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How to remove a coughing fit at night in an adult


When infectious agents, dust or allergens enter the bronchi and lungs, respiratory receptors are irritated and coughing occurs. The latter helps to clear the tracheobronchial tree from irritants such as sputum, mucus, pus, various foreign bodies. Coughing attacks in adults and children can occur due to viral respiratory pathologies, including ARVI, bronchitis and others, however, how can you figure out why they occur in the absence of symptoms typical for colds?

What is coughing

This phenomenon is the response of the body to the effects of any stimulus, manifested by a sudden onset of cough. The latter, during attacks, can be convulsive, when, due to coughing shocks following each other, a person cannot inhale. Sometimes paroxysmal symptom ends with vomiting, cardiac arrhythmia, fainting. This phenomenon is not an independent disease, but only a symptom indicating the presence of a specific disturbance in the body.

Coughing attacks can be observed in a number of different respiratory diseases, which differ only in additional symptoms. The doctor prescribes the treatment of cough syndrome only after determining the root cause of the pathology. So, paroxysmal cough may be a sign:

  • ARI or ARVI,
  • acute or chronic bronchitis,
  • abnormalities in the functioning of the respiratory system,
  • allergic reaction
  • whooping cough
  • tuberculosis,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • the presence of malignant tumors
  • deviation in the cardiovascular system.

This symptom may indicate some internal pathologies and infectious diseases. Dry paroxysmal cough, in addition, can cause some psychotropic and antihypertensive drugs, diuretics. In this case, the attacks have a weak intensity (there is a slight frequent coughing). In assessing the spasm of the bronchi, the force of the cough impulse, the frequency of occurrence and the time of occurrence should be considered (in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, during the meal, etc.). The reasons for the appearance of intense dry spastic exhalation are:

  • ORVI,
  • acute bronchitis,
  • whooping cough,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • foreign bodies in the respiratory tract.

Chronic dry cough appears for other reasons, and the symptom is characterized by the duration of the course. The factors causing its development include:

  • the presence of tumors
  • tuberculosis,
  • heart defects,
  • regular exposure to stress factors
  • smoking,
  • chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs,
  • endocrine system pathologies,
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases.

A sharp, dry or wet cough is a symptom indicating a bacterial or viral infection. Suddenly spastic exhalations are characteristic of smokers, but non-smokers such attacks, which are repeated for several days, should be alerted. The occurrence of this symptom can be explained by the presence of viral infections or non-communicable diseases and pathological conditions of the respiratory system, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, immune systems. Possible causes of sudden attacks include:

  • incorrect structure of the vocal cords or larynx,
  • infectious and / or catarrhal pathologies such as bronchitis, inflammation of the larynx, lungs, acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, etc.,
  • long smoking
  • the presence of a foreign object in the respiratory tract,
  • allergic bronchial asthma,
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease (gastric juice gets back into the esophagus, as a result of which an attack of spastic expirations develops after eating),
  • the presence of certain diseases of the cardiovascular system (for example, cardiac ischemia),
  • allergic postnasal edema,
  • nervous tension before important events
  • in infants, this occurs when teething due to excessive salivation.

An attack of dry cough at night in an adult

The factors that cause this symptom, which is accompanied by temperature, are obvious - these are respiratory infections, pneumonia, or acute bronchitis. In some cases, unproductive attempts to cough up in adults and children occur at night for no apparent reason. Having intense bouts of dry cough at night, the patient can feel great all day long and not cough at all or do it occasionally. Symptoms that appear only during sleep, can talk about:

  • asthma,
  • gastric reflux,
  • sinus
  • heart failure
  • cold
  • iron deficiency
  • allergies (if the symptoms appear only at night, then the allergen should be looked for near the place of sleep).

How to stop

To eliminate a symptom that appears suddenly, you should find out what causes it. If the cause of cough attacks is not due to any pathology, and has a physiological origin, spastic exhalations quickly pass without complications and there is no need to carry out treatment. Often, this symptom is observed in a child in the morning and is the result of the body's attempt to free the bronchi from the mucus that accumulated overnight.

The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics for influenza or pneumonia, bronchodilators for bronchial asthma. If the cause of the pathological condition is an allergy, then you should first eliminate the allergen, in addition, the doctor prescribes an antihistamine. For symptomatic cough therapy, mucolytic and expectorant drugs are used. If there is no need to dilute and remove sputum, antinemic drugs such as Codeine are sometimes shown.

With a sudden attack of spastic incessant exhalations caused by stress and anxiety, you can take motherwort, valerian. A cough provoked by GERD is treated with antacids. If the cause of spastic expirations is a foreign object that makes breathing difficult, it is removed from the nose, but it is done very carefully so as not to damage the mucous membrane. If the child has a cough, they do not try to remove the object on their own, since it can move inwards and get into the bronchi / lungs, which will increase the signs of choking.

First aid

To remove the attack, it is necessary to lay the patient so that his head was slightly elevated. To stimulate the removal of mucus should take antitussive drug. If a person is in serious condition, it is better to call an ambulance. When foreign objects get into the larynx, the patient is hospitalized in a surgical hospital. Adults and children with inflammatory lung disease are sent to the therapeutic department, with a gangrene organ - to surgery.

To stop a child’s cough at night, you should seat the baby in bed, calm and provide warm drinks (with milk and honey, heated with mineral water and soda, decoction of herbs). Such drinks can soften the mucous membrane, eliminate discomfort and sore throat, which occur during spastic exhalations. In addition, to alleviate the condition of the child, it is important to moisten the air in the room.

To silence a cough attack in babies 6 months and older, you can do inhalation. For this purpose, eucalyptus, cedar oils are used. In addition, the procedure is suitable decoction of potatoes - a tool that eliminates tickling in the throat, shortness of breath, moisturizes the respiratory tract. Inhalation is carried out as follows:

  • hot water is poured into a bowl
  • add a couple of drops of essential oil,
  • The baby is picked up and covered with a towel over its head is left to inhale steam until the seizure stops.


Symptom therapy should be aimed at eliminating the causes of the manifestation of a pathological condition, however, symptomatic treatment also plays an important role. An exhausting cough should be removed as soon as it occurs to prevent damage to the laryngeal mucosa. Only the doctor will choose the right medicine, taking into account the individual indicators of the particular patient, the root cause of the symptom and the appropriateness of treatment.


Medicines of this group are used when a secret is not separated, it is produced in a minimal amount, or the secret has a thick and viscous texture. Remedies for dry cough are:

  1. Sinekod. The medicine contains butamirate, comes in the form of drops and syrup. Sinekod is intended for the treatment of dry cough of any origin. The drug starts to act already after 15-20 minutes after ingestion and it can be given even to small children (from 2 months) - these are great advantages of the medicine. The disadvantage of Sinekod is an unpleasant, sharp taste.
  2. Codeine. This tool refers to narcotic drugs, which with an increase in dosage can be addictive, therefore, the drug is used exclusively by doctor's prescription and with strict adherence to doses. The advantages of the drug are high efficacy and analgesic effect.
  3. Bromhexine. This mucolytic drug is often prescribed for the treatment of dry spastic exhalations. The medicine does not remove the cough protective reflex, so do not wait for an instant effect. Bromhexine gradually dilutes and removes sputum, so that a dry cough turns into a productive wet. A big plus of the medicine is its ability to stimulate the production of surfactant in the bronchi, which helps to clear them from mucus faster.


An allergic cough may not manifest immediately, but this symptom is difficult to confuse with others, since it is characterized by swelling of the nasal mucosa, frequent sneezing and runny nose. Cough attacks are always unproductive (without sputum). Antihistamines are used to treat this symptom, including:

  1. Tavegil. Synthetic medicine of powerful action, is available in the form of tablets, ointments, suppositories, sprays, solutions. Take the drug weekly course. The advantage of the tool is the absence of sedation. Tavegil deficiency - the drug is prohibited to take children up to a year, women during pregnancy and lactation.
  2. Suprastin. One of the most popular antiallergic drugs. Available in the form of pills and infections, which have the effect as quickly as possible in acute allergic reactions. Suprastin when coughing in adults is prescribed for almost all types of allergies. Plus the drug - it can be taken even to newborns, because the tool is absolutely harmless and has no side effects.
  3. Tsetrin. The drug belongs to the group of selective agents and is valued for its lack of effects on the nervous system. Plus Tsetrina that he does not have a sedative or depressing effect. The lack of the drug - the average antihistamine effect.

How to stop a cough in a child

A common cause of cough attacks in babies is laryngitis - swelling of the mucous membrane, which occurs because of the peculiarities in the structure of the larynx in the vocal cords. The cause of the pathological condition in children can be an allergic reaction of the body or the usual sore throat. To stop coughing in a baby in the following ways:

  • give a warm drink that will soften the pharyngeal mucosa, eliminate tickle,
  • offer a tiny spoonful of honey or a piece of butter to moisten and lubricate the throat,
  • to inhale with essential oils (this remedy helps even with an intense barking symptom),
  • give the child a baby syrup based on essential oils, which quickly relieves a cough attack.

