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How to cook brawn in the home of pork head: recipes


Today I want to share some interesting recipes for cooking brawn at home. This meaty nourishing snack in Ukraine and Belarus is called saltison, and in the Scandinavian countries cylte. It is prepared most often with the onset of cold weather, since at this time domestic pigs are most often cut, and from the sanitary point of view the finished product is not subject to long-term storage.

What products are needed for cooking brawn

Depending on what recipe you use to make brawn or saltison, the choice of ingredients will be extensive and varied. The main products needed are: pork head, pork knuckles, liver, tongue, poultry meat can also be added. For sandwiching, red Bulgarian pepper, pickled cucumber, carrot, etc. will not be superfluous.

If brawn will not be cooked in tins under pressure, then you can stuff the prepared mass into the stomach or large intestines. For flavoring the finished snack you need garlic, bay leaf, white roots, bay leaf. To flavor salt and pepper. It is better to get a pig's head on the market, it is singed and it smells of straw, and fresh, what is better to look for!

Preparation of raw materials for cooking brawn or saltison

The pig's head should be cut into several parts, scrape the skin from the outside so that there is no hair covering. Cut off excess fat and soak in cold water for a few hours to leave blood residues. After pouring hot water and set to cook. You will have a question, why do we pour hot water a second time? Properly done, so that the water-soluble high-grade proteins remain in the meat itself, then the output will be very tasty brawn.

If you have to use the stomach or large intestines, then they need to be turned on the reverse side, washed, cleaned, rinsed again, salted and put aside for the subsequent stuffing. The remaining meat products are also cut into pieces, washed and added to the pot with water, depending on the cooking time.

1. How to cook homemade brawn


  • pork head - 3.5 kilograms,
  • small onion - 3 pieces,
  • carrot - 1/2 root,
  • salt, pepper and garlic - to your taste.

Cooking homemade brawn

Prepared pieces of pork head, fill with hot water and bring to a boil for about 5 minutes, then pour it all over and fill it with a new portion of water - this is done with a view so that later the broth is lighter. Cook at low boil until meat is easy to move away from the bone. In the cooking process, add salt, baked whole onions or cut into quarters and carrot slices. In this case, the finished product will be fragrant and with a caramel shade.

Ready meat to pull out of the broth, cool slightly and take away from the bones and small bones. Then chop, add to taste the spices and seasonings, mix well. Strain the broth through gauze, folded in two layers. Take a convenient dish with low sides, send cellophane, minced meat, pour a little broth on top, slightly push through the whole mass with a fork and cover with cellophane edges on top.

Let it cool completely, then refrigerate. As soon as it hardens, you can get the package, top the load and put it in a cold place again. Brawn equalizes, will be thinner and more beautiful in appearance.

2. Brawn for the New Year

Such an appetizer is loved not only by Slavic people to cook, but they also adore in Scandinavian countries, although brawn is called differently, but the basis of cooking is almost the same. Mandatory ingredients should be swede, which makes the soup fragrant and sweet, juniper berries, saturating the meat with light aroma and honey! Each housewife has her own cooking secrets, but I will tell you how we cook in our family.


  • pork leg with skin (sometimes it is called stump) - 2.5 kilograms,
  • swede - 1 piece,
  • carrot - two things,
  • juniper berries - 12 pieces,
  • juniper twigs - 3 twigs,
  • carnation - 5 buds,
  • bell pepper - 1 tablespoon,
  • dill stalks - at will,
  • garlic - five cloves,
  • onions - 2 onions,
  • bay leaf - 2 leaf,
  • honey - 1 tablespoon,
  • dry gelatin - 2 tablespoons,
  • salt - by preference.


So, first of all we wash the pork leg and carefully clean the skin with a knife, then lightly dry it with a paper towel and rub it with honey. Leave to soak for 20 minutes, then drop into a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour in water and bring to a boil. In the process of cooking add salt. Carefully remove all the foam, if necessary, filter the broth through the gauze.

