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How to wear patent leather shoes?


One of the most popular and durable materials that have not lost their popularity for a long time is patent leather. This is a unique material with excellent appearance, as well as ideally combined with other elements of the wardrobe. For example, it may be patent leather shoes. However, in each case, you should know what to wear them with. In this article we tried to present the best combination of shoes and clothes.

What are the most popular shoes this year

If you are only considering buying patent leather shoes, you should know which models are most relevant this year. So, lacquer shoes with lace-up are considered to be fashionable this season. At the same time she can have a high heel, have a rough “tractor outsole” or even be on a flat run. By the way, lacquer models on a hairpin are considered no less interesting this year.

Model and length selection

As for the length, choose varnished shoes or boots according to personal preferences. For example, it may be long boots, models with length to the middle of the calf, to the ankle or knee.

In addition, exclusive models decorated with fur, rhinestones, buckles, velcro and other décor are very popular. These shoes can be both inexpensive and quite expensive. For example, stars and other famous personalities often buy such shoes. However, original patent leather shoes with or without laces are not always appropriate. It all depends on the style of clothing and the place where you plan to wear them.

What colors and shades fit

If we talk about color variations, black patent leather shoes look stylish. Here everything will depend on your image, character, mood and other moments. Monochrome models are perfect as classic options: white, brown, beige or black patent leather shoes.

More romantic women and those who love variety and bright accents are always hard to choose. For them, the ideal option would be shoes with a floral print, pattern, bright lacing or other decor. Currently, the leading positions are occupied by red and black colors.

Bright colors of green, blue, violet and orange are considered fashionable. At the same time, the style itself can be chosen according to your preferences. For example, never go out of fashion patent leather shoes with lacing. With what to wear them, we will tell further.

Originality of boots with lacing

Lacquered shoes with lacing is a kind of classic of the genre and at the same time retrostyle. The main advantage of such models is the presence of adjustable tops. Consequently, they can be worn even by girls or women with non-standard width of the calf muscles.

Wearing such patent leather shoes is advised not only with jeans-pipes or leggings, but also with short office dresses. If you want to fully demonstrate all the delights of your new clothes, it is worth wearing it with pants of medium length.

Although if you wish, part of the shoes can still be hidden under wide trousers. But here it is better to choose a middle ground. Do not overdo it with a combination of length, color range and the presence of additional accessories. Everything should be in moderation. And then the image will look harmonious.

And a few more combinations with varnish shoes

Boots with a nice platform or wedge are best worn with straight cut jeans and a slightly longer shirt. They look great with lush skirts and bright A-line dresses. You can always wear a cashmere coat or a jacket with a classic cut over your pants or skirts. Office variant of a combination of a pencil skirt and a bright blouse will suit them.

Blouse or T-shirt is easy to replace with a thin sweater or turtleneck. For the bottom is better to choose leggings and elongated or shortened vest.

How to wear shoes with heels

When you do not know with what to wear patent leather shoes, you should pay attention to your wardrobe and create a general image. With the right combination of all the details, the image will be perfect. So, lacquer boots with a massive square heel can smoothly flow into tight blue jeans. These can be skinny or pipes. Massive boots will look impudently on slender legs, giving them more fragility.

From above you can wear a plain or even striped blouse, top. Variations on this topic are many. Stylists are advised not to abandon the blouse with an open back, half-full shoulders or three-quarter sleeves. A cropped jacket or jacket with a matching hat will perfectly complement the perfect look, in which women's patent leather shoes play the main role. What to wear them, decide for yourself. With the help of properly selected shoes it is easy to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide all the flaws.

Men's style shoes: what to wear

Some ladies prefer models that resemble men's shoes. It can be rough and massive boots, similar to the soldiers. You can wear them in combination with skirts. For example, choose models in a floor, shortened or magnificent. These skirts are easy to pick up a belt or a clutch in the subject. But fashion experts advise not to overload your image with lacquered leather stuff. Ideally, boots should be made from such leather alone. In some cases, they complement the accessory, for example with gloves.

Depending on what image you plan to achieve, men's patent leather shoes will be perfectly combined with a cropped leather jacket or jacket. When it comes to a man, he can also wear rough shoes with dark or blue jeans and a leather jacket, as well as a dark, slightly elongated coat.

How to wear children's patent leather shoes

Models of children's shoes are also varied. These can be colorful and bright colors or quieter versions with a classic buckle, zipper, lace. They are perfectly combined with knitted things: an elongated dress, a stylish skirt to the knees, a sweater with a large viscous and pants, leggings.