In addition to these methods, the treatment of spastic breaths is carried out systemically. Medications of central action combat the symptom at the level of the brain, affecting directly the cough center. Preparations of this type quickly and effectively eliminate the painful attack, but require strict adherence to the doctor's instructions. The centrally acting antitussives that are given to children include:

  1. Sinekod. The drug based on butamirata - substances with bronchodilatory and antitussive action. Reception of Sinekod is allowed from 2 months of age. The downside is the side effects that can occur in children.
  2. Bronholitin. The drug contains glaucine, ephedrine and essential oil of basil, which helps to eliminate the cough attack, relieves bronchospasm. Bronzolitin can be given to children 3 years and older. The lack of medication is the likelihood of side effects, including nausea, tachycardia, drowsiness.
  3. Stoptussin. The composition of the medication includes guaifenesin and butamirate, due to which cough attacks are suppressed and sputum begins to separate. For babies from 6 months give the drug in the form of feces, for children over 3 years suitable syrup. The disadvantages of Stoptussin are side effects, including the formation of kidney stones.

Folk recipes

Use of alternative medicine should be used with caution, since some recipes are highly effective and require adherence to the correct dosage. In addition, before using folk remedies, it is important to consult a doctor, as some medications can cause allergies and edema. Effective antitussive recipes are as follows:

  1. Warm drink. To soothe irritated throat and relieve an attack, you should drink preheated whole milk with honey and a piece of butter at night. These components moisturize the pharyngeal mucosa, eliminate shortness of breath and relieve inflammation.
  2. Compresses. For this purpose, you can use radish with honey, vegetable oil, heated honey, which covers the skin of the throat. From above the compress is covered with polyethylene and a warm scarf. The procedure is done at night.
  3. Herbal decoctions. Such funds are taken orally or used for gargling. Excellent chamomile, which is brewed with hot water (1 tbsp. 1 tbsp. Boiling water). The plant relieves inflammation, soothes the mucous membrane, helps to remove sputum.

How to stop an attack of dry cough at night in an adult home

Cough happens not only against the background of colds, there are many factors that can cause dry cough at night.

Often, children face the problem of respiratory diseases, in which case it is necessary to prescribe the appropriate treatment - tablets, syrups and medicines that allow to quickly solve the problem.

If you need to learn how to stop an unpleasant cough at home, then first of all you need to determine the cause of its occurrence.

So, what better to do if an adult has a dry cough at night? What drugs will be effective?

Causes of Cough

Dry and wet cough is a refractory protective reaction of the body to irritants or foreign objects in the airways.

A strong dry cough in adults can occur as a result of a number of diseases, so making an accurate diagnosis and only then prescribing therapy is of great importance.

As a result, coughing up clears the bronchus, as a result of which the person does not choke. We can say with confidence that the cough is able to perform one of the most important functions for the human body.

Speaking about how to stop a cough, it should be noted that it can be divided into several types, depending on the symptoms and causes. Often these are the two main causes - diseases and foreign bodies. If the coughing attack began abruptly, especially at night, then this may indicate foreign matter entering the airway.

If the attacks are steady and acute, then this may indicate infectious diseases of the respiratory tract. Usually such attacks can last up to two weeks. In that case, if the unpleasant symptoms do not disappear even after two months, then it can be considered chronic.

Caused by cough can be a variety of different diseases. In children, its manifestations are characterized by an infection of the upper respiratory tract, namely the throat and nose. Usually his seizures last for two to three weeks. To stop the attack of strong cough, you need to take special drugs.

Often night long cough occurs with bronchial asthma. In case of a severe form of a person, frequent bouts of dry, debilitating cough can disturb, sometimes only pills can stop. If the seizures look more like a dog barking, this may indicate a swelling of the larynx, leading to suffocation.

To determine at home the cause of coughing is impossible, but most often such an unpleasant phenomenon may occur as a result of the following diseases:

  • Asthma,
  • Pharyngitis,
  • Allergy,
  • ORVI,
  • Pleurisy,
  • Heart failure,
  • Whooping cough,
  • Pneumonia,
  • Laryngitis,
  • Whooping cough.

Often, a dry night cough can occur as a result of smoking, especially if a person has been harmfully addicted for many years.

Often, after a smoked cigarette, the intensity of the attack decreases, indicating that there are significant problems in the work of the respiratory system.

Wet and dry cough

Сухой кашель ночью – типичный признак простудных болезней, среди которых трахеит, ОРВИ, бронхит, фарингит, причем присутствие мокроты в бронхах для него не характерно. В результате простуды начинается воспалительные острые процессы в горле, слизь вырабатывается большом количестве, у больного возникает желание прочистить горло.

Остановить кашель можно применяя специальные препараты. Их действие направлено на устранение слизи из бронх и расслабление слизистой горла. If you need to learn how to stop a strong cough, you can use special medication to block the nervous urge.

The only thing that should always be remembered in this case is that in this case only seven-volume treatment is carried out. Such drugs are prescribed to a person only in the case when a strong cough night and day interferes with normal life, do not even let him sleep.

The emergence of a wet cough talk about the presence of a large amount of sputum in the lung, bronchus or trachea. In most cases, a wet cough can begin to develop immediately after a dry one. During it, there is a cleansing of the lungs from sputum, which is an excellent means for the formation of bacteria.

In that case, if not carried out timely treatment, with a prolonged wet cough, the chronic form begins. Cope with this disease becomes quite difficult. In this case, the patient may prescribe the use of antibiotics and other strong drugs, aimed at accelerating the healing process.

To make the sputum recede from the lungs better, it is recommended to start taking various mucolytic drugs. Thanks to their use, mucus becomes less viscous, with the result that it is easier to escape from the respiratory tract. If there is a wet cough, then it is recommended to take a large amount of fluid.

Drinking plenty of water helps to thin the mucus, as a result of which it is quickly eliminated from the body, facilitating the general condition of the person.

As drinks, you can choose compote, juice, herbal tea and mineral water without gases.

Dry cough treatment

Speaking about how to stop a coughing attack, first of all you should choose medication, in particular syrups and pills.

Before you start taking any medications, you should consult with your doctor, only he can prescribe the means, depending on the type of cough and the disease.

In the event that there is no sputum production during cough, it is necessary to make it start to be productive. Only after that it makes sense to prescribe the patient mucolytic and expectorant pills.

In addition, you can prescribe drugs that can have a complex effect on the patient's body as a whole. The advantage of such drugs can be considered that they can simultaneously provide antitussive and expectorant effect. The most common and effective drugs include the following:

  1. Herbion - plantain syrup, produced in the form of a syrup. The tool is able to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, expectorant and antitussive action. The drug is able to relieve and soften dry cough. The main active ingredient of the syrup is plantain lanceolate grass and mallow flowers.
  2. Sinekod is an antitussive drug that can affect the cough center. Tablets and syrup can be used for both children and adults, alleviate the condition of bronchitis, have anti-inflammatory effect. It is indicated for use in the presence of dry cough of different origin.
  3. Stoptussin - has a combined secretolytic and antitussive effect. Special preparations included in its composition, contribute to the reduction of sputum viscosity and provide antitussive action. It is effective to use both for adults, and for children, does not contain harmful components.
  4. Codelac Fito. This drug is available both in the form of an elixir and in the form of a syrup. The main active ingredient with the composition of this tool is considered to be extracts of thyme, licorice and thermopsis in addition to codeine.
  5. Bronholitin - a combined antitussive, whose action is aimed at suppressing the cough center. As a result of the use of such a drug, there is an expansion of the bronchus, stimulation of respiration, as a result of which the discharge of mucus from the bronchi is accelerated.

Of course, this is not all medical pills and syrups that will be effective in the presence of different types of cough. In this case, you should not self-medicate, because only a doctor has the right to prescribe drugs.

Some funds in their uncontrolled admission can only worsen the general condition of the body.

What to do with a strong coughing fit?

Cough is an unconditioned human reflex. This is the required protective reaction of the respiratory organs to a variety of external stimuli. In this case, pollen, various microparticles, bacteria, dust, microbes that can cause infectious cough can be counted as possible irritants.

First of all, you need to understand that coughing is not a disease, but only a symptom of a human disease. Most of the existing outbreak and bacterial infections can cause severe coughing attacks. Therefore, it is necessary to begin treatment directly for the disease, determining its exact diagnosis.

How to cope with an unexpected fit of coughing? In this case, you can try different herbal decoctions, aimed at alleviating the overall condition. In this case, you can try a decoction of their chamomile coltsfoot. It can be used to eliminate the accumulated sputum from the respiratory tract, while removing pulmonary edema.

A decoction from the ordinary wild rosemary is considered to be no less effective. Regular use of brewed grass 50 ml at a time, will allow for several days to remove unpleasant coughing episodes, soothing it and reducing the intensity.

If the attack began at night, then you can calm it by rising from the bed and tilting the body slightly forward. You can get rid of the attack with simple pull-ups, for this you just need to stand up, raise your right hand up and stretch very well.

Not less effective remedy for strong coughing attacks is considered to be ordinary chamomile tea. It not only facilitates the general condition, but also has a positive effect on health in general. A specialist will tell you how to handle cough in the video in this article.

Denis Larikov

Try to breathe in the following way: slowly inhale with a full breast of 3-4 seconds, then, without holding your breath, completely exhale 3-4 seconds, repeat 3-5 times - the cough disappears, and moreover you fall asleep much faster.
By the way, this method is not only useful for coughing. I have taught myself to breathe like this several times a day and I do not get sick at all from a cold.

Lina tugataeva

to relieve a cough, Dr. Mom's syrup helps me, I tried everything, only it helps, and instantly, but in general I need to buy seasoning of cloves, chew it and also remove the cough, also a proven way)) do not get sick))

drink hot milk

Spoon honey and wash it down with warm water. It helped me.