In the broth add sliced ​​swede, carrot, onion and all other ingredients. Cook the leg on medium heat for hours. Prepare the dishes, it can be a bowl or a plastic container.

Next, separate the layer of the softest and steamed skin and put it on the bottom of the form. Cut the meat from the bones into pieces of different sizes and put it in a deep bowl, pouring dry gelatin. Stir by hand to evenly distributed gelatin. On a layer of skin, lay out the meat, alternating it with two or three layers of skin. The top layer should be leather.

As soon as the forms are completely filled, we cover it with a convenient lid or wooden board and place a very heavy load on it, the weight should be under the yoke about 12-14 hours, ideally one day. It is better if the form with meat for the first 10 hours will stand at room temperature. Compressed meat is perfectly cut and traditionally served with horseradish sauce, mustard, or with cream and dill mixture, etc.

3. Brawn from liver and chicken

This brawn cook is not difficult, but tasty to the point of insanity!


  • beef liver - 300 grams,
  • fresh fat - 150 grams,
  • chicken flesh - 400 grams,
  • gelatin - 1 tablespoon,
  • vegetable oil - 1/2 tablespoon.
  • salt, garlic and pepper - according to your preference

Cooking brawn from liver and chicken

A meat set of products: beef liver, lard and chicken fillet cut into medium-sized pieces, salt, pepper, sprinkle with chopped and lightly roasted garlic. It is also recommended to pour another dry powder of gelatin. The mass is placed in a double plastic bag or sleeve, tie and lower in a saucepan with cold water.

Packs pierce a fine needle in several places. Water should completely cover the contents. Boil for 4 hours. After getting the package, release it from the strings, put it on the gauze rolled in half, tie it, put the load and send it in the refrigerator. So that the brawl does not wind up, it is better to wrap it in food paper.

Meat snack is ready. When slicing, different color products look beautiful. For contrast, you can still add raw carrot cubes to mince.

4. Home-made brawn with the addition of semolina

This is a budget snack, but at the same time preparing is not difficult and tasty. Here are the most simple products that are available and always have in the fridge of every housewife.


  • chicken liver - 600 grams,
  • egg - three things,
  • carrots are not large sizes - 1 root vegetable,
  • bulbs - 2 heads,
  • vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons,
  • semolina - 1 full glass,
  • salted lard - 60 grams,
  • sprigs of dill and parsley - a few pieces,
  • salt, black pepper to taste
  • cumin, hop-suneli, curry or your favorite seasonings - at your discretion.

Technology cooking homemade brawn with the addition of semolina

1. Cut carrots and onions into cubes and small squares and pass in vegetable oil.

2. Next, we cut the lard, chicken liver, herbs and compounds all together

3. Pour the semolina dry, grind the egg and mix everything effectively.

4. At the final stage bring to taste.

5. We spread the prepared mass in double cellophane, tie and cook for more than one hour (90 minutes is enough).

6. Cool, untie, put in the fridge for 4 hours.

7 Slice and serve with horseradish, mayonnaise or other spicy sauce

Fragrant Snack

To cook a delicious brawn at home from a pork head, you first need to purchase all the necessary ingredients for this:

a pig's head weighing about 2 kilograms, 1 carrot, 6 cloves of garlic, 10 black peppercorns and 4 bay leaves.

Brawn is made at home from the pig's head is quite simple. However, this procedure takes a lot of time:

  1. First, washed and cleaned head should be boiled. For flavor, you can add bay leaf, pepper and carrot cut into pieces.
  2. The finished product must be cooled, and then carefully remove the meat from the bones. After that, it should be cut into small pieces.
  3. To the mass, you can add a little chopped parsley, squeezed through a press garlic and carrot, which was cooked with meat.
  4. Products must be well mixed.
  5. Wrap the prepared mass into thin gauze and form into a loaf.
  6. Place a press on top and leave the product in that position for the night.

