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Relationship with an older man: pros, cons, risks


Probably, you are concerned about the question of how a woman’s relationship with a man is younger. We will immediately calm you down: there is nothing reprehensible and beyond the norm in a young man’s attachment to a woman 10 or even more years old.

Relationship with a man younger is normal!

First, in the relationship of women with a man younger partners associates a full-fledged sex life. Secondly, it is interesting not only in bed with an older woman: she knows a lot and knows how to talk with her fascinatingly, she is always ready to listen and, if necessary, give advice.

So, an employee of my girlfriend, married to a woman older than herself, claims that he has nothing to talk about with young girls, because “they are almost all fools”.

Thirdly, a woman may have already been married or had time to experience more than one disappointment in love affairs, therefore in relations with a man younger she is much more careful about her young companion and, fearing to lose him, tries to avoid all acute angles with him. .

Pluses relationship with a man younger than a woman

A woman does not give free rein to her emotions, and she also has some experience in domestic affairs, so that a young lover or husband is provided with a reliable rear.

In confirmation again cite from the Internet. Alexandra married a younger man for the second time, but does not experience any complexes. Spouses are happy together and bring up a joint daughter.

This is what Alexander’s current family life says: “I am very glad that my Andrey met me so late in life. I can not imagine how quickly we would have fled if I married him in 20 years! However, he then walked under the table.

As I recall, I behaved like an idiot with my first husband - I just feel uncomfortable! Of course, he, too, was not an angel, but I did so much nonsense - it’s scary to remember! But now I know perfectly well what is possible and what cannot be done in family life - and I am no longer satisfied with the scenes over trifles. ”

In a relationship with a man younger, a woman observes a more delicate balance of power and interests, unlike couples in which a man is older than a woman, where the husband usually plays the role of head of the family.

However, in most cases, a young man willingly makes any personal sacrifices for the sake of union with a woman who is older than him in age. Often he takes care of her children from a previous marriage.

In a relationship with a man younger, not only the woman wins - the young man also does not lose out: a more experienced girlfriend does everything to set him on the “true path”. As a result, he chooses a profitable profession for himself, masters it successfully and makes a career.

According to psychotherapist Ekaterina Kadieva, “the great advantage of the young husband is that his own future is still uncertain. By marrying a 40-year-old bank director, you only get a bank director.

You can predict what comes next, and therefore the future is devoid of the charm of the unknown for you. Choosing a 25-year-old young man as your husband, you get not only a young partner, but also the potential of the most diverse fates that lie in him. In a relationship with a man younger, a woman gets a unique opportunity to consider his future in him - and influence his choice. ”

Just imagine: if the future of your beloved really promises to be brilliant, you have to be with him in the most intense period of his life - in the years of his ascent to the heights of career and fame.

When this path is practically passed by a young companion, the woman begins to seriously fear that he, having achieved success in life (by the way, thanks in large part to herself), will repay with ingratitude and abandon her for the sake of some young beauty.

In other words, the stereotype comes into effect again, but one should not be influenced by it. In a relationship with a man younger, it is better for a woman to forget about his age, didn’t he stop your young companion, when he decided to connect with you the fate? You should clearly learn one truth: how well your future relationship will be is largely dependent on you.

Who, if not you, knows that success, no matter how grandiose, is not the final result. There is a continuation - the movement to new successes, and this process can last indefinitely.

Try to instill this in your young partner, help him move to new heights, and then he will not succumb to such a disastrous feeling as intoxication from success, and will not make mistakes, which later will surely regret, and most importantly, maintain respect and love for you.

Having taught your loved one to enjoy the process, In a relationship with a younger man, a woman herself learns to enjoy each day spent with him, and in order for this idyll to last forever, both of you should stop paying attention to what distinguishes you, and instead focus on that truly unites you. This is the most important condition for a successful and long-term relationship between a mature woman and a young man.

Cons in building a relationship with a man younger

Nevertheless, for every plus there is necessarily a minus. In a relationship with a man younger, women should not forget that their sexual activity will not last forever. The time will come, and your libido will begin to fade, until it gradually disappears altogether.

