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How to make marzipan at home - ingredients and cooking recipes with photos


The recipe for marzipans came to our country from Europe. This dish is a mixture of almonds, crushed to a state of flour, with sugar syrup or powder. It is often confused with persipan, which is based on apricot (in the extreme case of peach) bones. Currently, marzipan made from peanuts and other nuts.

It is used not only in its pure form, but also used to prepare other confectionery products: cakes (stuffing, decoration), sweets, curly sweets. There is even a recipe for marzipan liqueur. Consider how to make marzipan yourself at home. It is prepared in one cold or hot way.

Cold Marzipan Recipe

A distinctive feature of this method is a mixture of raw products without heat treatment. If the finished mass has a crumbly consistency and is not molded, this indicates a poor quality of almond (contains insufficient oil).

Ingredients for the masses:

  • icing sugar - 165 g,
  • Almonds (kernels) - 225 g,
  • water - 1.5 spoons.

You will also need boiling water, which is used to facilitate the process of peeling nuts. Homemade marzipan is prepared step by step as follows:

  1. Almonds are poured with boiling water and left for a few minutes to soften the skin, after which it is easily removed, and the kernels are dried on a clean towel.
  2. Nuts are poured on a baking sheet and, with occasional stirring, dried on a baking sheet (do not overcook!).
  3. Next, you need to grind it to the state of flour with a combine or blender.
  4. Mix with powdered sugar and the specified amount of water (preferably boiled).
  5. The mass is kneaded until homogeneous, in finished form it should have a consistency similar to clay. It is allowed to add a small amount of water in addition, if the mixture is crumbly and poorly molded.
  6. Then marzipan figurines are molded, for example, fruits or others.

In such a simple way, a tasty nut mass is obtained - a sweetness that can be served not only for family members, but also for guests. Figures do not necessarily, you can shape the loaf and cut it into even circles.

Hot marzipan is a simple recipe.

This method differs from the previous one using sugar instead of powder, and the cooking process involves heat treatment.

Ingredients for the dish:

  • almond sweet - 250 g,
  • fruit sugar - 100 g,
  • bitter almonds - 7-8 pcs.,
  • water - 1/2 spoon.

In most cases, the addition of water is not required if the nuts are of high quality, as such contains a sufficient amount of oil.

Cooking tender marzipan at home in a hot way will help the following scheme:

  1. To remove the skin, boiling water is also used, which is walnut and left for a few minutes to soften it. When the peel is removed, excess liquid is removed with a clean towel.
  2. Nuts are poured on a baking sheet and dried with stirring (no need to fry them before the color changes, just dry them a little).
  3. With the help of a mortar, blender or combine (if there is an appropriate mode and nozzle), the product is crushed to a state of flour.
  4. Powder made from fruit sugar is added (you can also use a blender, a mechanical grinder).
  5. When it becomes homogeneous, water (cold, boiled) is added in small portions while stirring.
  6. The mixture is laid out in a refractory tank with a thick bottom and with minimal heating of the plate is heated to thicken. Be sure to stir throughout the heat treatment process. The finished almond confection should easily fall behind the dishes.
  7. The product is laid out on a flat surface, previously sprinkled with powder, and molded in the form of a loaf, sausages or figures of any shape.

Marzipan, prepared in this or the previous way, can be used as a filling for buns, rolls or cookies (including puff pastry).

Homemade almond candies (marzipan)

Home-made chocolates not only decorate any table, but can also be used as a gift for family members and friends for a holiday. What make marzipan for making sweets? Traditional products: almonds, sugar or powder.

  • chocolate - 300 g,
  • brown sugar - 300 g,
  • Almonds (kernels) - 300 g,
  • raisins - 75 g,
  • water - 4-5 spoons,
  • dried apricots - 7-8 pieces

Bookmark dried apricots or raisins can be changed up or down due to one of the products of the filling. You can add cognac, if the treat is intended for adults.

