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Fashionable or vulgar: 5 fashion doubts


Recently, stockings - not the most popular unit of women's wardrobe, but very vain, because, according to men, they are the most sexy and exciting clothes.

It is very sad that the fair sex is increasingly seeking comfort and convenience, completely forgetting that at least sometimes you need to surprise and fascinate your men, and stockings are the best helpers in this matter.

For more than 200 years, light and beautiful stockings excite the consciousness and imagination of men, and modern photographers and painters do not overlook them, just look at their paintings and photographs.

What is interesting, in an erotic photo of stockings a whole niche is allocated, probably, all this is not for nothing, however, not everyone knows that they were originally the subject of a purely male wardrobe. This was confirmed by research and archaeological excavations that provided evidence to the world: images with men in stockings that were found in the territory of Persia and Ancient Greece.

Then they were knitted from fine wool, but over time, the secret was lost and was restored only in the 18th century in France - then all French and Spanish fashionable gentlemen wore elegant stockings.

The first girl who tried on this item of the lower wardrobe, according to the imprint, is the famous French favorite Marquis de Pompadour. In those days, the marquise was a real embodiment of taste, which is probably why stockings very quickly migrated to the wardrobe of admired fashionistas.

Since those times, stockings have experienced a lot, from woolen they turned into nylon, which made them more affordable and practical clothing for all segments of the population.

Today, not every woman knows how to properly wear and choose stockings, because it is really not so easy, but if you do everything right, then in such clothes any woman can feel comfortable and, most importantly, incredibly attractive.

Do not give up such a sexy part of the female wardrobe just because you do not know how to choose or wear them. So that you would not experience any discomfort, we decided to select for you a list of recommendations and a set of unspoken rules that will help you to understand this difficult, but very seductive business.

Tall boots - fashionable or vulgar

Even 20 years ago, boots were considered an integral attribute of a woman of easy virtue. Remember the movie "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts: her heroine is constantly wearing these boots, parting with them except in the bathroom. It is not surprising that the association with the panel has remained with us to this day: there is no other shoe of this kind that would serve as a symbol of levity and sexuality.

However, in the past few years, high stiletto boots literally filled up all the podiums no fashionista wardrobe without them, they are worn in a restaurant and theater, on a date and at work, with leggings, tight jeans and dresses ... How can you decide: this fashionable shoes or simply vulgar?

The thing is, how and with what to wear high boots. If you wear them with a super-short skin-tight leather skirt and black fishnet tights, and in addition you will make a bright make-up, you will look like a "butterfly". If you want to look fashionable and elegant, but at the same time not to cause an association with a confused, boots, it is better to wear with narrow light jeans or leggings. In this case, note that these shoes are the main part of your toilet. This means - you have to abandon other extravagant details: a deep cut, bright lipstick, too elegant clothes.

Pantyhose and fishnet stockings - fashionable or vulgar

More recently, tights in the net were a sign of bad taste. Many to this day believe that such tights can afford to wear only a lady of easy virtue. Fashion designers have a slightly different opinion on this.

Vulgar is considered only a large black grid. If you really like fishnet tights, but you don’t know how and with what to wear them, here are a few recommendations from fashion designers.

The most discreet and elegant look tights are flesh-colored or beige in a small, almost imperceptible mesh.

Slightly more daring, but still an elegant option - dark brown and black tights in fine mesh. Such tights can be worn even in the office, as a supplement, for example, to a black “pencil skirt” knee-length or slightly higher, a white blouse and waistcoat. It is recommended to wear modest shoes on an average heel. Of course, if you do not want to look like a confused one, you should not combine tights in a grid with frank mini and boots.

Red shoes - fashionable or vulgar

Wearing red shoes, you must remember: from now on you will be the center of attention, whatever you do and say. Ready for this? Then remember a few basic rules for wearing red shoes.

  • The open toe of red shoes requires perfectly groomed feet and a fresh pedicure.
  • No need to supplement scarlet shoes with other bright objects of the toilet.
  • If you really want to take a red handbag - discard it in favor of a handbag of neutral color, decorated with a single red stripe, a bow or a flower.
  • Do not think that only black modest dresses are in harmony with red shoes. Look great with red shoes: light pants, beige tops, white dresses, jeans and denim dresses, skirts, sundresses.

