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Ecology of life. Leisure: If the school program was wistful for you, it is not because the subjects are dull. You are just not interested in them told. But it's never too late to learn. We found brilliant informative films about chemistry, physics, and other things that in school years caused only yawning. That's right!

If the school curriculum was depressingly depressing for you, it is not because the subjects are dull. You are just not interested in them told. But it's never too late to learn. We found brilliant informative films about chemistry, physics, and other things that in school years caused only yawning. That's right!


Secrets of Quantum Physics

In our world, the stone falls down, the balloon flies up, and if you are sitting at home on the couch, you just can not be in another place. But in the world of atoms, these laws stop working. There parallel lines easily intersect, and things are in two places at the same time. This is the world of “Alice in Wonderland,” and even physicists admit that they are dizzy when thinking about quantum theory, but in this film the surrealistic laws of the world of atoms are explained on the fingers and very understandable.


Secrets of the Pacific Ocean

Fantastically, before the pain in the eyes of a beautiful 6-episode film about the largest ocean of the planet. Underwater volcanoes and deep-sea monsters, the strange customs of the islanders, the mysterious mechanics of currents, tropical birds and a lot of blue water. Immediately want to go on vacation.


Victorian farm

The historian Ruth Goodman is a redheaded woman of incredible charm. Together with her gang, archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Jeanne, she has already done quite a few historical reconstruction projects. "Victorian farm" - the most ambitious. Ruth and her team dress up in Victorian clothes and go to revive an old farm in Shropshire. Everything, as in the 19th century, no indulgences - they are prepared according to old recipes, they drive cider, sew quilts. And it’s more fun to watch than any TV show.


Cell. Cell life

Cute British geneticist and biologist Adam Rutherford talks about what makes matter alive, what is happening inside the cell, why the sea sponge is almost immortal, how Dutch napkins and orchids brought us closer to solving the mystery of life, and also tests in the most powerful modern.


Universe. Alien galaxies

If our sun were the size of a dot at the end of this sentence, then the galaxy in which it is spinning would be the size of the United States. Galaxies are monstrously huge, there are billions of them in the universe and they are very, very far from us. But the most surprising thing is that we already know a lot about them and can even imagine how our brothers in mind lived on them.

It will be interesting to you:

Art history

The Divine Michelangelo

Michelangelo Buanarotti was a real star of his time. Like any celebrity, he was tormented by fans and blackened by envious people; there were a lot of rumors around his life. And he himself tossed between art and religion, sculpted snowmen and created immortal works.

Confessions of an Assassin

What is going on in the mind of the person who is called the "Iceman"? This is what the psychiatrist is trying to figure out, whose sessions with the cold-blooded killer Richard Kuklinski can be seen in the film. What it is like to lead a double life, mercilessly killing people, working for the mafia, and at the same time being a loving husband and an exemplary family man. Kuklinsky himself and tell it.

Interview with cannibal

Do you think the times of cannibals are over or they stayed somewhere in the depths of Africa? Look at the story of real facts from the life of Issei Sagawa, who killed and ate a man, to make sure that everything is not so rosy. By the way, the court found him mentally ill, because Sagawa is not in prison.

Monster: The Story of Josef Fritzl

Otherwise, as a monster and it will not name. This story shook the whole world. The father of a large family, respected by many people, in fact turned out to be one of the most horrible maniacs. For 24 years, he kept his own daughter in the basement of his house, who gave birth to seven children from him. Nervous better not to look.

Killing a nun is a high-profile affair. And in the case when the murderer did not suffer punishment, all the more. Who decided on such an act? What is the reason? What did the person who dedicated it to the service of God pay with his life? You will find the answers to these questions in this documentary.


The problem of "sleep paralysis" is quite a frequent occurrence. It is not fully understood and there is no cure for it. Using the example of eight volunteers suffering from such a problem, the authors of the film are trying to show how serious this is. After all, often participants in an experiment cannot determine exactly where reality is, and where sleep is. They often have nightmares, and the worst thing about all of this is the lack of control over their body. Breaking away from the clutches of such nightmares is very difficult, and sometimes even leads to death.

Aokigahara / Forest of suicides

It is known to many tourists. And the forest of Aokigahara has long become an attraction of the Japanese town. But, unfortunately, a landmark with a long history, littered with hundreds of corpses of those who decided to commit suicide. Every year about a hundred new bodies are found in the forest.

People - the inhabitants of the planet Earth. But who gave them the right to feel on her permanent kings? Who gave the right to cruel to animals? People are heartless, this is the main message of this film, generously seasoned with bloody scenes.