Boots with a rough sole ideally harmonize with a dark or light shirt-dress, a bright skirt and even a jacket-sweater.

The most versatile models

When buying classic shoes, remember that it is easy to create any image with them. For example, cropped boots go well with bright long stockings or leggings, a leopard poncho, a light boho dress, a hat and a bag.

The second version of the stylish street bow consists of a combination of black shoes, a “shaggy” cardigan and slightly cropped jeans. This is an ideal image, suitable not only for spring, but also for not very cool autumn weather. Massive black boots are perfectly combined with a leather jacket, short monophonic (or with a print) breeches or cropped trousers. As a supplement, choose a denim or suede jacket, black clutch bag or bag.

What to wear with brown shoes

Not always brown shoes should be combined with clothes of similar colors. For example, lace-up boots boldly wear with tight black jeans and a leather jacket of the same color. A gray, white or beige T-shirt, an elongated top and a mid-thigh tunic will work as casual clothes.

Brown shoes harmonize well with red, burgundy or terracotta pants, orange, beige and even peach coats, cardigans. You can always complete the image with a bright or light scarf, a clutch bag or a bag in tone.

Non-standard color shoes: what to wear

If you prefer non-standard color solutions, like to acquire models of creative shades, do not forget about the harmony of the image. To complete it will help at least one piece of clothing, combined with the color of shoes. For example, outerwear, a small scarf or a scarf, gloves, leggings, a belt, a shirt or a blouse are suitable for this purpose. Stylists advise not to overload the image with prints, this also applies to shoes and accessories.

Boots with a leopard or striped print will be a bright element of the image, complemented by a short textured dress with sleeves-lanterns. It is noteworthy that because of the edge of the shoes can be dark socks. It looks very interesting.

Always combine transparent patent leather shoes with leather breeches, leggings or silhouette-fitting trousers. A short fur coat, fur vest or “fluffy” cardigan will suit them as outerwear. Women with curvaceous shapes should pay attention to oversized clothing and boots with a wide shaft.

What shoes are perfect for an elegant look.

In addition to black shoes, dark red or cherry shoe models are perfect for creating a harmonious, elegant look. Pointy red boots go well with ripped jeans in a skinny silhouette. As the top, you can choose a massive and wide sweater or poncho, voluminous jacket.

Light shoes are perfect for a long flowing cardigan with pastel classic shades. If the shoes are light, stylists are advised to supplement the image with at least one bright detail. For example, a hat, scarf and even leggings.

In short, whatever shoes you choose, do not be afraid to experiment. The main thing - do not overdo it with parts and accessories. Make your look harmonious.

Footwear for all occasions

Previously, shoes were divided into smart and working. Usually the one with high heels was considered evening, and at low - everyday. The pace and lifestyle of a modern woman makes adjustments to this division. Increasingly, we see in the models of famous fashion designers a combination of creative evening dresses with low-heeled shoes. The now fashionable oxfords confirm this conclusion.

You can be feminine in shoes, wearing patent leather shoes or shoes. They just came back in fashion. In the collections of 2015 they are given a special place. Among them are many models on the lacing and platform. There are low-heeled shoes, called oxfords.

Varnished shoes and shoes can be elegant as well as used every day. Elegant models are distinguished by the presence of a heel, sometimes of unusual shape, they are decorated with rhinestones, clasps, prints, inserts of guipure, fur. They fit the elegant evening gowns and hairstyles. The whole arsenal of the invented earlier is combined with the new developments of fashion designers.

Lacquered shoes can be worn (see photo in the article) for work and exit, but you need to know some of the features of both the material itself and its care.

Wearing rules

High quality patent leather lasts a long time. After all, it is covered with a layer of primer and varnish.

Varnished shoes and shoes should not be worn in hot weather. The material from which they are made, badly passes moisture. Therefore, you will feel uncomfortable in such shoes. On top of the heat, it may crack.

In the rain to wear them all the more not worth it. In this case, you will suffer not so much as the shoes themselves. If your patent leather shoes are wet, they should be dried as soon as possible. But you should not put on the heating battery or use electric dryers. Do not expose to bright sunlight. It is best to dry varnished shoes at room temperature. It is good to first tightly fill it with old crumpled newspapers. They absorb moisture.

If women's patent leather shoes (see photo above) are properly dried, then small cracks that have formed during the wearing process can be delayed.

