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10 dangerous things in your house that you always forget


When composing or updating a wardrobe, few people think that some of the things included in it can be harmful. And which of them are the most dangerous?

So, the top 10 most dangerous things in the wardrobe of a woman:

  1. Skinny jeans with a low rise. Scientists have found that wearing them (especially frequent and even more permanent) can harm women's health. Tight and low-lying belt strongly squeezes the pelvic organs, which can lead to disruption of their blood supply. As a result, the work of such an important female reproductive organ as the uterus may be disrupted. In addition, the bladder will suffer. Overexposure can change the functioning of the intestines: motility will worsen, constipation will occur. And then there is the risk of pinching the sciatic nerve, and this is very, very unpleasant. In addition, due to skin tightness and not always high-quality tissue, skin reactions, such as dermatitis, can develop. But all these problems can be avoided. Just buy jeans in size and with a not too tight belt.
  2. High heels. Yes, it is very beautiful, feminine and sexy. But such shoes are extremely harmful and even dangerous. Firstly, due to incorrect positioning, squeezing and excessive tension of the foot, such a problem may arise as a valgus deformity of the foot or a lump on the thumb, as it is called a simple tongue. Secondly, because of the overstrain of the gastrocnemius muscles, a varicose disease may appear, which, by the way, is very difficult to cure. Thirdly, heels strongly interfere with avtoledi, since they do not allow to feel the pedal and can prevent to get on it. And, fourthly, high-heeled shoes can cause a fall. For example, in Japan, a 25-year-old teacher died on the spot from an open head injury, having fallen from a height of 5-inch heels of her shoes.
  3. Flip-flops and flip-flops. It would seem that they are dangerous? After all, they have a flat sole. But in fact, everything is not so simple. Scientists have found that such shoes with frequent wear can cause severe pain in the calf muscles due to their constant tension (efforts should be made to keep slippers on their legs) and tired legs, as well as provoke the development of flat-footedness and even a change in gait. Moreover, the researchers proved that the probability of falling in flip-flops and slippers is much higher than in shoes with backs. So it is better to buy more comfortable and feminine sandals and sandals.
  4. Corrective underwear. The girls fainting in the Middle Ages were not uncommon, but quite normal. And the matter is that the corsets, which diminished not only the waist. Modern corrective underwear works on the same principle. So, tight push-up bras with hard bones can squeeze the internal organs, in particular, the lungs. And this, of course, will lead to difficulty breathing. And corsets that reduce body volume by more than two centimeters, lead to serious problems in the work of the diaphragm, pancreas and liver. Should I make such sacrifices for the sake of beauty? If, however, you need to wear corrective underwear, then do not spend more than two or three hours in it and try not to sit, this posture only enhances the negative impact.
  5. Mini skirts. They can harm both your health and your body shape. First, the wind and cold easily penetrate under the hem, and this can lead to the development of various inflammatory diseases of the reproductive sphere. Secondly, scientists have proven that wearing excessively short skirts during the cold season can lead to the development of cellulite, that is, the formation of a so-called orange peel. And this is due to the fact that the cold causes a spasm of blood vessels and slowing blood circulation. The body perceives it as a threat and begins to build up fatty tissue in areas that are adversely affected. And if you come out in a miniskirt in a hard frost, then this can even lead to cell death. So such a thing is better to wear only in summer.
  6. One shoulder large bag. If you wear it all the time, and even fill it almost “to the full,” then a large load will be placed on the spine. Gradually, it will begin to bend, which can lead to the development of diseases such as scoliosis or osteochondrosis. The latter, by the way, is very tricky, as it can be accompanied by symptoms that are in no way associated with the spine: headaches, drowsiness, chest pains, dizziness, chronic fatigue, and so on. And to cure this disease with conservative methods is possible only in the initial stages, which often turn out to be unnoticed.
  7. Thong. Of course, in them, any girl looks sexy. But the health of their wearing can be seriously affected. Firstly, such underwear can rub the delicate skin of the intimate areas and cause severe irritation, which is extremely unpleasant. Secondly, the thongs can become a kind of transport for bacteria that will easily and quickly penetrate from the intestine into the vagina and cause serious infections and diseases such as vaginitis and vulvitis. By the way, almost all gynecologists call such a model of underpants just as “a path for infections.” And doctors, especially the majority of them, definitely worth believing. And therefore it is better to replace the thongs with other, safer, but at the same time no less feminine and sexy models.
  8. Colored jeans. They have become especially popular over the past few seasons. Still, because such a thing looks stylish, bright, youthful and creative. These jeans can be very diverse: mint, light green, orange, yellow, red, purple, crimson, as well as multi-colored or decorated with bright colors. But behind such a riot of colors lies the use of dyes, and some of them may not be safe at all. And the brighter the shade, the more disastrous effect can have jeans on the skin. Allergic reactions - this is the most frivolous consequence. But overly aggressive pigments can literally eat up the skin.
  9. Turtlenecks with overly narrow necks. It turns out that if you wear them all the time, it can negatively affect the work of the thyroid gland, which will be constantly squeezed. Especially dangerous are turtlenecks made of fabrics that are practically not stretched during wear, for example, polyester and polyacryl.
  10. Sunglasses. Although they are designed to protect the eyes, in fact, sometimes everything turns out differently. First, if the lenses are not made of glass, but of low-quality plastic, then protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation on the retina of the eye will not be provided. Secondly, if the glasses have an irregular design and are incorrectly chosen, then they can squeeze the head and cause pain, as well as provoke eye strain due to the proximity of the glass. To protect yourself, go to the choice of such an accessory responsibly.