This process is natural and inevitable, but it is possible to prolong sexual activity due to athletic exertion, proper nutrition and medication. However, thinking about it ahead of time is still not worth it. When meeting with a young lover, try to think positively and learn to enjoy what you have at the moment.

In continuation of the conversation, I will quote a statement on the topic of relations with a man younger, a statement by one of the forum visitors on the Internet: “I meet with a young man exactly 10 years younger. Public opinion does not care. We are good.

True, nothing serious is planned, because now the age difference is practically not visible either in appearance or the rest, but in 15 years, if we stay together, I think it will not be very pleasant to see that the young man is only in bloom, but I already have obvious traces of sunset.

Therefore, I enjoy the present moment. I think he too. And I sincerely advise you of the same. Do not plan, do not think about the future. Living in the present, if really good! ”

What to expect from a relationship with a man younger

Women are often afraid to start a relationship with a man younger, because believe that they will harm a young man. Indeed, if a man has no children, he is very young, and you will not risk to give birth to a child, is it worth starting?

“I am meeting a young man. Very young. Let me not call your age. I am older than Nikita not by 5 years. And not even 10. More.

Of course, everyone will think at once - the lad has attached himself to a convenient place. He is being kept, and for this he tolerates his overgrown girlfriend. Not at all! Quite the contrary: Nikita is very attentive, nicely caring. Immediately he let me know that he would be paying for all our joint amusements. It turns out, not a gigolo.

Our relationship with a man younger than a few months and end, it seems, are not going to. Moreover, they are becoming more and more serious. Recently, when Nikita introduced me to his friends, he called his wife. My heart almost exploded with joy. Later I asked: “Wife? Is it too? And he smiled and, as always, tickled my ear. The question has disappeared.

I have no doubts about his intentions. Even if we leave soon, I still spent wonderful months with him. And never regret it.

The problem is different. If Nikita really lives with me as with his wife, then I, I am afraid, will deprive him of the normal life of a young man. Judge for yourself: he is a little over 20, he is talented. His career goes uphill. He needs a normal family.

And I probably will not be able to give it to him. In a relationship with a man younger, we probably won't even have a child in common. And Nikita would have made such a good father! Can I afford to deprive him of this ?!

Several times she was going to say that we are resolutely parting. But I see him and I understand that I do not have enough strength. I tried to talk about my doubts about the future together - I did not want to listen. Even, it seems offended. I’m afraid to put pressure on him so that he doesn’t think that I don’t take him seriously - he seems to be more complex about his age, it seems, even more than me. ”

Sometimes, caring, as it seems to us, about the well-being of loved ones and people we love, we try to commit acts that are contrary to their own desires and can cause them pain and suffering.

Isn't it better in this example of a relationship with a man to leave everything as it is and decide on the most crucial step, because there is nothing more valuable in the world, how to love yourself and be loved, and the letter describes exactly this situation?

If you think the same as this woman, let you notice that you are wrong. Do not try to destroy the happiness of two people, do not create non-existent problems, if everything is still in the relationship with your chosen one as well as possible.

If you have a relationship with a man younger, and he rejects all your arguments and continues to insist on continuing the relationship, it means that he has already made his choice. So drop all unnecessary complexes about age, otherwise you will convince him that there is something wrong and unnatural in your relationship.

Love is the most correct and most natural feeling, so loving hearts must be together, no matter how many years people may have. According to the famous psychologist Frank Pittman, a real man needs a woman of any age, as long as she loves him and is well with her.

What is important to remember in a relationship with a man older

First, you have to think about it yourself. After all, it depends on your fate. And while this can happen a lot of unpleasant. But at this age the girl is very impressionable. And many of adult men can simply take advantage of your gullibility and naivety. Just to say sleep with you and that's it. Why do they need such a young lady

Do not remind him of your age and his. After all, who does not want to once again feel younger than it actually is,

Also, do not behave like a young lady. If you already agree to meet with a older man, you should quickly grow up. To do this, read the literature, be more erudite. Behave yourself as an adult lady. Do not stand out much, especially in his circle of friends. And so it will not be easy. Believe me, there are people who will blame him or envy him,

Older men are primarily interested in communication, not sex. And if you shine your mind - it will be appreciated by your chosen one. Always be interested in what interests him. His feelings, personal life. Be attentive to him. Tell him that his whole life is very important to you,

Mystery and charm always attracts any man. In a relationship with a man older, do not be constrained, but be natural. Take it as it is. He will notice and think about a more serious relationship,

And do not take criticism from friends and acquaintances with hostility. Take it easy. Especially if you are not indifferent to this man. Everything will be seen later.

