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Ruby Wedding


Living for 40 years in a marriage is a real gift of destiny, which is given far from to every person. After all, it is necessary to have a real talent and work together in order to create such a strong and happy family. Many do not know, the 40th year of the wedding is what kind of wedding? The fact is that this anniversary is not as common as, for example, a golden or silver date. Nevertheless, this is also a very important event that should be celebrated with friends or in the family circle.

Why 40 years together is a ruby ​​wedding

40 years of life - what a wedding? This question will be answered by the symbol of the 40th anniversary of the marriage - a gem with amazing color. The value of this red pebble is slightly inferior to that of a diamond, but when the ruby ​​undergoes jewelry processing, it turns into a piece of magical beauty.

Therefore, family relationships, like the symbol of the anniversary (on the day of the wedding, 40 years), cut and polished by years together, become strong and indestructible. For both spouses, a ruby ​​date is a wonderful occasion to see their loved ones, relatives and friends, having gathered them at the anniversary celebration.

Traditions of the Ruby Jubilee

On this wonderful holiday, spouses traditionally should exchange rings, as they did many years ago. What is so remarkable about this date - “wedding day, 40 years”? What a wedding, such should be and rings, that is, you need to choose jewelry with a ruby. And their old wedding "newlyweds" are put in a box or casket, so that later they can be inherited by their grandchildren.

There is another beautiful and touching tradition of a ruby ​​wedding. On this day, the couple eat two cherries with a twin leg, without separating it. The bones from it are not thrown away, but buried in the ground, and if all these years the jubilees have lived in peace and harmony, then after the time, the trees should grow and the trunks will be tightly woven.

Where to celebrate the anniversary? Features of the hall

So 40 years have passed since the wedding day. What a wedding was, of course, the couple perfectly remember. This day was remembered as if it was only yesterday. On the occasion of the ruby ​​jubilee, it is also possible to organize a real feast, which can be remembered for a long time not only by the heroes of the occasion, but also by their close people.

It can be held both at home and in a restaurant or cafe. If, nevertheless, the choice stopped at the second option, then for this it is important to choose the right room and arrange the hall according to all the rules in order to celebrate a significant date - the 40th year of the wedding. This is what a wedding does without a leading or a musician? To create a fun and relaxed atmosphere, you can invite someone who has plenty of fun guests.

When you make a room where the celebration on the occasion of the ruby ​​anniversary will take place, you need to focus on the fiery red hue, because this is a symbol of the anniversary and love. In the hall you can hang colorful balloons in the form of hearts, put attractive scarlet tablecloths on the tables, and put vases with flowers of ruby ​​color on top. The windows can be decorated with bright curtains in burgundy or pink, and the walls - with beautiful red ribbons.

We celebrate the ruby ​​anniversary of the house

If you want to create an easy and relaxed atmosphere at the celebration, then, of course, it’s better to organize it at home. At first, you can invite a hairdresser to give beauty to the bride and her guests, and then, while everyone is not tired, have a photo session to commemorate such a significant day.

Perfect design of the apartment can serve as helium balloons, which then can play the kids, if you suddenly get bored. A celebration on the occasion of the 40th wedding anniversary may be toastmaster, so that the invited guests will surely enjoy and remember this day for a long time.

We make the menu for a ruby ​​wedding

Finally, the place is determined where to celebrate the 40th year of the wedding. This is what a wedding or anniversary does without tasty treats? The guest menu needs to be thought out so that it also symbolizes the ruby ​​date. Of the proposed drinks, this will help to realize red wine or champagne. The “zest” of the festive menu is to make some kind of salad, which will be decorated with pomegranate seeds, which look strongly like ruby.

To treat guests you need red marmalade and fruit that can be served as a dessert. The festive cake, which will be previously decorated with strawberries, cherries or raspberries, will definitely be the conclusion of the celebration. One of the options for decorating the cake, you can choose red rose petals, which will be very aesthetically pleasing and original look.