Common Fascism

In this tape, the phenomenon of fascism is laid out literally into atoms. Starting from how he originated in the Third Reich, ending with what he had brought. How ruthless and terrible can be a man obsessed with the idea of ​​fascism, forcibly "placed in the head."

Everyone knows how warm and friendly dolphins are towards humans. What, unfortunately, can not be said about the people themselves. Using the trust of animals, they are hard exterminating them. This is a story about an annual mammal hunt in Taiji. There, fishermen lure dolphins into the bay, where they catch and sell, and often kill, to sell meat.

Note that all these pictures are quite complex for perception. Shocking and terrifying scenes - not a whim of the authors and not a desire to scare the audience. This is the truth about the events taking place near us.

Celebrity Biographies

  • United States, 2017.
  • IMDb: 7.7.

A three-hour interview with Steven Spielberg, an American filmmaker who presented Jaws, Jurassic Park, Schindler's List and other good films to the world. In a frank conversation, Spielberg talks about his childhood, the first attempts to make a movie, relationships with famous colleagues, and at the same time shares his professional secrets.

Diana: the story of her words

  • United Kingdom, 2017.
  • IMDb: 7.8.

Princess Diana died in a car accident 20 years ago, but the details of her life interest people still. In this sensational interview, the princess shares with the teacher the secrets of relationships in the royal family, many of whom had previously been carefully hidden.

David Lynch: Life in Art

  • USA, Denmark, 2016.
  • IMDb: 7.2.

The measured monologue of David Lynch, the most mysterious director of modernity, about life, sources of inspiration, meditation and ways to search for ideas. This interview will help to penetrate the original vision of the world of the director and begin to better understand his work.

  • United States, 2015
  • IMDb: 8.1.

A series of films about important scientific and technological discoveries that radically changed the modern world. The light bulb, the first computer, the atomic bomb, the iPhone - this and many other inventions, as well as their creators, will cover the program cycle.

Janice: The little girl is sad

  • United States, 2015
  • IMDb: 7.5.

The story of the short but intense life of Janis Joplin, American rock singer and queen of blues. This documentary is based on letters that Joplin wrote to close friends, relatives and colleagues throughout her life.

Films about the world

  • United Kingdom, 2015.
  • IMDb: 9.4.

This documentary thriller about hunting in the wild. How predators are looking for prey, what tactics they use to catch it, what tricks the victims go to so they don’t eat them - learn about all the details of hunting in forests, deserts, under water and in the air.

Gene height, or How to go to Everest

  • Russia, 2017.
  • Rating: 8.1.

A documentary about the conquest of Everest from Tibet. The Russian expedition, accompanied by a film crew, makes an exciting and exhausting ascent of the mountain from the foot to the very top.

Planet Earth 2

  • UK, 2016
  • IMDb: 9.1.

Rare shots of little known corners of the planet, allowing to plunge into the life of the wild nature. Never before has it been possible to explore the mountains, islands, jungles, deserts and pastures in such detail.

Blue Planet 2

  • United Kingdom, 2017.
  • IMDb: 9.6.

A stunningly beautiful film about mysteries lurking in the depths of the sea and ocean. You will learn what is hidden under water, watch the life of deep-sea inhabitants and enjoy the pristine beauty of the plant world.

Air Force: Wonderful Seasons

  • UK, 2016
  • IMDb: 8.3.

A film about changing the behavior of animals depending on the season and climate. Heat, cold, humidity, drought - you will learn how animals adapt to different environmental conditions and prepare in advance for the change of seasons.

Secrets of the "Game of Thrones"

  • USA, 2016
  • IMDb: 7.1.

Interesting excursion to the mysterious behind the scenes of the popular fantasy saga "Game of thrones." Find out how episodes are filmed, how characters are created, what events take place behind the scenes and what difficulties you have to face when screening George Martin's work.

Abstraction: the art of design

  • United States, 2017.
  • IMDb: 8.5.

Documentary series from Netflix, dedicated to the talented designers of our time. Find out who creates the covers for The New Yorker, who designs the Nike sneakers and Fiat cars, and thanks to whom we also see the world around us as it is.

Warhol box

  • USA, 2016
  • IMDb: 7.0.

Parents of Lisan Skyler, who shot this film, were collectors. In 1964, for $ 1,000, they acquired Andy Warhol's notorious work - the sculpture of the Brillo soap box. Find out how a few years later the heirloom was on the world auction and increased in price to $ 3 million.

What is health?

  • United States, 2017.
  • IMDb: 8.0.

