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British clothing brands: rating, features and reviews


It is difficult to call the British trendsetters, in the past, they strongly focused on fashion trends that occurred in France, Italy and Spain, taking over something in full, and transforming something in their own way.

But, that the British never take away, this is a traditional quality and thoroughness, thanks to which many brands have entered the world market. England is always a classic and refined simplicity, here you will not find French pomp or Spanish diversity, brands born in the lands of Albion are notable for restraint and charming modesty.

It is believed that the legislator of pure "English style", which has ceased to focus on the trends of the rest of Europe, is Queen Victoria. It was during her time that aristocrats began to gradually abandon luxurious jewelry and pompous dresses, simplicity and modesty come to the fore.

Even at her own wedding, the queen put on a light white dress without unnecessary details, which greatly surprised and inspired the court ladies, because before that the wedding dresses were exclusively colored and sewn from heavy materials.

Gradually, the clothes became practical and comfortable, the first place is not the dress as a whole, but the individual details — the tie, handkerchief, gloves, shawl, and so on. Such elements add to the costume of the most famous English elegance, which has become a defining feature for many English brands of modern times.

The style that originated in England was later called “classic”; today it is considered traditional and successfully dictates current trends for the formation of business and everyday fashion.

We can say with confidence that the clothes and footwear produced in the UK are distinguished by grace, practicality, convenience, discreet silhouette and, of course, excellent quality.

The most popular fashion houses in England are known and recognized all over the world, and most of the English brands are assigned to the “most-most” list by default, which is why we decided to tell you about some of them today.

The most noteworthy features of Burberry are, of course, the traditional cage, boots, trench coats and coats, because to whom, if not an inhabitant of one of the most rainy and foggy cities in the world, to be an expert in high-quality outerwear. The small company Burberry Group Plc was opened in 1856 by the English fashion designer Thomas Berberry.

It was he who, 25 years later, discovered the properties of gabardine tissue, unknown until that time. With its help, it was possible to create "breathable" and, at the same time, waterproof clothes, which the designer did: he modeled a beige trench coat, which was quickly overshadowed by the heavy makintoshi popular at the time.

The famous “cage” print, for the first time, served as a lining on branded trench coats, but in 1920, Burberry first produced a women's travel bag that was adorned by that very Nova cell. After 30 years, the company turns into a famous English brand, which at the same time becomes the official supplier of clothing of Queen Elizabeth II, and then the entire court.

Today, Burberry is presented in three main areas: Prorsum, which produces collections of clothes and accessories exclusively luxury, they also participate in fashion shows. London is a modern classic represented by laconic and stylish models that suit almost everyone. Brit - more courageous and youth direction.

Another famous English brand, which, at first, positioned itself exclusively as a manufacturer of men's clothing.

Over time, the situation has changed, in the first company store, which was opened in 1974, was presented a collection of women's clothing, aimed at girls aged 14 to 25 years, in fact, today nothing has changed. They coped with the situation simply: they made the collections of the brand limited, as a result of which the clothes became exclusive, and therefore recognizable.

At the moment, Topshop is a popular English brand of youth clothing, which skillfully combines the latest fashion-trends with the quality of tailoring, as well as the democratic prices. A brand experienced ups and downs, for example, in the mid-80s its popularity dropped dramatically, there were too few buyers.

The central store of the popular brand can be found in the heart of London, on Oxford Street Circus, which has already become a peculiar attraction of the city, because it is the largest branded clothing boutique in the world!

"Paul Smith"

The famous British brand was founded by Paul Smith in 1976 in England, which is engaged in the production of men's, children's and women's clothing, shoes, watches, perfumes, swimsuits, underwear and luxury accessories.

In spite of all the variety of products presented, this is exactly the English designer who is famous for sewing men's suits, they have long been considered a real embodiment of fashionable classics and elegance.

Paul Smith's empire is constantly expanding and growing, today its brand is already represented in 35 countries of the world, its collections are presented annually at fashion weeks in London, and the designer himself does not get tired of experimenting and delighting his fans with something new in exclusively “English style” .

"Alexander McQueen"

The most famous British fashion house, which specializes in the production of clothing, footwear and accessories of the luxury market segment. The first collection of a young and unknown designer was presented to the world as a thesis, which was noticed by fashion editor Isabella Blow.

Since then, the life of a talented designer has changed drastically: literally a year later he founds his own personalized brand, after which a series of shocking and impressive fashion shows begins, after which the fashion designer was called the “hooligan of English fashion”.

By the way, it was Alexander McQueen who in 2011 worked on the creation of the wedding dress of the bride of Prince William, Kate Middleton.

This is exactly the brand that produces clothes in the classic English style, it is suitable for everyone, because Next do not rely on the rapidly changing fashion trends, although in every new collection you will always find fresh fashionable solutions.