In the morning you can make wonderful sandwiches from cooked brawn.

Brawn in Ukrainian

Some experts consider the birthplace of brawn Italy. Others tend to think that this is China. But the overwhelming majority are convinced that this dish has German roots. They say it is even named after the town of Selz, which is located in Lower Saxony. Nevertheless, in any country, the hostesses know this product well and make it their own way. So, in Ukraine, brawn is often cooked at home (from a pig's head). To do this, they use the following set of products:

for pork head weighing 4 kilograms 1 onion, ground pepper, 5 leaves of laurel, 8 cloves of garlic, salt, 1 carrot, 5 allspice and 10 black pepper.

The process of making such a product involves the following several steps:

  1. First of all, the head should be chopped into pieces, and then put them in a large saucepan (or bucket), cover with water and leave to soak overnight.
  2. In the morning they should be cleaned, refilled with water and then cook for at least 6 hours, not forgetting to constantly remove the foam.
  3. Within 3 hours after boiling, you can add spices and add some salt. Otherwise, the meat will be fresh and tasteless.
  4. Ready to get pieces of broth.
  5. Remove the boiled pulp from the bone.
  6. Cut off the skin, and cut the meat and fat into small pieces.
  7. Add chopped garlic with pepper and mix well.
  8. Put the resulting mass on a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes at a temperature of at least 200 degrees.
  9. After partial cooling, transfer the mixture into a mold (it can be a regular package), compact it and put it under a press overnight.

Brawn turns out soft, juicy and very fragrant.

Simple method

Beginner housewives will love this original way. So, how to cook brawn of pork head? It will require:

On 1 kilogram of pork head 3 slices of garlic, salt, 2 onions and a little pepper peas.

Brawn is made easy:

  1. Pre-pig head must be soaked in cold water for at least two hours.
  2. After that, it needs to be boiled with peppercorns and onions (right in the husk) for about three hours. Readiness can be checked as components: broth should be sticky, and meat - soft.
  3. Meat carefully cut into pieces. The size of the blanks is chosen arbitrarily. Stringy and hard parts can be crushed in a meat grinder.
  4. Combine both masses, add chopped garlic to them and pour over all the broth. Cooked cake should be thick enough.
  5. Put it in shape and put in a cool place to set.

The result will be a delicate and fragrant product that can only be cut and laid on a dish. To the table it is best served with any sauce, as well as horseradish or mustard. Now it becomes clear how to cook brawn from the pig's head. In principle, this is not difficult, but time, of course, will require a lot.

Fragrant mixture

There is another very interesting recipe for brawn of pig head. It is usually used by people in rural areas to find use for offal left over from slaughter. To prepare the original sausage, you must take:

pig's head (at least 2 kilograms), salt, 2 raw eggs, coriander, bay leaf, two heads of garlic, 2 onions, ground pepper and beef offal (tongue, stomach and ½ kilogram of heart).

  1. To sustain a head 3 hours in cold water. Before that, it can be divided into several parts. After it must be carefully scrape and process in a solution of potassium permanganate.
  2. Cooked pieces cook for 3 hours, adding to them also the heart and tongue.
  3. After boiling it is necessary to remove the foam, and then add salt, onion and bay leaf.
  4. Ready meat products chop with a knife.
  5. Add beaten eggs, salt, coriander, pepper and pour a glass of broth.

After that, the mixture must be mixed, put under the press and leave it there until it cools completely. Those who managed to try this "sausage", believe that this is the best recipe for brawn of pork head.

Natural form

Any product must have its own shell. So it can be isolated from the external environment and to prevent the ingress of various kinds of pollution to the surface. In addition, the shell retains the shape of the finished product and prevents it from spreading. It has long been popularly made homemade brawn from the pig's head in the stomach. This option was considered the most simple and affordable. The following components were used for work:

pork head, 6 cloves of garlic, salt, half a pound of pork pulp, 2 onions, allspice, 2 bay leaves, some vegetable oil and a stomach.