You should not think that you should not take care of dry, dry shoes. On the contrary, they need constant cleansing. For this purpose, special means for the care of lacquered water-based shoes have been created. They are also wiped with a special polish for lacquered shoes, using a soft cloth. After this treatment, the shoes will shine like new.

You can periodically wipe lacquered shoes with a cotton swab dipped in petroleum jelly. Ten minutes after processing, you need to carefully collect his remnants of a woolen cloth. If there is no vaseline, you can use egg white. But first, it must be carefully separated from the yolk. After drying, also treat with a soft cloth.

Store patent leather shoes and shoes in their own box, wrapped in paper. The temperature in the room should be room, humidity - low.

This season the most popular models are black and red. Other colors and shades are also common. Brown is the traditional version. In addition, there are purple, blue, green, orange and even silver models on sale.

Often in the decoration of shoes designers use prints under the skin of a snake, crocodile, leopard.

Patent shoes can be of any color. A combination of several colors or textures of the same color is permissible. It can be women's patent leather shoes with suede or leather inserts or leather with varnished elements. They emphasize the originality of the image, make it bright and stylish.

But it may happen that the image you create will cause only surprise and ridicule. This will happen if the shoes are not in harmony with all other elements of the wardrobe.

Choosing what to wear to varnished shoes, you need to remember that in clothes, shoes and all the image of bright colors should not be more than three.

The optimal color for patent leather shoes is beige. It is perfect for clothes of any color. Unfortunately, this color is not very practical.

Lacquered black women's shoes are often ambiguous perceived by others. They should not be carried to the office or a business meeting. They are suitable for any informal events, including ceremonial. It is believed that black patent leather shoes for women (see photo below) is a sign of the inner freedom of who wears them. They are especially popular among the people of creative professions.

How to wear patent leather shoes

Here the main thing - do not overdo it. Wearing bright patent leather shoes, a belt and a bag with rhinestones, you risk becoming a semblance of a New Year tree. To such shoes you can add a thin varnished belt to match the shoes or clutch. And no rhinestones. Usually, women's shoes are pretty beautiful by themselves.

What to wear them with? How to choose clothes, so as not to cause condemnation of others? It will be good to combine patent leather shoes with a business suit. Decorations do not need much. Enough chains or bracelet.

If you don’t like shoes with sharp toes, you can pick up patent leather shoes with thick soles, which are very relevant now. The grooved sole makes the leg rather heavy, but the created image is harmonious.

Lacquered shoes on the platform will be practical. They are much more comfortable to walk. In addition to them, you can pick up significantly more outfits than to high-heeled shoes. This straight jeans with a shirt, and dresses, and puffy skirts.

A more sophisticated and romantic look is obtained if patent leather shoes with a rounded toe, tight-fitting legs, you wear under a leather jacket or vest.

To dress better to choose shoes brighter so that their color is in harmony with the outfit. Let them have a high heel and a pointed toe. Such footwear will make a leg less visually.

The model with the chelsea insert, which consists of a black elastic band, located from the sole to the top of the boot, is not only beautiful and original. This shoe is easy to take off. At the same time, he does not injure his foot when walking.

Women's shoes, similar to men, are called oxfords. The name comes from the place where they first began to wear these shoes. Now they are considered a model of the classical style. It is possible to argue about whether the image of the girl will become more romantic if she puts on oxfords, but a more vintage bow is provided for sure.

In appearance, oxfords are classic low shoes with a wide, often low heel and stitching on the welt. A distinctive feature is that the front part is sewn on top of the side.

Oxfords are considered business shoes, although they are often decorated with various buckles, inserts and other decorative elements.

The material from which they are made is leather, nubuck, suede. There are many lacquered models.

What to wear with oxfords

What can you wear patent-leather shoes of this type? This model can be worn with short coats, raincoats, cardigans. At the same time, they look great with classic skirts, pants and even shorts.

Go well with knitted and evening dresses.

A very interesting option is obtained if you wear a top, short jeans with a boyfriend top, and colored oxfords. If you do not have such jeans, then you can, a little more, about a centimeter, tuck the edges of the shortened model. It is advisable to keep the ankles open. Sometimes these shoes are worn with bright socks that look out between jeans and boots. But wear socks to the skirt or dress in any case impossible. It will be ugly and funny.

Do not combine oxfords and long pants. This will visually shorten the legs.

The image you create depends on the color of the shoes:

  • Черные лакированные ботинки помогут создать строгий классический образ. Они хорошо подойдут к черным узким брюкам и жакету.
  • Светлые летние брюки, топ и короткий жакет можно носить с бежевыми туфлями этого стиля.

