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Caribbean - heavenly rest on earth


Turks and Caicos Islands - a state of 30 islands near the Bahamas. This is a former British colony - a visa is drawn up through the British Embassy. Providenciales, or simply Provo, is one of the largest islands in the archipelago, the tourist center of the country.

Provo is clear coastal waters, white beaches, mango thickets and developed infrastructure. You can relax there all year round. Moreover, Provo beaches are among the best in the Caribbean, and Grace Bay is one of the most beautiful in the world.

There are no large settlements on the island. Shops, casinos, galleries, sports and cultural centers and SPA-complexes are concentrated in the villages around the Lizington International Airport.

Entertainment on Provo for every taste. For example, you can rent a scooter or bike and go to the Princess Alexandra National Park to admire the emerald salt lakes, coral reefs and amazing waterfowl. There is also a unique farm for growing rare mollusk species in Provo.

For lovers of water fun - surfing, windsurfing and, of course, diving. At the parking lots of Levard Marina and Sapodilla Bay, you can rent a yacht and go on a boat trip or fishing.

Provo is famous for its golf courses. They even hold an annual tournament in this sport.

2. Maui, United States

Maui is formed by two volcanoes: lava flows connected and created a picturesque valley. From behind the craters, the island resembles a giant eight from above. The crater of one of these volcanoes - Haleakala (“House of the Sun”, 3,055 meters above sea level) - is part of the national park of the same name. Its surface is like a moon. Horse trekking tours are held in Haleakale.

On Maui, about 60 kilometers of beaches. Among them are two main resort areas: Kaanapali and Wailea. Kaanapali is the ideal white sands and cleanest coastal waters, and many more hotels, shops, sports fields and entertainment centers. Wailea is the second most popular beach on the island. This is a place for youth parties, there are many bars and discos. The beaches, both on the western, and on the eastern and southern coasts, are perfectly equipped: umbrellas, sun beds, volleyball courts and various water activities (surfing, parasailing, sailing, diving).

The most populous area of ​​the island is Kahului. Local attractions include the city of Lahaina (the former capital of Hawaii with unique buildings of the 19th century) and the town of Hana with an amazing beach and atmospheric ranch. But the main thing is the road to Hana. The highway runs through bamboo groves, inhabited by exotic birds, over bridges and waterfalls.

Fans of the underwater world should visit the Ocean Center of Maui: more than a thousand species of fish in a giant aquarium that mimics the expanses of the ocean. In the period from December to March, you can see humpback whales off the coast.

3. Roatan, Honduras

Roatan - a wonderful island with sandy beaches, picturesque green hills and turquoise waters, part of the archipelago of Islas de la Bahia. It is considered the pearl of Honduras, second only to Copan in popularity. The coastline of the island stretched for 1,254 kilometers. The most comfortable beaches are located in the west - West Bay.

Roatan, as a ring, is surrounded by coral reefs. Diving lovers can enjoy the picturesque underwater world all year round. The benefit of rental scuba equipment on the coast set. Particularly famous is the village of the West End, where literally every house is a diving center.

The "capital" of the island - the town of Coxen-Hole. It was founded in 1835 by immigrants from the Cayman Islands, which belonged to Great Britain at that time. Therefore, on Roatan, where the official language is Spanish, they speak English quite well, more precisely, its Creole version. Not far from the city of Coxen-Hole is the local Juan Manuel Galves International Airport.

Aesthetes should definitely visit the botanical garden, which extends over more than 16 hectares. The beauty of carambola grows there, and mango groves, tunnels of vines create the feeling that you are in the heavenly jungle.

Among the entertainment is also a tour of the stone processing plant and horseback riding along the coast. But the most romantic place on Roatan is the butterfly park, where dozens of species of tropical beauties flit from flower to flower. Thrill-seekers can catch a glimpse at a local nursery for breeding snakes and iguanas.

4. Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a ridge of five small islands (Tira, Palea-Kameni, Nea Kameni, Thirassia and Aspron) and about two dozen small surface rocks forming a ring around the central lagoon. The island has a volcanic origin, hence the round outline of the coast.

