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Crafts from plastic bottles for the New Year 2019 - TOP 7


And we are to you, as always with our interesting and original ideas of New Year crafts. This time we will create crafts from plastic bottles. First, we do not forget that plastic decomposes for more than 100 years; therefore, we must use it to the maximum in order to harm the nature less.

Secondly, these crafts will not require you too much cash infusion. Thirdly, a lot of interesting things can be made from this improvised material. In our article you will find figurines, a garland, a piggy bank, Christmas-tree decorations and many other crafts from plastic bottles.

Christmas figures from plastic bottles

These crafts for the New Year of the bottles are created very easily. Here is a set of necessary items:

  • plastic packaging
  • scissors and stationery knife,
  • paints, brushes,
  • textile,
  • Knitting,
  • felt,
  • glue gun.

For example, you can make charming penguins. To do this, you need to cut the workpiece in half, and for the cap to cut off the bottom. Next, you need to paint them under the penguins, glue the parts with glue-gun and decorate the figures with textiles.

A word of advice - you can use scotch tape instead of a glue gun, which you can paint over later.

Use acrylic paints, they are better placed on plastic.

From this simple and affordable material you can also make bright and beautiful apples that you can put under the Christmas tree or decorate the kitchen with them. By the way, the decor is suitable not only for the New Year, but also for other holidays.

For a child, you can make a toy - a horse on a stick. If you improvise, you can also create a dog, because it is a symbol of the upcoming 2018. And the color, by the way, is yellow! So use more yellow when creating your wonderful crafts.

Decorations on the Christmas tree from plastic bottles

If the house has collected a lot of the material we need, and you already do not know where to put it, then our advice to you is for creativity! Let this tara on creativity! From the grounds you can make wonderful snowflakes. They only need to slightly decorate and attach the rope so that you can hang it. Use a thin brush to apply the pattern. From these blanks, you can create a whole garland or a wreath on the door.

Handicrafts for the New Year from bottles is both original and not expensive.

But such bells are obtained from the tops:

The whole ball can be created from the bottoms of the bottles. Details can be painted, and can be used in its original form:

Crafts from plastic bottles for the New Year is an opportunity to give a second chance to old things, an opportunity to join the culture of recycling things, sorting garbage. Thus, we consciously approach the use of resources, and besides, you can always call yourself an artist of trash art, and this, by the way, is a very fashionable movement today. In general, such handicraft on all fronts is good!

And the following Christmas balls are made of strips, which are decorated with various beads, paints, ribbons and other decorations:

Snow balls

Another cool idea is to use plastic bottles to create Christmas balls. What we need:

  • flat plastic bottles
  • acrylic paints, brushes,
  • sparkles
  • decorative figures,
  • glue,
  • foam or artificial snow,
  • sequins, beads.

To begin with, it is necessary to cut off the top and bottom parts of the bottle so that only one tube remains. You need to cut a circle out of polyfoam along the pipe diameter; we will attach our decorative parts to it.

Then, smearing the glue on the side of the foam it needs to be glued to the main part of the composition, placing inside the scenery.

The top and bottom of the pipe can be decorated with cut off parts of the bottle, gluing them with glue-gun and decorating with artificial snow and ribbons. Crafts from plastic bottles are ready! Inside you can also pour sparkles, sequins and beads.

You can, on the contrary, use only the top and bottom to create a kind of Christmas snow globe.

Cones of plastic bottles

Another decor option is when plastic is used to create a bump. Use better immediately brown blanks.

From your material you need to cut something like daisies and strung them on a string. Make workpieces of different sizes to end up with a lump. From the green bottle you can chop the fir branches.

Wreath of plastic bottles

For this we need the bottoms of plastic bottles, wire, bow and other decorations.

Details can be painted in gold color to give the craftwork pompous and complete, as well as disguise the material from which the wreath is made.

Candlestick for New Year

One of the New Year's attributes is a candle. Well, we can make very good candlesticks.

The next candlestick is made of two components, decorated with coffee beans, but, most importantly, a beautiful decorative candle is selected.

By the way, do not forget that you can use not only bottles of mineral water or sweet water, but also of yogurt, kefir and other products.

