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10 most readable books in Russia


Modern people read books, and this is great! Therefore, every year more and new interesting works of talented writers come out. And which of them became the most popular and readable in 2018? Find out!

Top 10 most popular and, according to readers, the best books of 2018:

  1. "People among the trees." This work became a debut for the American writer Chania Yanagihara (although real fame came only after the second book). The plot is based on a real life story of a Nobel Prize winner. In the middle of the twentieth century, he went to investigate the Guinea Islands in order to study and neutralize the virus that killed most of the local population. Together with his assistants, Norton Perina stumbles upon a tribe long lost and living by its own rules. The scientist begins to find out the secrets of Aboriginal health and discovers an amazing fact: people who know nothing about civilization live so long because they eat huge local turtles. But this is not the only mystery revealed by the researcher: other unexpected discoveries await him. Norton, trying to adapt the knowledge to modern views, runs the risk of crossing a fine line of morality and abominable acts.
  2. “Homo Deus. A brief history of the future. This book, written by Yuval Noah Harari, in fact, does not reveal anything qualitatively new to the reader, but at the same time it makes you think about how humanity lives. The writer is clear, accessible language and very frankly describes his opinion about what will happen to the planet and its population in the future: distant or already very close. He supplements his judgments with sound logic, which makes the narrative realistic and as close as possible to the truth. And since the work is written in an incredibly easy to read and beautiful language, reading is a real pleasure. After reading this book, you can understand why people used to live and act in this way and not otherwise. After all, in fact, their way of life, judgments and moral norms predetermined the path of all mankind, marked its fate. From the past, you find yourself in a non-hopeful present, and then you move into an immense future.
  3. "Sleeping Beauties" - another creation of the incomparable Stephen King. In the story, the life of a small town located in the Appalachians peacefully goes on as usual. But the habitual way of the locals is suddenly disturbed by prestigious events: the women living in this place in turn suddenly become covered with cocoons and plunge into sleep. And those who are trying to awaken the sleeping, waiting for truly inhuman anger, anger, cruelty and rage. And at the same time a guest suddenly appears in the town: a beautiful beauty who does not succumb to the strange ruin of the rest of the weak sex. But for now it is completely unclear who she is: a life-giving savior or is she planning to destroy everything a villain? It will be up to men to find out and save the town from the chaos that has seized it, and they plan to start the game with their own rules.
  4. "Swing Time". The author of this interesting book, Zadie Smith, assumes the responsibility to find out whether the origin of a person really predetermines his fate and destroys the opportunity to find personal happiness in the bud. In essence, the work is a story of a collapse experienced, and it is described in a very voluminous, penetrating way and taking into account the laws of human psychology. The heroine is an intellectually developed, judicious and insightful girl, fleeing from a dysfunctional and meaningless life and latent racism. She leaves her home and breaks into the world of pop culture, but suddenly falls into a trap she couldn’t even suspect. And this is a hint of the writer that there is nothing in the world on which one could fully rely: nothing will bring happiness and satisfaction. Pessimistic, desperate, but beautiful.
  5. Lincoln in the Bardo by John Saunders. This work was a real masterpiece, written in the ultra-modern genre - transrealism. The main events take place in an unreal place called bardo - this is a kind of state bordering on being and death. The author managed to write an incredibly tragic story of one family, enveloped in a supernatural and mysterious atmosphere. In this book, the realities of history and high poetry are surprisingly combined. And the case was taken as a basis, actually happening to the President of the United States and his son. And readers will go on an exciting journey beyond the real.
  6. "The form of water." The book is written by Guillermo Del Toro and Kraus Daniel and tells the story of a simple girl, Eliza Esposito, a mute orphaned orphan. She is happy that she was able to get a job as a cleaner at a science center called “Ockham”. The heroine’s life was brightened up by his neighbor Giles and Zeld’s friend, but suddenly a military Richard arrives at Ockham, who brought a unique creature, an amphibian, for further research. It simultaneously scares Eliza and attracts: the girl begins to contact with amphibian and teach her sign language. Simple communication gradually develops into something more, and the heroine has an insane plan - to escape from the scientific center with her lover. But the military is not ready to part with this creature, so it will be extremely difficult for Elise to do anything, even with the help of her friends.
  7. "Thirst". This book is certainly worth reading to the connoisseurs of creativity Y. Nesbe, in particular, the series he created about Inspector Harry Hole. And this is the third story of a hero that many have been waiting for. Although Harry had previously decided to leave his mission and start living differently, he soon realized that he was deceiving himself: the world remained just as imperfect and cruel, and people just need justice. Hole begins to serve in the Oslo police and opens up a real hunt for a maniac who finds his victims on dating sites. Taking the trail of the killer, Inspector Harry suddenly realizes that he is starting to stir up his own gloomy old past, which he would not like to recall.
  8. "Myth". To many, it may seem that Stephen Fry undertook to rethink the long-battered topic of ancient Greek myths. And they were really the basis of the plot, but the author managed to uncover new details and present all the events, as they say, without cuts: the world is ready to accept the history of ancient Greece openly and in an adult way, which made scholars ashamed. And if you have once read about this, forget everything you knew before. Fry will give you a unique opportunity not only to refresh your memory, but also to look at something in a new way and with completely different eyes. And now you will understand exactly who, where, what and why you did that long-gone era in Greece.
  9. "Soaring in the clouds." Writer Kate Atkinson managed to break into the literary elite after the first work, and each of her books was recognized as worthy, if not masterpiece. "Soaring in the clouds" is no exception. Readers get acquainted with two heroines: mother Nora and daughter Effie. They live in a huge but partially destroyed house on a distant Scottish island, telling each other fascinating stories and hiding from the elements. Effie speaks about Bob’s buddy who has abandoned his studies, and Nora talks about anything, but not about Father Effie, about whom her daughter would like to know. In the meantime, probably someone is watching one of them, and someone is killing old people. And the mysterious dog suddenly disappeared somewhere ...
  10. “One of us is lying,” Karen McManus. The strict teacher decided to punish five careless students and leave them after classes in the classroom. But only four returned from school: the fifth was found dead. This is a local outcast, Simon, who avenged his enemies on the world wide web and revealed their most intimate and carefully kept secrets. The police are confident that a crime has been committed and are beginning to suspect each of the students who have spent the last hours of his life with Simon. And everyone really has a motive, but who actually dealt with the boy: Bronwyn, a diligent student, a young offender Nate on probation, a teenager Eddie or promising baseball player Cooper who appeared in a shampoo commercial? Everyone had a reason to kill Simon ...