Santorini is an ancient and extraordinarily beautiful place. The island has many architectural and historical sights. What only is the city of Oia: white houses with blue roofs on the steep slopes against the backdrop of breathtaking seascapes. This city has become a muse for many artists and writers. Lovers come there to write their names on the rocks - according to legend, this is a pledge of eternal love. Also for the whole world known local sunsets.

Santorini has unique beaches with black and red sand (all due to the volcanic nature of the island). In Kamari, near the city of Tire, and Perissa are black beaches, and in the bay of Akrotiri it is dark red. Beach lovers to visit Santorini better in the summer when the temperature of the air and water reaches a maximum. But this does not mean that the island is not suitable for wintering. Winters are mild there, the thermometer rarely drops below +10 ° C, and on sunny days it stays around +17 ° C.

Santorini is suitable for a cozy measured rest. No wonder there is a shelter creative nature, loving to contemplate. There are few noisy discos, but many gourmet establishments - cafes and restaurants with open terraces and sea views. For more than 3,500 years, the island has grown a unique grape variety - asirtiko - and make it a delicious wine.

Of the architectural landmarks are the ruins of a Minoan-era city destroyed by a volcanic eruption at Cape Akrotiri. There are also an archaeological museum and ancient churches (Pangea-Episcopa, Agiu Mina and others).

5. Tau, Thailand

Tau is located in the south of Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand. The name of the island in Thai means "turtle island". Once there were really a lot of them in these parts. Today there are more divers on the island.

Tau - a godsend for lovers of scuba diving. More than 300 sunny days a year (the high season lasts from December to March) and clear water (visibility reaches 40 meters in some places) do their job. Freediving is especially popular. On Tau is the famous school Apnea Total, teaching diving to hold your breath. In general, there are dozens of dive centers on the island, where they learn to dive and where you can rent equipment. Sport fishermen will also be able to enjoy their favorite business: the fish off the coast of the Tau is abundant.

There is no crush on Tau, like on Samui and Phuket. True, the infrastructure is less developed: there are interruptions in water and electricity, and the condition of the roads leaves much to be desired. Move around the island, as elsewhere in Thailand, on bikes, which can be rented. True, Tau is so miniature that you can cross it if you wish.

There are six beaches on the island. Sairee is the largest, Ao Tanote is the most accessible for snorkeling, and Sai Nuan is the most beautiful. Turquoise water, milk sand and palm trees spreading along the coast ... If paradise exists, then it looks like this.

Tau is ideal for lovers of beach and beach relaxation. Water skiing, rock climbing, jungle paintball, yoga, massage, surfing, quad bike rides and island cruises - local travel agencies offer entertainment for every taste. Those who like to just walk and see, you can visit the Museum of Fisheries in the village of Sairee, as well as observation platforms of the island.

6. Madeira, Portugal

Madeira archipelago, which is a thousand kilometers south-west of Portugal, consists of two inhabited and several deserted islands. The mild climate and warm Gulf Stream allow you to relax on Madeira all year round. No wonder it is called the island of eternal spring. There are no luxurious beaches, but the silence, picturesque landscapes and a special atmosphere of relaxation completely compensate for this.

The main resort of the archipelago is Funchal, its capital. The city is located on a steep slope and literally immersed in flowers. You can enjoy its beauty as well as seascapes while climbing the cable car Monte Cable Car. Tourists are invited to descend from the hill on wooden sleds Carros de Cesto. And in Monte (a suburb of Funchal) there are luxurious botanical gardens with rare plants and ancient palaces.

Ethnic lovers can visit the authentic villages of Camara de Lobos and Curral das Freiras. The first is the settlement of fishermen, where colorful boats stand on the shore. It produces the famous Madeira. Yes, yes, Madeira is the birthplace of this wine. Curral das Freyrash is located in the crater of an extinct volcano, the main attraction of the village is the monastery of Saint Clara, which in the 16th century served as a shelter for the pirates to the monks.

Madeira is not a particularly beach place. But for lovers of nature, quiet, measured life and the same entertainment (golf, fishing, hiking in the mountains, and so on) is the perfect wintering place.

7. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a large island of the Indonesian archipelago, located in the Indian Ocean. For many travelers, Bali needs no introduction. Tourists dubbed it a fabulous island. Everything is imbued with symbolism, and colorful religious ceremonies and breathtaking landscapes really create an atmosphere of magic.

In Bali, several resort centers. Kuta - the most popular and noisy, the nightlife there is in full swing all year round. Nusa Dua and Jimbaran - the most fashionable, the best restaurants and hotels. Tanjung Benoa - the most modern, famous for SPA-centers. Sanur - for a family holiday, a comfortable beach, peace and quiet. The list is not exhaustive.

Bali has a lot to see: pristine landscapes, rainforests, Kintamani volcanoes, Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung, as well as ancient Indonesian temples (Mother’s temple, royal temple, Rocky temples in Perenge, Yeh-Pul and Pur-Samoan-Tiga and others). All attractions simply do not list.

The main water entertainment - surfing. Bali is famous for its waves. Both experienced and novice athletes will not be bored: the first will most likely choose Uluwatu and Bingin, and the second will suit Kuta, where there are many surf schools.

Bali is not by chance called the earthly paradise. Sit back on the white sand, swim in among the corals and admire the jungle in the distance, where ancient temples with mischievous monkeys are hiding ... Is this not paradise?

8. Mauritius

Mauritius - the short name of the island state in the Indian Ocean. In addition to the main and largest island - Mauritius, the republic includes a few smaller pieces of sushi.

Summer in this place never ends. (By the way, a visa is not required for Russians, and citizens of Ukraine can issue it at the border.) The water temperature all year round is around 27 degrees. The shores of Mauritius are bordered by coral reefs (welcome, divers), and the beaches are among the cleanest in the world. The most popular of them are Flic-en-Flac, Bel-Mar (very calm lagoon), Pereybere (for beach parties), Trois-d'O-Douce and others.

Mauritius is a free economic zone, there are many fashionable hotels. Also, the island is a kaleidoscope of various cultures, there are many bright holidays, accompanied by costume performances, dances and fireworks.

Mauritius is famous for deep-sea fishing. The best places for this are the west coast coves, and the best time is from September to April, as well as June and July. Off the coast of this island more than once set world records for fishing. Windsurfing and kite surfing are equally popular on the island. From December to May, Mauritius is blown by the winds, which creates ideal conditions for these sports. The best place for surf entertainment is Tamarin Bay.

Nature lovers will not be bored either. The nature reserves “Volmar”, “Mahabi Belomb”, “Quen de Mir” and others will acquaint with the amazing flora and fauna of the island. That's not all: the National Park “Black River Gorge”, the virgin forest of Domans du Chasseur, the waterfalls of the Grand Riviere-Sud-Est - there will not be enough sights for one winter.

9. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is a coral island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, not far from Tahiti. It is considered one of the most romantic places on the planet. All because of the pearl lagoons, crystal beaches, spreading palm trees and garlands of beautiful tiare flowers. Around the island are many satellites called motu. Next to many motu, like a tree branch, there is a bungalow on stilts.

The main attraction of Bora Bora is the lagoon. Therefore, the island is ideal for a relaxing beach holiday when you sunbathe and swim for most of the day. While swimming you can enjoy the amazing underwater world of Bora Bora. Particularly interesting is the so-called road of skates: there are many of these creatures, they are very close. You can also swim with a mask in the coral garden, where colorful fish are snooping around. For the extreme, the island offers a submarine excursion, revealing the secrets of the ocean floor.

Those who are not drawn into the depths, but upwards, will be able to go on foot to Mount Pahia. According to legend, from there, the god of war descended on a rainbow. Along the way, there are orchards, thickets of orchids and fern forests.

10. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, 354 kilometers off the eastern coast of Brazil, consisting of 21 islands and rocky outcrops (it was once a mighty volcano). Most of them are uninhabited, the main island is predominantly populated, which gave the name to the archipelago. And he, in turn, received the name of the merchant who sponsored the expedition that discovered the islands.

In 2001, Fernando de Noronha was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visiting the island is limited, so annoying crowds of tourists there will not meet. The nature of the island is really amazing. There are two endemics of birds, rare rodents and lizards. But the main wealth is the underwater world. Just swimming, you can see a sea turtle or a dolphin. On this island almost the same year round, the same temperature, tropical climate, rainy season falls in January-March.