First of all, it is worth noting: if you want to start a relationship with an older man, then you should not hope for sexual contact. After all, such people appreciate communication very much in girls. So do not show your "charm" too openly. Communicate and then everything will turn out.

Men who are older are looking for a very good companion with whom you can discuss many interesting topics. They may be looking for a companion or even a student. So be very interested in a man, ask him about life experience, what was most striking in his life, what he can advise you in this or that situation. They do not need to quarrel over trifles. But do not forget that these men hunt a little child quality.

They love affection. Be very nice with a man older. After all, communication is the main pledge of good relations. Be always pleasant, watch yourself; it is pleasant to any man when his lady is neat and looks good. Ask about everything, showing that you are interested in everything that happens in his life.

Do not forget that older men care a lot of little things. This can be coffee, and massage and so on. Of course, at the very beginning of a relationship, it is very difficult to give all that a man wants. You must take care of such a man. Make him as happy as possible and show what he didn’t have.

If you want to attract his attention to yourself, then you need to find common topics for conversations that you will use. It can be music and clothing. Yes, in general, everything that a man is interested in. The main thing to show that you are also interested. Be an inspiration, become a part of happiness and then your location will be at a high level.

Causes of "unequal relationships"

While relatives and other interested persons continue to “groan” and “gasp”, we will try to find out why girls prefer older men:

  1. Lack of fatherly attention. It happens that a girl grows up without a father or for some reason rarely sees him, receiving less love and affection. Trying to build relationships in adulthood, she is subconsciously looking for a person who could compensate for all this.
  2. Sense of security A woman, regardless of status and character, at some point wants to feel weak, having fully trusted a man in many issues and decisions. Young guys are often windy and dependent, and older men can provide the necessary security.
  3. Perspectivity. It is no secret that some women are attracted to mature men precisely from the material point of view. If this is a woman, for example, 30 years old, then her older man usually already has a good job, takes a good position and is able to provide for a family. Of course, you should not dub all the representatives of the stronger sex under the ideal, but such cases are not at all rare.

The main "trumps"

What are the main advantages of relationships in which there is a considerable difference in age?

  1. Wisdom. This is one of the main advantages. Men aged are more patient and experienced. They are confidently responsible not only for themselves, but also for the partner, as well as the decision making. In addition, representatives of a strong half of humanity, who love women younger than themselves, are ready to help with work and advice in all spheres of life - from career to housekeeping.
  2. Fidelity. Having gained a soul mate, such men no longer need to prove to others that they are still full of strength and keep themselves "on horseback." It will be enough to look at the young darling, and everything will immediately become clear. Therefore, treason in this case is quite a rare case.
  3. Strong marriage. Statistics says that the number of divorces of couples in which both spouses are about the same age is much more than those in which the spouse is older than their chosen one. The ideal difference is 10 years. The chosen one at this age is already calmer and more rational regarding the whims of the second half, and tries to solve problems and conflicts not with loud quarrels, but with concessions and compromises.
  4. Children. Turn again to the statistics. She says that in the case when a couple, where the spouse is 20 years older, children are born, they are often more developed and clever than their peers.

Are there any downsides?

