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Monogram on the nails - 66 photos of stylish design solutions for every taste


Monograms are intricate elegant curls that were used to decorate family crests. Today, the pattern migrated to the interiors, wardrobe and even a manicure.

On the nails, you can create the following types of monograms:

  1. French romantic, reminiscent of fine lace. The pattern is discreet, usually created on the side of the nail plate, performed in white.
  2. Classic monograms resemble those created on the arms. They can be convex, intricate, stylized as gilding or bronze.
  3. Modern-style monograms have numerous intertwining curlicues that form complex original compositions.
  4. Original or exclusive monograms outside of all rules, when creating them, it is important to include fantasy and just create. The result can be creative, unusual and impressive.

Who is suitable?

Manicure with monograms can be safely and rightfully called absolutely universal. First of all, he has no age restrictions and is suitable for both romantic young girls and self-confident ladies of balzac age. Secondly, the monograms harmoniously fit into any images: the patterns will complement the wedding dress, evening or cocktail, office style, glamorous, casual casual and so on.

Thirdly, such a manicure is appropriate always and everywhere. It is suitable for study and work in the office (even in a company with a dress code, if you choose the right low-key print), parties, dates, vacations or holidays.

Ways to create

How to make a beautiful manicure with monograms? There are different ways, both for beginners, and for experienced amateurs, and for manicurists:

  1. Stamping Get special printing stamps for manicure and use them. The procedure is extremely simple: on a metal plate with an embossed monogram pattern, apply the varnish chosen to create the print. Then lean the stamp against the nail plate prepared beforehand and push it down. The pattern of lacquer imprinted on the nail, it remains only to dry it.
  2. Stencils. It's still easier here: attach the selected stencil with the pattern cut out in it to the nail and apply varnish. Remove the template and enjoy the result.
  3. Stickers. And this is the simplest way that everyone can use. Simply purchase ready-made stickers and glue them onto treated and varnished nail plates.
  4. Drawing your own hands. This option requires patience and certain artistic abilities. If you have previously done your own designs on the nails, then, most likely, you can cope with monograms. You can paint them with a thin special manicure brush, orange stick, needle or toothpick. First, a basic manicure is done, and then monograms are created on a completely dried basis.

Design options

There are many different options for creating manicure with monograms. Here are some good ideas:

  1. Elegant French lace manicure. Background - transparent or natural flesh, monograms - neat, preferably white.
  2. Black monograms that can be created on a soft pastel or white background look luxurious. And it is possible to take a bright shade as a basis, for example, mint, coral, yellow, orange, red.
  3. Classic tandems of shades such as blue and beige, pink and lilac, blue and blue and other similar look elegant.
  4. Use non-standard contrasting combinations: blue and red, yellow and mint, brown and purple.
  5. An interesting idea - velvet marigolds. They are created with the help of a transparent or colored varnish (gel) and special powder or small glitter, which are sprinkled on the newly created sticky patterns of the base.
  6. Create a gilding effect, for example, on a white or black background.
  7. Complete the monogram with rhinestones, but do not overdo it.
  8. Monograms can be combined with other patterns, such as floral and floral motifs, mesh, lace.

Tip! Monograms can be played out in manicure in different ways: to be present only on one nail (as a rule, it is the ring finger), on several (through one, on the middle and ring fingers or in other variations) or on all the plates at once. If you decorate all the nails with prints, then you can make the pictures both the same and different, because asymmetry is now in fashion.


Finally, a few tips for those who are planning to do an elegant and stylish manicure with monograms:

  • If you do not know which patterns to draw, then just use ready-made examples. Find a photo or a picture and transfer it to the nail, repeating the contours.
  • Doubt your artistic abilities? It is enough to practice a little and hone skills. First, draw a monogram on paper with a pencil or pen, then proceed to using varnish and the selected tool, but still use paper sheet or another flat surface as the base. If the print succeeds, you can safely go to the nails.
  • If you want to create a sophisticated sophisticated multi-component monogram, then use the point drawing technique. First put a few points along the contour, then connect them in series. This will allow you to get perfect neat lines and prevent premature thickening or drying of the varnish.
  • Beautiful monograms are obtained only on even nails. Therefore, first make a basic manicure: remove the burrs, move the cuticle (cut off it is not recommended), set the desired shape with a nail file and polish the plates with a buff. Then apply a base coat that improves adhesion. Next, go to the background varnish, then create a monogram and complete the procedure using a finishing agent. But each layer should completely dry out!

Be sure to try yourself to make a manicure with monograms! It is easier than it seems.

Monogram on nails 2018

Stylish manicure of the monogram of 2018 looks equally great on different length and shape of the nail, trendy short and not extreme long almond-shaped and soft square. What are the leading designers of nail art will delight us on the eve of the New Year holidays?

  1. In fashion remain saturated colors: chocolate and black, noble blue and dark red, burgundy and marsala, violet and green. Seasonal hits are yellow, pastel and beige, delicate nude and white.
  1. The pattern is applied on the contrast, the ideal combination: black and red, white and blue, shades of green and “silver”, “gold” is combined with the whole color palette, and the royal range - white, red and black is always relevant.
  2. Monograms on nails can be applied on all fingers, but the allocation of one or two nails is welcome, both on a transparent basis and on a dominant shade. The connection of any jacket and large single monograms or covering with openwork small curls of the whole plate looks advantageous.

