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How fashionable to wear a robe with a hood?


"Meet on clothes, and escorted by the mind." This well-known phrase expresses the full significance of what a person wears. So it was many centuries ago, so it remains today. And let many say that it doesn’t matter how someone looks and what they are wearing: at first glance at a person on a subconscious level, he is judged by several criteria, including clothing.

There are well-known and understandable elements of the wardrobe: dresses, pants, blouses, shirts, coats, fur coats and others. And there are mysterious things, such as the mantle with a hood. What is it - a carnival costume or a fashionable trend? To be in trend, you need to figure it out!

Who, where and when?

The mantle with a hood has a long history. For many centuries, this item of clothing warmed in the winter cold or sheltered from the eyes of others. Often in historical films, the characters hide their faces under the cover of a large hood. Who, where and when puts on a mantle today?

Students of European and American universities are exposed in long black capes at the ceremony dedicated to the end of their studies. Sometimes they do not have hoods, but they always add a square headpiece with a brush. This type of clothing is called "academic." Similar can also be found at celebrations in the academic environment.

In many countries, representatives of Themis are traditionally clothed in the judicial gown. Such a cape, as a rule, has a trapezoid silhouette and a stand-up collar, and its upper part is decorated with pleats.

The priests of many denominations and churches also use the capes of this cut as, so to speak, workwear. In this case, there are many of its features, both in cut and in detail.

When creating carnival or theatrical costumes for both children and adults, a mantle with sleeves and a hood perfectly complements the image of a wizard, mage, a member of a secret society or the well-known Red Riding Hood. The length and color in this case depend only on the imagination of the creator of the image.

In combination with a wedding or evening dress, a mantle with a lightweight hood will turn a girl into a princess from a fairy tale and warm a little without depriving the image of lightness and charm.

Domestic and foreign designers and manufacturers have recently also carefully looked at this unusual item of clothing and issued new stylish “bows” for fashionistas and fashionistas. Here it is worth talking about it in more detail!

In tune with the times

The mantle with a hood has recently appeared in the collections of street fashion or, as they say, street style. This direction presupposes, above all, the comfort of clothes in the conditions of city fuss. The free wide cut, not constraining movement, perfectly copes with this task.

The length of the mantle is usually mini or middle, but sometimes maxi is also encountered. There are models of solid, as well as with hidden or obvious clasps.

The choice of fabrics and their combinations is large enough. For winter, a good solution is a dense, warmed model with fur trim on the hood. In spring or autumn, you can dress up in a demi-season coat of this cut with sleeves made of leather. In the summer, perfectly complement the image of the mantle-cardigan, made of lightweight fabrics.

Color solutions are the most diverse: white, gray, brown, black, blue and bright red. Today an important point is monotony. The mantle should not be flowered or striped. At least, stylists think so.

Best of all, such a cape looks on young guys and girls, but a properly selected thing will help those who are older to “throw off a couple of odd years”.

If sport and life are inseparable

A healthy lifestyle and slim slim figure today are very popular. That is why designers are not spared and sporty style. Man's sweatshirt with a hood or women is perfect for jogging in the fresh air, trips to nature or evening walks in the park. At its core, this cape resembles a sweatshirt and, as a rule, is one-piece and has no fasteners. The colors, as well as in street style, are plain. It will look good with sports leggings and sneakers, but in no case with a classic tracksuit.

You can't buy such a thing at every corner. Academic, carnival, wedding or evening gowns, as a rule, are rented or sewn to order. Fashionable wardrobe item can be purchased in stores and boutiques, as well as on the Internet directly from manufacturers, their representatives or intermediaries. It is not terrible to make a mistake with the size, since a free cut will hide all miscalculations.

Often, manufacturers represent the mantle as unisex clothing. This means that you can buy one thing for two - both the guy and the girl will look great and fashionable in the same mantle. Growth and size, as mentioned above, do not require an exact match. Thanks to the same qualities, such a wardrobe item can be easily purchased for a gift and not to experience “fit or not.”

If you can not buy, then there is a way out too - a robe with a hood with your own hands! Whether it is a costume for a New Year's party or an element of fashionable "bow", the pattern is almost the same. Tailoring is simple and will be a force even for a beginner. It is important to choose the right fabric and solve the issue with the fittings.

Craftswomen and needlewomen can also crochet or knit the mantle.

What to wear? Female image

Women's mantle with a hood will look great with a skirt, especially narrow or pleated, leggings, as well as tight tights. Long sweatshirts, stretch-fitting elastic skirts, knitted dresses and tight-fitting pants — everything that belongs to street style will be combined with a mantle.

