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Diet on apples


It is difficult to find a diet that really could not only give a beautiful and toned figure, but also improve the body, and not harm it. To diets that give two effects at once: healing and losing weight, is an apple diet. Simple, cheap and effective, and most importantly - available in any season.

Principles of the technique

An apple is a natural treasure full of healthy substances. The sour apple contains vitamin C, volatile production, tanning compounds, natural organic acids, macronutrients: K, Mg, Fe, Na, B, etc. For these reasons, the use of additional complexes with vitamins is not required.

On this diet, the only permitted product is apples. Additionally, drink any tea, but without sweeteners and additives. Apples should be solid, sour, green varieties.

Duration and severity depend on several factors. If extreme weight loss is needed, use a weekly technique. Also options with dilution of the menu are possible.

It should also be noted that apples can cause allergies with such a long use, in particular, allergies to vitamin C. Therefore, this point should be considered in advance.

Apple menu

This menu is designed for 7 days, during which the main product on the table will be apples. Some adherents of the diet believe that the diet can be diluted with rye bread or cereal bread, if you only make apples unbearable.

The original menu has the following form, by day, in kilograms the number of apples for the whole day is indicated:

  1. From 1 kg
  2. From 1.5 kg
  3. From 2 kg,
  4. From 2 kg,
  5. From 1.5 kg
  6. From 1 kg
  7. From 1.5 kg.

In those days when the mass of apples is maximum, you should add any favorite teas to the menu, you can have coffee, in general, the amount of liquid should be large enough.

If on apples alone the feeling of hunger is not dulled, it is really possible to add a few crackers, but only during lunch.

Loyal menu

It is rather difficult to withstand the apple method in strictness, and failures on the second and third day are not uncommon. If you have any doubts about whether such a diet will work, you can use another, more gentle menu, which has kefir.

It is necessary to eat 5 times a day, but in a special way. First, they eat one apple, and after thirty minutes they drink half a cup of biokefir or low-fat yogurt.

In addition to this, you can drink tea and water without minerals and gas. Mineralized water can cause hunger, therefore it is better to refuse such a risk.

Express weight loss

There is a method for apples, designed for a shorter period - just 3 days. The essence of nutrition for these three days is quite simple: only 1.5 kg of green, fresh apples and clean water. The last apple should be eaten at 8 pm. Ideally, it is recommended to abandon any drinks that have a tonic effect: coffee, tea, juice, even if all this is consumed without sugar.

Choosing apples for any of the methods, pay attention to the manufacturer. Varieties that are imported from other countries are usually not as useful as domestic ones.

The fact is that for prolonged transportation of fruit covered with edible wax. Since it is based on food paraffins, a large number of them can lead to problems with the health of the liver.


Apple, this is one of the few diets that really require preparation. If you immediately rush to the embrasure, you can get not only a breakdown from the diet, but also the complete absence of further use of any methods to reduce weight.

It is worth starting gradually, with fasting days. Training should begin a week before the intended start of the diet. For this week you need to arrange two unloading days.

  • The first fasting day - apples and kefir, in a 1: 1 ratio, but not less than 1.5 kg. You can add tea without sugar and a teaspoon of honey.

On this day, it is advisable to stay at home to have access to amenities. The fact is that apples cause a laxative effect, clearing the body of toxins and toxins. After the first day of unloading, the next three days you can eat in the usual way, but it is desirable to exclude flour and sweet. Then, on the fourth day, the second unloading day is held.

  • The second fasting day - plenty of apples and clean water.
  • After that, three days pass again, during which flour, sweets, convenience foods and smoked meats should be abandoned.
  • On the fourth day, you can start a full diet.

Results and output

Exit from this diet should be very carefully for several reasons. Grape, malic and other organic acids contained in apples increase the production of gastric juice, which, respectively, increases the appetite.

In order not to pounce on food right there at the end of seven or three days, it is recommended to increase the amount of drinking foods, gradually replacing the apples.

For example, in one of the meals to cook chicken broth, in the rest to take apples. The next day, replace another meal with thin and boiled semolina porridge or any other taste.

The results of the diet on apples are worth it to keep the apple diet to the end: for three days of the express diet, you can lose 3 kg of excess fat.