Monogram on short nails

The trend direction of this season is mix-images, so on take-off, the natural design of nails, monograms are applied at a short length, which combines minimalism and oriental chic. Nontrivial options: “gold” simple monograms on the nails and pink gel polish, white base and patterned edging in the shape of the nail, shiny french with a painting and a volume pattern with powder or sand with an emphasis on a few fingers. The short oval is popular, the not pronounced square and the classic, slightly pointed "almond-shaped" shape do not go out of fashion.

Monogram on long nails

Whatever the conditions dictated by high fashion, the elongated design is always relevant, the monograms on which are applied along the entire length of the nail. Hands with a similar manicure look great, and the openwork, even on one finger, is already a festive nail art. The only unanimous "no" from the stylists - sharp and uneven stilettos, the maximum allowable length of the nail - 5 mm, modern form - an oval.

Beautiful and fashionable design:

  • monograms on long nails with a matte multi-colored coating: beige, black and pink or drawing on a transparent varnish,
  • Marsala, burgundy and purple glossy base, white simple monograms on the nails or frosty curls, alternating emphasis on the index, middle, ring fingers, or on one hand - on two, and the second - on the little finger,
  • light pink or beige matt varnish, white patterns on the little finger and rhinestones on the oval and the moon on a few nails,
  • white jacket with a "natural" coating and a combination of patterns.

Manicure with Monograms

Modern ideas of manicure: monograms in a laconic design - no more than two curly curls on one nail, an oriental ornament along the entire length, asymmetric arrangement of fragments of one pattern on the sides, top or moon of the nail plate. Trend story composition: a combination of different techniques and patterns in one design, highlighting the moon or transparent zones with openwork lines, a holistic pattern on one or two fingers on the main color or “natural” coating.

Original combinations: dark pink glossy or matte base, black monograms on the nails and powder, rich shades of green and patterns in “gold”, “silver” or white. Light pink or soft blue gel polish and white ornament with possible patches of small rhinestones or “silver” are great ideas for a delicate holiday manicure that perfectly fit even for wedding dress.

Volumetric monograms on the nails

Hot hit - embossed beautiful monograms on the nails, which create the appearance of volumetric graphics. Along with the delicate traced ornaments in the trend, large lined powdery patterns and stamped openwork shiny prints. Monograms on the nails can be in the form of frost, frost, sea waves, repeat the bends of musical signs, geometric and abstract figures, and various knitted patterns: braids, "cobwebs", the front and back side. The elegant “gold” or “silver” oriental ornament is in harmony with the base in blue and green tones.

Volumetric monograms on the nails

French manicure with monograms

Elegant French and monograms on the nails - almost a canon of the genre, neoclassical design:

  • a three-in-one combination: a French smile, a Hollywood french jacket and full coverage with monogram splashes,
  • monogram on the nails on a smile or alternation of a jacket and a pattern,
  • "Almond" or not pronounced square shape on the average length of nails, from 2 mm to 5 mm,
  • a combination of two or three colors in one manicure: white, red and blue, beige, pink and “gold”,
  • additional rhinestone accents or smile lines,
  • inlaid with large pebbles in the center or sides of the nails.

Golden monograms on the nails

Always elegant - lace and single light monograms on the nails, traced with shiny varnishes. Whatever the basis, “gold” adds charm and luxury, trendy patterns - a combination of tracery prints, floral motifs and monograms of small stones and rhinestones. The elegant Oriental painting and “gold” plain monograms on the nails, both complex with curlices and simple, do not lag behind them.

If you like this manicure, then made in red and burgundy colors, it will serve as an excellent addition to the informal business suit and smart casual images. The classic combination of black, dark blue and “gold” is a perfect solution for evening dresses and for business women, who themselves dictate the rules of the dress code, and white french and gold monograms are not for nothing considered the best design for brides.

Moon manicure with monograms

That year in a row does not go out of fashion "Hollywood" smile and drawings on the nails, monograms and original curls. Smart casual fashionable solutions are made in green, brown, pink, gray and white and black, where the pattern is applied in contrasting white, red, silver and black. Original options: the selection of the moon with rhinestones and small pebbles, relief and smooth openwork, drawing a picture on the entire nail and asymmetric fragments, a combination of different techniques and shades of the same tone.

Moon manicure with monograms

Velvet monograms on nails

The main hit of the season is a relief turquoise, blue and red manicure with monograms, which are laid out from the powder. Velvet volumetric patterns look great on medium length and short nails, knitted patterns are perfectly combined with the moon cover, and trendy frosty ornaments and monograms on the nails in pastel colors and low-key color contrasts are wonderful not only for a holiday, but also decorate your handles in winter everyday .

A rich red palette is in harmony with patterns in black and white colors, modern ideas: a combination of different shades of red and transparent base for applying monograms, a mix of openwork and abstract, geometric or vegetable motifs with accents on one or two fingers. A manicure with a gradient and a selection of several fingers looks tempting by applying powder or shine to the entire nail. With this design, you will always be in trend.

Christmas monograms on the nails

Who decided that winter monograms on nails on a gray, beige and cream basis - this is not a festive design? Nail art masters brought this palette to the peak of popularity, diluting it with a delicate contrasting pattern in white and black, and supplemented with subtle rhinestone patches. The result was an incomparable New Year's manicure in the spirit of stylish minimalism, and the rubbing rubbing against a dark blue background with white monograms is a great neutral solution, suitable for almost any outfit.

What a festive manicure for the new year without all shades of blue and green? Various monograms on nails with large and small stones, multi-colored and various-sized rhinestones, voluminous “gold”, “silver” and white patterns, velvet coating on a rich basis are super stylish and truly catchy solutions for a magical night, where you it was not performed.