From shoes well fit shoes or ankle boots with high thick heels, shoes with a tractor sole, bulky and bulky shoes, as well as sneakers and sneakers. Also in the collections of some designers there are combinations with stockings and stilettos, but this goes beyond the street style and brings the cape closer to the classics.

What does a stylish hooded robe look like?

No, these models are very far from the cloaks of Harry Potter films or capes of graduates of European educational institutions. They are more adapted for everyday life, they are convenient for walking and transport. BatNorton offers its customers several types of similar clothing. It:

  1. Coat-mantle with a hood. There are varying degrees of insulation: light, like a demi-season, and warmer - with a fur trim on the hood. So far, all the coat models that the designers have presented are made of fabric, and their sleeves are leather (this fashion trend is still hard to forget). Ahead of the coat-mantle with a hood has drooping coat - the continuation of the hood. At first glance it may seem that it does not have a fastener, however, this is not the case - the mantle is fastened with a zipper in front.
  2. Hooded Mane. Most of all, this model resembles a sweatshirt or a loose sweatshirt. Depending on the length, it can be worn with a narrow or pleated skirt, pants, leggings, or even tight tights. Original looks model with a bottom, made in the form of wedges. Ideal with snickers or coarse boots. Kofta-mantle is representative of a more sporty style, so it will be convenient for you to go jogging or walking in the park in the evening.
  3. Cardigan with a hood. This type of mantle is the most universal. Designers offer them mainly in basic colors: blue, black, gray and white. The cardigan-mantle can be worn in the fall or spring, as an independent outerwear, and it is possible in the winter - under a volumetric blown coat or jacket. For those who like to attract attention and stand out from the crowd, BtaNorton offers an unusual bright red cardigan. For a shocking look, wear it with a contrasting black and white, for a neutral everyday wear with jeans.

We are looking for a female robe with a hood

If everything you read only strengthened your desire to find such a thing, then the business is to pay attention to the online storefront of the brand. There are not only all possible models of cloaks, but also their prices in national currency. Here you can choose clothes in a similar style: narrow women's pants, long sweatshirts, tight-fitting elastic skirts, knitted maxi-dresses and incredibly comfortable overalls.

Shoes and accessories under a jacket or cloak-mantle with a hood

Since the style of such products initially differ by rebellious moods, then the things with which you will combine them should bear something similar in themselves. For example, one of the best examples of shoes are ankle boots with high thick heels and tractor soles or biker boots with decorative belts and rivets. The second successful example is leather sneakers or sneakers. But the heel stud in this case will look incomprehensible and inappropriate.

Trend for special

The mantle in the modern sense is an elongated jacket with a hood, sewn from dense material and having a coat hooded in front, which is a continuation of the hood. It fits perfectly in street style, and, moreover, suits both men and women.

Especially popular is the black mantle, with which the image acquires a certain mysteriousness, individuality and non-standard.

And if you also decided to replenish your wardrobe with such a thing, then it is worth finding out with what you can combine it.

The most beneficial combination is the contrast. Looks great black top with a white undershirt - T-shirt, T-shirt with short or long sleeves. As a bottom, stylists recommend wearing tight black pants or jeans, as presented in the photo. As for shoes, black slip-ons will be a great addition. We hope you remember that they are worn without socks?

You can also opt for comfortable sneakers. Then under the mantle you can wear a light jumper or a monochrome turtleneck.

A monochrome bow in white, gray or khaki will look great.

The latter is characteristic of the military style, and can be the main for an unusual image. Try experimenting with a cape sweater, marsh-colored pants, the same T-shirt and high berets.

Since the mantle with a hood is the basis of the urban style, there should be no classics in the image. As motley combinations. The maximum that men can afford is a small inscription on a T-shirt. Perfectly complement the bow and snapback - cap with a straight peak.

Female models are more diverse, moreover, allow you to create a large number of unusual fashionable ensembles.

The mantle sweatshirt can be easily combined with leggings, trousers and elastic fitted skirts. Perfectly such clothes look with sneakers or shoe boots on a tractor sole.

Cardigan-mantle will be a stylish addition to the dress of minimalist style and simple cut. But note that the length of the dress was shorter or the same as the length of the folds - the falling part of the mantle.

Unusual will look like a thing with a hood in combination with trousers with a high fit, and tucked into a white blouse. An unusually comfortable casual look can be created with the help of a denim jumpsuit with a T-shirt or long sleeve, as well as boyfriends and cropped trousers. Look good and leggings "under the skin."