Wallpaper and paint for walls

Homes and native walls help - surely many people know this expression, which our mothers and grandmothers so loved to repeat. The walls really help, but only if the “clothes” for them are chosen to be correct. Poor-quality coating, according to experts, may contain toxic substances (benzene or formaldehyde), which, if evaporated, can cause you allergies or have a negative effect on the liver, kidneys and nervous system. Therefore, the choice of wallpaper or paint for the walls come with special care and be sure to learn how, where and from what they were made.

Cushioned furniture

The sofa, chairs and other furniture is dangerous not only because it accumulates a lot of germs, ticks and other harmful substances, but also because if it is made of chipboard, then glue containing formaldehydes and phenols was probably used to assemble it. , phthalates and other toxic substances. Therefore, these items can cause respiratory diseases, allergies, eye irritation, kidney, heart and even brain problems. Experts recommend not to save on furniture and choose those models that are made of better and safer materials.

As for pillows, if down or feather was used to fill them, then mites and other parasites will definitely be inserted in them. As a result, you may develop dermatitis, allergies, urticaria, and airway swelling. Experts remind that in order to avoid health problems, it is necessary to change the pillows every 3-4 months, regardless of how easy (or hard) you will be to part with one or another pillow.

Stuffed Toys

Unfortunately, few people remember that soft toys are a great dust collector, so they have not washed their teddy bears, hares and other characters for years. All of this can also lead to allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Therefore, regularly arrange an audit of soft toys and do not forget to rinse them in a washing machine, after setting a special washing mode.

1. White Blouse or Dress Shirt

"A prim white blouse can have a thousand distinctive features."

Ideally, if there is both a shirt and a blouse in the wardrobe, it will certainly be white. With their help, you can make countless stylish combinations. This shirt will fit almost any "bottom". The main options for the form that go almost everything: fitted, straight cut and a free "boyfriend shirt".

To blouse decorated you as much as possible, it is important to choose the right shade. It should not be much lighter than tooth enamel. Therefore, someone is suitable purely white, and someone shade of baked milk or pearl.

2. Little black dress

"In a little black dress it is impossible to look too elegant or too modest."

It’s hard to come up with a better investment in clothes than buying a little black dress. How much it will be “small” depends on the type of figure, but the maximum length of such a dress is slightly below the knee.

Classic options do not become obsolete, so this dress can last a very long time and always be different due to accessories. Choose the shape that suits you the most, a laconic cut without the excesses, expensive fabric - and you will always be perfect!

3. Pencil skirt

"I love the pencil skirt for hugging me in the right places."

This feminine piece of clothing allows you to model the silhouette. Selecting for yourself the height of the waist, the length, the degree of fit, you can “stretch” the figure, emphasize, but not increase the hips.

The two main versions of the pencil skirt are narrower at the bottom and straight cut.

Straight cut with a high waist is ideal for owners of the figure "pear", allowing you to adjust the rather heavy top of the buttocks.

Trying on a skirt, certainly look at yourself from the side. The perfect fit will be when the skirt fits gently, flowing down. If the buttocks are tightly covered, including the bend under them, the skirt is too small.

For the base is to choose a skirt of dark shades, besides, they carry an additional bonus: slim. The best fabrics are costume and thick cotton.

"In this life, I regret only one thing - that I did not invent the jeans."

The first place on the versatility belongs to jeans. Casual, free, evening style - with their help, you can create anything.

