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Wheel for the press: how to make the perfect press without leaving home


Perhaps each of us at least once in his life held a gymnastic roller in his hands, which is a wheel with two handles: left and right. This projectile does not take up much space, its price is quite democratic, and therefore quite often it is found at home with very different people. True, not every one of the simulator owners regularly uses it. Meanwhile, such a simple device allows almost all muscles to work, although the main burden falls on the abdominal pressure.

Gymnastic roller is an excellent projectile for home strength training. It will suit more “advanced” fitness lovers than beginners, because it allows you to perform a complex compound exercise that develops upper body and abs.

Strength training or aerobics?

Contrary to opinion, common among non-professionals, strength training in burning fat is a much more effective measure than your favorite weight loss cardio exercises. After all, aerobics works only during the lesson, and strength exercises have a prolonged effect, lasting several hours, or even days, after you have finished the lesson. The idea is that the more muscle there is in a person, the faster metabolism occurs in his body. Even during rest and sleep, an accelerated metabolism destroys excess body fat.

Experts call a gymnastic movie the most effective of home shells for drawing the relief of the abdomen. The flexors and extensors of the abdominals are under tremendous pressure. In the upper part of the body, the arms and shoulders work, but even more - the pectoral and dorsal muscles. Below, the buttocks, femoral biceps and quadriceps (one of the most problematic areas) are being actively developed. The only thing that is not perfect gymnastic movie: exercise with him is too difficult for beginners. Therefore, coaches advise to start with simplified forms, and with the improvement of physical fitness go to full-fledged loads.

Advantages and disadvantages

Most people who use a gymnastic clip praise it. The main advantage of the projectile is that the load from it is complex and affects a very large number of muscles. Its practicality is also noted: the size is small, the device is simple and sturdy, to do anything with it except for the floor is not required. Working with such a simulator is a pleasure.

For objectivity, it is worth noting a couple of minuses. The first is injury risk. Problems are most likely with the lumbar region. To avoid them - follow the correct technique. The second is the lack of efficiency in the opinion of some of the users. To believe them or not is a personal matter, however, the facts remain the facts: with proper and regular training, the effect is still there, and considerable.


So, how to use gymnastic roller? Below are the options for exercises with this projectile.

  1. Kneeling, hold the roller with outstretched hands on the floor near the chest. Begin slowly rolling back the projectile in the direction away from you until you touch your knees with your chest, and then roll it towards you smoothly, returning to the starting position.
  2. Variation of exercise 1. In the most distant position of the roller, linger for 2-4 seconds, and only then make a movement back.
  3. Sitting on the floor with your back straight and your knees bent, place the roller under your feet and roll it away from you, bending your upper body in the direction of movement. When the slope reaches its maximum, you can move backwards. Do not try to perform this exercise perfectly the first time - it requires a certain skill that comes with time.

To increase the effectiveness of the exercises, take a deep breath before the slopes, and during the ascents - exhale.

What is a press video?

The gymnastic wheel is a simulator with the simplest device: it looks like a roller with a diameter of 16 to 20 cm rotating when moving, with handles on both sides. The video itself can be double or single, have the function of return and other additional properties that facilitate the use of the simulator and increase the effectiveness of exercises with the wheel. The device is made of durable materials that can withstand a large enough weight and do not spoil the flooring.

The sports wheel has a number of positive qualities, thanks to which it is very popular both with men and women:

  • low (compared to other simulators) price,
  • compactness - it is possible to swing the abdominal muscles using the gymnastic wheel even at home,
  • high efficiency - the use of the roller allows you to reduce the fat layer in the waist after a few weeks.

What muscles are involved in exercises on the wheel? Most of all, of course, the abdominal muscles are trained, and all at once - oblique, straight and transverse. However, exercises with a press wheel are also good because other parts of the body work in them: during such trainings, the muscles of the arms, back and legs are perfectly strengthened, so you can not only get a beautiful, flat stomach, but also tighten the buttocks and hips.

It should be borne in mind that exercises with a press wheel belong to the category of complex physical exertion, therefore it will be difficult to perform them without minimal training. Those who have never engaged in strengthening the muscles before workouts, in which gymnastic videos are involved, it is recommended that you first practice at least a week using simple exercises to press and general strengthening of muscles.

