elegant.

Fashionable elongated cardigans create the effect of lightness and ease, in the best way extending the silhouette, giving the figure slimness and grace. In addition, the elongated cardigan 2018-2019 perfectly warms in cool weather, giving a feeling of comfort and coziness.

Fashionable grunge cardigans for 2018-2019

The bold styles of the cardigan in the grunge style allow you to create extraordinary images that will not leave anyone indifferent. The unusual combination of colors and textures, bold lines and silhouettes allow you to create truly bold bows.

Trendy grunge cardigans are best combined with ripped jeans, T-shirts and tops, as well as sneakers. You can vary the image and hat, giving the image of mystery.

Fashionable cardigan 2018-2019: photos, news, fashion models of cardigans for women

We picked up interesting images with cardigans of different models, styles and colors: fashionable cardigans for women and girls of elongated and shortened styles, without fasteners, asymmetrical cut, cardigans with color gradient, ornaments and many other fashionable cardigans, which photos can be viewed below ...

Crop top

Prada, resort 2018

No, 21, spring-summer 2018

Styling has become more important than design: what is important is not what you wear, but with what you combine it. The rule applies to the cardigan: even the simplest version of the mass market can be styled no worse than at the Prada show, if you wear it with a bright crochet top.

No, 21, spring-summer 2018

Bottega Veneta, pre-fall 2017

This year, the designers took a course on ultrahaziness, so the most popular silhouette on the catwalk is an hourglass, that is, an accentuated waist. The easiest way to emphasize it is to wear a wide belt. Moreover, as the collection No. 21, you can gird anything, including fashionable cardigans.

Gucci, spring-summer 2018

Rochas, resort 2018

Fashion trends do not apply to cardigans. A sweatshirt may look like you took it out of a grandmother's closet, but if you wear a cardigan with a midi skirt and shoes from the latest collections, the thing will look old-fashioned, but in the spirit of the times. This proved to us the Gucci cruise collection.

With cocktail dresses

Joseph, resort 2018

Marc Jacobs, resort 2018

The cardigan is no longer associated with a grandmother's find. The old-fashioned thing was finally rehabilitated by the cruise bookbooks of Joseph and Marc Jacobs: from the photo we see that it is unseen to wear a cardigan, even with cocktail dresses. Because fashion and irony always go hand in hand.

Hurst Shkulev Publishing

Moscow, st. Shabolovka, house 31b, 6th entrance (entrance from the Horse Lane)

What are the?

But how can you understand that you have a real cardigan, and not a jumper, a sweater or some jacket, because they are all very similar to each other, and modern fashion trends boldly blur the boundaries between different types of clothing?

A female cardigan is a type of jacket that has several distinctive features - the presence of buttons to the bottom, a deep or V-shaped neckline, and the absence of a collar.

World designers are tirelessly working on the elaboration and improvement of this form of clothing, each year new collections are necessarily diluted with a couple of new cardigans, who each time move more and more away from the classical definition.

Today, a cardigan can be long and short (knee-length or mid-thigh), loose or fitted, knitted from wool or simply sewn from fabric.

It should be noted that the principle of “buttons to the bottom” also became slightly blurred, because models with different types of fasteners (hooks, ties, smell) are in fashion or without them.

The length of the sleeve can vary - from the longest to the shortest, as well as the presence of a collar - sometimes they are still equipped with decorative elements in the neck area. Recently, styles with a thin belt and patch pockets, which perfectly emphasize the figure and make it as feminine as possible, are gaining popularity.

Not the last role in the choice and combination of the cardigan with other things plays its color, because it is he who is able to make the image complete and as harmonious as possible. Usually they are made in sober and pastel colors, for example, white, gray or beige version is perfect for everyday work and can be easily combined with other clothes.

Black cardigans are the perfect solution for socks at work or office, besides, it perfectly combines with everyday images, but special restraint can be achieved through its combination with clothes of dark colors.

On sale you can find fashionable models of bright and saturated colors, with juicy and colorful prints that will be excellent helpers in creating an extravagant and extraordinary image.

What to wear and how to choose?

To make the thing really look, it is very important to know how to choose it correctly, starting from the type of your own figure. For example, slim and slim girls fit volumetric and airy models of medium length, it is desirable to stay on the hip line.