It was a list of books recognized as the most readable in the 2018th year.

9 Live in St. Petersburg: from Palace to Sadovaya, from Gangutskaya to Shpalernaya. Personal stories

Such a long title has a collection consisting of stories from many authors. This is a book about Petersburg and for Petersburgers. She tells about the past of the city, evokes nostalgic memories of childhood and adolescence, saturated with a unique St. Petersburg atmosphere. Through this collection you can learn more about events that have played an important role in the life of the city on the Neva.

Already sold 38 thousand copies of the book.

The work of Dmitry Glukhovsky (the author of the acclaimed "Metro 2033") affects the social problems of modern society. As one of the readers expressed in his review, it turned out to be a mixture of Dostoevsky's “Crime and Punishment” and “Count Monte Cristo” Dumas. Ilya - the main character of the book - returns home after serving 7 years for a crime he did not commit. His hopes of starting a new life immediately went to ashes: his mother was dying, the girl did not wait for him, and his hometown had changed a lot over such a long time.

In the world there are no more close to Ilya people. It remains only the desire to take revenge on the policeman who framed him and sent him to prison.

Since June, over 44,000 copies of the Text have been sold.

7 Tobol. Many called

If you like the movie “The Geographer Globber Drunk”, then you should know: it was shot using the eponymous book by Alexei Ivanov. In 2018, Ivanov released the historical novel “Tobol. Many are invited "about the difficulties of conquering and mastering the beautiful and dangerous Siberian lands. It intricately intertwined the fate of the captured Swedes, smugglers from China, merchants from Bukhara, convicts and officers, officials and chroniclers, shamans and Orthodox priests, and other people whom fate brought together in the then capital of Siberia called Tobolsk.

The number of copies sold of the book reached 46.67 thousand.

6 iPhuck 10

This is the fifteenth novel by Victor Pelevin, and quite fresh, he “saw the light” on September 26, 2017. The action of iPhuck 10 occurs in the second half of the 21st century, and the main character is not a person, but the computer police-literary algorithm Porfiry Petrovich. He not only investigates crimes, but also writes books. iPhuck 10 is the name of one of them, and it is also the name of one of the most expensive sex machines in the world invented by Pelevin.

In September-December, 48.1 thousand copies have already been sold.

4 In the still waters

British writer Paul Hawkins is already known to readers for such a bestseller as "The Girl on the Train." Her new novel is written in the genre of thriller, and from the first page plunges into the intricacies of events taking place in a small town.

The main heroine Nel returns to the city of her childhood to pick up an orphaned niece, and recalls the events of her far from bright rainbow past. She is sure that her sister did not commit suicide. But most of all, Nel bewitches and scares the backwater, nicknamed Mortal. Why do women die in its calm waters for a long time?

Whether the devils “In the still waters” are found is unknown, but it is known that 58 thousand copies of this book have already been sold.

2 Babi breeze

The second place in the ranking is occupied by Dina Rubina’s novel, written in the form of e-mails. They are written by a certain Galina to her friend; for her, this is a way to pour out her soul. Galina used to live in Kiev, and then went to America and found a job in a beauty salon. By the nature of his profession, the heroine of the book is faced with a variety of people, and entertaining, and sometimes repulsive subjects of everyday life.

Since the presentation of the book (and this happened on March 28), 75.65 thousand copies have been sold to the present.

1 Selfie with fate

The first place in the list of best-selling books is occupied by a detective by popular writer Tatyana Ustinova. His action takes place in the village of Sokolniche, where one influential woman was found murdered. The main character - Professor Ilya Subbotin, who is keen on solving the crimes - will have to help the valiant law enforcement agencies and find the killer.

For the whole year, the book Selfies with Fate sold out in the amount of 81.1 thousand copies.

10 Billy Milligan's Mysterious Story

One of the most popular people in America of the last century was Billy Milligan - a man with a rare diagnosis of "Multiple personality disorder." According to the conclusion of experts, more than 20 persons got along in it. Here Billy’s life is described in detail, starting from childhood. The author examines the causes of the disease, tells how it manifests itself. The main feature - the book is written on the basis of an interview with Milligan himself.

Each person has his own appearance in the mind of the protagonist, he is different in character and behavior, and is also responsible for a specific area. Yugoslav Reygen is responsible for the fights and physical activity, 8-year-old David plays the role of "keeper of pain", etc. Each of them manifests itself depending on the situation. Advantages: the real story, read with great interest, a detailed description of each person, the facts from the life of Billy. Deficiencies not found.

9 Chicken broth for the soul. 101 best story

The amazing book of modern authors consists of 101 little catchy stories. Each of them is able to heal spiritual wounds, push on interesting thoughts and believe in their dreams. Inspiring stories of various people prove that absolutely everything is possible. The most beautiful girl in the city falls in love with a hunchback, a single mother fulfills all her wishes thanks to a special book, a little girl helps her mom to fulfill her dream by selling a lot of boxes of cookies.

The book is one of the best-selling not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Circulation is more than 500 million copies! Every story touches you deeply, every page makes you cry and laugh. The main advantages: a whole collection of amazing stories, the book shows that the impossible - perhaps makes you believe in yourself, motivates, uplifting. Deficiencies not found.

Books by Stephen King - masterfully written stories from which it is impossible to break away. "It" tells about the 7th friends from the town of Derry, faced with the most sinister horror. But after some time, they again have to gather in this place. A series of mysterious circumstances, unsolved murders and the regular disappearance of people makes the heroes face their fear.

The author touches on important topics: the impact of childhood injuries on adults, the power of memory, etc. The publication presents a novel without cuts with a translation as close as possible to the original. Each character has a set of unique qualities, character traits. The narrative occurs simultaneously in two temporal parallels. Advantages: interesting characters, a unique syllable of the author, included in the ranking of the best novels of the millennium, the best-selling book of S. King in Russia. Disadvantages: large volume.