False nails - fashionable or vulgar

In fact, everything unnatural is considered to be vulgar. In addition, constantly wearing false nails, you can completely run your own and bring them to a state where nothing else remains - just to mask them under the invoices.

Conclusion. Today, fake long red nails are completely out of fashion, much more relevant nails, as close as possible to the real (and best of all - real). So, if you really want to have beautiful nails, it is best to regularly care for them and attend a manicurist.

Red lipstick - fashionable or vulgar

The main thing you need to learn is to vulgarly apply red lipstick every day; you shouldn’t come to work with bright red lips either.

Another thing - an evening toilet, solemn occasion, party attendance. In addition, you need to carefully choose the shade of lipstick. For example, if you have light skin, it is better to stop at pink or coral lipstick. Golden skin looks advantageous if you put on lips lipstick wine-colored, ruby ​​or scarlet. The dark beauty can afford a burgundy lipstick.

Another important nuance: if you choose red lipstick, make sure that lips looked perfect. Even minor errors in the make-up are unacceptable, as they will immediately be evident.

What to look for

The basics of the sexual image are illusion and symmetry. It is important not to open too much of the body, leaving room for the imagination of others. Several dresses with a neckline and a V-neckline in the wardrobe will be able to emphasize the beauty and elasticity of the bust. If you are the owner of a flat tummy, then by all means wear tight-fitting things and a fitted jacket. It is important to choose the right underwear - no protruding seams. Panties should not have shovchiki at all. Also suitable thongs or corrective underwear - tights and belts, soothing the stomach and eliminating cellulite.

Remember that only women who have no taste dress too openly. Underline your dignity with clothes - slender legs, waist and hips. A woman with the art of seduction, in any outfit will be a success in men.

Red lipstick and fishnet tights are in the distant past. To look sexy does not need to wear a mini and too to demonstrate the chest. The necessary passion can be expressed even in low-key clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and exquisite accessories.

There are several special details of clothing, the use of which will make you irresistible and truly sexy.

"Naked" dress

The phenomenon of the so-called "naked" dress opened Marilyn Monroe, when she appeared in public in the skin-colored model. Beige colors, merging with a touch of body, made a real sensation. A thing made of a thin, light, cream-colored canvas makes it look almost naked. Even if the dress will have a length to the heels, a woman in it will certainly attract men's looks. The model does not have to be sewn of transparent fabric. Even a fully closed dress with a deaf collar will still give the effect of a naked body. Hue nude, of course, is associated with bare skin and excites the imagination. Such a sexy dress is a sure way to look gorgeous and attractive.

If you decide to wear a similar thing, then consider the peculiarities of your figure. It should be perfect. Otherwise, lush forms will spoil the whole impression and will not allow defile in a “naked” dress. To correct minor figure flaws, you can use special corrective underwear.

Wearing furs, a woman awakens primitive instincts and the call of her ancestors in surrounding men. A fluffy long-haired boa, an elegant short fur coat or a stylish fur vest make any girl more feminine and attractive. In the luxurious furs there is a powerful energy, luxury, wealth and passion. Especially sexy looking fur, worn on top of a fashionable dress. A great addition to the image will be high-heeled shoes. This outfit gives chic and individuality.

Expensive fur details of clothes should by all means be emphasized with a stylish hairdress and skilful make-up. Without well-styled curls, any fur will look ridiculous on a woman. Therefore, wearing a fur boa, be sure to take care of the elegant hairstyle and impeccable makeup.

High heel

High-heeled shoes - an indispensable attribute of any seductress. Model refined shoes emphasize beautiful slender legs. She makes the silhouette more feminine, and walk - sexy. One should not think that high heels are synonymous with cheap glamor. Especially attracting the attention of men is the red sole on the laputenes. Summoning scarlet notes that flash when walking on the sole of a shoe are recognized as sex symbols. The red color of the sole and high heel allows any man to appreciate the attractiveness of the female legs.

When putting on stilettos, it is important to learn to walk in them gracefully. Otherwise, you can spoil the whole impression with your clumsiness. Be sure to practice your home walking in high-heeled shoes before you go out into the street.

Attracts male attention and looks pretty sexy body-colored boats. Under no circumstances should such shoes be worn with pantyhose. The nude tint creates the aforementioned effect of a naked body and as if continues your legs, demonstrating a special insecurity. The classic shape of boat shoes underlines the fragility of an elegant female foot.