In addition, for beginners, manufacturers of sports equipment produce special types of gymnastic wheels, on which you can find the mark “for beginners”. If you didn’t find such a sport wheel in the store, you can easily do the simplest model of the roller. In this case, keep in mind that the smaller the wheel size, the more the muscles work, so first you need to purchase a simulator with a large roller diameter.

In sports training, of course, the result is important, so many are wondering: how fast can you press the press with the help of exercises on the wheel? Much depends on the individual characteristics of the body, but judging by the reviews, with regular workouts, the effect is achieved in about a month.

How to work with the wheel for the press?

To quickly achieve the desired results, it is very important to know how to properly use the wheel for the press. The first and most important rule of training is regularity. Well, if you can do the exercises daily. But if this is not possible, you should try to exercise at least 3-5 times a week.

It is impossible to start immediately with large loads, otherwise you can over-exert your muscles, and then the workout will have to be postponed indefinitely. The optimal number of approaches for beginners in each exercise with a wheel is only 3. In one approach you should not do more than 12 repetitions.

Clothing for training should be light, comfortable and not constraining movement. To protect your feet from injury, you should put a soft mat under your knees. It is good if it is a special sports floor for such exercises, but if it is not there, then it is quite possible to get along with analogs - the main thing is that the mat does not slip and is not too rough.

Before you start exercising on the simulator, it is necessary to carry out an easy warm-up. This will prepare the muscles and circulatory system for the upcoming load. It is advisable to include 1-2 cardio exercises in a warm-up, for example, intensive walking on the spot or jumping rope.

When performing exercises on the wheel, it is very important to monitor breathing - the effectiveness of training depends on it. Properly perform the bends and tacks on the inhale, and return to the starting position - on the exhale.

In addition, you certainly need to pay attention to the position of the back: to avoid injuries of the spinal column, you must keep your back straight or slightly arched. Waist subsidence can not be allowed.

Before you begin to perform a set of exercises on the wheel, be sure to note what contraindications exist for such physical activities. So, in case of diseases and injuries of the spine, as well as irregularities in the work of the cardiovascular system, it is not recommended to engage in a gymnastics roller, therefore, if there are deviations in health, it will be helpful to consult a doctor about the possibility of such training.

How to do exercises with a gymnastic roller for the press?

There are quite a few exercises on the wheel that allow you to pump up the press. Today we offer to get acquainted with the complex, which can be performed even by those who are just starting to engage with the simulator. It includes the following exercises:

  1. Kneel down, set the gymnastic wheel in front of you and place your palms on the handles of the simulator. Relying on the roller, make smooth movements forward, trying to tilt the torso as much as possible, and then back. Gradually, this exercise with the wheel can be complicated - for example, to cross the raised ankles or do it while standing on the toes, and not on the knees.
  2. Kneeling and putting your hands on the simulator, roll it first from yourself, then to yourself, then to the left and back to yourself, then to the right and return to the starting position again.
  3. Take the starting position as in the first task and, transferring the weight to the wheel for the press, move it away from you, with the upper part of the body not push forward, but press it to the thighs.
  4. To lie down on the floor with the stomach, the simulator to move his hands toward him, slowly rising and bending his back.
  5. Sitting on the floor and straightening his legs, put the wheel to his right. Keeping the position of the legs, move the simulator forward, trying to touch the surface with the breast. Return to the starting position. Put the roller on the left and repeat the movement.
  6. Lying on the floor, place the foot on the handles of the wheel, stretch your arms along the body. Lift the buttocks so that they are in line with the torso. Slowly roll the simulator forward and back.

To perform the exercises on the wheel do not need to start abruptly in the hope of quickly pump up the press. On the contrary, such “zeal” can cause severe pain in the muscles, sprains and other injuries, so the pace should be increased gradually, especially if the body has not been subjected to such loads before. Over time, you can introduce new, more complex types of exercises with a simulator, for example, in a standing position, and work longer, but at first it is better to limit yourself to moderate workouts. Even with minor loads with a roller, you will notice that the muscles of the abdomen and back work very intensively, and after 3-4 weeks of such classes the first result will be noticeable.