  1. First of all, marzipan is prepared: peeled and dried in a pan / a baking tray of nuts is ground to flour and mixed with syrup (sugar and water are cooked until the grains dissolve).
  2. The resulting mass is divided into three parts: one will be with dried apricots, the other - with raisins, and the third - without filler. Each piece is thoroughly mixed.
  3. Raisins are added as a whole, and dried apricots are cut into small pieces.
  4. The form of candy with marzipan can be any: hearts, balls, in the form of triangles and others.
  5. Melted chocolate in a water bath, poured into a convenient wide dish, in which sweets will be dipped. To ensure a uniform layer of chocolate and not to violate the integrity of the product, you can use a spoon or toothpicks (strung sweetness and dip in chocolate).
  6. Blanks are laid out on parchment and left for some time in a cool place or refrigerator to freeze the glaze.

As you can see from the recipes, cooking this sweet takes a minimum of time and does not require a large number of products. However, its taste can not be compared with store sweets. As a filling or filler, you can use cherries, candied fruits, coconut, nuts and others.

There are a few more options for cooking marzipan at home. For example, one of these recipes involves adding raw chicken eggs. But the use of raw eggs, especially in the hot season, is undesirable for obvious reasons.

What is marzipan

A flexible mass of milk or light yellow color with a pronounced smell of almonds - marzipan. This product is actively used by confectioners. Translated from the German name marzipan - this is "March bread". Treats are made from grated sweet and bitter almonds, powdered sugar or syrup. To give different colors using natural dyes. On the basis of marzipan product make various figures and coatings for cakes, sweets, buns, fillings for a variety of confectionery.

Delicacy has a long history, there are several versions of the invention of marzipan. For Christmas, you can find in the newspaper stories a story about the city of Lübeck, where you saved yourself from hunger by producing bread from almond stocks. But this version is used in Florence, Turin, Königsberg - wherever marzipan is produced. In Spain, sweetness was made in the eighth century. You will not find the same taste of this delicacy in any city. Somewhere in the mix add lemon zest, somewhere pine nuts. Marzipan museums have been created in many countries.

Benefit and harm

Culinary delicacy has useful properties. Like almond kernels, marzipan contains vitamin E. It is a strong antioxidant, helps fight stress, protects the body's cells from the harmful effects of the environment. But the use of this product in large quantities can cause significant harm to the figure, it contains a large amount of carbohydrates and fats. Marzipan mass can cause rashes, as nuts cause one of the most persistent allergies.

What do they do

Although this product is considered very popular, what make marzipan is not familiar to everyone. The classic recipe of confectionery sweets indicates that to prepare a dish it is necessary to take high-quality almonds, powdered sugar or syrup. The walnut content must be at least 33%. Now there are a large number of modified marzipan recipes, which include citrus fruits, eggs, peanuts, liqueurs. To create an elastic mixture, you must clearly adhere to the proportions of sugar and almond.

How to make marzipan at home

Housewives often make marzipan at home. This is an easy process, the main thing is to follow the cooking instructions clearly. The mass dries quickly, so after cooking, you should immediately wrap the marzipan with cling film or a damp cloth. The recipes use almond essence, if you want to get a pronounced taste, add to the composition a few kernels of bitter walnut or almond liqueur.

If you decide to treat your children to a healthy dessert, make marzipan sweets. Due to the elasticity of the mass, you can easily make a kind of sweets of different shapes, and if desired, different colors. For the best taste, for every 20-50 kernels of sweet almond, add 1 bitter nut. On the Internet you can find photos with ideas for making marzipan sweets. Experiment with fillings, add chocolate, fruit pieces, coconut chips. You can invent your own unique exquisite delicacy.

Marzipan cake

For cooking cakes often used marzipan. A thin layer of mass covers all the confection. This is done easily, and after a short workout, each housewife will be able to decorate homemade pastries. Marzipan figures of animals, people, figures are also used to decorate cakes. The material allows to reveal the unlimited imagination of the culinary specialist, and modeling brings real pleasure.

Marzipan color

The natural color of marzipan is close to light yellow, but bright chocolates and cakes adorn the stores. Paint that is used for marzipan - what is it? Dry and helium food dyes are used; they are made from the squeeze of vegetables and fruits. To give marzipan a red, burgundy color, food colors of beet and pomegranate are added, for yellow, of turmeric, saffron, etc. To prepare paints at home, the product takes the required color and is boiled in a small amount of water. For a steady color, add citric acid at the tip of the knife.