New Year's souvenirs

Something funny and funny can be prepared for guests or kids. For example, to make a piggy bank-pig out of a plastic bottle. Why? Very original! It will turn out to make a piggy bank-dog - it will be even better!

Use for registration acrylic paints or paints from a can, felt details, fabric, beads and a different other decor. But from such funny turtles children will definitely be delighted. For the base, use kitchen thin sponges or foamiran. We have already described how to work with this material in our articles.

And how do you like a whole bed of tulips in the middle of winter? Such a composition can decorate the suburban area or the yard of a private house. Guests from the first time just do not understand that these beautiful flowers are made from ordinary plastic bottles. As they say, crafts from plastic bottles for the New Year is a manifestation of imagination and ingenuity.

And a few more options are not winter colors in the performance of the most simple and affordable material at hand:

Plastic bottle cup

If you want to stand out from the crowd, have a special attribute or you need to have a cup in accordance with the costume, then it can be very easily made from the material known to us. By the way, read our articles, where we tell how to make crafts for the New Year from a bottle of champagne - this can also be useful. So, the cup:

Luxurious, right? And, at first glance, you can’t say at all what it is made of, and also the second one!

The design of a future wine cup or as a reward might look something like this:

We really like to tell you about different unusual crafts, about materials from which you can do amazing things and that are in almost every home. All this is for you to find a moment for creativity, for relaxation, for your hobby. Slow time around you, let, as they say, the whole world will wait until you create beautiful things. Well, in the end - crafts for the New Year from the bottle video master class:

See how you can create a fun garland, which can be hung in the kitchen or in the children's room, well, or wherever you want, at your discretion.

Christmas tree

Unusual Christmas tree can be made from simple plastic bottles. It is important to collect the necessary materials for this craft and gradually follow the master class.

This will require:

  • Plastic bottles,
  • Scotch,
  • Sandpaper (cardboard),
  • Scissors.

Working process:

  1. The bottle should be removed bottom and neck, and then you get a straight pipe. Then you should prepare the blanks of the twigs. They must be of different sizes so that the herringbone is cone-shaped.
  2. Then plastic bottles should be cut lengthwise into 3 parts so that the subsequent tiers are less than the previous ones. On each piece, you need to make needles, and for this they are cut into thin strips, but not completely. In order for the Christmas tree to stand steadily, it is desirable to use the bottom of one of the bottles as a stand.
  3. The sheet of cardboard must be rolled up and placed in the neck of the bottle. You can fix it with tape. Now each tier of twigs needs to be fixed on the Christmas tree. At the top, you can install a toy or come up with something else. To make the Christmas tree fluffy, needles should be cut thinner. Usually, blue or clear bottles are used for this. That's all, our crafts are ready!

Christmas balls

You can decorate your Christmas tree with toys made with your own hands. In this work, it is important to follow all steps step by step, and then you will get wonderful products.

This will require:

  • Plastic bottle,
  • Glue,
  • Rain
  • Any shiny decorations.

Working process:

  1. The paper should be wrapped around the bottle: this will help mark the blank on it. It is necessary to cut 4 rings with a width of 1 cm. Then the rings must be fastened together according to the principle of “crosswise” and secured with glue. The result should be a ball of plastic strips. You need to choose a beautiful thread or rain so that the toy can be used for the Christmas tree.
  2. To decorate the resulting blanks, it is better to use foil, beads, beads, etc. A small ball can be placed inside such a ball. In this craft you can fantasize as much as you like. For children it will be a very interesting activity.

Snowflakes from plastic bottles

To expand the range of crafts from plastic bottles for the New Year 2019, you can also make snowflakes from the bottoms of the bottles as Christmas decorations. This process will be able for beginners in this creative work.

For work you will need:

  • Scissors,
  • Acrylic paints in white, blue, gold, silver - to choose from
  • Plastic bottles, preferably blue,
  • Paint brush,
  • Wire,
  • Pliers.

