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Stylish and fashionable skirts 2015 (17 photos)


When a woman chooses a new wardrobe, fashionable skirts for women should appear among her things.

Today, fashionable skirts for women delight a variety of styles. Fashionable skirts appear more and more often - novelties with an original cut, an interesting finish, beautiful skirts for women made from the highest quality and sturdy fabrics.

That is why every woman who wants to look stylish and be able to create fashionable sets, both for every day and for a special occasion, is obliged to choose fashionable skirts for 2018-2019.

Fashionable skirts for women and girls in 2018-2019 both for the autumn-winter period and for the warm seasons will reflect the individuality, immediacy and extraordinary femininity of every woman.

Designers have always shown fashionable skirts in their collections, but recently this element of the wardrobe has become more and more pleasing to fashionistas.

Let's consider fashionable skirts 2018-2019, styles and novelties of which will surely gain popularity among women in the near future.

Choosing fashion skirts 2018-2019 to create stylish and feminine sets

Fashionable skirts for women and girls in 2018-2019 for the period autumn-winter and spring-summer will delight with charm and special chic, because in the trend there are fashionable skirts that reflect the sensuality and unsurpassedness of a woman.

Fashion skirts 2018-2019 will surely prevail in the wardrobes of many women, displacing comfortable trousers and jeans.

Even in cold times, fashionable skirts of short length, fashionable skirts in the floor and midi will become indispensable clothes for real beauties, because it is in a skirt that a woman will always be on top.

For the autumn-winter period, fashion designers offered fashionable skirts for women made of wool, velvet, suede, leather, pleased women with knitwear, alpaca, merino, and cashmere skirts.

Fashionable skirts made of tight knit and fur accents will also decorate female figures in 2018-2019. Such models of skirts in trend.

But fashionable skirts 2018-2019 for the spring-summer period will decorate the silhouette of women with light, translucent, airy and flowing textures.

Fashionable skirts from natural fabrics will please girls and women, in particular, trendy skirts made of silk, flax, cotton and other similar materials will be in the trend.

If we talk about the palette of colors in which fashionable skirts 2018-2019 will be made, then beautiful autumn-winter skirts for women will attract fashionistas with a restraint of colors.

In the trend will be olive, mustard, chocolate brown, black fashion skirts. Fashionable skirts 2018-2019 will not do without rich blue, green, emerald, pastel and gray tones, khaki and burgundy.

Summer fashion skirts for women and girls of 2018-2019 do not know borders in color experiments, because in the summer bright and saturated colors of the palette, white, red, yellow, orange, coral and many others prevail.

Fashion skirts 2018-2019 will be an original addition to women's wardrobe and thanks to all sorts of prints and patterns that focus on beautiful female legs.

Fashionable skirts with stripes, plaid, leaves, floral fashion skirts, skirts with animal print and combined - these are the models that will delight lovers of fashion experiments in the coming season.

Monophonic fashion skirts for women and girls, of course, will not go anywhere. Monochrome fashionable skirts are the best basic things for any fashionable set.

To make fashionable skirts for women more extravagant, the designers offered to decorate them with frills, frills, and also to decorate fashionable skirts with fringe, embroidery and appliqués.

In the trend of clothing and accessories with chains. Fashionable skirts also fell into a number of things where the decor of chains will appear.

Fashion skirts 2018-2019: trendy styles for women and girls

In the near future, lovers of skirts will be able to pamper themselves with such styles as trapezoid fashion skirts, beautiful pleated skirts, mini skirts and midi length skirts.

Favorite of the fall-winter season will once again be fashionable skirts 2018-2019 with a high waist.

This style looks very elegant, because the best style for adjusting the shape is not found.

Fashion skirts 2018-2019 with uneven asymmetry of the cut have also become a fashion trend of the autumn-winter season, which also smoothly switches over to the summer novelties of fashion skirts.

Fashionable wrap skirts look spectacular and unusual. Such beautiful skirts for women will be popular with women with elegant long legs.

Fashionable skirts with draping and wide fold have not lost their relevance. In 2018-2019, thanks to the efforts of fashion designers, they will become one of the fashionable novelties of the female wardrobe.

