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How to make a beautiful happy birthday greeting card


For many, postcards have long been a relic of the past. People began to use e-greetings, forgetting how symbolic and meaningful they could be for a recipient of original cards with their own hands.

However, no matter how advanced the technologies are, beautiful cards made with love and attention will always remain the original symbolic gift for any person, because they, like old photos, are the keepers of memories and emotions, which is priceless.

Today, especially for you, the team of 1001 council has prepared a unique review of ideas on the topic “The most original cards with your own hands.”

It presents unusual and interesting postcards that even schoolchildren can do.

We also presented you ideas for postcards with your own hands in more complex techniques, namely scrapbooking, quilling, with the help of which you realize extraordinary ideas of greeting and invitations for birthday, new year, wedding, etc.

About ideas and beautiful examples, what cards to do with your own hands, more ...

Do-it-yourself cards with simple materials: ideas, techniques, ways of doing

To create cards with your own hands, especially if you are creating in a company with small tots, for which this occupation is very important and responsible, stock up with pieces of ribbons, cloth, burlap, colored paper and cardboard, buttons, beads and pebbles and many other materials that can be used to create postcards.

Glue in our set of homemade art, tape, scissors and thread should also be present.

The most simple greeting cards do it yourself

Undoubtedly, we don’t aspire to do something unique right away, especially if the cards are created by children with their own hands.

It is clear that kids, as a rule, make greeting cards with their own hands for moms, grandmothers, teachers.

To create a postcard with your own hands is a very important good idea, which will determine our further actions.

Taking colorful sheets of cardboard, you can cut out the blank for the postcard. Next, using a stencil, we cut out cute colored flowers, butterflies, certain figures, which will be located on our greeting card.

Cut the parts, paste them on the surface of the cardboard, and the homemade masterpiece is ready. Be sure to leave space for a signature, or pre-print congratulations on the printer.

Of course, we talked about this process quite simply. You can get acquainted with more interesting postcard ideas by viewing our selection of examples.

In it you will see what kind of postcards you can make with your own hands in such a simple way for a birthday, a new year, March 8, a day of defenders of the motherland, christenings, etc.

Original DIY postcards in the technique of quilling

For a long time, the technique of quilling has grown into art, involving the creation of entire masterpieces of twisted pieces of colored paper.

DIY cards can also be made using the quilling technique. Through this original technique, you can make magnificent cards with your own hands in the form of flowers, curls, leaves, twigs, bouquets, which will be very appropriate to complement sincere words of congratulations written by hand or prepared in advance in print.

You can add quilting cards by yourself with rhinestones, beads, beads, fabric inserts, openwork, or ribbons that look just great.

In addition to the usual components of the set for labor with paper products, for the realization of quilling masterpieces you will need a special awl, tweezers, pins, a paper knife, a comb to create unusual elements, and, of course, multi-colored paper with which the quilling elements will be performed.

Further, it all depends on your imagination and desire. Examples of cards with their own hands in this technique, see the collection of photos.

Unusual do-it-yourself greeting cards using scrapbooking

Another wonderful technique that deserves special attention is scrapbooking. Using this method, you can arrange not only postcards, but also family albums, notebooks.

Do-it-yourself cards using scrapbooking can be created not only on paper, but also on cardboard and wood.

To embody this technique, you must prepare in advance some materials, namely cardboard, colored paper, glue, ribbons, lace and fabric pieces, dry leaves and decorative flowers, beads, etc.

As you can see in our list are diverse elements that allow you to make postcards with your own hands according to your unique idea. The idea is very important not only for the process itself, but also for choosing the appropriate decor.

If the card is made on thick cardboard, even coffee beans and cereals can be used.

Creative - is not it? Be sure to try ... And our examples of postcards will certainly help you with this.

DIY cards: the style of products

To choose the best idea is very important that the cards with your own hands turned out successful and exclusive. This is especially true of such types as wedding invitations.

Sometimes, future spouses want their wedding to be all perfect and unique, that they are not too lazy to make invitation cards with their own hands for all the guests.

Below, consider the ideas of such cards, looking at which you will immediately understand how to make these wonderful invitations.

Undoubtedly, you can consider very beautiful cards with your own hands at Easter, which can be performed in the mini version in the form of eggs.

And how do you like a postcard for dad in the form of a little man whose suit is made of cloth, or a postcard with a fabric insert creating an imitation of a girl's dress. Very creative!

In our review you will see the ideas of different styles of postcards that your family and friends will certainly appreciate.

What birthday cards can be made with your own hands

Homemade postcards, causing not only affection, but also genuine joy, can be made using a variety of decorative trifles tucked under the arm - paper, thread, scraps of textiles, paints. In case of their presence, postcard “semi-finished products” - blanks can be used.