Bracelets and watches

In creating a sexy, attractive image, one should not underestimate the role of stylish wrist accessories. Women's hands attract the views of men no less than their legs. Well-groomed thin wrists fascinate, so they certainly should be decorated with exquisite details. To attract a man, it’s enough to twist a pen or any other clerical object in thin fingers, and a man will surely pay attention to you. Be sure to decorate fingers with rings, and wrists with bracelets and watches.

Women's hands are ready to transmit the encrypted messages of sensuality to the opposite sex. Do not be afraid to attract the attention of men with their hands. This can be done with the help of a sophisticated stylish bracelet. Remember the important rule, hands should always be well-groomed. Shabby varnish and burrs are not allowed.

Clothes, opening the shoulders and back

Partial exposure - the right option to conquer any man. Clothing with bare shoulders or back is appropriate in any public place and social event. Provocative seductive outfit can be created with the help of a top, a dress with a neckline, a dress with bare shoulders.

Male imagination will surely excite the graceful bends of the neck, open clavicle and a regal posture. Dress models with a “carmen” neckline will do. Putting on a similar dress, do not slouch back and shoulders. The hunched figure will not make the right impression.

Seductive chest hollow attracts men's views always. The most sexy and attractive blouse is the one that has a deep V-neck and beautifully outlines the chest. This form of a mouth helps to issue a bust in the most favorable light.

Of course, in business negotiations should not wear a blouse with a similar neckline. The style is suitable for a city walk, a romantic dinner, a visit to the club.

Stockings are traditionally considered to be the sexiest elements in women's clothing, as opposed to regular stockings. If in the section of the skirt the elastic band from the stocking flashes coquettishly, then you are guaranteed male attention. Stockings can be worn in cool summer and autumn. It is a super accessory recognized by all stylists.

In stockings, any woman feels like a true treacherous seductress. However, it is important not to overdo the image. You can also wear stylish golfing. However, this item of clothing will be out of place in a formal setting. Remember that socks are a flirtatious attribute for young people. A mature woman in them will look ridiculous.

Oddly enough, but it is a thin tie that makes a special highlight in the sexual image of a woman. The famous sex symbol Marlene Dietrich was once the first to wear a men's suit and tie. Since then, the presence of men's accessories on a woman excite men. In our time, suspenders and a tie in a women's dress will not surprise anyone. Wearing a tie carries a special sexual overtones. The simple addition to the costume is not at all a gender imbalance. The tie draws the eye, emphasizes the bust line and looks provocative. Of course, the office is better not to wear a tie and suspenders due to the ambiguity of these items of clothing.

Pencil skirt

Fashion sexually tight all the curves of the female silhouette. Once, a revolution in the fashion world was made by Andre Kurezh and Mary Quant, who showed everyone a pencil skirt. Bbka opens slender legs and tight hips. It has a completely conservative length - to the knee. Saturated mini will suit only young ladies. A woman for 30 pencil skirt will decorate and emphasize all the advantages of a figure. The skirt model perfectly fits the hips and perfectly conceals flaws.

Choosing clothes for a sexual image, you need to focus on your own mood and comfort things. It is important to give room for male fantasy and not to strip anything personal. Even casual attire can look quite sexy if you properly combine a blouse with a deep neckline and a skirt.

You can wear a top with skinny leggings and skinny jeans. Such a set will emphasize the smooth curves of the hips and draw attention to the feminine silhouette. Midi skirt with a chiffon blouse, plain tight T-shirts, short shorts.

You can always look sexy, if you follow the above recommendations of stylists and properly combine clothes in a set. It is important not to overstep the fine line between exquisite sexuality and vulgarity and not to fall into the abyss of bad taste.

Use your own imagination in creating the image, listen to the opinions of girlfriends and specialists. The main thing is never to doubt your attractiveness and beauty.

"Body" dress

Another female secret dizzy way. The cream color of the item completely blends with the skin color and creates the effect of nudity. If the dress is also made of lace fabric or of thin flowing material, then no matter how long it is, the woman will look sexy and stunning in it. It is necessary to remember one important rule - you should not buy and wear such a dress, especially a fitting cut, for those who have outstanding forms and are overweight. In this case, the picture will look the opposite - all the flaws of the figure will be visible to the naked eye.

