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How to get rid of fat on the lumps, sides and stomach in a week: subcutaneous, visceral, age


Remove fat from the sides, abdomen and hips is quite difficult. These are the so-called problem areas in the body of a woman. It is unlikely that someone wants to have a big belly that hangs down on their knees. First, the excess fat on the stomach and sides, increases the weight of a person, and this is an additional burden on the heart and other organs. Secondly, in the volumetric figure there is nothing aesthetic and beautiful. Some people say that fat people have good looks and that it is not a matter of weight, the main thing is that a person is good, but, unfortunately, these are only words. And overweight people understand this.

The problem of fat in different parts of the body applies not only to people who have a couple dozen extra pounds. For many people, especially after the New Year holidays, there are not cute “ears” that treacherously stick out, you just have to wear jeans or favorite pants. But there is a way out. Fat can be removed from problem areas at home. To do this, you need to eat healthy food and perform a special set of exercises.

Remove fat from the abdomen with exercise

Unfortunately, the female body is designed in such a way that it is much more difficult for us to lose weight than for men. Therefore, in the fight with the stomach you need to be patient. To remove unwanted fat from the tummy you need to change your diet. Your body needs to get rid of excess water.

At its core, fat is the body's supply for hard times.

Therefore, you need to make him spend this stock now. For this you need to radically change the diet. If you used to eat meat with potatoes for lunch, now you have to replace it with cabbage salad and steamed fish. For the body - it will be stressful, and it will begin to “spend” reserves of fat.

To get rid of the abdomen, you need to perform exercises for this muscle group. It must be understood that the larger the abdomen, the more difficult it will be to perform the exercises. But do not retreat. Beginners should study three times a week, at least 30 minutes each. To get a good press you need to do every day. Haltur can not be. For one approach, you need to perform 20-25 repetitions.

1. It should be done lying on a mat, or on another comfortable surface. We press the back tightly to the mat, we put our feet on the floor, keeping the right angle, we put our hands behind our heads, we lock them together. Elbows must be diluted. Raise the head and shoulders, the back is not detached from the floor. It is important that during the exercise the elbows are always kept divorced, no matter how hard it is to rise. It is useful to alternate the rapid rise of the hull and slow.

2. It differs from the previous one only in that the legs need to be torn off the floor, and to keep the canopy, forming a right angle. This exercise is good to perform for the upper press.

3. Lie down on the mat. We straighten our legs. Hands can be positioned along the body (it will be easier to perform this way) or connected “in lock” behind the head. Raise the legs to a right angle and lower. Performing this exercise is important: 1) the legs should be straight, 2) for the greater benefit of the exercise, the legs should not be lowered to the floor, you must hold them 5 cm from the floor and lift again.

4. Lying on a mat, we put our legs, as in the first exercise, we put our hands behind our heads. Alternately, touch the left elbow of the right knee and vice versa. Swaying abdominal muscles.

5. Lie down on a flat surface. We raise our legs to a right angle and hold them like this throughout the entire exercise time. Hands on the head, elbows and throw up the body.

Fat on the sides is no longer a problem for us.

1. Many experts believe that the best tool in the fight against barrels is hula-hoop, in other words, a circle. It’s not hard to turn, the only thing worth considering is the availability of free space (so that the hula hoop doesn’t break anything). Twist the hula-hoop need at least an hour a day.

2. We need a fitball (This is a big ball, you can easily buy it at any sports store). At first, it will be a little difficult to keep balance on the ball and do the exercises. But this is an additional burden. We lay down on the right side of the ball, so that only the palm of the right hand and the feet of the straightened legs are supported. Now you need to slowly lift the left leg, trying to form a right angle. Repeat for the other side.

3. Kneel, back straight, right leg straighten and put on the floor. Hands "in lock" for the head. Perform torso torso to a straight leg.

4. Stretching is useful for eliminating the sides. Put your feet shoulder-width apart. Hands along the body. Raise your right hand up and lean to the left. Do the exercise slowly.

Exercises to eliminate fat on the hips

1. Jumping rope. They are great to help get rid of extra centimeters in the hips. Jump need about an hour a day.

2. Legs shoulder-width apart, squatting to a right angle. It is important to keep your back straight. Squat at a different pace, for an additional load, take dumbbells.

3. Standing straight, without additional support, swing legs. Muscles should be in constant tension, try not to touch the floor with your foot, keep your balance.

4. We lay down on the floor, we put our feet as close as possible to the buttocks, now we draw the pelvis, lifting it.

Thanks to these exercises, in a month you can admire your own slender legs.

These exercises are useful to perform, even if you have no obvious problems with the figure. You can always remove your sides and make your body smaller, you just need to start training.

General rules for weight loss in the hips, sides and abdomen for women

Ways of struggle are chosen depending on the thickness and structure of the fat layer. In the initial stage of accumulation, it is enough to correct the diet and spend more time in physical activity.

If it came to obesity, cellulite, you need professional and homemade fat burning procedures, regular fitness. The diet is being radically revised, the number of calories is strictly measured.

How to remove subcutaneous fat?

First of all, you need to understand the reason for the increase in weight. Perhaps this is due to hormonal disorders, genetic predisposition, diseases that require treatment. It is easier to solve the problem, rooted in the passion for high-calorie food, in physical inactivity and the type of figure "pear."

For weight loss willpower and several areas of influence are needed:

  • sensible calorie controlled diet,
  • fitness, aerobic training, cycling, dancing, yoga, which involve a large group of muscles, promote active oxygen consumption and body shaping in the right places,
  • swimmingconsuming energy reserves not only due to movement, but also due to heat loss,
  • cosmetology methods - liposuction, injections of liposuction agents such as Aqualix (intralipoterpy), pressure therapy, massages with various currents,
  • creams - pepper, anti-cellulite, because very often the fat clogged and forms lipid bumps.

The program to tighten the greasy apron on the abdomen includes cleaning the intestines from toxins and toxins. To do this, drink herbal infusions, salted water on an empty stomach, include bran, microcrystalline cellulose in the diet, make enemas with a saline solution of 1.5 liters of water and 1 tsp. kitchen salt.

Features of the fight against visceral fat

In addition to the subcutaneous, there is an internal (viscous) layer between the abdominal (abdominal) wall and organs. In small quantities, it warms and protects the liver, intestines, and stomach from damage.