Competitions and entertainment at the 40th wedding anniversary

Without a doubt, the whole evening will be devoted to the fact that the guests will congratulate and honor the "newlyweds". But still, in order to somehow diversify the situation at the festival, you can hold interesting contests and games for guests. Actual, for example, will be the task, allowing you to check how guests know the wedding anniversary.

The terms of entertainment are very simple: by the name of the anniversary you will need to find out when it is celebrated, or exactly the opposite - the participants guess what the date is by the number of years lived. The one who gave the most answers, and becomes the winner.

Another very interesting and enjoyable contest has the name “Who will praise the most”. The essence of the game is that each hero of the day gains a team of guests, where he is the captain. Then the participants take turns pulling a letter out of the bag, and calls out any praise in honor of the rival captain. For each such compliment, the team scores a point for itself; the one who gets the most points won the other.

At every holiday, of course, there is musical accompaniment, so one of the proposed contests can be associated with music. The host of this evening invites all guests to sing the favorite song of the heroes of the day. To do this, you must print out the text with it in advance and distribute the evening at the beginning for review. If there is a corresponding audio recording, you can turn it on quietly and sing along.

If there are those who like to sing, you can hold a karaoke contest, and for those who like to dance, appropriate entertainment with the name “Who dances better” is suitable. In these games, all active participants can receive small consolation prizes in the form of sweets.

Gifts and warm words for "newlyweds"

Everyone who is invited to the celebration of the ruby ​​anniversary, of course, asks the question: “What is being given for 40 years of wedding?”. Variations of the gifts may be different. But the answer to this question may be the date itself - 40 years, the anniversary of the wedding. What to give, tell the symbol of this anniversary. Whatever the gift, it must be wrapped in red paper.

This ruby ​​is not affordable for everyone, but in the laboratories in the last century, an artificial version of it was created, which is not so expensive. Because of this, you can safely give jewelry or souvenirs that use this stone. An excellent souvenir will serve as a box or a vase, where there is a red color.

A portrait will become a memorable and durable gift for spouses. Instead, it is also possible to present a photograph printed in large format, which depicts a married couple. It can be decorated in a beautiful frame. Undoubtedly, this gift will satisfy the heroes of the occasion.

Many do not know how to congratulate the anniversary on this solemn day. This is very easy to do. For example, a good option would be to say a toast in the form of prose, for example:

“Forty years ago your destinies united, and you swore loyalty and love to each other for centuries. All these years you have walked together hand in hand, creating together a family hearth of love. Today, celebrating a ruby ​​wedding, you can rightly be called a pair with which to take an example.

You have a reason for pride: attentive children, wonderful grandchildren are growing up. You carried your love through the years, through hardships and hardships, while remaining tender and devoted to your sincere feelings. Let the ruby, this bright red stone of love, give a new spark in the relationship and keep your feelings to the end. Happy Anniversary! ”

What to give if anniversaries are parents

A gift for 40 years of wedding, parents need to pick up a touching and reverent, because for them it is a special and important event in life. It does not have to be some kind of super expensive thing. Parents will be most pleased to receive as a gift a photo collage made of forty photographs that capture the most significant events and moments in the life of the spouses. As the closest relatives of the heroes of the day, children are obliged to know their preferences and wishes, so you can make a start from this, use the present for the idea.

A gift can be made with your own hands, such as a mini-garden for their balcony. It will take at least a week to make it, but it is unlikely that any other guest will present such a gift to the heroes of the occasion. An original gift will serve as an album with photos, where each of them will be written touching quotation, or a bouquet of plush toys.

A gift to your sweetheart

The husband and wife, undoubtedly, will also want to present each other gifts as gratitude for the years they have lived together. On this day, it is best to give something worthwhile and durable. Of course, the most suitable presents will be jewelry. A spouse, for example, can please his beloved mate with anything: a ring, earrings, bracelet, brooch or pendant, on which you can make the appropriate engraving with warm words. The wife can present as a gift a bracelet, a signet, a ring, a tie clip or cufflinks, on which touching declarations of love for her spouse will be written.