No seductress can not do without high-heeled shoes. Only they can properly emphasize the slimness and sexuality of female legs, the gait on the heels becomes feminine, and the silhouette is captivating and alluring. In this case, it is necessary to pay tribute to fashion - Labuteni with red soles will attract even more attention to the charming legs. But heels still need to be able to wear shoes, so before showing the world the beauty of their legs, it is better to practice walking on them at home. And only after the gait becomes graceful, you can go out.

This is a sure attribute of seduction for any woman - stockings are the sexiest element of the female wardrobe. You can wear them and cool summer evening and autumn. Важно помнить, чтобы резинки от чулков не были видны окружающим, иначе образ будет отдавать вульгарностью. Лучше, если « случайно» она мелькнет из разреза юбки рядом с объектом обожания – тогда мужчина будет сражен наповал.

Как выбрать чулки для себя?

  • Для начала придется уяснить: красиво, стильно и дорого смотрятся только те чулки, которые и по цене обходятся немало. There is an interesting opinion: the quality of stockings can be determined by their smell, and for this it is enough to slightly open the box with a new pair and smell. If the aroma is strong, but pleasant, then you probably have a quality product from a good manufacturer, because aromatization costs quite a lot, which you cannot afford to scam artists who are engaged in cheap fakes.
  • Be sure to choose a model in size: too small stockings squeak in your leg, they will crush and create permanent discomfort, and large ones, on the contrary, at the most inopportune moment will easily slip down your leg, perhaps even without your knowledge!
  • The important point is the composition of the product, because it is, in many respects, that the quality will depend on it, and hence the strength, durability and appearance. The more lycra content, the stockings are softer and more elastic, but also more expensive, this can not be avoided. If you are interested in luxury stockings, then you to the famous manufacturer Chantal Thomas is a famous French designer who has been creating the most romantic and luxurious lingerie since the late 70s.
  • Pay attention to the variety of stockings: there are options that can be worn exclusively with a belt - it is incredibly beautiful and sexy, though it sometimes brings girls a lot of inconvenience. Another option, more modern and convenient - stockings with elastic. A silicone insert is sewn under the laced part, which helps the upper part of the product to sit firmly on the female leg without sliding into the most important and crucial moments.
  • Color - a very important argument when choosing stockings. Remember that it should not be completely different from the color of your skin, in particular this applies to models for every day. Beige, solid and black versions are considered to be classic, but models with rhinestones, bright patterns, patterns and beads are more likely for evening or carnival exits. Body models should be a little lighter or one tone with a dress or skirt, dark ones should be worn only with dark clothes, whites should be a personal option for brides.

How to wear?

Now, when you figured out how to choose good and quality stockings, it remains to understand what such underwear is wearing and how to do it correctly, so as not to look stupid or vulgar. In order not to "sit in a puddle", you must build on the variety of your chosen model.

Stockings on the belt

  • If you decide to try this look, then you will definitely need the belt itself, fastenings and, accordingly, stockings. It is better that the belt and stockings are in harmony with each other, and even better - were a set. When choosing a belt, be sure to pay attention to the suspenders, they must be strong and elastic, and the fasteners should not be undone by yourself. Externally, the garters or suspenders are very similar to the bra straps, be sure to try on the entire set together, practice with fasteners and adjust the tension force.
  • If the belt is worn correctly, then you should not feel any discomfort, though, at first, fastening stockings can cause certain difficulties, but, as they say, skill comes with experience, with time their dressing will occur "automatically."

Elastic Stockings

The silicone insert, which is hidden under the lace top of the chulochka, is a very convenient and modern option that allows you to wear them without suspenders or garters; here, the main thing is to guess with the size.

Typically, such models have a wide decorated insert, which sometimes causes irritation among the fair sex, there's nothing you can do, you have to go to the belt.

What to wear?

The first rule is this: in order not to look vulgar and vulgar, stockings should be worn so that no one would ever guess that you are, in fact, in them.

This means that the upper gum or suspenders, if you are in a belt, should not look out from under the hem of a skirt or dress, the clothes should not be so tight that everything is forced through and out through to the outside. This becomes especially noticeable when a woman sits down, so be sure to experiment in front of a mirror.

Particular attention should be paid to shoes - it should be combined in color with stockings, in no case do not contrast! The classic version is shoes with medium or high heels, but options with low speed, sneakers, moccasins and similar shoes are considered absolutely unacceptable.