For a week, the plumb will be from 5 to 11 kg. In addition, the intestines are cleaned, and this means that weight loss will continue at the end of the diet, if you do not get involved in fried, high-calorie foods.


Since apples do contain a large amount of acids, their action can be quite irritating to the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. Because the diet is prohibited for people suffering from diseases of the digestive tract.

In addition, it is not suitable for expectant mothers, as well as during the breastfeeding period - monodiets, which include malic, is absolutely contraindicated during these periods.

Useful diet will be people suffering from frequent constipation and flatulence, as these problems are caused by the accumulation of toxins in the intestine.

Variants of the apple diet and their menu

Apples are a valuable and tasty component of the diet, and thanks to the variety of varieties, they are not boring and are well suited even for mono-diets. When deciding whether to apply an apple diet, you need to consult with a specialist. This is necessary because the presence in these fruits of a large percentage of fruit acids has a significant effect on the state of the gastrointestinal tract. Their fiber helps intestinal peristalsis, but can irritate the gastric mucosa. Also note that the malic acid spoils the enamel of the teeth, because after eating do not forget to rinse your mouth with water.

For a milder effect, you need to peel this fruit from skin - at least some percentage of vitamins will be lost, but there will be no such irritating effect on the stomach. It is good to eat baked apples, they are rich in pectin. Do not forget to drink water in small portions. Nutritionists recommend adding protein foods to the apple diet, as protein is the most important building block for our cells. This combination of ingredients will prevent weight loss due to the removal of water from the body and burning muscles. Below you will find examples of diets for weight correction.

Gentle monodiet for 3 days

On such a three-day version should stay, if you first decided to try losing weight with diet. Please note that according to the recommendations of nutritionists, you cannot eat more than 3-4 days with only one product, so a mono-diet will not harm your body. Here are the options for this diet:

  1. eat as many apples as you like during the day and drink pure water or unsweetened herbal teas,
  2. eat 1 apple and with a break in half an hour drink 1 cup of kefir,
  3. consume 1.5 kg of apples per day.

Apple diet minus 10 kg for 7 days

The presence of ingredients rich in pectin, makes this diet very effective. Apples in it are combined with carrots and beets. These products are also rich in pectin. Added rice and low-fat cottage cheese, which makes the food more diverse. The diet should be accompanied by a sufficient amount of water you drink, you can use herbal teas or green tea. Here is the weekly meal plan:

General rules

The apple diet came to us from the 20th century, when the problem of eating animal fats and protein in large quantities was acute. Many experts were of the opinion that it is animal fats that contribute to the rapid weight gain. But the way out was very soon: in order to slow down this process, it is necessary to adhere to strict fruit mono-diets. Later, this hypothesis was never confirmed, but the low-fat diets on fruits won a huge number of fans around the world because of their simplicity and availability.

Apple non-standard mono-diet "minus 10 kg" should last 7 days. All this time you have to eat only apples (1.5-2 kg per day), sometimes combining them with cottage cheese, eggs and nuts. Just as during any diet, it is important to drink at least 1 liter of water daily.

Do not worry that the apple diet for weight loss for 7 days will make you feel a terrible feeling of hunger. Apple Pectin increases the viscosity of food, which enters the colon, and, consequently, this food is digested much longer.

The main active ingredient of this diet is pectin. Its functions are diverse: in the small intestine, pectin absorbs fats and acids, reduces cholesterol in the blood, fights against the absorption of toxic substances, removes radioactive substances and heavy metals, normalizes stool, creates acceptable conditions for the reproduction of beneficial microbes in the body. The apple-based diet is the best way to cope even with old fat deposits: apple pectin easily breaks them down.

Studies of nutritionists have shown that 30 grams of apple fiber destroys 300 grams of fat. By the way, you can effectively lose weight on fresh and baked fruits. In addition, it is recommended to eat other foods in small quantities: nuts, cottage cheese, rice groats, carrots, beets.

Is it possible to eat apples while dieting?

Apple is an amazing product and, most importantly, affordable. No wonder the English have a saying: “Eating 1 apple a day, you save on a doctor».