Tatyana Makoveeva

I drank mineral water Narzan, just put next to the bed. if you want to drink.

I somehow read from the book and tried it on myself 1 time, it helped.
In a glass of hot boiled water a few drops of iodine and drink a little.

I usually drink warm milk and immediately fall asleep. You can of course even with honey. But it helps me anyway.

I help lollipops. And also a proven method, if you suffer from a strong cough for the night, put chopped onions in your socks. Onions, then oilcloth and socks on top, preferably wool. It helps even my daughter, she is 10 months old.

Irina Stepanenko

A cup of milk (300ml), a teaspoon of baked butter (you can also use plain butter), at the tip of a spoon of soda. Heat on fire. If overheated. cool to the temperature at which you can drink hot milk and add a spoon of honey. Drink and go to bed. Milk warms the throat, oil lubricates, soothes honey, soda disinfects. And of course, airing is important and air moistening. Coughing attacks are often associated with dry indoor air.

How to understand the causes of coughing in children

Coughing, especially his attacks, not only disrupts the child’s sleep, but also weakens him, causing great anxiety in his parents. Most often, they try to treat the child’s cough by using special preparations to eliminate the cough, which restores the permeability of the respiratory tract, while using special antibiotics, which often only aggravate the situation. Only the clarification of the real cause of the children's illness can help in the elimination of cough.

By all the rules of medicine, coughing is called a reflex reaction of the body, the cause of which lies in the stimulation of the respiratory receptors, which are divided into fast and slow. The development of cough occurs through the stimulation of fast receptors, which is facilitated by the action of internal and external irritants of a chemical and mechanical nature. The coughing mechanism starts due to the joint action of these groups.

The normal state of affairs involves coughing a child about 15–20 times a day, and this should not be taken as a disease. Such manifestations of cough contribute to the elimination of mucus, which was formed in the upper respiratory tract.

How to remove an attack of children's cough

The recognized means of treating coughing episodes in a child, which in practice has proved its own effectiveness, can be considered alkaline drinking. Since ancient times, cough in children was taken off with milk combined with tea brewed on chamomile flowers. In order to achieve a greater effect in milk it was proposed to dissolve a certain amount of soda and honey. In addition, a good effect involves the use of ordinary water alkaline type. The baby should be seated in his bed, gently patting on the back and upper region of his chest. Patting promotes the withdrawal of a certain amount of mucus from the bronchi. After that, the child should be offered to drink a dose of drinking, and make sure that he drank a little.

In addition, a good effect is the resorption in the mouth of a mixture consisting of butter and honey, collected in volumes of one tablespoon of each component. After the child drinks his portion, you should give him a few sips of warm, fresh milk.

How to remove an attack of cough in a child at night

Despite the fact that it is correct to indicate the cause of the night cough in a child only a pediatrician is able to, parents must understand what needs to be done in order to stop a night cough from their child.

  1. First of all, you should wake up the baby and try to determine exactly what kind of cough is present, wet or dry. In the presence of sputum, it is necessary to determine its color. The most dangerous situation is the presence in the discharge when coughing purulent clots, indicating a serious disease. In these cases, it is imperative to call a doctor.
  2. In diseases of the upper respiratory system should be understood that a dry cough is normal. To prevent the child from circulating in the blood, the position of his body should be changed more often, turning from one side to the other and placing a cushion or pillow under his head.
  3. Night coughing in a child can be a concomitant symptom when cutting teeth. In order to suspend the process, one should place a couple of pillows under the head of the child, having previously raised the headboard.
  4. You can give your child a large amount of warm drink, after which he will be able to sleep soundly. Antihistamines reduce edema of the mucous membrane, it is only necessary to ensure that they are in accordance with the age of the child.

How to remove an attack of dry cough in a child

In order to effectively remove the attacks of dry cough in a child, one should first of all decide on the nature of its course and establish the reason for which it occurs. It can cause allergic reactions to detergents or preparations for washing, containing in their composition of dietary supplements. Also, the cause of cough can be a respiratory infection and obstructive bronchitis in the form of its complications. Other causes include pleurisy and pneumonia.

In cases of dry cough, first of all, you should humidify the air in the room where the child is. For this, an appropriate moisturizer is ideal. In addition, you can simply put a basin of water next to the baby’s crib. Well relieve coughing spets special lozenges with antitussive effect, as well as cough syrup. If the child does not have a high temperature, it is therefore acceptable to use a warming compress, mustard plaster and warming ointment. Also, an attack of dry cough helps to remove:

  • fresh air from the evening airing of the room
  • wet cleaning the baby's room,
  • the volume of warm drink, sufficient for recovery of the child,
  • washing the nasal passages of the child with water to flush out mucous formations.

How to remove a strong attack of cough in a child

You can remove an attack of strong cough with such methods:

  • boiled milk with sage, it should be boiled, and after settling and straining, give the child to drink just before going to bed. It is recommended for regular attacks,
  • if the baby's throat is ticky, you should give the child honey or butter in the amount of one tablespoon,
  • If the cases are complicated, it is recommended to conduct inhalations with the use of essential oils of cedar and sage. The child will need to breathe in pairs of oils dissolved in water. It is best to carry out these operations immediately before going to bed,
  • A good folk remedy to eliminate strong coughing attacks is black radish. Diced and mixed with sugar should be baked in the oven for an hour and a half. After that, the resulting porridge must be filtered and give the child no more than four tablespoons per day,
  • it makes sense to use vodka or pharmacy pure alcohol. After carrying out the rubbing of the child should wrap a warm scarf in the neck and warmth to wear.

How to remove an attack of barking cough in a child

In the case of a barking cough in a child, accompanied by wheezing when you exhale, sometimes coarse, sometimes silent, with hoarseness and shortness of breath, this suggests that you should resort to the help of a doctor. The combination of all the above symptoms can indicate the appearance of a false croup in a child, leading to suffocation and very sad consequences. If all of the above is absent, help to the child can be rendered by simple methods, the transfer of which will not take up much space:

  • steam inhalation can reduce coughing and significantly ease breathing,
  • warm drink in a significant amount
  • the elimination of all the factors that concern the child, since this only aggravates the situation,
  • the use of mustard plaster in combination with a simple tapping massage, these measures are necessary to facilitate the discharge of sputum in the child,
  • use of antitussive expectorants.

How to quickly relieve coughing in a child

For quick removal of coughing episodes in a child, especially if they are systemic, it is necessary to use paraffin. This measure will allow to warm the lungs, which will allow the baby to sleep at night without suffering from coughing. It is important to constantly monitor the temperature of the wax, because if it is excessively hot, it will burn the child.

Also, in the event that there is a question about the need to quickly relieve cough symptoms, a prescription may well help, involving the use of licorice root. It is able to properly disinfect and heal minor lesions characteristic of cough in the larynx area. Since the syrup contains sugar, children with diabetes should not be given it.

When diluting the syrup, it should be done only with clean water. It is not necessary to add syrup to tea or any other drink, as it may lose some of its properties due to an increase in temperature. If there is a licorice-based syrup intake, it means that you need to drink a lot, because without it thick mucus is formed, which makes breathing difficult.

Children's remedies for coughing

To soothe and soften the mucous membrane is recommended the use of such cough remedies:

  • lozenges, designed for sucking, or candy,
  • various syrups of plant origin,
  • drugs with a combined effect.

It is the latter variety that is most effective in the treatment of children's coughing attacks. Among them stands out the Herbion syrup, cooked on the basis of plantain. It consists of very important components that help get rid of the symptoms of cough and its sudden attacks. We are talking about mallow flowers, vitamin C and plantain leaf extract. Such a combination of components helps to create a high-quality coating action of the syrup, relieve irritation of the mucous membrane and soften it. All this helps in eliminating the effects of infection.

Применяется средство для оказания помощи при лечении простудных заболеваний, а также в целях устранения последствий сильных приступов, происходящих по причине сухости воздуха. Кроме того, причиной состояния могут быть приступы астмы, а также концентрация слизи в носовой полости. Выдержанная концентрация состава даёт возможность использовать средство для избавления от кашля больных детей, начиная с возраста двух лет.

mariana cashcaval

Лечение хронического бронхита
Основная ошибка многих больных в том, что они, долгие годы оставаясь трудоспособными, не лечат бронхит даже во время обострения. Ну а если и лечат, то только антибиотиками, пренебрегая диетой, массажем, гимнастикой и лечением положением - постуральным дренажем. An important place in the treatment of bronchitis is occupied by drugs that reduce inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi, dilute sputum and improve its discharge, as well as expanding the bronchi.
The use of these drugs in the form of an aerosol is especially effective. To obtain highly effective aerosols, modern inhalers are used (jet and ultrasonic nebulizers).
Drugs for nebulizer therapy fall directly on the diseased organ and are able to penetrate into the deep layers of the bronchi, which explains their high therapeutic effect.
Unfortunately, there are no specially developed diets for patients with bronchitis. However, the diet is not only necessary, but must correspond to the stage of the disease. So, with an aggravation accompanied by cough with purulent sputum, the body needs protein foods. Therefore, it is necessary to lean on meat, fish and dairy products. Mandatory vegetables and fruits.
Patients with years of experience should not abuse sweets and other foods rich in carbohydrates. Such food increases the already elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the blood.
With pronounced shortness of breath, it is necessary to limit the liquid and salt. The same goes for gymnastics. Very often the patient for many years doing the same exercises. It is not right.
Able-bodied patients can do yoga gymnastics, but only under the guidance of an instructor.
Very effective massage of the chest. But the patient with bronchitis needs a special, vibrating massage.
An even more effective, but stubbornly rejected by patients procedure - the so-called postural drainage. At the heart of drainage is the law of gravity acting on sputum. Its difficulty lies in the fact that it is necessary to lie in a very uncomfortable position for 20 minutes twice a day, when the upper half of the body is tilted down. And while still turning from the back to the stomach and from side to side. Therefore, even the most disciplined people do not stand the test of the situation. But believe me, the method very well helps to free the bronchi from sputum.
The most common mistake - the abuse of antibiotics, when patients take the same drugs from year to year. Then how should antibiotics be prescribed by a doctor based on the results of sputum sensitivity and flora tests.
Many patients indiscriminately take cough suppressants that have the exact opposite effect. There are drugs that thin the sputum, Bromhexine and Ambroxol. They should be drunk when the sputum is viscous and does not flow well. In this case, you should add drugs that stimulate cough. Herbs give a good effect: thermopsis, licorice root and plantain.
One should not forget about such reliable cough stimulants as hot tea, drinking warm alkaline mineral waters - Borjomi and Essentuki and soda inhalations.
But the overnight and hacking cough must, on the contrary, be suppressed by taking a pill of Liebeksin or tusuprex for the night. But do not abuse codeine, it causes drug dependence.

need to drink some water with gases.