But, despite the large number of positive aspects, there are such relations and some disadvantages:

  1. He and his parents. Often it is difficult for the girl’s parents to understand the choice of their child and to forge a relationship with their chosen one, who is of the same age.
  2. Relaxation. Often, different interests cause misunderstandings and offenses. After all, young girls, as a rule, want to go out more often “into the light,” and a mature man prefers more measured leisure activities.
  3. Friends. This is the hardest thing. For young men, an older man is boring, and in the company of the chosen one, the girl, as a rule, also feels uncomfortable too. Unless, of course, you can not come to some kind of a common solution to the problem.
  4. Former. Often, older men have the experience of family life and children behind them, so the girl will have to put up with the fact that his time will be divided between you and them.
  5. "Reeducation." Adults, experienced men have already formed as individuals, so it is unlikely that they will succeed in “redrawing” them for themselves. Have to get used to the habits and attitudes.

Despite the skepticism of others, a huge number of married couples with a big difference in age stubbornly prove one simple truth - all ages are submissive to love. И если жизнь подарила спутника старше на 10-20 лет, возможно, именно он и есть ваша судьба.

Отношение общества

В обществе считается вполне допустимым встречаться людям разного возраста. Когда эта разница составляет 1-5 лет, никто ничего не говорит. А если мужчина старше на 15 лет? Отзывы девушек, которые встречались с парнями намного старше себя, разнятся, но все девушки сходятся в одном: окружающие их осуждали. They considered it unacceptable to live with a man who by age is almost suitable for fathers. 15 years is not even a single generation. People of different ages rarely reach an understanding. It is easier to communicate with peers, they are on the same wavelength. The older generation looks at young people with some disdain. Men consider people younger than themselves to be more stupid. And society understands this very well.

It must be admitted that there are exceptions to any rule. Relationship with a man 15 years older is not always condemned. Sometimes people love each other and live in perfect harmony. But this happens only if one of the partners is not over the years developed or remained in the shower as a child. But even such a relationship will be condemned. Why? People love to talk about someone else's life. Not surprisingly, the topic of romantic relationships is one of the favorites to discuss. And it is more pleasant to wash the bones to people who do not visually match each other than to look for flaws in pairs in which they obviously do not exist.

What do psychologists think?

Psychologists believe that if a girl likes men 15 years older, then she has some problems with her father. If the lady had a happy childhood, which she spent with her father and mother, growing up, the girl would stare at her peers, and not at people in age. And if the girl did not have a father, or when her daughter was in her teens, the man left the family, then the girl would do her best to find a replacement for her father. Such a rebellion takes place not only during the period of youth research, but even at a conscious age. The lady could not overcome their complexes, and therefore will try to find the care and support of an older man.

Do you and your partner have a difference in age of 15? A man older than you, and it seems to you something out of the ordinary? Psychologists hold the same opinion. A normal man, not suffering from an inferiority complex, will try to find a woman of his age. And those men who stare at young girls most often suffer from an inferiority complex. They want to raise their self-esteem at someone else's expense.

If many young girls meet men older by 10-15 years, it means they have some reason to do it. What are the advantages of a relationship with a partner older than you?

  • Beautiful courtship. An experienced man knows how to please a woman. He will pamper her with attention, bring gifts, gallantly open doors and carry around various establishments. Many women's hearts are fraught with such care.
  • Men of age earn good money. Do you have a difference of 15 years with your partner? A man is older, so he has already managed to materialize in his career. And this means that your gentleman has good income. Girls like to spend money, especially strangers.
  • Interesting conversations. Girls always love to talk. You can discuss a lot with your peers, but adult men can always surprise, tell something interesting to help a girl to figure out something.
  • New sexual experience. An adult man lived a long and rich life. During this time, he was able to learn a lot, so he has the opportunity every night to surprise his partner.
  • A man wants to settle down. Many girls in 25 years, there is a desire to start a family. But peers often do not make proposals, citing the fact that you need to build a career, and only then think about the children. The aged men already want children, as they managed to be realized in the working sphere.

People often condemn what is unusual for them. For example, many people believe that if a man is 15 years older, marriage with him is doomed. But still many wives themselves complain about many husbands. What they see the disadvantages of life with a partner who is older than them?