An excess of fat is squeezing the organs, disrupting their function, blood flow. Abdominal rate is considered to be a waist not exceeding 89 cm or a number not exceeding 25 (determined by dividing weight by height in a square), for example:

H - the norm

AND - excess

ABOUT - obesity.

The specific feature of visceral fat is that it begins to dissolve after normalizing the subcutaneous layer, but much faster. The method of struggle they have the same.

Is it possible and how to deal with age fat?

In women in the premenopausal period, there is massive corpulence (overweight). The peak occurs at menopause, in the midst of hormonal adjustment and the associated decrease in metabolic rate, problems with pressure, sleep at night, digestion, and psycho-emotional state.

But even in 60-70 years, corpulence is not a sentence. You can come to normal weight in the same way: properly balance nutrition and calories, move more, maintain composure with self-correction techniques, breathing exercises, and interesting hobbies.

It is necessary to treat inevitable diseases in old age.

Effective methods to quickly fight fat

Forced diets and sports loads give temporary results. In addition, they are dangerous and can not stand them all. Under the quick fight with fat means the transition to proper nutrition and fitness training immediately, without hesitation.

Slimming with a long-term guarantee is a systematic implementation of a fat burning program. Signs of weight loss will delight in the first month, but each centimeter won back should be an incentive to continue the struggle for the beauty of the body.

Power Rules

How to get rid of fat on lyashka, stomach - you need to radically reconsider the diet.

1 step to losing weight - a taboo on high-calorie and harmful products:

  • confectionery, fast food,
  • cream, sour cream, animal butter, margarine,
  • fat meat,
  • white bakery products
  • dessert soda, ready-made juices, containing a lot of sugar and even more harmful sweetener,
  • strong and weak alcohol.

Step 2 - filling up to 70% of the diet with fresh vegetables, fruits, giving fiber. 30% divided into fermented milk products with a fat content of 1- 2.5%, lean meat, fish, cereals and soups in water with a spoonful of vegetable oil, bread made from durum wheat, cereals, bran. 1 egg white is allowed per day. Dried fruits are suitable for snacking, they need to be chewed for 2-3 pcs.

Step 3 - 5 meals a day in portions. Drinking - 1.5 liters of water and more natural juices, unsweetened teas, compotes.

Effective diets

For quick weight loss, for example, to an important event, there are several one-time diets:

  • 2 weeks - 7 kg. Excluded are sugar, salt, bread, animal fats,
  • 2 weeks - 8 kg. Only unsalted seafood,
  • 1 week - 5 kg. Prepare dishes from cabbage with a drop of vegetable oils,
  • 1 week - 4 kg. Lenten vegetable soups without potatoes combine with fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • 1 week - 5 kg. 1.5 liters of 1% kefir are drunk daily in 5 receptions.

The exit from the forced diets is gradual. Only women with good health can afford them.

Massage as a method of correction, slimming legs and hips

How to get rid of fat on Lyashka and other parts of the body - this problem cosmetology solves different types of massage.

  • Manual - performed smoothing, tapping, squeezing movements. Massage oils, anti-cellulite creams are used for sliding. Effectively dry rubbing with a towel, mitten, plastic roller with spikes.
  • Vacuum - is carried out by professional massage machines with suction nozzles. At home, a medical bank is suitable, from which air is removed by fire.
Vacuum massage is an excellent way to get rid of fat on the legs, sides and abdomen
  • Current - affects weak electricity through overhead contacts.
  • Vibrating - breaks the fat of the hardware moving attachments such as roller.
  • Compression - held in a suit with cavities for forcing air. The change in pressure in different parts gives the effect of kneading, lymphatic drainage.

Wraps: efficiency and implementation rules

On the lyashka, stomach, sides quickly get rid of fat, both cold and hot wraps. They are conducted by a course of 9-12 sessions. Local procedures accelerate the local metabolism, blood and lymph flow, accelerating the stagnation of moisture and fat.

Correction scheme:

  1. On a part of the body with purified water and scrub, they do a 5-minute massage and apply natural formulations.
  2. In the direction from bottom to top tightly wrap the area affected by cling film, on top wear shorts.
  3. To increase the thermal effect of hot wraps, fall under a blanket or move actively from half an hour to 40 minutes.
  4. Wash away the remnants of the mixture and cover the skin with anti-cellulite moisturizing agent.

What do you need to do exercises to remove fat from the abdomen and sides?

There is a mass of exercises aimed at working out the abdominal zone and sides. Straight abdominal muscles can be pumped using exercises for the upper and lower abdominals. The first option involves raising the upper torso, and the second option raising the legs.

Exercises to remove fat from the abdomen:

  • Torso lifts
  • Leg lifts
  • Twisting

In fact, these are basic sets, there are many varieties of them. They can be performed by both mothers on maternity leave and advanced athletes. Complicate classes can be using dumbbells. Along with such classes, nutrition correction is recommended.

How to properly and how much to press the press to remove excess fat from the abdomen, waist and sides?

The saddest thing is that not all fat deposits in this area disappear very quickly. The hardest thing is for women with the figure "apple". The body looks like a rectangle, and all the fat accumulates in the shoulders, arms, abdomen and sides. But with proper nutrition and exercise, you can fight with fat.

  • Twisting. Common exercises that help strengthen muscles. It is necessary to raise your legs and arms while lying on your back. At the initial stage, the complex is difficult to implement, so you can simplify it. Just the upper torso is fixed in a raised position, and the legs are pressed against the elbows, bent at the knees.
  • Lift the legs. Hands lie on the floor straight, the whole body is lying on its back. It is necessary to raise straight lower limbs at right angles. Try not to bend your knees.
  • Upper twisting. It is necessary to bend the legs and put the feet on the floor. Put your hands on your neck, and lift your upper body. No need to touch the knees, just enough to raise the upper body.

How to properly and how much to press the press to remove excess fat from the abdomen, waist and sides?

How to remove the internal, visceral fat from the abdomen, waist and sides?

Visceral fat - the inner fat that envelops the organs. If the weight is normal, this fat is a little, respectively, and health is normal. It is believed that for women the norm of the waist is 80 cm, and for men 94 cm. If these parameters are exceeded, internal organs are affected. Visceral fat can be removed through exercise and proper nutrition.