Working process:

  1. We take plastic bottles and use a stationery knife or scissors to cut the bottom as low as possible to the base, leaving only the grooved part.
  2. After the bottoms are ready, we start painting our future snowflakes. Depending on the desired pattern, select the thickness of the brush, and then proceed to the artistry. As the drawings, you can use a variety of ornaments that you come to mind. This also applies to the choice of colors of the colors with which you will decorate your Christmas product.
  3. When your snowflake has turned into a beautifully painted masterpiece, give it time to dry, and you use a wire and pliers to make a small eyelet for the thread. Attach it to the snowflake and pull the thread into this ring.

Well, our Christmas toy for Christmas-tree decoration is ready, which you can be proud of now. A self-made snowflake can serve as a worthy decoration not only for your home, but also for a kindergarten, if you have a small child, and also act as an exhibit at an exhibition at the school of Christmas products.

Penguins from plastic bottles

The original Christmas decoration of your home for the New Year 2019 can be pingvinaty plastic bottles, which should be placed in the rooms and under the tree as a decor. Such an article will delight all your relatives and guests, and especially children. Without spending a lot of time, you will create a real masterpiece of art with your own hands, which will cause a lot of positive emotions and sincere smiles of your household.

We also recommend reading our most popular article - beautiful crafts for the New Year 2019.

For work you will need:

  • Plastic bottles (two bottles per toy),
  • Scissors,
  • Acrylic paints - white, black, red and others,
  • Brushes,
  • Small colored scraps for scarves,
  • Bubos or bows on hats,
  • Glue.

Working process:

  1. We take the bottle and cut off the upper part almost completely or half to get the body of the penguin. The head is made from another bottle and also from the bottom, but the blank should be slightly smaller.
  2. We combine both blanks by inserting the upper part, which is smaller, into the lower part, which is larger.
  3. After you have built the body of a penguin, proceed to its coloring. Take acrylic paints and apply gently on a plastic product, imitating the color of the penguin, as shown in the photo. Use more bright colors, because the brighter your New Year penguin is, the warmer and more cheerful the smiles of your relatives will be.
  4. When your penguin gets a realistic look, you can tie a small scarf around his neck, and attach a bubo or a bow on the cap with glue.

Here is a cartoon miracle you got!

Video tutorial on making penguins from plastic bottles

Golden bells

Golden bells will look original on the Christmas tree. Such work is done very quickly and is suitable for kindergarten.

This will require:

  • Plastic bottles,
  • Acrylic paint, if desired, instead of acrylic paint, you can use fabrics, tapes and accessories.

Working process:

  1. For work, you should take bottles of 0.5 liters., But you can and more, if the tree is very large. The bottle should be cut off the bottom. To get the petals of the bell, you need to cut the edge of the bottle in the form of a zigzag. Since the resulting edges will be sharp, care should be taken.
  2. The petals of our crafts should be made pointed, and with a knife you can shape them. To make holes for the rope, you need to heat the needle and make holes. You can do this work with scissors, only very carefully. At the end of the work the bells should be painted, and they will dry within an hour. To give the products a New Year's look, they need to be decorated with tinsel, garlands or sparkles. The instruction is simple, and you can do the work in its sequence.

Plastic Bottle Candle Holders

This will require:

  • Plastic bottles,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue gun,
  • Universal glue.

Working process:

  1. With your own hands you can make a beautiful candlestick for the holiday. You can use bottles of different colors. Tanks need to be cut in half. The edges of the part that remained with the bottom should be cut into strips, not reaching 4 cm. The strips can be of different widths. The resulting container will be a stand for the candle.
  2. Strips of plastic should be melted over the candle. Then using a glue gun to attach a candle in foil. The space around the candle can be decorated with beads or pebbles. So the candlestick will have a small weight, our crafts are ready.

Video master class on making candlesticks

You can make original cones with your own hands, this craftwork from a plastic bottle will perfectly decorate your Christmas tree and house for the New Year 2019.

This will require:

Working process:

  1. From a plastic bottle, you need to create squares, after which their corners should be rounded. The result will be products like chamomile. After that, you need to process the edges of the petals with a candle so that they fall down.
  2. All items need to be strung on a thread in descending order. It is necessary to insert a bead between them. Then you need to make a sprig of fir and secure it to the cone. The product is ready to create a festive atmosphere.