Physical blocking
Coughing is a reflex action, an attempt to clear the airways of mucus or foreign objects that irritate them. The description below refers to coughing that occurs for no apparent reason, but not to coughing caused by asthma, influenza, laryngitis, etc.
Emotional blockage
A more or less frequent cough for no apparent reason may occur in a person who is easily irritated. Such a person is too developed an internal critic. He should be more tolerant, especially towards himself. Even if the cause of irritation is some kind of external situation or another person, the internal critic still falls on him. If sneezing is related to what is happening in the outside world, then coughing is what is happening inside the person.
Mental blocking
Every time you have a cough for no apparent reason, try to stop and analyze what is going on in your head. Your thoughts follow each other automatically and so quickly that you don’t even have time to notice how every now and then you criticize yourself. This criticism prevents you from living life to the fullest, the way you want. YOU ARE NOT SUCH AS YOU SEE. YOU ARE MUCH BETTER. Realizing inner irritation, become more tolerant of yourself. Treat yourself the way you would like to be treated by others.
Spiritual blockage and conclusion
In order to understand the spiritual blockage that prevents the satisfaction of the important need of your true self, ask yourself the questions given in [link blocked by the decision of the project administration] of this book. Answers to these questions will allow you to more accurately determine the real cause of your physical problem.
Physical blocking
Large bronchi carry air into the lungs, small bronchi (bronchioles) perform a more complex function: shrinking and smoothing, they regulate the working volume of the lungs. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchi.
Emotional blockage
In metaphysics, bronchi are associated with family. Bronchitis occurs when a family has some problems (for example, a quarrel occurs). A person is very worried, he feels anger, since these problems threaten his usual existence on his territory. He may even want to break off relations with one or more family members, but he hesitates to do so because of feelings of guilt. He does not dare to enter into open confrontation, he gets tired and falls into despair. He can not get what he needs, but does not talk about it. This person should take his place in the family on his own, without waiting for others to help him do it.
Mental blocking
If you suffer from bronchitis, you have to start treating life more joyfully and simply. Do not worry so much about what is happening in your family. You must understand that there are no families in which absolute consent would always reign. The views of your family members may differ from your views - this is quite normal. Instead of taking things too close to your heart, try to live as you see fit, and do not fall under the influence of other people, even if they are members of your family. You should not despair, but resist, and without the slightest sense of guilt. You must take your place, your territory. At the same time, try to respect the right of other people to live as they like.
Spiritual blockage and conclusion
In order to understand the spiritual blockage that prevents the satisfaction of the important need of your true self, ask yourself the questions given in [link blocked by the decision of the project administration] of this book. Answers to these questions will allow you to more accurately determine the real cause of your physical problem.

Symptoms: dry cough, stronger in the morning, difficulty breathing, chest discomfort, fever, weakness, fatigue. Bronchitis is caused by a viral and / or bacterial infection that “comes down” from the nose and throat to the bronchi, which, because of this, become inflamed. If a child becomes ill with bronchitis more than three times a year, he is diagnosed with recurrent bronchitis. Exacerbations, as a rule, occur in autumn, early spring, less often in winter and absent in summer.
Treatment. If bronchitis is not accompanied by fever and signs of intoxication (weakness, headache), the child is active, you can start treatment with herbal expectorants: decoctions of mother and stepmother, wild rosemary, elecampane, as well as inhalation and chest massage. If on the 3rd-4th day the cough did not become wet and the sputum does not move away, it is necessary to switch to modern mucolytic preparations. When expressed symptoms of intoxication and fever, antibacterial drugs are prescribed.


A great way to overcome coughing and even stop smoking is to go to a salt cave for halotherapy. Breathe in the natural sea air, which clears the bronchi and lungs of excess tar. In the Halocenter you need to visit at least 10 procedures, and then there will be a good immune system + disposal of ENT diseases and chronic bronchitis. All thanks to salt. Excellent prevention of colds and flu.

How can you remove an attack of dry cough in a child?

How to remove an attack of dry cough in a child? Every parent asks this question when the child wakes up in the middle of the night and cannot stop coughing. There are many effective ways to relieve an attack, but you need to know what a cough has developed against the background of what disease.

The reflex reaction of the body, aimed at the release of the respiratory tract, at the onset of the disease is accompanied by attacks of dry cough, causing burning and not bringing relief.

Causes of dry cough

The most innocent cause of cough in a child can be reduced air humidity, the presence of dust in the room or the sharp odors of smoke, aromatic oils, paint and other substances. The consequences in this case can be as a single attack, and allergic reaction of the body.

In such a situation, wet cleaning and ventilation of the room in combination with blocking the source of unpleasant odor can eliminate the problem.

When foreign bodies get into the upper respiratory tract, a dry cough occurs suddenly, accompanied by an attack of asphyxiation. Eliminate this without the intervention of a doctor is impossible.

The most common cause of dry cough becomes irritation of the receptors of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract due to reduced secretion or its increased viscosity.

The defeat of the mucous membrane may be the result of a number of diseases:

  1. Bronchial asthma has a long dry cough, manifested mainly during sleep. The duration of the reflex reaction does not exceed half an hour and ends with the expectoration of a viscous clot of transparent mucus. During cough, you can observe muscle spasms in the area of ​​the diaphragm, pain in the chest, a violation of the rhythm of breathing.
  2. Whooping cough is a baby infection, accompanied by a dry, convulsive cough. A characteristic symptom is a cough during the period of a night's sleep, accompanied by gagging and difficulty breathing. The disease is diagnosed with prolonged (up to 1.5 months) persistent cough, which cannot be cured by standard means.
  3. SARS is manifested as a result of various viral infections that penetrate epithelial cells, causing their inflammation and death. The larynx is affected with pneumonia, the nasal cavities, the trachea - with tracheitis and the pharynx - with pharyngitis.

  • tuberculosis is accompanied by a long-lasting inflammatory process in the lungs and lymph nodes, causing a cough that is reflex,
  • diphtheria - swelling of the larynx and throat, leading to compression of the trachea and causing a cough.

Gastroesophageal reflux is characterized by the occurrence of coughing after eating, especially in a horizontal position and in sleep. The reason is the inhalation of vapors of gastric acid, flowing into the mouth when the child is lying.

Bronchitis, pneumonia or pleurisy are characterized by strong, frequent attacks of dry cough, which are a complication of infections. A prolonged cough is accompanied by pain in the chest and abdomen.

Why an adult night cough occurs: the main reasons

Coughing is not a disease in itself. He is only a symptom. Its appearance can say that the body is fighting infection. He is both day and night. Sometimes a person feels normal during the day and cannot sleep at night because of strong coughing attacks. It can provoke incipient colds, and a person in a horizontal position can not completely cough. At night, people slow down all the processes. The mucus does not dissolve, but accumulates and this causes a bucking.

Unconventional Cough Relief

As a non-pharmacological treatment of dry cough in a child, you can use:

  1. Inhalation of potato vapors, decoctions of medicinal herbs (licorice, wild rosemary) or essential oils (sage, cedar). For children under 3 years old, wet steam inhalation is not recommended.
  2. Resorption of sugar syrup obtained by boiling the sugar solution to a viscous state - for children under the age of 3 years or hard caramel - older children.
  3. Receiving decoctions of herbs, such as thyme, peppermint, thermopsis, chamomile.
  4. Prepare a decoction of milk with sage, defend, drain. Consume before bedtime.
  5. Absorption of buckwheat honey (1 tsp.) In the absence of allergy or a piece of butter.
  6. Prepare a decoction of a small onion in a glass of milk, over low heat, followed by filtering. Drink in small sips.
  7. To compress a 40% alcohol solution or the same tool with badger fat. Compress is applied with a cloth dipped in the product on the back and chest of the child, and then fixed with a plastic film and a bandage. Left overnight. 3 uses are enough to treat cough.
  8. Prepare a mixture: to a glass of milk, brought to a boil, you must add 30 g of honey, 30 g of butter, 1 egg yolk, 1 g of soda.
  9. Medicinal decoction is prepared from a glass of milk and 1 tsp. pine buds, which are placed in boiling milk, after which the drug is settled for 1 hour, consumed 2 sips per day.
  10. Viburnum decoction - a vitamin drink prepared from viburnum berries with the addition of 3 tsp. honey on 1 liter of broth. You can use it as an antitussive and as a prevention of colds and viral diseases.
  11. Use a high pillow to keep the mucus from the nasopharynx farther into the stomach.

