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13 women's councils from the Internet, which in practice proved to be very dangerous


The Internet today has become an integral part of the lives of people of any age. He can serve in good. With the help of the Network, people can communicate, have fun, look for the right information and even make money. However, the Internet is known and the mass of negative manifestations. They apply to both children and adults. There are certain dangers on the Internet.

Unwanted content, violence, pornography, obsessive communication - all this can adversely affect the psyche. Also, a long stay in front of the computer affects the physical condition of the body. It is necessary to learn more about how not to become addicted to virtual reality and to protect a child from the negative effects of the World Wide Web.

Statistics data

The Internet can be for good or for harm. Therefore, it is important to properly apply the opportunities offered by the Network. According to statistics, about 10 million children in our country under the age of 14 use the Internet. The older generation is also actively using the possibilities of the World Wide Web. What is interesting on the Internet? This is a world full of information, entertainment and communication. Many people lack this in real life. Children start using the Internet at the age of 4 (on average). At the age of 12 years, about 85% of the younger generation is actively using the World Wide Web for communication and entertainment.

According to the same statistics, about 52% of children under the age of 14 visit sites that are prohibited from being viewed at that age. This can significantly affect the psyche, the formation of the personality and the future life of the baby. However, even without visiting such sites, children may face another danger. Doctors in the country noticed that the younger generation is becoming weaker, less physically developed. Because of this, various diseases arise. Immunity of children ceases to fight independently even with simple diseases. The dangers on the Internet are varied. They do not bypass and adults. No one is immune from such negative effects. Both for children and adults, various dangers on the Web are relevant.

Danger for adults

Many older people do not understand what is interesting on the Internet. However, gradually our grandparents begin to actively use the advantages of the Network. It is the Internet that allows them to communicate with friends and relatives who are currently in another city or even a country. Here you can find almost all interesting information. Yes, and the games of the older generation can not remain indifferent. Young people are worried that their parents and grandparents may become victims of scammers working through the Internet. About 52% of people surveyed expressed concern about this issue.

Many adult Internet users (about 53%) fear that their computer will be affected by a malicious virus. Therefore, people are afraid to open unknown letters, messages. They do not go to sites with advertising and take other similar actions.

36% of surveyed adult Internet users are afraid of spying on them using the Web. 45% of people believe that there is a real threat to lose a certain amount of money. Especially about this experiencing the younger generation. They believe that their older relatives may, through ignorance or inexperience, become victims of fraudsters, sending real money to an account of an unknown company. Adults, knowing what dangers may lie in their way on the Web, are cautious. But children show carelessness. It is for this reason that the Internet poses more threats to them.

Threats for children

The dangers on the Internet for children are somewhat different from the threats to adults. The most common categories of undesirable factors for babies have long been identified by psychologists, parents, teachers and doctors. One of the most serious forms of danger on the Net for the younger generation is to get unwanted information. This may be pornography, violence, drugs, gambling, prohibited ideology and many other things. The child's psyche can not fully accept this knowledge. This can significantly affect thinking, mental development.

The dangers on the Internet can be different. Small children can give out strangers confidential information about themselves and their parents. For example, it can be a name, address, account number or e-wallet. Also, children can tell at what time they are walking and where, when parents return home, etc. With the help of the Internet, attackers can make an appointment with the child, communicate with him about inappropriate things. It is also not uncommon for children to make uncontrolled purchases in online stores. In some cases, there is the threat of a computer being infected with a virus. This is not a complete list. It may vary according to the age of the child. Parents should know how to prepare children for such situations to avoid negative consequences.

Common to all threats

The danger of the Internet to a person can be significant if elementary safety standards are not followed. And some adverse factors when working with the Network may occur regardless of age. Both adults and the younger generation may become addicted to virtual reality. Today there are many games, platforms for communication, etc. They can seem more interesting, brighter than ordinary life. Therefore, adults and children can sit for hours at the monitor of a computer or laptop. In this development in the real world can be inhibited.