Undoubtedly, the leader among the skirts has always been, is and will be fashionable skirts - a pencil, which for many years under the line have made female figures slim and graceful. It is fashionable skirts - pencil - the perfect solution for creating a fashionable kit for all occasions.

Well, and, of course, it is impossible not to say about this style, as fashionable skirts maxi length. They are not in competition.

Flowing and flying fashionable maxi skirts, depending on the fabric and style, can be worn both in an elegant set and in a defiant, for example, with a leather jacket.

All fashionable skirts for women, which we have mentioned, deserve attention, because each model is special and interesting in its own way. Just take and create fashionable images.

And now we offer you to look fashionable skirts 2018-2019, the styles of which are presented in our photo collection in a wide variety.

Women's skirts fall-winter 2015-2016: what is fashionable?

One of the most striking trends of the season were skirts with a smell, which at the same time are able to adapt to other trends. Among them is the asymmetry, which runs in a red line throughout 2015 and continues in the following seasons. asymmetrical skirts and models with a smell are presented both short and long. Such models well hide some flaws of the figure, including the fullness of the hips or the disproportionate silhouette, from which asymmetrical forms always distract attention.

Pleated skirts - this is something that you definitely need to pay attention to the girls. They are incredibly diverse: short and long, soft and from dense fabrics of a rigid silhouette, with different types of pleating. Pleated skirts can be worn with strict men's blouses, with classic jackets or knitted sweaters of smooth or textured knit, combined with coarse men's shoes, feminine ankle boots or other fashionable shoes on a small platform or a steady heel.

Quite a lot was presented leather skirts of any length, silhouettes of a trapeze or a pencil. Fitted models presented on the podium, remove the pencil skirts from the category of only business details of the wardrobe. The floor-length maxi skirts became popular again. Midi skirts do not know any restrictions regarding the silhouette and style, so that we can wear bell skirts, year or “mermaid”, trapezoid skirts below the knee, solid or with a slit. If you have slender hips and neat buttocks, pay attention to shiny skirts and models with fringe or feathers.

Fashionable skirt length 2015

Everything is fashionable: mini, midi, maxi. The basis of the collections was a skirt of medium length, the only model, which is slightly smaller - to the middle of the calf. We choose according to our preferences, features of the figure and the situation.

Fashionable style skirt 2015, photo

Here, too, diversity reigns, which is especially good, everyone’s figures are different, and from the options offered, it’s quite possible to find something for yourself.

As usual, most styles are superfluous proof: everything new is well forgotten old))

An integral attribute has become a magnificent cut, so popular in the 50s of the last century.

Skirts - bell, trapeze, bell bottoms

This season, stylists recommend emphasizing their femininity, giving the image lightness with the help of such beauty.

The bulkier your skirt, the easier it should be the top.

A definite plus is her ability to make an image feminine, since from above it fits the figure perfectly, extending downwards.

Suitable for business meetings and for meetings in a free evening setting.

Tulip Skirt

And again it is a proven model for decades. Ruffles, flounces, pockets and folds give it a modern feel.

It will be great to look at women with feminine calves and hips. A great option for office and work.

Skirt with elastic

Model popular in the 90s. It combines several advantages: it will suit women with any shape, it is so easy to cut that it will not be difficult to sew it on its own, and despite the simplicity it looks very impressive.

It is difficult to distinguish between which skirts to wear in summer and which in winter is quite difficult, all models are very versatile, but looking at skirts with an elastic band, the question of which skirts are in fashion in summer 2015 is eliminated;

Pencil skirt

Once again I became one of the fashionable favorites, although it seems to me that the unfashionable pencil skirt was never. New additions are made to its design: cuts, flounces, basques.

Received the status of "mandatory things basic wardrobe" this skirt is simply obliged to be in our wardrobe.

High Waist Skirts

A very advantageous option - makes the line of the hips particularly expressive.

In addition, it is a universal element of the wardrobe - it is very easy to combine it with a different top: with a light top, and with an elegant blouse.