The unique philosophical work of one of the most famous authors of the 21st century, Paulo Coelho, touches the soul of any reader. "The Alchemist" is an amazing story of an ordinary shepherd who went in search of treasure. The long journey was not always easy, but the hero did not give up and went ahead. When reading, you do not need to wait for the completion of the story, but it is worth getting pleasure from each page. At the end, Santiago finds treasures, but not those he sought at the beginning.

The author shows that material values ​​are not the most important thing in our life. Something more expensive and worthwhile requires work on oneself, effort, and sometimes even sacrifice. He urges not to be afraid to embody the most cherished dreams. Advantages: wise advice, reassessment of values, excellent reviews, easy reading, interesting ending. Deficiencies not found.

6 Origin

The new investigation of the famous professor Robert Langdon begins in the book "The Origin" by Dan Brown. The author of the popular book “The Da Vinci Code”, released in multi-million copies in 56 countries of the world, is another masterpiece. The action begins in Bilbao, where at a secular reception billionaire Edmond Kirsch must make a sensational statement regarding the main questions of humanity: “Where are we from?”, “What awaits us?”. But an unforeseen situation makes guests, including professors, flee.

To get answers, the hero has to decipher the code and learn an amazing secret. Everything is complicated by the fact that Langdon is trying to stop. Advantages: new adventures of your favorite hero, an interesting convoluted story, a lot of positive reviews, an intriguing story. Deficiencies not found.

The most widely read book among young people was George Orwell’s famous 1984 “dystopia”. Она представляет совершенно иной мир – мир, в котором нет места чувствам, свободе и разуму. Вместо этого в приоритете фанатизм по отношению к Партии, главными лозунгами которой являются: «Война – это мир», «Свобода-это рабство». Истинные чувства сменяются навязанными желаниями, мыслями и целями. В мире по Оруэллу браки нужны для потомства, дети – будущие члены партии, а вместо обычных людей «мертвые души», готовые пойти на любое преступление ради Партии.

Популярность книги обусловлена схожестью со всеми тоталитарными режимами 20 века. Хотя написана она была задолго до их появления. Главный герой влюбляется в партийку Джулию, вместе с которой они пытаются бороться с системой. Но это оказывается слишком тяжело. Преимущества: самая популярная книга среди молодежи, переоценка ценностей после прочтения, бестселлер последних лет, интересное завершение истории. Недостатки: сложный жанр, противоречивые отзывы.

4 Шантарам

Since the publication of “Shantaram” in Russian in 2010, this book is firmly held among the top sellers and is one of the most widely read in Russia. It is written on behalf of a person who has spent many years in prison. He talks about real situations that happened to him. After escaping from prison, he finds himself in Bombay - the very center of real India. The protagonist does not live an ordinary life, he is hiding from the law, becomes a counterfeiter and sells contraband. The text is constantly slipping facts about the realities of life in slums.

Despite all the "dirt", in the literal and figurative sense present in the book, it is a real novel. The author finds any whole life to lose it. Famous critics call the work "One Thousand and One Night" of our time. Advantages: immersion in the real life of India, interesting heroes, romantic story, bestseller for 7 years. Disadvantages: too much volume.

3 Do not say goodbye. Adventures of Erast Fandorin in the twentieth century. Part two

In early 2018, for many readers, the favorite story, which lasted 20 years, ended. The Adventures of Erast Fandorin is a series of 16 books telling about a detective story and situations in which he falls. This work was bought up in huge circulation, it is one of the best-selling domestic publications. Events take place in 1914, 4 years after the story of the "Black City". In the text there are many references to other works of the series, which can not fail to please the fans of Boris Akunin.

The novel is imbued with the nostalgia of the past and plunges into the wonderful world of Erast Fandorin. Here everything ends, and it does not end sadly, as in the penultimate book, but logically and correctly. Advantages: an excellent ending of a 20-year history, while reading a reader experiences inexpressible emotions, a unique syllable of the author, the most long-awaited book. Deficiencies not found.

2 Master and Margarita

It is difficult to find a person who does not know "The Master and Margarita". The famous work of Bulgakov became a real sensation in the literary world of the 20th century. It was translated into many languages ​​and had a strong influence on domestic and foreign literature. The novel is still on top. The author managed to combine the incompatible - love, mystic, evil and justice. This story is so unique, mysterious and attracting that it will not leave indifferent any reader.

The most popular modern publications and critics put the highest marks to Mikhail Bulgakov, master of speech. The book plunges into an amazing mystical world with the famous Cat Behemoth, Woland, and others. Performances are staged on it, films and TV shows are shot. Advantages: unique presentation of the author, worldwide recognition, unusual characters, an interesting interweaving of mysticism and reality, causes a lot of emotion when reading. Deficiencies not found.

1 See you

One of the most widely read books in Russia, Jojo Moyes’s novel “See you”, is an incredible love story that can go through any obstacle. The main character Lou Clark lives a happy, in her opinion, life. She has a favorite job, the groom and the usual rhythm of life. But after a sudden dismissal, she is by chance at an interview in the richest mansion of her city and eventually becomes a carer for Will Trainor, who suffered a great tragedy. A young man, who was recently at the top of his life, finds himself confined to a wheelchair.

The book describes acquaintance, quarrels and attempts of Lou to find an approach to her patient. This is not so easy. Later, readers become observers of the most romantic story of two people who should not have met. The book is one of the best selling throughout the world, in addition, it has already been filmed. Advantages: easy to read, interesting story, a lot of emotions during the reading, excellent reviews. Deficiencies not found.

15th place - “My non-ideal life”: by Sophie Kinsella

Who is Kat? Do not know? And in vain, because it is already known to many in the world of social networks and, of course, marketing. She has a great job, which she is very pleased with, and besides that, she shares her instagram every day with not only new and cheerful photos, but also the most vivid events from her personal life, without hiding anything from others. But who would have thought that behind this cheerful and positive girl lies the real Kat, who is suffering bitterly from her loneliness. Want to laugh heartily, and understand that your life is not so bad? Then we recommend to read!