From accessories it is necessary to give preference to backpacks, shopping bags and bananas. It is fashionable to wear such clothes with a dark hat, as well as wide bracelets with weaving and metal inserts.

Black mantle is a great option for everyday wear. In addition, its wide and comfortable hood perfectly protects you not only from the wind, but also from prying eyes, for example, during your morning jog.

The right thing will surely attract attention and give you individuality.

What to wear with a black robe?

Black is one of the most practical and versatile. The mantle goes well with garments and accessories in black, gray and white.

In 2017, depending on the season and weather, monochrome T-shirts, T-shirts, long sleeves, light turtlenecks or sweaters can be matched to the black mantle. It will look good strip or geometric pattern. An abstract or alphabetic contrast print is welcome. Girls can wear a contrasting white blouse under the mantle, tucking it in black pants with a high waist - it will look elegant and stylish.

Pants can be chosen in black, dark gray or white. An excellent option would be torn gins with scuffs and holes.

Like last season, fashionable 7/8 high-waisted pants. Trousers from light fabrics or lightweight jeans with a low elephant are still relevant. Perfect fit pants or tights.

Girls can wear tight leggings or leggings for latex or leather. They can also pick up colored plain jeans or add a bright spot with a stylish T-shirt. This season in fashion bright rich pure colors - green, blue, red.

Footwear is not difficult to pick up at all - almost everything fits to the black mantle, right up to high-heeled shoes. Meanwhile, this season it is better to stay on practical comfortable shoes in black and white - light moccasins, slip-ons, gym shoes. Girls can opt for sleepers or deserts, or they can wear boots on thick, rough soles that burst into fashion last season and confidently hold their positions.

Trendy look will look complete, if you add it with stylish accessories. A black hat with a print, a backpack bag in dark colors, bracelets and rings will be beneficial to complement the mantle. Girls can take along a shopper-bag or hobo - it will be an excellent conclusion to the street outfit.

Bracelets can be worn by both girls and young people. This season are relevant woven or leather models with beads. In the fashion there are bracelets of laces with weaving and metal inserts. It is good to combine several products of different shapes and styles.

Add colors!

By the way, this season mantle goes beyond the underground and breaks into everyday life. Tight-fitting trousers and T-shirts are painted in bright, pure colors of 2017 — red, green, and blue. Colored notes can appear in accessories, hair and make-up - bright decorations, colorful nail polishes and colored crayons for hair will help you to change images with the speed of light.

Why is it worth buying a mantle?

  1. This is an amazingly handy thing.
  2. You can choose for any season
  3. Not voluminous, so it's great to travel with her or just take with you on walks
  4. People in robes attract attention to themselves - this is a fact.
  5. Comfortable deep hood, in which literally everyone looks amazing!
  6. Thanks to the performance in different tissues, you can choose the most comfortable to the body for yourself
  7. Wide selection and price range
  8. Different lengths of the models allows you to fit your height
  9. Pockets
  10. Unisex

The mantle is not just a thing. This is a whole image. Thanks to the online store Gro-Gro Shop you can always look perfect and pick up new clothes literally from the tips of socks to the crown of the head!

Model features

Today the man's jacket mantle is one of the most fashionable pieces of clothing. This cape has many options and goes well with other things. To look stylish and elegant, you can safely combine the mantle with T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters.

This jacket looks great with skinny jeans and trousers. It can be easily entered into the sports style of clothing. In cool weather, the mantle will reliably protect from the cold and will provide amazing comfort.

Modern designers make a variety of options for such clothing. Most often mantles sew from natural fabrics. On sale you can find stylish options of leather and wool. No less relevant products from flax and cotton.

Such products can withstand many washings and do not change their appearance. Thanks to such models you can stand out from the background of others and emphasize your individuality.

For the actual mantles are characterized by such features:

  • comfortable cut
  • high-quality tailoring,
  • classic colors - black and white clothes are especially popular,
  • variety of sizes - on sale you can find products for any shape,
  • use of high quality materials.

Types of mantles

In the fashion collections you can find many interesting options for such clothing. Street mantles contain features of various styles - glam rock, punk. You can also find vintage and gothic items. However, the absence of strict style requirements makes this garment as easy as possible.

Today, designers offer these types of jackets robes:

  • with and without a hood
  • medium length and maxi
  • with fasteners and without locking elements.