Almost the same beauty I wore in the early 90s :)

Layered skirts

Very unusual models that this season designers have made them transparent, airy and translucent fabrics.

They can be of different lengths, from ultra-short mini to chic maxi. Some models are decorated with frills, ruffles, lace inserts.

Leather and Suede Skirts

Such a stylish skirt is simply obliged to be in your wardrobe, it will help you look fashionable and elegant. This season, designers offer short skirts made of leather or slightly below the knees, but then it should have a cut.

Skirts in a cage

Designers offer a variety of options for styles, making the cell look bright and interesting, so that you immediately want to buy such a skirt.

This is how beautiful and diverse was the review of what skirts are in fashion in 2015.

Determine the length

In 2015, the designers decided to almost completely abandon the overt and sexy miniskirts. It is not clear what this is connected with, but in fact, firstly, short skirts do not go to everyone, and secondly, they practically leave no opportunity for men to dream up. So do not miss the length of the mini. Maxi or midi length is much more feminine and romantic.

Choice of style

We list the styles that will be relevant in 2015:

  1. Incredibly relevant skirts to the floor. And especially the designers loved the A-silhouette, flared and puffy models. Such a thing can make you incredibly feminine and mysterious, adding to the image of charm. In addition, a long skirt is almost a universal thing that suits girls with any figure, because it can hide both too thin and, on the contrary, not the most slender legs. The ideal option would be for ladies with voluminous hips. By the way, the skirt to the floor can be combined with both feminine blouses, and with strict shirts and even tops, T-shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts. It all depends on your style and the fabric from which the skirt is sewn. So, summer or spring skirts made of light flying materials, of course, will not be combined with thick sweaters. By the way, do not forget that if nature has not endowed you with impressive growth, then along with a long skirt, surely wear shoes with heels, otherwise you will look ridiculous.
  2. A bell skirt of medium length can be an ideal option for office or study, as well as a bright element of a festive look. This is a kind of hello from the distant 60s, which once again reminded us that femininity and romance are much better than flashy sexuality, which can turn into vulgarity.
  3. Skirts-pleated or corrugated of almost any length will also be relevant. Such a thing will make your image light and original at the same time. By the way, this skirt will be ideal for owners of lush hips. The most fashionable length is just above the knee, although long skirts to the floor will also be relevant.
  4. In the trend of a sexy pencil skirt, which will be perfectly combined with a blouse or shirt and make you a real business and stylish lady. Next year, skirts just below the knee will be especially fashionable, which will make the image just gorgeous.
  5. Skirts with the smell of the most different lengths will be relevant. But when putting on such a thing, remember that the smell itself is an accent, so the top should be more restrained, calm and concise.
  6. A retro-inspired sun skirt should also take pride of place in your wardrobe. Such a romantic option would be ideal for dating, walking in the park with friends and going to the cinema.
  7. Tulip skirt is ideal for girls with not too voluminous buttocks and narrow hips. The most profitable length - just above the knees. By the way, with such skirts it is best to wear tight jumpers, tops, blouses and shirts, tucking them under the belt.
  8. Incredibly relevant asymmetry. So if you like experiments and bright unusual clothes, feel free to buy an asymmetrical skirt with an unusual hem. Patterns as well as decorative elements can be asymmetrical.
  9. If you can not live without short skirts, then pay attention to flared models, as well as skirts in the fold. And still it is better to refuse extreme length.

Fashionable materials

What skirts will be in fashion in 2015? We invite you to learn the most trendy materials:

  • Sexy leather skirts of almost any length and any style from short straight to long and flared will be relevant. Leather is a rather extravagant material, so it will be better if the skirt in the image will be the only accent. Combine it with more discreet things, for example, with knitted turtlenecks or with simple shirts.
  • Popular and fur. Someone fur skirt may seem ridiculous and ridiculous, but in fact it can make the image bright, extravagant and outrageous. But if you prefer a discreet style, it is better to refuse from models of fur, you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Light translucent fabrics such as chiffon are relevant. But you should not choose models from too transparent materials, they can make an image vulgar and defiant.
  • Denim skirts will also be fashionable, but not straight and short for many people, but midi or maxi length and flared.
  • Guipure and lace will also be relevant, but since these fabrics are too frank, it will be better if they are combined with other, more dense ones.
  • In a flowing silk skirt you conquer more than one man’s heart.
  • Thick knitwear is not only fashionable, but also practical and comfortable material.
  • Popular will be skirts made of velvet. But remember that this material is cunning, because it adds volume. In addition, a velvet skirt is rather a festive option, rather than a casual one.
  • Wool skirt - the best option for a cold winter. You will be comfortable and warm, but at the same time your image will be stylish.
  • Velvet - another fashionable material.
  • A suede skirt will look bright and elegant.
  • Want something unusual and extravagant? Then get a creative feather skirt. It is bold, bright and original.

The most fashionable colors of the future 2015:

  • The actual will be classic black, which can be safely called not only a universal color, but also one of the most elegant.
  • You can also choose a skirt of any shade of gray.
  • The trend will be gentle pastel colors: ivory, beige, milky and others.
  • You can safely choose a skirt of any shade of brown from sandy to chocolate.
  • Relevant noble and deep blue, burgundy.
  • In the fashion of olive, mustard colors.
  • If you want something bright, pay attention to coral, orange, pink, lilac and blue.

Now we will list the most trendy prints:

  • Relevant animal print. The colors of giraffe, leopard, zebra and tiger are especially fashionable.
  • In the trend of abstract and intricate geometric patterns.
  • Ethnic patterns are also very relevant.
  • Strip and cage.
  • Polka dots will also be fashionable in 2015.
  • Stained glass images.

Details and decor

Finally, we list the most fashionable decor elements and details:

  • A variety of zippers, clasps and buttons. It is not only convenient, but also stylish.
  • Patch pockets are relevant. But remember that such a pocket is an extra volume, which not everyone can afford.
  • 3D patterns of sequins, stones and beads.
  • Inserts of other materials, and radically different from the main fabric.
  • Cuts can make you a real seductress.
  • Ornaments made of feathers and fur.

Now you can go to the store for a skirt and become the most stylish in the future 2015.

What skirts will be in fashion in 2015?

Fashion trends must be noted and replenished your wardrobe with new products:

  1. Popular this year in a universal pencil skirt. Супер-стильно вы будете выглядеть, если выберете такую модель, выполненную из шерсти или твида.
  2. Свою актуальность сохраняют кружевные и прозрачные юбки. Кружево может являться как материалом отделки, так и основным материалом.
  3. Среди модных фасонов юбок в 2015 году классические модели с защипами и складками, трапеции. Самые шикарные изделия шьются из красивейшего английского твида.
  4. It is worth paying attention to the cute fluffy skirts with frills and frills. One of the interesting elements of the decor of this skirt is a fringe. Such skirts nicely emphasize the beauty and sexuality of the ankles.
  5. Leather and denim skirts, fashionable in 2015, remain for a long time among the favorites. Currently, they have a bright design, which uses metal elements, sequins, rhinestones. But you can find a lot of models for quiet everyday and even office images.
  6. In the summer, girls will be able to flaunt a skirt-shorts, which this year has become more outspoken.

Many girls are interested in how long the skirts are in fashion 2015. Designers offered fashionable women the choice of length this year. In the 2015 trend skirts mini, midi and maxi.

What decor and color skirts are fashionable in 2015?

To create a stylish bow, you need to give preference to the following options for colors:

  • black is the undisputed leader of this year, used for fabrics of different textures, it, like gray, is called the base color of 2015,
  • white is also not lagging behind, this color looks very impressive, allowing clothes to get a more elegant look,
  • the combination of white and black is ideal for those who want not only to look good, but also to correct the silhouette,
  • The color of the year is Marsala - a deep, rich wine color, which is wonderfully suitable for both summer and demi-season skirts.

Skirt can be decorated with stylized prints, geometric pattern, avant-garde, large and small flowers. Original looks skirt with a pattern in the patchwork technique, fashionable - skirt with small flowers of sakura on a dark fabric.