Unfavorable dating can trap both adults and children. Strangely enough, but adults as trustfully can make appointments with strangers, as well as children. Some scammers can take advantage of this. Another form of danger that may lie in the virtual reality of both adults and children is harassment using the Internet. Confidential information, insults can significantly affect the emotional state of a person. At any age, such actions can lead to a breakdown. Regardless of how old you are, you need to be careful in communicating, not to open confidential information to the interlocutor.

Children under 10 years

Hazards on the Internet can trap a person at any age. However, each group of users has its own peculiarities. Children begin to show interest in the Internet at the age of 3-4 years. In some cases it is possible before. However, at this age, the actions of the baby are easily controlled by the parents. They can follow what makes their child on the web. But when they reach the age of 7, children face the first adverse factors of the Internet. At this age, kids copy the actions of their elders. It is important to develop the right culture of behavior on the web. Children at this age are gullible. They like to travel to different sites, as well as play various popular games. Also, kids can use the mail, go to chat rooms. Moreover, children can be interested in forbidden sites.

Parents must configure the browser accordingly. They can also control what information the child watched. You can restrict access to different servers. At the age of 9 years there is a danger of online games. Children spend too much time at the computer. This affects their physical development and health. Parents should encourage outdoor exercise and sports.

The behavior of parents of children under the age of 9 years

Knowing the main dangers on the Internet, adults should take a number of steps. This will help prevent various negative consequences. It is necessary to develop a set of rules for using the World Wide Web. This is desirable to do with the child. The kid should know that he is allowed to visit only certain sites that are approved by the parents. If the Internet is connected to the computer, the technician should be in the common room. There are controls that allow you to block inappropriate content (for example, MNS Premium’s Parental Controls).

Children should write messages and letters only from the general family mailbox. You need to explain to the child what can happen if he decides to give out certain information to strangers. It is also very important to simply communicate with children. You need to ask about their friends on the Internet, to explain what can lead to spontaneous acquaintance. Children should not talk to strangers. This rule applies to both the street and the Internet. It is very important that the child trust elders. If he sees something frightening and threatening on the Web, he should tell about it. Parents should not scold the child for it. On the contrary, you need to praise the kid for honesty and let him know that he is safe. You may need to explain some difficult questions. However, it can protect the child from the dangers.

Children 9-12 years old

At the age of 9-12 years, children begin to demand a certain freedom from their parents. This is a time of rapid change. Relationships with friends and classmates become very important. Parental control in this case should weaken a little. However, adults should not let down their guard. At this age, the Internet is used not only for games. This is a complete source of transmission and receipt of necessary information. Children prepare school assignments with the help of the Web. There is a certain danger of working on the Internet. Children can download a virus to the computer.

Also, younger teens can download different music, actively use e-mail and other means to communicate. At this age, preference is given to sites that allow instant messaging. Also at this age, children often have idols. Parents should prepare the child for basic rules of using the Internet at an early age. Having reached younger adolescence, children begin to better understand the basics of working with the Network. However, parents still have to restrict access to sites with a specific theme, to follow the search history of information.

11. Lip augmentation at home

Probably, this method came to us from childhood, when everyone indulged in this way. Stuck lips in a glass (bottle, glass) and pulled out the air. However, instead of the desired lips of Angelina Jolie, we got a terrible blue rim on the face.

10. Hairspray as make-up fixer

Hairspray is advised not only for hairstyles, but also for fixing makeup on the face, as well as a means to narrow the pores. Of course, this does not work. Substances contained in the lacquer can cause irritation and redness of the skin. Choose exactly the means that suits you, and the desire to use extreme means as a hand removes.

9. Washing hair with horse shampoo

If after the very first wash this method really works, then one more disappointment awaits. The high content of silicone will make the hair brittle and thin, which can lead to hair loss. So experiment is not worth it. Moreover, to give the desired volume there are many specialized shampoos for people.