How best to complete the celebration

To celebrate the anniversary for a long time left in the hearts of guests and "newlyweds", it must have a beautiful ending. For a spectacular end of the evening, you also need to remember that the 40th year of the wedding is what a wedding. Ruby shades should prevail. Therefore, a beautiful result will be the launch into the sky of forty dark red air lanterns, which by their number symbolize the years spent together. In honor of the heroes of the occasion you can organize a gorgeous fireworks or fireworks.

The original ending of the evening may be a dance number or a show. If, of course, there is such an opportunity, then the jubilee straight from the celebration can be sent to their second honeymoon, which they will remember for all the remaining years.

Ancient traditions and customs for 40 years of wedding

Ruby anniversary wedding anniversary, which is certainly worth celebrating. This should be done as you wish, but you should not forget about the old traditions of this holiday. What are the traditions that should be followed for a wedding anniversary of 40 years?

According to ancient tradition, on the day of the fortieth anniversary of the joint family life, the spouses exchange their wedding rings for others with ruby ​​inlaid. They put the old rings in a box to give them to their grandchildren, and together with the rings they accumulated love, experience and mutual understanding over the years.

There is an old custom, according to which spouses break a ruby-colored cherry from a tree with connected tails and eat berries without tearing tails, and bones are buried. According to belief, if the couple lived a family life in love, peace and harmony, then after some time, two cherry trees with woven roots grow. This beautiful ritual does not necessarily hold directly on the day of the anniversary itself, you can do it throughout the year following the date of the celebration.

Another good tradition came to us from the Caucasus: spouses must eat one grenade for two. Half goes to her husband: eating one ruby ​​seed, he should give compliments, praise his spouse. The wife should also list the virtues of her lover with each pomegranate seed. If the couple could eat a pomegranate, praising each other and not repeating themselves, it means that they lived their lives happily in love.

Ruby Wedding: How to celebrate an anniversary?

As a rule, spouses who celebrate 40 years of family life are approximately 60-70 years old. For them, this is a great opportunity to collect all their relatives, close friends and good comrades. How to celebrate 40 years of wedding, what is best to prepare and how to decorate the room, observing the ruby ​​theme of the questions that a married couple is thinking about before the wedding anniversary.

To properly mark the anniversary, you need to know the history of its occurrence and why this date is called a ruby ​​wedding.

Ruby gemstone, according to the value of the second after the diamond. As a result of long efforts of nature, the stone acquires its shape, and after cutting it becomes a real jewel. As a rule, the ruby ​​is a dark red color, rarely shades lighter than pink, scarlet. This natural beauty hides for many years. spent on its creation, and this is what happens in family life. Beautiful relationships in people hide behind the cover of family life the turmoil, controversy and controversy that necessarily occurred on the way of the spouses.

The choice of venue for the celebration

Wedding anniversary is a great family holiday. It is better to celebrate it in a cafe or restaurant so that the spouses can relax, have fun with their relatives. For the celebration, it is better to choose a small cozy hall, where the whole company, led by the heroes of the occasion, will feel comfortable. It is important that there is a place for those who want to dance, as well as for those who prefer to mentally talk with friends.

It is best to decorate the hall in ruby ​​tones, because this color is a symbol of the 40th wedding anniversary. For decoration, you can choose red fresh flowers, for example, roses, as well as other seasonally tulips, peonies, carnations. A great option balloons of red shades. Tablecloth and napkins should also be in tune with the celebration.

If there is no opportunity to go to a restaurant, and the celebration is planned at home, then the rooms, kitchen, hallway also need to be decorated. Here it is good to use the same flowers, multicolored balloons, a garland of red corrugated paper, symbolic carved hearts. It is great if the children, grandchildren of the spouses put their efforts into the design of the apartment or house.

What to wear spouses

40 years of marriage together anniversary, because the couple should look great. What to wear to the perpetrators of the celebration is only up to them, because hardly anyone will follow the latest fashion trends in 60 years. Clothes should be festive, elegant, but at the same time comfortable. The dress must have elements of a ruby ​​color or other shades of it. As such elements, red beads, earrings, a bracelet are suitable for a woman, and for a spouse scarlet or pink tie or red shirt.