  • A man does not lead an active life. A young woman is by nature very active. She wants to be everywhere and see everything. Ladies enjoy going to clubs, exhibitions and parties. A man who is much older than his chosen one, will not show much desire to accompany his faithful to all sorts of social events.
  • A person may not want children. For example, if a man already has grown-up children from his first marriage, he may decide that he is enough for him, and now it’s time to live for himself, and not for posterity. And if a woman is older than a man by 15 years? Reviews of men who met with adult ladies are very ambiguous. Young people complain that their chosen one refuses, and often already can not give them a heir.
  • Condemnation of parents and friends. Misunderstanding on the part of society and constant reproaches from loved ones will annoy a person. And over time, when the influx of feelings subsides, constant talk about the age difference can lead to a break in relations.

Is it worth deciding on such a relationship?

Did a nice man come to meet you? You need to immediately assess the age of the person. If a man is older than a girl by 15 years, then you should continue to meet with a bias for romance with great care. Why? The likelihood that a man decides to have some fun at your expense is very high. Men who are 15 years older than young girls are most often married. Such persons are experiencing a midlife crisis and decide to check whether they can still attract the opposite sex. This game will be in one gate. A man can drive a girl for dates and buy her various trinkets. But from this novel is unlikely to come out. If a girl is just interested in the experience of meeting with an adult man, then she can afford to have some fun. But in this case it is not worth fantasizing that the prince on a white horse appeared in the guise of a nice patron. Give yourself the report that, most likely, you are meeting someone's husband and father. Would the prospect suit you if some young lady met your dad when you were waiting for him at home? Not? Then try to check the information about the fact that your faithful definitely do not have family and children.

And if love?

If a woman is older than a man by 15 years, can their romance last forever? Theoretically, this is quite possible. But practically - it is unlikely. Why? Love and family for a woman always come first. And for a man the main thing is a comfortable existence and successful self-development. Pleasure from love of men receive to a lesser extent. Sex is really important to them, but feelings are secondary. Men can love one woman all her life, if she can provide him a comfortable life and will occasionally have surprises. Is a woman capable of it at the age? Full But soon the lady will lose her physical attractiveness, and as you know, men love with their eyes.

There are plenty of examples of couples in which a husband is 15 years older than his wife and people are happy together. But this is an exception to the rule. Have you met a handsome and intelligent young man who treats you with special attention? It is not surprising that the girl will fall in love with such an ideal gentleman. But do not wear rose-colored glasses and immediately go with the person under the crown. Take a closer look at your older friend. If you really understand that this is a soul mate, then do not listen to anyone, listen to your heart and common sense. If they suggest to link their fate with the person you have chosen, then age will not be an obstacle to happiness and a pleasant family life.

Psychological problems

If a woman is older than a man for 15 years, and still she attracts her faithful, then the lady needs to think about whether the partner loves her and does not use her? Today there are a lot of young people who do not want to work, but want to live at someone else’s expense. It is not surprising that such guys can wedge successful ladies who lack male attention. Similar women have problems with men and therefore they agree to have a romance with the first person they meet, who will show sympathy to their candidacy. Why are smart and pretty ladies forced to be content with Alfonso? All human problems are in his head, and the roots of these problems should be sought in childhood. If the parents are not fond of the person, he will look for tenderness and warmth in all those around him. And in childless women at the age, the problem may be superimposed that they want a child, but they did not manage to give birth to him in due time. The young lover is perceived by ladies as a child who needs warmth and affection.

Men who are looking for young companions of life, too, are not distinguished by a sound psyche. Despite the fact that nature has laid in men the instinct of reproduction, and the male person can conceive a child at any age, a man has a limited lifespan. And in adulthood, a man should understand that he cannot afford to have children, since he simply will not have time to raise his daughters and sons.

Why do women love older men?

The reasons for this addiction of women lies in the benefits that can give men aged. Modern young girls dream of a beautiful life. A man older by 15 years? Most likely, he already has a certain experience, took place as a “breadwinner”, built a career and can help to fulfill many dreams! Cavalier will buy beautiful outfits, drive to restaurants and movies. The lady will be able to develop their creative potential and separate from their parents. The girl will move to her lover and get complete freedom of action. In this scenario, the lady wins a lot and loses nothing. Yes, she pays for all services rendered to her by her body, but not many ladies perceive this calculation as prostitution.