The few local people live on income from a few tourists. But the infrastructure on the island is well developed: good hotels and beaches. For example, Sancho Beach is surrounded by a natural wall and is a favorite place for divers. Conseisan is a popular beach where you can enjoy the sun and the sea while sipping tropical cocktails. Those wishing to admire the dolphins go to the Gulf Golfinhos, and for the beautiful sunsets - in the bay of Santo António.

The main historical attraction of the island is the fort Nossa Señora dos Remedios, standing at an altitude of 45 meters above sea level. Once it was a defensive outpost, six batteries guarded the island. But now it is abandoned, which attracts a lot of tourists.

Let's add to the TripAdvisor list. What place do you think is ideal for wintering?

These different Caribbean islands

The Caribbean Islands is an extensive and collective concept that includes several groups of large and small islands located in the Caribbean, namely the Bahamas, as well as the Large and Small Antilles.

On these islands are such countries as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, Martinique, Anguilla, Guadeloupe, Venezuela, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Honduras. Also part of the islands belongs to Mexico and the United States.

Almost all the Caribbean islands rise above sea level, and quite significantly. But the relief is diverse, and its features depend on the location of the territory. So, the Bahamas appeared due to coral reefs, so they have a rather complex and unique relief.

The highest mountains can be found in the west of Haiti, in the north of Jamaica, as well as in the east of Cuba. The eastern shores of the Lesser Antilles are mainly represented by plains. The Virginia, Bahamas and Cuba are surrounded by huge coral reefs. The islands have numerous bays, presented in the form of quiet harbors. Some territories are of volcanic origin.

If you study the photo, you can conclude that the nature of the Caribbean islands is truly unique and amazing. Here you can find a variety of plants. But most often, of course, there are palm trees, which can be safely called the calling card of this territory.

There are also an incredible number of animals, with rare species such as rhinos, jaguars, anteaters, and so on. The underwater world is very beautiful and rich in a variety of fish and other inhabitants of the deep sea, such as crayfish, lobsters, crabs, dolphins, giant sperm whales and so on. And there are a lot of birds, especially parrots.

Климат будет зависеть от конкретного места, в которое вы решите отправиться. Но в любом случае его можно назвать довольно мягким и благоприятным. Он может варьироваться от умеренного до тропического. Первый более привычен для многих, а второй предполагает довольно высокую влажность.

The average temperature is about 28-29 degrees, and even in winter here it does not fall below 25 degrees Celsius, which is good news. By the way, in winter it is more pleasant to rest here, so this season is considered to be tourist.

The greatest amount of precipitation falls in May, as well as in September, October and November. But usually the rains, though strong, but not constant, that is, tropical rainfall here almost never happens. You should not go to the Caribbean at the beginning of autumn, since from September to October the hurricane season lasts, and quite strong ones.

Where to go?

If you are planning a vacation in the Caribbean islands, then by all means visit one of the following places:

  • Barbados will delight you with the level of service and this European service, as well as complete security. Here live very polite and educated people.
  • St. Barthelemy is an ideal place for carefree holidays, solitude and romantic travel. This small island is always open for guests, but at the same time it is very calm and quiet here.
  • St. Maarten. This island will please even the most sophisticated traveler, because almost all types of recreation are available here. In this corner you can lie on the beach, go to the casino, plunge into the nightlife and even play sports.
  • Jamaica is truly the most passionate and hottest place of the Caribbean islands. The special atmosphere of carefree life pervades literally everything: houses, people, beaches, and so on. Once having been here, you definitely want to return to this paradise.
  • The Dominican Republic is a country with a unique history and culture, as well as stunning nature. Here you can learn all aspects of a chic holiday.
  • Martinique is a special island with stunning landscapes and a unique culture in which the past is closely intertwined with the present and the future.
  • Grenada is considered one of the most picturesque islands. Here you will see many colors of nature.
  • Saint Lucia is an island with quiet harbors, gorgeous landscapes and snow-white beaches stretching literally along the entire coastline.
  • Anguilla is the place where you will gain harmony and purify your soul. By the way, Hollywood stars regularly rest here.