Top 10 most dangerous tips from the Internet:

  1. Especially in the worldwide network of personal care tips, and one of the craziest is the use of hairspray as a face lotion and make-up fixer. It is not known who discovered such a field of application, but, in his opinion, if the lacquer keeps the hair, then this effect will spread to the make-up. And yet the tool will contribute to the narrowing of the pores, which will significantly improve the appearance. All this is nothing more than a myth and a stupid delusion. Instead of the promised results, you can get the strongest irritation (especially owners of sensitive skin). And if the varnish gets into the eyes, it will cause burning, redness and damage to the mucous membranes. So it’s definitely not worth the risk: use hairspray for its intended purpose.
  2. Some advisers say that if you add food coloring to the PVA glue, and then apply this mixture on your lips and after a while remove the dried film, you can achieve the effect of superstable lipstick: the pigment will remain on the skin for a long time. Probably, staining with such a method can really be achieved, but it definitely will not be safe. Glue is not intended for prolonged contact with skin. In addition, tearing it from the lips, you damage their delicate skin, because of what it can become inflamed, redden and crack. So instead of the promised effect, you will get the strongest discomfort. It is better to use resistant high-quality cosmetics.
  3. Facial cleansing with boric acid. This tool can be part of the cosmetics and really helps cleanse, but if it is used in its pure form, in significant quantities and often, it will not bring anything but harm. And many of the fair sex, striving for the ideal, hardly think about the consequences, so boric acid often leads to chemical burns and damage to the skin, fraught with redness and other unpleasant symptoms. In addition, because of such an aggressive effect, the activity of the sebaceous glands may increase, which only aggravates the situation.
  4. If you have a herpetic eruption on your lips, then you just need to cover this area ... with clear nail polish, which supposedly will mask the defect. Perhaps herpes will actually become less noticeable for a while, but the consequences are not long in coming. Firstly, nail polish contains a lot of chemical additives that are harmful to the skin and cause its irritation. Secondly, inflicting this tool on the affected area, you will provoke the spread of the virus, which will only aggravate the situation and increase the area of ​​the rash. It is better to purchase a local remedy with antiviral effect and take the appropriate drug according to the testimony of a doctor.
  5. Beauty is a terrible force, sometimes so terrible that girls and women go to literally everything to look beautiful. On the Internet you can find advice according to which in order to give your lips the desired volumes you need to put them in a bottle or narrow neck jars, draw out all the air from the container and enjoy the result. The lips will indeed become more appetizing, but not for long. When the puffiness subsides, they will return to their former size, and this will happen soon. And if you overdo it or perform such a strange procedure too often, you can get hematomas and bruises that will not exactly decorate.
  6. A lot of women dream of getting rid of excess weight, and to reduce it are ready to go all out and use very extreme methods. On the Internet you can find a lot of articles with tips on the use of turpentine baths to reduce body volume and fight cellulite. Such procedures are actually used in beauty salons and cosmetology clinics, but are carried out under the supervision of specialists, since they have a lot of contraindications and possible side effects. Taking turpentine baths at home can cause severe skin burns.
  7. If you want to get luxurious, shiny and soft hair, then instead of cosmetic masks, put on them ... mayonnaise! At least, some experts recommend doing this. This advice is not dangerous, but absolutely not effective. Instead of the promised effects, you will get greasy, greasy and, besides, scent-smelling hair. Wash away mayonnaise is extremely difficult, as well as get rid of its smell, which will haunt you and remind you of an unsuccessful experiment.
  8. Another bad advice about caring for yourself is to remove freckles and whiten with lemon juice. It would seem that the remedy is natural and cannot cause harm. But it is worth considering a few nuances. First, the acid contained in the juice will irritate the skin, which during the period of the appearance of freckles, falling on the season of sun activity, already suffer. In addition, the majority of the owners of "kisses of the sun" has sensitive skin, and the juice will break its natural protective barrier, causing redness and irritation. So either accept your freckles and love them, or use professional methods of their removal, selected by a beautician.
  9. Another “super recommendation” is a facial massage from the inside. Many celebrities are delighted with him, but this does not mean that the procedure is actually effective. Yes, kneading the cheeks through the mouth will help to relax the muscles, but it is unlikely to relieve wrinkles. In addition, not everyone is concerned about the purity of the hands, and if you put dirty fingers in the mouth, you can add pathogens that can cause infections of the oral cavity and the gastrointestinal tract.
  10. Regular pencils instead of eyeliner. Да, и такие советы во всемирной сети можно встретить. Палитра канцелярских принадлежностей для рисования впечатляет, а производители косметики не предлагают такое разнообразие цветов. Но всё же лучше довольствоваться специальными карандашами для глаз, так как грифель обычных очень твёрдый и может царапать и сильно повреждать тонкую и нежную кожу век.In addition, dyes are not intended for skin and can cause inflammation and irritation, leading to redness and swelling.