Drug treatment of dry cough

The most effective remedy for coughing is inhalation with the help of special inhalers that ensure the production of dry steam. As the active substance is used saline.

The duration of inhalation for children under 3 years of age is 3 minutes, for older children - 5 minutes. Longer inhalation is not recommended.

    An alternative to physiological saline is mineral water.

Treatment of cough at home in a child should be performed using different syrups, the effect of which is individual for each patient:

  • “Linkas” - a brown liquid, consisting of extracts of medicinal herbs, has an expectorant and antitussive effect, accompanied by a bactericidal effect. It is used to treat infectious and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by coughing with sputum. Suitable for the treatment of cough in children from 6 months, the recommended weekly course of treatment.
  • “Libexin” is produced in the form of tablets, is a remedy for cough peripheral action, based on the suppression of the sensitivity of the nerve fibers of the respiratory tract.
  • "Libeksin muko" is used in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, shown in children over 2 years.
  • “Bronholitin” is well tolerated by the body, is indicated for combined treatment with antibacterial, antipyretic drugs, vitamins, is applicable for children over 3 years old, and is characterized by a number of contraindications and side effects.
  • “Bithiodine” is used to calm cough in case of lesions of the upper and lower respiratory tract, it has antitussive effect on the mucosal receptors.
  • “Stoptussin” is produced in the form of tablets, characterized by a good mucolytic effect, is indicated for use from 12 years.
  • Cough Sanitation Rules

    In addition to treating the disease, a series of measures should be taken to alleviate the symptoms, namely:

    • to soften the airways, it is necessary to increase the humidity in the room by placing containers with hot water or hanging a wet towel on the battery,
    • the temperature in the room should not be less than 20 ° C and more than 22 ° C,
    • identify and eliminate sources of unpleasant and strong odors that can cause mucous membrane irritation or an allergic reaction,
    • provide abundant drinking, which can be milk, non-carbonated mineral water, decoctions of herbs with a mucolytic effect,
    • diet should be dietary, meals - easily digestible by the stomach, for example, mashed potatoes with milk.

    With prolonged persistent cough, if traditional medicine and syrups do not help stop the disease, you should seek medical help.

    Treatment of coughing at night in an adult

    Cough is the arbitrary removal of sputum or other foreign particles from the respiratory tract. Coughing at night in an adult can occur as a result of a cold, allergy, or smoking. They may be dry or productive, with sputum production. Dry cough is most often accompanied by loss of voice and hoarseness. Such symptoms are in most cases caused by laryngitis, an acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

    Причины ларингита – сильное напряжение голоса, переохлаждение, любые загрязнения или паровые выделения в воздух, курение. Обычно подобные симптомы сопровождаются небольшим воспалением гортани, и терапия возможна в домашних условиях. Но если вдруг лечение окажется затяжным и состояние здоровья будет только ухудшаться, то срочно требуется консультация врача, так как возможны серьезные осложнения.

    Лечение ларингита

    Для успешной терапии ларингита необходимо:

    • обеспечить полный покой, не разговаривать даже шепотом,
    • отказаться от алкоголя и курения,
    • regularly drink warm drinks made from herbs such as St. John's wort, lime blossom, chamomile, sage, gargle with soda or herbs,
    • periodically apply a warm compress to the throat,
    • conduct alkaline inhalation.

    Cough in adults, which is accompanied by wheezing, is most often associated with bronchitis. If there are no other symptoms, then it means that you should not worry until other manifestations appear. Usually such breathing is not audible, but under heavy loads it becomes more noticeable. If other ailments begin, such as temperatures above 38 ° C, runny nose, tracheitis or laryngitis, the development of acute bronchitis is possible. His treatment is much more complicated than the usual cough.

    The following guidelines should be followed:

    • drink plenty of water
    • bed rest
    • rejection of any physical activity.

    If within a few days the state of health has deteriorated, then you should seek the help of a specialist.

    Coughing at night in an adult may be after stagnant bronchial discharge. If not treated in time, the disease can turn into chronic bronchitis. In this case, you need to conduct a study of the chest. Based on the results, the doctor will prescribe treatment.

    Wheezing can also cause asthma, suffocation occurs in the process of the disease. In this case, you need to seek help from a specialist who will find out what the seizures are connected with. It may be found that the patient is allergic, in this case the treatment must be individualized.

    But in any case, a visit to the doctor is mandatory, because the effects of asthma can be disastrous. There are difficulties in breathing, a pale face, perspiration on the forehead. When the lips turn blue, urgent hospitalization is needed. A person needs help.

    Usually, people with asthma keep an inhaler. It is important to sit the patient on a chair and use the necessary medications once. If the condition does not improve, then repeat the procedure.

    After that, release from outer clothing, suggest to bow your head and lean on your hands, so it is easier for a person to transfer an attack. Before the arrival of the ambulance brigade, it is important to observe the proposed recommendations.

    Cough at night in adults causes discomfort not only to the patient, but also to others. Especially if it occurs with a new force, a sleepless night is provided.

    But even a night cough can accompany much more serious problems, such as chest pain, drying of the larynx, constant tickling.

    At night, the person is more difficult to tolerate the diseases accompanying the cough, because it is in a horizontal position.

    The patient simply cannot completely release the breath.

    Only at night the body is not able to fully function fully, thereby accumulating sputum and the symptoms worsen. It must be remembered that the causes of night cough in adults and children can be a serious cause for concern.

    Causes of night cough:

    • smoking,
    • uncomfortable posture during sleep,
    • increased or decreased air temperature in the room in which the person is located
    • acute bronchitis, chronic or mild,
    • allergy,
    • viral infection, flu, cold.

    Folk remedies for treatment

    To get rid of annoying cough at night, you can with the help of medicines or folk remedies. Any medications containing mucolytics will help to eliminate the symptoms for a while. It is important to drink as much warm liquid as possible, and preferably milk with honey or soda. Periodically air the room in which the patient is. Dry air will only aggravate the situation. Traditional medicine comes to the rescue when drugs do not help. Some tips for eliminating adult night cough are suggested:

    1. Honey treatment. It is necessary to put a teaspoon of honey on the tongue and dissolve, the cough will not disturb all night. Also at night you can drink a glass of milk with the addition of a teaspoon of honey and butter. Such a drink will warm up if it is cold in the room, and it will soften the throat.
    2. You need to take a pinch of salt, hold it for some time in your mouth, and then swallow it. This old method has already helped a lot.
    3. Pine buds will also help avoid a strong night cough. 1 tablespoon of raw materials is brewed with 1 cup of boiling water. When a seizure occurs, take a sip of the infusion, you will immediately feel relief.
    4. If you chew a piece of golden whiskers during a coughing fit, it eventually stops.
    5. You can quickly remove a strong cough from an adult with nettle. A few sheets or a tablespoon of dry grass brew 1 cup of boiling water.
    6. Infusion of valerian not only helps to sleep properly, but also soothes a strong cough. For 1 cup of water you need 20 drops of infusion. The tool is drunk in small sips.
    7. Black radish is cut in half, in one part the contents are removed with a spoon, several spoons of honey are put there. The facility closes for several hours. Over time, the medicine will infuse and will have healing properties. Juice of black radish can be anointed the chest and back.
    8. Infusion of 1 tablespoon of sage and a glass of boiling water should be taken in small sips during a strong cough.

    But with self-treatment you should not forget that if any complications arise, you should immediately consult a doctor.

    The consequences can be serious (pneumonia is possible).

    How to recognize pneumonia?

    Recognize the disease can be on the following grounds:

    • coughing,
    • sudden deterioration or improvement in condition
    • pallor of face
    • chest pain,
    • increased body temperature
    • at high temperatures medications do not help,
    • wheezing when straining ligaments or coughing.

    If any symptoms help specialist is required. The doctor must prescribe treatment based on the severity of the patient's condition. In any case, the appointment of antibiotics and lower body temperature. Pneumonia does not need to be treated on its own, much less resorting to traditional medicine.

    All of the above diseases are accompanied by a strong cough at night, which is hard to get rid of. As a result, the body does not rest. The body during the period of any disease needs a healthy and sound sleep. Only at this time the body is restored and most amenable to treatment. In any case, it is worth remembering that only a specialist can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment. Be healthy!

    Cough tremors like symptoms of illness

    Before you take a coughing fit, you first need to figure out what symptoms of the disease it can be attributed to. If you do not eliminate the cause of cough, treatment of the attacks themselves is ineffective.

    In an adult, cough attacks can be signs of acute respiratory infections, viral or bacterial infections, problems of the nervous or cardiovascular system, allergies or respiratory diseases (lung diseases, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis).

    There are certain characteristics that are used to describe the cough. If you correctly decipher the combination of these symptoms, you can find out what pathology caused by strong cough tremors.

    Cough without sputum is dry. Often it manifests itself as a cause of pathologies in organs that are not related to the respiratory system (heart disease, nervous system diseases, perekardity, inflammation of the outer ear).

    Wet cough can only cause pathologies of the respiratory system. Due to the fact that the formation of bronchial secretions increased, such a cough is accompanied by a strong sputum secretion.