Exercises to eliminate visceral fat:

  • Bicycle. This is an imitation of cycling.
  • Scissors. Exercise is performed supine, with the legs moving one above the other in the air.
  • Exercises in the pool. It is necessary to lie on your back in the pose of an asterisk, inhale and exhale deeply. The body while holding the water.
  • Cleaning the liver. It is necessary to remove toxins that often provoke accumulations of fat in the abdominal area. Put a heating pad on the liver and drink the broth of the hips.
  • Bodyflex. Most exercises do not help to cope with visceral fat, but bodyflex gives good results.

Diet to remove fat from the abdomen and sides?

Many are looking for a diet that will lose fat exclusively from the abdomen and sides, but unfortunately, such methods of weight loss do not exist. Weight goes gradually from all parts of the body. Losing weight most quickly face, chest and buttocks.

Products for weight loss in the abdomen:

  • Squirrels. Low-fat boiled or baked meat
  • Complex carbohydrates. These are cereals and cereals.
  • Exclude yeast. Completely remove this product from the diet.
  • Cellulose. Eat lots of fresh, boiled and baked vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink water. About a day you need to drink 1.2-2.0 liters. Do not mix water with food.

How to remove subcutaneous fat from the abdomen and sides?

First of all, when losing weight and doing exercises, subcutaneous fat leaves. This is very pleasing, as with this the figure improves significantly.

Options to remove fat:

  • Eastern dance. This type of training is aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles.
  • Fitness. Most effective in combating fat on the stomach and sides of the swing, bending and twisting.
  • Gym. You can perfectly design the waist area with barbells and dumbbells. In this case, the bar is fixed motionless above the head, and the lower part of the body moves.

How to remove subcutaneous fat from the abdomen and sides?

Can massage remove fat from the abdomen and sides?

With the help of massage you can remove subcutaneous, not visceral fat. There are several massage techniques. Duration of the procedure is 12-15 minutes; it can be performed both at home and in the cabin. The most effective is canned and roller massage. If you are doing a manual look, you can use strokes, tweaks, and rubbing.

Can I run to remove fat from the abdomen and sides?

With the help of running, it is impossible to remove fat only from the belly and sides. While running, the weight of all fat deposits is reduced, and excess centimeters are most likely to melt in areas of problem areas. Therefore, after a month of regular workouts you will see results.

  • At the very beginning, spend 15-20 minutes a day. You can run in the park or purchase a treadmill.
  • Increase the load daily. First jog, then accelerate. Чередуйте такие разновидности бега.
  • Время от времени останавливайтесь и дышите правильно, отдыхайте.
  • Уже через месяц регулярных пробежек ваша фигура заметно изменится.

Can I run to remove fat from the abdomen and sides?

How to remove fat from the abdomen in a week?

If there is a lot of fat deposits, then in a week you can’t say goodbye to them. It is necessary to purposefully and gradually reset the fat. And the slower the excess weight goes, the better. Ideal if you go to proper nutrition. All modern and low-calorie diets reduce weight, but then it quickly returns. Therefore, you need to lose weight correctly.

  • Eat plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates.
  • Divide the daily ration into 5-6 doses.
  • Avoid heavy foods and simple carbohydrates.
  • Play any sport
  • Watch your posture even at home

How to remove fat from the abdomen in a week?

Ultrasonic Cavitation of the Abdomen

This is a non-invasive method of removing fat from the abdominal area. At the heart of the apparatus - ultrasound, which destroys the solid fat cells. As a result, they turn into an emulsion, which is excreted by the liver and kidneys. The advantages of the procedure in its effectiveness and safety. For weight loss, you must go through 12-15 procedures.

Ultrasonic Cavitation of the Abdomen

Belly slimming plot

You can lose weight using unconventional methods. But it is desirable to use an integrated approach with the use of diet, sports and conspiracies. Traditional healers recommend the use of a conspiracy that will help to remove the stomach.

“Voditsa flows in the ground, does not allow the thirsty to get drunk. It flows through granite - it keeps the secret of youth and freshness. It flows through the sand - the tummy disappears. It takes the depth - lost chaff. I will drink some water and the fat will melt, but there will be food and water. Amen".

It is necessary to type in the water tank, approximately 200 ml and utter the said words three times. Drink liquid to drop. Before you cast a magic spell, you should imagine yourself in a new image, that is, thinner.

Belly slimming plot

As you can see, to remove fat in the abdomen is enough to adhere to proper nutrition and exercise. If there is no time, then you can resort to cavitation and liposuction.

The most popular causes of excess fat

“How to quickly remove the fat from the sides? How to get rid of the sides on the hips? ”- eternal questions. But everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The blame is:

  • Improper nutrition. For too fast rhythm of life sometimes it is very difficult to keep up. There is absolutely no time to cook healthy homemade food, and then it is replaced by harmful and heavy snacks, fatty foods and sweets. The lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet has not benefited anyone yet.
  • Lack of physical activity. Office work, a sedentary lifestyle leads to a slow metabolism. Which causes fat to be deposited in the legs, on the thighs and on the abdomen.
  • Gestation period At this time, as in the period of breastfeeding, hormonal adjustment of the body begins. Thus, there is an accumulation of nutrients for the baby. As a result, hips increase.
  • Alcohol consumption. Alcohol leads to the fact that in the blood there is a sharp release of insulin, which leads to a thickening of the fat layer.

It should be noted that getting rid of fat on the sides and in other problem areas can be very difficult. This is due to the fact that fat can accumulate not only under the skin, but also on the internal organs, which can be very dangerous and cause many diseases. This fat is usually called visceral. Therefore it is necessary to understandthat in order to achieve the set result it will take a lot of work on his figure.

How to quickly remove the sides at home

Many girls are interested in the question: "how to quickly remove the fat from the sides?" The answer is simple. The speed of lost extra centimeters at the waist will depend solely on how much effort to apply for this.

The first thing to startso it is with the revision of your daily routine and nutrition. Often rigid diets, which boast of their speed and efficiency, cause severe stress for the body and do not lead to proper results.

It is much more important to start eating correctly gradually, remove fatty, sweet and flour from your diet. Add to the diet more fiber, vegetables, fruits and protein foods. The diet with this should be frequent: about six meals per day. Portions should be made small. For convenience, you can use the usual standard-sized saucer. One meal - one portion without top. So, control the calories eaten will be much easier.

And also special attention should be paid to water. Drinking mode should be at the rate of 2 liters of clean filtered water per day. In addition to water, allowed to drink tea and fresh juices. Thus, the metabolism will gradually accelerate, and those extra pounds will go away.