But saving on jeans is not worth it. As they say, "cheap jeans will not compliment your buttocks."

Base jeans should be as simple as possible, without accessories and inscriptions, and the color should be dark shades of blue or classic blue. Black jeans will lose to black trousers, therefore, in order to emphasize the shape more profitable, black jeans are better off.

5. Classic trousers

“I always rely on pants. In pants you are free to play with your legs, with your attitude to life and others. It is much funnier. It is much more refined. It is more sublime, you are like a man with a female attitude. I love pants.

Fashion designers claim: classic black or dark gray pants tie together the entire wardrobe. They, like jeans, allow you to create a lot of images, and in any of them you will feel an elegant person.

Tight pants can be short, but still the length of the classic shape of the pants should reach the middle of the heel, provided that you wear studs.

Fabric - the most important in trousers. Poor-quality material will very quickly cease to keep its shape, and what could be worse than slacks hanging on the buttocks and knee-length pants? Suit fabrics, cashmere, wool and silk are ideal. And adding synthetic fibers to these noble fabrics will prolong their lifespan and keep their shape.

“Jacket is the basis of wardrobe. It should be well stitched, sit perfectly and be tailored to make you feel confident and comfortable. ”

A jacket that perfectly fits the figure is another universal favorite thing. Democratic with jeans, elegantly with a skirt and trousers, a great evening version with a dress and many other combinations that you can think of.

Stylists advise to choose a basic jacket of inconspicuous colors - gray, blue, beige will be perfect. On the other hand, a deep and shade of red that goes to you is already a classic that will harmoniously fit into your wardrobe.

The jacket is important fabric and accessories. Cheap and flashy buttons will nullify all the nobility of color and shape. They must be of high quality and as inconspicuous as possible, then your jacket will be truly universal. It is worth remembering: nothing superfluous - no zippers, chains and rims - the basic jacket should not have.

7. White T-shirt

"I have always considered a white T-shirt to be the alpha and omega of the fashionable alphabet."

A white T-shirt is a unique thing. On it as on a canvas, you can write any stylish picture.

White T-shirt should not hang alone in the closet, it is better if there are several of them: you can play with the textures of the fabric and the shape - more free options and sitting on the figure.

In addition to cotton, choose textured fabrics - flax, viscose. The secret to the success of a white T-shirt is its flawless whiteness. Any suspicion of "stale" color kills the whole style. But, in principle, the same principles work for a white T-shirt as for a shirt: choose a shade to match the color of the tooth enamel.

In order for a T-shirt to be decorated, the shoulder seam must pass along the border of the shoulder joint. If this stitch is in the middle of the shoulder, the T-shirt will accentuate even the slightest slouch. Give preference to a looser thing to hide figure flaws or emphasize fragility.

1. Simultaneous use of alcohol and paracetamol

By themselves (naturally, in moderation), these things are not particularly dangerous, but if you mix them, you can call an ambulance.

Every year, many people go to hospitals after fights with injuries. And it is worth remembering that any blow to the face or on the head is a chance to put him behind bars on charges of manslaughter.

8. Deadly Cinnamon

Just one spoon of cinnamon powder can kill a person. It absorbs all the liquid in the mouth, which can lead to blockage of the respiratory tract (after all, it becomes impossible to take a sip). Capsaicin, one of the ingredients in cinnamon (also in chili), can penetrate the lungs, which will further complicate the situation.

If you sit for a long period of time (for example, during long flights), it can lead to blood clots in the legs, which can then penetrate the heart, causing a heart attack.

17. Drink too much alcohol.

In addition to the obvious harm to health, there is another danger - by turning off, you can suffocate from vomitus.

More specifically, we are talking about acne in approximately between the corners of the mouth and the bridge of the nose. Infection from the surface of the skin in these places can spread to the brain and cause diseases such as meningitis.

23. Stroking another's dog on the head

Some dogs may grab hold of the hand, because if the dog's neck touches something they don’t see, for an animal it means dominating him. It would be much better to give the dog to sniff the palm in front of it. After she realizes that the person is not a threat and will lick the palm, you can stroke the head.

25. Swimming in the ocean

People swimming in the ocean are afraid of sharks. But there is a much greater danger - currents and ebbs / flows. Swimming in the ocean, it is necessary to swim perpendicular to the direction of the flow (as a rule, this means - parallel to the coast).