Older men can not only give a girl a lot, but can also help her develop and become better. They say that with whom you lead, from this and pick up. Young girls, often arriving in the company of their boyfriend, willy-nilly listen to conversations that are conducted by clever friends of the beloved. And in order not to look very stupid, the girl has to work on herself, read a lot and study previously unnecessary information. Such self-development forms a girl as an intellectual and intelligent personality.

How will parents and friends react?

When a man is 15 years older, the girl doesn’t really want to introduce her cavalier to her parents. Why? The older generation can rarely adequately perceive the liberties of modern society. Someone can say that young ladies, even in ancient times, married people twice their age. But in modern society, such an approach to marriage is condemned. Parents will have a bad attitude to the boyfriend of his daughter, unless he is of the same age. They will assume that a man uses their daughter to satisfy his sexual desire. Even if it is a half-truth, few parents will listen to the explanations of an adult man.

Friends of the ladies, too, will condemn her relationship. A cavalier who is older than a woman by 15 years will not be able, and will not want to maintain friendship with his beloved friends. He will avoid youth parties in every possible way, as they will seem to the person too boring.

Weather in the house

How are things in the family in which a man is 15 years older than his wife? In most cases, the partner will be jealous of his young darling to any member of the stronger sex. A man will be aware that every year he gets older, and less and less he can give to his woman. But young rivals can easily lead a girl away. Constant jealousy from scratch will annoy the girl and in the end, if a man does not stop bothering a woman with reproaches, she can really begin to change the faithful.

Children in the family will help in part to smooth out the age difference between spouses. But such magic will work only as long as the children are small. Then, when children need to be led to clubs, to sports activities and to developmental courses, parents may have problems in their approach to education. The difference of generations will leave its imprint on people's minds, and they on many issues may not come to a common denominator. And this is fraught with serious disagreements that could lead to divorce. Therefore, if you received an offer from a pretty but adult person, do not rush to get ready for the crown. First get to know the person and live with him under the same roof. If for several years your life will be a fairy tale, you can formalize your relationship.

How to draw a man older

It so happened that many girls are purposefully trying to figure out how to attract a man older than herself. And all because men of more mature age seem to girls wiser, more experienced, more interesting. And, indeed, such men are already people in this life, with their well-established principles and attitudes, and most importantly, with a stable financial position, which undoubtedly adds to them a certain charm.

As in any other situation, you need to think carefully before embarking on a search for a mature man. After all, basically, after 30, many individuals of the male have long been firmly married, which is fraught with not entirely pleasant consequences for you. It is known. That no man will leave his family for the sake of fleeting hobbies. Thought? Do you really need a relationship with a older man? Then take the initiative in your fragile hands, but so that the object of your attention did not guess anything.

You never need to talk about differences in age — by this you will only achieve what you will be treated to as your daughter, or, even worse, as your granddaughter.

In order to interest an older man than yours, you need to think about how to attract him not only by his youth, but also to become a good interesting conversationalist. Learn about his hobbies and interests, try to study them in order to show your knowledge on occasion. Your chances of a serious relationship will be much higher if you make it clear to the object of attention that you may be interested in, and you value his opinion.

Be a mystery to him. Try to look natural, relaxed and relaxed, but at the same time elegant and discreet. Be prepared to accept your man any in any situation. Acknowledge its importance.

Do not think that slay him cleanly in bed. Older men in sex are hard to surprise, and to many as such, sex is no longer particularly important. They need communication and support.

If it so happens that your man has a family, never ask about her until he tells you. And in no case do not push him to divorce. This will happen only if you become something important to him, and take a place not only in his life, but also in his heart.

The most interesting thing in a relationship with a man is the older that the older he is, the harder it is to conquer and obhzitrit. In any case, you will gain a wise and experienced mentor and friend. And, perhaps, something more.