This fruit is useful and recommended to almost everyone: healthy people and those who suffer from any diseases. The main thing is to choose the right grade for your body. Most useful and safe of course green sour apples: they are considered hypoallergenic and contain minimal amounts of sugar. But red sweet fruits can be periodically diluted with your diet.

The benefits of apples are very difficult to exaggerate, because they contain a huge, not yet fully researched, number of valuable substances for the human body:

  • vitamin A - protects against colds and maintains normal vision,
  • vitamin B2 - “vitamin of appetite”, which provides good digestion and stability of the nervous system,
  • vitamin C - is present in huge quantities in sour apples and is one of the best means for the prevention of infectious diseases, anemia and avitaminosis, getting rid of puffiness,
  • iron - the best remedy for anemia, necessary for pregnant women and children,
  • phosphorus - provides brain activity, in addition, eliminates insomnia,
  • pectins - struggling with toxic substances in the body (therefore extremely useful for workers in hazardous industries),
  • iodine - an excellent tool for the prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland, improve memory and brain function, which is contained in all five apple pits,
  • organic acids - substances that interfere with the fermentation processes in the intestine, eliminate the flatulence and swelling.

Thus, adhering to the weekly apple diet, you will not only get rid of excess weight, but also provide your body with vitamins and substances that are very important for human life.

Apple diet, approved foods

The weekly menu of the apple diet is very simple: you should eat at least 1 kg of fresh or baked apples a day, combining them, for the sake of painless tolerance of the diet, with a small amount of protein foods - cottage cheese, eggs, nuts.

Also, you need to drink at least 1 liter of water per day to enhance the effect of apple pectin on the body and to go through this diet as efficiently as possible.

Natural benefits of the apple diet

Apples are those fruits that contain almost all minerals, vitamins, folic acid, iron, sugar and pectins are incredibly useful for the human body. In addition, apples fill a person with energy and strength, which significantly prolongs his life. Long since these fruits have been used to treat atherosclerosis, rheumatism, gout, eczema and other skin diseases. Also, their use contributes to the strengthening of nails, hair and eyesight. This fruit contains substances that help the body more effectively absorb iron from other products.

Scientists from the UK have found out that daily consumption of at least one apple passes through life and contributes to the qualitative rejuvenation of the human body. The researchers concluded that apples contain a complex element - polyphenol epicatechin, which significantly improves the blood circulation process, while rejuvenating the heart and increasing immunity, the vessel walls are less hardened, which most often contributes to the development of strokes, heart attacks and other heart diseases.

The most affordable diet option:

  • Monday. You must eat at least one kilogram of apples and drink a few glasses of green tea, but without adding sugar. If it is difficult, then you can afford a couple of crackers.
  • Tuesday. Apples need to eat at least one and a half kilograms. Still tea, crackers and water.
  • Wednesday and Thursday. Please yourself with two kilograms of apples, drink plenty of water and completely give up crackers.
  • Friday. One and a half kilograms, water, tea.
  • Saturday. One kilogram, green tea and water.
  • Sunday. Control weighing - slim silhouette.

Exit from the diet is gradually, without fanatical absorption of cakes. The apple diet is fairly budget and not at all difficult to maintain. It is worth repeating it about once every 2-3 months.

Kefir-apple diet

Kefir-apple diet can be recommended to people not only wanting to lose weight, but also to improve their health for a number of reasons, for example, the threatening environmental situation in the region, work on a hazardous technological operation (for example, manual electric arc welding), a recent illness (caused a significant decrease in immunity) - taking a long period of antibiotics, etc.

The duration of the kefir-apple diet is seven days - during this time you can lose weight by 6 kilograms. Every day, according to the kefir-apple diet, it takes 1.5 kilograms (5-6 pieces) of green apples.

Menu kefir-apple diet

Tomorrow, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and 2 hours before bedtime you need to eat one apple and half an hour drink it with half a glass (100 grams) of nonfat (1%) kefir (without sugar). Moreover, any meal can be without prejudice. Additionally, you can drink unlimited green tea or non-carbonated and non-mineralized water (does not cause the feeling of hunger) without sugar.

Fasting day

Yet the apple diet is a mono-diet that should not be considered as permanent. But to cleanse the body of toxins and slags from time to time it should be used.