Brawn is prepared as follows:

  1. First you need to process the stomach. To do this, the first thing you need to do outside is to carefully cut off the fat. Then the stomach itself must be poured with salt and left in this form for several hours to remove the mucus inside it. After that, the product should be well washed and soaked several times in water.
  2. Randomly cut the head into pieces, and then boil them for 3 hours, adding a whole onion, a laurel leaf, a couple of cloves of garlic and salt to the broth.
  3. Remove all the bones, and cut the bacon and meat into small pieces.
  4. Add salt, minced onion, garlic and pepper in a meat grinder.
  5. Fill the stomach with the prepared mixture. Hole sew thread. In several places, the stomach must be pierced with a needle.
  6. Place the stomach in a saucepan and boil it in boiling water for 40 minutes.
  7. Finish the finished product with vegetable oil, and then, putting it on a baking sheet, bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 degrees.
  8. Put brawn under oppression. This is necessary so that excess moisture leaves it.

Now you can send the product to the refrigerator for 2 hours, and then eat with pleasure.

"Sausage" in a bottle

Most of the sausages that the meat industry produces have a circular cross-section. This is not accidental, because in this form the product is easier to use for making sandwiches. That is why many cook brawn pig heads in a bottle. As a result, after cooling, the product already acquires the desired shape. As an example, consider one good recipe, which uses the following set of products:

2.5 kg pork head, 1 kilogram of veal, 10 black peppercorns and 5 coriander, 2 onions, salt, 3 bay leaves, 2 cloves and a head of garlic.

The technology of preparation of this product is similar to the previous options:

  1. First, the pig head should be soaked in water for 3 hours.
  2. After that, shift it to the pan and cook for 4 hours, adding veal, pepper and onion.
  3. Carefully remove all the bones and chop the rest of the meat into pieces and put them in a deep bowl.
  4. Add ½ cup of broth, chopped finely garlic and the remaining seasonings.
  5. In a plastic bottle, cut off the top and fill the rest with the prepared mixture.
  6. Send the container to the refrigerator for cooling for 3 hours.

After that, the bottle must be cut, and the finished cylindrical brawn cut into neat circles.

Energy value of the product

Brawn is a sausage product, obtained by mechanical, chemical and physical processing of the starting components.

According to experts, it is a product with high nutritional value. Perhaps that is why it is more often prepared in the winter when the human body needs additional help. Hence it is clear that the brawn is a good source of energy.

It becomes interesting how great is his strength? As is known, according to the classical recipe for the preparation of such a product, meat of pig heads is usually used. Spices, vegetables and some offal are sometimes added to it. Calorie brawn of pig heads is quite large. It is 336 kilocalories per 100 grams of the finished product. Most of this amount falls on the pig head. Due to the high content of proteins and fats, its energy value reaches 216 kilocalories. The rest comes from additional ingredients. This circumstance explains why the brawn feeds the body so quickly, giving it strength for further growth and development.

Pork head recipe

For cooking you will need:

  • свиная голова с ухом – 2 кг,
  • свиной желудок – 1 шт.,
  • говяжье сердце – 500 г,
  • лук репчатый – 2 шт.,
  • яйцо – 2 шт.,
  • чеснок – 2 головки,
  • лавровый лист, кориандр, черный перец, соль.

Make sure that the head is fresh, it is desirable that it was clean and without any special bristles. A very fat head for such purposes will not work, otherwise the brawn will not be very tasty.

It is necessary to cut the pig's head in half or into 4 parts, fill it with tap water and put it to soak for 3 hours. Then the scalp should be carefully scraped off with a knife until white, then washed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and thoroughly rinse all parts under running water.

Next, take a deep saucepan (5-6 l), pour 2 liters of water into it and bring to a boil, after which we add carefully washed heart and other parts of the head to boiling water. Bring to a boil again, change the water and boil again, remove the foam.