What are the risks in dealing with a man older

First, you must be fully aware that your elect is older than you. And it is still unknown how he can respond to your actions. So, everything must be thought out well,

Secondly. The problem is that a man can be married. And this is a very big problem, as a man can just take advantage of you only in terms of sex. You decide,

Since he is already more mature, he has certain views on life, more mature. So, in a relationship with a man older you need to grow up very quickly to match his age status. Since communication for a man over the years becomes simply necessary. Read more and develop comprehensively.

Since you are still a young lady, your appearance is almost perfect. But do not at the same time wear teen clothes in a company where business style is more suitable. So you need to think about it too well. Change views on fashion and change wardrobe. Also do not overdo it with makeup. It should be more natural

As for the intimate relationship in a relationship with a man older. In this issue is up to you. You must understand that a lot in your relationship may depend on it.

Why do we “peck” on them? Our features

We girls, of course, mysterious creatures. And no matter how hard they talked about equality and conformity at all angles, we are still irresistibly drawn to those who are not at all like us, in this case by age. Relations with a man older, younger - no difference - the matter is that our own character and his features. Therefore, from the very beginning, let's quickly deal with our "zamorochkami", which we will often refer to in our today's "showdown."

Psychologists have long said that women (just like men, but now temporarily not about them) have 3 types of character in relationships: mother, daughter, and wife (woman).

Mother is a woman who unconsciously seeks to be a leader in relationships, to patronize a partner and solve all questions for him.

Daughter - will never be a leader in relationships, because her main desire in relationships is to feel comfort and protection, fully trusting the solution of all problems to a man.

A wife is a woman who is self-sufficient so as not to shift the solution of all questions to a man and not solve them for him. Strives for equal relations, where both partners are willing to take responsibility for the relationship.

Стоит, конечно, так же сказать, что все это – гипертрофированные типы, ведь никто не отменял нашу женскую потребность быть как за каменной стеной и необходимость иногда быть лидером, когда этого требует ситуация (например, мужчину нужно просто поддержать в нелегкие времена). А также не стоит их делить на хорошие и плохие – таких нет.

Важно честно признаться себе в своей роли и искать соответственного мужчину соответственного возраста, в противном случае наша жизнь будет далека от гармонии и будет напоминать одно сплошное противоречие. We want to live differently?

Down with the stereotypes!

Relations with a man older, especially if the difference in age is very noticeable, often cause a social negative - “Oh, I found a daddy myself,” “I found a sponsor” - is this not the first time to hear this? Or maybe even talk?

In fact, not everything is so bad, and after filtering the opinion of narrow-minded ladies, envious “girlfriends” and grannies at the entrance, we still come to the conclusion that often relationships with a man older are our conscious choice that meets all our needs!

It should be noted here that if a man’s age is more than a year or 2 years old, it’s not the age difference. Now, if by 3, then you can at least start thinking that he is older than you. The upper limit is of course unlimited. Here and to the "grandfather" can be reached - not only to the "papik." Yes, and there are such.

Although let's do without this banter and common stereotypes. Relationship with a man older is just a relationship with a man older, nothing more. With all its pluses and minuses, without the "papikov" and "grandfathers."

Why choose?

(here we mean a conscious choice of the age of a man, we do not exclude the option “just liked”, but now we do not consider it)

Why-why ... Because you are a “daughter”! (remember, what we started with?) Once, maybe, disliked and unfinished father (classic), once, maybe someone offended. Or maybe just the level of self-esteem does not allow you to confidently and self-sufficiently walk through life. Without ratings - everything that is - is normal!

You may just want to forget about all the worries and just be "in front of a man."

Or maybe you’re just such a developed woman, whose goals of aspiration through life have long been defined. You know exactly what you want, and you get real satisfaction only from a relationship with a man older than you. Even if kisses are sweet, and hugs are strong, younger or the same age is not your option ...

Older man: Who is he?

He is usually a man (at least, in our opinion), who already has a certain stability in life. He has a job that gives him income, which allows him to support not only himself, but also his woman, and possibly his child.

A certain circle of friends, well-defined habits and needs. In short, wherever you look, stability is everywhere. However, such a man is unlikely to enjoy it if his lifestyle changes. He agrees to take you under his wing, but on his own rules.