    Factors causing coughing (in adults):

    • Allergic and inflammatory: edema, increased formation of sputum, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, bronchial spasms.
    • Thermal: Air is damaged or irritated by too hot or cold air.
    • Mechanical: enlarged lymph nodes, the appearance of tumors that compress the trachea and bronchi, foreign bodies in the ear canal or larynx.
    • Chemical: inhalation of gaseous substances or drugs with air.

    Bouts of cough in children

    It is necessary to treat coughing episodes in a child very carefully, since young children cannot always describe their condition and symptoms in detail and correctly. The most common causes of coughing in children are inflammatory and mechanical factors.

    If the cough is accompanied by fever, general weakness, an increase in the frequency of inhalation, suffocation, then most likely the cause of its occurrence is a cold. If you notice similar symptoms in your child, be sure to consult a doctor.

    In the case when the attacks are not accompanied by the above manifestations, but at night the cough only intensifies, then the cause of this problem can be excessive salivation during teething.

    How to get rid?

    As we mentioned earlier, before taking any measures, you must first find out the nature of the cough. The main task in the treatment of cough attacks is not their complete treatment, but only relief.

    In order for the sputum to be separated more easily and more likely to be removed from the lungs, it is recommended to take means conducive to its dilution. You also need to drink plenty of fluids and use guaifenesin syrups.

    If the cough interferes with sleep, causes vomiting or choking, then in this case it would be advisable to get rid of it as soon as possible. For this reason it is possible to use antitussive drugs within reasonable limits.

    To reduce irritation and pain, it is recommended to gargle with saline. For its preparation it is enough to dilute half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water.

    Cough can also occur due to tobacco smoking. Therefore, if you want to get rid of cough, then you must give up this addiction first of all!

    Overdried air also leads to increased coughing. Significantly ease your condition will help the use of household appliances that are designed to humidify the air.

    Attention! If the cough is accompanied by the following symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

    1. Increased body temperature.
    2. Weight loss.
    3. General weakness.
    4. Bouts of choking.
    5. The duration of periodic attacks for more than a week.
    6. Thick sputum with blood.
    7. Chest pain.

    Why we cough: reasons

    There are many ways how to remove an attack of dry cough, but eliminating one attack is often ineffective.

    Causes of coughing are:

    1. Bronchial asthma. This is a chronic disease, accompanied by shortness of breath, dry exhausting cough, lack of air. The disease is treated only symptomatically. As a rule, along with a dry cough attack, a patient begins to panic, as he expects another attack of suffocation. Often, asthma is associated with allergies and occurs after contact with an allergen.
    2. Heart failure. In heart failure, cough is a reflex and is not accompanied by other pathological signs. As a rule, first there is a rapid heartbeat, then shortness of breath and dry reflex cough. Eliminate cough in this case is possible only after treatment of the cardiovascular system.
    3. ARVI and flu. In viral diseases, dry cough occurs at the very beginning of the disease. Over time, a dry cough turns into a wet, which allows you to push mucus out of the lungs. If a dry cough lasts a long time, more than a week, you need to consult a doctor.
    4. Allergy. An allergic reaction is very often accompanied by coughing and shortness of breath. This type of allergic reaction is called respiratory. As a rule, dry cough occurs after inhalation of pollen, dust, fumes and other allergens that irritate the mucous membranes. To remove such a cough can antihistamines after cessation of contact with the allergen.
    5. Rhinitis and sinusitis. For diseases of the nose, accompanied by edema, the person is not able to breathe through the nose. For this reason, he begins to breathe through his mouth, his throat is dry, irritated, and a dry cough occurs. You can remove it by moisturizing the throat and eliminating swelling of the nose.

    When should I see a doctor?

    A dry cough is considered not only unproductive, but also dangerous. It helps to remove sputum from the bronchi and damages the respiratory tract, irritates the throat, and causes asthma attacks.

    When you go to the doctor, you should describe the coughing attacks in detail, after which they occur and how long they last. There are a number of signs that require immediate treatment to a specialist. Dry cough lasts a long time. If it does not disappear within 2 weeks or more, you should consult a doctor and be examined.

    A prolonged dry cough can be a sign of a serious illness, infection, or pathology of the respiratory tract.

    1. An attack of dry cough causes vomiting. In some cases, cough occurs due to diseases of the stomach, reflux, heartburn. In any case, constant vomiting due to coughing is dangerous. It leads to dehydration, weakens it, irritates and injures the esophagus and throat.
    2. During a coughing attack, wheezing and whistling are clearly heard. Similar symptoms occur in chronic bronchitis, as well as in a smoker’s cough. As a rule, they occur at night or in the morning.
    3. A concomitant increase in body temperature indicates an infectious disease. It could be pneumonia, tuberculosis or another disease. In tuberculosis, dry cough and fever are also accompanied by severe perspiration.
    4. Dry cough is accompanied by severe allergic reactions. If you experience shortness of breath with a dry cough, swelling, you should immediately consult a doctor and relieve the swelling, until it passes to the larynx, as this can be fatal.
    5. Pain when coughing. If the cough is accompanied by severe pain in the chest, this may indicate pleural damage. In this case, the survey is necessary.

    How to remove an attack of dry cough with medication

    In the pharmacy, you can find a lot of drugs for dry cough. When choosing a remedy, one must take into account the age of the patient and the expediency of treatment. Antitussives are not always useful, as they do not allow to remove sputum.

    Drugs prescribed by the doctor after examination and identify the causes of attacks of dry cough.

    Therefore, it is important to consult with your doctor and determine which remedy you need: antitussive or mucolytic.

    Medications for dry cough:

    1. Synecode. Antitussive drug based on butamirate. Available in the form of syrup and drops, intended for the treatment of dry cough of any etiology. Sinekod can be given even to children from 2 months. The drug actively suppresses the cough reflex and begins to act within 15-20 minutes.
    2. Codeine. Codeine can be attributed to narcotic drugs, which, when the dosage is exceeded, are quickly addictive, therefore it should be used carefully and only when indicated. Codeine has a pronounced antitussive and analgesic effect.
    3. Bromhexine. Bromhexine belongs to mucolytic drugs used in dry cough. It does not remove the cough reflex, so you should not wait for immediate action. Bromhexine dilutes sputum and removes it, which allows you to turn a dry cough into a more productive wet. The drug stimulates the production of surfactant in the bronchi, which allows you to clean them.
    4. Antihistamines. If an attack of dry cough is caused by allergies, it is necessary to take an antiallergic drug like Zodak, Zyrtek, Diazolin, Suprastin. They will remove the swelling and eliminate the symptoms of allergy within half an hour. For best results, you must stop contact with the allergen.

    How to stop an attack of dry cough: folk remedies at home

    When using folk remedies, care must be taken. Not all of them are effective in dry cough caused by infection. Before using any means you need to consult a doctor.

    1. Warm drink. Warm drinks such as milk with butter, warm tea with honey or lemon will help relieve an attack of dry cough and soothe irritated throats. This is a safe and fairly effective means. Oil and honey moisturize the mucous throat and instantly calm it down. You can not drink hot liquids, as they irritate the throat even more and lead to mucosal burns.
    2. Inhalation. When dry cough help steam inhalation with eucalyptus leaves. It is necessary to boil the leaves with boiling water and breathe over the steam. Eucalyptus relieves irritation, eliminates inflammation, increases local immunity.
    3. Herbs. Decoctions of herbs can be drunk or gargle them. Chamomile soothes and relieves inflammation; St. John's wort has antitussive effect. Chamomile decoction is perfect for rinsing, it will soothe irritated throat.
    4. Radish withhoney In black radish you need to cut the core and pour liquid honey there, let it stand. Take this medicine for a teaspoon several times a day. It perfectly removes inflammation, sore throat, moisturizes the mucous.
    5. Compresses. Warming compresses put on the night. They relieve coughing. As such a compress, you can use heated honey, vegetable a little, radish with honey. From above the compress is warmed by polyethylene and a warm scarf.
    6. Витаминная смесь. Смесь из лимона с цедрой и кожурой, имбиря и меда поможет облегчить боль в горле, снять приступ кашля, а также повысить иммунитет. Эту смесь можно есть так или же добавлять в теплый чай и пить.

    Особую осторожность нужно проявлять в выборе народных средств беременным женщинам и детям. Не все травы и эфирные масла безопасны для грудных детей и плода. Они могут вызвать сильную аллергическую реакцию или спровоцировать сокращение маточных мышц.

    • Мария. Мне и от сухого и от мокрого кашля помогает всегда бронхобос.This drug not only contributes to the removal of sputum, but also perfectly restores the bronchial mucosa after an illness.
    • Valeria. I try to get to a doctor when I get sick. For cough, the doctor prescribed Prospan syrup or tablets. More like pills, they need to take only 2 times a day. As for me, it is very convenient. It helps, the next day sputum begins to come out. Well, and, of course, a little more rest!
    • Dinara. And I do not help tablets, well, or it takes a lot of time. I bought a compressor nebulizer for the New Year. I didn’t appreciate my relatives, but when two of my colds on the rink, I cured them for 5 days with inhalations with drops. Prospan cured, they said that my mother was good!
    • Kseniya. With a dry cough, I always inhale with soda. But when itching and dryness in my throat, the lor appointed Isla Mint lozenges to me. They moisten the throat, dryness passes quickly. Such a complex treatment helps to eliminate the cough very quickly.
    • Alexandra. I no longer take codeine pills, it's too harmful. Passed on vegetable syrups. Last time Prospan syrup helped me a lot, turned dry cough into a wet one and brought out mucus. While staying on it, it also turned out to be delicious.
    • Snezhana. I'm on a trip cough grabbed, well with him was a couple of sachets from cough Prospan. In the hotel I drank a couple of pieces, then I bought it again. Good thing, I returned home without a cough.