Normalize metabolic processes by unloading days, which must be carried out several times a week to reduce weight and 2 times a month to cleanse the body. On the day you need to eat as many apples as you can, and drink purified water up to 3 liters.

Apple diet can be supplemented with kefir: for one apple - 0.5 liters of kefir. Consequently, the day: 3 liters of fermented milk product, you need to eat 6 apples.

Why apples?

This fruit is considered to be a real well of vitamins, micro and macro elements and organic acids. Potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium, iodine, vitamin C - this is an incomplete list of nutrients that our body enriches in the process of eating an apple.

Another valuable component is pectin, which has the function of normalizing intestinal flora, regulating food absorption and improving intestinal motility. Due to the ability to adsorb and remove fats and toxins from food with the intestinal tract, pectins help to reduce the calorie intake and speed up the metabolism. And this is extremely important for losing weight.

The fructose and glucose contained in apples is an excellent salvation from the desire to eat the forbidden sweet product. A low calorie fruit (about 90 calories for an average apple) allows you to use them up to two kilograms per day without fear of harming the figure.

In addition, apples - a cheap product, available at any time of the year and does not require special preparation for use. Nobody forbids to eat fruits grated or baked without sugar, but the usual eating of fresh apples is fine.

Ну и главным достоинством данной диеты выступает ее большая эффективность, позволяющая терять до полутора килограммов в день.

Правильная подготовка – залог успеха

Despite the high performance of the apple method of losing weight, not everyone can withstand it for 7-10 days. Most often this happens if a girl rushes into a strict diet without prior preparation, which is fraught with rapid breakdowns.

Therefore, it would be better to arrange a couple of fasting days in the week preceding the start of the diet. On the first day, one and a half kilograms of apples should be eaten, washing them down with one and a half liters of low-fat kefir. Also not prohibited unsweetened tea. It will be better if you can stay at home on this day, as apples have a laxative effect, especially pronounced at the beginning of their use.

Diet in the next two or three days can not be strongly limited only by eliminating too fatty foods and flour products. On the second day of unloading, you can eat only apples in unlimited quantities, washing them down with plain water without gas. After three days, during which you need to gradually abandon all harmful products (smoked meat, sweet, fatty, semi-finished products), you can proceed directly to the apple diet.

Such a preliminary preparation will help the body more easily cope with future loads during weight loss.

Strict diet

The principles of this method of weight loss are simple - for a minimum of seven days you can use only apples. The good news is the lack of restrictions on their variety and sweetness.

Of course, sour green fruits are most beneficial. However, you can choose absolutely any variety that will help brighten up the taste scarcity inherent in any mono diet. It is recommended to give preference to domestic fruits. The fact is that apples grown abroad are treated with paraffin before transportation. Therefore, excessive consumption of such fruits will cause a very large load on the liver.

So, you need apples from the following calculation:

  • on 1kg for the first and sixth day,
  • 1.5 kg for the second, fifth and seventh days,
  • 2 kg for the third and fourth day.

In addition, you can drink non-carbonated water and unsweetened teas in unlimited quantities. Make sure that fluid intake is at least two liters per day.

There is another type of this diet, designed for express results. Its duration is only three days, during which one and a half kilograms of green apples can be consumed without heat treatment. And the last fruit should be eaten no later than at 20-00. Only normal water is allowed from the liquid. In this variant it is not allowed to treat yourself even to unsweetened tea.

Loyal retreats to the menu

Those who have never experienced strict diets, it can be extremely difficult to endure a week on apples only, especially with a very active lifestyle. So really to refuse this effective technique?

Not at all. Simply, if you feel that you are close to stalling, add a couple of rye crackers to your dinner.

Another option for a simplified apple diet is to combine it with the use of low-fat kefir or unsweetened yogurt. At the same time, meals should be divided into five meals, during which you first eat apples and only half an hour to drink kefir in a volume of 100 ml. Additionally, you can use an unlimited amount of tea without sugar, herbal decoctions and water.

Getting out of the diet is an important factor.