Peel the onions and cut them into semi-rings, send them to the saucepan with the meat, throw 3-4 laurel leaves and salt to taste. Then continue to cook for 3 hours on low heat: it is necessary to ensure that the meat is easily separated from the bone.

After the expiration of the time, we take out the meat products from the broth, separate the meat from the bones, discard the gums, brain, eyes and other entrails, then skip the beef heart and all other parts through a meat grinder, salt it again.

The skin also goes into circulation, it is necessary to cut it into small cubes or just skip through a meat grinder. Peel and chop the garlic into small strips, slightly beat the eggs, mix with the garlic. Egg-garlic mixture is added to the mince, lay salt and pepper to taste, as well as a little coriander or any other spices at its own discretion. We also add a glass of beef broth to the stuffing and mix everything thoroughly.

Next we will work on the stomach: it must be cleaned and rinsed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then rinsed under water. Fold the prepared mince into the stomach, distribute and sew with double stitching. Ensure that the seam is strong, without leaving any holes.

Add a little water to the meat broth, boil and put a ready stomach into it, cook for 1.5 hours on low heat and remember to remove the foam. Then take out, put in a flat dish, press down on top with a plate, cutting board and a good load.

In this position, your brawn should last about 3 hours, after which it can be moved to the refrigerator for complete solidification. Brawn cooked at home is a tasty and very satisfying dish that can decorate any table. Serve it cold, sliced.

Pork Head Brawn

The process of cooking this dish is laborious and time consuming, but the result will be a natural tasty dish.

  • A pound of pork heart, tongue and lung,
  • 1/2 pork head,
  • 2 bay leaves,
  • 2 beef or pork stomachs,
  • One dried red pepper,
  • Big garlic head,
  • Tablespoon chopped black pepper,
  • Soda,
  • A third cup of rice.

Pork head brawn recipe:

  1. We thoroughly wash the head, clean it, remove all hairs and separate it ourselves. Be sure to remove the eyes. Ears leave,
  2. We select half, put in a saucepan and bring to a boil on a medium flame, periodically removing the foam,
  3. We perform cooking for 2-3 hours so that the meat is freely separated from the bone,
  4. Thoroughly wash and clean our stomachs, rub soda over the entire surface (both outside and inside) and leave for a couple of hours. This will help fight off the unpleasant characteristic odor. After this time, wash them with cold running water,
  5. Separately, boil the tongues in boiling water (about 5-6 minutes), then take out, pour cold water over it and remove the upper coarse layer. Finely chop the soft part together with the lungs and the heart,
  6. Pass the peeled garlic through the press, and fry the hot pepper over the open flame and cut it,
  7. We connect all the above components, we also add rice, we add and mix,
  8. We twist the stomachs and loosely fill the resulting filling. We sew up the holes and make several punctures with a thick needle or a sharp fork over the entire surface,
  9. We put a plate in a large pan, place our products on it and cover the second plate from above,
  10. Pour the content with salted water and boil on an average flame for at least three hours. In the process of cooking, open the plate and regularly make punctures (every 15-20 minutes) to steam
  11. Ready brawn in the pork stomach is extracted, placed in a bowl and placed under the yoke for 12 hours.

After that, the natural meat product can be cut into pieces and served.

Brawn shank

This step-by-step home-made recipe is distinguished by its special originality, as it contains turnips and juniper berries.

  • Shank with skin - 2.5 kg,
  • 5 garlic cloves,
  • On a tablespoon of peppercorns and honey,
  • 2 medium carrots,
  • 12 juniper berries,
  • One swede
  • 3 sprigs of juniper,
  • 2 bulb onions,
  • 5 carnations,
  • 2 bay leaves,
  • 2 tablespoons dry gelatin,
  • Salt.