Drawings on the nails: fashion manicure with a pattern 2018-2019

Today, a beautiful manicure with a picture firmly rooted in the fashionable style of women. Women can make an original manicure with a pattern not only for a special occasion, but also prefer a beautiful manicure with a pattern for every day.

Manicurists say that thanks to a variety of interesting techniques and options, you can make a beautiful manicure with a pattern on short nails, a chic manicure on long nails and a stunning manicure with a pattern on the nails of medium length.

For nails of different lengths, you can create your own original manicure with a pattern that will help create stunningly feminine or mega fashionable images.

Looks great beautiful manicure with a pattern on the nails square, oval and almond shape.

Again, for each form of the nail plate, nail art masters offer an individual manicure with a pattern, which is good news.

Let's look at what a fashionable manicure with a picture can be seen on the hands of women in the near future, and focus on the most interesting ideas.

Beautiful manicure with a pattern: fashion geometry

Geometric patterns on the nails, which diversify the fashionable manicure with a pattern, today at the peak of popularity, because fashionable geometric pattern is relevant in almost all fashionable directions.

A geometric manicure with a pattern in the form of regular lines, shapes, stripes, a combination of geometric patterns will look great on nails of any shape.

A manicure with a geometric pattern can be done on both glossy and matte surfaces.

A complex geometric manicure with a pattern that uses not only a geometric pattern, but also other types of manicure looks originally.

You can combine geometric manicure with a pattern with a classic jacket, moon manicure, gradient nail design.

Geometric drawings on the nails can be present on one or two nails in combination with a single-colored manicure, or cover all the nails.

In any case, a geometric manicure with a pattern of one form or another looks very stylish in creating a calm and concise look.

Perfect like a manicure with a pattern to the evening along. Geometrical patterns on nails and in stylish business images of a confident and purposeful woman will look no worse.

Monograms on nails: design features

To learn how to draw beautiful monograms on nails, first of all you need to stock up with the necessary tools and materials: brushes for manicure, gel paint or gel varnish, training tips, stencils and training cards.

  • Brush for monograms on nails

For drawing small drawings on the nails, including monograms, use brushes with a thin short pile. Good reviews on the Internet can be found about the brush InGarden, Global Nail, as well as some brushes with Aliexpress, for example, MAKARTT, BQAN, Monja, KASAKO and others. But no matter how good the brush would be, many craftsmen cut their “brushes "To make the hair as thin as possible. The brush is cut off at the base in a circle, one hair at a time. For long curls better to use a brush with a longer hair.

Некоторые мастера умудряются вырисовывать вензеля на ногтях обычным гель-лаком густой консистенции, но гораздо удобнее использовать специально предназначенные для этого продукты, а именно гель-краску либо гель-пасту. Из гель-красок хвалят E.mi, NeoNail, InGarden, UNO, Nail Passion, Maranda, Patrisa nail и др.

Рисование вензелей на ногтях: схемы и тренировочные карты

В Интернете есть масса фото-уроков, где рассказывается о том, как рисовать вензеля на ногтях для начинающих. It is rather difficult for inexperienced masters to depict these beautiful patterns and curls, it is recommended to think over the composition in advance, draw it on a stencil, and only then on the nails. For training use special training cards.

Photo: training cards for painting monogram nails

Monograms consist mainly of curls and commas arranged in different directions. Having mastered the basic elements, you can make any design of nails monogram.

First stage with learning, drawing is not on the nails, but on a training card or a piece of paper. Each element is worked out 50 - 80 times. Very beginners can work the first 10 times the element with a pen, and then with a brush. In the photo below there are several examples of training cards with simple elements and monogram schemes.

Such maps for drawing on nails can be bought or downloaded for free on the Internet.

For a start, it is better to work out the simplest elements, and then move on to more complex "royal" monograms.

How to draw a monogram on the nails: photo step by step

Second phase learning the art of drawing monograms on the nails - training on tips. In advance you need to buy tips and try to work out a few simple ornaments. To begin, learn to draw the simplest monograms on the nails, and only then proceed to the complex ornaments and drawings. Below are several options for step-by-step photo lessons on nail decor with simple but beautiful drawings from Ksenia Krupina.

Photo lesson number 1: Monogram on the nails step by step for beginners

The pattern can be placed on the nail in different ways: fill the entire surface of the nail with them, draw diagonally, in one corner, in opposite edges of the nail, in the center in the form of a vertical band, etc.

Photos of the finished picture with monograms

Gel-paint is typed on the brush, put a dot at the beginning of the monogram and then gently stretches in a circle or downwards. You do not need to press much on the brush. Tear off the brush from the nail should also be smooth.

The second step is duplicated line.

Then the same element is drawn as a mirror.

The picture is filled diagonally.

To make the monogram more open, the tips of the drops are slightly stretched..

If you can not quickly draw, and the paint in the process of drawing the picture spreads, you can do an intermediate drying.


Photo lesson number 2: Painting the nails "Monogram" step by step

The second design involves placing the pattern in the corner of the nail. To add extra volume to the pattern, it can be sprinkled with sand or acrylic powder before drying. Now it has become fashionable to use transparent shimmering powder, it gives a very beautiful shine.

Photo finished picture

First, the patterns are executed all in one direction.

Then you need to retreat a little and start drawing elements in the opposite direction.

If necessary, in the process of drawing in the empty spaces, you can add small elements or droplets.

The tips can also be pulled out a bit to make the pattern more delicate.

Photo lesson number 3: Monogram gel on the nails

The following design assumes the location of the pattern on one side of the nail plate. If you do not have a gel-paint in your arsenal, then you can use gel varnish only in thick consistency. To add volume, you can draw all the elements twice.