How to wear stockings and not look vulgar

In our time, stockings do not enjoy much success with the fair sex. Women strive for comfort and convenience when choosing tights, while men sigh, recalling this wardrobe item that excites their imagination. Therefore, if you want to surprise and charm your chosen one, use the help of this sexy and exciting clothes.

Stocking origin

Few people know that initially stockings were worn not by women, but by men. The first they tried on the Marquis de Pompadour. At that time, the Marquis was an example for many fashionistas, so the wardrobes of the court ladies quickly replenished with this item. During its history, stockings have undergone considerable changes, until they reincarnated into the splendor available to modern beauties.

How to choose stockings

Most women refuse stockings because they do not know how to choose and wear them, which is actually not so simple. But if everything is done correctly, then no discomfort will arise, and only confidence in its own irresistibleness will appear. There are a number of rules that will help navigate this seductive issue.

When you start choosing, just remember that beautiful, stylish and high-quality stockings will not be cheap. Some women determine the quality of this item by smell. To do this, you need to open the package and smell the new pair. A quality product will produce a strong and pleasant aroma. Aromatization is a rather expensive process, the scammers will not spend money on it to make a fake smell good.

The product should be your size, this is a very important point. Small-sized stockings will transfer the leg, and this creates not only discomfort, but also an unattractive look. A large size stockings and will strive to slide on the leg, and at the most inopportune moment can easily do it.

What are stockings

It is important not to lose sight of the composition of the product. The greater the percentage of Lycra content in it, the more durable the stockings will be. Lycra makes them soft and supple, but also seriously affects the price.

In the store you will find two options stockings. Some can only be worn with a belt. They look sexy and exciting, but can cause inconvenience. And others sit firmly on the leg thanks to the silicone insert, the belt is not needed in this case. This view is more modern.

Color stockings for each day, it is desirable to choose close to your skin tone. Classic colors - beige, black and flesh. White stockings are designed for brides. Various models, decorated with rhinestones, patterns and drawings, suitable only for special occasions.

Stockings on the belt and without

If you prefer stockings on the belt, you will need to get this same belt. Belt and stockings must be combined with each other, ideally - to purchase a set. The suspenders on the belt must be sufficiently elastic, and the fasteners themselves must be secure so that they do not open without your participation. Try on the whole set at once and adjust the length of the suspenders. Properly worn belt will not cause any discomfort, and the process of dressing a set every day will be faster.

The version with a silicone insert does not require garters or suspenders, but in this case, if you do not guess the size, then you will not be able to wear them. These products have a wide decorative inset at the top, sometimes causing irritation. If this happens to you, you will need to go to the belt.

How to wear stockings

Stockings need to be worn so that not a single soul could guess that they are worn on you. If the stockings are on the belt, they should not be visible from under the dress or skirt, and they should not be seen under the fitting clothes. Follow this moment carefully.

Shoes and stockings in color must be compatible. Stockings are worn exclusively with shoes with heels, options on a flat sole are not allowed.

Fashionable or vulgar - a few more rules

For women who want to look fashionable and sexy, but are afraid to cross the line of vulgarity, we offer some tips from fashion designers.

1. Dress for the weather. Shorts and a short topic appropriately look in the heat, but if on the street from the force of 20 degrees heat - such an outfit will cause bewilderment. This applies to the rest of fashionable clothes. The fur coat at the end of April is vulgar! Even if you seem to yourself in her a fatal beauty. The scarlet lacquer jacket on a frosty morning is vulgar! Another thing - on a wet October day.

2. Dress in accordance with age. Acid-colored fabric miniskirt is a great fashion item for a 17-year-old girl. If you turned 40 - discard such gizmos. On the other hand, a mink coat looks vulgar on a young girl, whereas in a 40-year-old woman such a coat will emphasize individuality and charm.

3. Dress in accordance with the figure. If you are wearing size 48, it’s very vulgar to open your belly and put on a mini. It is much more profitable for you to open a luxurious bust, wearing a low-cut blouse.

Finally, the main rule for those who want to look sexy. You just need to love life, love men (and not consider them all goats), adore male attention. In this case, sexuality will be written in your eyes, it will be easy to read by gait, hand movement, voice ... And you will not need to do this either red lipstick or fishnet stockings.

Difficult trend: how to wear pantyhose in a grid and not look vulgar

Fashionable tights in the grid are very insidious, says the author of the Fashion Blog Anastasia Alekseenko ... And gives recipes against the fashionable failure.