Marzipan Cooking Recipe

  • Cooking time: 90 minutes.
  • Servings: 4 persons.
  • Calorie dishes: 1000 kcal.
  • Purpose: for dessert.
  • Cuisine: European.
  • The difficulty of preparation: medium.

If you do not know how to cook marzipan quickly and correctly, read this recipe. Make a tasty treat at home is easy. Useful sweetness will delight not only children, but also adults. The product is stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks, so it can be done rarely, but in large quantities. The authors have described the cooking method step by step, so even inexperienced housewives can handle the preparation of this dish.

  • Almonds - 1 cup,
  • sugar - 1 tablespoon,
  • water - 150 ml
  • almond essence - 3 drops.

  1. To make a sweet mixture, put unpeeled almonds in boiling water for 2 minutes.
  2. Drain, let the nuts cool.
  3. Peel the almonds by pressing hard on the core with your thumb and forefinger.
  4. Dry the nuts in the pan, stirring constantly. Almonds should not be fried.
  5. Crush the nuts to a state of mashed potatoes.
  6. Pour sugar into water, put on medium heat and stir constantly, bring to a boil. After that, stop stirring, boil, shaking the pot. The syrup should thicken to such a state that it is possible to roll the ball.
  7. Pour the nut mixture into the thick sugar syrup, cook on the minimum heat for 2-3 minutes. Add the almond essence and cook for another 1 minute.
  8. It is necessary to lay out the mass on the working surface, chop marzipan into pieces of the desired size.

Cold method

For the manufacture of marzipan used cold method. The technology is based on mixing ground ingredients, and crystalline sweetener replaces the addition of powdered sugar. If the amount of butter in the almonds is not enough to give the consistency of clay - these nuts are of poor quality. Dough will help the addition of eggs in almond flour, but the shelf life of sweet dough will be significantly reduced.

Hot method

It is known about marzipan - that the dish turns out to be even more elastic if it is cooked using the warm method. To prepare the mass used sugar hot syrup. It is well boiled and made thick in consistency. Immediately after removing the liquid from the heat, the syrup is added to the mixture of pre-chopped almond nuts. After adding the sweet element, mix the mass thoroughly, like dough. The quality of the mix affects the ability of marzipan to retain its shape.

Useful tips

Cooking marzipan requires some skill. In order for your delicacy to be soft, elastic, follow these rules:

  1. Marzipan should be stored in cling film, otherwise it will wither.
  2. If the mass turned out to be liquid, add a bit of icing sugar mixture. If it turned out tough - mix in the whipped protein.
  3. Apply paint on ready-made marzipan figures.
  4. In the process of coating the cake with mastic, we roll out the mass with a margin so that it lies under its weight without forming folds, as in the photo of professional bakers.
  5. It is better not to cover the product with glaze, it will help to preserve the taste of true marzipan.
  6. To make the coating of mastic glisten, lubricate it with a solution of vodka and honey in proportions of 1: 1.

Where did marzipan come from

No one can say with accuracy how the first marzipan appeared. Origin stories are enough. According to one of them, the product was first made in Italy. Once there was a very bad year in the country, all the crops disappeared.

Of the food preserved only almonds. Then they made flour from it. Already from this flour they cooked bread, pizza, pasta and also invented marzipan sweets.

The following story calls the country of origin of marzipans Spain. In ancient times there were battles against the Moors. Spain won, but with maximum losses. Many men died.

Then almost did not become a strong part of the population. In everyday life, this was reflected in the fact that there was no one to work the land for growing the crop. Find a way out of the situation managed by the local monks.

They took sugar and almonds from trophies obtained in the war. Both products were ground into powder, and then they prepared delicacies from it.

The third version says that the Ottoman Empire is the birthplace of marzipan. It spread to other continents when the locals went to war with the nearest land.

Traditionally, marzipan is made from high quality almonds and sugar. Today you can find many variations with the addition of various ingredients.