What's so interesting?

The most famous attractions of the Caribbean Islands:

  • Faro Colon or Columbus Lighthouse is located in the Dominican Republic and is the country's most important relic.
  • Fort San Felipe del Moro used to be for the discoverers of the impregnable guardian of Puerto Rico, and today just pleases the eye with its magnificence and grandeur.
  • Altos de Chavon is an absolutely authentic reconstruction of a medieval Spanish village located in the Dominican Republic.
  • La Fuerza or the Royal Force Castle is a true European fort located in Cuba.
  • Fortaleza Osama - one of the most ancient fortresses, located in the Dominican Republic.
  • The Alcazar de Colon is the stunning palace of Columbus, which is a true architectural masterpiece of Santo Domingo.
  • In Trinidad, you can find the Temple of Waterloo, located on the west coast.
  • If you will be in Cuba, by all means visit the Cathedral of Christopher in Havana.

Things to do?

There are plenty of entertainment options in the Caribbean! Here are some of them:

  • Diving. Surely scuba dive into the amazing underwater world.
  • In the Caribbean, stunning beaches covered with palm trees and white sand. The water temperature ranges from 20-26 degrees, and you can swim all year round!
  • Here you can do almost any sport. But yachting is especially developed, and it is he who attracts tourists the most.
  • The Caribbean is an island with its distinctive and unique culture, historical values ​​and centuries-old traditions. There are a lot of beautiful architectural structures, historical monuments and other attractions.
  • Fishing. Here you can catch a big and very rare fish, but you will most likely have to pay for it.
  • Some islands have simply huge golf courses, so if you can play it, you will surely be satisfied.
  • Coming to the Caribbean is worth it just to enjoy the stunning beauty of its nature. Moreover, this is not only wild and untouched nature, but also numerous sanitized parks.
  • Some islands will suit lovers of nightlife and youth recreation.

Be sure to go to the Caribbean Islands, because this is a real paradise on earth!

Varadero, Cuba

Holidays in Cuba will be interesting both for lovers of beach activities (parasselling, diving, sailing, snorkeling) and nature lovers, who are simply fabulous here. In addition to enjoying beautiful beaches and sunny weather, you can walk around the picturesque old Havana, visit tobacco and coffee plantations, and take a deep breath of freedom.

How to get there: Direct flights from Moscow to Havana, en route from 12 hours, or with a change in Paris, Frankfurt or Amsterdam - en route from 16 hours.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic is located a number of resorts that will appeal to lovers of scuba diving, because here you can see the picturesque coral reefs, many different types of exotic fish, sometimes even fragments of sunken ships. In addition, the Dominican Republic is very popular for organizing weddings on the beach and relaxing newlyweds.

How to get there: Direct flights from Moscow to Punta Cana, en route from 13 hours.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is recognized as one of the best resorts in Mexico and is now gaining popularity among tourists from Russia. Cancun is famous for stunning white beaches, clear water and developed infrastructure. Also in Mexico you can see the extraordinary beauty of waterfalls, cenotes, Mayan pyramids - Chichen Itza, Palenque.

How to get there: Direct flights from Moscow to Cancun, en route from 13 hours.


The Bahamas are synonymous with luxury vacation. The archipelago of the Bahamas includes about 700 islands, only 30 of which are inhabited. Here are beautiful beaches, developed infrastructure of hotels, exotic nature. One of the best beaches in the Bahamas is Pink Sand Beach, the sand on which is an unusually beautiful pink hue.

How to get there: Freeport International Airport, Nassau. There are no direct flights. You can fly with a change in London or the United States, travel time from 13 hours.

Every year more and more tourists visit Jamaica to see exotic nature, gorgeous beaches, reed fields, listen to live reggae ... Jamaica will also be enjoyed by lovers of pirate stories, museums and monuments. Here you can dive with a mask and even hunt sharks.

How to get there: Kingston and Montego Bay international airports. There are no direct flights from Russia, transfers in London and Frankfurt. Flight time from about 16 hours.

Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay Beach, which is located on the island of St. John of the Virgin Islands, according to the national geographic community is recognized as the best beach in the Caribbean. Coral reefs and the rich underwater world attract hundreds of tourists from all over the world to the Virgin Islands. The water near the islands is so clear that visibility is 40 m. Deep.