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Too tight jeans

Problem. Skinny jeans are loved by almost all girls without exception, and men love them even more: in their opinion, this is almost the sexiest item of our wardrobe. And in the store, sometimes it pulls you to take a size smaller than what is needed, at the same time there will be an incentive to lose weight, and the priest looks better ... Unfortunately, by the results you will get an untuned butt, and health problems: too tight jeans break blood circulation in your legs, which can vascular diseases.

Decision. Надевая skinny , ты чувствуешь онемение и покалывание в области бедер? Это верный признак , что стоит на время отказаться от этой опасной одежды. Кроме того , не льсти себе и не пытайся втиснуться в джинсы на размер , а то и на два меньше. Ни к чему хорошему это не приведет.

Проблема. Почему нельзя носить такую одежду? Сексуальные трусики-стринги могут привести к не самым привлекательным проблемам. Firstly, from constant friction you may experience irritation, and secondly, when moving, the thongs act as a carrier of bacteria that cause cystitis, thrush and other unpleasant diseases. And we are not even talking about thongs from poor-quality synthetic materials.

Decision. If you are a fan of strings, choose only natural materials. In addition, you should not wear them all the time: today there are many equally seductive and beautiful panties of other models.

Balconette bra

Problem. Model balconette - one of the sexiest models of linen. The breast is as if “submerged” in it by half, and in addition, such a bra is universal - it can be worn either under casual, casual clothes, or under a low-cut strapless evening dress. Unfortunately, the constant wearing of this model increases the risk of developing tumors in the chest several times. The same applies to everyone’s favorite push-up - his doctors generally forbid wearing more than 8 hours a day.

Decision. The main rule is not to save on linen. And directly balconette and push-up is better to leave for special occasions, such as evening exits. Every day, find a beautiful bra of the classic model with a soft cup.

Too high heels

Problem. Intervertebral hernia, stoop, back pain and "bumps" on the feet - you can easily reward yourself with these problems. Enough to constantly walk on tall heels.

Decision. You can avoid all the unpleasant consequences of trying on shoes of a dream, just try to walk through them in the store. Do you feel how your calves are strained, your knees bend, and your foot almost cramped? Definitely worth a look lower heel. 10 stars who hate walking on heels.

Problem. Flip-flops - shoes that are not fixed on your foot. Therefore, when we put on the flip-flops, then instinctively we begin to try to hold them in place, pressing our fingers, and thus causing the muscles to constantly strain. This can lead to pain in the calves and ankles. In addition, in Vietnamese, especially wet, it is easy to tuck the foot.

Decision. Flip-flops are not designed for long walks, and even more so for carrying them in the city. This is a beach shoes, the functionality of which is enough exactly for a walk from the hotel to the beach at the hotel itself.

Poor quality jewelry

Problem. Cheap and low-quality jewelry not only quickly loses its presentation, but also can lead to allergies and skin irritation - this is the effect of clothing on health. In addition, you have no idea what is in the fusion of this suspiciously cheap purchase.

Decision. You have two options: go to jewelry made of precious metals, or start searching for brands that produce high-quality jewelry. Yes, it is unlikely to be worth a penny, but then you are guaranteed not to have to visit a dermatologist.

Smaller shoes

Problem. You finally found the perfect shoes, but bad luck - not your size. Well, you have to suffer the 38th instead of the 39th. Common situation? Congratulations: you can easily encounter such “joys” as nail ingrown and even foot deformity.

Decision. The solution to the problem here is simple and obvious - to buy shoes of YOUR size. Also it is worth refusing from shoes with too narrow nose and simple excessively narrow shoes.

Problem. The swimsuit itself is, of course, safe. But if, after stepping out of the water, you have been in a wet bikini on the shore for a long time, then you can earn a thrush with a tan (aggressive flora develops best in a warm and humid environment), and if the weather is not too hot, it is also cystitis.

Decision. Take a spare swimsuit with you or change into a tank top and shorts while the swimsuit dries in the sun.

Slimming underwear

Problem. It would seem that everything is simple: jumped into the slimming pants-pantaloons and - voila! - all tight skirts, jeans and dresses are sitting on you just great! However, the constant wearing of slimming underwear can lead to heartburn, dermatitis, back pain and even thrombosis.

Decision. Remember, slimming underwear is not a panacea and is only suitable for special occasions when you need to look perfect in evening dress, and only a couple of hours to prepare. It is better to seriously do your figure and get to the gym.

Shoes on a completely flat sole

Problem. Lack of lift overloads the spine, causes pain in the legs and back, and can also lead to flatfoot.

Decision. Let your shoes have at least a slight rise: so your legs will be less tired.

Now you know what to wear to avoid health problems.