Photos from the finished design "Monogram on the nails gel varnish"

Drawing start from the center to the edges.

First fill one side, and then the other. Symmetry is not necessary.

As in the previous ornaments, we slightly pull the edges of the droplets.

Use these basic lessons on drawing monograms on nails for training, and then invent your own unique patterns.

Nail Design Ideas with Monograms

Openwork drawings are used to create a wedding design, to perform a winter and New Year manicure in the form of a frozen window, as well as to decorate nails for some special cases. One of the most popular designs lately is monochromatic manicure with monograms sprinkled with transparent or colored powder to match gel polish. This manicure can be used as an everyday. Nails with monograms can often be found in the composition of the combined manicure. This drawing is combined with rubbing, rhinestones, rhombuses and broken glass, kamifubuki and other decorative elements. We go design with simple and beautiful drawings, see a small selection of fresh photos.

Varieties of patterns

Monograms on the nails - timeless classics, the real embodiment of femininity and style. They are combined with any clothes and are relevant even at work in a gentle and discreet performance. Able to decorate the classic jacket, give a highlight to the monochrome coating, also combined with all sorts of techniques in the latest fashion, adding a manicure of elegance.

Not every one of us can visit beauty salons. It is completely possible to learn how to make a beautiful design with the help of various monograms on the nails. This will require a little patience, honing skills and simple tools that you can do yourself.

A drawing of monograms consists of points, commas, divorces and the thinnest lines that can form the most intricate patterns: curls, the finest bends, petals of vegetable design, anagrams of letters and lines, fancy oriental motifs, Indian mehendi technique on nails, hints of Gothic design, lacy canvas, imitation of the finest embroidery with the help of volumetric curls.

There are different techniques for applying patterns, among which there are four main ones. They are distinguished by the design features, color solutions, the shape and symmetry of the pattern, the area of ​​coverage.

  • Classic style. Differs monotony performance. The pattern must be exactly the same on all fingers. Such a manicure is usually performed without any additions. You can decorate it with rhinestones or sparkles in the evening version. It is also good when applied over the main coating in the technique of ombre. For beginners, the easiest way to do this is with stickers or a stencil. Also recently, stamping has been widely used.

  • Technics modern. Gives a wider scope for the flight of the fantasy of the author. Here, curls should be different, not repeating on different nail plates, combines their one style of execution. They may cover the entire nail or be present as elements at the corners, in the center or edge. This pattern is most often used in a variety of colors and in combination with different design techniques.

  • French curls. Drawn on a delicate pink, transparent or any basis of natural color, which corresponds to the manicure in the style of a french. Monograms can be either exactly the same or different. They are painted on the side of the nail or on the edge, covering only part of the base. Often use this design only on the accent nails. When creating an evening version based on such a manicure, it is enough to add shine or a few rhinestones.

  • Wedding style. The main tone here is set by the most gentle covering and graceful monograms. They are drawn in the lightest colors: pink, sand, creamy, milky or pale peach. Monograms should be as rounded as possible, emphasizing the romance of the moment and the tenderness of the bride.

What draw?

Beginners or those who decide to please themselves with a manicure with a pattern of fancy monograms, it is recommended to pre-rehearse the application of the pattern. This will take time, but as a result, already on the nails you can get a perfect picture, which will please for a long time.

Initially, the hand is usually trained on paper or special training cards, outlining the details of the drawing several times, first with a pen and then with a tool. It is recommended to start with the simplest patterns, gradually complicating the drawing. The next stage is training on tips - false nails. Then you can begin to perform a manicure on the nails.

The best tool for professionals is considered a brush. Beginners are advised to use dots. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, there is an opportunity to start not to buy an expensive professional tool, but to make it yourself from the things at hand.

For drawing patterns a classic and one of the main tools is a brush. Masters have in their arsenal a variety of different brushes in size and shape of the pile: with a short thin bristles, medium with a sharp end, the smallest with the thinnest ending, cut diagonally. At home, just a couple of tools that you want to choose a good quality.

When buying, the main attention should be paid to the following points:

  • the brush on the base should firmly hold, without moving along the seam and not rolling,
  • hairs should not fall out of the brush and should be of the same length, not stick out, but keep their shape,
  • It is better to choose the handle from natural wood of strong breeds.

In addition, experts advise to use different types of tools for drawing a variety of patterns. So, for the monograms choose the thinnest and graceful tassels, beveled bristle shape is useful for drawing curls, the smallest and short bristle - for drawing the smallest details.

The best reviews are the tools of manufacturers of professional equipment In Garden, Global Nail. Often the necessary tools are ordered on Chinese websites. Among Eastern manufacturers, MAKART, KASAKO, Monja brushes have good quality. However, no matter how remarkable the brush of a well-known manufacturer, most professionals modify them to their hands. To do this, the hairs are carefully trimmed one at a time at the base to obtain the desired shape and thickness of the pile.

Experts advise not to squeamish improvised means, especially beginners, and experiment with their various types to create a suitable device. So, it is recommended to use brushes from old varnishes. Using nail polish remover, they are cleaned, washed in soapy water, and then degreased with an alcohol-containing solution. Thus you can make for yourself 2 comfortable brushes: thin with long bristles and flat with a beveled edge. To get the desired shape, the hairs are cut one by one. Instead of a brush, according to tradition, you can use a regular wooden toothpick or needle.