How to get there: The international airports of Santa Cruz and St. Thomas. There are no direct flights, you can get there with a change in the United States or Puerto Rico.

Antigua and Barbuda

On the islands of Antigua and Barbuda you can find a variety of tourist attractions in the form of yacht clubs, bars, hotels and casinos as primitive nature. There are many cozy bays that are protected from the storm by coral reefs, white beaches - of which there are as many as 365 on the island of Antigua.

How to get there: St. Johns International Airport. There are no direct flights from Russia, only with a transfer in London or Frankfurt.

Since Barbados was once a British colony, some English traditions have been preserved here - for example, playing cricket is common, golf competitions are taking place. In addition, Barbados will delight guests with beautiful nature, excellent beaches and many modern hotels. Holidays here in English are measured and relaxed, so not all hotels accept families with children.

How to get there: Bridgetown International Airport. Transplantation in London or Frankfurt, on the road from 14 hours.

Cayman islands

The Cayman Islands will be ideal for those who want to relax from the metropolis and the crowd and feel themselves on a desert island - here you can find many beautiful secluded beaches. Here is a diverse flora and fauna.

How to get there: International Airport on Grand Cayman Island. Transplant in London or Miami, on the road from 20 hours.

The sand on the beaches of Costa Rica has a variety of colors and shades: white, gold, silver and even volcanic black. At the resorts, besides sunbathing, you can go surfing, diving, sport fishing, as well as watch as sea turtles lay eggs. In addition to all this, there are exotic fruits, national parks, mountains and volcanoes.

How to get there: San Jose International Airport. Flight - there are no direct flights, only docking is possible in Madrid, Frankfurt, Havana. On the way from 13. o'clock

It is difficult to say which of the islands or resorts of the Caribbean is the best. Despite the long, expensive and often indirect flight to visit one of the above resorts is a must. Holidays in the Caribbean is available almost all year round, recently the visa regime has been simplified and more and more direct flights have appeared. Kilometer white beaches with fine hot sand, green palm trees, bent over the water, exotic fruits, nature and intoxicating sense of freedom will long remain in the memory.

Photo: thinkstockphotos.com, flickr.com

10 tips on how to survive a long flight - useful information for those who are going to the Caribbean

Mexico, Dominican Republic or Cuba - compare the most popular resorts in the Caribbean

1. US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are so called, for this is a favorite vacation spot of many Americans, who during their journey make the first stop here. The island has all the amenities and it is almost the same as in America. The islands of St. Johns and Santa Cruz attract tourists with natural and cultural attractions.

The best place for: lovers of large resorts and nature.

The beaches on this small island are a model of excellence. They are small with friendly local culture and luxurious villas scattered around. These are endless beaches that create standards for beach cliches.

The best place for: luxurious, but at the same time restrained and secluded relaxation.

This medium-sized island is surrounded by many small beaches with large and not very, with modest and not very resorts. English Harbor offers sailing and acquaintance with the colonial heritage.

The best place for: a classic beach holiday in the resort. But remember, it will take several days to get here.

Lifeless and practically without any special features, Aruba Island attracts the attention of many beaches, where world-class resorts and boulevards with famous restaurants and bars are located.

The best place for: carefree luxury vacation.

6. Barbados

British accent is common on this clean, medium-sized island located on the border with the Atlantic Ocean. Many beaches are ideal for every taste and budget. Here there is both active rest and moderate luxury.

The best place for: lovers of surfing, windsurfing, sunbathing, as well as for true gourmets and lovers of luxurious dinners.

One of the most interesting islands in the southern part of the Caribbean is small Bonaire, it is famous for its magnificent diving in the open sea. It also boasts an amazing history and the charming and accessible city of Kralendijk for excursions.

The best place for: divers, lovers of cheap travel, as well as fans of small discoveries.

8. British Virgin Islands

It is a richer, less developed, and more isolated version of the US Virgin Islands. Lovers of yachting and diving will find a lot of interesting among 40 islands. And the main island of Tortola can offer the most luxurious holiday.