14th place - “Thirst”: author - Yu Nesbe

Detective Harry is back! And, unfortunately, as is customary in the continuations of ordinary books, the main character has changed, but he realized that the world is actually very cruel and cunning. This awareness has become even greater. And, of course, there is nothing left for him, except to return to work at the police, in his hometown. In Oslo, he is trying with all his might to find a serial killer who finds his victims through a dating site. But Harry had no idea that this business would turn his life upside down! So, what if you want to read something interesting, intriguing and mesmerizing? Then we recommend to read!

13th place - “The Chronicles”: by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - “Legend”, “The Great Musician”, as soon as they didn’t call this talented performer! But it was in this book that Bob Dylan decided to share some of the events in his life, including: the first steps, the first failures, and, of course, global success! In this book, everyone will feel the spirit of the old American spirit, and, of course, real rock and roll! Feel the rock music of Bob Dylan!

12th place - “The Story of Loneliness”: by John Boyne

The 21st century, in the modern world, people almost stop believing God and spend most of their time on the soulless and useless Internet, which only kills a person in a person! So the hero of this work is an ordinary priest who works in the Catholic Church, every day he spends his days wondering about why people stopped believing in God, and does he really exist? But everything changes when one of the priests is killed in the church ...

11th place - “Sisters of the night”: by Jennifer McMahon

On a dark night, the unremarkable girl Amy, for some reason, staged a real massacre in one of the local hotels, while at the same time killing her relatives. All anything, but in a lot of inconsistencies, and therefore the case is entrusted to detective Jason Hawk. In the room where the murder occurred, Hawk finds Amy's bloodless body, a note is found near her body, where she scrawled the mysterious number “29”. What does this figure mean?

10th place - “Eva”: by William Paul Young

An unusual cargo container is found on the ocean, twelve women’s bodies were found in this container, among which eleven were badly disfigured, and one of the girls was still alive to tell about what had happened. Eve was unconscious for a long time, and as soon as she began to improve, not only the vital forces began to return, but also the memories themselves, which were deeply hidden inside. What does Eve keep in her memories, and will she finally be able to remember what happened to the girls?

9th place - “Brand # 2”: by Cecilia Ahern

Recently, in the world of literature, big pillars began to gain a well-known genre - “anti-utopia”. Many books and films had already been written and filmed, and writer Cecilia Ahern decided not to lag behind either. And she wrote the book "The Mark" in 2016, the novel managed to become a bestseller, and it is not surprising that one year later the writer wrote a continuation of the long-awaited saga. Will Celestine North be able to resist the laws of her hometown and will she not be able to lose her only one in this fight?

8th place - “The Story of a New Name”: by Elena Ferrante

The long-awaited continuation of the story of two best friends of Lena and Leela. Now, the main characters have become older and cardinal changes have occurred in their lives. Leela, married a well-to-do and intelligent man, who doesn’t love the soul and does everything she wants for her, and Leela herself finally wants to present her child to her spouse. Well, Lena devotes all her time to study, but, unfortunately, in life there are no such bright events as her friend. Two girls will have to go through great difficulties and test the strength not only of themselves, but also of their friendship.

7th place - “The faithful, the insane, the guilty, and the dinner that turned them over.”: By Liana Moriarty

Six adult women and men. Three of the most lovely and cheerful child. And, of course, a little dog. The couple decides to invite their neighbors for a regular weekend to have fun. Men talk about their own, women cheerfully wash their bones to their neighbors, and children rage on the sidelines. But a cheerful and pleasant evening turns into a real hell when a two-year-old girl falls into a fountain pool and almost does not die. After that, there is a crisis in the life of every couple.

6 place - “Scandinavian gods”: author - Neil Gaiman

In the "Scandinavian gods" the writer tries to talk about the mythical gods from his point of view. Thus, in the book, you can see some similarities with Marvelovskie superheroes, and at the same time, there is nothing like this. Thanks to his particular style, Neil described all nine worlds accurately and clearly, and spoke in detail about Ragnarok. And if you once wanted to understand what these nine worlds and Ragnarok are, then this book will help you with this.

5th place - “Night Train”: by Emily Barr

Lara Finch is an ordinary resident of a quiet town who for a long time suffers from the fact that her family life is not as smooth as before. Relationship with her spouse every day is getting worse and worse. And because of despair, she spends the night with the first comer. Later, the man is found dead, and the police decide that the young couple did not share something with each other, and Lara most likely killed the guy, because the girl disappeared and no one could find her. Who is really to blame for the murder? And where did Lara Finch go?

4th place - “Girl from Brooklyn”: by Guillaume Musso

Rafael and Anna are a young couple who have been in a relationship for a long time. Anna's beloved is ready to do for her all that she wishes and wants to meet her old age with her. And therefore, on the eve of the wedding, Raphael asks Anna to tell everything she hid from him, so that their family life would not be terrible. Then Anna, plucking up her courage, shows one photo that changed their lives. Out of shame and fear, Anna escapes, and Raphael goes looking for her to understand her girlfriend and learn much more about her.

3rd place - “Autopsy will show”: author - Alexey Reshetun

There are about eight billion people in the world, and each is different in its own way, for example, someone fears the dead to death, and someone sees not only violence every day, but also the real dead. Such a picture for them may be more than usual and the main character of this novel is no exception. Alexey Reshetun passes through dead bodies every day, every day he sees several dozen bodies disfigured and maimed. So Alexei Reshetun decided to share with his readers that they should not spoil their health and life because of some useless cigarette, and they should also not abuse alcohol and start at last, play sports and eat right. This book can not only shock, but also teach what the TV and useless programs do not teach.

2nd place - “You won't scare me”: by Jennifer McMahon

And again in this list the American writer is mentioned for the second time in a row, from an ordinary town called Hartford, Connecticut - Jennifer McMahon. Behind this talented writer is a huge number of books that have become bestsellers.

And the novel “You will not frighten me” is no exception. The serial killer nicknamed Neptune, twenty-five years ago, committed a series of the most brutal and terrible crimes. His victims have always become women. Every victim he cruelly tortured and kept them locked up for five long days before throwing the dead body into the ditch. The last victim was a famous fashion model, who had already matured daughter. Regina tried to find her mother, but the body was never found. A few years have passed, and Regina finds her mother in one of the local shelters, and just at this time Neptune starts hunting again, and Regina’s mother can become her first victim.