Light demi models will match perfectly with tight leggings, tight jeans, leggings or short shorts. It is important to remember that a cardigan is best combined with clothes of simple cut, therefore it is enough to add a simple t-shirt or a shirt made of light chiffon silk to the top.

Also on the thin girls very interesting will look unusual openwork models that are so popular in the 2014-2015 year. Such a cardigan can be combined with short light shorts and a light T-shirt, and if you wear it over a colorful summer dress made of light fabrics, you can achieve an incredibly delicate and romantic look.

For summer evenings, models made of cotton or flax, which are in perfect harmony with light sundresses and flowing long skirts, are ideal. Shoes can be any - from sandals, sandals and moccasins on low speed to heels and high stilettos.

Girls of a magnificent build better to refrain from choosing bright or very heavy models, and it is better to turn your attention towards the cardigans with V-shaped notches that emphasize the chest and visually pull the figure. Girls in an interesting position can look at models with elongated shelves without buttons, which harmoniously cover the rounded tummy and surround the future mother with warmth and comfort.

Such styles look great with jeans and leggings, light short dresses and sundresses. Also, girls with rounded shapes can come to taste knitted cardigan - it is ideal to combine it with a jumper under the throat, straight jeans and high-heeled shoes. A bright knit cardigan should definitely be combined with a tone match, and long models will look perfect with straight dress pants.

Stylish and practical: fashionable cardigans for women 2018-2019

Fashionable cardigans for women 2018-2019, like other elements of women's wardrobe, can be combined with different things, creating stunning sets for every day.

If you are thinking about what to wear fashionable cardigans, in fact the answer is very simple.

Experiment by combining fashionable women's cardigans with clothes from different styles.

Fashionable cardigans of different lengths with jeans, leggings or pants that are straight or tapered to the hem will look gorgeous.

And if you add fashionable cardigans with stylish high leather boots or suede, the image will be very harmonious.

For women who love skirts, fashionable cardigans of different lengths and styles will also appeal to you, because not only do they fit well with a skirt case, maxi skirt length, but also emphasize the elegance of your figure complete with a skirt, and will warm when you wear a jacket or coat no longer want.

Often, fashionable cardigans with a zipper or with the smell of knitwear or wool, complete with high boots, shoes complement the dress in a classic or business style.

If you choose fashionable cardigans coat, beautiful knitted cardigans or fashionable female cardigans in a short or long version, to the dress this is the very thing.

To look taller, women should wear fashionable cardigans in an elongated version with high-heeled shoes.

Beautiful and fashionable cardigans for 2018-2019 will also not be superfluous if you create a set that is bright in color, complementing it with a neutral and calm in color with an elongated or short cardigan in a reserved style.

Long fashionable cardigans for women, even with shorts of different lengths, can look awesome if you create an unusual, but at the same time practical image for going to the club or walking with friends.

Fashionable cardigans for women - a neutral thing, so they are unlikely to spoil your fashionable bow, well, except that you choose a fashionable cardigan too unusual cut.

To fashionable cardigans straight and long with a shirt, shirt, simple blouse in combination with jeans, skirt or leggings did not look boring, play with accessories.

They will not only complement the fashionable cardigan, but also be able to diversify your clothing sets with bright accents.

For example, a fashionable cardigan will look interesting and feminine if your simple kit complements a bright scarf and a thin belt.

Fashionable knitted cardigans for women 2018-2019 - an indispensable thing when you need to warm up

Recently, fashionable knitted cardigans for women have become particularly popular.

The trend is not only fashionable knitted cardigans of large knit fabrication of factory production, but also unusual handmade knitted cardigans.

Fashionable knitted cardigans of large knitting, as well as fashionable knitted cardigans with needles will warm in the cold season, and, of course, will decorate your wardrobe with notes of femininity and lightness.

If you like to knit, you can easily make a fashionable knitted cardigan with your own knitting needles, based on the knitting patterns that can be found today in many women's magazines.

Designers offer fashionable women not only fashionable knitted cardigans of coarse and petty knit and knit fashionable cardigans, in a wide variety fashionable cardigans made of mohair, tweed, cashmere, fashionable female cardigans made of angora, boucle, footer are presented.

The leaders of 2018-2019 in terms of demand were super warm and fashionable women's cardigans made of wool.