Do-it-yourself greeting cards can be divided into several large types:

  • musical,
  • volumetric ("3D"),
  • with a surprise
  • complex construction ("engineering").

Happy birthday greeting card

A combination of several types of production in one postcard is considered a good tone - naturally, without fanaticism.

According to the technique and materials of manufacture, greeting cards are divided into:

  • paper - based on applications of varying degrees of complexity and texture of the material,
  • fabric - also applications, but from a special fabric,
  • embroidery - any available embroidery technique is used (cross-stitch, satin stitch, using ribbons and / or beads),

Greeting card with embroidery

  • ramping and quilling - relatively new techniques in which postcards are created by gluing small, all sorts of balls, bows, ovalballs onto the finished background,
  • molded - a special plastic mass is applied to the finished drawing, on the surface of which the necessary elements are manually drawn.

Birthday card in the technique of quilling

These happy birthday greeting cards are the most popular because of their simplicity and availability, as well as the minimal time and cost in the manufacture. At the same time, despite the simplicity, with the proper ability, they allow to use “little blood” to make beautiful greeting cards with their own hands.

Advanced technology

There are also more rare techniques for creating your own happy birthday cards. They require a relatively large amount of consumables and hard work.

This technique is a distant relative of the filigree technology. When ganutele elements of the composition is made from pieces of wire or thread and glued to the postcard basis.

Flower made in the technique of ganutel

Elements of crafts are made from paper blanks, subsequently glued to the base of the postcard.

Postcard with quilling elements

Beaded pattern

In order to make a beautiful postcard with a beaded pattern for a birthday party, beads, buttons and beads are glued to the base with a pre-printed schematic drawing of the finished composition.

Postcard decor beads

Thread Postcards

The composition of the postcard in this case is created from threads glued to the template, folded in the right places and cut into pom-poms or “fluff”. Thread items can be both the main part of the crafts, and just the addition of a picturesque drawing.

Birthday card decor with pompoms

This technique also includes the use when creating a composition of knitted elements.


All of these techniques are good enough in themselves, but incomparably the best result is obtained when combining them. The only condition is that the density and strength of the base of the postcard must correspond to the chosen manufacturing methods.

In the manufacture of cards combine several techniques

This is especially true of sculpting, bead mosaic and wire and compositions of wire.

The rules of making handmade cards happy birthday

“When making beautiful greeting cards with happy birthday greetings, a lot depends on the choice of colors”

To give a homemade postcard original and memorable appearance, there are quite a lot of techniques. The easiest way is to use an unusual, unconventional base for making. A non-standard course, for example, will be the use of watercolor paper as a background, the original will look like a pattern stamped on a tracing paper with a substrate made of bright, “acidic” coloring of decorative paper.

In the manufacture of their own hands congratulating happy birthday beautiful cards, much depends on the selection of colors. With the right approach, the simplest composition may well become a highly artistic product!

For greeting cards, it is important to choose the right color scheme.

The main rule is not to overdo it: it is enough to use three colors in one card, two bright, contrasting each other, and one neutral. An unusual, asymmetrical way of folding it up will add originality to the craftwork.

The inscriptions on the postcard are preferably made beautiful in font to be calligraphic, but must be easily readable. In the case of using computer fonts, we should not forget that the letters "l" and "p" in many of them are extremely similar and that this may lead to unexpected incidents. The best, festive-looking color of the letters is silver or gold.

Golden font looks festive

In order to make a handmade birthday card, you can use the scrapbooking technique. In this technique, several background layers are pasted on a base made of colored cardboard, each of which contains the necessary decorative elements. Well, very great opportunities, despite its apparent simplicity, are given by the paper decoupage technique, in which the top layer of ordinary, for example, napkins is used as an image (pattern). This layer is carefully removed from the “source code” and neatly glued to the card base with diluted with water PVA glue.

Happy birthday card in the scrapbooking technique

Stylish do-it-yourself birthday card

A birthday greeting card for your aunt, made with your own hands and presented from a pure heart, will not just be remembered for a long time, but may well become the highlight of the festive day. It is quite simple to make it, and at the same time neither large material investments nor large physical efforts will be required. The result will be interesting, in its own way original and, of course, memorable.

Simple paper card

The following tools and materials are required for making a paper card for your birthday party's aunt:

  • colored paper with a beautiful, "festive" texture,
  • scissors and stationery knife, as well as the simplest school compasses,
  • PVA glue and some simple double-sided tape,
  • small beads,
  • artistically attractive ribbon
  • a small wooden stick.

First of all, colored paper with compasses are laid out and several circles of different diameters are cut out. Then scissors, moving them from the edge of the paper circle to its center, cut a spiral - the basis of future flowers. For more beauty, you can use scissors with curved blades.