Sugar and almonds are the basis, and as additional components use pine nuts, pineapples, rum and liqueur, juice and lemon zest, egg yolk, orange. These products give a different taste and shade to the product.

The leader in the production of sweets is Germany. The most delicious marzipan is cooked in the city of Lübeck.

There is a legend that they have their own special secret, which is to add one bitter one to a hundred sweet and high-quality almond nuts. In this case, the delicacy will be incredibly tasty.

How to cook marzipan at home

Want to try this product? Do not rush to the store to search for sweets, cook at home by yourself. To do this, take almonds, powdered sugar, granulated sugar and water. To start boiling syrup from sugar and water.

Then in a coffee grinder or blender with a special small nozzle rubbed almonds to a state of powder. Before this, almond nuts must be peeled and thoroughly dried in the oven.

Powdered sugar and almond combine with a mixer. While stirring at medium speed, pour in the cooked hot syrup. All mix until smooth and set aside to cool.

When the paste is cool, it is kneaded as a dough to a plasticine state. In principle, the product is ready for use.

But you can add food dyes and make different figures, flowers, decorations. Then it will be more interesting to eat, especially for kids.

To make marzipan sweets excellent, remember a few secrets of their preparation:

* The amount of almond powder in a sweet mass should be at least one third.

* So that when making a delicacy it does not stick to your hands, lightly sprinkle it with granulated sugar.

* For coloring sweets take only food dyes.

* Optimally store marzipan in cling film and in the refrigerator. Then he can lie there for a month. If eggs were one of the ingredients in cooking, then it is better to eat the product as quickly as possible.

* Egg white will help to combine small details of jewelry and marzipan compositions. This is a kind of food glue.

* After cooking, the paste turned out to be rather soft and pliable, sometimes breaking into pieces. Do not panic, the situation is easy to fix. Добавьте еще немного сахарной пудры и заново вымесите пасту.

Полезные свойства марципана

Лакомством марципан является не только вкусненьким, но и полезным. Благодаря наличию в нем миндаля. Все его полезные качества сохраняются, поскольку продукт не поддается никакой термической обработке. The presence of vitamins is certain.

Sweetness helps with depression, bad mood, because almond sugar contributes to the production of the hormone of joy - serotonin.

Of the useful features, the following should also be mentioned:

1) An excellent doctor of blood vessels: cleans them and strengthens the walls.

2) Contributes to the release of bad cholesterol from the body.

3) Improves the functionality and functioning of the liver.

4) Strengthens the joints as well as the myocardium.

5) Helps strengthen the protective barrier against viruses and bacteria that are trying to enter the body.

Do not forget about the precautions. Due to the presence in the composition of a large amount of sugar, the product is limited to diabetics. Overeating with marzipans threatens with poisoning, damaged teeth and metabolic disorders.

Marzipan. What is it and how to cook it?

Today we will talk to you about unusual sweets. Although this delicacy is widespread throughout the world, many still do not know what marzipan is. What is it? Where did this name come from? Is it possible to cook sweetness at home? Is this product useful for human health? We will talk about all this further.

Marzipan. What is it, the history of delicacy

Marzipan is quite widely known in the confectionery business. In Europe, it is generally considered one of the most delicious delicacies. However, marzipan is a very expensive treat, since the best almonds are used to make it.

This delicacy is translated from German as “March bread”. It consists of icing sugar and almonds powdered. This is all turned into a paste, from which you can make various figures, candies, flowers, various decorative elements for cakes.

In European capitals, there are entire museums dedicated to this delicacy. There you can find whole sculptures, and even all sorts of models of buildings.

In the old days, marzipan delicacies were presented to emperors and kings. Today in Europe, the tradition of donating marzipan figurines on Valentine's Day and Christmas is popular.

If we talk about its origin, then it is not known exactly who and when came up with this delicacy. On this account there are several stories.

According to the first of them, marzipan was invented in Italy, when the entire crop died, with the exception of almonds. At that time, they learned how to make almond flour, and from it they made almond pizza, almond bread, macaroni with almond sauce, sweet marzipans.