1st place - “Wasteland. House of Fear ": by Blake Crouch

Andrew Thomas is a famous writer who has written many thrillers that have become bestsellers. And then, one day, he receives a letter in which it was written: “Hello! I know that in your house there is a corpse of a woman covered with your blood ... ” Then it was written about where the corpse is and what needs to be done. And so that no one will know about this incident, Andrew Thomas will have to call one mysterious number that is stored inside the pocket of a dead body.

That was a list of the most interesting and best books, according to readers. Do not waste your time on the Internet, and just take a book and read something interesting and intriguing.

Briefly about the basics of choice

We will not take your time with a long and boring description of technologies, their differences and other technical subtleties. We have prepared for you e-book express guide, so you know the difference between two similar models and understand which one is better.

So, when choosing and comparing, consider the following parameters:

  • screen type. This e-book is a book. with e-ink screen. This is the technology of electronic ink, which allows you to repeat the usual paper sheet as accurately as possible. Such screens do not strain the eyes, remain well readable in bright sunshine (like a regular book), they are energy efficient, therefore you will rarely charge a gadget. Today, some manufacturers are still trying to issue a gadget with TFTdisplay. This is not a reader - this is a weak tablet. Yes, such a screen will be good at conveying the entire palette of colors (unlike E-Ink), but your eyes will get tired just like reading from a tablet or phone. TFT-display consumes more energy, so get ready to charge the gadget every couple of days. The only plus is a lower price, but it does not justify this technology. Fortunately, such e-books are a thing of the past, so we will not consider it,
  • color or black and white screen. For an e-book will be enough black and white screen. The technology of color electronic ink is still developing poorly and is frozen on a display of about 4000 shades. A dull image comes out. There are almost no color books on electronic ink now - rare samples are presented by models that were published several years ago,
  • backlight. The cheapest books are sold without built-in backlight. You have to read under the lamp or buy a flashlight-clothespin - all, as with this paper book. If such a reading is not entirely comfortable, you can take a book with light. The light source is located not behind the screen (as in TFT screens), but along the contour of the display. It turns out that the rays fall from above onto the screen, imitating sunlight. This means that the eye strain will be minimal,
  • sensor or buttons. Find a reader, where management is carried out only by buttons, is not easy. Today, most models are equipped with a touch screen. Managing such a book is simple, fast and convenient, although you will have to take care of the screen more carefully, because the fragile display is the weak point of all readers. In the cheapest models provided button control, and it will be quite enough if your main task - to read. With buttons it is easy to select a book from the list and flip through the pages. If you plan to use the reader to go online or use a dictionary, then it is better to take a sensory model - save time and nerves
  • screen diagonal. The most popular format is 6 inches. Such a compact gadget fits easily into a bag, not to mention a backpack, and it is comfortable to hold it in your hands. There are more models, 8 inches and even 10 inches. This solution is for those who review technical documentation for work, scans of A4 sheets or electronic versions of magazines,
  • Memory. As a rule, in most books of built-in memory about 4-8 GB, and this is enough to fill yourself with books, if not for the rest of your life, then for a very long time. The average book weight is 1.5-2 MB, which means that 4 GB is enough for more than 2000 files. If this seems to be not enough, and you plan to store also graphic files, then look towards books that support memory cards - there are quite a few of these today.
  • readable formats. In short: the more formats a book supports, the better. On the other hand, with the help of numerous converters, you can always transfer a file from one format to another. It takes a little time. Many modern books, in addition to popular text formats (pdf, fb2, doc, mobi, djvu), also read image and audio files,
  • выход в интернет есть у большинства современных книг. Доступ осуществляется посредством Wi-Fi, поддержка 3G встречается крайне редко. Удобно, что в любой момент можно скачать необходимую книгу или посмотреть интересующую информацию в сети,
  • Battery capacity обычно составляет 1500-3000 мАч, чего хватает на 5000-15000 перелистываний. Заряжать электронную книгу в любом случае придется нечасто.

Технология создания E-Ink проходила эволюцию на наших глазах. В современных читалках используют дисплеи разных поколений:

  • E-Ink SiPix – самые первые экраны с небольшой контрастностью (6:1) и хорошо заметной сеткой микрокапсул. Сегодня почти не используются. Можно встретить только в самых дешевых моделях,
  • E-Ink VizPlex – экраны с контрастностью 7:1,
  • E-Ink Pearl – экраны с более высокой контрастностью (10:1), выглядят намного лучше, облегчают процесс чтения,
  • E-Ink Pearl HD при контрастности 12:1 имеют HD разрешение, поэтому позволяют выдавать качественное контрастное изображение,
  • E-Ink Flex - screens with HD resolution, 10: 1 contrast ratio and a plastic substrate instead of a glass plate. These are less fragile displays, which are also known as Mobius,
  • E-inkTriton - color screens, reproduce not only 16 shades of gray, but 4096 color shades. They are expensive, have a low response speed,
  • E-ink carta - best screens to date, 15: 1 contrast ratio.

Additional functions, type voice recorder, alarm clock, calculator, radio and player, - this is up to you. They increase the cost of the model, but not always necessary.

As for manufacturers, the clear leader is Amazon. This is Apple in the world of electronic books. Makes quality, but not cheap products. Excellent readings from Pocketbook, budget models from Gmini and perfectly balanced in price / quality ONYX BOOX. Well, now let's move on to the most interesting - the rating of the best e-books. We tried to select models with a different set of functions and in different price categories. Go!

ONYX BOOX Darwin 4

  • 6 inch screen, E-Ink Carta, resolution 1448 * 1072,
  • touch control - is,
  • there is a backlight
  • built-in memory of 8 GB, a slot for memory cards - is,
  • Supported formats: fb2, txt, djvu, mobi, doc, jpeg, png, zip and others
  • Wi-Fi is, no 3G,
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • weight 182 g
  • The price is about $ 170.

The main attention in the reading rooms is always riveted to the screen. From its quality depends on the comfort of reading. In this case, we deal with a contrast display, which is different Highest resolution (pixel density - 300ppi), backlight and touch controls. You can scroll pages with regular buttons - this will reduce the load on the display. The book reads a lot of formats, so that the hassle associated with the conversion will be at a minimum. The advantages will also include a record autonomy and having an operating system Android - reader functionality can be extended with additional applications. The model turned out to be compact, able to charge from the network, has a good stock of memory and the possibility of its expansion. Comes with a case. All this allows you to call the model of one of the best e-books on the market.