These were tips from the Internet, which you do not need to follow.

The actions of parents of children aged 9-12 years

Knowing the dangers of the Internet for younger adolescents, it is necessary to work out the right tactics of behavior. The child must follow the rules carefully. At this age, you need to give children a certain freedom. However, the computer still has to be in the common room. Communicate with children about their actions on the Internet. The conversation should be friendly. It should tell in detail about the dangers of dating on the Internet. Also, you can not give people your confidential information. It is necessary to explain in detail what this means for the parents and the child.

It is also very important to teach the child not to download any programs to the computer without the knowledge of the parents. They should not open questionable letters. You should also talk about copyright. When uploading files or images this is relevant. You should also talk about pornography on the Web. Do not let this issue take its course. Otherwise, the child will not be able to adequately assess what information is real.

Pregnant women, people with unstable mentality, as well as minors are strongly advised not to view the links below.

This collection contains the most terrible and disgusting web sites available to ordinary users.

This thrash, pursued by the laws of most countries, is stored in depth (in the deep web), and will not be considered here for a number of reasons.

The selection is divided into three categories. A description of each resource will give you an idea of ​​its content and help you avoid unwanted topics.

Clicking on any links you make at your own risk.

Children from 13 to 18 years

The question of whether the Internet is harmful to health, arises from many parents. With proper use of the web, almost all negative consequences can be avoided. It is important to give sufficient attention to physical training at any age. However, in older children, children gradually get out of control of their elders. The teenager is trying to assert himself, to gain independence. Parents should not interfere with their children in this. They should be there and help with advice. However, the obsessive restriction of the adolescent in the actions may affect the relationship with older relatives. It is very important not to lose the trust of the child at this age.

Parents should be aware that the typical behavior of a teenager on the Internet is primarily communication. At this age, the child does not want to share information about their conversations with peers and other acquaintances. Teenagers have a lot of energy and ideas, but so far there is little experience in life. This should help parents.

Children 13-18 years old actively download music, movies. The Internet helps in learning. Communication takes place via instant messaging. Boys like rough humor, gambling, bloody scenes, hard games and pictures, videos for adults. They are trying to sweep away all restrictions. Teenage girls love to chat on the Internet. Parents should be aware that at this age it is women who can not notice the threat when communicating with strangers. Friendly conversations should be held with the child about the dangers of harassment and violence.

Parenting teenagers

Hazards on the Internet can trap everyone. It is important to use the Net correctly at any age. It is important to make a list of home Internet use rules. You should put a restriction on chatting. With children you need to talk about their communication. In this case, parents should ask about it as if about real friends from school. You can be interested in the people with whom the teenager communicates with the help of instant messages. However, it should not be interrogated. The conversation should be friendly. Otherwise, the teenager will not allow parents into their personal space. Protecting him from trouble in this case will not be easy.

At this age, it is imperative to talk about healthy sex life with a child. All the information that a teenager will find on the Internet, he can discuss with his parents. This should not be something shameful, forbidden. Open conversations with elders will help to understand basic things. Do not let the development of the child in this area take their course. It is important to teach children not to leave information about themselves on any sites, not to post their photos in chat rooms, on public access sites. Having considered the main dangers on the Internet, you can take appropriate actions to avoid negative consequences.