According to the second version, this is a delicacy from Spain, namely from the highlands of Navas de Tolosa. Here is the next story. During the battle against the Moors (1212), the victory, though turned out to be behind Spain, but many men died.

It became difficult to cultivate the land. But the find turned out to be almonds and sugar, which was among the spoils of war. So in the monastery of San Clemente, the monks rubbed almonds and sugar, thereby preparing marzipan.

There is a third version, according to which marzipan comes from the Ottoman Empire. Some claim that he was popular there as early as 800. When the Arabs decided to conquer the land, the spread of marzipan began.

As you can see, the appearance of delicacy is everywhere connected with war or military actions, but which version is more reliable is still unknown.

What is part of this marzipan

In principle, the composition of marzipan to this day has kept its traditional character. For the preparation of confectionery sweets one should take only high quality almonds, the content of which should be at least 33%.

But, like any other dish, marzipan has undergone changes with age. Now it includes pine nuts, lemon juice and peel, pineapples, oranges, rum, liqueur, egg yolk. But only the proportions of almond and sugar are necessarily respected.

Today, Germany is considered the best producer of marzipan. It is in the city of Lübeck that the best confectioners live, who keep their secret of this delicacy secret. It is believed that their secret is to add one bitter almond nut to one hundred sweet.

How to cook marzipan?

You can prepare this delicacy at home. Observing the technology, marzipan you will get no worse than the famous factories for its production. In addition, preparing it with love, your family will surely feel it.

  • peeled almonds - 400 grams,
  • high-quality confectionery icing sugar - 200 grams,
  • quality sugar - 200 grams,
  • glass of water.

Combine water and sugar in a saucepan, put it on fire and bring to a boil. They have to boil for about thirty seconds. The result should be a syrup.

Grind almonds in a coffee grinder to obtain a dusty substance. Combine ground almonds and powdered sugar, mix all with a mixer at medium speed.

Without turning off the mixer, add the resulting syrup to the almonds and powder. You need to pour it hot. Stir a little more.

Now you should wait until the paste has cooled slightly. After that, knead it well with your hands. The result should be “smooth clay”.

In this state, it can be cut into pieces or sculpt figures and decor as decorations, coloring food dyes.

What we call marzipan

Many of you will now remember the cake decorating paste, smooth and shiny. You are right, it really is about her. And what is its composition? Marzipan is a confectionery product that is prepared on the basis of finely ground almonds and sugar. Classic marzipan is a plastic mass that allows you to use it, among other things, to create figurines and decorations for cakes. Apply it as a filler for candy.

A bit of history

And when did the world first learn about such a simple and at the same time refined sweetness? In order to answer this question, again need to pay attention to the composition. Marzipan is made from almond, which means that the production of this product should have started where it is abundant. Several European countries dispute the palm in the production of this confectionery product.

Ancient traditions of making marzipan sweets exist in Germany and Austria, Holland and Italy. But the most famous of them are produced in the north of Germany. And for a long time the unique composition was kept secret. Marzipan wasn’t really thought of as an exclusive sweetness. Just almond flour was used because of the lack or complete absence of wheat flour. Marzipan bread was so popular that it was used in good times, but as a dessert.

Area Specialization

Interestingly, until the 18th century, not only confectioners but also chemists were engaged in the manufacture of marzipan. Only much later, this skill completely passed to the confectioners. And very soon this product became very expensive due to the increase in the price of sugar and almonds. But today this sweetness is still highly valued, but now we can already afford it. The prevalence and availability of this delicacy is very high.

The tricks of modern production

It's no secret that today many products are made from analogs or synthetic substitutes. No exception and marzipan. The composition should include only almonds, sugar and rose water. And what lies on the shelves today, often has nothing to do with this legendary sweetness.

Instead of almonds in the paste can go any nuts, but most often it is peanuts. But very often soybean or beans, various artificial fillers and flavoring flavors are included in the overall composition. It may be interesting for the reader to know that old records from cookbooks included rubbing almonds on a fine grater with the addition of sugar and long rubbing of this mass in a mortar. Thanks to this, the highest plasticity of the mass was achieved. It took a lot of time to produce sweets, which explained the high price.