Stencils of various shapes and patterns are used by both masters and beginners. They help to accurately and exactly perform the same symmetrical pattern on all nail plates. This is important when creating a pattern of monograms, especially at first, while the hand is not yet full. The stencil helps to create accurate and neat design without leaving the paint over the edges. However, professionals are not advised to get involved in stencils for those who want to learn how to perform manicure professionally. This device is good in the case of haste, when you want to make a beautiful and original design on the nails, but there is no time for a long drawing.

An alternative to screen manicure can be even simpler options that do not require rendering: these are stamps and stickers. To create an original manicure for a short time, they are quite suitable. Stickers are fixed with a sticky base directly on the lacquer base and are covered on top with a transparent fixative. They will last no more than 2-3 days. A more advanced option is stamping. With this type of drawing the metal plate of the stamp is coated with varnish, and then the pattern is printed on the nail. At the same time to collect the coloring matter on the plate should be in moderation so that it does not spread.

At first, it may be difficult for many to perform fairly clearly and professionally drawing small parts. The creators of manicure tools created dots for help - this is a special small-sized tool in the form of a stick with a ball at the end, resembling a regular writing pen. Make a tool from plastic or wood. It helps to apply small dots on the nail, to perform the smallest details of the drawing and subtle touches. There are dots with two balls of different sizes, located at both ends of the handle.

In the salons use tools of different sizes. In household use one tool with two tips of the small and average sizes is enough. Convenient dots when drawing stains to rhinestones, small branches, garlands, nets, imitation lace. The tool is quite easy to use even for beginners. The thickness of the line regulate the force pressing the ball. When using dots, a significant amount of varnish or other pigment is saved. Working on smooth continuous lines with this device is ideal. It is worth only to remember to periodically wipe the ball on the napkin in order to avoid drying out the paint and to remove excess.

Ideas for original design

With the help of monograms, you can create a variety of patterns: from delicate and elegant to flashy and luxurious, from classic to trendy. Monograms accompany most of the most successful images of the last season, adding femininity and sophistication to them. This manicure looks great on the nails of any length and shape.

Now it is rarely possible to see completely covered with curls nails on all fingers. More often accents are made on two or three marigolds. The tendency to use such a pattern on top of other popular techniques (ombre, rub, camoufie, broken glass) is also very popular. This creates a harmony of opposites: the aggressive design softens, and the classic monograms receive a new sound. Although in their usual performance, they look very advantageous.

To obtain the most attractive type of manicure, you should carefully select the combination of colors of the base coat and gel or varnish for drawing. The basic tone should harmoniously look with a pattern and emphasize beautiful lines and openwork curls. Perform a fabulously beautiful manicure can be in different styles. Professionals often use the usual brush and contrast varnish. At the same time during the drawing should strictly regulate the amount of pigment on the brush.

Recently, it is fashionable to apply a pattern with acrylic paints, gel or shellac. It is especially convenient to apply such a pigment using ready-made stencils. It will take a little more time to apply the gel polish. In this case, you will get a more resistant and high-quality manicure, which for a long time will delight with rich color. Acrylic paints allow you to paint in any complex shades and color transitions.

Simple and effective drawings are most often made by gold, black and red monograms, which look good on almost any delicate or contrast basis. They can be done with the help of stickers, stemping. Draw simple patterns with a toothpick and a needle. Popular in this technique and three-dimensional drawings, when on top of the main color of the monogram (for example, black) impose a gold paint overlay. Such a pattern should be well dried and fixed.

Black monogram looks most advantageous on a manicure jacket and all coatings of natural color. Red curls perfectly combined with white and golden base. Often drawing is done with rhinestones. The use of sparkling stones gives manicure luxury and elegance at the same time.

Rhinestones with a sparkling, light or contrast, deep dark coating look most accent. Rhinestones can be elements of a pattern with monograms, decorate the edge or hole at the nail base. Experts in the light of the latest trends in “nail art” recommend using sparkling accents on two to three nails. You can also decorate each finger, but with a very modest amount of decor.

Drawing with acrylic powder or special sand looks very stylish both in bright, and in nude execution. Drawing perform on sticky varnish. The pattern is drawn with a fairly wide brush, sprinkled with powder or sand on top. After drying, the excess is blown away or brushed with a thick makeup brush. The picture is especially cozy and feminine.

Monograms accompanied by the finest mesh or lace lace are one of the most complex drawings on the technique of execution. Often it is made for a wedding. Novice work easier stencils. But when working with them you need to be extremely attentive and careful. Especially in this technique should pay attention to the combination of shades of color for a more effective selection of the most elegant curls and lines.

Monograms are widely used now in the design of accent nails, and this can be a drawing on top of another interesting effect created on the nail plate. So, monograms in combination with the “broken glass” pattern, camoufs, and mirror manicure look quite interesting. Such different techniques set off and mutually complement each other through a combination of oppositely styled techniques.

An interesting manicure is obtained by drawing monograms on the nails, painted using the ombre technique. Color transitions on the base can be repeated on the pattern of monograms. Glossy coating with smooth blends of color in combination with a matte powdery effect of a fancy curl pattern looks very stylish.

Пошаговая схема выполнения маникюра

Выполнить самые простые рисунки из вензелей на ногтях достаточно просто при желании и достаточной аккуратности. Сделать красивый маникюр поможет подробная пошаговая инструкция. Ее можно применить к разным классическим техникам рисования ажурных узоров.