An investigative film about the conspiracy of medical and pharmacological corporations. The authors are convinced that these institutions are interested in making people more sick and buying more and more medicines. To do this, their health must somehow harm - and then come to the aid of harmful products from supermarkets.

Abortion: women tell

  • USA, 2016
  • IMDb: 7.2.

Does a woman have the right to an abortion? Is it legal to forbid her to get rid of an unwanted child? This detailed interview explores different points of view. It is based on real stories of women: both those who, for various reasons, terminated the pregnancy, and those who preserved the fetus.

Billionaire secrets

  • United States, 2015
  • IMDb: 8.8.

Robert Durst is an eccentric American tycoon and prime suspect in a series of unsolved crimes. All the evidence points to it, but for the past 30 years the wine of Durst has not been proven. In the film, he gives an exclusive interview, which finally puts everything in its place.

  • USA, 2016
  • IMDb: 7.1.

Series adaptation of the Japanese documentary drama Torihada. It tells about the shadow side of the Internet, hidden from ordinary users. Cybercrime, biohacking, illegal deals, pornography - find out what hides the darknet.

Stories of fifteen

  • United States, 2017.
  • IMDb: 7.3.

A film about the traditional ancient rite of the Kinseanier, through which Hispanic girls pass. They perform it on the day of the fifteenth to mark the transition to adulthood. Five girls tell what this holiday means for them, followed by a new stage.

October sky

Sometimes you should not listen to what others say. You must listen to yourself!

The height of the cold war. For the first time, the Soviet Union launched an artificial satellite into Earth orbit. For Homer, a schoolchild living in a small mining town, the launch of the satellite became the point after which the meaning of life changed completely and irrevocably. And when there is a goal and you live only with it, nothing can stop you.

10 steps to success

Sometimes in life you need to rebuild and go to another lane.

The heroine of the film is a young girl always doubting, a little disappointed in her life. Hero Freeman - open, sociable, showing attention and care to people. And it is he who makes the girl stand up, look around, open up and believe in herself. How often each of us lacks such a Morgan Freeman in certain moments of life.

The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty

Stop dreaming. Start living.

This picture about the adventures of an office loser seems to scream from the screen: “Don't be like everyone else! Do not be afraid! Change the world! ”Teen enthusiasm clearly showed us the 48-year-old Hollywood comedian with the experience of Ben Stiller, who, in theory, should have been tired of all this for a long time. But not on that attacked.

- Rewrite me again!

Harold Creek is a typical tax official: life is on schedule, the numbers in the head are all exactly as planned. The ideal worker, unforgivably "deeply" stuck in his own desires and dreams. And everything would be fine if his routine actions did not start commenting on the voice of a certain writer who considers it her duty to kill the character of each written book. Wow sticking, right?

Hector's journey in search of happiness

Everyone wants to find happiness.

Psychoanalyst has a crisis. It would seem that it is he who should make people happy, but - the trouble is - he is unhappy himself. He feels like a charlatan selling rabbit legs. And therefore goes on searches. About where and with whom to seek happiness, and tell this movie.

Hair spray

Get ready for something very big.

A kind and funny musical about a plump girl named Tracy Turnblad. She dreams of becoming a dancer and shows by her own example how to overcome difficulties and become the star of a popular dance television show. By the way, the role of the mother of this girl is performed by John Travolta!

Large fish

The largest fish in the river is the one that does not bite at the bait.

Tim Burton made a fairy tale film, a fantasy film, but not so that we could watch, be moved and forget. The story of the inventor Edward Bloom is a hint that everyone sees his own reality in his own way. Someone, looking at the night sky, will see just the sky, and someone will see the bottomless, immense world of stars and universes.

Good year

Start life anew.

After watching this movie, I want to learn to forget about time, enjoy food, see beauty. Learning to accept life is easier, not worrying about trifles and not grieving about the lost. To live, not exist, feel, not understand, see, not look. A good film about true values ​​in life.

Every second is important.

For these one and a half hours of beautiful pictures, encouraging music, jokes, contrasting with shocking scenes, you experience not only 127 hardest hours of Aron, but you also have time to think about what exactly you are doing wrong and what you need to do.

Billy elliot

Inside each of us there is a special talent that is waiting to break out. The trick is to find it.

What should a miner's son get involved in? No doubt: boxing and boxing only. But 11-year-old Billy Elliot had his own opinion on this. He was in love with. ballet. Joke? Not at all - the most cherished dream. Worth seeing those who are tired of seeking support from relatives and friends.

Legend of Bagger Vans

Inside each of us there is a true true scope.