At last

These wonderful crafts can be made from plastic bottles for decorating Christmas trees and rooms for the New Year 2019 with your own hands, and thus please your loved ones. Therefore, do not throw plastic bottles ahead of time. They make the original gizmos on the Christmas tree, which can not be bought in any store.

Christmas crafts in the year of the pig - the easiest and interesting work

I propose to start with the simplest version of the crafts in my opinion, this amusing boar in the form of a postcard, this can be done absolutely by anyone. Children will love this fun job! So look.

Also for kids, you can make crafts out of a bottle and gouache, just push the bottle with cotton wool, make eyes, nose and equip with a scarf. It will turn out beautiful and irresistible, the kids will definitely like it.

Older children can make a snowman out of cotton sticks by sticking clockwise on a regular cardboard.

Or from decorative ribbons, just such a toy on the Christmas tree.

If you are a lover of chopsticks, then you can make such interesting Christmas toys for the Christmas tree:

You can turn on the imagination and wit and just from one stick to make any hero from the cartoon, and even Santa Claus.

Also from paper or satin ribbons you can easily make a Christmas tree. Make a cone and glue the needles.

Crafts for the New Year 2019 from various scrap materials (paper, cones, bottles, cotton pads, cardboard, beads, felt)

Of course, everyone loves us to do crafts from what is always on hand, in haste.

If you decide to make Christmas toys and paper crafts, then here are the most original ideas, here so everything is clear how to make:

Santa Claus and Snowman

All kinds of decorations of caps and bottles:

And you can also just put a Christmas tree out of books:

At schools and kindergartens, at institutes, you can form this creation in the form of gloves like this:

But if you like to collect cones in the forest, and then create one of them, then you can also learn such ideas for yourself:

Популярными стали также изделия из бутылок, так как они нравятся всем своей простотой и оригинальностью подачи, смотрите сами вот на этих фото:

Снеговичок из стаканчиков

Из обычных лампочек можно сотворить игрушки на елочку, только конечно такие сувениры не для малышей и детей дошкольного возраста.

Можно найти даже применения носкам. Реально очень забавно и чудно смотрится.

Из ватных дисков вообще можно сложить картины и елки:

Из картона и ниток выполнить можно также разные творения и шедевры:

А вот из бисера конечно, если вы не умеете плести будет сразу трудно освоить эту технику. Но все же стоит попробовать. Key chains are popular with most people, for example, such a snowman (scheme) or snowflakes.

And of course from felt, then the task is certainly more difficult, but many cope with it with a bang.

Doing crafts with the symbol of the coming year in the form of a pig (boar)

Of course, most of us will do this year a fun and amusing pig, because it will be she who will patronize this coming year.

The most affordable and easy-to-play toy, it is of course fashioned from plasticine.

Further you can make it from a usual musical disk unnecessary.

Or sew out of felt, this pattern will help you.

The children still love to get up from the yarn, in the form of donuts:

Christmas crafts with patterns and schemes for children

If there are children in your house, then I suggest you quickly do with them such toys and crafts that will bring joy to everyone.

I give ready-made layouts and step-by-step master classes from the photo, so to speak, put it into practice, I'm sure it will turn out just super and very cool!

Attention! Do this craft together with your parents!

Do not believe it, but the thought came to me to make a candlestick, and you can imagine from mandarin, a little more and more delicious, so to say natural flavoring)))

I really liked the idea to make a Christmas tree out of plywood or cardboard with my own hands, as it looks charming, a nice New Year's composition:

If you want a pig to accompany you always at school or at another school, bookmark the book.

Handicrafts for the New Year for kindergarten with parents and children of all sorts of things

I thought, I thought about this issue and decided this year to create such a culinary masterpiece, in the form of a Christmas tree from cookies. For a basis, you can take any recipe of your favorite cookies, and then what, and make stars out of it and fold the Christmas tree, and then decorate it with cream, or candy, mastic, elementary:

Moving on ... You can make a cone of green color out of paper and decorate it with felt-tip pens or plasticine, it’s simpler than this.