Sports wheel for the press: what is it like?

In view of this simulator - nothing more than a simple wheel (roller) with handles on the sides. In diameter, it can be different - from 16 to 20 cm.

Depending on the manufacturer, the wheel costs from 600 rubles and more. In general, there are various modifications of these rollers: single, double, with trimmer-foot pad, exercise equipment with four whole rollers, with a return function, etc. The surface of such rollers is made of special materials that do not scratch the floor during exercise.

Advantages and disadvantages of press clips

Let's start with the advantages:

  • The small size of the simulator is an absolute plus, which makes it possible to practice even in a small apartment, and after a workout - hide it in the most secluded corner,
  • Cheapness The simplest simulator for the wheel press, as we have already mentioned, is quite inexpensive. At the same time, if used properly, its effectiveness is no less than when practicing with expensive projectiles,
  • In addition to strengthening the abdominal muscles (its oblique and straight muscles are involved), during workouts with a wheel for the press, the muscles of the shoulder girdle, chest, buttocks, arms, thighs, and back also work. This makes the roller almost universal simulator to increase overall muscle tone.

Based on its advantages, this projectile can be used both by girls who want to have a thin waist and an appetizing ass, and by men, whose goal is the cherished “cubes” on the stomach.

One of the disadvantages of hudeem-bez-problem.ru can be distinguished: it is difficult for people who are not physically prepared to download a press with a wheel. It may even seem to some that this is impossible.

Therefore, if you have loose muscles, it is better to first shake the press for 1-2 weeks and tone the muscles of the arms and legs.

How to deal with the wheel for the press?

If you do decide to improve your physical shape with a roller, of course, you need to "get it". Best of all, if you start your classes with the simplest models of this simulator or marked “for beginners”.

At first glance it may seem that exercises with a press wheel are monotonous, but this is not at all the case. From the very beginning, you need to ensure comfort during training: lay something soft under your knees, since they will have the main load.

The starting position of the main exercise is kneeling, a roller in the hands. It is advisable not to straighten the body completely parallel to the floor, especially in the first classes, since it will be impossible to rise from this position.

Press wheel: reviews

People who have tried to work with a roller for the press, leave different opinions about him:

  • The wheel really liked and effective, for 1.5 months the press was just super, really! But at first I didn’t manage to do the exercises correctly, lost my balance and fell aside. Therefore, I think that a roller with two wheels will be more convenient. Dasha, 28 years old
  • I am engaged with the wheel every day, doing about 50 approaches. Oddly enough, all the muscles strengthened - back, arms, priests, but not the press. Anya, 29 years old
  • I can say that the simulator is exactly suitable for trained people with strong muscles. Personally, I use it as one of the elements of the training at the end of the session, my press is well pumped. And one more “but”: if you have back problems, this wheel will not work for you. Galina, 33 years old

To summarize, we can conclude that press wheel - "profitable" and effective projectile. It can help make the stomach flat and strengthen the muscles of other groups, but only if you exercise regularly and persistently.

The author - Natalia Degtyareva, a portal about losing weight LOSTWORK without problems!

How to make a choice?

How to choose a wheel for the press? When buying, be guided by the following criteria:

  • If you are a beginner, it is better to choose a roller with a return mechanism, which will make returning to the initial position easier and thereby reducing the risk of injury.
  • Number of wheels. The more of them, the easier it will be to keep your balance. If the roller is single, but the load on the muscles will increase.
  • If you want to fully work out the legs, then choose a simulator with pedals and straps for the legs. Check the strength of the mountings!
  • The diameter of the wheel is also important. The smaller it is, the more effort you will have to make to move.
  • Movie with a shifted center of gravity will increase the load and the complexity of the exercises, so it is suitable for professionals.
  • A wheel with elastic cables for tension will significantly increase the load, as it will take much more effort to stretch.
  • Estimate the weight. The more it is, the more difficult it will be to do.
  • Consider all fixtures.
  • Handles must be non-slip.
  • Pay attention to the wheel. It should not be too hard or slippery.
  • Give preference to proven manufacturers and shop at specialty stores or departments.