Today I want to talk about the trend, which looks very nice (on some) and seems so simple, but in fact there are certain difficulties in its practical application. This is the trend for tights in the grid. How to wear them not only for photos in Instagram, but also in real life, to look stylish, not to spoil the image and not to look like a lady from the red light district?

Let's start with the most difficult option: when the legs in pantyhose are open enough. What does such an image mean? In order not to slip into vulgarity, it is necessary to balance the pantyhose shoes on a flat course and some texture things. Draped coat and "grandfather" sweater - the most it.

I remind you that rough shoes on a flat course are almost obligatory conditions for such an image. As soon as we add a heel, everything becomes more complicated ... But there is a trick: a square heel stylistically works to “simplify” sexuality. And so with the grid, too, can make friends.

If we combine a net with high-heeled pumps, then it is easy to become like the heroine of the film “Intergirl”.

A good move is to “muffle” the net with tight socks or golf. But when you use high knee-highs or boots above the knee, opening the hips, it is worth being careful. If your style is not grunge, then this image looks quite provocative.

Well, do not forget that such a stylistic move requires a certain slim hips. The fuller the hips are - the more pantyhose in the mesh will look on them.

Types of stockings

Today there are a huge number of types of stockings:

  1. They can be seamless or seamed at the back.
  2. Their color range is also great: colorless, black, beige, white, color.
  3. Classic and evening version (with sequins and decorative elements).
  4. They differ in the material from which they are made: silk, nylon, cotton, wool.

How to wear stockings?

To girls in stockings did not look ridiculous or vulgar, you must adhere to the following tips:

  • Stockings should be invisible to others, that is, in no case should not be visible openwork gum or belt that holds them. Therefore, with stockings you should not wear tight clothes or suits made of light translucent fabrics, since the outlines of the elements of stockings will be visible. Also in this case, mini-skirts and dresses, shorts (this is already a bad taste) will not work.

You should wear them with a skirt just above the knee or maxi length and with dresses of the same length, but you need to take into account that they do not fit the figure, but have a freer silhouette. Skirts below the knee are not the best option because they visually shorten the legs.

Stockings can be worn under the pants, but the condition is the same: they should not be found by others.

  • Color stockings. They should not be darker than the color of clothing. They can be a tone to match or a little lighter, as shown in the photo.

Office option are classic black, beige or colorless stockings. They should not be patterns and other decorative elements.

White stockings are a wedding attribute, they are still usually picked up a garter for decorative design. Color options should be left for all sorts of parties.

  • Fishnet stockings are best left for the evening. The mesh should be medium or small, as the large one looks defiant. Owners of full legs and at all should abandon the grid, because it further increases their size. Such ladies fit black laconic models.
  • For stockings it is better to pick up classic shoes, or, in some cases, sandals with medium or high heels.

Girls who wear stockings in the summer should pay attention to the colorless version. They will give the legs a well-groomed and fit look. Such models can be safely combined with sandals.

  • It is necessary to remember once and for all that the sporty style and stockings are not compatible.

In order not to crawl stockings, they must be worn with suspenders that are attached to a special belt. Using a belt may not be very convenient, although it looks quite attractive.

Currently, a huge selection of stockings with silicone velcro is offered. It is on a decorative elastic band and fits snugly to the foot, preventing the stocking from moving downwards. Such models must be necessarily in size, otherwise the sticky tape will not perform its functions.

What kind of underwear should you wear stockings with a belt? Underwear and belt should be completely identical in color and texture of the fabric, thereby forming a single ensemble. But what kind of panties to choose is a matter of taste, you can choose any model: both thongs and slips or tango.

How old can you wear stockings?

There is no exact answer to this question, but there are recommendations. Children, of course, should not be worn, as they can drag legs and break blood circulation in them. In addition, for children it is quite uncomfortable element of the wardrobe. At school or any other educational institution to wear them, still not worth it.

Can pregnant women wear stockings?

Also often the question arises: can pregnant women wear stockings? It is possible, and in some cases, even necessary, only these are not ordinary nylon stockings. Women in position may wear special compression stockings. They will help pick a doctor, they are necessary for the prevention of varicose veins, which is a complication of pregnancy. These stockings are usually black or flesh-colored.

How to take care of them and at what temperature wash, so that they do not lose their properties as long as possible? It is necessary at least 1 time in 2 days to wash them by hand at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. When drying, do not stretch them, but rather spread out on a horizontal plane.