Pros of a relationship with a man older:

(with the right choice of a man, of course :)

  • Experience in everything (his experience can help you decide on your goals for life, if you still need it. Sexual experience, of course, also matters)
  • Relationship Experience Highlight it even in a separate item! He had a family / just a serious relationship (maybe even with children), they broke up, and an intelligent man, of course, will try more not to repeat the mistakes made, will value more than everything he has, less offense, etc.
  • A certain level of wealth. Such a material base is often a good support for further relations. Men-losers, who are all that they have achieved in their lives, it is only age, we do not take into account now. And in general, never better to take them ...
  • Confidence in the future,
  • Lack of fear in life, because your problem will always be solved or at least helped,
  • greater awareness in deeds. Relationship with an older man usually gives you some assurance that he, your life, can be predictable in a good way. A man older, even with a girl next to him, will not just waste money or decide on rash acts, after all, responsibility comes with age, no matter how cool.
  • When choosing your woman, priorities are usually placed in favor of character. No, this does not mean at all that the words “make-up”, “epilation” and “hairstyle” go to distant non-existence and are covered with dust. But definitely in a relationship, when a man is older, you will also feel like a man, not only a girl, even if you are loved.

Cons relationship with a man older:

  • All the same experience. Children from previous relationships - not always everything goes smoothly, especially if they stayed with him. Not completely released previous relationships can lead to comparisons between you and HER - a little pleasant, right? And in general, if at least some of her traces remain in his life, you will probably sometimes have a feeling that there are three of you in a relationship. Although it depends on the man, and it is corrected by time, and by some of our female things, of course :)
  • If you trust him and he is always right, he is always right. Sometimes it can suppress your individuality, independence.
  • You may have different needs, depending on your age and the age of the man, of course. Therefore, if you want to go dancing at least once a month, you will be surprised to find that he does not ... Always in a relationship with a older man you need to think in perspective - now you may not have such differences, and then because of their age may appear.
  • Stability and the obligation to constantly maintain it often makes such men attached to work / place of business. It may not be possible to just break off for a weekend in another city. The exceptions are big businessmen who run a business over the phone, and on their plane can take you even to the ends of the earth, even now - but now we are considering an average man

Features of our behavior in a relationship with a man older:

  • He needs to trust more than any other man. Do not put his foundations of being, acquired during his years, into question. Never. If you chose him, then he has everything right, right?
  • Think about why he chose you, younger than him, perhaps even significantly younger. This reason must always be supported.
  • Evolve. When a man is older, he is usually ready to appreciate your life aspirations and support you in them. In addition, if your relationship is NOT a “papa and his girl” relationship (let's be honest?), Then an older man will be more interesting with a girl who has her own world in which she builds her life step by step. Of course, there is HE in this world, but on IT this world should not be locked up at all - real men (of any age, by the way) do not like it.
  • Useful advice for those who deliberately decided that the relationship with a man older - to be!
  • Pay attention not only to the difference in age, but also to his and his age separately, since with age, the difference is less felt. Say, if you are 18, and he is 25 - then this is the abyss, and if you are 35, and he is 42 - then this is only a small hole on the road, which can be easily stepped over.
  • Discuss this question with a man at the beginning of your relationship so that later your doubts or discontent will not become an unpleasant surprise for both. Both accept the fact that there is a difference in age, and it will affect relationships. Think how, and decide what you will do. It is important to discuss and discuss these issues together.
  • If you still choose a man, then try, at least, not to go too far in age. Otherwise, it may just happen that you will simply satisfy each other's needs, which will be more like a relationship-contract: it satisfies your need for stability, for example, and you, let's say, his need for just having a wife in life - that's the way it is consider many. This is an advice to those for whom the priority is feelings, not calculation.

No matter what anyone says, each of us is, in fact, a small child who is forced to live in a world where one must always be an adult. Perhaps a relationship with a man older and there is a chance when this child can sleep a little in an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, care and security? If you still turned up such a man in life, buy all the evil tongues that may embarrass you, these tricks kit-kis. And yourself at this time re-read the article, and forward, to a bright future - after the man leading you!