Clothing, released under this brand, fits easily into any wardrobe, suitable both for the office and for the party - the restraint and elegance of its main horse.

The founder of the company was the English tailor Joseph Hepworth, who began his activities with a small family business in the distant 1864, and you can evaluate the result today.

Premium class in fashion

Besides world designers, foggy Albion is full of premium clothing brands. These are, of course, more affordable prices than on ready-to-wear outfits, but they are still quite high. For this money you will get a stylish thing of impeccable cut and quality. The most popular all over the world English premium clothing brands:

  • Burberry - the perfect cage, the perfect beige, the perfect raincoat - all these are the Burberry business cards. Mark is the personification of Britain itself with its restraint and stiffness, bordering on rebellion and internal freedom. You can buy a legendary trench coat or another brand in Moscow in multi-brand boutiques or via the Internet on the official website.

  • Karen Millen. Starting with the manual production of men's shirts, the British Karen Millen came to the network of their boutiques around the world. In Russia, branded stores are open not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar and other cities. There is a Russian online store.
  • Ted baker recognized as the most extraordinary in Britain, and this applies to everything from the design of stores and ending with accessories. It is quite difficult to buy such clothes in Russia, but in multi-brand online stores you can sometimes find some items.

English brands of clothing of medium price segment

Looking at the prices of the works of British designers, do not despair - the traditional English quality can be bought for less money. What is nice, many of the budget brands are widely represented in Russia, and in its regions as well.

  • NEXT - one of the most popular British companies in our country, there are offline stores in the regions, and an online platform, and you can place an order in both the Russian-speaking and in its original section. Here a huge range of children's, teenage, women's and men's clothing of excellent quality.
  • Hobs - a brand famous for its high-quality silk products, they are not cheap, but they are worn for a very long time without losing their qualities at all. It is difficult to buy in Russia, in multi-brand boutiques there is a scant choice and overpriced prices, and the official online store does not deliver to Russia, but you can use the services of an intermediary, of which there are a lot now.

  • French connection. Despite the French name, the brand is purely British, betting on dresses. For the summer season, silk models are being sewn on the eve of the new year. You can buy in Russia on the Asos website.
  • Dorothy Perkins. English brands of women's clothing are represented by this brand, which creates elegant outfits for girls in the style of the 50-70s of the last century. In this case, their dresses in the style of new bows, neat jackets and blouses are perfect for everyday wardrobe. The price of clothes is quite humane, what distinguishes many English clothing brands. In Moscow, St. Petersburg and Voronezh, there are branded boutiques, there is a choice in the online store Lamoda.

Youth English stamps

  • Toposhop - Clothing designed for young people aged 14 to 25 years. It cannot be said that prices are very cheap: for new collections the price for a thing can be 5 or 8 thousand rubles. But for this money you will receive an excellent quality of fabric and cut, and most importantly - the clothing meets all the fashionable youth trends. Brand shops are widely represented in shopping centers throughout the country.

  • Bench - the brand, initially creating equipment for skaters and snowboarders, today the world leader in the production of fashionable clothes for young people. This is a reflection of street fashion and modern production technologies. Brand philosophy - accessibility. Teenagers can buy something for themselves without the participation of parents, taking the first steps towards independence. The brand has 8 brand boutiques in the cities of Russia.
  • River island - brand of youth clothing, widely reflecting the traditions of a purely English style: large knitting, cage and other details. It is worth noting that they fell in love not only with the British, but throughout the world. Like other budget brands, it is widely represented in Russia.

Sportswear originally from London

England is the birthplace of world famous footballers and tennis players. It is not surprising that the country is also the birthplace of world-famous sports brands.

  • Reebok - perhaps the most famous representative. Many collections of functional sportswear and shoes for a variety of sports. A large number of models of sports style designed for everyday life. Convenience, comfort, style and innovative technologies unite all the things of this brand. You can buy it in almost any big city of our country and in the online store.

  • Umbro. Despite the fact that it is a subsidiary of the American brand Nike, Umbro is strongly associated with the English national football team. You can join the sports elite in one of 90 stores around the world and on the Internet.

Features of clothes of English brands

When buying clothes of an English brand, keep in mind that there is such a thing as British sizes, and they are not equal to European and especially Russian. For example, women's clothing sizes start at 4 (teenage 30 in Russia) and end at 26 (52 in Russia). To determine your own, subtract from the Russian size 26. For example, the Russian 42nd is the British 16th. Children's clothing is marked in centimeters similarly to Russian, and usually it is full-size.

The range and prices in the Russian branches may differ significantly from the English, so it is sometimes very profitable to buy clothes through the Internet from the English site. Many make delivery to Russia, and for the rest, you can use the services of special intermediaries. Consider also that in England sales take place in January and in July, in these months there are discounts under 90%.