Who to invite

The issue with those invited to the 40th wedding anniversary is solved by itself. First of all, children, grandchildren and closest friends, relatives are invited. If the couple decided to celebrate the holiday in a big way, then neighbors are invited, good friends. It is better to invite people who helped and supported you on the path of life, helping to realize the value of your family. With such people you will have something to remember, what to talk about, and you will be able to have a wonderful time.

Often, children on their own initiative organize a holiday for their parents, making a surprise for them. Parents will like this celebration, they will be glad not only to meet with close people, but also to show care and attention.

What should be on the table

Ruby wedding is a celebration, the symbolic color of which is considered red, and therefore the table should be set to match. Well, when the table is decorated with a red tablecloth, napkins of the corresponding color. If possible, it is better to pick up dishes with red flowers or abstraction.

On the table must be present a bottle of good red wine that will help cheer guests. Wine should choose natural, not fortified, but tasty. Do not forget about red and pink champagne varieties, sparkling wines, and liqueurs made from red berries. By the way, a wonderful gesture would be to treat all the guests with their own hand-made ruby-colored jubilees, which is made according to a special family recipe.

For dessert, treat your guests with fresh red berries of strawberries, strawberries, raspberries or you can order a delicious, original cake if the anniversary is celebrated in winter. Examples of such cakes, see the photo.

Celebration script

For a celebration, you can invite a professional toastmaster or entrust the organization of the entertainment part to someone from relatives and friends. To the wedding anniversary did not have to be bored, you can organize fun contests, quiz with standard questions: for example, how many ruby ​​weddings? How did the heroes of the day meet? , 40 лет совместной жизни какая свадьба? , когда родился первый ребенок? , танцы.

Рубиновая свадьба, сценарий которой подготовлен заранее, пройдет замечательно. Планируя торжество, обязательно нужно согласовывать все моменты с виновниками праздника, чтобы не поставить их или приглашенных гостей в неловкое положение.

What to give for a ruby ​​wedding

The 40th anniversary of the wedding is a festive date for anniversaries, and it is customary to give presents for the feast. What to choose as a gift for the 40th anniversary of the wedding spouse? What to give a ruby ​​wedding to parents? The best option for the gift is jewelry, interesting statues, crafts with ruby. It is important to remember that a ruby ​​is not only a jewel, but also an amulet that can protect the love of those who celebrate the anniversary.

From jewelry it is not bad to buy earrings, a pendant in the shape of a heart, a necklace, a brooch, a necklace, a key chain, a watch with inlaid ruby. You can also choose a beautiful red vase, a ruby ​​box or give any gift wrapped with red wrapping paper. Not necessarily a gift should cost a fabulous amount of money, because the main thing in this issue is attention.

Congratulations on the Ruby Wedding

Beautiful congratulations are an integral part of the anniversary, because you should prepare in advance a speech or a toast with which you will appear before the anniversaries. As a greeting, you can choose an original poem, beautiful soulful words in prose.

If you don’t have the opportunity to attend an anniversary, you can send an SMS message or a playcast online card with a beautiful song, picture, greeting. Non-standard ideas of congratulations with a ruby ​​wedding are especially popular.

You can also make a beautiful video greeting. See an example of such a gift in the video:

Anniversary wedding is a great celebration for anniversaries at which they celebrate the birthday of their family. Having lived before the ruby ​​wedding jubilee, the spouses can take pride in a warm relationship, strong marriage, and sincere mutual love, which they have built and have kept for forty years. Having passed this date, the heroes of the day should strive to live in peace and harmony before the golden wedding.

Why is the wedding called ruby

On the day when forty years of marriage are celebrated, spouses who marry receive congratulations on the ruby ​​wedding. But, why with ruby?

Agree to live together for forty years - it means living practically your whole life together, loving and supporting each other every day, helping in difficult situations, supporting and caring for each other.

The color of the ruby ​​- red - always and in all ages has been a symbol of hot love.. This stone is second in value. The head of this list is, of course, the diamond. If the jeweler manages to properly process the ruby, it will become incredibly beautiful and elegant, resembling a drop of red blood.