Thanks to the free cut of such a thing, it will be possible to hide all the imperfections of the figure. Because this style can afford all the representatives of the stronger sex.

Ключевым требованием уличного стиля является черный цвет такой одежды. Однако в последнее время модельеры все чаще отступают от этого правила. В их коллекциях можно найти мантии, украшенные контрастными деталями.

Помимо этого, мантии могут быть легкими и утепленными. In the second case, clothes can be worn until late autumn - it reliably protects from wind and cold.

Secrets of choice

To look in such clothes as harmoniously as possible, you need to consider the following features:

  • Length. In this case, you need to focus on your preferences. Some men like standard products, while others prefer longer models.
  • Material. When choosing a fabric should focus on the purpose of the product. For cool summer evenings, do not choose wool products. In this case, more suitable cotton or linen models.
  • Colour. Usually the mantles are made in black color, however in some collections more original versions can be found. Products, complemented by bright details, more difficult to combine with other things. Moreover, they do not always look appropriate.

  • Design. Jacket-mantle can be supplemented with a hood, zipper, buttons and other details. When choosing a specific solution, you should focus on your comfort and the possibility of combining things with other clothes.

Fashionable Images

This jacket fits easily into a variety of compositions. Contrast sweaters and sweatshirts can be worn with the mantle. They can be made in white or other shades. Gray tones or black and white patterns will look very attractive.

A good option would be dark jeans, which can be complemented by a light T-shirt. Such bows will organically complete sneakers or dark color slippers. No less successful solution would be contrasting shoes of lighter tones.

An excellent option would be the image, made in one color. To create it, you can choose a black or gray shade. Khaki color will look just as good.

If you decide to purchase a white mantle, you can create a contrasting image or choose the option total white look. In this case, colorful clothes in this case will not look very appropriate. It is only permissible to wear a T-shirt, complemented by a minimalist print.

From accessories you can safely choose a variety of hats and backpacks. It is important to consider that classic products will not work. You can give preference only to the styles of urban and underground.

The jacket mantle is a very stylish addition to the men's wardrobe. With it, you can create a huge number of actual compositions, each of which will look very attractive. To achieve a good result, it is important to think through all your images to the smallest details.

Fashionable Hooded Cardigan

A female hooded cardigan is one of the most practical and versatile gizmos that can be combined with most other wardrobe items. These models not only look very stylish, but can protect their wearer from a sudden outbreak of wind or light rain. Such products are more suitable for the street, but some young ladies wear them indoors.

Knitted Hooded Cardigan

Knitted models look feminine and elegant. They are perfectly combined not only with jeans, pants and leggings, but also romantic dresses and skirts. Such products can have a discreet and laconic appearance, if they are made with the help of stocking or garter knitting, or be decorated with charming openwork motifs, all kinds of braids, plaits and Aran.

Experienced needlewomen can easily make a knitted hooded cardigan on their own, while obtaining an unusually beautiful and unique thing that no one else has. If you want to demonstrate your own personality and create an unusual image, as a rule, choose bright models with prints, embroidery or appliqués, and if you want to get a practical thing for everyday wear, they prefer items of universal colors. For example, a black long cardigan with a hood is a great choice for any occasion or situation.

Hooded Lalo Cardigan

The legendary hooded Lalo cardigan attracts a great many beautiful women. Due to the gradient color, it looks very unusual and original. In addition, this little thing looks incredibly feminine - this effect is produced by large volumetric braids and soft yarn texture.

A short and long knitted cardigan with a hood, made in the Lalo technique, can combine different colors - products, in the design of which bright red, yellow, blue, green and other shades were used, look very stylish, bright and interesting. If the model is predominantly made in pastel colors, it looks very cute and romantic and is perfect for a date with your beloved.

Cardigan with a hood and pockets

Often, stylists and designers complement the hooded cardigan with large and roomy patch pockets located on the front of the product. These parts play not only a decorative, but also a practical role - you can place the necessary stuff in them and not carry a handbag. In addition, they have a very strong influence on the appearance of the wardrobe item - due to the presence of pockets on the front side, it looks very bright, bright and unusual.

For example, a women's long cardigan with a hood and pockets can be worn while walking, without complementing the image with any accessories. He will reliably protect his owner from the weather and save her from having to take a handbag or backpack with him. Especially popular with the fair sex are similar products with fur pockets. Fur trim gives them a chic appearance, and the image - freshness and elegance.