  • Делаем базовый маникюр. Обрезаем и подпиливаем ногти, придавая им желаемую форму и длину. The pattern of monograms looks beautiful on any type of nails. Remove the cuticle cut method or move aside already softened after a special tool.
  • You can make a bath for the hands and lubricate the nails with nutrient. Then we dry well and degrease the nail plate.
  • Choose a base tone and lacquer or gel, which will be applied drawing. If desired, you can add glitter or rhinestones.
  • We lay out on the table all the tools that can be useful when drawing.
  • Apply on all nails a transparent base under the lacquer and carefully dry for 15 minutes.

  • We cover the nails with the main color of lacquer in 2 layers, each of which we give a good dry.
  • You can start drawing. On a brush or dots type a small amount of paint or varnish so that the tool does not spread, and put an end. Carefully draw a curl from a point with a brush or any thin instrument. To obtain a subtle pattern, we extend and draw out a line at the end.
  • Next to it in parallel or in arbitrary order, in accordance with the idea of ​​the drawing, we also put a period, carefully drawing a monogram from it.
  • When working with the gel, we dry each finger individually, without waiting until the manicure is performed on all the nails.
  • After drying apply the finish. It can be both transparent and glitter.

Beautiful examples

The classic pattern with monograms on the nails is ideal for any image. In its pure form, such a picture is rarely found. In accordance with fashion trends, it is combined with various techniques of “neyl-art”.

  • White monograms on a burgundy background unexpectedly successfully harmonize with a clear geometric pattern of metal rhombuses.
  • Often such a fantasy pattern is used as an accent in everyday manicure of nude tones.
  • Curls can form the most bizarre pictures in the vegetative theme.
  • Eternal classics - white pattern on a black matte basis - looks luxurious.
  • The latest techniques of matte manicure with sugar dressing look very gently in the daytime performance with well-placed accents in the form of unobtrusive monograms.
  • Cold shades are ideal for the winter season.
  • The monogram adorns the nails of any shape and goes well with any other manicure techniques.

French manicure with a picture - a classic with a touch of romanticism

French manicure itself is a proven, reliable nail art classic that will always be relevant in nail design.

The new incarnation of romantic ideas and original ideas gives women a French manicure with a pattern.

French manicure with a pattern can be both bright and calm in color.

French manicure with a pattern of flowers, which create a beautiful, positive mood to its owner, simulating a delicate and sensual image, will be elegant and relevant in the spring-summer period.

Fashionable French manicure with a pattern in an abstract theme, the aforementioned geometric print, as well as a French manicure with a lace pattern, is no less popular today.

Original manicure with a positive pattern

Our life is complex and unpredictable, so why not make positive and funny drawings on the nails with little people, animals, butterflies, balls, smiles and other variations of a truly positive manicure in order to cheer yourself up.

Such a manicure with a picture will be chosen by young girls who want to be bright and original in life.

In addition, a manicure with a picture, which depicts snowmen, birds, miniatures of cartoon characters like women on the eve of the New Year holidays.

When, if not on New Year's Eve, afford such a joyful and positive manicure with a pattern.

Spring-summer manicure with a pattern: flowers on the nails

A great option for nail art is a fashionable manicure with a pattern of flowers. Stunningly feminine floral manicure with a pattern is an indisputable trend of spring-summer 2018-2019.

Floral designs on the nails can be very different. You can choose a rich base of dark color and make a manicure with a pattern of flowers in gentle colors.

For those girls who do not like a challenging manicure with a pattern of flowers, we offer a gentle monophonic manicure with flowers.

Flowers on the nails can be very different. Roses, chamomile, cornflowers, orchids, sakura, etc. - any manicure with a pattern of flowers will look amazing if you make it neat.

Unusual manicure with a picture: embody the creative ideas of nail art

Another manicure with a picture that stirs the imagination of fashionistas and looks, at first glance, incomprehensible.

But in fact, unusual pictures are created on small nails, the meaning of which will emphasize your excellent sense of taste.

Original drawings on the nails in the form of noteworthy designs of the world, for example, the Eiffel Tower, or incomprehensible rings with feathers and chains, abstract drawings on the nails in the spirit of impressionism - these and other ideas can make your manicure with a unique and memorable pattern.

Matte patterned manicure - luxurious nail design for a special occasion.

In 2018-2019 in the trend matte manicure with a pattern. Matte manicure with a pattern of any shape and content will be an excellent solution for nail design for a special occasion.

Particularly exclusive is a matte manicure with a pattern in rich shades or a complex nail design with a pattern on a matte basis, which combines dark and light colors of the palette.

The ideas of the original manicure with a picture very much. We invite you to view some of them.

We hope you will be able to choose for yourself your unique manicure with a pattern that will make your pens neat, your look interesting, and your mood perfect.

Fashionable manicure with monograms 2018-2019 - trends and features

Manicure with monograms is very stylish, festive, cute. In manicure, monograms on nails are beautifully drawn patterns in the form of lines, curls, creating a holistic pattern.

Magnificent monograms on the nails can resemble a lace pattern, beautiful flowers, original nail art abstraction.

Refined monograms on the nails 2018-2019 can decorate, like all nails, and serve as an accent, located only on a few fingers.

Trembling monograms on the nails, as a rule, are drawn with white gel polishes, or dark shades of gel polish, and more often with paints, depending on the image that should be made.

Also, a manicure with monograms can be dull, where perfect velvet patterns, or patterns of nail powder will decorate the nails oval, almond-shaped, square shape.

As a rule, representatives of the fair sex, choosing monograms on nails, cannot do without the help of specialists, but in fact you can learn this skill if you look at several master classes on how to make monograms on nails. One of these master classes we presented for you at the end of the article.