Recently, the manufacturer released a new book ONYX BOOX Robinson Crusoe 2. The parameters are the same, but water resistance has been added. It costs about $ 215.

PocketBook 626 Plus Touch Lux 3

  • 6-inch screen, E-Ink Carta, resolution 1024 * 758,
  • touch control - is,
  • there is a backlight
  • built-in memory 4 GB, a slot for memory cards - is,
  • Supported formats: fb2, txt, djvu, mobi, doc, jpeg, png, zip and others
  • Wi-Fi is, no 3G,
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • weight 203 g
  • The price is about $ 170.

PocketBook, a well-known manufacturer of readers, in one of the latest models used the most modern screen with good resolutionEquipped with a backlight and touch controls. You can also scroll pages with special physical buttons - this is much more convenient for many. The battery is enough for 8000 turning overs - a good, but not a record parameter. The book, like most modern readers, can be charged not only via USB-port, but also from the network. Model sold with a set of useful pre-installed applications. Recorder and radio in the model are not provided. There are no complaints about the quality of performance, a special thank you for supporting a huge number of formats. This is a great modern reader that is completely worth its money.

Model Pocketbook631TouchHd It has similar characteristics, but it has 8 GB of memory and a screen with a resolution of 1448 * 1072 (300 ppi). It costs about $ 220.

Amazon Kindle 8

  • 6 inch screen, E-Ink Pearl, resolution 800 * 600,
  • touch control - is,
  • lights - no
  • 4 GB internal memory, no memory card slot,
  • supported formats TXT, PDF, MOBI, PRC and others,
  • Wi-Fi is, no 3G,
  • weight 161 g,
  • The price is about $ 90.

Many books from Amazon (yes, there are most!) Are indecently expensive. We will touch them further, but for now let's consider a budget reader from a reputable company. For a relatively small amount you get a high-quality compact reader in which There is nothing superfluous. The manufacturer has done without illumination in the hope that the user has a lamp or flashlight. There is no memory card slot, but 4 GB is enough to download thousands of books. Read - do not re-read! The number of supported formats is small, but after conversion you can view the files HTML, DOCX, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP. Model received modulesWiFiand bluetooth, holds the charge for a long time, reacts quickly to pressing, looks solidwell fits in hand. In general, if you need a reliable device to read books, then you can safely take the Amazon Kindle 8. The model remains one of the best e-books on the market, despite the fact that it was released in 2016.

PocketBook 614 Plus

  • 6-inch screen, E-Ink Carta, resolution 800 * 600,
  • touch control - is,
  • lights - no
  • built-in memory of 8 GB, a slot for memory cards - is,
  • Supported formats: fb2, txt, djvu, mobi, doc, jpeg, png, zip and others
  • No wifi, no 3G,
  • 1300 mAh battery,
  • weight 170 g
  • The price is about $ 120.

PocketBook, a major competitor to Amazon, also offers products with a different set of functions and in a different price segment. This model is a great try. find a balance between price and quality. The manufacturer installed a screen with a state-of-the-art technology in a fairly inexpensive device, equipped the model with the ability to expand the memory and presented it with a true multi-format - the book supports more than a dozen different text and graphic formats, so you won't have to convert anything. To save money, I had to abandon the built-in backlight and the Wi-Fi module, using a low resolution. Control is carried out using both the touch screen and physical paging buttons. The result was a handy, inexpensive reader that gathered a lot of positive user feedback.

PocketBook 641 Aqua 2

  • 6-inch screen, E-Ink Carta, resolution 1024 * 758,
  • touch control - is,
  • there is a backlight
  • built-in memory 8 GB, slot for memory cards - no,
  • Supported formats: fb2, txt, djvu, mobi, doc, jpeg, png, zip and others
  • Wi-Fi is, no 3G,
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • weight 180 g
  • The price is about $ 190.

This model will become a godsend for those who like to read in the bathroom, near the pool or on the beachwhere water splash and dust particles are not uncommon. Book got protection against dust and moisture according to the standardIP57. This means that the gadget is completely dustproof and will withstand short-term immersion to a depth of 1 m. True, you will have to pay extra for such bonuses - devices with the same set of parameters, but without protection are cheaper. In the advantages of the reader we assign modern screen, backlight, moduleWiFiand support for 18 different formats - no need to steam with the conversion. Also, users say decent autonomy and speed. For the sake of moisture protection, we had to abandon the memory card slot, but 8 GB should be enough with his head. Scold the gadget is not for nothing. Is that for the price, but also among the protected e-books is the lowest.

ONYX BOOX James Cook

  • 6-inch screen, E-Ink Carta, resolution 800 * 600,
  • touch control - no,
  • lights - no
  • built-in memory of 8 GB, a slot for memory cards - is,
  • Supported formats: fb2, txt, djvu, mobi, doc, jpeg, png, zip and others
  • No wifi, no 3G,
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • weight 182 g
  • The price is about $ 85.

This is one of the best. inexpensive e-books, an excellent competitor to Amazon Kindle 8. The model received contrast screengood memory Reads 17 formats and keeps a great charge. With daily reading, the battery will last for 3 weeks. However, low price is always a compromise. Model cost no wifi, backlight and touch input, the resolution here is also not the highest. If you need a reliable e-book just for reading, a kind of workhorse, then the existing possibilities should be enough. We hope that most fans will read with us agree. The main thing is that everything works quickly, the eyes do not get tired, and the battery does not discharge for a long time - what else is needed from the reader? And Internet access and other bells and whistles are available today on any smartphone.

Gmini MagicBook S62LHD

  • 6 inch screen, E-Ink Pearl, resolution 800 * 600,
  • touch control - no,
  • there is a backlight
  • built-in memory of 8 GB, a slot for memory cards - is,
  • Supported formats: fb2, txt, djvu, mobi, doc, jpeg, png, zip and others
  • No wifi, no 3G,
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • weight 150 g,
  • The price is about $ 85.