Cooking pork brawn from shank:

  1. We wash the leg, thoroughly clean the skin, dry it with paper napkins, rub it with honey and let it soak for 20 minutes,
  2. Immerse the product in a saucepan with a thick bottom, fill it with some water and wait for it to boil. After that, we put sliced ​​vegetables from the list, add juniper twigs and berries, lavrushka and spices, add some salt,
  3. Boil the leg at an average level of the flame for 3.5-4 hours,
  4. After that, we separate the steamed skin and line the part on the bottom of a plastic container or bowl,
  5. In a separate bowl, mix the meat pieces, and gelatin, manually cut from the stones. Put the meat stuffing in the container and alternate it with the skin,
  6. Having filled the form to the end, we cover it with a lid or a wooden board, place a heavy load on it and leave it for a day.

The resulting compressed meat is easily cut into slices. It can be served with mustard, horseradish or sour cream-dill sauce.

Poultry brawn

Chicken brawn is a more dietary version of the famous meat snack. In this recipe, it is prepared using a plastic bottle that replaces the natural shell.

  • 1.5 kg chicken carcass,
  • Garlic - 2-3 teeth
  • Walnuts - 100 g,
  • Gelatin - 25 g,
  • Salt and pepper.

How to make brawn in a bottle:

  1. We wash the carcass of the bird and cut it into medium pieces, pepper it and add. We put in a clean, non-lubricated pan with a thick bottom, cover with a lid and set on medium heat until ready (the meat should be easily separated from the bones). It will take 40-50 minutes,
  2. Nuts and garlic finely chopped. Soak gelatin in a glass of ice water,
  3. Cool the chicken, remove the skin and bones,
  4. In the same frying pan where the chicken was languishing, we mix nuts, meat, garlic and gelatin dissolved in a water bath,
  5. Fill the resulting mixture with a clean plastic bottle without a 1.5-liter neck, thoroughly tamp the contents and place in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

Before serving, carefully remove the bottle, chop the brawn chicken rings and treat guests.

Brawn liver

A delicious dish that can be prepared on a festive table, and just for breakfast sandwiches.

  • 200 grams of fat,
  • 1/2 cup of milk and semolina,
  • A pound of beef or pork liver,
  • 2 bulbs,
  • 0.5 small spoon of coriander,
  • 2 eggs,
  • Pepper, salt - to taste.

  1. We twist the liver using a meat grinder (pork - soak it beforehand). Pour milk, stir,
  2. Add lard, cut into small pieces, chopped onions, eggs,
  3. Sprinkle semolina, prisalivaem, pepper, put coriander. Mix well, leave for 35-40 minutes,
  4. Cut off one side of the roasting sleeve, fix the other. Pour beef or pork mince into a sleeve and fix another side tightly,
  5. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees and place the blank for 20 minutes. When this time expires, reduce the temperature to 180 degrees, bake for another half an hour,

Ready brawn liver leave in the sleeve so that it is completely cooled. Then we remove the product from the cut sleeve, put it in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge for 1.5-2 hours. Cut into pieces before serving.

Pork ears brawn

Cooking brawn is not a quick process, but such an unusual and interesting dish will surely appeal to all your loved ones, because the result will be simply amazing.

  • 3-4 onions,
  • 3 heads of garlic,
  • 8 pieces of pork ears,
  • 2-3 bay leaves
  • Salt, pepper peas - to taste.

  1. Ears brush off the bristles, rinse thoroughly with water,
  2. Put them in a container with cold water, cook on medium flame for 3 hours,
  3. Half an hour before the end of boiling we add Lavrushka, onions (you can cut the onions into 4 pieces), pepper, salt,
  4. Chop garlic with a knife,
  5. Put the pig ears in a deep bowl, each layer is well powdered with garlic,
  6. Put the plate on top and put it under the press. They can serve as a three-liter can of water
  7. When the product has cooled, put it in the fridge for 7-8 hours. Then we get the dishes and let stand a little in a warm room, so that the edges move away,

Brawn from the ears take out, put in a beautiful plate, cut into mouth-watering pieces.