Well, the most common and fashionable option is handicrafts made from the pens of a child and an adult:

Photo illustrations, pictures of handicrafts for the New Year holiday

I would also like to give you a bunch of ideas on this New Year's theme, you yourself probably already came up with something in your imagination that was unrealistically beautiful while you watched this article.

Selection of New Year master classes with different ideas of toys and crafts

In conclusion, I want to offer you videos for viewing, I hope, if you have not yet decided on what you want to do, they will help you with this, especially since everything is detailed in them and shown from A to Z:

You can make a snow globe:

A cool friend made of paper in origami style, how can this be a symbol of the year:

Or in the form of such a small souvenir or gift:

I have it all. Write your comments, share your feedback and best practices. Bye Bye!

Children's crafts and toys from plastic bottles

Of course! Toys and toys again. Pigs, cows, cats, lions, penguins. Just look carefully at the bottle: what reminds you of its shape? Hold on to paint, brushes and spend time with joy and pleasure!

Here you have for inspiration examples of what toys can be made from plastic bottles of various shapes:

Creative French created a whole world of robots from plastic bottles and caps!

The best Christmas and New Year books for children

A whole detailed step by step instructions on how to make a plane from a plastic bottle

Show me at least one boy who will refuse such a jet pack of plastic bottles!

But a great toy for the bathroom - ships from the bottles of shampoo.

Such a colorful and cheerful elephant will help to add variety to the interior of the children's room and will simply delight your children:

Source of the idea: La casa park

If children are afraid of the dark - make for them and with them a funny night light.

Source of the idea: Fab

Or just such fireflies.

Also plastic can make bright and funny rattles for the little ones.

Source of the idea: Pink pistachio

And such “foam blowers” ​​for older children - in the summer on the street they will enjoy great success with children.

Source of the idea: Spoonful

It turns out that plastic bottles can be made not only toys, but even the whole game! For example, how do you like such a bowling alley?

Source of the idea: Cool craft sites

And, of course, you can make a traditional piggy-pig very simply! True, it will be difficult to break it. 🙂

Source of the idea: Martha stewart

Animals from plastic bottles, birds

The main thing is to guess the animal hiding there in each bottle shape!

Source of ideas: Home dzine

See what a cute jellyfish from a plastic bottle for the decor of the room desks!

Magic video Master class on making a turtle

Funny birds from plastic bottles.

Charming Princess Frog

Hedgehog from cones and a plastic bottle. Who would have thought that the cap would serve as a nose!

Christmas tree made of plastic bottles

It turns out that you can make a Christmas tree from plastic bottles (for example, a tabletop), and even a Christmas tree. Links to workshops are under each Christmas tree.

And in this video a girl makes a tall New Year tree with a star on top!

And one more video Master Class on making New Year's beauty

Christmas toys from plastic bottles

We need Christmas toys on holidays to decorate the Christmas tree or the whole room. Here are a few ideas that will help to make unexpected and funny Christmas toys and decorations from almost nothing - out of plastic bottles and a minimum of available tools.

A Christmas tree can be decorated with the help of such original balls (these balls are based on rings cut from a plastic bottle, and any decor can be invented):

A source: novyj-god.su

You can make simple Christmas-tree toys with your own hands - and depending on how you decorate them or what you fill with, you can get a lot of options:

If you have a big Christmas tree, you can make golden bells for it:

A source: domstoy.ru

And you can - cones of plastic bottles of brown:

Christmas decorations for the house of plastic bottles

Snowflakes of various kinds look especially good if you can paint them with gold paint:

A source: cutoutandkeep

Such a ball can be a decoration of the room, and several balls hanging at the entrance to the house will create an unforgettable festive atmosphere:

A source: kollekcija.com

Christmas candlesticks from plastic bottles to make very, very simple:

Useful crafts from plastic bottles for the home

Comfortable ottoman for the living room

Step by step instructions for making charming pots

We all know how tasty cupcakes are and how difficult it is sometimes to bring them to visit without spoiling all the beauty. Ordinary cake boxes are too large for them, but for some reason nobody has invented mini boxes. So make them yourself! You will need nothing at all: a plastic bottle, cardboard and colored tape.

By the way, in the same way you can pack macaroons!