After reviewing how to make monograms on the nails with your own hands, you will already have an idea about this wonderful technique and will be able to try to realize your nail art ideas on your own.

Beautiful manicure with monograms 2018-2019: colors, techniques, types

Monograms on the nails can be applied dots or brush. A brush is more difficult to do. Beginners better to take nail paints, not varnish. They draw easier.

Draw a monogram on the nails with a toothpick or with a needle. To get started, try experimenting with a pattern on a piece of paper.

Having trained, it will be easier to embody the monogram on the nails in a real design. There are several types of monograms, among which you can mark a fashionable manicure with monograms made by stamping using the technique of stamping.

Also, the monograms on the nails can be made in the form of a dotted ornament, with the help of stickers, well, and of course, drawing openwork painting with paints.

Nail design with monograms 2018-2019 looks great in pastel shades, as well as in a more rich and deep palette of tones.

Maroon, purple, blue, green, red, coffee marigolds will decorate black monograms, and blue, light green, beige, coral, pink and other delicate shades will transform the curls of white. Of course, you can play with color, it all depends on your imagination and desire.

The monograms on the nails look amazing with rhinestones, glitter, French and moon design, ombre, multi-colored and minimalist nail art.

Undoubtedly, you can add curls and drawings, rubbing, foil, but think over everything to the smallest detail so as not to overdo it with the elements.

Monograms on the nails can be chosen in the classic and French style, if you read elegance, tradition, reach for elegance and luxury at the same time.

Wedding design with monograms you will immediately recognize the characteristic delicate shades, the richness of the romantic decor, the intricacy of curls.

Modern modern manicure with monograms will surprise you with unconventional solutions of curls on the nails.

What is a monogram

Opening the explanatory dictionary you can find an explanation of the word "monogram", it meant the interweaving of the first letters of the name and surname. Initially, monograms were used by noble persons who made printing or embroidery with capital letters. Then monograms were widely used in jewelry, as well as in ceramics.

After a while, the manicure masters decided to transfer the beautiful weave lines on the nails. Taking the ideas of nature, looking at the elegant weave of grape and strawberry antennae, stylists began to draw curls on the nails. In manicure, a monogram is any elegant and beautiful interweaving of fine lines that create an intricate and sophisticated pattern.

Curl Styles

To make it easier to understand what the client wants, the monograms are conventionally divided into styles. Each of the styles implies a certain type of pattern and technique of execution.

There are such styles:

  • classical,
  • French,
  • for brides
  • modern or modern.

Table "style description"

In the table you can read a brief description of each style and look at examples of monogram design.

Monograms are a flight of the master's imagination, there are no definite criteria for a pattern, you can come up with any interesting weave, as long as the lines are clear and neat.

Tips for beginners

Most girls love the beautiful curls that adorn their nails. To create your own original curls, there are a few tips on how to learn how to draw monograms on nails.

  1. Before you start to draw on the nails, you should practice on paper. You can draw images of nails and with the help of a thin pen display monograms.
  2. After training on paper, you can buy tips and train to work with a brush.
  3. During calligraphic painting, the hand must be relaxed so that no tremor appears.
  4. You should learn to do the same pressure while drawing each monogram so that the line thickness does not change.
  5. You should not start drawing on all fingers at once, for a start you can make a design on one or two nail plates.
  6. It is best to start with simple curls, and after mastering the technique, proceed to more complex patterns.
  7. On a single-color coating, monograms look better and are more striking.
  8. Paints are best suited for painting; it is easier and more convenient for them to draw.

Training cards

For beginners, there are special training cards that help to master the technique of drawing, and give a lot of creative ideas. Training cards can be bought in special stores or printed from a computer.

Training cards are of different types, they are divided by complexity:

  • for newbies,
  • patterns of medium complexity,
  • for professionals.

Initially, it is better to take the simplest maps, on which, as for small children, a drawing is drawn with a solid line, and then there is a dotted or spruce marked solid. Wrapping the lines with a brush, the hand remembers movements, drawing becomes much easier.

Materials to create curls

Before you start drawing monograms yourself, you need to have on hand the necessary tools and materials.

  • base or base for lacquer,
  • top,
  • nail polish remover
  • nail file,
  • orange stick,
  • cuticle nippers,
  • beveled brush, styper, speakers or dots,
  • needle,
  • decorative ornaments (optional),
  • nutritious cream,
  • butter,
  • bath,
  • degreaser.

The list can be slightly corrected, the varnish can be replaced with paints, the needle can be exchanged for a toothpick, and the nippers for removing the cuticle can be replaced with a special emollient. It all depends on what it will be convenient for you to draw and to what type of manicure your fingers are used to.

Paints are much easier to use, as they do not spread, and some do not need to be further dried in an ultraviolet lamp. However, such a manicure will last less than with the use of gel polish.

Ways of applying monograms

Monograms on the nails can be obtained in several ways, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Stamps for nails - a very easy way to create monograms. It is necessary to apply a droplet of lacquer on a metal plate, then with the help of a stamp to transfer the pattern to the nail. Stemping is one of the easiest ways to create identical curls. The disadvantage is the inability to create a modern design of monograms, as the stamps do not allow to play fantasy.
  2. Stencils - differ from the labels in that the image must be drawn independently, filling the contour of the stencil with varnish, paint or shellac. After filling, the stencil is removed, and the image is covered with a top.
  3. Self application - the most time-consuming, but also the most sophisticated option. Manual application can be done with a needle, pin, dots or special brushes.
  4. Stickers for nails - the easiest option to buy ready-made stickers with a pattern and adhesive side to fix them on the nail plate. With the help of stickers, you can quickly make a manicure with monograms, but remember that paper blanks deteriorate quickly.