In addition to the obvious advantages, the apple diet is fraught with hidden danger. The abundance of fruit acids contained in apples, enhances the production of gastric juice, which, in turn, leads to increased appetite.

Therefore, it is important to leave the diet slowly, so as not to negate the result by attacking the contents of the refrigerator. In no case can not switch to a normal diet immediately the next day after the end of the diet.

It is recommended to gradually displace apples with liquid consistency products. For example, first replace one of the meals with a low-fat broth. The next day, you can give up another apple meal in favor of liquid rice porridge.

In any case, it is worth trying to bring a further diet as close as possible to the principles of healthy eating. What products are better not to use? All the same smoked meat and marinades, fatty and flour foods, convenience foods and sweets. This will allow to keep the results achieved by the diet for a long time.

Are there any bans?

Despite the practical absence of restrictions, some contraindications to the apple method of losing weight still exist.

This fruit contains a large amount of organic acids that can irritate the intestinal mucosa and stomach. And if one apple does not bring harm, then two kilograms can cause significant problems in people with diseases and increased acidity of the intestinal tract.

For diseases of the cardiovascular system, it is recommended to sweeten apples at the rate of 100 grams of sugar per kilogram of fruit.

Also, an apple diet is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. But here the restrictions are not caused by the properties of the fruit, but a ban on any mono-diets during these periods.

As you can see, the apple diet is a great way to quickly, cheaply and effectively bring yourself into good shape. In the future, with the observance of the principles of proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, it will be enough to arrange one apple fasting day a week in order to always remain healthy and beautiful.

Apple diet rating

Total: All the same, apple diets are quite tough, although they can bring good results. Pros: cheap and fast diet, easy menu. Cons: there are contraindications, hard diet, few foods, unbalanced.

Autumn is the time to try to lose weight with the help of an apple diet. Benefit prices and the abundance of varieties allow you to make a choice. And happy owners of their own garden plots do not suffer at all in financial terms!

The content of the article

Apples - a very valuable dietary product, bestowed on us by nature. 1 medium sized apple contains 80 calories, of which 0 gr. fat Apples contain only natural sugars, so they can be eaten even for diabetics (preference is given to green). But most importantly, apples are a natural source of fiber, necessary for comfortable digestion, and iron, which is responsible for blood formation, vitamin C and beta carotene. Apples are a whole complex of vitamins and important trace elements, so they can easily replace one of the meals - breakfast or dinner - and give you good health.

Slimming apples are so popular that there are lots of options for apple diets. The most popular are discussed below, from them you can choose the one that you like best. In addition to diets on apples, popular fruit diets are grapefruit and banana, they also proved to be very good for losing weight.

Apple diet for 7 days

From the name it follows that you have to spend a whole week exclusively on apples. The power scheme is as follows:

The principle of operation of this option is very simple. You simply cleanse your body thanks to apple fiber. This is a kind of cleansing procedure, based on a gradual increase in the food eaten and its subsequent decrease so that the body does not experience strong stress.

7 days lost from 3 to 7 kg. Many manage to lose weight by 10 kg in a week, but this is the maximum result and losing weight by 10 kg in a week is dangerous! But do not persist, if on the third day of the diet, your health has deteriorated sharply. Immediately interrupt the course. Even doctors talk about more harm than the benefits of this option for weight loss. Before you go on this diet, you should also consult with your doctor in the order that is necessary!

Apple diet 5 days 5 kg

To drop 5 kilograms in five days is quite realistic, if you eat only apples. To eat apples you need fresh. It is allowed to drink herbal and vitamin teas without sugar. The diet is very tough, so think about whether it is worth it to torture your body and yourself. The diet on this diet is similar to the apple diet for 7 days.

  1. Monday - you can eat up to 1 kg. apples
  2. Tuesday - up to 1.5 kg of apples
  3. Wednesday - 2 kg
  4. Thursday - go for a fall - 1.5 kg of apples
  5. Friday - 1 kg of apples

If you still decide to stay on such a diet, but you still want to eat anyway, you can eat a couple of slices of black bread with cheese.

You can start this diet on Monday so that you can enjoy the results over the weekend. Just at the weekend, you can begin to return to your previous diet, BUT gradually. The first days it is better to give preference to stewed vegetables.