How to do?

Exercises with a wheel for the press:

  1. Get on your knees, grab the wheel with both hands on the handle and set it in front of you. Now move forward, that is push the wheel, but gently and smoothly. Next, try to return to the starting position.
  2. Perform the previous exercise, but roll the wheel not forward, but to the sides, this will allow you to work out the lateral abdominals.
  3. If the roller has grooves for the legs, then place the feet in them, lie on your back, bend your knees and raise the pelvis and lower back. Roll the wheel forward and back, trying not to touch the floor with your feet and buttocks.
  4. The first exercise can be performed from a standing position. Stand straight, legs apart, shoulder-width apart. Bend forward to keep your back and legs straight and the wheel on the floor. Roll it forward as far as possible, then return to the starting position.
  5. Sit on the floor, put your hands on the floor behind your back and roll the wheel with your feet, trying to bring them as close as possible to the hull and away. Such an exercise will help to work out the hips and calves.
  6. Сядьте на пол, корпус поверните вправо, колесо поставьте на пол и катите его в сторону как можно дальше. Повернитесь в другую сторону и повторите упражнение.

Правила тренировок

Правила, соблюдение которых поможет избежать нежелательных последствий и сделать тренировки более эффективными и приятными:

  1. If the exercises seem difficult for you, then first prepare for their implementation. For two weeks, swing the press, for example, by lifting the case.
  2. Each session should start with a warm-up, which will allow you to "warm up" and prepare the muscles. You can choose slopes, running in place or jumping.
  3. Start with a minimum load so as not to damage the muscles. Then gradually increase it. In any case, do not overdo it, it can lead to injury.
  4. Follow the correct execution of the exercise. It is better to spend the first few trainings at the mirror in order to immediately correct all errors.
  5. Do not forget to breathe properly, so that the muscles get oxygen.
  6. The duration of one workout should be about 20-40 minutes, but it is worth using other exercises and equipment.
  7. To avoid injury, ask someone to insure you for the first few workouts. The helper can support the hull and help return to its original position.

Types of videos and prices for simulators

Named as a roller for the press, a wheel for fitness or a gymnastic wheel, the rollers are ideal for practicing professionals and amateurs who want to lose weight or improve physical fitness. Small-sized simulator is a wheel with handles on the sides. Manufacturers made shells of different types. These include clips:

  • With return mechanism,
  • With a single wheel or a pair,
  • With offset center of gravity,
  • Equipped with pedals
  • In the form of a trimmer with tensioners.

Gymnastic rollers with a return mechanism

For beginners who do not have experience in classes, it is advisable when buying a wheel for fitness to stop the choice on a simulator with a return mechanism. The reasons:

  • The ability to avoid exceeding the load on the body,
  • The rapid development of the principles of working with a projectile.

The return mechanism makes the moment of returning to the starting position easier, reduces the degree of load on the lumbar region. This factor facilitates classes, which is of great importance for a person just starting to train. The cost of such a simulator - 350-700 rubles.

Projectile with one or two wheels

This type of clips is the most common. The design, which has no return mechanism, looks like one or two wheels, equipped with a handle-axis. A shell with a pair of wheels has one advantage: no need to keep balance in the process of doing the exercises. Prices for such simulators - from 150 to 500 rubles.

Simulator with pedals

The main advantage of the pedal roller is the access to performing exercises that give the load to the legs. The presence of elements in the form of pedals affects the cost of construction slightly. It is possible to purchase a wheel at the price from 700 to 1400 rubles.

The appearance of the projectile is a double wheel for a press, to the axis of which a flexible cable is attached. The opposite end of the cable during the exercise is fixed on the legs, increasing the load due to the tension. There are models in which the rollers are supplied with rollers for each arm separately. Here the cost of the simulator is higher: 800-1500 Russian rubles.

Making the right choice

The level of training and age will not become obstacles on the way to classes using the wheel for the press, but the degree of your endurance cannot be ignored.

If a gymnastic roller with a return mechanism is an ideal choice for a beginner, then a projectile with a displaced center will allow you to maintain a good shape that already exists. In the latter case, it is also advisable to give preference to a projectile with a tensioning cable.