One more good solution in the budget segment. The compact and lightweight book is equipped with a backlight, a slot for memory cards, it can read 18 formats, it works smartly, it is assembled with high quality. An option for those who have the main task - just to read. If you need the ability to access the Internet and other bells and whistles, you have to pay 1.5-2 times more expensive.

Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017

  • 7 inch screen, E-Ink Carta, resolution 1440 * 1080,
  • touch control - is,
  • there is a backlight
  • 8/32 GB internal memory, no memory card slot
  • supported formats TXT, DOC, PDF, Kindle Format 8, Audible audio format and others,
  • Wi-Fi is, no 3G,
  • weight 194 g,
  • The price is about $ 250-300.

Amazon thought for a long time how to surprise users, because there were no revolutionary solutions in the field of E-Ink and, most likely, no more. It remains only to play with the design and additional features. A similar strategy was chosen in the company. Kindle Oasis 2017 (aka Kindle Oasis 2 and Oasis 9 gen) is niche device for those who care about image along with great functionality. Frankly, with similar characteristics you can find a gadget a couple of times cheaper, but the demand for an expensive new product is still there. Among its advantages, the screen is 7 inches (still compact, but the text fits more) stylish metal case, protection against moisture according to the standardIPX8 - the gadget can lie for 30 minutes under water at a depth of 1 m. Also here have a voice recorder and paging buttons.

There is no memory card slot, but users are offered a 32 GB version, so that everything needed to fit in. There may be difficulties with the purchase. There are two options: buying on the Amazon website and thinking about delivery, or going to a regular store, but in Russia the book costs a record $ 550 - prohibitively expensive. In neighboring Ukraine, the model is selling for $ 340.

Another expensive toy from the company - Amazon Kindle Oasis 3G. This is one of the few e-books with 3G support. She has a screen of 6 inches, a resolution of 1448 * 1072, the price of $ 300.

PocketBook 740

  • 7.8 inch screen, E-Ink Carta, resolution 1872 * 1404,
  • touch control - is,
  • there is a backlight
  • built-in memory of 8 GB, a slot for memory cards - is,
  • Supported formats: fb2, TXT, DjVu, MOBI, DOC, XLS, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, ZIP and others,
  • Wi-Fi is, no 3G,
  • 1900 mAh battery
  • weight 210 g
  • The price is about $ 260.

A great option for those who need it. big e-book. On the display of 7.8 inches fits more text, it is convenient to view the tables and documents. On the other hand, such a book is still compact and easily fits even in a bag. Manufacturer equipped model modern high-resolution screen, achieving a pixel density of 300ppi. All that may be required from the modern reading room, there is: lights, internet access, touch control, an excellent memory reserve, good autonomy, support for a large number of formats. For additional convenience, there are buttons for paging. It seems that the novelty will be a success.


  • 9.7 inch screen, E-Ink Carta, 1200 * 825 resolution,
  • touch control - is,
  • there is a backlight
  • built-in memory of 8 GB, a slot for memory cards - is,
  • Supported formats fb2, TXT, DjVu, MOBI, DOC, PalmDOC, JPEG, PNG, ZIP and others,
  • Wi-Fi is, no 3G,
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • weight 450 g
  • The price is about $ 350.

If on duty you constantly have to work with electronic documents, view tables, scans and other files that are more convenient to work on the big screen, you can pay attention to ONYX BOOX Chronos. The model claims to be the best e-book among the models with a large diagonal. For their money, the user gets a modern device with OSAndroidBluetooth adjustable backlightmetal case and cover included. Battery and support a huge number of formats - undeniable advantages. A great option for reading technical literature.

If 9.7 inches is not enough for you, then pay attention to another model of the company. ONYX BOOX MAX Carta. Reader received 13.3 inch touch screen (2200 * 1650, without backlight), support for 18 formats, including MP3 and XLS, built-in voice recorder, speaker, email client, a lot of dictionaries and stylus. Included is a cover. The battery for 4100 mAh is enough for 20,000 turning overs, and 16 GB of memory for a lot of useful literature and documents (there is a slot for memory cards). The device, of course, niche and expensive - costs about $ 1040. Which e-book is better to buy, Chronos or MAX Carta, depends on the purpose of use and budget.

In stores you can also find the reading room, released in 2016 and 2015. If you are satisfied with the screen, then you can safely take them. It is difficult to find color models on sale: those few devices in which there was a color screen have already been discontinued, and new ones are not being released - the technology is expensive and is not in demand.

10. Sleeping Beauty (Stephen King)

The novel "Sleeping Beauties" opens our top ten best books in 2018. Literary "brainchild" co-production of Stephen King and his younger son Owen. The heir to the ingenious "King of Horrors" made his debut as the author of the book, before that his experience was writing scripts. The history of the book takes to the dungeons of the women's prison, where prisoners become victims of strange bacteriological weapons. Women fall asleep and find themselves in an invisible, but dense shell. If you wake them up in this state, the consequences turn into a nightmare for those around you and the warders. Dr. Clinton Norcross works at the establishment. They are a psychiatrist, by the nature of their activity they are thoroughly aware of the health of the "wards" of criminals. He is especially worried about the condition of Eva Black, who was imprisoned after the murder of two drug addicts.

9. One of us is lying (Karen M. McManus)

"One of us is lying" - one of the best books of 2018 in the detective genre. American bestseller Karen M. McManus is based on a detective line, where the main villain is hiding to the last pages. In a school class designed to serve students, tragedy occurs. A schoolboy dies as a result of a framed accident. During the incident, there were five guys in the room. Died Simon, an outsider, always poking his nose in the affairs of others and seeking to reveal the personal secrets of classmates. Besides him, two girls were punished. One of them is a recognized beauty, a popular student, the second is an ambitious studious girl whose main desire is to enter a prestigious university. The “difficult” teenager involved in the distribution of prohibited substances and the athlete, the local “star” of baseball, were subjected to administrative measures that day. The police intend to find out who dared to a violent crime.