Do not forget about the correct ratio of nutrients. So, fats, carbohydrates and proteins should be in the ratio 1: 4: 1.

Pro physical activity also should not be forgotten. Fitness and gym is good, but not everyone can afford it. This is especially true of young mothers who, some time after giving birth, begin to devote time to the figure, but because of the large number of household chores and duties, they cannot find a minute of free time.

Experts have proven that only 30 minutes a day of physical activity is enough to prevent weight gain. After all, during exercise a lot of calories are expended, muscles become prominent and gain elasticity. For this exercise you should choose the right one., depending on where the problem area is located.

How to get rid of the sides on the hips

To adjust the shape of the buttocks and thighs need to correctly choose a set of exercises. This will be:

  • Squats. A popular exercise that allows you to give the muscles of the legs relief, to remove the sides on the hips. Thereby get attractive buttocks.
  • Lunges. Quite a common exercise that perfectly develops the muscles of the hips and buttocks. Thanks to him, it is possible to work out all the muscles of the legs, each time changing the length of the lunge.
  • Dumbbell standing on one leg. Not a common exercise, as the previous two, but the benefits of it no less. It allows you to work on the back of the thigh, to strengthen the knee joint, as well as to adjust the buttocks.

This set of exercises allows you to well develop and strengthen the muscles of the hips and back, as well as make the buttocks more attractive.

How and for how long can you get rid of fat

Perhaps this problem is the most difficult. Sometimes you can replace that even the thinnest people have a stomach. It is believed that the stomach and sides are formed in the kitchen. This is partly true. With the help of proper nutrition, you can remove those extra pounds in just 30 days, that is, a month. And also to give muscles elasticity will help physical activity.. To get rid of the sides and abdomen is suitable:

  • Inclines and turns of the case. It is the slopes of the most developed abdominal obliques. So they contribute to the effective burning of the fat layer. The only remark: all movements should not be sharp, but very smooth and slow.
  • Mahi. Exercise that allows you to reduce the volume of the hips, to work out the oblique abdominal muscles and get rid of cellulite.
  • Strap. The most effective exercise that can help in the fight against overweight, in correcting posture and spine.

The problem of excess weight should be considered comprehensively, because it is the combination of nutrition and exercise that will help make the body perfect.

Other ways to lose weight

Today, there are many methods to combat obesity. Girls who are far from sports and want quick results enjoy the wonders of surgery. And those who treat themselves more demanding, can choose for themselves a more comfortable option: diet and exercise. After all, the main thing is the desire to work on yourself.

But it happens what for some reason dieting and sports are contraindicated. To do this, there are many other ways that help to lose weight. It can be procedures in salons, where there are many modern technologies that will allow you to lose weight in the shortest possible time. And you can use homemade beauty recipes.

Weight loss methods

The most effective method is wrapping. Preparation for the procedure is very simple. For it, you need only food film and a warm towel.

To start, you should prepare a cream for wrapping. The most effective is a cream based on chocolate or coffee. It is these tools that make the skin softer and more elastic. With constant use, it will relieve cellulite, remove the “orange peel” effect, and help you lose weight.

To make this delicious cream, you need to buy chocolate. The effect will be much better if you use natural chocolate, or at least closer to him. And also need about 20 ml of olive oil and a little water. Chocolate should be melted in a water bath. When the chocolate has melted, you need to add a little water and olive oil. To stir thoroughly. Ideally, the average mass should be obtained in density.

Then you should clean the skin with the help of a scrub. Further, with a brush, apply a cream evenly on the abdomen and hips. Then you need to carefully wrap areas with film. You can roll a warm towel over the top of the film or just take a blanket. Thus, the effect of a sauna is obtained. The procedure time is 50 minutes. They are held every other day for two weeks.

Sweet wrapping

This wrapping is considered the easiest and easiest to prepare. Thanks to him, removing extra centimeters is much faster. It requires only the usual honey, which can be bought at any store. As well as food film. It is carried out in the same way as chocolate wrapping. The only difference is in composition.

As a cream, plain honey is used. It is applied to the skin and aged for about 50 minutes. And then washed off with warm water.

But a more effective tool for this procedure is a recipe with the addition of honey and mustard. To prepare the mass will need three tablespoons of mustard, 50 grams of honey, as well as a spoonful of vinegar. Mix everything thoroughly and heat a little. But in any case, do not bring to a boil!

The mixture is applied to the skin in the form of heat and aged for 30 minutes. Then washed off with water. After the procedure, apply a nourishing cream on the skin.

Wrapping allows you to get rid of up to eight centimeters. Which is quite a good result.

Massage is also a good way to tighten a figure without diets and workouts. Thanks to him, blood circulation is improved, which contributes to the loss of extra pounds. But it should be noted that the benefits of it will be provided that the procedure will be carried out by a professional.

So, losing weight in a short time is real. Enough to fulfill all the necessary conditions and believe in success!

Recipes for homemade wraps

For a cold procedure, apple cider vinegar, diluted half with water, and a few drops of peppermint oil are suitable. Another option is to add 3-4 drops of juniper, peppermint, and grapefruit oil to the base olive oil. The active substances will bring out through the excretory system internal edema, blocking fat, and revitalize the metabolism.

For hot wrapping use honey (4 parts) with dry mustard (1 part) or hot pepper powder (1 part) with olive oil (5 parts). The warming components expand the vessels, open the pores and use them in the process of removing fluid, toxins and burning fat.

Exercise stress

To stomach, hips, waist become slim, you need daily exercise at home or fitness at the gym at least 3 times a week. The load is increased gradually, from small for 10 minutes. until intense for 40-60 min. Physical activity refers to the daily march of steps, walking and cycling routes to work, walk, and shopping.

The complex of exercises for the week of fat on the Lyashka, buttocks and abdomen

Deposits in the lower body are difficult to correct, so home gymnastics consists of difficult exercises:

  1. After a 5-minute warm-up walk, easy run to go to the squats on the legs, shoulder-width apart. Socks and knees are oriented to the sides.
  2. On the floor lean on your elbows. Raise straight legs, dissolve-fold, lower. Spreading, hold in the air for seconds, reduce, lower.
  3. From the same position to raise straight limbs, to dissolve, to cross, making each leg now upper, then lower 10 times.
  4. Sitting to squeeze and release the buttocks, holding the tension for 20-30 seconds.
  5. Sitting back straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your book with your knees, stretching the locking force up to 30 seconds.
  6. Lying on the back with legs bent, bring the upper part of the body several times towards them (arms extended forward, later behind the head). Then pull-up combined with twisting to the side. In the next block, simultaneously tighten your knees and head to the stomach with a fulcrum on the lower back.
  7. Leaning your back on your hands on a stable seat, squat as deeply as possible.