In the relationship of the spouses is also very important "correct" relationship to each other, because over time, the two characters "grind" to each other. And in order for a life together to be pleasant for both, it is necessary to be able to concede in time, understand and compromise. But if the husband and wife manage to polish their demeanor, then their family will become a real jewel, and love, every now and then, will flare up with new colors!

This feeling can really only be envied, because not everyone has the strength to learn to give in to the benefit of his second half. Perhaps it is because in such a wonderful feeling - love - it is the red color that prevails: scarlet lips, dark cherry roses, red heart. All these shades have a ruby.

Interesting traditions

By tradition, for forty years of marriage, the spouses buy a new pair of wedding rings. They should be decorated with rubies. And the rings, which they wore for forty years, are hidden in a casket. There they will wait for "their time." These wedding rings should be stored as a family heirloom. They can be presented to someone from the grandchildren at the wedding.

Often, by the day of the ruby ​​wedding, children have long grown up, have their children. And the day of the fortieth anniversary of the wedding is an excellent occasion to gather everyone at the big family table.

Do I need to decorate the hall to celebrate the wedding in 40 years

The answer is simple: yes! After all, this will create a unique festive atmosphere, and in order to make it as romantic as possible and correspond to the event, we recommend that you follow these simple rules:

Since people will come to congratulate the "young" with a ruby ​​wedding, it will be appropriate to arrange the hall or room in the color of this noble stone. When choosing a restaurant, pay attention to the room with red wallpaper and decorative elements of the same color.

Red and golden colors harmonize well with each other. It can be used in the design. Cover the table with a tablecloth of golden color and serve guests red napkins. Or vice versa - use maroon or red tablecloth and yellow napkins.

  • Do not forget to put on the table a vase with scarlet roses. The culprits of the celebration will surely be nice.
  • It will also be interesting to look at the vase with red berries, for example, cherry, viburnum, and wild rose.
  • You can use red tulle and gold ribbons to decorate the hall.
  • Holiday decorations - balloons, streamers, garlands, bows - it is also better to choose red.

As well as forty years ago, the cake will be an invariable attribute of the wedding table. Decorate it with red marmalade or berries, red flowers of cream. Wine, by the way, is also better to order red. Let this day all be reminded that people gathered at the festival celebrate the ruby ​​wedding.

Main question

Your parents have lived together for 40 years, what is their wedding? Right! Ruby! Therefore, the question that needs to be solved is: what to present for a ruby ​​wedding? Now we will tell you what they give to a wedding for 40 years.

A wonderful gift would be something with a ruby. An excellent option would be a ring, pendant or any other jewelry. Also a good option is a ruby-colored thing. But first things first.

What is accepted to give each other "newlyweds"

Forty years of living together is a solid date that deserves a solid gift. Therefore, on this day you should not save on a present and it is better to choose something really worthwhile.

A husband can give his wife a necklace, brooch, earrings or a ring with a ruby. A wife can please her husband with a valuable gift with a precious stone, corresponding to the name of the anniversary, for example, a tie clip, cufflinks, a ring. For a loved one, it will be twice as pleasant if an engraving is made on the decoration.

Guest Gifts

Of course, the first item here is jewelry with rubies. You can choose a gift and more practical, but, at the same time, it must match the date, and donate something from the kitchen appliances in red. Who said that a red multicooker or a coffee maker is not a good option? It's not like that at all.

Also, a plaid or tablecloth with a red pattern will be a relevant gift.. Tea or table set, festively packed, will also look beautiful and original on the table with gifts.

If the "originators" of the celebration are your close friends and have a positive attitude to humor, you can present forty small ones, even if they are inexpensive, gifts. For example, forty packs of beautiful red napkins (so that there are always guests in the house) or forty pairs of warm socks (enough for them until the next significant date - a golden wedding). But, it will all be appropriate, we repeat, if with a sense of humor, those to whom you will go to visit are all right.

Your parents or friends have 40 years of wedding. What kind of wedding it is, and what gift for such a date to choose, you already know! We hope our article was useful for you!