Using a wooden stick, which can be used as an ordinary pencil, the spirals made from the edge to the central part make a kind of flower. So that it does not unwind, the center of the twisted helix is ​​fixed with a small drop of glue. It should be borne in mind that the density of the finished “bud” depends on the density of the twist.

50 ideas for simple birthday cards do-it-yourself

Very often - I want to make a postcard, but I do not know where to start. There is no idea that will help me to make that one and only card for a close, or maybe not close person.

And then I go to the Internet in search of ideas.

And in the next such searches I decided to make a selection of the most simple postcards with my own hands for you. So that you could get some idea and make a cute and original card with your own hands.

All these postcards do not make much effort. You only need accuracy and patience.

A very simple postcard, before you put an inscription on a postcard, practice on a draft, everything must be clean and neat, then the card will be chic.

And to make this lovely postcard easy is simple - decorative tape is the main element here.

elegant card with candles

Candles - the main decor at the birthday, so this card is especially relevant. A golden color makes it gorgeous.

delicate greeting card with rhinestones

Delicate and very simple postcard decorated with multi-colored rhinestones. This is not exactly buy in the store and therefore it will be especially expensive.

simple and air card

Simple and air card, it is suitable for a gift not only for children but also for adults. Secure the thread with glue so that it does not hang out.

postcard with volumetric elements

Volume elements make the card more realistic and interesting. And all you need is a bulk double-sided tape and your balls are already flying!

You can cut these letters yourself, or you can buy them at the store.

card with a rope

I love when cards are decorated with different ropes, it makes her more fun and cute.

confetti as a decor for a card

Confetti is a great decor for your postcard. They are best done using a conventional hole punch or a special figured hole punch. So faster and more beautiful.

simple and beautiful paper candles

Original card with candles from paper. Simple and beautiful!

colorful fabric candles

Original black card with colorful fabric candles. This can be done with the child.

postcard of ordinary buttons

Nice and original greeting card made of ordinary buttons! It turned out a real man who carries the balls of small buttons!

star card

Cute card with asterisks. To make it also neatly better to use a decorative hole punch, although you can also do it manually, the main thing is to try.

colored rectangles on the card

Simple DIY card with colored rectangles and small circles.

Cardboard Card

A fun and simple greeting card on a crafted cardboard with colorful flags.

decorative line on the card

Another version of the decorative lines on the card. Simple and fast.

Cute flowers - one of the most popular decorative elements on birthday cards.

paper cut as decoration

A simple happy birthday greeting card made from scraps of paper. Therefore, never throw anything away!

confetti card

Another cute confetti card. The result was a bright explosion from a small envelope.

postcard is a miracle

And this card is just a miracle - from an ordinary balloon :-)

Super simple postcard of multicolored circles with a decorative stick. A decorative line is made with a regular pen!

flowers of two shades

A simple postcard decorated with flowers of two shades.

kraft cardboard for cards

I love craft cardboard and you can make such a nice postcard from it!

small buttons as decoration

Postcard on craft with small decorative buttons.

And here is the whole set - postcard + envelope in one style. A sight for sore eyes!

birthday with candles

Super simple birthday card with candles.

Cute flower card do-it-yourself.

простые разноцветные кружки

Открытка декорирована простыми разноцветными кружками. Следите, чтобы их не было слишком много :-)

декорация цветной клейкой лентой

Еще одна оригинальная открытка своими руками, декорированная цветной клейкой лентой.

строго и красиво

Strips of ribbons of different colors - strictly and beautifully.

Air card with balls on the craft - very beautiful!

simple card with flags

A simple DIY card on craft paper with flags.

so you can apply paper scraps

And this is another postcard of scraps of paper. I love these ideas, they are the most - most!

candles from decorative adhesive tape

A very simple birthday card with decorative adhesive tape.

Such cute postcards with your own hands you can do a lot at once, in reserve, so that if necessary they are at hand.

card with a delicate flower

A cute happy birthday greeting card with one small and delicate flower.

card with butterfly

Simple DIY card with butterfly.

flags give a special festivity

Flags give this card a special festivity.

original inscription on the card

Very simple do-it-yourself card, decorated with multicolored lettering.

such a daisy

Flowers - the best birthday present, so they are on the card!

light and summer postcard

A very simple card with colorful circles - light and summer.

bright and stylish gift

A do-it-yourself card in the shape of a gift with a flower is bright and stylish!

Cute caps decorate this unusual birthday card with your own hands.

white daisy on a postcard

Another simple postcard decorated with confetti.

And this is a colorful ice cream! His straight and want to eat!

That's all, I wish you endless inspiration and new ideas! And if you are a little tired of viewing greeting cards, you can take a few minutes and check your weight on this link, but if everything is okay with the weight, which I congratulate you on, you can check the correctness of the bar code on your purchased product, it can be done quickly if you go to the following link.