Details here: Paper plate and plane

Here are some more ideas for creating various containers from plastic bottles for storing various items:

Source of the idea: apartment therapy

Source of the idea: Home designing

Source of the idea: Home dzine

Source of the idea: EPBOT

Source of the idea: Craft

Source of ideas and MK: duitang

Source of the idea: Ocean whispers

We do not know how for you, but for us it is always a big problem to find a place for a charging phone. With the help of a bottle of shower gel, you can easily resolve this issue. Just cut from it the holder, which will fit both the phone itself and the wire from charging. And you can decorate it with fabric or napkins using decoupage technique.

Source of the idea: Savvy housekeeping

Plastic bottles will help even for unusual decoration napkin rings. We offer step by step instructions for manufacturing.

Bird feeders from plastic bottles

Perhaps the bird feeder is not the most creative work of art, but very useful for our smaller brothers, and it also deserves attention, especially with the approach of spring.

In the bottle, make two through holes, insert a wooden cooking spatula. And, of course, do not forget to fill the seeds!

Source of the idea: Spoonful

Source of the idea: Birds & Blooms

Source of the idea: Design sponge

Crafts from plastic bottles for the garden, garden and cottages

Now let's see how plastic bottles can help us grow flowers and other plants.

This idea will save a lot of space, because the wall that used to be empty is used to place these bottles-pots.

Source of the idea: treehugger

With the help of such transparent covers your seedlings will not be afraid of any wind or bad weather.

Source of the idea: Spoonful

Source of the idea: Blomsterverkstad

Source of the idea: apartment therapy

Source of the idea: LetusDIY.org

Perhaps the simplest, but such an important work is a watering can for home or garden plants! It is not so important whether you are preparing to grow seedlings for the garden, or if you just grow fragrant herbs in pots - such a watering can can be very useful.

And you can only make it with a bottle, a match and a thick needle!

Master Class: A Journey to a Dream

Entertainment with water as a whole system of iridescent vessels is ideal for summer spending time with children in the garden and in the country.

Source of the idea: Playing by the book

And who are the fly agarics from plastic bottles?

Or a whole bunch of daisies!

Jewelry from plastic bottles

The imagination of designers is amazing! You look and do not believe your eyes that such beautiful things are made from ordinary plastic bottles!

You can create jewelry for girls:

Source of the idea: Spoonful

Step by step instructions how to make a very delicate bracelet

A source:postila

Rings, brooches and hair clips from plastic bottles!

Such a necklace you definitely will not find anyone

The next series of crafts - just for the soul. She will tell you how to decorate a room for a holiday party or just decorate your home. You will need very little effort and materials, and the result will surely please your household and friends.

Flowers from plastic bottles with their own hands

Interesting Master Class on making flowers + lifehacks

These decorative flowers can be made by hand from plastic bottles of different colors. Great for co-creation with children.

Source of the idea: Oh happy day

Bright flowers from plastic bottles will help to decorate your party or just add variety to the interior of the house or cottage.

Source of the idea: KROKOTAK

And another video MK on making flowers

Cacti from plastic bottles

Plastic bottle flashlights

How to make flashlights with your own hands from a variety of materials we have already written. Let's add to the list of unusual options for flashlights from plastic bottles.

Source of the idea: Inhabitat

And here you will find a detailed step-by-step MK flashlights

A source: Pinterest

Flashlights for fairies

Clicking on the link under the following photo you will find the video Master Class of this fantastic flashlight-house for fairies. I can not believe that it is made of plastic bottles!

Ideas for the balcony of plastic bottles

Elegant flowerpots for balcony decoration

A huge number of ideas for the balcony and garden balconygardenweb !

But how to make a palm tree from plastic bottles

Want to hang flowers on the balcony?

Cute pots Bear cub and Bunny

And one more detailed video Master Class manufacturing palm trees from plastic bottles

What can be made of caps and caps from plastic bottles

Creative approach to the design of the facade

A source: boredpanda

Still? Among the many homemade trees you will find and Christmas trees with their own hands from plastic bottles! 🙂

All these unusual, original and useful crafts can be created from plastic bottles! If you have examples of such works on your blog, we will be glad if you share them in the comments.