Носы описанного типа обуви могут быть как округлыми, так и заостренными. The pointed noses of the Oxfords are more feminine and sophisticated. There are women's high-heeled patent shoes. What to wear them with? Such shoes are combined with a short skirt, dress or cloak. You can wear tights under oxfords, tight or in the form of stockings.

If you prefer a casual style, you can add leggings, take a tote bag.


Accessories for oxfords should be selected with special care. Felt hat, leather vest will be very useful. You can choose a long scarf of the same color as your shoes (if they are not black). He will not only warm you on a cool day, but also complement the image, make it more romantic.

Bracelets, watches will decorate the ensemble, which includes patent leather shoes. Customer reviews suggest that you can decorate such shoes yourself by applying your imagination. So get an exclusive model.

When shoeing patent leather shoes, keep minimalism in clothing and accessories, not forgetting your individuality.

When lacquer shoes are appropriate, who will it suit?

Lacquer shoes are suitable for bright people who have their own unique and original style. But conservatives and those who prefer restraint and rigor in everything, it is better to give up this option.

Such shoes look very bright, and therefore it will be appropriate only in special cases. For example, to go to the office or to business meetings to go to it is undesirable. But for going to the theater, for a party, meeting with friends or for another unofficial event, this option is just fine.

How to make a choice?

What to look for when choosing patent leather shoes?

  1. What exactly to get? If you doubt that this option will suit you, but really want to find out, then start with miniature and elegant shoes, boats, which will help to create the image of a real lady, ladies from high society or even a vamp. If you want something more modest and romantic, then buy lacquered ballet flats. But lacquered boots fit only the most courageous, because they certainly will not go unnoticed and will literally catch the eye.
  2. Decide on a model. Immediately it should be noted that women's patent leather shoes should not be too rough, so you will have to forget about massive soles, numerous straps, locks and rivets. The nose should not be wide, but too narrow and elongated will look ridiculous. The ideal option would be triangular or rounded. As for heels, it is appropriate as a stable (but not too thick), and studs. But the sole may well be flat, but not thick and coarse.
  3. Decorative items. They are not needed at all, because shoes and so will stand out at the expense of their gloss, so additional decoration will be just unnecessary and inappropriate.
  4. Colour. It is very important! The classic and universal option is, of course, black. Beige will do as well, it will make the image more romantic, feminine and restrained, as it slightly mutes the gloss and shine. Lacquer red shoes look bold and bright, so fit only the most courageous. And to create an original image, you can pick up more interesting tones, for example, yellow, blue, pink, purple, orange, mint.

Boots or ankle boots

Boots or ankle boots can be worn with shortened trousers and straight skirts up to the knee-length or slightly above them, dresses fitted or loose-fitting, trench coats, jackets, shirts, cardigans.

Peculiarities of care

How to care for lacquered shoes?

  1. The first and most important rule is the right sock. Wearing patent leather shoes is desirable only in rather dry and cool weather. In the hot season, the legs will simply be hot, they will sweat a lot, which can lead to an unpleasant smell (and removing it from varnished materials is not easy). In addition, the intense heat does not have the best effect on the coating. The varnish surface also suffers from high humidity, so in the rain you should choose another option.
  2. If shoes or shoes are still wet, gently wipe them with a dry, soft cloth and leave to dry in natural conditions. You can not put them on the battery or near heaters, the varnish may crack.
  3. To keep the shoe its original gloss and beautiful shine, treat it with specialized means. You can buy them in a shoe store.

Important rules

Finally, a few more important rules, the observance of which will make your image elegant, stylish and attractive:

  • Shoes can be supplemented with another accessory, also lacquered. This may be a thin strap or clutch. In any case, such a detail should not be too massive and catchy.
  • Lacquer shoes itself is a bright accent of the image, so give up the things of complex cut.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the material from which the clothing is made. The abundance of gloss and glitter will make the image vulgar and very catchy. To avoid this, choose things from simple and non-iridescent fabrics. It can be knitwear, cotton, chiffon, batiste, viscose, jersey, cashmere and so on.
  • With lacquer shoes, it is advisable to wear only monophonic things. Moreover, the set should contain no more than three colors, otherwise the image will become overloaded and variegated.
  • Do not wear lacquer shoes with short skirts and dresses, it looks vulgar.
  • Clothes should be simple, that is, almost not decorated. The gloss and shine of the shoes will be quite enough to give a highlight to the image, so forget about lace, ruffles, rhinestones, stones, ruffles and other decorative elements.
  • Pay attention and choice of accessories. Pick a discreet but elegant. If you wear jewelry, choose concise and do not overdo it with the quantity. One string of pearls on the neck and two small pearls in the ears in the form of earrings-carnations will be enough. Large bracelets, thick chains and bulk pendants will be inappropriate.
  • Hairstyle should also be appropriate, because it is an integral part of the image. Avoid complex and voluminous structures, try not to use accessories (with the exception of studs and Invisibles). You can make a neat bunch, an elegant "shell" or light romantic waves.
  • If you can not make an image and pick up your style, try to view a few photos in fashion magazines.
  • Wear only flesh-colored nylon pantyhose.