At the end slowly breathe deeply, raising and lowering the arms.

Lunges forward

Exercise is performed with a short amplitude, so that 6 leg muscles are involved. Vertical stand, feet shoulder-width apart. On the inhale, take a short step forward over the entire foot, without bending the back. Behind the knee tends to the floor. On the exhale, move the center of gravity back, straighten up.

When the muscles podkachayutsya, it will be the turn of weighting. During the attacks in the hands or on the shoulders are placed dumbbells, barbell, bottles of water, sand. There are 10 steps on each side, multiplied by 3-4 approaches.

Running in place with your knees high

Work the front large femoral muscles. Due to their tension, the knees ascend to the height of the hip joint and higher while running. You need to run on your toes, do not slouch, actively moving your arms and exhaling on each lift.

Begin with a strong amplitude, with an interval of 3-4 days increase the height. The number of repetitions is similar to the previous exercise.

Tips for adjusting the volume of the legs, hips and abdomen

How to get rid of fat on lyashkah, get the desired result and do not harm the health doctors know exercise therapy, nutritionists and professional advice, you must listen.

It is dangerous to independently organize deficient and zero diets (hunger). When the body does not receive vitamins, minerals, all organs are affected. Together with a dramatic weight loss, a woman will get aged skin, brittle nails, teeth and hair, an upset digestive, cardiovascular and nervous system.

If you follow the principles of proper nutrition and tolerance of physical activity, then the result of losing weight will soon please

If you skip a meal, the metabolism is very slow, fat is not burned. The weight will freeze at one mark or will go extremely slowly. You can not completely abandon fats, because they are involved in many biological reactions. It is necessary to use at least a teaspoon of any vegetable oil per day.

Women who are prone to corpulence, after dumping surplus will have to follow the power for life. To stabilize the new weight, calories are calculated according to the formula: take the number 105 from height per cm, multiply the difference by 30. Reduce the number of calories by 400-500 units to adjust the weight.

Exercise should not be overworked. Need time to rest. Especially valuable for losing weight healthy long sleep. Under the influence of the night hormone melatonin, the actual burning of calories spent during the day occurs.

The women's hormonal program and the special structure of lipid cells constantly stimulate the body to create a fat depot in the Lyashka, stomach, waist. Having got rid of excess fat with difficulty, it is possible not to notice how it is with cakes, sandwiches, after skipping gymnastics it will return in the same, and even more.

Article design: Olga Pankevich

1. How to remove the abdomen and sides - expert advice

The question "How to remove the stomach and sides" is particularly acute in the spring. The main culprit in the appearance of the "lifebuoy" in the abdomen area, as a rule, is excessive eating fatty and sweet food. Carbohydrates and fats are deposited at the waist, that is, the body makes between the internal organs and muscles a strategic warehouse for a rainy day. Also, the stomach may be rounded due to weak abdominal muscles. That is, your life is not enough sports and there are no loads that can "burn" excess fat reserves.

To lose weight, there is a main rule: " Eat less - move more! ". But all is not so simple. Specialists in healthy nutrition and fitness gurus have in stock a number of highlights related to the problem of getting rid of excess fat on the stomach and sides, saving your body from the likely harmful effects.

Here are the strict postulates that must be fulfilled in order for the figure to please your eyes:

  • Do not eat at night. Everything eaten shortly before sleep is delayed in precisely those parts of the body in which you would like to remove it.
  • Organize yourself a healthy diet. Все знают про необходимость отказа от сдобного и сладкого, в интернете много рецептов «волшебных диет»… Но главная тайна – не переедайте! Если подняться из-за стола чуть голодным, то съеденное не образуется в жир.

Кушать лучше 5-6 раз скромными дозами, чем пару раз есть до отвала. Завтрак обязан быть качественным, дабы уберечь себя от желания перехватить что-нибудь абсолютно не полезное. Днем вы можете позволить себе перекус фруктами, орешками, кисломолочными изделиями.

Food for the main meal is better to choose with a large proportion of fiber (apples, zucchini, cabbage, cereals, grains, greens). In the evening, it is better to prefer so-called low-fat products: kefir, yogurt, fruit salad or vegetables. After 19 hours, an apple and a glass of kefir are permissible.

Ruthlessly exclude carbonated drinks, candy, etc., pickled products, fat content, as well as various sauces (including the beloved mayonnaise).

  • Try to minimize the excitement and stress in your life. Doctors do not get tired to talk about the jumps of the hormone cortisol, whose level increases during stress, and favors the placement of unsympathetic folds on your tummy. In difficult cases, it is permissible to resort to the use of sedatives (valerian, motherwort, glycine), or practice auto-training.
  • Eliminate or limit alcohol consumption to a minimum. It also increases the concentration of cortisol. And besides, after a couple of glasses it is very difficult to control the amount of food eaten.
  • Drink plenty of water (2 liters or 8 cups - as you like more). Due to the lack of moisture, metabolic processes are slowed down, and slags and toxins firmly settle in the body. In this situation, getting rid of fat is almost impossible. Adjust the water exchange - take diuretic fees (just do not overdo it!).
  • But all the above techniques will not work without sports. Dreaming to get a slim silhouette is definitely worth doing exercises every day. What kind? Read on!

2. What exercises can and should be done at home in order to remove the stomach and sides?

Easier to lose weight regular visitors to fitness centers. But the dilemma of getting rid of fat on the stomach and sides really solve at home.

Elementary exercises - This is a torsion of the hoop and the development of abdominal muscles.

The rotation of the hula-hoop will prepare the abdominal muscles for exercises, their blood circulation is activated and the metabolism is optimized. Exercise is easy to combine with watching TV. Beginners better to take lightweight hoop, and over time to weight it. Feet set to a width equal to the size of the shoulders, the rotation is carried out clockwise. Engage with a hoop for 20 minutes. To the music will be more fun to do.

Then you should proceed to the complex on the press. It is necessary to perform exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides: 15-30 repetitions in three sets with a minimum breathing space.

Effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides:

  1. Slopes. Stand with your hands on your sides, put your feet steadily. We lean the body parallel to the floor, stretch in the direction of the left leg, hands stretch in opposite directions. Then we make a backward deflection to the right (it’s as if the side is clamped at the same time), hands are returned to the belt. Repeat in a different direction. It turns out a kind of slopes on the diagonal.
  2. Body turns From the previous position, we turn the housing left and right. The body below the belt remains motionless.
  3. Planck on the side. Sit on your side, lean on your forearm. Body lift and straighten as a string. Hold for as long as you can (optimally - 2 minutes). Roll over and repeat.
  4. Scissors. Lying on the floor, lift your feet off the floor and cross them at an accelerated pace.
  5. Bicycle. Continuing to lie, bend your leg and stretch your knee in the direction of the opposite elbow, make for the second side.
  6. Side tilts. Take a bottle of water in your hand (one has a dumbbell) and lean to the side. Repeat for the other hand.
  7. Folding knife. Lie on your back, the body is fully stretched like a string (arms stretch above your head). In parallel, lift all the limbs. Try to touch your toes with your fingers.
  8. Twisting side. Starting position - the same, place your hands near the ears. At right angles bent legs alternately lay in opposite directions.

3. How to quickly remove the stomach and sides at home in a week

In order to resolve the difficulty of getting rid of the abdomen and sides, moreover, quickly, it is advisable, first of all, to optimize your diet.
1. Completely remove simple carbohydrates. That is, exclude potatoes, pasta, rice (white), sweets.
2. The press will not please you with its slimness, when your stomach is stretched and your intestines are full of food. Reduce the serving size to a pair of fists. Most of this volume should take steam vegetables.

Approximate daily menu for those who want to remove the stomach and sides of the house:

  • Morning - 1 apple + porridge on skimmed milk.
  • Day - vegetable salad plus soup or serving of fish (or chicken).
  • Evening - cottage cheese with berries or vegetables with a chop cooked in a double boiler, or fish with salad.
  • As snack possible fruit, nuts or yogurt without additives.

3. Reduce salt intake. Swelling and deposition of fat reserves contributes to the habit of more generously salt the food. Refuse chips, salted fish, and the same nuts. Salt in meat dishes and salads can be replaced with soy sauce.

4. Exercises. There is a complex that will actively contribute to the rapid acquisition of a flat tummy. These exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides are performed in the prone position, each for 1 minute at the fastest pace:

  • The legs are bent at an angle of 90 °, abut the floor, pull the stomach to the spine, arms support the back of the head. Do the traditional twisting, pull the chin to the ceiling. Loin - firmly pressed to the rug or floor.
  • In the knees bent legs positioned at an angle to the floor. Touch the elbow of the right hand to the knee of the opposite leg, and on the other side.
  • Feet straighten perpendicular to the floor. Draw circles through the air in various directions. Remember the lower back.
  • Lie on your side with your legs straightened and resting on your elbow. Cross the feet, the second hand lies along the body. Raise the pelvis until the torso is stretched out like a string, and then lower it, not bringing a couple of centimeters to the floor. Run to the other side.

These exercises will certainly help you remove the stomach and sides.

5. Scrub. Caffeine helps burn fat faster. Scrub coffee from ground coffee twice a week. Another sure way to remove the stomach and sides at home is to pour 5 drops of citrus essential oils (grapefruit, lemon and orange) in a hot bath.

5. How to quickly remove the abdomen and sides of a man or a woman - the best diet for slimming the abdomen and sides

"How to remove the stomach and sides?" - Ladies ask this question more often than men. Is there a difference in how to lose weight? Both those and others need to strictly follow the rules to achieve the result. There is a need in 3 hours. It is necessary to drink a large amount of water or green tea (it is permissible to dissolve some honey in them).

In the menu we enter vegetables, grain products, and those that are full of fiber. These are: cereals, rice, legumes, cucumbers, cabbage, seaweed, apples, pears, grapefruits, oranges and greens. Fruit can be, but as an independent meal. Salads can be seasoned with olive oil.

In addition, fast days give a good effect. Choose one option and per day use:

  • 1.5 kg of apples, divided for 5 meals,
  • 1.5 liters of kefir for the same number of receptions
  • 1.5 kg of fruit and vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil, without salt.

6. Products that should be discarded when getting rid of excess fat on the abdomen and sides

Try simply to exclude from the menu a number of products, and by completing these conditions, you will lose weight and thoughts about losing weight.

List of products that should be discarded:

1. Sweets (including marshmallow and chupa chups).

2. French fries, chips.

3. Sweet soda.

4. Chocolate bars.

7. Quickly brewed noodles.

10. Grain breakfast. Although they are advertised as useful, they have a surplus of salt and sugar, and the nutrients are of chemical origin.

11. Chewy bars.

12. Shop yogurt with fruit. The ingredients of this yogurt are sugar, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.

13. Bread (except pieces of sprouted wheat).

15. Fruit juice from the bag.

16. Sports drinks.

17. Dietary soda.

7. Conclusion

I think now that you know exactly how to remove the stomach and sides, because the fat at the waist is a load that you carry with you every day. It damages the vertebrae and joints in the legs, overloads the heart. Sprawling belly is a limiter of physical and mental abilities. Fat accumulates not only around the waist, but also inside the body. With its surplus, the work of the organs of the digestive system is disrupted, as well as before hand diseases. It is necessary to get rid of it. And then you will become less tired, increase self-confidence.

The sooner you choose the right weight loss option for you, the sooner you will realize your dreams and goals, and the more intense and active your life will become.

And in conclusion, I suggest you perform a set of exercises to get rid of the abdomen and sides:

Is it possible to remove the sides in a week at home?

Remove the sides and lyashka at home - it is quite possible even in a short time. But in order to achieve the desired result, you need to make weight loss a priority. Speaking about how to remove the sides at the waist, you can not underestimate the role of the right motivation. It is very important and should cause a positive reaction. You can’t say to yourself: “I want to lose weight because I look terrible, I can’t wear beautiful things, or I’m embarrassed to go out”. Direct incentive works much more effectively when you see the final goal:

  • look better to like a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • improve your well-being,
  • begin to lead a more active life without interference in the form of shortness of breath or constraint,
  • stop standing out from other people.

But only one right mood is not enough! You can not lie at home on the couch, eat fatty or sugary foods and lose weight. Although you can help the body burn calories with the help of folk remedies.