The best place for: lovers of diving, snorkeling, cocktail parties at sunset.

The famous island of Haiti - the exact opposite of a carefree holiday. In 2010, an earthquake occurred here. But if you want to explore the rich culture, which for the most part is African, you should visit this place.

The best place for: people who love to learn and explore new things.

11. Grenada

You can smell nutmeg in the air of this former British colony. The capital of St. Georges - a city of stunning beauty. Here the traveler will have the opportunity to enjoy the small and friendly beaches, competing with the slopes covered with tropical forests.

The best place for: low-cost recreation in the wild, as well as socializing with lively locals.

13. Dominican Republic

A large country with a predominant Latin American culture. In the DR (as it is also called) there are world-class resorts with exquisite beaches, a history of the colonial era, and immense territories with inaccessible mountain peaks.

The best place for: lovers of resorts and adventurers.

16. Curacao

Medium-sized island, attracting lovers of distant excursions. The main attraction of the main city of Willemstad is not without reason recognized as a famous beautiful, historic harbor. Isolated beaches can offer travelers a lot of water rides.

The best place for: unexplored routes, walking around the city.

17. Martinique

This is the most French corner of the Caribbean, whose capital is Fort-de-France, not so often visited by tourists. Widely spread beaches attract day-trip lovers.

The best place for: lovers of French, visiting beautiful and isolated beaches, traveling on foot.

18. Saint Martin / Sint Maarten

Two different cultures - Dutch and French - divided the territory of this small and very lively island. It's like one whole brain, consisting of two hemispheres, which in total is stronger than separately: the French side offers restrained rest, and the Dutch side offers grandiose parties.

The best place for: relaxing in middle class hotels, day trips to France, Holland and the heart of Creole culture, as well as visiting the most insane airport bar on Earth.

19. Puerto Rico

Ancient San Juan is one of the greatest attractions of this region, a ruined colonial past that is full of life energy. The main attractions are the huge beach resorts, casinos, visual history and rich Latin American culture.

The best place for: long-distance excursions, enjoying the sea and sand, without leaving the United States.

20. Saint Kitts

Huge hotels and developed condos can be found in Nevis and St. Kitts. The territory is large enough for a fun day trip around the island, there is a huge national park of the era of pirates Brimstone Hill-Fortress.

The best place for: comfortable rest, day trips to Nevis, mastering the pirate language.

21. Saint Lucia

The beaches, on the one hand, are splendid resorts, on the other hand, and the slopes covered with lush forests, on the third - these are the top three temptations of this island, famous for its French language and newlyweds who come to the honeymoon from different countries. Here you can relax both on water and on land.

The best place for: lovers of diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing and other things, as well as lovers of nature and luxury.

22. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Tempting walks on fishing boats between islands surrounded by beaches are classics of holiday in the Grenadines (if you wish, you can rent a boat). The main island of Saint Vincent is mostly covered with tropical forests, and the island of Bequia is the most popular part of the peaceful Grenadines.

The best place for: lovers of boat travel, divers, explorers, as well as people who do not have a clear travel plan.

23. Trinidad

Fully shielding neighboring Tobago, Trinidad is a large, lively Caribbean island, famous for its Creole culture and parties that are gaining maximum momentum during the most famous carnival in the world.

The best place to: attend annual celebrations that can compete with parties Rio de Janeiro.

The small companion island of Trinidad is famous for everything that is not on the big islands: untouched nature, resorts, inviting with fun on the water and land.

The best place for: traditional leisure without ado, diving enthusiasts, as well as bird watching.

25. Turks and Caicos

Many small islands with immaculate beaches and turquoise water attract travelers. Even in world-class diving sites there are no crowds of tourists.

The best place for: lovers of boat trips, beach loafers, fans of quiet and secluded relaxation on the sand.

Безбрежная Ямайка, являющаяся центром таких Карибских клише, как песни Боба Марли, исполняемые под аккорды открывающихся бутылок с пивом, предлагает курорты от аристократических до откровенно грязных, а также особую урбанистическую культуру.

Лучшее место для: знакомства с острой пищей, экзотической музыкой, дикими приключениями.

Итак, какой остров больше всего по душе вам?