Marzipan Properties

They are determined by what marzipan is made of. The composition that the manufacturer is obliged to indicate on the package, and will indicate whether it is worth buying this product. If it is almond, then the product made from it fully preserves all the properties of this useful nut. And it is very rich in B and E vitamins, as well as other antioxidants. But most of all it contains trace elements. Just a few nuts a day will provide your body with phosphorus and potassium, magnesium and many others.

Knowing which nut is a part of marzipan, you will understand well what you get with regular use. Almond removes sand from the kidneys, normalizes the liver and pancreas, and cleans the blood. This is a natural analgesic, which also has an anticonvulsant effect. The benefits of this nut is evident in bronchial asthma, stress and insomnia. As you can see, marzipan is much more useful than conventional confectionery.

Cooking at home

In fact, this is nothing complicated. The main thing is to know the composition of marzipan in sweets, and you can reproduce a full-fledged analogue. You will need to take 150 grams of almond nuts and clean them from the dark shell. To do this, they are poured on for a minute with boiling water, and then immediately with cold water. After that, the shell can be easily removed, and the nuts themselves need to be dried on a napkin. It remains to grind the almonds into the smallest crumb in a hand mill or in a blender.

Now you need to add 100 g of powdered sugar to the resulting crumb. It is better to take industrial, because the home does not work so fine grinding. It remains to add a spoonful of rum and water or milk to this mixture, some confectioners suggest using raw protein from quail eggs. From this knead smooth dough. The liquid in it should be enough so that the dough does not stick to the hands and the table. If the liquid is too small, in the process of mixing almond oil will begin to stand out, which is absolutely not necessary. From this mass you can form round candies, inside which you can put a nut or toffee, and you can pour chocolate on top.

Works of art

Is it really impossible to buy quality sweets in the store and you need to make them yourself? Not at all. In St. Petersburg there is an excellent online store Grondard. Marzipan, the composition of which ideally repeats ancient recipes, really is, it is produced and packaged here both on order and in line mode.

This store is very popular among the residents of the northern capital, as it provides an opportunity to make an exquisite gift, with individual design for colleagues, relatives and friends.

Popular Ritter Sport

It does not have to order in the online store, because it is sold in every supermarket. How natural is from "Ritter Sport" "Marzipan". The composition is not bad, but marzipan contains no more than 16%. Everything else is sugar, cocoa, emulsifiers and syrup. Therefore, if your plans include a real, almond recipe, it is recommended to find another option. In particular, you can master the home-made production of these sweets, since it’s not too complicated. In this case, you will be sure that today served as a dessert.


There is hardly a modern confectionery, which does not offer its visitors a sweet pastry with marzipan. What is it, from what it is prepared and how it affects the human body? I will tell about it today.

The composition of the dessert is not a secret. In order to obtain a nutritious and healthy delicacy, in a certain proportion mix almond kernels, ground into flour, with sugar powder or sugar syrup. Moreover, both sweet and bitter almonds are used. Bitter almonds give a special taste to marzipan.

But the proportions of the product, as a rule, constitute a trade secret of each manufacturer. Bitter almonds are sometimes replaced with almond essence, bitter almond oil or almond liqueur. Without this component in the finished product there is no specific taste, called marzipan confectioners.

One of the legends says that sweetness was invented during the famine, and almost the only available food was almonds, which they took as the raw material basis of bread products. After all, the kernels of this nut contain almost the entire set of nutrient compounds, which are necessary not only to satisfy the human need for food, but also to saturate the body with essential substances.

There is no reliable information about where the marzipan was first made. It is only known that this is exactly one of the European countries - Italy, Greece, Germany, France, Norway, Holland, Estonia or the Hungarian Republic. Sometimes other nuts are used to make pasta, for example, in the post-soviet countries, baking with peanut paste is very popular. Therefore, it can be argued that marzipan is a sweet nut mass.

Cooking and calorie

In addition to sugar and almonds, auxiliary ingredients can be used in marzipan, for example, eggs, natural or synthetic dyes, flavors (cocoa powder, citrus peel, herbs, rose water, liqueurs, etc.).