To enhance fat burning processes

Grind 3 cm of ginger root and pour boiling water in a liter thermos. After a couple of hours, the infusion can be drunk, but it should be consumed no more than 200 ml three times a day. If you do not like the taste of ginger - try to brew and drink, like ordinary tea, red rowan berries. 20-25 grams of fruit is enough for a big mug.

To reduce appetite

3-4 garlic cloves, grate and pour a glass of hot water. Take a tablespoon before each meal. A less radical method is a decoction of chopped celery roots. Boil raw materials for about 15 minutes in 0.5 liters of water, after which the broth should cool. Drink half a glass before meals.

You can use herbs not only for decoctions and tinctures, but also for the preparation of baths.

One of the easiest ways - 600 gr. birch leaves and buds pour three liters of water, bring to a boil. Strain and add to warm bath water. This will promote blood circulation in the capillaries and small vessels, as well as activates the processes of burning deposits.

For active perspiration and normalization of salt balance, baths of oregano and linden are used. In the first case, 400 grams. Oregano should be boiled in 5 liters of water, and in the second it is enough to take 300 grams of water for the same volume. buds, leaves, flowers or linden bark.

Take baths with such broths every day for 15 minutes for two weeks.

Naturally, only these methods will not help make a thin waist and save the achieved results for a long time. However, they will bring closer the deadlines for the fulfillment of your dream of a beautiful body. But how to make a waist and remove the sides?

How to remove the fat from the sides of a man?

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are not too inclined to be overweight, but men over 30 years old are increasingly “wearing a beer belly”. However, most of them do not confuse fat sides, and some even consider them a sign of solidity. However, the attractive figure doesn’t become more attractive because the extra pounds are lighter. The appearance of the problem can be associated with the male habit of relieving nervous tension with alcoholic beverages, which are not only very high-calorie, but also stimulate appetite.

To remove the fat from the sides, it is important to abandon any strong drinks. Measures should not be radical, otherwise you will experience stress, which is also harmful. It is better to tell yourself that you are sure to sit with a glass of beer, but later, and so every time.

A prerequisite for weight loss at home - stop snacking on chips, crackers and other chemical rubbish, which is sold in the nearest store. To remove the sides on the waist at home - eat balanced and in the right setting. If you have a habit of eating in front of a TV or computer monitor - discard it! Watching any programs or videos can be eaten much more than necessary, and not even notice it. Start breakfast and dine at home in peace, calmly and slowly chew food. Only in this way can you realize in time that your body is already full. If you find it difficult to be in silence and solitude - arrange lunch with friends.

Naturally, the guy to remove the sides of one change of the usual food for a healthier will not work, but it is - a significant first step!

How to remove the fat from the sides of a woman?

The fair sex, as usual, reverently refers to its appearance and tries to follow the figure. Nevertheless, women are subject to stress even to a greater degree than men and often seize the disorder with sweet foods, which are subsequently deposited on the waist and hips.

Remove the sides at the waist with a balanced diet. But it is important to properly treat her choice. Do not torture the body for long fasting. The diet should be a new lifestyle and contain all the major food groups. Moreover, to remove the sides from the back is enough to give up bad eating habits.

  1. Do not add salt to food. The body lacks the salt contained in the products, and in its pure form it is only needed by our taste buds, which can be deceived. If you can not eat fresh food, add dill, parsley, ginger or other seasonings to the dishes.
  2. Give up sugar. By adding it to tea or coffee, you consume clean calories that you need to use up, otherwise they will become folds on your body.
  3. Arrange fasting days. For girls, fasting is useful, but it is important to organize them correctly. You can remain without food for no more than a day and during this time you need to drink at least 2 liters of water. At the same time remember that an empty stomach accumulates bile, which must be removed. Doing this will help intake of 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil per day.
  4. Maintain a state of satiety. A sprawling stomach is a real problem, since in order to fill it you have to eat large portions of food. Removing the problem can help fractional and frequent meals or the inclusion in the permanent diet of foods rich in fiber. It clogs up the volume of the stomach with its fibers, satisfying hunger and not causing harm.

Compliance with the principles of proper nutrition must be combined with physical exertion. What exercises are worth doing? It is best to load all muscle groups, performing aerobics and strength training. However, this principle is only suitable for people who are overweight does not interfere with normal movement. With severe obesity, it is better to perform the most simple exercises, taking long breaks between them.


Any exercise at home or in the gym should start with a warm-up. If it is difficult for you to do the exercises, and you feel weak with intense exertion, then all the more you need to train the whole body. It is best to start with warming up the muscles of the arms, neck and shoulders. To do this, lock your hands in the castle behind your head and spread your elbows to the sides. With a little pressure, push your elbows back, while offering resistance.

The following exercise must be performed with weighting. Stand up straight and take in each hand a small object or dumbbell, weighing 0.5-2 kg. Spread your arms to the sides so that a 90 degree angle forms between your body and forearm. Hold them in this position for a couple of seconds and lower them down.

To warm up your back, chest and abdomen, do exercises on the floor.

Lie on your stomach and focus on your forearms. At the same time, put your feet on the toes, and lift the whole body and hold it in a flat, horizontal position. Hold the position for a few seconds, and then drop.

Lie on your side, straightening your legs and placing your elbow exactly under the shoulder. Rise, leaning on your forearm, and keep your body straight. Distribute the weight on the hand and foot. Hold this position as long as possible, and then change sides.

What exercises need to be done to remove the sides?

  1. Twisting. In the simplest form, they are performed standing. To do this, put your hands behind your head and separate your elbows to the sides, and put your feet a little bit wider than your shoulders. Perform slow corners of the hull left and right, holding the body for a couple of seconds at the end points. To complicate the exercise lie on the floor, on the back. Bend your legs so that your knees are exactly above the pelvis. Hands clasp behind the head and lift the shoulders. On the exhale, turn the body to the left while trying to touch the left knee with your right elbow. The right leg should be straightened at the same time, but continue to keep it on weight. Return to the starting position and take a breath. Повторите упражнение в другую сторону.
  2. Подъемы ног. Выполнять этот прием нужно на полу, расположив тело на боку с упором на предплечье. Поднимите верхнюю ногу на 30 сантиметров и удерживайте пару секунд. После этого попытайтесь подтянуть к ней нижнюю ногу, опираясь только на руку и бедро. Удерживайте положение, а потом медленно вернитесь в исходную позицию. Следите при этом, чтобы корпус не заваливался назад или вперед.
  3. Slopes. The usual tilting of the body to the left and right can be performed while standing, but for greater efficiency it is better to complicate the exercise. Kneel down and pick up a small towel. Raise it above your head, spreading your arms as far as possible. Now follow the tilts to the side, making the maximum deflection so that the pelvis remains in place.