War veteran Rannuf Junnah was once the best golfer in all of Savannah. But from the war he returns a completely different person. He feels lost and lonely, he does not have the strength to continue his "star career." Suddenly a mysterious Bagger Vance appears in his life, which helps the hero to gain faith in himself.

Water for Elephants!

Life is the most amazing show in the world.

Jacob had big life plans. He already thought of everything. It remained only to pass the final exam, and everything will be fine and carefree. But the death of his parents changed everything. The house took the bank. There is no money, as well as work. The film is about love, about kindness and compassion for loved ones, about faith in one’s own strength and desire to change life.

Three idiot

Our heart is a real coward. Need to fool him.

If you think that Indian cinema is a circus, then after watching “Idiots” you will change your opinion. Two students enroll in an engineering college. One - at the insistence of his father and in spite of his dream, the other - for the sake of earnings. Both with their problems and fears. And here comes the Ranch, which is not at all like other students, who will teach not to be afraid to be yourself and tell you how important it is to follow your dream.

This is a very funny story.

If you don't live, you just die.

Крейгу 16. У него проблемы в школе, семье, и он не ладит с девушками. Все это кажется Крейгу достаточным, чтобы покончить с собой. Но не умирать же в 16 лет, поэтому он обращается в клинику. В итоге фильм превращается в историю о том, как надо жить. Or rather, that we must live! Jump, run, travel, go to the cinema, sing, listen to music, fulfill dreams, look for opportunities, make choices. In general - live.

I do not leave the force on the way back!

This film has a great idea. And it consists in the fact that it doesn’t matter under what conditions you were born, what people around you thought of since childhood. It is only important that you yourself know who you really are. Belief in yourself and your strength creates real miracles.

Share in the comments movies that give strength to you.

Serbian film

A unique and outstanding film that no one has ever advised anyone. Just because the “Serbian film” contains crazy scenes of violence, sex with children and corpses. The original nugget of shocking cinematograph: the picture is still hotly debated by fans and unenlightened viewers are trying to watch.

This art-house creation is for those who love to see a complex subtext everywhere. So, fans still argue about whether the director Srdjan Spasoevich specifically made a caricature of the political situation in Serbia and the past associated with the United States. Or is he just an unbalanced creator who wanted to make a movie about sex in blood and babes in semen. You will find out the answer, if you decide to look after all - the ending is more than exhaustive.

The other side of the film is the condemnation of the current and especially the porn industry. The fictional director of the plot slightly loses boundaries and begins to invent new genres. Some fans of the “Serbian film” have found a meaning here: they say, he scoffs at the depravity of the mass consciousness and shows what all this will lead to. Do not wait for a meaningful review of this movie - it is too mad to be taken seriously and too complicated to write everything off as trash.

"Wedding vase"

"Wedding Vase" - the same film, which is customarily remembered, ironically over the whole arthouse. "Wait, arthouse, this is where the pigs are fucked, right?" Yes, it is - he, a 1974 Belgian film about a crazy farmer who runs naked and rapes a sow. It is said that sexual acts did take place in reality, but you will not see this film in the lists of “bed scenes from films that really happened”. Music as if from “Sesame Street” comes here as a bonus.

Guinea pig

The case when specifically wanted to remove the terrible horrors - and it happened. "Guinea pig" - a series of Japanese horror films, half of which were shot on meat, like shawarma on Taganskaya, manga. Visually, it looks like a typical snuff-movie, which scares the viewer with inserts like “this tape was thrown at the police station”.

In the box there are 5 tapes about how someone is beaten and cut, cut and shred, shoot and amputate - in short, this is a bloody show. Moreover, these are the most interesting ribbons of all that we offer you today. Watch them is not recommended, but in the "pig" at least have their own charm. For example, one of the stories about how an artist finds a mermaid in a sewer, after which he draws her portrait with the help of fluid from ulcers on a semi-breaking body. In short, anime in all its diversity.

Horror in the pictures is not so much, because only one shows rape and in fact ill-treatment of a person. The rest are plastic and stupid films about how someone is immortal and therefore chops off his arms and legs or about how a scientist cuts the corpse of a young girl. A sight that is not at all worth the hours spent. If you decide - do it only in the company, even laugh.