Drawing with a needle or toothpick

Needles and toothpicks to create a manicure, the majority of girls began to use even in school years. Although, perhaps, they did not even know that they were painting monograms on their nails. You can draw monograms using a toothpick in two ways: on a dry basis and on a wet base layer. The following describes the step-by-step creation of monograms on the nails for beginners.

  • make a manicure,
  • cover the nails with a selected shade of varnish,
  • dry in air or under a UV lamp,
  • peel off if necessary
  • choosing a contrasting shade of varnish, put a few points on the surface of the nail plate,
  • using a needle or other sharp object, stretch the droplets, creating a pattern.

  • nail shape,
  • cover your nails with a base coat
  • without waiting for drying to apply a few drops of another varnish on the base,
  • using a toothpick to mix two shades, drawing curls.

While working with a wet base, the colors smoothly transform, creating an original combination of lines and patterns.

Creating monograms from points

To create a pattern of dots, several items will do: a pen that runs out of ink, a hairpin, or a special device - a dots. Dots - resembles a wand, which has a small ball attached to the tip. The sticks differ in ball diameter, the larger it is, the larger the point will be. The diameter of the point, slightly, can be adjusted by pressing on the dots.

To make a drawing of dots, you must first prepare the nails and varnish them. When the base is dry, dots or pen should be dipped in paint. Then put the point and slowly begin to output curls or thin lines. The monogram created from different sized dots looks beautiful. Before you start drawing on the nails, you should carefully consider the drawing.

Types of brushes for painting nails

Before embarking on a calligraphic painting using a brush, you should select the appropriate tool. A stripper with a long and thin nap or columns with the number 00 or 0 is suitable for a monogram pattern; this designation indicates the thickness of the brush.

Brushes are from natural pile and synthetic. They differ in price and quality, the synthetic brush will serve not for long, but it is perfect for beginners of nail art. Synthetic pile does not absorb paint, and because of the increased elasticity it is more convenient to work. You may need a beveled brush, draw well and make smooth transitions from thinner to thicker lines.

A brush can be made independently, for this you need to take a brush from old varnish, clean it well and degrease it. Then, using nail scissors, carefully along the contour, cut the hairs, leaving the pile of the minimum diameter in the center.

After completion of the preparation, the brush should be lightly smeared with a top to get rid of unwanted lamination of the fibers.

Drawing algorithm for beginners

Before starting the creative process should prepare the nails. You need to get rid of the previous coating, remove the cuticle, shape the nails, degrease and polish the nail plate.

  • put all the necessary materials on the table, everything should be at hand and not interfere,
  • apply a base on the prepared nail,
  • cover your nails with a color or colorless base,
  • рисовать завиток следует от края ногтя,
  • при использовании нескольких цветов, нужно просушивать каждый элемент отдельно,
  • после создания дизайна ногти следует покрыть защитным слоем.

Пошаговая инструкция

There are a large number of manicures with monograms, they are distinguished by the bends of lines, the density of curls and the design. The step by step execution of the design of the monogram nails is the same for most cases.

  1. Make a manicure in the usual way, degrease and polish the nail.
  2. Cover base and dry in the UV lamp.
  3. Apply the main color and top, all dry. Always remove the sticky layer from the top.
  4. A small amount of varnish or paint drip on the foil or a special stand.
  5. Dip a thin brush into the paint, so that a small drop forms on the tip.
  6. Transfer a drop on the nail and smooth drawing movements draw a pattern. For volumetric patterns, the lines should be doubled, and the space between them should be left blank.
  7. To make the monograms symmetrical, the nail can be visually divided into two parts, so it is easier to draw.
  8. Upon completion, the pattern is covered with a top.

Monograms schemes

Step by step drawing monograms on the nails can be viewed in the figures. Dotting on the main background and moving in the direction of the arrows, you can easily create a beautiful design.

Simple monograms can be created with a stemping, needle or brush. To draw a simple monogram you need quite a bit of imagination and patience. You can put a dot of one color, and on top of it a slightly smaller dot of a different color. Next, using the drawing tool from the center to start displaying the pattern.

In order to create velvet monograms, you need acrylic powder and varnish with a sticky layer. After creating the pattern, powder should be poured onto the nail; a wide fan-shaped brush is best for applying the powder. After drying the rest of the sand chill. Finished drawing should not be covered with anything.

Complex monograms are drawn using several tools and different varnishes or paints. With the help of a fine brush, you can draw a mesh, and beveled transitions between colors are drawn. It is necessary to draw complex monograms only after the hand has been trained, otherwise the result may be far from ideas.

Gold on the nails looks beautiful and refined, especially if the pattern is made on a dark blue, burgundy, mint, red or other bright color. You should choose a contrasting color, and make up the nail plate with it, adhering to the step-by-step instructions given above.

Then using a brush to put a black dot, and from it draw a comma, in such a sequence move from the edge to the center of the nail plate. After the pattern is ready, you need to dry your nails under a UV lamp. Then put gold pigment on the finished drawing, then finish with top.

Curls can be removed at once with gold paint, but then they will not turn out voluminous.

Ideas curls with rhinestones

Glittering pebbles could always decorate any manicure, and they give special subtlety and style to monograms on nails. To create a delicate design, you can decorate only the middle of a monogram with a pebble or place a hole with small rhinestones. The main thing when working with shiny stones is to select a non-variegated base to emphasize the brilliance of the stones.

Black monograms look very good on French manicure. You can draw them in any way discussed above.