Repeat each technique 15-25 times in 2-4 sets and gradually increase the load.

In the gym

Speaking about how to remove the sides in the gym, you first need to pay attention not to the exercises themselves, but to how to perform them correctly. There are a few simple rules for visiting the hall.

  1. Attend classes need to fasting, otherwise you can not remove the number of calories you need. It is important to take water with you: at least 0.5 liters.
  2. When doing exercises - you can not take breaks. Beginners can pause between the shells, but even at this time you need to be in motion: walk, bend, the main thing is not to stand.
  3. Start training with jumping rope or exercise on a stationary bike. The first time is enough to give them about 10 minutes, and then increase this time to half an hour.
  4. If you do not follow a strict diet, then you definitely need to include in the exercise plan aerobics or jogging, since cardio exercises contribute to the rapid burning of calories.
  5. Go to strength training carefully, carefully listening to your feelings during the selection of weight. To remove fat from the abdomen and back, use 6-8 different shells.

Which simulator removes the sides? In fact, you can work on creating a waist on many projectiles: fitball, bench, horizontal bar and others. Excellent results gives a treadmill, stepper and exercise bike.

Is it possible to remove the sides with a hoop? Yes, this shell shows good results in the fight with extra centimeters at the waist. In addition, using the hoop, you can strengthen the direct and oblique muscles of the abdomen and back, and also remove cellulite in problem areas. Today, sports shops offer a huge selection of equipment, these are soft hula hoop models, plastic and metal products, and even hoops with massage nozzles. To get rid of fatty deposits on the abdomen with the help of hulahup, it is best to use plastic models with massage inserts. They have an additional effect on the muscles and improve the blood microcirculation. However, before using such a hoop, you need to protect the body from its blows. To do this, you can use a special medical or sports belt, or simply wrap the body with a wrap or towel.

Hulahup helps in severe stages of obesity, but the effect will not be noticeable immediately. For the first results to appear, you need to do exercises for 2-3 weeks. At the same time, keep in mind that the effectiveness of losing weight depends on your body position: the more you put your feet on, the more effect you get. How much should I turn the hoop? For a start, it will be enough 10 minutes a day, 5 minutes each way, and after this time you need to increase to 30 minutes at a time or in 2 sets.

It will be possible to remove the sides with exercises in the hall for about the same period, but at the same time you will have to attend classes regularly: at least 3-4 visits per week. What exercises help fight fat deposits? To remove the extra centimeters from the waist work with a normal bench, fixed at an angle relative to the floor. The higher the lift, the harder it is to perform the exercises.

First lie on the bench head up. Straighten your arms, grasp the handrails, and bend your legs slightly and hold on to the weight. Lift the pelvis and legs up, putting them behind your head, and return to the starting position. In this case, in any case, do not fall on the bench completely - the press must always remain in tension.

The next exercise is a reverse press. Turn around and sit back on the bench. Fix the legs on the railings to hold the body and round the back. Lean forward, and then take the body back, but do not lie down completely.

After that, go to a flat bench or on the floor. To perform the exercise, sit down, slightly turning the body back, and your legs bent at the knees and pulling them up to your chest. On the exhale, strongly deviate, and straighten your legs, but do not touch the floor with them. After that, go back to the original position.

Leaning on a roman chair is a difficult, but very effective exercise. It is performed sitting on the simulator sideways and fixing the position of the body with the help of the legs. Bend to the side, reaching the deflection of the body up to 90 degrees. Then turn the other side and repeat all over again.

What exercises can still remove deposits on the belt? In fact, absolutely any physical activity can help you on the way to the goal. Squats, walking, exercises with a barbell, push-ups, classes on a variety of simulators - they are all aimed at the work of several muscle groups. But the most effective techniques are based on the principles of twisting and bending or swinging the press. Just the more you do, the harder the shells become.

How to remove the hips on the hips

Fat deposits are formed not only at the waist, but also on the back, thighs. In general, they need to be fought with the same methods, but for each specific area there are different exercises. So, in order to remove the folds on the sides, it is best to perform side-bending and twisting, which was already mentioned earlier. But the sides on the lower back can be removed in other ways.

To get rid of the sides behind it, you need to make lazy muscles work. The load on them gives a few simple tricks. To perform the first of these, take the cobra pose: lie down on your stomach, and then lift the body on the outstretched arms. The back with the need to bend. Tear off your right leg from the floor and at the same time as you turn the body turn it as far as possible to the left. Repeat the exercise 20 times, and then change the working side.

The following exercise, which will cause the back sides of the back to go, is made with dumbbells or a half-liter bottle of water. To do it, stand on all fours and set your right foot to the side. The body should be straight. Take the weighting agent in your right hand. Rotate the body inward, holding the hand under the body and straightening it at the end, and then reverse turning the entire body, with the output of the arm bent at the elbow, upwards. Make 20 turns and change sides.

To tighten the sides and ass help squats with the ball, sandwiched between the legs just above the knees. It is very important to perform the exercise, not lifting the heels off the floor and maintaining a constant pace. For a start, you can do 15-20 squats, and over time their number can be increased to 100.

Fighting fat from the back and sides can be done in another way: put your legs shoulder-width apart and move your feet apart. Squat as deeply as possible while raising your arms in a locked position. After 20 repetitions, linger at the lowest point, and stretch your arms forward at chest level. Now move the body alternately to the sides, keeping the hips intact.

Another option: lie on the floor, on the right side. Bring your right hand forward for support, take a 1 kg dumbbell in your left arm, bend your arm in your elbow and move it behind your back. Feet while lying flat. At the same time, lift up and guide your left foot and arm towards each other. It is not necessary to bend them. Perform 20 approaches and repeat everything for the left side of the body. This exercise will help burn fat from the waist and sides.

However, when performing such a complex, do not forget that it is necessary to remove excess fat from the waist and sides not only by local trainings, but also by general physical activities., which not only help you lose weight, but also improve the health of the body, heal and rejuvenate it.