Cardigan with a hood

With a cardigan-mantle, you can create stylish and original images. Its distinctive features are wide-open floors and a volume hood. As a rule, such products do not have a fastener and are simply intercepted by a belt. Meanwhile, some girls give their preference to models with zippers. It is convenient to wear a cardigan-mantle while walking in cool weather. In addition, this thing is often the subject of choice of representatives of youth informal movements. For example, a black cardigan with a hood that resembles a zipper can often be seen on goths.

Knitted cardigan with a hood

Lightweight cardigan with a hood of knitwear has a lot of positive characteristics. So, this little thing practically does not wrinkle, allows the skin to breathe and does not focus the attention of others on the problem areas of the body. Such a product may not have a fastener at all, piled up with a belt or fastened with a zipper or a button. The colors of this jacket can also be any.

In most cases, for frequent walks, models of practical dark shades are chosen, for example, black, gray or blue. To complement the stylish summer look, consisting of a trendy short denim shorts and a comfortable T-shirt, a white hooded cardigan is perfect, which will be comfortable even with a strong gust of wind.

Cardigan with a hood and fur

A warm hooded cardigan, complemented by a fur trim, looks amazing. The decor of natural skins of fur animals always gives the product a luxurious appearance, and this thing is no exception. A stylish cardigan with a hood and fur is not easy to combine with other items of clothing - complete with overly simple things, it can completely lose its “zest” and unusual beauty.

To avoid this, this garment should be combined with complex things - leather leggings, multi-layered skirts, exclusive accessories and noticeable high-heeled shoes. Especially elegantly look maxi-cardigans with a hood and fur trim - with proper selection of other components of fashionable look, they may be appropriate even at a solemn event held in the open air.

Buttonless hooded cardigan

The classic model of the cardigan does not have a fastener at all, so you can find such sweaters with a hood and without buttons in the collections of famous fashion houses. They can be worn open or intercepted belt, which often comes bundled with the thing. Such products are perfectly combined with other items of clothing and can complement a casual, business or romantic image. Particularly interesting is an elongated cardigan with a hood without buttons and other fasteners - while walking its floors are fluttering like wings, giving gait lightness and grace.

Hooded Cardigan

A long model of a cardigan made of thick yarn is fully capable of replacing outerwear. Due to the presence of the hood, this model relieves its owner from having to wear a headdress - it reliably protects the head from cold temperatures and strong wind. Meanwhile, with a heavy rain, such a thing is practically useless - it will quickly get wet from moisture and completely lose its appearance, so stylists recommend taking an umbrella with you.

The coat-cardigan always has a clasp that can be doubled - for reliability, stylists and designers include both a zipper and a vertical row of buttons or buttons. It looks great in combination with jeans, trousers and some models of skirts. For example, a gray cardigan with a hood, resembling in appearance a coat, is wonderfully combined with a pencil-like skirt of wine shade, bodily tights and classic black ankle boots made of genuine leather.

Cardigan with a large hood

The hood, worn on the head, completely changes the look of its owner and makes it very original. This is especially true of large hoods, visually giving a significant amount of upper body. They have a considerable width and, often, a fur trim, which makes them even more voluminous. Such beautiful hooded cardigans look luxurious, however, they are not suitable for all girls - young ladies with wide shoulders are advised to avoid them.

Zippered Hooded Cardigans

The fastener on a lightning for many girls is the most preferable. With it, it is very easy to remove and put on any wardrobe items, including knitted sweaters. Meanwhile, this clasp gives things a sporty look, which significantly narrows the range of possible combinations. For example, a women's black cardigan with a hood, which is fastened with a zipper, can be combined only with jeans, sweatpants, leggings and some models of trousers, as well as flat shoes. With feminine dresses and skirts, this dress does not look.

What to wear with a cardigan with a hood?

Women's knitted cardigans with a hood are sporty and casual styles of clothing. They are well combined with most things, but not with all the items of female wardrobe. To look great in this unusual dress, you can use one of the following obviously win-win combinations:

  • tight-fitting jeans or pants, a simple shirt and comfortable loafers. For greater expressiveness and showiness, such an image can be supplemented with an elegant hat in a masculine style,
  • White blouse and pencil skirt. In combination with boat shoes, this tandem and cardigan with a small hood will make an interesting look for an office that does not adhere to too strict a dress code,
  • A set of black trousers, stylish turtleneck and coarse men's boots can be “diluted” with a cardigan-mantle. This thing will easily replace the raincoat or windbreaker,
  • snow-white trousers, light chiffon blouse and sandals are a beautiful gentle and romantic image that is perfectly complemented by a lace cardigan made of fine yarn.