    Excellent remedy for dry cough

    Everything is simple and easy with Irina Volovik. This is a simple but very effective remedy for dry and old cough. And to make it you need milk, baking soda and natural honey.

    Per day to take no more than 3 glasses. And be sure to take at night to sleep.

    Purpose of the disease

    It performs a protective function of the body, which appears as a result of the disease or the presence of a foreign body inside the human respiratory tract. It manifests itself in the form of jerky exhalations, which help to remove the infection or sputum. Whipping helps the bronchi to clear and saves the patient from suffocation. The sudden occurrence of cough can talk about ingestion of a foreign body, and if it does not come out by itself, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Prolonged seizures that last for two weeks mean that the cough is in acute form, and if there is a prolonged option for more than two months, it means that it has turned into a chronic one.

    A night cough that does not recur during the day may indicate a serious illness. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately establish the diagnosis, and according to him to carry out treatment. It may turn out that it is caused by an allergic reaction to the bedding. For example, to fluff in the pillow. And then with its replacement will pass and the night phenomenon.

    Cough begins when respiratory mucosa is irritated. After the removal of the cause of their occurrence, the whipping will also pass. And in order to figure out which of them caused him, one must first decide on the type of cough. It is unproductive and wet.

    Why does a dry cough appear at night

    This type of whipping itself is dangerous. At night, bouts of unproductive cough can lead to apnea. And the coughing process itself brings unpleasant sensations, accompanied by nausea, shortness of breath, and sometimes suffocation.

    The reason for this may be:

      obstructive bronchitis (the symptoms and treatment of obstructive bronchitis in adults are described here),

    On the picture - lungs with obstructive bronchitis.

  • lesion of pleura in tuberculosis,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • heart failure,
  • problems in the field of gastroenterology,
  • pneumonia,
  • respiratory chlamydia and mycoplasmosis,
  • whooping cough,
  • allergy.
  • A negative effect on the body of the latter can lead to a coughing and choking attack, which is due to lack of oxygen and often results in loss of consciousness. It often occurs in people with asthma. Its pathogens can be all around: dust, fluff, pollen or insect bites.

    Night cough in violation of the heart is accompanied by shortness of breath, as well as an accelerated heartbeat. If it is associated with a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, then its attacks will be caused by irritation of the nerve endings of the esophagus and the membranes of the respiratory tract, which may contain acidic contents of the stomach.

    Also, the appearance of cough can affect the dried air in the room where the person is sleeping. Then you need to purchase a special humidifier so that this does not happen again.

    If the cause is cardiovascular diseases, then they may be accompanied by shortness of breath, with them the nasolabial triangle will become bluish.

    The appearance of night cough can also cause the localization of malignant neoplasms or pulmonary tuberculosis. Because of the ingress of foreign bodies in the form of coarse dust or grains, which settled in the throat and began to affect its mucous membranes. It can be caused by dilatation of the aorta or enlarged lymph nodes.

    The nature of dry whipping may suggest the cause of the disease. So, if the cough:

    • loud and like a dog barking - trachea or larynx,
    • frequent coughing - irritation of the pleura,
    • whooping cough, with noise and the urge to vomit - whooping cough,
    • sharp attacks - pleurisy or acute tracheobronchitis,
    • bitonal whipping - inflammation of the lymph nodes (often occurs in smokers),
    • reflex seizures outside the respiratory system - ear disease,
    • hard cough talks about lung problems (pneumoconiosis, tuberculosis, collagenosis and sarcoidosis),
    • whistling occurs in bronchial asthma,
    • hyster evidence of pathology in the area of ​​the bronchi.

    For the correct diagnosis of cough, it is necessary to take into account the accompanying symptoms and the environment of the patient.

    Find out if laryngitis is transmitted by airborne droplets.

    What does dry cough mean in the morning?

    Possible treatment of green sputum when coughing: http://prolor.ru/g/simptomy-g/zelenaya-mokrota-pri-kashle.html.

    Causes of wet cough in the middle of the night

    With acute inflammation of the throat, an accumulation of mucus occurs and the person begins to reflex from it. This causes a productive cough. It often occurs as a continuation of the dry species, and lasts significantly longer than the previous one. With a protracted phenomenon can turn into a chronic form.

    The following diseases can cause it:

    • focal pneumonia,
    • breakthrough abscess in the lung,
    • viral diseases,
    • tuberculosis,
    • stress,
    • ORVI,
    • rhinitis (here you can read about the treatment of chronic rhinitis at home),
    • pleuropneumonia,
    • breakthrough liver abscess,
    • sinusitis (the reference describes nasal drops for sinusitis and sinusitis),
    • swelling of the trachea or heart,
    • gastrointestinal tract diseases
    • cancer of the respiratory system,
    • sinusitis (read which antibiotics to drink for sinusitis).

    The video tells about the causes of adult cough at night:

    Depending on the type of sputum secreted, it is possible to determine which disease has caused it.

    So, if it is scarce and viscous, then the cause is bronchitis, asthma or tracheitis.

    The mucus, accompanied by a fetid odor, appears as a result of a lung abscess burst. Its color can also tell about the alleged disease. So, yellow - orange color of mucus can indicate pleuropneumonia. And if there are blood stains in it and chills and fever are present along with the cough, then this indicates a course of tuberculosis or the presence of cancer pathology. In viral diseases, dizziness, vomiting, and fever may occur simultaneously with a wet cough. The link can read more about the causes, if you cough up phlegm yellow sputum.

    If a cough with mucus discharge is the only symptom that is not accompanied by anything, then this indicates an inflammatory process in the lungs or tuberculosis.

    Acute form often occurs on the background of acute respiratory infections. Protracted may indicate whooping cough, rhinitis, or sinus. A prolonged wet cough at night should be treated only as prescribed by a doctor; this is not the case when it is possible to delay its treatment.

    Even knowing the cause of its occurrence, it is not necessary to make a final diagnosis yourself. It is better to provide doctors who, after adhering to the diagnostic algorithm: examination, testing, X-ray and endoscopic examination will be able to prescribe the necessary treatment. If it is performed on time, the consequences in the form of complications will be bypassed. Here you can read about the causes of night cough in a child.

    Adult Cough at Night - Causes of Seizures

    A cough in an adult that occurs only at night when the body is in a horizontal position is a very serious symptom indicating the development of serious diseases. For the occurrence of such a reflex action must be valid reasons. Therefore, it is very important to establish the causes that caused the appearance of an attack of dry, strong and sudden cough.

    It must be understood that not only the disease that accompanies this symptom is dangerous, but also the strong dry night cough itself carries many unpleasant moments. So, one of the serious consequences that can cut a person in a dream can be reflex seizures, leading to apnea (short-term loss of consciousness). It should be noted here and the process of coughing, which may be accompanied by suffocation, nausea, severe shortness of breath.

    Causes of adult night cough

    If the reflex act is present only at night, then the following factors may be the cause of its development:

    • Heavily dried indoor air. It irritates the mucosa of the respiratory tract, which leads to a coughing fit only at night in an adult. In this case, getting rid of the obsessive reflex act is quite simple. In the evenings in the bedroom you must include a humidifier. When you sleep, you can turn it off.
    • Involuntary action, which appears only in the prone position, may indicate the development of pathology in the work of the cardiovascular system. In addition to this symptom, there is a strong shortness of breath, even with slight physical exertion. In severe cases, blue nasolabial triangle appears.
    • The negative effect of allergens, which can end up in an adult, is a strong and sudden coughing fit with suffocation. It is also possible loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen. Such reflex actions are observed in people with asthma. The cause of night involuntary actions is the influence of stimuli, such as pollen from plants that enter the room from an open window, or tiny particles of household dust from a feather pillow.
    • Chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, in particular bronchitis and inflammation of the pleura. In this case, a strong cough is observed not only at night, but also during daylight hours, when the person is not lying down.
    • Pathology in the gastrointestinal tract.

    Coughing only at night in adults is an important symptom that requires very serious attention from the doctors and the patient himself. A person needs to undergo a full medical examination to rule out the presence of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract.

    Why does a cough appear

    This symptom of many diseases interferes with the physical activity of a person, exhausts the body, attracts the attention of others. A cough may appear for such reasons:

    • because of a cold, flu, ORVI,
    • inflammatory diseases of the bronchi and lungs - pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis,
    • with whooping cough, bronchial asthma,
    • due to heart failure, heart defects, pathologies of large vessels,
    • for diseases of ENT organs: sinusitis, laryngitis, sore throat,
    • due to an allergic reaction
    • among smokers
    • due to the penetration into the respiratory tract of various irritants: dust, smoke, small objects, chemicals.

    Is it possible to block a wet cough

    When sputum is expectorated when coughing, it is considered productive because it clears the respiratory tract from mucus. Such a wet cough can not be removed. On the contrary, he needs help with expectorant and phlegm-thinning agents. But in some cases, a wet cough can also cause seizures. They are facilitated by inhalation, warm drink or special medications.