The best way to understand what will be the fashionable women's cardigans 2018-2019, and what to wear fashionable cardigans will help our photo ideas, which we collected, taking into account the different stylistic preferences of our readers. We hope that you will definitely find something interesting for yourself here.

Fashionable cardigans 2018-2019

Modern models do not have much in common with the Lord's jacket. Now the so-called jacket (sweater) without a collar, it can be without a fastener or with a smell, it can be free and not fitted, it can be not only from knitwear. The most fashionable models of the last seasons are cozy, voluminous, coarse-knitted with draped, freely hanging floors.

They are decorated with relief knitting elements (braids, elastic bands, etc.) or jacquard. They are, most often, natural, natural colors or rich tones of oriental spices, can be decorated with ethnic motifs. These jackets silhouette "cocoon", but if you want to emphasize the waist, they can be worn with a belt.

Another fashionable option is lace or openwork (the most fashionable, from embossed lace with voluminous elements), they can be long or short. These are summer things of fashionable pastel colors, as well as black and white. Also in fashion, cardigans from shiny knitwear (with sequins, sparkles ...) and in the style of “color blocking”, in a wide, bright strip.

What clothes to combine it with?

There are simple rules that allow you to make the right ensemble. Long and loose models, length from hips to knees, are worn with short skirts, a little shorter or longer than a jacket and shorts.

And short models combine with maxi or medium length skirts.

Bulky jackets are combined with tight pants and skirts.

Tight-fitting and fitted models - with fluffy, wide skirts and loose trousers.

Of course, there are exceptions, for example, the romantic and folk style, suggesting a combination of feminine, loose dresses with thick and long cardigans of large, hand-knitted.

A new combination - a long cardigan with a tunic and skinny jeans or leggings. Long fishnet models can be worn on the beach, wearing them on a swimsuit. Bright, medium-length models are worn with neutral, basic items, such as jeans or a denim skirt.

Voluminous, long cardigans are suitable, first of all, high (including full girls).

Low is better to choose more elegant models and emphasize the waist with a belt.

Cardigan can be matched to any type of figure. For girls with small breasts fit volumetric style, short or medium length. A loose jacket longer than the hips is generally able to hide any figure flaws.

Some women of fashion manage to use it even as a skirt or scarf. So you can safely call this thing a transformer! Now you know what to wear with a cardigan, and how to create with the help of this thing a stylish and unique image.


Wow, how many cool images! You have great taste.

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October 14, 2016, 17:59

ps Shterlitz has never been so close to failure)

October 14, 2016, 18:06

avosurt, I would try with ankle boots, and if the weather conditions allow you to be brave, then I like the combination of sandals + socks, yes, yes! I saw an interesting option from one fashion blogger

October 14, 2016 19:53

SaYa, that's what I think. I have orange sandals. * went for socks *

October 14, 2016, 23:56

avosurt, they say, in Calzedonia, chic, and if you choose to match sandals, the sandals turn. in ankle boots!))

October 15, 2016, 00:17

avosurt, oh you made this question right confused me, thank you for your trust. mid-calf is a very dangerous length. I only wear this length with boots. and of course only the high heel. and if you go in a deductive way, the skirt of the year is such a classic-classic, then the shoes should be of classical form. I'll find a photo and make a trail a selection of just such a length

October 14, 2016, 20:14

Gopi, there are boots, though black only with embroidery.
It is a pity that black shoes on the platform do not fit to such classics)

October 15, 2016, 00:00

avosurt, I still thought if the skirt is black, then the most win-win version will be beige pumps

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SaYa, а меня все бабкой дрязнят. ((( хотя кардиган не дурацкий а вполне себе из таких как эти. Но мне нравится, и так уютно!!

14 октября 2016, 15:58

Estile, I really like the images that the author included in the post, but I also know examples when the cardigan, along with other details of clothing, looks, to put it mildly, not modern. There is some kind of facet, a cunning trick, knowing that you can be stylish and modern, and not be confused with a librarian. Pysy, I really respect this profession)

October 14, 2016, 17:35

I really want to tie myself up for the summer :) In our October already in the winter we walk

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I love knitted cardigans. but in Moscow it is now time to puhovukov with hoods)))

October 14, 2016 13:53

Excellent selection. I am just now knitting a volumetric merino hooded cardigan. I love knitted warm clothes.

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Abik, damn it, knit yourself is very cool. I can only knit a long long scarf and then without patterns)))))

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