There are two ways to make marzipan - cold and hot. In the first case, the nut powder is combined with powdered sugar and kneaded thoroughly, like dough. Sometimes with a cold method of making marzipan, eggs are introduced into the recipe.

Thanks to the fats that are abundantly present in the nuts (to obtain the product, and not its surrogate, only high quality kernels are taken), the almond powder, when combined with sugar, forms a plastic adhesive mass, from which the figures are easily molded. Hot technique involves the use of thick sugar syrup, which is combined with crushed almonds.

The use of marzipan in the confectionery business is very diverse. Most often, peanut rolls, cakes, croissants, cakes, sweet rolls are filled with nut paste. The same mass is used to decorate confectionery masterpieces.

On sale are delicious candy with marzipan filling, covered with powdered sugar or chocolate icing. Figurines made from marzipan (without the introduction of cocoa powder), the color of which depends on the food dyes added to them, are also considered a kind of candy.

In Germany, marzipan cookies are popular (it is also called marzipan bread in the old-fashioned way), which is necessarily present on the Christmas table. Not paid attention to the product and manufacturers of liqueurs. Having tasted a marzipan liqueur once, you will forever become his ardent admirer.


Dessert is high in calories, so it is used sparingly. For patients with obesity and diabetes, marzipan is not recommended to be included in the daily diet. In the presence of individual intolerance to almonds and other nuts, even small portions of the paste can cause allergic reactions (rash, skin flushing, itching, sverbezh, swelling, and even anaphylactic shock).

In order to fully enjoy the dessert with a nut mass, it is not necessary to go to the pastry shop for products with it or look for the term “marzipan” in the composition of ready-made confectionery. To be sure in the absence of synthetic additives, I will give information on how to make marzipan independently.

How to cook marzipan at home?

Homemade marzipan figures

The knowledge of what marzipan is made of makes it easy to prepare this useful dessert at home, and only then apply it in the recipe of a wide variety of desserts.

For homemade marzipan, a hot method of manufacturing is best suited. First of all, for 15 minutes, with continuous stirring, fry the almond kernels (full glass) in a frying pan without adding oil. Fried kernels are ground in a coffee grinder.

Then prepare the sugar syrup by boiling 0.2 kg of sand with cup of water. When the white crystals are completely dissolved, and the mass thickens, almond powder is injected into it, stirred qualitatively until a homogeneous consistency, and boiled on the fire for 2 minutes.

After removing the paste from the heat, add 2 drops of almond essence (bitter almond) into it, mix it again and spread it on a large board, spreading it out in a thin layer and covering the surface with cling film. After the marzipan has cooled, it is transferred to a table or work surface, previously sprinkled with powdered sugar, and formed.

Having given the product the required shape and size (balls, bar, sausage, marzipan figures, etc.), it can be put into the fridge or freezer for storage by wrapping with cling film. Frozen pasta can be saved up to 8 months.

For the preparation of desserts, the right amount of pressed nut mass is cut, defrosted at room temperature and used according to the recipe, for example, for stuffing buns or preparing curly products, covered in chocolate or powdered in icing sugar.

  • The above step-by-step recipe for marzipans at home is quite simple, it is not difficult to prepare even for a beginner baker.

Have you tried to cook marzipan? After all, pastry with him - the personification of delicate taste, prestige and well-being. Они могут стать настоящей изюминкой любого застолья и навсегда полюбиться вашим домочадцам. Сладких вам марципановых грез!

Марципан – что это такое и из чего его делают?

Первые упоминания о таком десерте появились еще в Средние века в Европе. Сейчас некоторые называют его мастикой, но это не совсем так.

Впервые попробовав, ни за что не догадаешься, из чего делают марципан. But everything is quite simple - for its preparation almonds and sugar ground into flour are used. The components are mixed to form a kind of dough, from which sweets, figurines or fillings for desserts are then formed.

Initially, such a dessert was made and sold only in pharmacies, because it was considered a healing medicine for the soul. A little later, the famous confectioner Lorenz Kavizel began to make various figures from such dough, called marzipan.