    Why seizures often happen at night

    Cough may occur at different times, it depends on the reasons for it, and the characteristics of the disease. But most often a coughing fit happens at night. Especially with rhinitis, laryngitis or heart failure. The occurrence of seizures is affected by the horizontal position of the body. At the same time, mucus flows down the trachea and irritates the airways. In addition, relaxed muscles and slow blood circulation contribute to the fact that in the lungs stagnation of sputum occurs.

    Do I need to consult a doctor

    Usually episodic attacks of dry cough in adults should not cause concern. If they do not repeat and do not bring serious discomfort, you can cope with them yourself. Many patients with chronic illnesses, such as allergies or asthma, know how to relieve a coughing fit. But there are cases when it is better to consult a doctor:

    • heat,
    • the cough lasts longer than a week
    • it is accompanied by chest pain, vomiting, suffocation,
    • in the sputum there are impurities of blood, it is very thick, yellow or green.

    Adult Cough Medicines

    All drugs can be taken only after examination by a doctor and determine the cause of cough. Basically, they affect the body in a complex. How to remove a coughing fit with medication?

    • There are drugs that suppress the cough reflex. Basically, they are sold by prescription because they contain codeine. But you can remove the attack of dry cough with the help of such drugs: "Libeksin", "Sinekod", "Stoptussin", "Bronholitin".
    • With a cold cough, you can take vegetable-based syrups: Gedelix, Herbion, Doctor Mom, Althea syrup or licorice root.
    • For the treatment of wet cough used drugs with expectorant effects. They improve the discharge of sputum and clear the respiratory tract from mucus. These are “Lasolvan”, “Ambrobene”, “Halixol”.
    • A sudden onset of dry cough may be caused by an allergic reaction. Then antihistamines will help: "Tavegil", "Suprastin".

    Dry cough

    This type does not produce mucus (sputum), it often irritates the throat mucosa and causes discomfort during sleep. May be barking, accompanied by sore throat, the voice is lost, it is these symptoms occur at the beginning of a cold. There is also a type of paroxysmal, with bronchitis or tracheitis.

    Moist cough

    Differs in the release of sputum, it is often difficult to expectorate. It is acute and chronic. Acute lasts only during illness, and chronic for a long time observed against the background of the disease of the bronchi and lungs.

    Sometimes during a cold and flu, the dry variant can become wet, this happens because the infection in the body multiplies and the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract begins to produce sputum.

    These two types of ailments are treated in different ways and with drugs, it is important not to confuse to what treatment it is worth resorting.

    With any kind of illness, you need to create favorable conditions for recovery, for this there are general tips:

    • It is very important to pay attention to the air in the room. Must be humidifiers, as dry air irritates the respiratory tract mucosa. Humid air helps to improve the human condition.
    • Fluid intake promotes expectoration and liquefies sputum.
    • Bad habits such as smoking - they should be forgotten during a cold.
    • Inhalations based on healing herbs will ease breathing and relieve spasms.

    What was the reason can reliably find out only a specialist. If you have the first symptoms, do not postpone the trip to the clinic. If you start to be treated independently, then you can bring the disease to complications.

    How to get rid of bouts of dry cough, pharmaceutical preparations

    In today's world there are various drugs to relieve symptoms, they have softening properties. When pharyngitis is shown drugs that help relieve swelling of the mucous, while they have antibacterial properties. When laryngitis experts advise inhalation.

    The preparations include such substances as:

    • codeine
    • dextromethorphan
    • okseladin
    • tusuprex
    • Paxeladin
    • pentoxiverin

    To quickly calm a barking cough, gargle with salt water. In addition, physiotherapy, massages and inhalations will be helpful.

    But such a symptom can be a sign of dangerous diseases, you should definitely consult a specialist.

    There are a number of drugs to eliminate symptoms and acute attacks, we note the most popular of them.

    Plant based syrup, it is an expectorant and anti-inflammatory drug.

    We treat bouts of dry cough folk remedies

    In the fight against dry cough, an important role is played by traditional medicine. Do not neglect the ancient knowledge, our ancestors knew a lot of useful and very effective recipes.

    If the disease was formed against the background of a cold, then you need to drink hot milk with soda and honey. This drink softens the mucous membrane, helps to remove phlegm.

    Народная медицина рекомендует пить травяные чаи из:

    • багульника
    • мать-и-мачехи
    • солодки
    • черной редьки
    • подорожника
    • исландского мха

    Немаловажно проводить ароматерапию, эта процедура не только поднимает настроение, но и помогает в борьбе с недугом. Масло ладана, мяты, сандала эффективно снимают его симптомы.

    Существует множество вариантов приготовления целебных напитков, вот три отвара по традиционным рецептам:

    • Хвойные растения полезны при лечении простудных заболеваний. В рецепт отвара входят: сосновые почки, шалфей и солодку соединить в одинаковых пропорциях и залить кипятком. Настаивается такой отвар 15 минут и принимать его надо три раза в день перед едой.
    • Имбирный чай обладает согревающим эффектом, помогает вывести мокроту и облегчить состояние больного. Корень имбиря нужно измельчить и залить его кипятком, дать настояться и можно пить.
    • Луковый отвар на молоке. It is necessary to boil the onion in milk and take this broth periodically (every 3 hours). Onions from antiquity is popular in the fight against colds.

    What drugs and folk remedies will remove attacks of wet cough

    You can get rid of the disease by resorting to drugs that thin the sputum.

    Act quickly and efficiently:

    1. Herbion. This medicine is in the form of syrup, ivy is in its composition. Syrup has expectorant properties and removes phlegm.
    2. Bromhexine belongs to the group of mucolytics.
    3. Ambroxol is suitable for the treatment of wet cough for children and adults, does not conflict with antibiotics.
    4. Alteyka. Altea root is part of the effect on the expectorant properties of the drug. The main thing to know is whether the patient is allergic to the altet.

    What recipes of traditional medicine can be applied

    Also do not forget about the national recipes. Many medicines are made on the basis of organic raw materials. Knowing which plants help from a wet cough, you can prepare a healing broth at home, which will be no less effective than a drug from a pharmacy.

    Vitamin C-based drinks help to dilute phlegm. It can be cowberry or lemon tea, fruit drinks, rosehips.

    Here are some recipes for those who want to be treated with traditional medicine recipes:

    • Black radish juice is very useful. Grate the radish, squeeze the mixture through cheesecloth and add honey to the resulting juice. This mixture must be drunk every two hours on a teaspoon.
    • You can make sage tea. For 1 cup you need a teaspoon of this plant and boiling water. It is brewed like ordinary brewing. This tea should be drunk 3 times a day.

    How to calm cough at home

    There are many ways to help quickly overcome the disease with home remedies.

    Below are some tips on how to alleviate the condition of the patient, and prevent complications when coughing:

    1. Inhalation. Special devices do not need to buy, you can brew herbs and breathe over the pan. Potatoes, peppermint essential oils, eucalyptus are suitable for this procedure. Care must be taken that very hot steam can cause burns.
    2. Mustard plasters The old proven method familiar to all from childhood.
    3. Ointment Asterisk. Apply it to the chest, at night.
    4. Foot bath of mustard.
    5. Gargling with brine.
    6. Lollipops. Pharmacies sell various types of cough drops, they ease the symptoms, help relieve throat swelling.
    7. Humidifiers in the house. Dry air makes breathing difficult and irritates the throat. If you do not have a humidifier, then you can put wet towels on the batteries (during the heating season).

    How to calm cough at night

    To prevent frequent attacks at night, you need to put more pillows under your head. During the day, take medicines, inhale, use lozenges, stop smoking, avoid smoke and dust.

    It is necessary to remember about frequent drinking of tea based on vitamin C, eat lemon with honey, as well as raspberry jam. But if the illness still torments at night, then you can calm it down with a glass of water.

    Fluid intake can temporarily stop an attack. Therefore, if you have a cold, it is important that every night there was a glass of water by the bed.

    How to calm a child’s cough

    What is recommended to take a child? In children, the ailment is often interconnected with dry air in the room. The discharge of mucus is quite difficult, so it is important in places where the child is placed to put humidifiers.

    It is useful for children to massage the chest with clapping and tapping movements, this contributes to the withdrawal of sputum. Usually, the doctor in such cases prescribes non-narcotic drugs in combination with soothing drugs.

    The drug Flyuditek is intended for children, it helps dry cough quickly move to a state of sputum.

    It is important to know that the best medicines and traditional methods can be harmful if they are used for other purposes. You must be able to distinguish between dry cough and wet cough and use only those drugs that will benefit the body, then the unpleasant symptoms will disappear much faster.

    More information on how to get rid of obsessive coughing attacks - on the video:

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    Re: How to calm a cough, how to quickly remove the attacks of wet.

    Only Codelac or Terpincod help me to have a serious dry cough. Broths and infusions of herbs, licorice syrup accept as an additional tool. Ginger tea is also good.

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    Re: How to calm a cough, how to quickly remove the attacks of wet.

    And my cough medicine is much easier. Need to take 1 tsp. honey and a pinch of soda, and all this is stirred in a glass of warm boiled milk. Drink at night before bed. Very effective remedy.

    • To post comments, please login or register

    Re: How to calm a cough, how to quickly remove the attacks of wet.

    And I like to drink milk with a piece of butter before bedtime so that my throat envelops and clears the tickle. Then sleep at night more easily. And during the day I drink expectorant, effervescent tablets Prospan. Coping for a few days with a cough.

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    Re: How to calm a cough, how to quickly remove the attacks of wet.

    In terms of treating seizures, hedelix syrup helps well. They write a lot about him now, it is quite possible that he will help in a particular case.