Alexander McQueen

Londoner Alexander McQueen in his short life managed to create a world-famous brand that lives after him and whose peers are hard to find. McQueen received great fame thanks to extravagant collections and defiant shows at shows. However, each of his provocations carried behind them not just a deep meaning, but serious social problems brought up for public discussion. McQueen presented his first collection in 1994 at the London Fashion Week. Her leitmotif was the issue of violence against women. Despite the ambiguous attitude to the designer, he was recognized four times as the best British fashion designer and was awarded the Order of the British Empire.

Photo: conversationsabouther.net

After the death of the designer in 2010, the post of the company's creative director was taken by the right hand of McQueen - Sarah Burton. Under her leadership, the brand’s clothing has become more restrained and is today considered the best example of British elegance - it’s not for nothing that Kate Middleton gives her preference for the clothes of this brand.

Photo: alexandermcqueen.com Photo: alexandermcqueen.com Photo: alexandermcqueen.com 3

The history of the creation of the Mulberry brand is quite interesting. Its founder, Roger Saul, at that time was a little more than 20 years old, and his starting capital was 500 pounds, donated to him by his parents for his birthday. The guy decided to create jewelry and leather belts and deliver them to London stores. Later bags were added to the product range, but they could not compete in the market. The company achieved success with the arrival to the post of creative director Stuart Wevers, who had previously worked at Louis Vuitton: it was he who created the Emmy bag, which brought the company popularity.

Photo: leblogdelittlemonster.blogspot.com

Despite the fact that the Mulberry brand has expanded its production and produces clothing today, bags remain their calling card. The brand trick is to create bags in honor of celebrities: for example, Mulberry called their products by the name of Monica Bellucci, Lana Del Rey and Alexa Chang. One of the last is a bag, created in honor of the British model Kara Delevin.

Photo: vogue.nl Photo: vogue.nl 4

Stella mccartney

The daughter of the famous British singer, a member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney Stella, began to be interested in fashion at the age of 13. Then she created her first jacket. Three years later, the girl became an intern for French fashion designer Christian Lacroix, and at the age of 26 she replaced Karl Lagerfeld as creative director of the French brand Chloé. This decision was ambiguously perceived by the fashion world, however, with McCartney, both commercial success and the approval of critics came to the company. Later, she received the award "Designer of the Year" and sewed a wedding dress to Madonna for her marriage with Guy Richie.

Photo: designscene.net Photo: designscene.net

Stella McCartney is a vegetarian and a fighter for animal rights. She doesn’t use fur or leather to create her collections.

Vivienne westwood

Despite the fact that Vivienne Westwood is already 74 years old, she continues to amaze the public with both bold collections and her own eccentric image. The history of the world famous brand today began with a challenge thrown to the public by a young British woman from Cheshire. Together with civilian spouse Malcolm McLaren (manager of the Sex Pistols group), she opened a store in London, which became the birth of punk parties in England. Indecent inscriptions, forbidden music records, accessories in the style of BDSM - this is what was needed for rebellious youth. The clothes created by Vivienne were crazy popular: leather jackets, torn T-shirts and shoes with rough soles - Westwood became the trendsetter of punk in fashion.

Photo: fashionistas.com.gr

Over time, Westwood realized that she had ceased to go in front of fashion - so much was punk strengthened in street style clothing. Then she decided to conquer high fashion, presenting the world label Vivienne Westwood. Later, her contribution to the fashion industry was awarded three times the prize of the best British designer and the Order of the British Empire. At the ceremony of awarding the Order of Westwood was not without provocation. At first, she shocked those present with an elegant outfit that was not typical of the designer, and after awarding the walls of Buckingham Palace in front of a crowd of photographers, Westwood lifted her dress, demonstrating the absence of underwear.

Photo: wearesodroee.com Photos: fashionistas.com.gr 6

Victoria beckham

Few people today manage to be so successful in all their guises. Victoria Beckham - in the past, a famous singer, and in the present - a caring mother of four children, a loving wife of one of the sexiest men in the world and a successful British designer.

Photo: ntd.tv

Even before creating her own clothing line, Victoria Beckham was invariably recognized as an icon of style. Subsequently, noting Beckham's impeccable taste, Rock & Republic invited her to create a collection of jeans. And later, Victoria decided to create clothes under her own brand. Изначально это был лейбл dVb Style (David and Victoria Beckham Style), позже переименованный в Victoria Beckham. Мир моды скептически отнесся к решению светской львицы стать дизайнером, однако вскоре Бекхэм удалось завоевать признание фэшн-критиков.

Фото: victoriabeckham.com Фото: victoriabeckham.com Фото: victoriabeckham.com

Сегодня Бекхэм представляет свои коллекции на Нью-Йоркской неделе моды, но несмотря на это, считается британским дизайнером, поскольку одежда бренда создается в Лондоне.