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Lacquer shoes look very elegant and bright, has its undoubted advantages and is presented in stores in a wide range of models. But it is far from appropriate with all items of clothing. If you use them incorrectly, the image is too catchy. Find out what to wear with lacquer shoes to get a beautiful and stylish image.


Before you think about creating an image, you need to know certain nuances associated with lacquered shoes:

  • It is not intended for frequent wear.
  • Also, it can not be worn in the heat and wet weather. From dampness shoes or boots quickly become useless, and in the heat of the legs sweat a lot, because the varnish material is not “breathable”.
  • The best weather for patent leather shoes is dry and cool.

Important! If, after all, you are exposed to rain, your shoes will dry in natural conditions, away from heating appliances and sources of open fire.

How to wear patent shoes, or to whom it suits?

Lacquered shoes - for stylish and bright people who are not afraid of experimenting with clothes. To conservatives and adherents of strict style in clothes this option will not work. It is not recommended to wear such shoes in the office or at a business meeting. But in the theater, at a party and any unofficial event, it is quite appropriate.

What exactly to get?

If you are not sure if any extravagant option will suit you, start with a win-win shoe. With their help, you can create images of an elegant lady, ladies of high society, or even a femme fatale. Prefer sophisticated romantic style? Get ballet flats. And lacquered boots are suitable only for those who are not afraid of risky experiments. Such shoes will not go unnoticed.

In any case, the style of lacquered shoes should not be too rough. The thick sole, numerous straps, locks and rivets do not tally with lacquer material. Too wide sock looks rude, too elongated - somewhat ridiculous.

Important! The ideal sock shape is slightly rounded or triangular. Heel is appropriate as a “stud”, and stable (not too thick).

He is absolutely not needed. The severity of style is offset by the gloss of the material. For this reason, any additional decorations look like something extra and inappropriate.

Classics of the genre is, of course, black glossy shoes. Looks beautiful beige. They help create a romantic image. Red shoes look a little bold and defiant, so fit the most courageous ladies.

Important! Colors such as mint, yellow, purple, blue create unusual and romantic images.

Socks secrets - in more detail

The rules for wearing lacquer shoes depend primarily on their appearance.

The classic variant of varnish footwear - “boats”, is wonderfully combined with such types of clothes:

  1. Fitted and tight-fitting maxi or midi dresses. Sheath dresses look good too.
  2. Pencil or sun style skirt with a length below the knees.
  3. Pants narrower cut.
  4. Jacket or jacket of the fitted style.
  5. Blouses simple cut of opaque textiles.

Under black patent leather low-heeled shoes, narrow-cut trousers, cotton shirts, and A-dresses are suitable. Looks great straight jacket or cardigan.

What to wear lacquer shoes during the transitional season? Boots made of shiny material in themselves look pretty bold, therefore, in order not to overload the image with unnecessarily risky details, choose concise and discreet clothing. For example, the dress of the direct or fitted style with a strap will look great.

For early fall or warm spring, a trench coat with a strict cut will do. Skinny pants tucked into boots help create an original youth look.

What can you wear with patent boots and ankle boots? These elegant shoes go well with straight knee-length skirts or cropped trousers, fitted and loose dresses. In the fall and spring, boots can be combined with a trench coat or cardigan.

Rules for creating a harmonious image

Following these simple rules will make your look impeccably stylish and elegant:

  • It is useful to add shoes with another lacquered accessory, not vulgar and not catchy. This may be a strap or clutch bag.
  • It is better to refuse clothes of difficult breed as the varnished shoes in itself serve as bright accent in an image.
  • Pay attention to what material is made clothing. Excessive gloss and shine are irrelevant, because you get an image in the style of “kitsch”. But fabrics such as viscose, chiffon, cambric, cashmere or jersey look great.
  • Short skirts and dresses do not look with patent leather shoes.
  • Carefully choose accessories. Conciseness and elegance - the basic requirements for them. Earrings, carnations with small pearls and discreet string of pearls - this is quite enough.