40 years of marriage

One decade separates spouses from celebrating a golden wedding. And today, husband and wife accept congratulations on their 40th anniversary. This anniversary is a ruby ​​wedding. It is associated with the same stone.

Ruby is a mineral that, after the necessary treatment, becomes a bright-red stone that sparkles with all its facets. It brings happiness to people, protects from negative energy, strengthens the feeling of unity with other people. Ruby is a symbol of passion, love.

Relationships of spouses who celebrate forty years of married life are not in vain compared to ruby. After going through many tests, they became even more durable. In them, like 40 years ago, there is passion, fervor, great love.

Celebration traditions

Ruby wedding has its tradition of celebration. One of them is to exchange wedding rings. "Newlyweds" take off their old wedding rings and put them in a casket. They will lie there until the grandchildren of the anniversary celebrations decide to marry (get married). These spouses will give them rings on the eve of the wedding. Himself, in connection with the 40th anniversary, the husband and wife are buying rings with a ruby.

Ruby wedding implies another interesting custom. On this day (of course, if the anniversary falls in the summer period), the spouses find berries in a cherry tree, fastened together with stem. Without tearing, they eat cherries, and bones are buried in the ground. After some time, two cherry trees will grow in the place where the bones were buried. If the roots of them are intertwined with each other, then the marriage of the “young” was successful.

You can take advantage of the beautiful Caucasian custom. For this you need a juicy pomegranate. Eating one grain at a time, the spouses do not forget to name the virtues of their second half. It is believed that the marriage is successful, and the relationship of the spouses is strong, if neither the husband nor the wife “stumbled” in the process of naming the virtues.
Naturally, we should not forget about the wedding cake, which invariably adorns all the anniversaries without exception. Cake buy stacked, with a huge number of colors.

What guests can give:

  • An excellent gift will be a jewel decorated with a ruby.
  • Jewelry storage box inlaid with ruby.
  • Spouses will be pleasantly surprised if on this day they are presented with 40 bottles of elite alcohol.
  • A huge multi-tiered cake, which the guests themselves and taste during the celebration.
  • Ruby-decorated graceful figurines.
  • Items of furniture from mahogany.
  • Flower vase made of red glass.
  • Beautiful coffee service.
  • Two terry robes (husband and wife) the color of a ruby.

What can a wife give to her husband:

  • Expensive red wine will be a great gift for her husband.
  • Engraved watches will constantly remind the spouse of love and devotion.
  • If the husband smokes, he will like a cigarette case decorated with ruby ​​pebbles.
  • The red shirt will appeal to those who follow the fashion and wants to always look stylish.
  • A ring with a ruby ​​as a gift will suit anyone who wears jewelry.

What can a husband give to his wife:

  • A ring with a ruby ​​without a doubt like any woman.
  • Perfectly will look costume jewelry with red pebbles.
  • If a woman breeds flowers as a hobby, you can give a room flower.
  • A phone or laptop in a red case will be a pleasant surprise.
  • A spouse can wear a red dress or blouse at a gala event on the occasion of a ruby ​​anniversary.

On this day, the spouse necessarily presents a bouquet of red roses to his wife. They will remind the spouse about strong love, ardent passion.

How to mark?

This wedding anniversary is an anniversary, so all the relatives and spouses of the couple are going to the celebration. You need to think in advance about the scenario of the event, so that everything goes at the highest level. You should take care of the dessert in advance and order a cake in a good pastry shop. On this day, each guest will say his congratulations, which will be different sincerity and sincerity.

Wedding table different riot of red flowers. Tablecloth, napkins and dishes should comply with the theme of the celebration. Cake is decorated with bright red roses, dishes can also be selected in accordance with the taste of the owners of the house. During the planning of the event you need to think everything over to the smallest detail. Do not forget about the room where the banquet will take place and decorate it in red. Suitable curtains with red flowers, vases of the same shade. You can hang heart-shaped balloons, posters with congratulations. And, of course, this anniversary should not do without a huge number of colors, positive mood and sincere smiles.