8. Do not say goodbye. The Adventures of Erast Fandorin in the twentieth century. Part Two (Boris Akunin)

The final popular book of the literary cycle about Erast Petrovich. The action is met on the train, where a motley contingent of passengers gathered. Mass, a loyal friend and assistant of the famous detective, travels along with dishonest students, bankrupt traffickers and aggressively-minded sailors. The bleak landscapes of Russia, which survived the bloody battles of the First World War and fatal revolutionary changes, flash through the window. In 1918, Erast Fandorin wakes up from a deep "sleep", comes out of a coma, provoked by a shot to the head. The consequences of the injury will change the hero, but their character is not yet known. Boris Akunin completes a multi-volume journey, presenting the finished work to the public, with a sense of accomplishment in the form of a full disclosure of the plot's potential. The release of the novel in 2018 is timed to the date of the appearance of the first book in the series 20 years ago (February 8).

7. Soaring in the clouds (Kate Atkinson)

Our 2018 book ranking continues the work “Soaring in the Clouds”. Kate Atkinson invites you to play a literary game according to the rules, limited only by imagination and the ability to build links between the past, the future and the viscous reality. The novel is defined as postmodern, carried away by deceptive simplicity. Several pages convince that the next sentimental reading matter is in their hands, the subsequent chapters provoke the construction of a detective plot, the further narrative leads to a cunningly thicket of creative explorations in the context of the prosaic nature of everyday life. Effie is a student. She has a young man who is lost in her own fantasies and does not show interest in her studies. The mother of the girl lives in the British Isles. The woman has not yet revealed to her daughter the secret of her real father. The intertwining of destinies and characters takes place against a background of strange incidents: non-standard characters appear (yellow dog), elderly people die, mysterious observers appear. It is necessary to find out where the trail will lead, the main thing is to follow the white rabbit.

6. Britt-Marie was here (Frederick Backman)

"Britt-Marie was here" - one of the most popular books of 2018. Frederick Buckman is able to wrap heavy tragedy into light layers of inimitable irony, provoking the reader to try an unusual “pie” of impressions, where the top layer is idle curiosity and pleasure from style, the second is inescapable empathy from the awareness of the dramatic nature of a believable story. Britt-Marie has been married for four decades, in her life reigns perfect order, covering all areas. Чёткий распорядок дня, педантичность на уровне отчаянного стремления к совершенству, стойкое убеждение в личной правоте, экспертном мнении, безукоризненном моральном и физическом облике. Невыносимо идеальную гармонию рушит новость об измене мужа. Невозможность допустить мысль о собственной неудаче, абсурдность и нелепость ситуации для женщины оборачивается неожиданным проявлением. Она совершает впервые необдуманный поступок. Собирает вещи и уезжает в другой город, где её никто не ждёт и не знает.

5. Добрее одиночества (Июнь Ли)

The three main characters of the novel as a child faced a sad event. The girl from their company suffered greatly as a result of the poisoning, the baby was left disabled. Entering into adulthood, friends can not get rid of the persecution of ghosts from the past. The company is extremely concerned not with tragic consequences, but with causes that may not have an accidental nature. Unfolding as a detective story of this interesting book will soon acquire dramatic features as each character tries to get rid of the unbearable burden of responsibility for the broken fate of a little girl. Moving and changing activities, changing the worldview, peculiar to the stage of maturation - nothing can change the fact of a mistake. A crown of thorns of wine must be given, otherwise all participants will become disabled deep in their hearts, hostages of unexplained circumstances.

4. The Broken Prince (Erin Watt)

“The Broken Prince” is one of the best-selling bestseller books in 2018. A modern love story by Erin Watt tells the story of a young boy, Reed Royal, from a privileged family. He is studying in a private school, where all the girls dream of the favor of a promising handsome man, and classmates are trying to copy his habits and style of clothing in order to achieve at least a fraction of the popularity of a prominent student. Reed is not interested in intrigues and rumors around his own persona, he communicates with girls only on a friendly wave. One day Ella appears in his life and turns reality over. Roles are changing: now Reed caressed by the attention of young persons should try to draw the gaze of an impregnable, capricious beauty on himself. She noticeably doubts the superficial merit of a school idol.

3. Homo Deus. A brief history of the future (Yuval Harari)

The continuation of the literary work of Yuval Harari opens the top three best works of 2018. The first part was called “Sapiens”, it described the path that humanity passed along the path of becoming the dominant position on the planet as a species endowed with the ability to rational thinking. In the subsequent work, man is affirmed in the thought that he is God. If earlier existence was based on the satisfaction of basic needs, modern progress makes everyone want more: eternal youth, enduring health, minimizing the possibility of death. The author is convinced: these are dubious benefits, the pursuit of which can bring down human civilization from the pedestal, where it has climbed for centuries. When robots and cyborgs, endowed with artificial consciousness, begin to fill the environment, the need for an ordinary person will disappear, and chaos will start, spurred on by uncontrollable madness.

2. People among the trees (Chania Yanagihara)

"People among the trees" - the first book of the American Chania Yanagihara. The writer gained fame after the publication of the second work, but the debut was no less striking and provocative. The book is based on the real story of an American scientist who has become the winner of the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine and physiology. In the middle of the last century, he went to the islands of New Guinea, where he studied a virus, the local population massively exposed to the deadly effects. This moment of biography, supplemented by artistic explorations, is reflected in the author. The main character - Norton Perina repeats the path of the researcher. Having settled among the tribe lost in the jungle, he begins to find out the secret of the natives, allowing them to live long (or forever?). In an effort to adapt the acquired knowledge under European values, the scientist begins to balance on a narrow thread that separates morality and heinous crime.

1. Tobol. Few elected (Alexey Ivanov)

He heads the ranking of the best books in 2018, the second part of the novel by Alexei Ivanov, the first - was published under the title “Little of the Leaders”. With regard to genre affiliation, the author defined the work as peplum, a work saturated with a multitude of events involving a large number of characters, each of which tells a personal story. Despite the fact that the direction is more correlated with cinema, recreating peplum about the age of Peter the Great on the pages is a curious and successful idea. The heroes of the book are collected in Siberia, which is just beginning to be mastered by people who were exiled to the region against their will. The “called” ones in the ugly harsh terrain near the Tobol River are forced to determine whether they are “chosen” after the passage of time. The search for gold, the battles with close-living Asian tribes, the clash of Orthodoxy and paganism in the most terrible manifestations - in this hectic time, full of obscurantism, are moments to listen to yourself and understand what the heart wants.