Begotten ("begotten")

Once one beauty invited me to "see horror" and we all understand what it usually means. Girls love scary movies, because at this moment you can embrace and stroke them on the back with the expected results. To my failure, this “horror” turned out to be Beggoten, an hour and a half of confused transcendental treshak with sound effects from Age of Empires II. This is the case when it is appropriate to provide a description from the “Film Search”:

“God is old and mad, he will gut himself with a razor in an abandoned house, lonely and useless to no one. Mother Earth, waiting for death, made him still warm body a blowjob and fertilized herself with seed. Far in the wilderness, she gave birth to the ugly Son of the Earth - Flesh on Bones, where he was picked up by lepers and went with him on a journey. "

So it would be just me to wrap in and soothingly stroke my back. It is not hard to guess that after the movie sex has somehow not started, as, indeed, any purely human relationship.

Faces of death

The cassette, which almost certainly lay in many Russian families when video recorders were popular. A 1979 film that supposedly depicts documentary scenes of violence and bullying of people. One of the most worthwhile is when a person is passed through a crack between two spinning logs.

The composition, strictly speaking, has little to do with documentaries, and only partly contains scenes of genuine cruelty. Otherwise, there are dolls, fake blood and rubber limbs. But here, where the corpses are real, where the knee shots of suicides are shown, and when the records of animal killings in the slaughterhouse are turned on, madness ensues. After a meal, we strongly advise not to look at it, and even before the meal, and in general. There is a lot of blood, pleasant little.

Our favorite Twin Peaks hero, a log, ran away from the “Ladies with a Log” and healed his own life. According to the plot, a certain family cannot have children, but it drives a living log, which has begun to devour everything in its path. With all due respect to Jan Schwankamieru, the film is creepy as hell. He does not even scare as much as causing an acute sense of discomfort. When viewed, the skin begins to itch and the eyelids itch. The overly naturalistic scenes of eating are especially conducive to this.

Man behind the sun

Another Asian masterpiece depicting the horrors of war is a Hong Kong film about what happened in concentration camps. “The Man behind the Sun” is the most plausible story of all that we have told today, because it reveals the details of the activities of the detachment of Japanese soldiers under the command of Ciro Ishii.

"Detachment 731" was engaged in the study of biological weapons, incidentally mocking prisoners of war and abducted civilians. The frame reveals in detail and shows in detail how many people will live without food, how quickly their hands fall off, if you put them into liquid nitrogen and how many minutes you can live in the gas chamber. The tape is not at all amusing and even a bit tragic - all the tortures shown were actually carried out during the Second World War. We do not recommend to look, because you can fall into depression and stop believing in humanity.

Pink flamingos

The first rule of treshak: if it turned out by itself in the process of filming a non-scratch film initially, then everything is very bad, but if it was originally planned, then everything is fine and you will be appreciated. "Pink Flamingos" - the case when thrash was planned, but, nevertheless, did not work out very much. Everything is rotten, even by the standards of the genre: the film is full of bestiality, cannibalism, coprophagy and toes licking so much that they are not even shocking. There is nothing to say about the plot, except that the main character is a crazy ladder who lives in a trailer park with his mother, who manic eats chicken eggs. “Pink Flamingos” is a foul-smelling, tedious circus with freaks, like a two-hour shuttle bus ride.

In 1997, the film by Alexander Nevzorov frightened children, frightened old people and pulled adults away from the screen. “Purgatory” is a pseudo-documentary hodgepodge from the scenes of the Chechen war, which the director remembered and many of which he saw himself. Journalistic work was clearly better for him, because it was absolutely impossible to watch his films about the horrors of war.

The picture is replete with cruel, bloody and outspoken scenes: people cut their heads, cut limbs, they are crucified and shot. Some soldiers do bear the names of real participants in the Chechen campaign, but in fact “Purgatory” is invented from a military point of view: anyone who has ever been on the battlefield will quickly notice the substitution and artificiality. It is not worth watching because of the incoherent scenes of violence against people, from whom the cold goes through the veins. Understanding that many moments could really exist - very scaring.

In addition, in the film Nevzorov supposedly no script. Separate fragments and core scenes with a dismemberment follow each other, without a coherent story behind the scenes. So “Purgatory” is unpleasant to watch, not only because someone is removed from the cross in the frame, but also because of a boring and empty plot.

"Kids from the garbage can"

Generally, "Kids from the trash can" is served as a comedy hooligan film for the younger generation. What do children and teenagers like? Of course, naturalistic jokes about intestinal gases, feces and snot. But most importantly, the heroes must certainly be the disgusting dolls of freaks, made of rubber and sincere hatred of the viewer.

Despite the fact that initially it is not thrash or even horror, pigs are not raped or gutted here, “Kids” seem to me the most disgusting film in the history of mankind. As a child, he made me experience demonic horror, which over the years has sublimated into demonic disgust. If it were possible to throw an atomic bomb on the film, then “Kids from the garbage can” would have received this honor.