Diversity lovers are advised to purchase a press wheel with pedals.


A simple exercise with a gymnastic roller:

  1. Kneel in front of the vertical wall,
  2. Take the wheel, set it in front of you,
  3. Roll forward, pushing the wheel against the wall,
  4. Return to the starting position.

Increase the roll out distance if it was too easy.

What is such a wheel for the press

The subject of our research, namely, the wheel for the press. is a roller equipped with two handles. The spinning wheel itself has an impact on the muscles of the press, and the second part of the sports projectile is intended, as you have probably guessed, to fix the simulator with your hands. This device has several names. In addition to the above-mentioned wheels and a press roller, people use terms such as “gymnastics roller” and “gymnastic wheel” to designate a device. In order to give the sports equipment greater and better stability during the training process, some devices are equipped with not one, but two rollers at once. In general, the equipment of a particular device depends on its model and, of course, on the cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of the wheel for weight loss

The press wheel has a lot of advantages over other members of the simulator family.. Firstly, the gymnastic roller is very compact, which means that it will not take up much space even in a regular, albeit small, apartment. Secondly, the use of the wheel for the press in order to lose weight and correction of the figure will not cause any particular difficulties even for a beginner athlete. Thirdly, the sports equipment is quite inexpensive, especially in comparison with the price of other simulators. At the same time, exercises with a wheel for the press are no less effective than training with the use of devices that many cannot afford.

Of the shortcomings of the wheel for the press, it is worth paying your attention, perhaps, to the rather high complexity of the first lessons with a roller for the purpose of losing weight. At least a considerable number of beginners initial training really seem incredibly difficult. But, as they get used to this kind of sports activity, in the name of the beauty of the figure, their opinion after only a few days, a maximum of a week, changes radically.

In addition, such activities have contraindications: cardiovascular diseases and problems with the spine.

Press wheel: training rules

Training, which involves the press wheel, should be carried out with the obligatory observance of some very important principles. Now we get to know them.

  • during workouts with a wheel for the press, wear comfortable, moderately loose clothing that does not cause difficulties in movement. Hair. if they are long, you should assemble in such a way that they do not close the review and do not interfere with training.
  • For exercises with a wheel for the press, a special soft pad is very desirable, which must be laid on the floor where classes will take place.
  • To fatigue come to you as late as possible, breathe properly during training, that is, through the nose. In addition, inhalation should be made, making the slopes, and exhale the air from the lungs should be at the time the body returns to its original position. As a result, the blood will be enriched with oxygen, the effectiveness of the exercises performed with a roller will increase significantly.
  • In no case can not immediately start classes, which are directly related to the use of a sports projectile. A preliminary warm-up of 5-10 minutes is required, the purpose of which is to warm up the muscles, prepare the body as a whole for more complex basic training and reduce the risk of injuries.
  • If you are a beginner, do each exercise for no more than 8 repetitions in a row. This is at first, and after 3-4 primary classes, you can gradually increase the load to 12-15. The number of approaches in this case is 2-3. The main thing - do not overdo it.
  • The greatest effectiveness is given by exercises with a wheel for the press with an emphasis on the feet. However, during the introductory classes do not seek to immediately use this method - as long as enough emphasis on the knees.
  • During the movement of the roller, try to maximally strain the abdominal muscles, roll the roller itself slowly. Standard training includes gymnastics wheel rental forwards and backwards, as training becomes more complex, it is recommended to introduce diagonal rentals as well.

The benefits of workouts with a wheel for the press

Photo: press wheel

It is clear that sports activities involving the gymnastic wheel in them help to fight excess weight. But what are the specific effects of such exercises?

Due to the physical activity with the press wheel, not only the muscles of the press itself, but also many others work. Experts claim that training with the wheel affects more than two dozen muscles simultaneously.

Due to training with a simulator, the posture is corrected to some extent, back and lumbar pains disappear, coordination of movements improves, endurance increases. Of course, the metabolic rate increases.

And the last thing: roller skates help to establish the process of burning calories in those moments when you are not training. Persons who want to build muscle mass, too, can do it.