Important! Bulky chains, massive bracelets and big earrings look out of place.

  • Hairstyle is an important part of the image. A complex construction on the head is unlikely to be appropriate. A snail or a modestly elegant “bun” looks much better.

If you are at a loss with creation of an image, look at a photo in fashionable magazines.

Care rules

The lack of lacquered shoes - capriciousness in the care. Here are a few rules that will allow her to keep attractiveness longer.

The main point is to match the season. As already mentioned, the heat and rain for patent leather shoes are absolutely not suitable. Hot and wet weather affect the material is not the best way. It is best to care for lacquer shoes with the help of special tools that are available in shoe stores.

Video footage

If you like patent leather shoes, then you should not deny yourself the pleasure of her socks. The main thing - carefully think over your image, so as not to look ridiculous.

Choosing patent shoes

Before you make a fashionable image with patent leather shoes, you need to learn a few rules that will allow you to choose the perfect option.

  1. Lacquered shoes calm quiet tones better to use for everyday wear.
  2. You can not choose to the image clothes decorated with rhinestones or sparkles.
  3. You can emphasize the image with a small lacquer strap or purse.
  4. It is not necessary to saturate the image with bright colors, and with bright shoes it is better to wear clothes of other colors.

Beautiful and shiny shoes continue to win the hearts of fashionistas. Models of such shoes are diverse, with a narrow heel, with a wide low heel or without it. Any woman today can diversify her wardrobe with a pair of lacquered shoes not only in the usual version, but also in the form of ballet shoes, loafers and even lacquered moccasins.

Perfectly in harmony lacquered stilettos with polka-dot dress, the latter should be chosen in a gentle romantic style. But you should not choose dresses from coarse fabrics, thin lightweight material is perfect.

Flared or cut off the dress looks no worse than the evening. For a casual walk to patent leather shoes, you can wear jeans and a blouse.

Constantly wearing elegant shoes not stiletto hard, and you can replace them with shoes with a wide heel, not necessarily high. Just as with a pin, you can wear them not only with a dress, but also with a business suit.

To varnished shoes on the platform it is possible to pick up any clothes. Ideally, they are combined with a pantsuit, but the dress looks no worse with them.
Shoes without heels should be worn with jeans.

Black varnish shoes will suit any occasion. Among the variety of shoes available, they become the preference of all women. Stylish, elegant and topical throughout the time, you can wear them to work, party or a regular walk around the city.
However, wearing black patent leather shoes, correctly selected details to the image as a whole are of great importance. From this will depend on the harmony of the image.

Varnished shoes with evening dress

Varnished stiletto heels are suitable for an evening look. The main rule here is not to wear a very shiny dress. A dress which will have a minimum of decorated elements will suit best. Because such shoes themselves play a major role in the image, and in combination with a brilliant dress they look pretty vulgar. In order not to spoil the image, you should refuse from bright large accessories.

Office and varnish shoes

The combination of patent leather pumps with a strict business suit is perfect for work. A big plus will be in the image of a small flat lacquered bag or clutch. In the absence of the latter, the costume can be diluted with satin elements in a small amount.

Casual image with patent leather shoes

Lacquered shoes on the low run is universal for everyday use. For such cases, it can be combined with jeans or shorts. This season is very fashionable combination of black lacquered boats with narrow trousers of the Tabernacle and a loose cardigan, with the obligatory addition of the image with a varnish belt or brooch.

Trendy Looks With Lacquered Shoes

Popular in recent years, retro style is the best image with lacquered shoes. They are well combined with a fluffy skirt in a large pea, and if you add a lacquer bag, bag, you get a real retro look.

What patent leather shoes to wear in summer

For a long time there was an opinion that varnish shoes are exclusively ceremonial version, and it should not be worn in summer. However, to date, bright patent leather shoes with low heels or wedge heels in combination with jeans and a summer shirt or light tank top create an actual summer ensemble.

Fashionable varnish shoes are suitable for different images, and for shoes to please longer it is important to properly care for and maintain it. It should be remembered that shoes made of patent leather should not be worn in hot and rainy weather, but should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. These rules will preserve the impeccable look of shoes that will decorate any image and will be perfect for any occasion.

At the end of the article you can watch videos with fashionable and current images of lacquer shoes this season.